Spied! 'Stacked Super Duty Could Be a Joke

We just heard from our spy-photo friends about an interesting vehicle they caught. Here's what they wrote us:

"We caught a Ford F-Series Super Duty prototype sporting some serious big-barreled smokestacks, ready to expel its exhaust big-rig style. We're not quite sure what to make of this one, as it's not your traditional factory exhaust treatment. All we know at this point is that the 'stacked Super Duty is parked in a lot loaded with test trucks that we know to be part of active devleopment programs, and it's registered on manufacturer 'M' license plates, like every other prototype and test car running the streets of Dearborn.

"Is Ford developing a smokestack exhaust for production trucks? Who knows, but it's an interesting curiosity to see as part of the Detroit test scene.".

Our guess is that this is likely to be a clever ploy by Ford engineers to get us to think they're doing something interesting; however, with the 2013 Ram HDs ready to come out at the Detroit auto show with new (and supposedly class-leading) towing and payload numbers, you can bet Ford and GM are working on bigger and stronger setups. How it plays out exactly, especially with all the J2807 tension lingering, is anyone's guess. 


@ Shawn,

Are you sure the RAM tried to race you ?

I know with my 12.70 second 1/4 mile stock(except 275/60 rear tires for some better traction lol),original 440 Magnum '68 Charger R/T,when I am at the lights people try to race me non stop..I usually pace them,side by side(no I am NOT floored or racing),even minivans,trucks,compact cars..As I need my licence for my job,so I cant get caught street racing. And the limit is 50 mph here on the stretch of road they try to race me all the time (sure once in a while I will let her rip and leave 2 long black marks on the road)But I bet those same people say to their buddies I beat a 68 Charger !! In reality NO they didnt as I never raced them..

Same goes for my RAM daily driver !! Many trucks/cars pull beside me and try to race me I maybe give it half throttle as its a 4 lane highway and 50 mph limit,but I know there are people like you who think just because I am younger and in a hot car/hot truck I race all the time...Not so !

A 2010-2011 HEMI RAM with 3.92 gears is a 5.7 second 0-60 mph truck low 6's with a less skilled driver !!

Your 2005 stock 6.0 Diesel is around 9 second 0-60 !

So either they see a sucker coming,just playing with you,or not even noticing you,or they have a RAM with a 6 cyl !!

R/T You are smokeing to much crack man! The Ram is the cheapest giveing away a free cummins motor away this month like wow The Ram is the queen of discounts and shows Ram has zero resale value!!!! That company makes me sick to my stomach and there fanboys are a bunch of out of work pos! And i am Harley f150 and approve this message.

@ R/T Shut up with your bs maybe you where raceing a v6 Ram hahahah crack look what it does to u R/T is loseing it!

"Market share for the brand in the U.S. has increased from 14.6% in 2010 to 16.2% in 2011. Through September, Ram's market share has increased to 18.4%." - Diaz

What was it before 2010? In 2009 Ram market share was 17.24%.

Diaz says market share is 18.4%, my calculations show it to be 18.115 when you include all full-size trucks in the top 15.

So in actuality Ram is talking about is getting back what they lost around the bankruptcy + a net gain of .875 market share.

It is not even a 1 percent increase or a 1.16% increase if you go by the 18.4%. Big whoop.


This is only the beginning.

If Diaz wants people to switch to his Ram, he needs to EVERYTHING as good as the competition, plus one or two things better. He doesn't even do everything as good as the competition, so why would they switch to his truck?

Unless you're using your truck to haul pizzas you aren't getting anything done with a Pentastar.


You need torque plus fuel economy, not just fuel econ. Not to mention payload.

Check out the recalls on these POWER JOKES lol



Last week, Ford filed a lawsuit against Navistar, the maker of the Power Stroke diesel engines offered in the Super Duty pickups. The suit alleges non-compliance with warranty cost-sharing and "unjustifiably" raising prices on the new 6.4 Power Stroke offered in the '08 Super Duty models.

Read more: http://blogs.dieselpowermag.com/1010933/diesel-news/ford-sues-navistar-over-power-stroke/#ixzz28rT8kT8R

Navistar Sues Ford (Again) Regarding Upcoming F-150 Diesel Engine.



