Ram to Create More Option Packages

Ram Red Wing II

Look for more specialty option packages from Ram Trucks as Chrysler continues to search for more creative and eye-catching ways to create buzz for its new vehicles.

The strategy of offering unique option packages for select models has probably been most successful for Chrysler with the Jeep brand, as themed models targeted at the military, video gamers and desert and snow enthusiasts have sold quite well.

The focused packages have helped Chrysler increase volume and market share across its lineup. These packages also offer the added benefit of making more money (and profits) for the respective brand. In many cases, Jeep's premium packages can add as much as $6,000 to $8,000 to a normal transaction price. Buyers seem to like the appeal of a limited production run, ensuring they're not likely to see many vehicles exactly like their own.

Chrysler will continue with special packages like the Red Wings Edition Ram pickup and many more, according to Automotive News. There's no word whether those specific models will follow more regional sports-themed packages or if they'll follow the Jeep model with select runs on more "truck appropriate" styles.

We'd be happy to pass along any suggestions you might have if you want to offer any ideas about what the next Ram 1500 special option package should look like and be called (as long as the ideas are within the boundaries of common decency). Fire away.

Ram Red Wing 3 II





Dodge Ram can do what ever they want, I mean Ram Trucks lol. They will always be the last truck on allot of people minds, just look at the numbers.

Guts - What guts, they are Non-American Trucks

Glory - Sell Outs

Go Dodge Ram, I mean Ram Turks lol

@ HEMI V8,

How is Chrysler copying Ford ? Dodge RAM always had custom trucks..

Power Wagon since the 1930's (first 4x4 truck)

Late 50's Sweptline (custom truck with Dodge Sierra Wagon side fins )

1963-later 60's Dodge CSS,buckets console,stripe,and a hot 426 wedge under the hood..with 470 ft lbs of torque !

69-71 Dodge Dude truck

78-79 Dodge Lil Red Express hot 360 4bbl 14 sec 1/4 !

72-80's Power wagon,Macho,Pick EM Up,Warlock,Top Hand ,Big Horn among other's..

1990's RAM SST

1998-2003 Dodge Dakota 5.9 R/T (even had a 2005-0? Dakota R/T with a h.o 4.7)

2003-2005 RAM Rumble Bee,Daytona !!

2004-2006 Dodge RAM SRT-10-Worlds fastest,quickest,record holding truck !!

Chrysler always had hot rod,special edition Dodge-RAM trucks..time to get out of your bubble !! Experience a real truck !

It would be nice to see something for rural folks. Maybe a special FFA edtion or a John Deere edition or professional rodeo edition. What would really be nice is a modern truck built without all the fancy options riding on 15 inch wheels with a straight bench seat; call it the "common sence" edition!

@ AllAmerican,

Really,you are mistaken/uneducated RAM 1500 is made in the U.S.A !!

RAM sales are gaining,as they offer more lower priced packages lately,and lower priced models like Ford and GM..RAM usually had nicer trucks on the lots,where Ford,GM had plaine jane white single cab trucks,you had to order a Dodge RAM like that before..

Ford Diesels made in Mexico,some GM trucks made in Mexico and RAM H.D are made in Mexico,again Mexico is America,part of North America as is Canada,Mexico and U.S.A something you dont know,and most Americans are ignorant of !!

Remember Ford Transit vans small and fullsize are from Turkey..All Ford cars beside F-series trucks and Mustang are European Ford's,Taurus,crossovers based on a Volvo.GM's Camaro,Cadillac are Opels and Holdens..GM only has its full size trucks and Vans that are American rest are European/Japanese/Korean.Honda changed,making cars in China for the American market.

Again funny you say nobody buys RAM...in Canada RAM H.D diesel blew past Ford in sales,and the RAM 1500 is gaining on ford,blew past Chevy,GMC already,years ago...And the U.S seems to follow Canada's truck trends, the U.S is just a few years behind.As the last few year's the RAM sales are gaining in the States,as we all see.

as long as there is trucks there will always be ford vs ram vs chevy arguements, the funny thing is, since Ram is gaining more attention then the others now, not only in commercials but in the truck market as a whole, the guys who are not loyal will always try to bring them down, sales numbers don't lie, Ram has a long way to go, but it seems as though they are gaining market share, and that is a fact. It just scares the others, so the only way they know how to defend that is to cry and moan

Ford Diesels made in Mexico,some GM trucks made in Mexico and RAM H.D are made in Mexico,again Mexico is America,part of North America as is Canada,Mexico and U.S.A something you dont know,and most Americans are ignorant of !!

