Raptor Assault Teaches Run, Jump & Crawl

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Ford Racing and Miller Motorsports Park, which is just outside Salt Lake City, have teamed up to offer a unique SVT Raptor driving school for people looking to improve or create their rock-crawling, ramp-jumping or high-speed desert-racing skills with one of the most capable four-wheel drive pickup trucks sold.

Sure, that might seem like a tall order. But remember, this is the Ford SVT Raptor, and the team at MMP is top-notch. Much of the training, called the Raptor Assault Program, will come from pros such as Dan McKeever, John Williams and Melanie Snow. We also recommend watching the video that pro off-road racer Brian Deegan did for the program as well.

The school is open to anyone and will offer both morning and afternoon sessions twice a month from April to October. Individual sessions (morning or afternoon) cost $300. Advanced multiple-day, multiple-terrain packages top out over $1,200.

Because the facility has almost 1,200 acres of custom-designed off-road terrain, the Assault program will allow participants to experience everything serious and extreme low-range crawling over several nasty rock trails. Participants will use the actual pro racecourse where the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series takes place. MMP offers a wide-open desert course around the facility to replicate a more Baja-like higher-speed experience, too.

For more info and to look at all the available programs and facilities (in photo and video formats), click here. You can also call 435-277-7733.

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I use trucks for work not racing.
I must admit, I like the front of the Raptor. Great name too.
I think Silverado could ditch the bowtie and put bold CHEVY lettering like this accross the front and not get many complaints.

Not to thread crap, but I hope this is much better than when the Raptor first came out and they had an event at a off-road course somewhat near where I live.

I was at the nearby road-race course lapping with my Mustang and was watching the event during breaks. They had a helicopter and a bunch of Raptors--all driving around the off-road course at a SNAILS pace.

They did, however, have some full-on trophy trucks that were hauling ass.

@Stevadore, I wouldn't do that. I assume you're just talking about on a Raptor competitor truck but still, it would look like total copy cat. The Bowtie is more of a bold recognizable symbol than an empty Blue Oval would be. Being the blue oval actually says Ford inside of it makes the Ford name not look so bad. Although I'd never want FORD plastered across the front of My Super Duty or my wifes new F-150 like on the Raptor. Although I suppose Silverado's do have bowtie's on the tailgate now like Ford does it. So maybe on the Raptor competitor it would be advisable. Not on a regular model though.

@Fordtrucks1: I suppose your right about the copycat thing and it would only work on a niche truck. If GM were to put out a factory accessorized off-roader like the Raptor, it would be branded a copycat anyway.
GM hasn't embraced the "CHEVY" nickname in badging their trucks. It has the perfect number of letters for this application. Better than 4 letters (IMO). Aftermarket could make one in chrome for about $300 maybe?

hope no frames bends during training....

Sounds like fun. This sort of course would be great for reducing problems.

Until I see a modded one cross Antarctica or make it to the North Pole and in combat in some civil war somewhere around the world with mounted machine guns or anti-air guns or an armored version, it's just a toy!

More off-roaders trust Toyota small pickups and suv's around the world!

The vast fleet of UN armored and unarmored vehicles are Toyota's likewise!

In fact U.S. Embassy's trust more Toyota's than Ford's around the world likewise as well as escorting U.S. military general's in hot spots where U.S. forces are not deployed for security, etc...

Ever wonder why Toyota's are in just about every nation in the world? I don't...


A buddy of mine was over in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Military Police K-9 handler. While a lot of Toyota and Nissan small pickups (technicals) were definitely in use by various forces, he also noted that Ford Super Dutys were very popular choices as well. Especially with private security contractors, who can basically choose any vehicle they want. (As they aren't limited by military regulations or local vehicle availability.)

@oxi - North American pickups are only available in North America. That point is obvious to everyone but you.
Special Forces would stand out like a sore thumb if they were roaming around Afghanistan in an F350.

If a civil war or armed conflict were to arise here, which pickups would be used?
Domestic full sized trucks?
They are the most common.

Since you brought up military duty etc., how about closer to home.

Which trucks do your border patrol use along the USA/Mexico border?

The same trucks as in this story.

Lou, Believe it or not they use the big three for border patrol. Ram Vans, Ram Trucks, Jeeps, Dodge chargers. Chevy trucks, Ford trucks, Ford crown vics, Atv's sand buggy's and boats. Even helicopters and planes.

Awesome! Gotta see what I can do to make that happen.

Also, @oxi is right that Toyota's are popular worldwide, but what he isn't telling you is that Toyota has an international network of dealers that can fix whatever breaks.

If Ford had dealers in every country in the world who could fix F-150s, that's what the embassy would be driving.

"Ever wonder why Toyota's are in just about every nation in the world? I don't"

I don't either. Because they want crappy 4 cylinders, manuals and 2wd. That keeps COST and weight low and fuel econ high. That is appropriate to serve the needs of developing countries, but not as much for the United States and Canada.

Ford Raptor SEMA truck in the sand

must see


@Lou, Is that so they can run over the MEXICANS by flying through the desert. LOL!

@Oxi I agree with you Toyotas have an "unbreakable" reputation in a lot of countries. The Hilux is engineered to run in very primtive environments(Afghanistan, Sub Saharan Africa)

@KyleH they do NOT have dealers everywhere. The Global Pickups generally are designed to operate in third and 4th World environments, where repairs are very hard to get.

