Pickups Dominate 2012 Texas Truck Rodeo

  Truck Rodeo SM 2 II
Story and photos by Sue Mead

It’s the Year of the Ram in Texas! When the dust settled at the Knibbe Ranch in Spring Branch, Chrysler’s all-new 2013 Ram 1500 was voted the Truck of Texas, and Ram was tapped as the Truck Line of Texas at the 20th annual Texas Truck Rodeo. These accolades were given by a collective of 50 automotive journalists from the Lone Star state and across the U.S. who are members of the Texas Auto Writers Association.

Although the climate was moderate during this two-day event, the competition was one of the most hotly contested as Ram, Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, Nissan and Honda entered pickups. First-, second- and third-place winners were awarded in Full-Size, Mid-Size, Luxury, Heavy Duty and Off Road categories, as well as the two most coveted awards: Truck of Texas and Truck Line of Texas. Other categories included numerous classes of SUVs and CUVs. This year’s event drew 58 vehicles, along with four display vehicles, and close to 180 participants.

“Automotive reporters have reacted extremely favorably to the new 2013 Ram 1500, and our research tells us that resonates with truck buyers,” said Ram President and CEO Fred Diaz, who is a San Antonio native. “Texas is Ram’s biggest market, and we’ve worked relentlessly to build powerful trucks with best-in-class fuel economy and capability for our customers. The pickup market is fiercely competitive, and we are proud the Texas Auto Writers have awarded Ram trucks with these coveted titles.”

Truck Rodeo SM 6 II

Texas boasts the largest pickup market in the U.S. and worldwide, so every truck brand covets the awards garnered at this event. In fact, new special-edition models are built specifically for Texas buyers, and an ever-growing number of manufacturers, their truck teams and their new models show up for this annual rite of passage. Pickups go head to head over rugged and rough terrain that includes rock climbs, water crossings and a variety of off-road ranch track and paved roads. Judging occurs over two full days of rigorous vehicle comparison, evaluating features that range from interior and exterior styling to off-road capability and the entrant's overall utility, value and fuel efficiency.

“Our members overwhelmingly chose the 2013 Ram 1500 as the Truck of Texas and the truck for Texans. The new Ram 1500 is amazing,” said Michael Herzing, Texas Auto Writers Association president. “The new technologies in this truck are true game-changers and raise the bar for the competition. You’ve got to love how tough, capable, comfortable and fuel efficient this new truck is, especially for Texans, who frequently drive long distances. Until we drove it, we couldn’t believe a truck this nice and capable could achieve 25 miles to a gallon like the Ram does. It blew our members away.”

Truck Rodeo SM 9 II

Notable is the ever-growing number of high-end and limited-edition models from Ram, GMC, Nissan, Honda and Toyota, joining Ford’s King Ranch, Super Duty Platinum and Ford Raptor models. Ford’s 2013 F-250 Super Duty won the Heavy-Duty class, and the 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor won the Off-Road class.

"We’re proud that Ford F-Series is the best-selling truck line in Texas and America's best-selling truck for 30 years and its best-selling vehicle for 35 years. We are pleased TAWA agrees with what our customers have been saying for years — that Super Duty and Raptor are the industry's best heavy-duty and off-road trucks," said Mike Levine, Ford Truck communications manager.

Toyota was also happy with their trophy win. “We are pleased to win the mid-size truck category in the Texas Truck Rodeo with the Toyota Tacoma,” said Gene Brown, vice president of marketing, Gulf States Toyota. “The Tacoma is by far the category leader in sales as well as performance in mid-size trucks. We appreciate the recognition from the Texas Auto Writers as well.”

Not to give too much away, but next year looks to be a pretty good show as well and likely to be another tough competition. “The venue we had at the Knibbe Ranch is a real Texas setting, and it’s the perfect location to say 'trucks' and 'Texas' because they’re synonymous,” said Herzing, referring to the 22,000-acre picturesque cattle ranch near San Antonio. We look forward to the new GM twins and possibly several new heavy duty models. 

Truck Rodeo SM 12 II

Winners of the 20th annual Truck Rodeo are below. 

