Ram to Create More Option Packages

Ram Red Wing II

Look for more specialty option packages from Ram Trucks as Chrysler continues to search for more creative and eye-catching ways to create buzz for its new vehicles.

The strategy of offering unique option packages for select models has probably been most successful for Chrysler with the Jeep brand, as themed models targeted at the military, video gamers and desert and snow enthusiasts have sold quite well.

The focused packages have helped Chrysler increase volume and market share across its lineup. These packages also offer the added benefit of making more money (and profits) for the respective brand. In many cases, Jeep's premium packages can add as much as $6,000 to $8,000 to a normal transaction price. Buyers seem to like the appeal of a limited production run, ensuring they're not likely to see many vehicles exactly like their own.

Chrysler will continue with special packages like the Red Wings Edition Ram pickup and many more, according to Automotive News. There's no word whether those specific models will follow more regional sports-themed packages or if they'll follow the Jeep model with select runs on more "truck appropriate" styles.

We'd be happy to pass along any suggestions you might have if you want to offer any ideas about what the next Ram 1500 special option package should look like and be called (as long as the ideas are within the boundaries of common decency). Fire away.

Ram Red Wing 3 II




No you didn't. My dealer shipped my truck from CA. Way out of his "region."

Thanks for not buying Ram.

HUGE 12" Detroit Red Wings Truck Decal

$9.99 on ebay. Free shipping!


Just don't bring back the Daytona edition with that big ugly wing, that was hideous looking.

The decal is too big! Looks like crap.

whos the dumba$s that thinks ram isn't american it has the most american content 69% then chevrolet64% and then the ford which is the cheapest piece of sh&t ive owned and its in my driveway new 5.0 isnt bad the rest of the truck is crap cheap build cheap materials and by the way smart guy 61% american content get ur facts straight

@Silverado_Driver - good post. One can water down product value with too many "special editions". That is like giving every child in kindergarten a gold star so no one feels left out.
The whole "American" made thing is a bit much too. As you pointed out, lines are blurred. Since when is Canada or Mexico part of the USA? The USA is North America arguement is lame at best. Canada is a more expensive place for car makers to build products but Mexico is considerably cheeper. NAFTA says they are not imports but GDP and the true definition of an "import" says otherwise.

@Alex - is that your real name or you got tired of using "Canadian Ram Owner", Mechanic, or R/T ?

Has anyone noticed the trend with Chrysler/Ram advertising?

They seem to be going out of their way to play up the "We are American (read USA) theme:

- Imported from Detroit

- Sam Elliott western tough guy theme with Guts/Glory/Ram

- Retro Ram Art to Highlight Texas Parks

- Detroit Redwings Edition

Is Fiat afraid that their ownership will hurt their American divisions?

I can't see why they chose the DETROIT Redwings other than the fact that they are from the Motor city.
They've only won 11 Stanley Cups.
Why not a Montreal Canadiens edition since they won it more than anyone else at 24?
Bad timing since there will not be a NHL season this year.


Based on what I've seen with the Jeep Wrangler and the absolute boredom I've seen with car buyers, special graphics and options packages like these will be good for RAM--despite all the derision by the Ford and Chevy fans. Don't be surprised if you see a jump in RAM sales as a result.

Sure, Ford has its option packages--and to be quite blunt I don't like them. It's not because of what Ford is, but rather that with the exception of the Raptor, the only visible change on the vast majority of Ford's trucks is the shape of the grill insert--and to me they're all ugly with maybe one exception that goes with the most expensive package.

This all comes from the fact that as car companies try to save money on retooling their plants, the styles get old and tired quickly. People want fresh. People buying a new car want others to KNOW it's a new car, not a retread of a 2- or 3-year-old design or worse, a 3-year-old used car. This means that colors need to change more often--with brighter and deeper choices than washed-out greys, blacks, reds and sometimes gold. I actually like the fact that my old F-150 has dark blue over saddle beige and my Wrangler is a very deep red. The problem? In my area there are a lot of dark red Wranglers so I went to a "skin" shop to get some graphics added. Now I know MY Wrangler doesn't look exactly like any other.

