September 2012 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

Pair of Fords II

September turned out to be a good month for the auto industry in general, with predictions for the end-of-the-year totals by some analysts hitting just under 15,000,000 units. However, for full-size pickup trucks, at least some of the top sellers, numbers continue to be relatively flat month to month. Of course, we'll have to wait and see what happens in the next few month, which are typically stronger months for new pickup trucks sales, as many dealerships run annual specials in October, November, and December. 


Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2011
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. September 2011
1 Ford F-Series +11.4% September 2012 55,077 +1.2%
463,733 September 2011 54,410

2 Chevrolet Silverado +0.6% September 2012 36,425 -16.6%
298,200 September 2011 43,698

3 Ram Trucks +20.0% September 2012 25,973 +5.9%
213,593 September 2011 24,522

4 GMC Sierra +4.5% September 2012 13,636 -1.9%
112,181 September 2011 13,904

5 Toyota Tacoma
+30.8% September 2012 12,176 +48.9%
102,872 September 2011 8,180

6 Toyota Tundra +22.8% September 2012 9,338 +39.5%
74,972 September 2011 6,695

7 Nissan Frontier +19.7% September 2012 4,354 +0.5%
44,814 September 2011 4,331

8 Chevrolet Colorado +36.0% September 2012 2,833 +30.5%
32,608 September 2011 2,171

9 Ford Ranger * -61.5% September 2012 93 -98.7%
19,146 September 2011 7,154

10 Chevrolet Avalanche +22.6% September 2012 2,030 +9.1%
17,149 September 2011


11 Nissan Titan +6.9% September 2012 1,792 -21.9%
16,406 September 2011


12 Honda Ridgeline +58.0% September 2012 1,060 +51.4%
10,229 September 2011


13 GMC Canyon -0.2% September 2012 555 +21.2%
7,618 September 2011


14 Suzuki Equator -10.8% September 2012 157 -16.0%
1,426 September 2011


15 Cadillac Escalade EXT -4.7% September 2012 188 +8.0%
1,348 September 2011


* No longer in production but still being sold.



So for this month here is the total standings

1. Ford trucks 482,879
2. GM trucks 469,104
3. Ram trucks 213,593
4. Toyota trucks 177,844
5. Nissan trucks 61,220
6. Honda truck 10,229

this race is gettin awful close for year end. Looks like Toyota is closing in on Ram..... and if not for the lingering rangers GM would be atop of Ford and really probably IS if they werent counting 450-550 trucks.

I love the new ads on here.



Toyota closing in? LOL! Alot of Ram buyers are waiting for the 2013 models. All the differant stuff like air suspension, 8 speed, modern day v-6, crew cab available with 6'4 bed....

What's new over at Toyota that they are waiting for? Anything big from the Taco or Tundra? Not really! The new Rams gas mileage increase will cut some Tacoma buyers off. I know looking at the top four Ram is the only one to sell more then last month. By not even 1,000, but that's better then the month losses at the others.

Lol, Tacoma sold almost 1,000 more then last month, Tundra down about 2,500 or so. "Tundra-The truck that is not changing at all!" Since 2007!

@hemi lol ..."and if not for the lingering rangers GM would be atop of Ford and really probably IS if they werent counting 450-550 trucks"

You count the Escalade and Avalanche SUVs (with open beds) and cry that Ford counts F450s and 550s? Pot calling the kettle black?

Lol, you might be a hell of an electrician, but your math skills suck! 21464 total Toyota pickups per Sept. vs 25973 Ram? Oh, Ram doesn't have a Tacoma class truck! But they do have alot of changes for 2013 2500 and 3500 as well, so I don't think Toyota will sell any more than Ram anytime soon!

But Ram does need a modern day Dakota!

It does look like Chevy/Sierra buyers are going to wait for the next gen trucks. That could be a long wait if you really need a new truck.
When is GMC set to release the 2013's? End of the first quarter of 2013?

Toyota would have to see a huge increase in sales to catch Ram. They did do that a few years ago. That is highly unlikely this time around.

It does appear that Nissan and Toyota have benefited form Ford, Dodge, and Chevy leaving the small truck market.

GM showing those monthly declines should be a serious issue for them if it continues. No new truck till April or May means lots of lost sales. I see further public investment for GM soon. Good money after bad.