Truck of Texas: 2013 Ram 1500

Truck Line of Texas: Ram trucks

Mid-Size pickup truck: 2013 Toyota Tacoma

Full-Size pickup truck: 2013 Ram 1500

Luxury pickup truck: 2013 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn

Heavy-Duty pickup truck: 2013 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Off-Road Truck: 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Truck Rodeo SM 15 II

Truck Rodeo SM 8 II

Truck Rodeo SM 16 II

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@Lou no bating is NOT illegal where I live. I own/hunt/farm 760 acres and corn is not the only thing I feed my deer herd. I have countless food plots planted on my land, the corn is just another food source. I grow most of my own corn that I use for this anyways.
@TRX Tom yes, car like rear end. in other words COIL SPRING REAR END. you would have to be a damn fool to tow 7,000 pounds with a Tacoma when it's rated for only 6,500. you'd probably try it though I'm sure. I never once said my Tacoma will do the work of a half ton truck, what I did say is that my Tacoma will OUTLAST and be worth more then ANY Dodge truck in 10 years and have FEWER problems in those 10 years. my prior 2 Z71's I owned before my Tacoma would outwork your dodge any day you wanted to try it out. mine were pre-Obama motors GM trucks too, btw. Dodge has only been relevant in the past 3 years, before that people would laugh at you for owning one. just because they finally got invited to the party after 100 years, doesn't mean anyone wants to dance with them. you can tow your little race car and all its parts with your goat all you want, I have other uses for my trucks and they perform those tasks flawlessly. my Tacoma will still be around whenever you're ready to tow that junk Dodge to the junkyard though, just let us know.

Robert see above post

According to Kbb.com Rams are worth more them Tacomas after 10 years.

Car rear end? Link coil also found on Semis and Train suspensions? That is the opposite of the car rear end. But coming from a guy who thinks that Ram has only been relevant in 3 years, I wouldn't expect you to understand.

@oxi Tacoma basically won by default as there isn't any competition out there at the moment. No offence Frontier guys, but there is at least something happening in the Toyota lineup. (Baja, updated interior, front end) That is however not an excuse for 9 MY of the "same" truck...

A know guys from the Grand Republic, and they say the only true Texas trucks are GM and Toyota. Why? Because GM and Toyota have plants in Texas, build trucks in Texas, and employ Texans to build those trucks. Case closed.

Pentastar V6, you have head problems. Just like the engine does.

why do ford guys always seem to be mad about something ?



Robert: you said "my tacoma will be worth more and outlast any Dodge truck in ten yrs. and have fewer problems", I have a Dodge truck that in all intends an perpose IS ten yrs. old, (2003), and around here, on the ocean in Mass., three of my friends have Tacomas, a reg cab, an ext cab, and an crew cab, all but one has had more problems than my Dakota, one has had no problems other than having to have their frame replaced, just like to other two! neither would pass. inspection, and dew to the fact that there is only 3 places that inspect, around and close by, and none of them would give any of the trucks stickers, what was life long friendships were in peril for a while there, i untill Toyota had the re-call to replace frames, or buy the trucks back! one of them did sell it back, thinking that the first frame only lasted 7-8 yrs. and they were not going to quit driving on the beach, so what did he buy to replace his reg cab Toyota Tacoma? a Ford Ranger! hehe, and he loves it! If you come to Mass. any time soon, let me know here, and maybe we can determin if anything you said will stand. I will agree to one thing however, I will concede that your Tacoma might be worth more than my Dakota, maybe, expecialy if it is not reg cab.

I just noticed that the story and pics were by Sue Mead.

Hi Sue, any plans on trying the Dakar again?

“Our members overwhelmingly chose the 2013 Ram 1500 as the Truck of Texas and the truck for Texans. The new Ram 1500 is amazing,” said Michael Herzing, Texas Auto Writers Association

@ Harleyf150 you got your ass kicked by a poor mans truck.
Looks like you got what you paid for. Lol

The members have spoken. The Texas Auto Writers Association have named the 2013 Ram 1500 the Truck of Texas and, for the third consecutive year, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the SUV of Texas. In fact, when all the votes were counted, Jeep and Ram vehicles had won more awards (8) than Ford and GM combined (4 each).

