Recall Alert: 2012 Nissan Frontier

2Recall Alert: 2012 Nissan Frontier
By Jennifer Geiger

Nissan is recalling 2,417 model-year 2012 versions of the Frontier, as well as 2012 versions of the Pathfinder and Xterra SUVs, due to problems with the front-wheel hubs, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The affected vehicles were manufactured from June 19 through July 12 (you can check your vehicle's build date on a sticker on the driver-side doorjamb) and have front wheel hubs that may wear prematurely and eventually crack. This could reduce the driver's ability to control the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash. The recall also affects 25 Suzuki Equators that have already been quarantined at Suzuki dealerships prior to being sold.

Nissan will notify owners starting Oct. 8, and dealers will replace the affected parts free of charge. Owners can call Nissan at 800-647-7261 or NHTSA's vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236 for more info.


first to comment yay lol

Let the mindless bashing begin.

Just another reason to go for a Tacoma with a manual, those things are indestructible from Toyota! Make sure you get the bulletproof 4 cylinder though...

funny to watch all the kids try to talk like men and say there truck is better cuz there dad lets then back out pf the drivway

Sorry to hear this news from Nissan. The Frontier is still on my short list for a new truck in 2013 though. I'm driving a 2005 Frontier Nismo that's approaching 90K. I've never had to do anything beyond normal maintenance. Its been one of the best vehicles I've owned.

The Tacoma's on my list too since I now need a double cab and they offer it with the 4 cylinder. Gas mileage is one of my main concerns as I'm probably keeping the Nismo as well.

hmmmmm...front end problems, sounds like a RAM truck thing to me


Its only 2wd models. InsideLine missed that too. If you go to, the official recall states 2wd only.

Not as bad as the ball joint problem Dodge had on its Durangos and Dakotas, this only affects a couple month worth of trucks and only 2wd.

I have a Dakota, and have replaced the BJoints at my own expence, just because of the fact that the factory uses non-greasable units, I replaced with top of the line after market greasable BJoints! and I would still rather have my Dakota than any nissan or taco out there. Oh yea I have not had to eplace aything else, in 80,000miles, no rust, drivin on the beach daily, and haul 1500lbs regularly, and tow 5,ooo weekly.


Fred Diaz Reveals the New 2013 Ram Heavy Duty and Chassis Cab trucks

Renault truck...It's French-Japanese Company !

If people call the RAM Itallian they should call the Nissan a French truck !! Oui,Oui !

RAM's new vans to be called Promaster.

Never posted before. Bought a 2005 Frontier new. Powerful engine, great transmission. Spent 3 weeks of the 3 years I owned it at the dealership. The seats were some kind of torture device. Unintended acceleration (with both feet on the brakes) put me under a semi trailer at a traffic light

Great idea. Poor execution. Lost 12 grand on that truck and bought a used 2002 F150 which has been at least predictable with comfortable seats.

Wrangler refresh pushed until 2017, 8-speed and facelift coming for 20

Started by Marauder_Pilot , Sep 15 2012 at 07:06 pm

This just popped up, courtesy of a final1, an employee at TNAP on


We have been asking for rubber floor coverings and different seat materal for years. Also, They let us know today that the new face lift fro teh Wrangler has been pushed back to 2017!! It will get some touches for 2014 and a 8 speed auto. the new MOAD edition looks great and we will start the 10yr. Annv. for Rubicon next month. New gray paint and army green called Camo started 2 weeks ago. Look hot! Floyd Pink coming later this year.

So, on the downside, it sounds like the Gladiator will be coming 'in 5 years' once again. On the upside, the JK will remain mostly as-is for at least 5 years, with the exception of the 8-speed (Yay.)

Also sounds like three new colours this year, and potentially some more rugged interior options for 2014, and some other little changes. Good stuff.

This forum is stupid. Full of tools for various makes with no regard for the subject matter being discussed. What a waste.

Frontiers and 2002 F150s are for tools. What a waste of money.

2013 RAM!

You prove your own point. Sad

Hard to believe that Fiat doesn't pay fools like you 50g a year to keep your pie holes shut. Sales would only increase 10 fold.

Dodge is making great strides. Morons like you are holding them back.

I like the Frontier. This is just one recall compared to all the recalls that the Detroit 3 have had. Nissan has always made a great truck and so has Toyota. You cannot compare a midsize truck with a full size truck, they are different. This is an article about the Frontier, not an advertising post for Ram trucks.

You should have bought a Ram.


“We’re expecting a 30 to 35 percent bump in sales

Read more: - Dealership expands amid local U S uptick in business

The Rambo Motard Goat Herder's Association strikes again.

@macavs - very true.

Each time one of those guys post, I can hear the dueling banjos in the background.

its one person posting under a bunch of hemi names! This site needs a log in thing like motortrend . Watch i will say something about junkie Ram and one will pop up 2 min lata another hemi will pop up so funny same style of typeing and all! From me to mopar up yours

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I think the Frontier was designed and developed in San Diego.

The French or even Renault didn't to much to do with it other than providing the Renault 3.0 litre V6 turbo diesel.

I remember the Hardbody/ D20 Navara and Pathfinder were the start of the utes/pickups to be developed in San Diego for Nissan at the time who had just changed their name from Datsun.

Nissan Spain did develop the Terrano, which is built on a D20 platform and built Navaras, hence the name Navara is Spanish and is used globally.