Hear that, vroooooooooom!

i love it how chebbie and goat fans know absolutely nothing they so entertaining

i wish Ford would replace the ranger with a F-100 (light duty F-150) 2.3l turbo 4 banger putting out 280hp 333lbs tq with at least 25-26mpg that would be a nice truck (i am using the 2.0l ecoboost that makes 230 and 270lbs tq as a base for the 2.3l power out put)

much better the new ram v6 with over 1,000 dollars for the transmission 8-speed and the over $1,500 to make it into a low ride to get 25mpg
the ecoboost cost $995 for the 4 banger and 2,095 for the v6
came right off of ford website

the 8-speed are going to have a lot of bugs the are not even like the 5 and 6 speed we use right now they are alot different
ford has had the ecoboost on the market for about 5 years

now that gm and ram will soon come out with update trucks i bet ford is going to drop in 2.3l 4C 18/25mpg and a 2.7l V6 17/23mpg

@ hemi lol,

How do you figure ? RAM doesnt have a mid size truck,and the 25,973 is only full size trucks,nothing else.

Tundra has 9,338 trucks this month,so its a long ways off.You cant lump full size and mid size trucks together ! RAM doesnt nor should you to prop up Toyota sales.

The RAM figure is for only RAM 1500,2500,3500 trucks.All full size not mid size nor vans.

Doesnt include the RAM cargo Van...Wait until next year when more cargo vans come out and maybe a mid size truck down the line.Total RAM sales will increase if you want to lump them together as you did (they never lumped sales of small-large truck odd you did,odd)

Furthermore,RAM is gaining on Chevrolet...Good job RAM ! Cant wait until the ground breaking 2013's come out !!!!!!!

But 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton, and 1-tons are all lumped together.

As has been said a million times, it would be nice to see a THAT broken out.

@TRX4 Tom
Ram the most dangerous vehicle on the road I would say you have to have guts to drive one and you get glory if you live to tell about driving Ram.

After all the hype of the 8-speed your still paired to the wrong tranny for people like me I guess their will be no more of these because the new tranny can't hold the power.

@TRX4 Tom
Ram the most dangerous vehicle on the road I would say you have to have guts to drive one and you get glory if you live to tell about driving Ram.

Posted by: 5.3L LOL | Oct 2, 2012 8:57:12 PM

LMAO That was a good one had me laughing.
as lou says


Furthermore,RAM is gaining on Chevrolet...Good job RAM ! Cant wait until the ground breaking 2013's come out !!!!!!!

-I'm surprised Chevy has even held on this long. Lot's of old diehard loyalists for sure. Even they are defecting now though. And after seeing the new Silverado, I'm of the opinion Chevrolet's future isn't looking very good. Likewise, GM. They've done a horrible job on 2 Silverado's in a row. 3 Silverado's in a row for many guys I know although I had a soft spot for the earlier GMT800's. It's like since 2003 or so they've just been more than happy to give Chevy customers over to Ford and Dodge. Since 2007 they practically pushed them out the door. The Ford and Dodge trucks are so good looking while the Chevy's look like hell still. Their stock won't be worth much long term even if share pricing does rise. They've screwed up Chevrolet royally.


You have no idea what you are talking about man, that is why you are a toter tipper and not an automotive engineer or COO. You can't tell and have no idea what the new trucks will look like let alone what features and powertrains they will have. That is a pretty ignorant ASSumption with out knowing any o the facts. The full size trucks have held steady if not had increases with almost 7 year old trucks. They are the only ones bringing a mid size truck back which have you looked at what the highly loathed Colorado's sales have been? With sales going well an all new truck that is a evolution of the old with tons of new features, options, engines and interiors are gonna drive sales as opposed to Dodge and their mid year refresh adding a few car technologies...You know though, let's revisit this next year and see where your ASSumptions stand then, I bet they are very much wrong.

Back to the article, it is good to see mostly positive sales #'s YTD for the trucks, I imagine even better sales in the next 3-5 years with all the new offerings coming. Going to be a good rest of the decade for all!

Congrats to Ram for winning the T.O.R.C off road championship
for pro2 and pro4. Ricky Johnson and Bryce Menzies are the 2012 TORC champions in PRO 4X4 and PRO 2WD, respectively, at the Rick Huseman Memorial Cup weekend at Antelope Valley Raceway in Lancaster, California.