The awards came following two days of testing and evalation during TAWA’s 20th annual Truck Rodeo held this year at the historic Knibbe Ranch north of San Antonio (FYI: down here, that’s pronounced “Ka-NIBB-ee”). Fifty TAWA media members had more than 60 different vehicles to evaluate at this year’s event.

This year marked the debut of the TAWA eBallot platform, where members used a customized electronic voting system developed with SimplyVoting of Montreal, Canada. Award winners were selected by TAWA using a Borda election method whereby the results were determined using points assigned to members’ first, second and third choices based on the number of entries for a particular category.This consensus-based electoral system more accurately represents the members’ opinions.

The coveted ‘Truck of Texas’ bragging rights went to the 2013 Ram 1500 with the new 3.6-liter V6 that boasts 42% more power, an available eight-speed automatic transmission and air suspension, infotainment upgrades and improved fuel economy.

“Our members overwhelmingly chose the 2013 Ram 1500 as the Truck of Texas and the truck for Texans. The new Ram 1500 is amazing,” said Michael Herzing, Texas Auto Writers Association President. “The new technologies in this truck are true game changers and raise the bar for the competition. You’ve got to love how tough, capable, comfortable, and fuel efficient this new truck is, especially for Texans who frequently drive long distances. Until we drove it, we couldn’t believe a truck this nice and capable could achieve 25 miles to a gallon like the Ram does. It blew our members away.”

“Automotive reporters have reacted extremely favorably to the new 2013 Ram 1500, and our research tells us that resonates with truck buyers,” said Fred Diaz, Ram’s San Antonio-born CEO.

“Texas is Ram’s biggest market and we’ve worked relentlessly to build powerful trucks with best-in-class fuel economy and capability for our customers,” Diaz continued. “The pickup market is fiercely competitive and we are proud the Texas Auto Writers have awarded Ram trucks with these coveted titles.”

Ram also picked up the the ‘Truck Line of Texas” award.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee makes it three in a row as the writers choice for ‘SUV of Texas.’ Jeep’s 2013 model year contenders included a new variant, the beefed-up Trailhawk, as well as the luxurious Overland Summit.

“Texans are passionate about their SUVs. Our members were clearly impressed with the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee once again,” said Michael Herzing, TAWA President. “Grand Cherokee’s awards at the Rodeo speak volumes about its design, capability, and performance. Texas is Jeep country.”

“We are absolutely delighted that Jeep has won the prestigious ‘SUV of Texas’ award three straight years,” said Jeep CEO Mike Manley. “Even more impressive is the fact that Jeep vehicles came out on top in every category we entered. We are grateful that the influential Texas auto writers have once again recognized the unmatched combination of benchmark capability and outstanding everyday driving dynamics that Jeep vehicles offer.

“Texas is a tremendously important SUV market and we have proven that winning TAWA awards increases showroom traffic and increases sales. Through September of this year, Jeep brand sales are up 20 percent nationally, and nearly double that in Texas.”



Ahh how soon you Dodge boys forget that the Tacoma spanked the baddest Dodge goat of them all (the power wagon).lol!!! It's ok, I'd want to forget that too. Dodge owners are the same folks that will try to convince you that getting your oil changed at Walmart is just as good as anywhere else!lol if you love your dodge that's fine, I personally think all dodge trucks are pure crap. You can pretty up the interiors, slap on some cute little turn dial to engage the transmission, come up with stupid package names like Rumble Bee and all that other corny stuff you want. The fact remains, if it weren't for Cummins being in your hd trucks, you and I know y'all would have closed the doors a long time ago. Everyone respects Cummins and they're all sorry they have to have a crap Dodge built around them to sell.

Lol Robert, I didn't say I would tow that much with a Tacoma. Stick to less then 5000 pounds, you might do decent. Well, where it's flat. In these hills you would run out of steem. That was my point, you can't tow much more then an SUV. You barely have bed pace. But you can show it off to your oyota buddies like Oxi.

Your truck should be in fine shape, after all, it barely does any work, shouldn't be too hard for it.

My race car is not little, it's actually darn near 3300 without me in it, cause it was built for figure eight racing.