Dave and Lou are back yet again to crap on another GREAT option package from Ram!


Red Wings Edition is the cheesiest poser idea for a special edition. It's like all those Wings fans who know nothing about hockey and put logos all over their truck backwards and crooked. Now the average Wings fan consumer can have a big logo while they wear their Maltby jerseys and reminisce about the Grind line.

@DWFields - other than hardcore truck fans, most don't pay much attention to the fact that basic body styles stay the same for fairly long periods of time. Changing the grill and other cosmetics give people the impression that the truck they are buying is different. Those little changes help sales. I see tons of FX4 trucks on the road and most are purchased because they like the monochromatic look. You ask them about different shocks, skid plates and e-lockers and you get a blank stare.
I do have to agree that I'm not a fan of most of the Ford grills. The HD's are the most ugly. The FX4 looks good. I had thought that I'd hate the copied C-clamp look for the 1/2 tons but after seeing a few, they don't look as bad as the HD's.
The Raptor's wider stance makes the Ford headlight style look really good.
I like the Limited grill but I don't think that package will be available in Canada as I've seen a few '13 Platinum trucks with that grill.
The new HID lights look really good.
I have yet to see any 2013 Rams and their site (at least last week) didn't have 2013 as a build option.

@DW Fields
I disagree about the fresh look. Toyota is notorious for selling outdated products worldwide and they seem to be profitable.

Also the special edition vehicles are bit of an overkill. We have them here sometimes, but mainly from some Asian and Ford/GM manufacturers.

I think decals cheapens a vehicle. It's like wearing a brand name hat. It's about perception, that's what the manufacturers are selling. I suppose that's what most pickups are about perception.

Sorry Alex, The Ram SRT10 is NOT the quickest.. Fastest maybe... But sure as hell not the quickest stock. That went to the GMC SYCLONE!

Maybe a PBR edition.

Maybe it is the same in other markets, but in the motorcycle world, this the completely lame marketing line of:


Although to some buyers a set of 20" wheels and some stickers are actually selling points... .

Sorry, to ruin the fun, straight from the Guiness Books of Records.

This will rock the boat.



Unless you got your truck (which would have to be an Outdoorsman) shipped to a dealer in the Philadelphia area from CA last year, then you are a fool incapable of understanding that policies change from region to region and from dealership to dealership, or, more likely, you are just another Ram troll that fills up the putc discussion boards. You bring the entire website down, along with the rest of the ram trolls. You really ought to just head over to allpar and have bring your idiotic partisan nothingness to the people who will appreciate it.

@ Big Al from Oz That was after going 4000miles around Australia, with some glue??? that head down the cylinder head.

@Dav - true. BNG has been a mainstay of the m/c world for years. It keeps those prepubescent males buying 85 cc mini's and trucks. LOL

@Big Al from Oz - stiring the pot are ya?

I'd like to see the Maloo as a limited edition run product in NA since we are talking about limited editions.
Send it over with a canopy/cap, carpet and seats in the rear and it can be converted to a pickup like Ford does with the Transit Connect.

Sometimes I think people on this site think that world records can only be accountable if they only occur between Canada and Mexico:)

I would love to have them exported to NA along with our mid sizers. Some people on this site would buy them as a muscle car alternative.

Yes plenty of truck buyers want to step up to the exclusive $50K half ton truck club, but they also want something to show for it.

A truck that's in excess of $50K (MSRP) because of special stickers and stitching will just get you laughed at.

Nice try Ram, but come on

I know what you are alluding too now. I didn't read the post at the bottom of the article. Funny.

Even in Australia a particular NA pickup brand is becoming well known for all the wrong reasons.

@Big Al from Oz - yup and the world is flat and the sun revolves around the earth.

@Dave, These are not eBay stickers. They are automotive grade quality and you're not paying just for stickers!

@Lou, The Red Wings and Ram share the same values of hard work, toughness, and the determination to win.