@MexicanAlex, Ford Trucks are ALL Made In The USA now buddy. Most Dodge Ram's are made in Mexico but HD's. Government Motors trucks likewise, nothing but an American tax stealing sell out. All crews are Made in Mexico! "America's Truck"? "Heartbeat of America"?? LOL!!! They should give away a free burrito with every new purchase at least. Mexico is NOT the USA. Build a border wall between Missouri and Iowa and see how far that gets ya. I would never own a truck of all things not built on American soil. Dodge is only gaining sales as of late because the Chevy Silverado is one ugly chintzy built POS. If Chevy ever pulls their head out of their ass and builds a high quality good looking truck again like the used to with lots of trims like Ford does, Dodge sales will tank.

Decals and interior bits are a pretty inexpensive way to raise the price. I say more power to em'. The thing is, you get enough limited editions then they lose their value as well. Its all cyclical and will eventually wash out to basic model designations again and the whole thing will start over. I remember the Levis Pacer, the Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlos, the Ducks Unlimited Chevy trucks and so many others.

As far as what is foreign or domestic that line has never been more blurry. My 2011 Chevy CC was made in Mexico. My friends Tundra was made in San Antonio. My Monte Carlo was built in Canada. The lines are not as clear as they once were. Dodge/Ram is foreign owned but assembled here in the US, just like Honda and Toyota and VW? Does that make Dodge/Ram a foreign make? The Chevy is built in in Mexico so is that an import? Too much looking at that stuff can make your head spin backwards. In the world of global platforms and interchangeable technology I'm guessing that the manufacturers original country of origin is the determining factor. So the big 3 are still domestic and the others are foreign. Just sayin'

Dodge is beginning to sound a lot like Ford these days. MORE MONEY GRABBING OPTION PACKAGES FOR THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. I do not know if they will be as successful as for in this deptartment though as I do not think the RAM guys are as DRUNK ON THE KOOL AID as the Ford girly girls are.

Dodge is only gaining sales as of late because the Chevy Silverado is one ugly chintzy built POS. If Chevy ever pulls their head out of their ass and builds a high quality good looking truck again like the used to with lots of trims like Ford does, Dodge sales will tank.

@BlueOval- I tend to agree with that However, after seeing the interior and exterior spy shots of the new Silverado, I'm afraid Dodge has nothing to fear and will more than likely to gain market share. GM has ruined the Chevy Silverado as far as looks, build quality and lack of Ford matching interior packages for far too long as far as I'm concerned. The next one looks to be no different. GM has put Chevrolet into the toilet.

Dodge is beginning to sound a lot like Ford these days. MORE MONEY GRABBING OPTION PACKAGES FOR THE AMERICAN PUBLIC.

@MichiganBob- And your problem with that is? If people have the money to spend and want to spend it, only a fool would turn it down. I say good for Dodge! That's how you build brand status. Can't say the same for Chevy.

@ KenTressler, Blue Oval Empire or whoever you are. You are clearly a large consumer of the FORD KOOL AID.

GM has put Chevrolet into the toilet.

- Yes, yes they have. I hate GM for that too. Piss on em. I say good for Dodge here. It's about time someone has stepped up to challenge Ford on all fronts. The Power Wagon for real off roading, the RamRunner for the speed trail stuff, the classy looks of the new bodystyle, the Laramie-Longhorn-Limited interiors.. With these new packages coming, Chevrolet would be better off dead. At least I could remember them for their former greatness without being reminded everyday of how Government Motors took the greatest truck & car company of all time (Chevrolet) and just destroyed it. Chevrolet trucks have sucked since 1998 ended. Just cheaply constructed ugly pieces of garbage now that play red headed stepchild to that crap GM'c' brand.

I wonder if they will create an answer to Ford's upcoming option package? I heard that it was going to be called the Brokeback Edition Package.


@Bob, what's wrong with making money? Are you anti-capitalist now that your GM company is a liberal institution? Maybe GovtMoCo Sierra can do an Obama Edition of the bling bling Denali for you left wing clowns. Ford and Dodge are giving the customer he wants. Or 'she wants' is you drive a GMC. They should do a Mary Kay edition with a tampon dispenser or those girly Sierra's.

@ FredThompson

I also heard the same rumor as you did. That would be par for the course. High dollar option packages are a dime a dozen these days especially from the Ford camp. RAM is beginning to be a lot like them anymore!

@Michigan Bob

So when Chevy comes out with its High Country trim, are all those Chevy buyers girly girls who drink the GM Kool Aid? You make not like all the options, but GM will start making their own Kool aid soon!

Give me a Hawkeye edition and I will be in line for a 2013 with the HEMI/8 speed combo.

But keep that ugly ass decal off the sides of the bed, just put a small one on the tailgate where the bighorn/lonestar emblem usually goes.

All black and chrome exterior, with all black interior, with gold stitching, and a couple of tiger hawk decals on the door panels. That will be a nice balance of black and gold.

A Revlon or Covergirl special options package would be appropriate. "What shade of lipstick do you want on your pig"?