And you want to talk car rear end, what's that in a Tacoma? A leaf settup that the midsizers have failed. The Tacoma and Frontier are about the same when it comes to a load. Atleast the Dakota could carry a load.

Oh, you talk about me in ten years? funny thing. My step ma has a 90,000 mile 1998 1500 quad cab Ram 4x2 5.9 3.91 gear. Most of it's life has been spent towing a hay trailer, travel trailer (until my dad passed in 2008) and then horse trailers (the kind with living quarters) and it has hauled a small tractor and one of my 1969 Darts before. Feeding horses.

So you probably get the idea it mostly goes somewhere when a truck is needed, not cruising or a daily driver, as my dad had just retired. The truck he had for years was a Chevy, then he bought a new Ford with a 5.4. Since they lived in the hills he could tell within 2 miles of the house that the Ford was not a good choice for towing a 5th wheel. So he bought a new Dodge. No major problems at all. I know a door panel needs fasteners. No transmission, engine, or axle issues. I mouse chewed up some wires once.

Maybe it's cause they don't hot rod it? Or cause my step bro has a trans shop, and he knows you have to maintain. Change fluid, turn off overdrive in the steep hills or in town. It works.

Enjoy your truck. TACOMA-the truck for people that don't really need a truck!

Oh, Robert, they didn't even put a load in those trucks, that is the point, if you just want to play, you buy a Tacoma.

Yeah, it sucked up the gas. A truck made to carry weight with a real frame will do that. Would be fun to load them both down then see how they stop. Heavier trucks tend to stop better with weight in it, while your little toy will just get worse.

I get a good laugh when I read the mileage they get with a Tacoma/Frontier. Ford and Ram can smoke the v-6 toy and Nissan on highway mileage, with a full size truck and more power, space, and can do alot more.

@TRX4, AMEN BRO. That P.O.S Toyota tocoma or tundra could not pull my 7,400 lbs trailer when I bought my Dodge Ram in 03 much less climb cajon pass at 70 on cruise control. lol

Tom, if I want to pull heavy trailers and such, ill just crank up one of my John deere's or my old IH. I never had a use for heavy towing because I don't own horses or cows or a travel trailer. What I did need is a capable 4x4 that would go anywhere on my farm I needed and tow ad haul decent loads and BE RELIABLE! I'm sorry that what my uses are do not qualify as "real work" to you. I have the feeling you are trying to overcompensate for lack of something else by bragging about how big your truck is and how much it can tow but we won't go there.

You are a fool to tow a fifth wheel with a half ton anyways. Go right ahead though. See you jackknifed in a ditch somewhere soon I'm sure for that foolish decision.

Robert, was one of your Z-71s a 5.3? I had one, an 06 ext cab 4x4, 310 HP bought all it was good for was highway mileage at 75 mph. It was just as thirsty in city as my Hemi, or any other heavy v-8 trucks.

That thing had a broken frame to cab mount that I noticed on a 1600 mile highway trip to Colorado. I could see the edge of the headliner. The plastic interior made alot of noise on an imperfect road. The two tone paint was poorly done. It made a clunking noise at 20,000 miles while shifting. The tach started making a noise. I could hear it when it would ping. I got a cut on a finger cause of rough sharp spot on a bed rail.

Oh wait, you said work....that's why the thing sat uneven after I carried two Dodge 360 blocks with cranks-about 40 pounds. I'd have probably killed it if I hauled 7,000 pounds of stuff back from Colorado.

I just seen a GMC commercial, they are giving 8,000 back so you will try their "max power -315 or whatever-hp and 21 MPG. What a joke!

Robert, thats 450 pounds...such a work truck, those chevys. I am parting out a 92 K2500. Thankfully, alot of people like them.

@Robert, If i did not need a truck to tow my travel trailer and wanted a go anywhere 4x4 it would be a jeep Rubicon. Since i do need a truck and want to go anywhere i am getting a power wagon.

As for the v6 comment, I get 20-21 on my double cab 4x4 tacoma all day long. Sure those full trucks SAY they will get so and so but in the real world most don't even come close.

Robert, you don't know much about trailer towing, do you? Some half tons can handle a fith nor a gooseneck just fine. The GVWR has not went up on the Dodges much, but the weight has, due to safety, options, and stronger components. You ought to get off the farm every now and again.