Also the Spanish made 2.7 litre turbo diesels for the Terano before they became a mainstream idea.

Why don't you contribute real information not just bull$hit.

At Ram, we believe the harder you work, the more you’ve earned the right to comfort. This is the reason why we’ve taken such care with the interiors of the Ram 2500 and 3500. After all, it isn’t written down anywhere that a truck cab has to be as harsh and unforgiving as the elements in which many of our drivers spend their working lives. In fact, it should be just the opposite; the cab should be a sanctuary from extreme weather and, if nothing else, a comfortable place to take a load off after a long day on your feet.

Here are select features that make Ram 2500 and 3500 the right choice for people hard at it in every line of work.

■Heated, ventilated front seats – Completely independent of the other, these seats allow the driver and front passenger to warm up or cool down quickly, depending on the personal preference of each.
■Memory system – A truck made for work is often put to use by many different people. If you’re the primary driver, you can rest easy knowing that all your settings will be saved, not just seat position, but pedal and mirror position, and even your favorite radio stations.
■Available dual-zone temperature control – Never again disagree with your navigator over the temperature in the cab. The available dual-zone temperature control allows both driver and front passenger to have control of his own micro-environment.
■Heated steering wheel – An available feature that speaks for itself, the heated steering wheel warms numb hands quickly, providing a small but welcome bonus on the coldest days of winter.

To learn more about our heavy-duty trucks, including engine and towing capabilities, please visit

The Dakota is rumored to come back in the very near future.
The Dakota was actually produced from approx. 1987 on. I owned a 1990, first year with fuel injection & it was a great little truck. “Graduated” to a Ram 1500 after that – also a great truck.

Wow, looks likes these days every article on this site just becomes a place for Dodge truck idiots to over compensate for how they feel about their trucks.

Every article has Ram marketing on the top and sides. Maybe they got confused and think it is a website now. That would explain it.

@Lou-I not only hear the dueling banjos but I also see "Deliverance".

I've always thought the Dakota was a good small / mid-sized truck. The only problem I had with buying one was fuel economy. In my opinion this has always been a problem with Dodge. I had an '80's something Ramcharger in the mid '90's. Gas was cheap then, but I still thought it really sucked it down.

It looks like any new Dakota might address this issue but it also looks like all the design images are more like a Ridgeline / Avalanche. Articles also mention that it will probably be based on a mini van platform. Not sure if these are wise decisions.

Back on the subject of recalls ... In googling the new Dakota I found this:

Three days ago Chrylser recalled over 15K units because "the driveshaft and rear axle could become detached". This is only in Canada for now but according to the article should affect US vehicles as well. Kind of puts this 2,417 Frontiers recalled in a different light. Wonder why hasn't reported any of this?

Chrysler is recalling 15,379 units split between RAM 1500 pickups and Dodge Dakota utility vehicles because of a rear axle pinion nut that might be improperly manufactured.

The recall includes 2009 and 2010 model years for both models.

will almost certainly progress to the U.S. soon in FAR GREATER numbers.

Stay tuned. As soon as it hits the US will report it. They don't report foreign recalls.

Honda recalls 600,000 Accords to fix faulty hoses that can crack, leak and cause a fire

New definition for the word Ram - can not fix stupid, can not help the stupid, can not reason with the stupid, and just can't talk sense with the stupid.




New definition for the words The Rambo Motard Goat Herder's Association - A large group of 10 year olds playing with tonka trucks, talking smack about any thing made by the Italian company name Fiat.

Johnny Doe aka Ram HQ is a troll.

If you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen. How is that 2014 Chevy REFRESH working out for you?

What is Chevy going to do if they only come out with a refresh at the Detroit Auto Show? How will they compete?

By the way, your ignorant comments about goats and tonka trucks is very juvenile and predictable! Come up with some new material.

@xlduramax2 I am not RAM HQ, thats totally different man/lady. The new Chevy looks good to me , I like the one I got now. Only think I hope, and wished for was more HP, and TQ. Which will be done with the new enignes.

As for new material looks like it is new no else has said it. Like you said "if you can take the heat get out of the kitchen."
Just giveing back to the The Rambo Motard Goat Herder's Association sense they like to post dumb crap on every story why can I?

@Jeff S - that was my intended inference.

@Lou-I figured that I was just playing along. We are getting the Ram fanboys goat. They must be desperate to comment on a Nissan recall article.

@Jeff S. - would getting the Ram guys "goat" mean you are going to buy a Dodge truck? LOL

I feel bad for those Equator owners affected by the recall.....both of them.

@Lou-I thought I would wait for the rebadged Ram truck called the Fiat Fiasco, which will be a great addition the the goatherders stable.

@Jeff S - according to Google Translator Fiasco is the same in Italian as it is in English.
Go figure!
It will be a fiasco for the goatherders once they start making Chrysler/Jeep products in Italy and then import them into the USA.

@Lou-That was good. It will be a real fiasco.

This is for all of you negative soothsayers. Ford has recalls, Toyota has recalls GM has recalls Nissan has recalls. This is only for 2,400 vehicles. Less that 1/4 of 1% no big deal. My Frontier is now 4 years old and I have never had any problems with it.

towed over yesterday, once today again

I have a strange noise in mine, that sounds like 1 of those birthday party blowers. it seems to be coming from the console area. Any ideas what this may be?

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