The PRO 4X4 title was finalized in Saturday’s first race. Ricky Johnson in the Red Bull/Mopar/KMC Wheels Ram owned the track from start to finish, taking the checkered flag comfortably ahead of runner-up Scott Douglas and third-place Mark Jenkins.


Stay on topic, take your articles back into your tree house. You are very annoying.


I am pretty sure there are thousands of people waiting for a newer model, yea right! Most truck buyers don't even know when a new model is coming, honestly, it's pathetic!

@5.3 lol: Wow,the Ram doesn't have as strong of roof as your Tundra or a Ford F -150. Your Tundra (or a F-150) doesn't have as good of frontal crash test scores as the Ram! Wreck yours hard in a frontal wreck, and your steering wheel moves downward, according to IIHS. Too bad Toyota provided a DOUBLE CAB instead of a CREWMAX that is compatable with the CREWCABS FORD and RAM tested. The smaller cab doublecab has the A and C pillars closer together so that makes it stronger than a crewcab. Picture the differance between a vehicle hitting the doors and not being anywhere near the a and c pillars of the cab, then picture a wider vehicle of same weight hitting the pillars. The one that hits closer to the a and c pillars will give less. Which is what the Tundra DOUBLE cab did. The Ram has is good structuraly, not as good as the Ford there, but yet WAY better then Nissan (wanna talk tin cans?) and Johnny doe's Chevy-which is a joke. The only reason the Chevy did any better then the Ram in side impact was the fact they had a pelvic thorax or whatever airbag in the seat; Ram is adding that on 2013s in both 1500 and 2500, they don't talk much about it. So side impact scores should be better, and frontal impact will still be BETTER THEN ALL FULL SIZE, as all the other full sizes get an acceptable rating somewhere on their frontal. While the Ram gets all good (green). The Ram does GOOD in the REAR imapct as do most, if not all full sizes.

You will need that extra roofstrength cause your truck can't corner so good.

That's funny, I never took you for a safety freak. Maybe I struck a nerve talking about sales?

Great, your truck can handle a supercharger. I don't want one. If I was towing that heavy, I would get the diesel and spend lots less in fuel then you, and have a much longer lasting combo. But I don't have the need. If I just want to race around on the street, my 70 Dart is almost half the weight of your truck. And, if it messes the engine up, which someday yours will, I can swap it out MUCH CHEAPER then your I Force. But I am not into street racing. Or paying high dollars to mod a street heavy truck. Why? Go find Cory, he will race you.

I like towing things that might weigh a total of 6K, my current Ram does good, the new one will do better. My current Ram gets better mileage then Tundras. The new one will do better, especially towing. The gears will make all the differance. Maybe they will up the torque ratings or change the trans, so they people that can afford 50K gas pullers with a 6.2 Hemi, that would be nice for the sake of bragging, but it's not for me, and knowing how much gas it would eat, not for the masses either.

@johnny doe; heres what your truck does. Funny stuff huh? The idiots that wrote that stuff know little about trucks and make those lists without looking at everything else. Funny thing is, your more likely to be in a wreck cause your old outdated Chevy has drums and doesn't stop to well. Well, the 1500s anyway. The 2500s have been good on brakes in testing, the new Ram HD gets differant brakes.

@Frank: You don't think anybody is waiting for differant stuff? How many people on here and other forums alone have said they dislike the Ram gear spacing? Or that they don't need a Hemi, the 4.7 does no better on gas, and the old 3.7 v-6 doesn't do any better on gas then the hemi. (unless talking alot of city driving, but highway driving, the 3.7 has not enough power so it starins.) Or that they are waiting on GM (they are patient!) Well said for a Ford boy! Cause, um...Ford has nothing new really, just more luxory packages. Still waiting to see how dependable these Ecoboosts will be in long run. They have alot more crap that can go wrong!

@TRX4 Tom,

You focus only on Ram trucks just remember Toyota is a powerhouse when compared to your little Fiat company!

Toyota not only set the pace for U.S. auto sales jump last month, they have been the world's number 1 auto company in sales so far this year!

Toyota is the global powerhouse, that is more folks around the world put their trust in Toyota products than any other brand!

That is why Toyota's brand name is iconic and respected across the world and has the highest recognition and image of any of the large makes!