Alot of fun that would be going to a horseshow while you pull with your John Deere. You will make news cause you are a fool driving that far with a tractor, but the show will be over by the time you get there.

FYI Tom, not everyone has horses or a fifth wheel trailer nor needs one. I can count on one hand how many farmers around here have a fifth wheel. Most even drive half ton trucks over 3/4 and 1 tons. There's even many who drive Tacomas like me! Imagine that??? No one is going to drive their tractor to some horse show. You might I'm sure. I have friends with capable trucks I could borrow if needed, I do not need to own one though. Keep right on lovin those Dodges though, ill keep doing things my way that had been working just fine. Good luck trying to sell that old worn out Dodge. My Tacoma will be worn out oneday but ill bet you ill have no problem selling it at all. In fact a farmer I know very well is selling his Dodge dually and he's had it sitting side the road going on 4 weeks now. I haven't even seen anyone stop to look at it. It's a 2007 Laramie 4x4. He hates it which is why he's getting rid of it. Loves the Cummins though but not much else.

Ah, no Robert, I wouldn't use a tractor to get to a horse show.

That's your way!

They have come up with much better 3/4 tons, and with fuel being the way it is, they are a slow sell.

But your Tacomas haven't changed much. Buy a 2013 it's about like a 2009.

20 mpg? at what speed?

Shows how much you know. In 2012 Toyota did a redesign on the tacomas so a 2013 is like a....wait for it.....2012 *gasp*! The 2005-2011 are pretty much the same truck though. The thing about tacomas is they don't change a lot, that's what makes them so reliable and keeps resale value so high. My 4.0 is becoming legendary because its gone unchanged since 2003 and is one of the best engines Toyota has ever built. I get my 20-21 mpg going 60 in a 55 and 70 in a 70 mph zone. I hand calculate it too so I know it's accurate.

@Robert - you raise deer? Must be a bitch during hunting season ;)
I have never seen a farmer with a Tacoma. There have been guys on this site talk about smaller lighter trucks used in farming due to very soft soil conditions.
@HemiV8 - let TrxTom do his own fighting. A Rambo goat herder like you will only undermine his credibility.
A Tacoma won't pull your trailer - duh!
You seem to be fixated on 2003. The world must of come to a screeching halt when you bought that Dodge. It was still a Dodge back then. A German Dodge.
The Tundra back then was the 9/10th size truck. It wasn't much bigger than the current Tacoma.
The current Tundra could easily tow your trailer. All of the current 1/2 tons could tow it.

Now move on and let some truck guys have an intelligent conversation.
PS: That PowerWagon you love so much lost to the Raptor once again.
That is funny.
I smell burnt goat.

@Lou I don't "raise deer" like you raise puppies or cows or anything. Ever heard of "quality deer management"? Read up on it sometime, lots of landowners are going this route for wildlife and it makes hunting that much more enjoyable when you see the fruits of your labor payoff year after year. Just because farmers don't use smaller trucks in your area doesn't mean farmers in other areas do not. That Yankee farming they do up north is kinda weird anyways. I expect nothing less from those odd folks anyways.

@ Robert Do you only use corn and food plots, or do you pickup high-phosphate feed and the like to encourage large antler growth? Is your property fenced in, or do you just have a large enough plot of land that it pays to do that? Genuinely curious. Couple guys plant food plots at the hunting camp up here every year, but nobody trucks in corn/feed or anything of the sort. It just wouldn't be cost effective for us.

@looser Lou, I smell burnt Posted by: Lou | Oct 22, 2012 10:02:55 PM
The burn't you smell is coming from your ford electrical fires that ford is famous for. Hell Toyota is climbing to become #1 in fire recalls now. Ford is still #1 at recalls. The Craptor can't haul my loaded trailer and fire wood and water and three quads so you can have your Craptor Lou. Hell the tacoma has more payload then your precious Craptor does LMFAOROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!

Ford truck recalls

At that time, the Ford recall included 800,000 vehicles -- including the 2001 F-series SuperCrew trucks. In addition, Ford said there had been 63 reports of fires and one injury when they issued that recall seven years ago.