@Michigan Bob

So when Chevy comes out with its High Country trim, are all those Chevy buyers girly girls who drink the GM Kool Aid? You make not like all the options, but GM will start making their own Kool aid soon!

Posted by: WhOUbU | Oct 15, 2012 12:43:19 PM

I have said it a million times and I will say it AGAIN. I won't be one of the people standing in line for the High Country trim. Give me one with work truck trim of LT trim ANYDAY! Ford has how many ultra luxury trims??? Four or Five?? I have lost count. The day that GM does this I will laugh at them like I do Ford and now RAM. Mark my words!

WTF, the above is TROLL. Ignore it.

Michigan Bobert, when you get your silky High Country edition, you can come over to visit my Longhorn.

Maybe instead of special editions they can focus on getting their existing models out to dealers. I was really interested in their outdoorsman model a little over a year ago when I was looking for a truck. None available within 300 miles. Really? Good job guys you just lost a sale.

If anything skip the lame special editions and spend some time to do your SAE tow test so we can have some legit numbers. In my opinion the Tundra is the ugliest half ton out there, but Toyota has really gotten jobbered by adopting that standard early and then having everyone else putz out on it.

This is smart marketing, and something that all manufacturers will do as the cost of designing and developing these special-edition vehicles continue to fall.

However, the problem with a lot of these packages in the past has been that dealers junk them up with additional add-ons or "ADM" - additional dealer mark-up. Chrysler-Fiat would be wise to discourage dealers from adding an addendum to these trucks.

Another good package would be a Mary Kay pink edition. Then in big bold stickers that they seem to love, it can say "RAM, THE OTHER PINK MEAT".

@Old GM Guy:

They make that already - it's called the Tradesman.


The Ram camp doesn't want a guy buying a truck that isn't smart enough to know that a dealers will ship vehicles to one another.

Thanks for buying else where.

Let me withdraw my last comment. I am a TROLL. Please ignore me.

The point of this area was not to decide who makes a better truck they are all good I think if they made a army navy or Air Force edition they would sell well and maybe give real soldiers a deal but use multiple colors not just blue or tan. Come on guys get it together and see what u can think of

@Blue Oval Empire: the funny thing is, your name is BLUE OVAL Empire, not just F-150 Empire. Meaning you talk so much smack about Ram being made in Mexico (the HDs and the 1500 single cab, to set the record straight) but you missed the fact that alot of BLUE OVAL cars are made in Mexico. So yeah, money Ford makes from made in Mexico (or wherever else?) cars or Trans Connects, goes into the pot so Ford can spend more money testing, building, and advertising which they have a good way of marketing....They only show the tests that Ford comes out ahead in. So what if the Tundras gear ratio and power woulda beat the F-150 in that Davis Dam torque sprint video? They didn't want to compare to Tundra then. They would rather compare to the same size engine Ram, which was pretty darn close to the Ecoboost at one point, then they probably told the driver to back off!. They knew they had a gearing advantage. They also know the pickup buyers are the most concerned about made in USA, while you get cars from all over.

Oh, the Ford (75%) may have a higher USA/Canada content then Ram 1500, but overall the 1500 Ram has more NORTH AMERICAN build content, so the rest of the 25% percent that is not USA/Canada F-150 comes from where??? While the 1500 Ram is 88% NORTH AMERICAN. This is what Alex is saying.

Ask yourself if the people of Mexico were to say "We don't want no stinking F-150, cause it wasn't built here!" Would Ford sell much there?

So keep prentending Ford is so AMERICAN. Sure, I wish more Ram stuff was built in the states. Now that it's known the 4.7 Dodge will be gone, I hope they put those workers busy on Hemis and Pentastars, or what ever at their current plant, in the states. There is alot of ignorance on the Pentastar as well; it is made in Mexico and the states, but some non knowning person (or somebody that would rather mislead people) would just made in Mexico. Have fun with your ignorance.

@Old GM Guy: Good luck stopping said truck with the rotors (OOOPS, I mean rotors and DRUMS, as GM can't make rear rotors work on a 1500) Anyway, the rotors small enough to fit in those 15" rims. The 1500 Chevy is already about the worst stopping truck with a load, and you would want less brakes?

I do hope the "my rotors are bigger then yours" 1500/half ton fight comes to an end. Even with the great big rotors on the Tundra and Nissan, with a load in the bed in the 30K shootout they bombed the braking test. Bigger is not the answer in their case, but I wouldn't want any 12" rotors on my truck. The weight of the trucks has gotten so heavy with safety, regulations, emmisions, and options that the same rotors (cough-drums) that fit a 15" wheel just won't get it done.