Hey, Frank I am waiting to buy a new truck when the 6.4L Hemi comes in the Power Wagon. My 1500 Ram is nine years old. I will give it to my son when my new truck comes. So I am waiting.

Even if you take into account the demise of the Ranger, the smaller and lighter pickups are increasing quite significantly compared to the larger pickups.

Have a look at the Taco, Ridgeline, Avalanche and Frontier. The worst out of them is the Frontier and its improvement proportionally is nearly as good as the Ram.

Like I stated you guys need competitive mid sizers.

The post is written in a very good manner and it entails much useful information for me. I am happy to find your distinguished way of writing the post. Thanks for this awesome post. It is extremely helpful for me.

@Oxi: To you I say the name of a Metallica song "So What!" Isn't this about trucks? Toyota is sorta little when it comes to that. They gain so much because Ram quit doing Dakotas and Ford quit the Ranger. They got lucky there.

Yup Al, we do need midsize competition.

@TRX4 Tom
Ford originally stated that sales that would have gone to the Ranger would have been taken up by other Ford products like the F-150 and smaller vehicles.

It doesn't appear so, I think Ford should have introduced the T6 global Ranger into the NA market. Maybe Chev with the Colorado might do okay (if they change the front end of the Colorado).

Sales are increasing for full size trucks, but sales of the smaller pickups are increasing much greater proportionally.

the reason why GM sales continue their slide is not becuz people are waiting, its becuz people are leaving, they see the new trucks still looking like the old, the main reason I left back in 09

After searching available inventory across the US on the following is the midsize inventory:

Chevy Colorado 5,840
GMC Canyon 1,840
Ford Ranger 142
Toyota Tacoma 12,598
Nissan Frontier 13,798
Suzuki Equator 346
Honda Ridgeline 2,396

Since the Colorado and Canyon are no longer made their inventory will not be replenished so you can see sometime early next year they will be like Ranger and show declining sales due to declining inventory. Also if you look at Tacoma and Frontier they are stocking increased inventory to take lost sales from the GM twins as well as Ranger. Tacoma will probably be the biggest gainer as they are in the September sales, but Frontier will gain as well.

@Big Al from Oz--You are right but I think at this point Ford should not introduce the Global Ranger. By the time they would the Chinese trucks will be in the USA and will compete with them on price. This will be true as well for Colorado/Canyon because by the time they are released as 2015 models the Chinese trucks will be in the USA. The Chinese are preparing to enter since this void has been created and as you said Big Al with the prices of the GWC between 19k and 24k there will be people buying them that would not normally buy a truck.

@Oxi-You are correct as well, don't underestimate Toyota. This site is full of Big 3 loyalist but the next generation coming up is not so dedicated to Detroit. Toyota Tundra is starting to increase their sales again and if they stay in the large half ton truck market they will eventually become a major player, especially if GM bites the dust and parts of GM are sold off. Toyota sells enough Camrys and Corollas to help pay for any losses they might have incurred on Tundra. Also Tacoma has not changed in about 8 years so any Tacomas sold are still profitable. Toyota can wait this out with the Tundra. Nissan is a different story with Titan which could very well go away. The Frontier is probably going to stay.

@Big Al from Oz--I researched the 2013 Ford Edge and Explorer and finally they have an option to add heated and cooled seats to the Ecoboost 4 cylinder. I liked both but I ruled out the Explorer because even with an ecoboost 4 it gets 17 to 24 mpgs. The Edge with Ecoboost gets 21 to 31mpgs and is just under 40k with all the options that I want, whereas the Explorer is just under 50k in comparison. The Kia Sorento with a 4 cylinder gets 22 to 32 mpgs and equipped with the same options is about 35k. All these were front wheel drive with traction control. So far my choice would be the Edge and the Sorento with the Sorento having the slight edge because of price, styling, and a little higher customer reviews (Edge rates high, but the Sorento is even higher). Still doing research but I have learned a lot so far.

@Big Al from Oz - The compact segment is not growing. The losses from the discontinued Ranger seem to be greater than the growth from everyone else. I believe total non-fullsize truck sales are down from 2011.

As for Ford, they wanted to shut the Ranger factory down and now they are suffering the consequences. Potential Ranger customers did not move up to a fullsize or van, they went down the street to the competition. Ford's loss.