In March 2011, Ford issued another recall on its F-series trucks.

Ford Motor Co. on March 2, 2011 recalled about 35,000 pickup trucks and crossover vehicles in the U.S. and Canada because of possible fuel leaks and electrical shorts that could lead to fires.

Separately, Ford is recalling more than 9,000 trucks and crossovers to fix a software problem that could lead to an electrical short and overheating, potentially causing a fire. The recall involves 2011 model years of the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX crossovers and the Ford F150, F250, F350, F450, F550 trucks.

Owners can contact Ford at 866-436-7332 for additional details.

View recall information on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website.

@phillyguy I do it more of a hobby then I do for a business. I enjoy deer, turkey, quail, dove, and duck hunting and my lend is set up perfectly for all of those. I plant food plots year round. my property is not fenced in but it is bordered on 3 sides by a state forest that is 13,400 acres big, so no worries about poachers or neighbors or anything like that. I mainly do the quality deer management program for a healthy deer herd, which translates into great antler growth as well. the deer are not the only ones that benefit from the program, but all game species benefit from it. it is not uncommon to consistently see 140+ class bucks on my property. I have been offered large amounts of money by various clubs to lease my land but have turned them all down, even had some large offers to purchase it outright but have declined them too.

And The RuntRunner has lower payload than the Raptor.

if you're having to compare your RAM to a Raptor to make your point then you've just proven everyone right that said that crap suspension set-up in them is a joke. a Raptor is built for one thing and one thing ONLY: to run around off-road and in the desert, nothing more. it's not made for towing your boat, pulling your 80' long trailer that "only a Dodge can pull" or anything like that. why don't you compare your RAM to a GM 6.2 NHT package or an eco-boost F-150 or a Tundra? scared?lol

Tacoma drags RAM even with brakes on


@Robert - What makes you thing I'm a Yankee?
I got nothing against Toyota or the Tacoma. Just stating what I see several thousand miles north of you.
Lets put it this way, I live in a geographical area 3 times the size of California with 1/100 of the population.
Logging does wonders for deer and moose populations. The cougars seem to like it too.

@Lou I wasn't insinuating that you were a yankee by any means. I apologize if my comments came across that way. nothing wrong with yankee's though, we enjoy having laughs at their expense down here in the south with the way they do things differently and think their way is "better". I am very familiar with the logging business too, as my land has planted pine trees on it. I even have my own forester who oversees my property and manages it. he drives a Tacoma too, but don't tell the Dodge guys that. they'll call him "girly" because he doesn't have a big bad Hemi with coil sprung rear suspension.LMAO!

@President of the Rambo Motard Goat Herder's Association - hit a nerve, did I?

We've heard it a million times. "Ford's catch fire and I hate them because I was too cheep and stupid to put insurance on my Mustang."
Does that sum it up?

With you around, we'll never miss an update about a Ford recall.
Keep up the great public service that you are providing.
Ford will save a fortune not having to mail out recall notices.

Try to Endeavour not to get too towed away by my posts.
Since you think that I'm a troll and all.........

Don't Feed The Trolls.

Unless one serves:




@Robert - no worries. All you dudes south of the 49th parallel are Yankees to me considering the fact that I'm from Canuckistan.
Being a Toyota fan on this site is lonelier than being an intelligent Dodge guy. With that being said - TRXTom is one of the few Dodge guys on this site who usually make sense.

@Lou yeah I don't have any problems with Tom. don't have problems with anyone here really. well, maybe the guy that posts "GUTS, GLORY, RAM" on every single article he sees. that gets old. I admitted that I would LOVE to own a Cummins diesel any day, as long as a Dodge truck didn't come with it. I've been around farming all my life and I know the terrible reputation FIAT had with their tractors, and I can only imagine the junk they will build when it comes to cars and trucks. that is NOT a company you want to be associated with when you've had a reputation of less then acceptable quality that Dodge has had over the years. sure, they're fooling some folks now and selling a few more trucks and cars, but I'm here to tell you that once the quality starts to come out and people see just how bad a FIAT built product is, don't come to me because I will say I told you so. I never was crazy about Dodge before FIAT but I dang sure won't touch one now that they're in bed with that joke of a company! if Cummins is smart they'll ditch Dodge as soon as they can and let FIAT stick one of their raggedy diesels in them. maybe Cummins will come to Ford, GM, or Toyota!