I think if they sold trucks just for 4-5 passengers and not max payload and not heavy trailer tow, they maybe could maybe put a 16" settup with smaller rotors and wheels on it, but eventually somebody will get stupid and hook it to a trailer with no brakes that weighs far too much, and have issues, then blame the manufacturer. Say they have a truck with a v-6 rated to pull 6 K with trailer brakes, yet they would get a heavier trailer cause some salesman said its "no problem" and not get the required trailer brakes.

Ram should do a special edition for us railroaders that haul all of their trucks. It doesn't have to be a specific railroad, but an edition for the guys that haul their products.

good. almost every car/truck maker is doing their part and helping bring back America."but i dont know about chevy"

i am not really with one brand or the other but didnt ford just created another platinum package on top of the one they alrady have?

We are living in a global economy these days.
To say there is anything built with a 100% USA sourced parts & labor is a stretch.
So what if Ram is owned by Fiat? Whould it have been better to have just let it die?
I don't like a globel economy any better, I hate having other parts of the world dictate what the USA can & cannot do.
But, it looks like its here to stay.
Corparate America has discovered that they can get the ingrediants for the pie (at a lower cost) elsewhere.
This allows for more profits for the mfg. & less benefits having to be paid out.
This outsourcing of parts & labor, however, never seems to lower the price of a car or truck.

Actually, I can't believe you cannot build a 2013 Ram yet on their site! Come on folks! They still let you build a 2012, atleast on the website, but why? It's not the same and it will not actually be built. They need to get the 2013 build up on the site! Now is the time! Not December or November!

@Freebee, I hate to burst your all-knowing bubble, but the only dealers that had any in stock, were out of some sort of "region" to which my local dealers belonged, and thus would not ship anything that far. Some people are willing to travel hundreds of miles to check something out and buy it. I know a friend of a friend that flew from NYC to somewhere in Indiana to pickup a vehicle. I would never consider doing that, its not worth it to me.

I should also add that while the current Ram 1500's are fantastic trucks, Ram is still #3 in truck sales, and needs every single sale it can get its hands on. For some reason, on PUTC, the Ram supporters really like to troll as much as humanly possible. I get that you like your truck. I like the current generation Ram half tons as well, but you are not doing your brand of choice any favors by being snarky and rude. You, and all of the various "hemi" posters are terrible ambassadors for Ram, and have probably turned dozens of people away from their products (even though the trucks are great), because those buyers do not want to be associated with people like you.

Ha, Ha, The trolls are working hard posting their bull$#!^ under my blog name. I guess imitation is the best form flattery. lol




I want a outdoor package, one with cloth or neopreme seats, AC, good stereo, power windows, vinyl flooring, that is about it.....

I forgot, with the ram box and a man step

I don't post often in here because alot of the times it's like trying to have a adult conversation with a three year old . But I will say this, this bashing on the big three and Nissan and Toyota is getting out of hand .

This brand bashing get's us no where fast we should feel lucky that there is competition amongst six different manufactures, it brings competition to our segment and thats a great thing . I think we all can agree that all of them build a high quality, reliable and capable pick up!

Which one is the best is any ones opinion and that's all it is a opinion.

As for packaging i think the hole way sucks right now , try buying a (some what loaded) regular cab, it's getting very hard these days . These special packages and what not are great because it brings in top dollar/profit for whom ever is your home team . But do not forget that some people just want a Basic truck with out all the gadgetry.

( I am a GM guy by the way) but I applaud dodge, for atleast they offer a tradesman package . yes i know its built in Mexico and yes I know its based off a 3/4 ton chassis. But its a start !

@Alex. The New Ford Transit will be assembled/built in the US.
A HDT Truck sold in two countries and two Pickups come from Brazil.

@DEVO340 Agree, the more you look outside the US, the easier it is to see the origins of many vehicles now used in the US.

Will there be a 2013 V6 8 speed regular Cab with matching painted bumpers and a RamBox in black, gray, blue or gray on the Lot within the next two months? If so, I wanna test drive it hard and sit in for about 30 minutes.

Cyberpine agreded , this whole black plastic around the grill and or bumper kills the look of the truck. Regardless of the trim level of the truck make the grill chrome or painted color matched like wise with bumpers!

I wish someone would offer the "shut up and drive" package. It's a portable EMP unit that zaps cell phones, preferably with a range of at least 3 car lengths in any direction.

Totally gay!

Just give every state there own package.

What would your state package have?

I'm for more option packages, but not for the packages that are merely the same truck with different decals/emblems.

@Michigan Bob--You can still find a regular cab Silverado with a bench seat, V-6, but it has an automatic. I have seen new 2012 Silverados as low as $15,999. That will be about the best deal you can get on any pickup. You have to do an internet search and widen the distance on your search.

The RedWings package is a FAIL. You can buy declas on eBay for $17.

Excuse me I meant @Old GM Guy not Bob. Sorry Bob.

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