@DenverMike, It's not $50,000. It starts at just under $36k!

Embellishments to the truck -- which is priced starting at about $36,000, a significant premium over the base model -- include logos on the front-seat headrests, Red Wings embroidered leather seats, and "Detroit Red Wings Edition" graphics on the tailgate and rear bed sides. It's available in red, white or black. A spokesperson for Chrysler said that 1,000 Wings editions would be built, and go on sale at the end of this month.


@HEMI - OK, $36,000 for a $34,525 truck with Red Wings logos isn't too terrible if you're a RW fan, but that's if dealers don't tack on a 'market adustment', order them loaded or add a tonneau covers and such. They could easily exceed $50K, actually.

Ram still needs a full line of trucks, not limited editions, including premium half tons to compete with Platinums and Limiteds if not Raptors.

Actually I got my TRX4 (what the Outdoorsman was before)from my hometown dealer. I mighta coulda got it cheaper 75 miles up the road where it was but I choose to buy at my hometown dealer. My (X now) wife also has a business, so I kinda figured buy local and what comes around goes around. The same dealership got me my Dakota from 250 miles away.

It might say off road on the side, but I don't need to go offroading or playing. I just like the way it is equiped.

In November last year Ram was sending out cards that said drive an Outdoorsman and get a free Carhartt coat. So I asked around and no local dealerships had one, but my dealership signed off that I drove a TRX4 and now I got a coat. But maybe if they would order them once in awhile, people would know that it's available. Likewise with the 2012 Hemi 2500. When they said they were putting the 66 RFE trans into them I wanted to drive one, but it seems they won't order them. Kinda like 17" wheels on anything that's not a Tradesman. I have only seen one set of 17" wheels on a non Tradesman 1500 at my local dealership. They were on a 2011 Laramie that was only lacking maybe dvd player and it woulda had about all options. Same with the dealership 40 miles north. I have seen them stock one Ourdoorsman. Too bad it had 20" wheels.

You have a nice truck TRX4 Tom. I also really like how the outdoorsman come equipped. I only go offroad at the game lands and hunting camp for the most part, which is really nothing that any old station wagon couldn't probably handle, but the base setup on it is nice.

20" wheels on an outdoorsman? I don't know why anyone would ever want that. I can understand why someone may want the "bling" on a luxury trim, but on the truck they are pitching for outdoors types it should be 17" wheels all the way.

Thanks, yeah they put them on there, I double checked to see if a mistake but you can build it that way. Not for me, 17" tires for me. The Good Year AT S tires aren't the greatest for traction, but they hold a load good. I have read about alot of people changing to 17s. The 20" wheel combo offers one of the most ground clearances for non Raptor trucks (by that I mean excluding the removeable air dam. Tundra claims to have the most, only cause there is no air dam. But get under one and you will find low hanging control arms, crossmember, gas tank, and a few other things)

But who gets (wants) 60 series tires on their 4x4? some...No thanks, not me!

They could stand more tire size options. The 20" wheels can have a good 4x4 tire, but I think they are better left for 4x2s. Or people that just want the look of their fenderwells being more filled. Some 65 series 17s? Maybe 60 series 17s for 4x2s? Maybe some 18" tires?

The year they started the Outdoorsman (2011) they added two things I do wish I had, as part of the package-I believe: the trailer tow mirrors? and the 32 gallon tank, standard. Oh well. My stock mirrors do good with my car trailer, but it would be a bit better with trailer tow ones.

@Lou--There is only so much you can do with truck styling so putting a new grill, changing some of the choice of options, and introducing more special editions and upscale trim packages make the truck all new along with updated engines and more gears on the transmission. As long as it is profitable the manufacturers will continue to do this. But I agree after a while special editions are not so special when they are continually releasing new editions. I agree with you about the Ford HDs the fronts are ugly but at least the King Ranch version is a little better. I prefer the looks of the 2004 thru 2007 Ford F-250. My nephew who works for an oil company in Denver bought a 2006 F-250 extend cab 4x4 gas engine at a company auction for 5k and drove it to Kentucky to the family farm for the family to use. He got a good deal on it with 135k miles and it runs like new. I like the front of that model better than the current model.