Hey, that's funny there, Robert! You are comparing a 4x4 Tacoma vs. a 4x2 Ram, and the dude left early. Of course a 4x4 will win, man, that the best you can say?

Actually, you started out saying Rams are unreliable, I gave you an example, and told you how it hauled, so you would know it hasn't had some easy life of highway trips, like the Tundra that was linked on this site by LOL 5.3, (I THINK) it had 200,000 or so. No, hook a trailer to it and see how it lasts. Oh, my step ma's truck doesn't tow in some easy Illinios/Kansas/Florida flatland. Pretty hilly near Branson, Mo.

So they changed the (gasp!) grille and the stereo, and maybe the center console, since 2006 on the Tundra. I can look and see if a fender is the same, but you aren't worth it. I have a bunch of car parts to put away, a truck load, no wait, in your terms, a load and a half. But I do know your v-6 has been the same since 2006, which it made less power then the year before. The safety test scores on IIHS shows the new Tacoma and says "based on testing a 2006......"

So it doesn't look like much of a change. Tundra? Same way...grille changes. The 4.7 went to be replaced by the 4.6, which did very little.

Ram, on the other hand is all about change for the better. You say Ram is till behind GMs old design? A 2013 Ram is behind an old Chevy? By the way, they changed the suspension on 2007 Chevys, no more torsion bars. Guess they realized mounting the torsion bar 2-3 inches outboard of the pivot point isn't the best for ride. But they still use them like that on 2500 Chevys. They hadn't learned much since they stopped using torsion bars on the early 60s Chevy trucks. I know something about torsion bars, as my racecrs use them (mounted properly, since the 50s.)

Anyway, what is it that is so better than a 2013 Ram 1500 on a 2013 Chevy? Come on Robert? Let's see, Ram adds a seat mounted are bag, to go along with their stronger structural integrety in the side imapact then a Chevy. Ford, and Toyota's DOUBLE cab lead.(when compared to Dodge crew, Ford crew, and Chevy crew, they didn't crash test the CREW MAX in side impact) The frontal offset? The Ram leads them all, while the rest all have atleast one acceptable on the IIHS rating. Roof tests? The Ram and Chevy both can stand improvement. Ram is as good as them all in rear crash test.

Mileage? the 30K shootout had the lesser HP (yet higher MPG rated) Chevy getting Less mileage than a Ram with a slightlt deeper gear and heavier truck. Nope, they didn't really have a real mileage advantage, now in 2013, they sure don't! Looks? Subjective, but.....bah ha ha ha ha ha! Capacity in 1500s? Well, they ae RATED higher, but put 1,000 pounds in the Chevy in the 30K shootout, and the brakes go from bad to worse! No, no real capacity advantage, the Chevy darn near squats as much as the Ram. Interior...Bah ha ha ha! Chevy, lol! Same ol stupid ext cab! Power? Maybe a bit more, from a HARD TO FIND 6.2 that drinks gas like its on sale, and is recommended to use premium. 4x4?? No, try again! Hmmm, what is it that is better about a Chevy 1500?

By the way, there's no chrome on my truck. I have mineral grey though, which matches the wheels and running boards. You said Ram people just want a bunch of chrome. I usually try to save gas too, but there was no way we were stuffing my 5'10" niece, who is a model, into the back of my Camry so I could get her and her mom to an audition 500 miles away in Nashville. No way did I want to sit in my Camry that long! So we took my truck! She woulda been cramped in a Tacoma! But I guess you mighta got better mileage, cause I got the lowest gear available. (numericaly highest) It woulda matched your 21 mpg if they had the 3.21 gears in them like a 2013 will, in a 4x4.

You know Robert, I seen a Tacoma in Arkansas doing work, once. It had a couple of yuke tires on it. Still haven't seen anybody pulling a trailer.


2013 RAM


@Tom do me a favor and do a quick search on Google. type in "Toyota Tacomas used by the military". take note of how stock the Tacomas are that are being used by the military. wonder why they don't use Ram billy goats? while you're at it you might want to also do a Google search on the 4.0 V6 and its history as you're wrong there too.