@toycrusher84 --Not only are midsize truck sales down, but the sales of full size trucks are down from a decade ago. True full size are up from 2008 levels and even last years levels but they have not recovered to the levels that they were in the 90s and early 2000s. Increase in construction and business activity is responsible for a lot of the increase in large trucks. Hopefully those increases will continue and we don't get another huge dip in the economy.

As some of you have said that leaving the midsize truck market for Ford was a calculated risk. It might work out in the end for them because they seem to be making plenty of money off the F-150. It might be a good idea to exit some of the car market as well. The Taurus is a good car and it is now replacing the Crown Victoria, but it will never sell in the numbers it once did. The Fusion on the otherhand has lots of potential for additional growth and the Focus is competitive in the compact car market. The verdict will be out on the new large Ford Transit vans when they are release, but this might be another market that might not be as profitable. The Lincoln division could be cut as well because their cars cannot compete with Cadillac, Lexis, Acura, Infiniti, BMW, and Mercedes. Don't get me wrong I think they are good cars but they seem to be going nowhere in sales. In retrospect I do not mourn the loss of Ranger anymore. Ranger was not competitive with the Tacoma or the Frontier.

Hemi V8, You're not waiting. You're just not buying. The 6.4L is not going in the Ram anytime soon.

Ford people are waiting for the 2013 Fords, the 2015 next gen Fords. GM people are waiting for the next gen Chevy and GM. Toyota people are waiting for something new. This whole waiting excuse is a joke. Sales are what they are.

The Tacoma is taking out GMC in 2013....

Kinda weird half of all the numbers in red are GM...go figure

More intelligent discussion by trolls. These are just sales numbers. What will be will be. Those that want to buy a new truck will buy, and those that are not will not buy. I am happy now just to read the articles.

@financially sound gov--So what's your point? You are comparing a Cadillac trucks (soon to be discontinued) and a discontinued truck that has approximately 1,840 unsold units in stock nationwide. That is like comparing apples and oranges. Ford has a negative number for Ranger as well, which is meaningless because that is a discontinued truck as well with only 142 unsold units nationwide in stock. As for anymore government loans to the auto industry that will not happen. We are in such deficit that we cannot afford it, anyway we need that money for defense so that we can increase our presence in the Middle East and subsidize the defense industry. After all the bailout talk I am disgusted with all the auto industry. At least when you buy Korean and Japanese they are getting loans from their own country and not the American taxpayer.

A lot of Ram buyers are waiting for a 2017 Ram. There are lots of us waiting. Don't you forget about me. 2017 or bust.

Ecco-Boost up date! although the truck has been great so far,,, I had to bring it to the dealer, the head gasket needs replacing! I hope this is just an abnormality, will update in a couple weeks.

@sandman4X4 --Thanks keep us informed. I would be interested to know how the Ecoboost 4 is doing as well. If there is anyone out there that has experience with the Ecoboost 4 I would like to know. Thanks.

A lot of Ram buyers are waiting for the Hemi 6.9 in 2020.

Generations from now this will be moment when the rise in the ocean begins to slow and planets begin to heal.

This will be the moment when Fiat restores Ram's image as the last best engine on earth!

All praise the mighty allpar gods that have told us to wait for the great Hemi 6.9 to commeth in 2020.

A lot of Ram buyers are waiting. Hallelujah!

A lot of Ram buyers are waiting for Chrysler to add the new commercial truck division.

Chrysler Group LLC, the automaker controlled by Fiat SpA (F), said it is creating a new division within its Ram truck brand aimed at fleet buyers and small businesses as it introduces new heavy-duty pickups.

“We’re going to fill the commercial end of the business with all the products that all commercial buyers and fleet buyers out there will be able to consider Ram for, from soup to nuts,” said Diaz, who declined to name specific future models. Fiat’s five-year plan for Chrysler includes bringing large- and small-commercial vans to the U.S. in 2012 under the Ram brand based on Fiat’s truck platforms.

A lot of Ram buyers are waiting for the Ram Runner to be sold from the factory.

@TRX4 Tom,

Dodge and Ford could no longer compete in the mid-sized to compact segment, that is why they got out!

The Toyota Tacoma is just too damn good offering so many configurations and aftermarket support compared to the Ranger and Dakota, no wonder they dropped out!

Quitting was the only option for them!

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