I saw a new Ram truck at my dealer last night. It was a Herders Edition, whatever that means. The stickers were scratch and sniff, and smelled like goat turds.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYByo7KPnwo&feature=related LOL!

Mike and Jeff S. You guys are right about those trucks but what I was meaning was a totaly new model built closer to the dimensions of a 70's or 60's truck. I know everybody has noticed that half ton trucks are a lot bigger these days and of course more capable but I think it would be nice to have a modern truck that was more like what we used to drive. There's nothing wrong with a big truck, I own some, but an F-350 for someone to haul the trash off in or a 2500 HD to carry a bicycle is a little uh, goofy! So I just thought a smaller FULL size truck, not a mid-size or a S-10 or Ranger would be great for light hauling, better fuel economy but still have a good size for a big guy to ride and drive. Those smaller trucks get a little tight for an over 6 footer or 300 pounder. But you guys are right, The Tradesman is close and SIlverado LS is too.

TRX Tom.........You were right too! I forgot you when I edited, sorr!

I messed that post up too! Im new at this so please forgive me! Jeff, Mike, Tom...you guys are all correct about those trucks and what people would do with them. What i was a thinking was a FULL size truck built to the dimensions of a 60's or 70's full size. Todays full size are a lot bigger than the olds ones and it's a little goofy to haul off trash with an F350 or carry a bicycle with a 2500HD. But mid-size or smaller trucks are uncmfortable for an over 6 footer or a 300 pounder so why not a smaller full size? They could market it as simple transportation for light loads and fuel economy but still a full size truck. MAybe something on the lines of the F100 Ford was thinking of?

@Old GM Guy --Yes there is nothing on the market that fits what a full size truck was about 20 years ago. There is not even a midsize truck except Toyota and Nissan. The Silverado with the shorter bed is about the closest you will get to that and the price is more than affordable. If all you want to do is light hauling and nothing off road it is hard to beat a 2 wheel drive Silverado for the price. For me that would be enough for my needs, but my 99 extended cab S-10 keeps on running and with 97k miles it will last as long as I need it to. Heavy duties are good for their intended purpose but a lot of people don't really need them. My nephew bought the 2006 F-250 for the farm and hunting and it is perfect for that, especially at $5,000, he bought it 2 years ago and the whole family uses it when they are at the farm (it is a great running truck and it is built like a tank).

Awesome looking truck!


Why not do like they did with the Dart? Make all the options alla-cart.

So it will be just logos on the seats, bed and tailgate? That's exactly what I said it was, an emblem package, not a true "options" package that you can't order elsewhere.

If that's the package Ram will continue with the title should be "Ram to Create More Stickers."

If you're going to do a package, do it right and change at least one or two things on the truck that you can't get elsewhere. Flashback to what Mark Williams said what some may think is wrong about the Outdoorsman is more of the same but getting worse.

"We know some will say the Ram Outdoorsman is just a sticker package, without any real substantive assets you couldn’t order off a factory checklist."

A smart person who wants this truck will be like oxi and build it up himself. 5 logos isn't worth anymore than $200.

Awesome looking truck!

Posted by: HEMI_4U | Oct 16, 2012 7:53:16 AM

The Detroit Red Wings, one of the most decorated hockey teams and the winner of the most Stanley Cup Championships ever, announced that the Ram 1500 Express 4X4 Crew Cab is named the “Official Truck of the Red Wings.”

In partnership with the Great Lakes Business Center and local Chrysler , Jeep , Dodge and Ram dealers, the Red Wings Ram will featured Red Wings logged front-seat headrests, optional Red Wings embroidered leather seats, “Detroit Red Wings Edition” graphics on the tailgate and rear ed sides and will come in red, white, or black. Red Wing Rams will only be available in limited amounts at local Ram dealers.