"Ford Super Dutys were very popular choices as well. Especially with private security contractors, "
The private security contractors provide convoy support on paved roads. The F350's etc with twin 50 Machine guns have been up-fitted by US companies that provide light armoured conversions for the private security contractors. US Companies make up the bulk of these up-fitters.

You also get armoured Hilux's
or Nissans for the terrorists and freedom fighters

As well as armoured Land Cruisers is the Middle East

@Lou & Dave,

But Toyotas are most popular in the UNITED STATES, CANADA AND around the world!

F-150's are not. They are only popular in the US and Canada. These full-size tanks are too wide and heavy for REAL off-roading!

Don't you get it?

Two Comments: Big Al got your PM on the other Forum.
you have a similar background to my nephew, sent you two other PM's

I would like to see a few more Raptors in the next Dakar Rally, starting at the end of the year.

I agree with oxi.

As oxi wisely once said, those who argue its better to spend that money on a full-size for better capabilities need to understand a few points:

What if the owner of the Tacoma does not need to haul 1 ton or pull 10,000 lbs.?

Why would you waste money for just a show bunny of a full-size pickup?

Also your forgetting about cost of ownership! The Tacoma will have lower cost of ownership compared to the heavy full-size and the Tacoma retains its value better than any pickup in the world!

Unless you need a full-size for work or farm, it's just a show bunny!!!

@team tacoma, you know chevy had a good chance to put a hurting on the tacoma. of course they blew it after seeing the next colorado, s-10. or whatever they're calling their small truck this year. what a goofy looking pile of asian crap. outside and inside both.

Ford already have custom arctic trucks and various use of armored trucks for warfare. They also have a strong foot hold in fleet sales, where trucks are actually being used as trucks.

So anytime you want to drop the "butt germy klarhksun sayed deh bestust teruk waz teyoter luk dey custum belt 1 fer santy claws an den dey beet uhp dat oder 1 yay" thing...

@Lou: Which trucks do your border patrol use along the USA/Mexico border?

Here in TX it's mostly B.Patrol green Tahoes.

Not really interested in offroading but if I had time this would be fun to do at least once. It would be a great way to relieve some of the frustration and tension. I would be willing to spend $300 for one day to get the aggression out. I will have to put that on my bucket list.

oxi has spent some time teaching others how to drive on the track.

oxi knows what he is taking about oxi is the teacher! not the student!

Remember Toyota was making small pickups since 1963, 20 years before domestic makes could make their own!

The industry's first 4wd in 1979 for a small pickup!

Heck Toyota won pickup truck of the year in 1973 with just their little 2wd!

Toyota's were also credited with winning a war, look that one up folks!


A raptor can't haul a wheel barrel load of bricks without dragging it's tailgate on the asphalt.
But same goes for most 1/2 ton four wheel drives.

@oxi,The first motor vehicles used in actual combat by the U.S. Army were the 1916 Dodge touring cars http://www.texaspowerwagon.com/military.htm



@oxi, So good the japs used them. Dodge WC 1/2 tons shipped overseas for use by the US Army were those sent to the Philippines prior to World War II where they were captured by the Japanese who used them during the war. LOL


How much do you charge for your off-road driving lessons?

I was thinking you may offer a better deal...


lmfao scotty I need more POWER cause my slow ass PIG won't make it ......

@Lou and Jeff S
Have you guys contacted Robert Ryan?

'mounted machine guns or anti air-guns or an armored version. Its just a toy!' that is what a genius Taco-Oxi engineering vehicle principle - what a crock of dung!

Japanese auto maker took advantage of our geo political propaganda of 'isolationism' by applying infinite sanctions against countries who do not play ball with us - prime example - Cuba.

So your wacky principle is laughable at best - you would be better served by claiming those Toyota you see on National Geography are made in Texas, inaddition Toyota is an American company - on tangent here what was your score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

@Oxi, George, Jay, Team Tacoma, um, did I miss anyone?

Do your alter-egos normally cheer you on wherever you go?

Yeah Cory, That's why Ford built a bigger engine, a 6.2, because the 5.4 (okay for a work truck) was not moving the Raptor too swift, and that was with the original Supercab and little 5.5 bed. Read the reviews, and they all seemed to say the 5.4 Raptor was a pig.

If Ram WANTS to, they can build a truck that will put the hurt on the Raptor. It would be too easy to make more power (EVEN PER INCH) then a 6.2, with a 6.4.



I don't think I can afford $100 an hour lessons but I would get some off-road lessons from oxi if they are affordable.

@Raptor Mike,

How much are oxi's lessons?


The people at Raptor Assault have forgot more about off-roading than oxi will ever know.


oxi's 4 banger would make that supercharged Runner it's bitch climbing that sand hill in the video. Don't believe me. I have seen oxi do some unbelievable things in that world beater Toyota.


@stevedore- I wouldn't know since I'm probably closer to the Alaska border than the 49th parallel. Last time I went into Alaska, I saw more bears on patrol then border guards. They were more worried about my dogs immunizations than my links to drug cartels or Al Quada.

wow ford drop low whit consumer report and JD power..maybe they better to concentrate to build better truck..

Ford was ENDING the 5.4 RATARD ..... FORD will ANTIUP on anything FIAT comes up with lmao .... 390hp should be plenty of POWER but not in that PIG .....

@cory, That"s why the 6.2 got it's ass handed to it by the 5.7 Hemi head to head race course LOL.



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