SEMA 2012: Day 2 Truck of the Day

F-150 Kdaddyz front II

By Larry Edsall

Kyle Gann goes by the moniker K-Daddy, a name he built on his amazing ability to apply automotive paint. But Gann does more than just paint cars; he pretty much re-creates them at his K-Daddyz Kustomz shop in Bakersfield, Calif.

Case in point is our choice for the SEMA truck du jour: the 2013 Ford F-150 FX2 Sport Super Cab by K-Daddyz Kustomz.

The first thing you notice about this big truck, displayed at Ford's corporate stand in Center Hall, is its Race Red paint and the 24-inch Raceline Imperial wheels with candy-colored accents and 295/35R Nitto tires.

But get closer to the truck, and you can see the airbrushed candy accents on the bodywork. Get even closer, and you’ll see the same colors on the K-Daddyz Kustomz prototype beach-cruiser bicycle that rides in the truck’s bed.

F-150 Kdaddyz paint II

The bed is painted with all the airbrushed details and stretched with an AMP Research bed extender and equipped with an SP Fabrication custom bike rack.

Other exterior modifications include a redesigned grille shell with custom mesh inserts, shaved emblems, Grant Fabrication three-piece weld-on roll pan, Mackey machine-billet emblems and Street Scene mirrors.

Further enhancing the big truck’s stance are a DJM lowering kit and Cognito sway bar. The frame has been painted and powder-coated, there’s a Mag-Hytec differential cover, and there is a quartet of two-piece six-piston Baer brakes with drilled and slotted rotors.

As if the truck’s appearance weren't aggressive enough, the auto-shifted 5.0-liter V-8 engine benefits from a ProCharger intercooled supercharger and Magnaflow cat-back exhaust.

Inside, the truck is equipped with Katzkin leather, painted accents, custom Hardcore audio speaker pods and enclosures, and a Rockford Fosgate stereo that can make the sound of that smokin’ supercharged V-8 barely audible.

K-Daddyz’s goal was to build a truck that combined street savvy and urban luxury with some in-your-face touches.

So where does the prototype beach-cruiser bike fit into that formula? Who cares, it’s just oh so cool. 

F-150 bed II

F-150 Kdaddyz rear II



Truck for ladies.

Nice truck minus the bike. Ford really needs to bring back a SVT Lighting truck back.

Not impressed. Ford, you can do better then that thing.

I concur on the Lightning. Maybe they can drop the supercharged 5.8L from the GT 500 in a lowered truck with AWD and some serious meat at each corner.

I bet Ram does some sort of SRT 1500 again and this could be Ford's counter. GM would likely have the Gen 5 Corvette ZR-1 motor in a couple of years so they'd have the chops to play too. Imagine having 3 trucks with roughly 650 hp to play with all within about the next 24 months.

Suddenly, door scratch.

Very pretty - hard to imagine driving a truck like this, however, as I'd never want to leave it in the parking lot.

The bike is a California thing - I saw something on TV about it. Definitely don't care personally, but I respect the work for what it is - very artistic.


Why are you bashing Ford? This is a custom truck based on a FX2!

Hope we get some offroad trucks. These street trucks do nothing for me, ugly, and stupid looking to me. I know some people get off on this stuff, but it just isn't my taste.

For all that size--and he still had to use a bed extender to fit a single, old-style single-speed bike. How can ANYONE even consider that a truck and not some sort of hybrid sedan?

Take away that front little dip on the headlights and it looks exactly like the Chevy Tahoe up front. Boy did Chevy eff up. They could have been selling trucks like Ford had the ugly ass Silverado looked like the Tahoe like they used to.

taylored for the enthusiast... not for my taste... but the gawd awful micro mirrors is out of proportion...

I'd rather just have the regular FX2, Looks better and more usuable.

24 inch rims equals bling, not performance!

way to load a bycycle! if they were to put that bike in the bed diagonaly, there would be no need to use that ugly bed extender! they could close the tailgate like they should! after all what does that bike weigh? I know, it is a peddaled barge, but realy who rides those things anyway, I guess to each their own realy does mean something here. I think a nice V-Rod painted to match would look ten times better!

If any of you have ever been to SEMA you would know that whoever made this article is just a ford fan. Could we PLEASE see something other than Fords on this site for once?

The Chev from yesterday was actually an article about a real custom build. This is just someone who took stuff apart and painted it and bolted on some stuff, while this take ALOT of time there are more interesting things at SEMA than this!

a paint job and some rims. Wow big deal. There are more custom trucks in my neighbourhood.

Nice paint job.
Shaved emblems...... funny thing to say since all of the emblems on new vehicles are glued on.
A few minutes with a heat gun and they are gone.

I'm going to glue a big bowtie on Lou's ford when he's not looking LOL!!!

SEMA 2012: Truck Of The Gay

@johnny doe - I'm not too worried. It currently is 10 F and snowing. Nothing will stick. LOL

The bike is for when that Ford catches on fire you can still get to work LOL.

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