Director of the Great Lakes Business Center, John Plecha, says, “The Red Wings and the Ram share the same values of hard work, toughness, and the determination to win. It is this passion that the brand captures in new creative elements produced specifically for our partnership and built off of Ram’s successful Guts Glory campaign.”

This partnership will not only materialize in a special edition truck, but a whole marketing front that includes television and radio spots, billboards, and newspaper print ads, and a new in-arena chant, “HEMI! POWERED! HOCKEY!” to get the people going.



Dealers can do nationwide searches for vehicles that have specific options. They will then trade vehicles and Chrysler's shipper will swap the vehicles. I speak from experience. Quit arguing it is making you look more foolish.

The Ram camp thanks you for buying else where

Lol the Red wing edtion boring ! I see the ppl at Ram are running out of ideas haha I hear from my good friend at Ford that says the Ram is trying get the Harley rights for there truck i wont be surprised to see a Ram Harley Edtion . And watch all the mopar queens come on here and be like the Harley Ram is the best truck out there . When that happens my Harley f150 truck will be traded in for a new fx4 or a Raptor f#%k that !

I love the smell of vinyl in the morning!


@Dave.....the Red Wings trucks are based off the Express and also include leather seats which are normally not available on that trim level, so it is more than just a decal package.

@DenverMike......As has already been pointed out you are severely mistaken on the cost of this truck. Not sure why you keep trying to insinuate that this truck would cost 50K.

And for your information, Ram has several premium level trucks that are much nicer than anything Ford has right now. The 2013 Ram 1500 Limited is late availability, but the Longhorns are being built now. Ram offered both the Longhorn and Limited trims for 2012. I can assure you that the 2013 Ram interior is far and way nicer than the F-150 which has so much hard grainy plastic it makes me think Ford bought an abandoned Fisher Price Factory and melted down alot of old stock fisher price toys for their interior.

Next time you get some free time go look at 2013 Longhorn.....Premium leather seats, leather wrapped door panels front and rear, leather wrapped arm rests front and rear, 7 inch TFT on the dash is amazing, soft touch dash. real wood trim.

In contrast Ford uses the same hard plastic dash, door panels, etc they use on the XL except in a different color. They use a woodgrain sticker on a piece of plastic trim for their woodgrain etc. Ram really has the nicer high end trucks.

@Alex: Canada is a truck trendsetter for the US? I am speachless!

I see so many "Texas Edition" GM's in Texas it's the norm rather than special.

If I had to come up with a theme for this article, I'd go with a Beach inspired set-up that has some function to it.
Exterior speakers, fresh H2O tank w/spray hose, power strip in the bed with a tent option, ALL vinyl interior.
Fancy doesn't = FUN when your tring to get the sand and tar out of your carpet and upolstery.

I wouldnt mind a mossy oak duckblind camo edtion, custom seat covers, maybe a vinyl rap, based off of the express but with AT tires and the 1" lift from the outdoorsman as well, ram box with a soft roll up tonnuea cover. Matte black rims and a mattching boat/trailer combo

@Dave, The 2013 Ram 1500 is available in nine trim levels and starts at $23,585 including a $995 destination charge.

If you live in Texas and pay any attention to the advertising, you are well familiar with the phrase "Voted the Truck of Texas by the Texas Auto Writers Association".

The competition for the Truck of Texas is held annually by the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA) at the end of October to judge and then award to the best pickup truck in Texas the highly coveted Truck of Texas trophy.

This year's Texas Truck Rodeo event will be held this coming week Friday and Saturday, October 19 and 20 near San Antonio. It is a closed event where more than 60 TAWA members will drive the trucks entered across measured courses that replicate almost all of the driving conditions that a truck owner might encounter in Texas.

Ford has the trophy from the 2011 competition and Ram wants to win it for 2012. This new Ram is going be tough competition and make this event one of the most exciting in several years.

The winner for 2012, will be announced at the end of the weekend so stay tuned, this journalist is a TAWA member and will be testing the trucks and voting. We will report on the winner as soon as it is released by TAWA.

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