Robert, I could care less what your forrester (?grower?) drives. Point is, most of what a Tacoma does, canbe done with a SUV and get better mileage. You talk of coils, but I bet if I had the same load on my truck as you had, it wouldn't even be close. Maybe they will start doing a squat test on midsizers? we never can accuratly compare. My payload may not be much higher then yours, but mine CAN HANDLE some weight. (without the airbags) The Tacoma? Bah! I actually use $90 worth of airbags, but I can take the air out, and ride better then your little truck. And yeah, it really is not legal sometimes, but I have loaded the heck out of it, and the supsension handles it fine. No crazy moments. No sagging, and if you scream you have neveroverloaded a half ton, I would through a BS flag. Not something I do on a regular basis.

Like if you had the room for what I put on the truck tonight, your little truck would be bottomed out.....No, I didn't add air! Just the 2 Dodge A-833 cast iron four speds woulda been weighing down your truck!

i didn't see the Army using and Tacomas while overseas! LOL! I seen Hiluxs. They were just for driving around! They used full size to do a job!

the fact that you're having to compare hauling abilities with my Tacoma is laughable! that's like saying "my 17 year old can beat up your 10 year old because he's bigger and stronger! wanna bet!".LMAO again, why don't you compare that raggedy air bagged up RAM against other 1/2 tons in it's class? you know why because it will get STOMPED. you'd rather make yourself feel better by comparing your 1/2 truck to a mid-size truck. why did Dodge do away with the p.o.s Dakota? because it was getting it's @$$ handed to it by Toyota! they couldn't compete to they took their ball and went home. they used the excuse of "oh but the mid-size market it shrinking".HA! yeah, shrinking for them and the Ranger but the numbers show the Tacomas are still selling like crazy. I'd be glad to put my Tacoma up against that goat of yours in a towning/hauling contest if you'll agree to an off-road contest and a reliabilty contest with me.

here, all I can do is link the article for you, I can't help you read it.


Robert, same old VVT-1 since 06 or 05.

Hey Dave, what Raptor payload you talking? Must be the crew, the supercab is a laugh,at 850 pounds. Nobody buys those to work.

Tom, yep. if it ain't broke don't fix it. it's gaining 22-re legendary status as we speak. give it a few more years. Not everyone wants their vehicle to change every 3 years like you do. some of us actually appreciate buying a vehicle that we know is tried and true and will retain its value when we get ready to sell it years down the road. you don't see people lining up to buy used Dodge's do you? i sure don't.

I wish all trolls on here would stop! Every make of truck has their good and bad points. It depends on what you like or need. That being said you buy what you need and/or like. I personally like the Ram 1500's. And yes I own one. But it did come down to a Ram 1500 and a Ford F150 in the end. I do hope down the road that us truck buyers have more and better choices than we do now. And please quit comparing a 2013 truck to a 2003! I had a 2003 and it doesn't compare with most 2011's, 2012's or 2013's!!! Or any other year of model that is over 5 yrs old. Alot changes in time! Who knows maybe 5 yrs from now that hot truck will come from Kia or someone else!

Cliff, alot of people do judge new products based off experiences with older ones. it's just the way perception is. while I've never owned a Dodge truck, I do know people that own them and my observations of them are not good. sure that 2013 you're riding around in should be light years better then the one's I've been around, but my perception is "how much has REALLY changed in 10 years?" Maybe Toyota small trucks built today do not deserve the reputation of being rock solid just because the one's built in the 70's, 80's and 90's were rock solid and you couldn't kill 'em if you tried. people do tend to hold on to that notion and it's hard to make them forget that, which is why Toyota has such a high resale value. maybe it's not deserved with the cars and trucks made today by them but it is what it is. dodge developed a reputation for having LOW quality products for years, doesn't mean they still make low quality products but that perception is there and is not going to change overnight. the 2013 RAMs might be the best trucks ever built and oneday maybe we will see that, but right now I and many others are basing our opinions on the current RAM's from the RAM's made before these. reputation takes a lifetime to build and a second to tarnish.

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