Ford started having problems with its (flame-throwing) Power Stroke engines


@ Harleyf150,

Actually its called a sales gimmick,free Cummins,sure,you get a so-called free Cummins engine but its in a special edition stripped down version for $45000 ! Its all a gimmick as you can get the same 2500 model RAM with a HEMI for $36000 so its not really a free Diesel its still $9000 more vs the gas engine.. They offer it on nicer models but its still more then a gas engine,as its a end of year sale...every company has some gimmick sale !

Ford trucks always have cheaper prices,they are giving those away for decades....You get a base model RAM sxt for $27000 vs a Ford XLT loaded up for $25,000.Also a F-150 6 cyl single cab is $15,999 a RAM 6cyl single cab is $18,999 ! Ford is always lower priced !!

Resale value doesnt account for the factory discounted sale price,value goes on the msrp price.Example in 2008 I bought a RAM 1500 Quad Cab (RAM JAM Special in Canada Lone Star in U.S) it was loaded up like a Laramie,I paid $31,000...2 years later I sold the truck with 80,000 k on it for $30,000 !!! Truck cost me $1000,went down $1000 in 2 years So,your theory is wrong.

Even watching the local adds here,they had the RAM 1500 sxt quad cab for $27,000 ,then it went away,they went back up to $39,000 those trucks turned up with 15,000 km on the odometer and were priced at $36,999 for a used one....So that shows the sales price doesnt count for resale value only the msrp counts..I bet I confused you as ford people dont understand basic knowledge.Just back to your immature name calling and ignorant comments,one can expect from a (Harley) f-150 lol!

Ram doesnt have 0 resale value,please get a clue..

BEST PERFORMANCE TRUCK!-RAM ( SRT10 record holder,HEMI beats eco-Boost RAM R/T quickest ,best performing new truck !!)


By the way RAM used that tag line before Ford...BUILT RAM TOUGH !!

Ford sued over F-150 fuel injection system.lol


Ram's Diaz Says Earlier Introduction "Huge Advantage" Over GM

2013 Ram Refresh Hitting Showrooms Nearly Year Earlier Than 2014 GM Models

Diaz said by all indications, the GM trucks won't be in showrooms until summer 2013, whereas Chrysler has already started production of the comprehensively refreshed 2013 Ram 1500 models at its Warren, Michigan, plant. The 2013 Ram 1500 equipped with the 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 and new eight-speed automatic transmission achieves a combined mileage rating of 21 mpg, better than Ford and GM's current offerings.

Source: Bloomberg

Read more: http://www.trucktrend.com/features/news/2012/163_news121008_rams_diaz_says_earlier_introduction_huge_advantage_over_gm/index.html#ixzz28qWOKAqz

@Dave Ram also recently unveiled the 2013 Ram HD models, announcing a class-leading 850 lb-ft of torque from the available Cummins diesel. Chrysler is speeding up the line rate at its plant which builds the HD models, in anticipation of HUGE demand for the new models.

The new Ram comes with a 20% improvement in fuel efficiency due to a new 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine and a new eight-speed transmission.

The Ram will get 25 m.p.g. on the highway, which is 2 m.p.g. better than the competition.

With the 2013 Ram 1500, Chrysler is hoping to lure buyers from competitors even though truck owners are fiercely loyal to their brands.

"We know that if we can get ... somebody into our dealership, get them behind the wheel of that Ram truck, they are sold," said Fred Diaz, president and CEO of the Ram truck brand.

The stacks are as ugly as the truck they are in.

Ram's Diaz Says Earlier Introduction "Huge Advantage" Over GM

2013 Ram Refresh Hitting Showrooms Nearly Year Earlier Than 2014 GM Models

Diaz said by all indications, the GM trucks won't be in showrooms until summer 2013, whereas Chrysler has already started production of the comprehensively refreshed 2013 Ram 1500 models at its Warren, Michigan, plant. The 2013 Ram 1500 equipped with the 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 and new eight-speed automatic transmission achieves a combined mileage rating of 21 mpg, better than Ford and GM's current offerings.

Source: Bloomberg

Haha man you mopar queens are funny like i give two s%its what you have to say! Ram has best resale value only went down 1000 in 2years what bs man you guys are retarted . Mopar ppl make up the most crazy storys my hemi makes 80mpg loaded and pulling a 12000 trailor my Ram can race a corvette zr1 and win hahaha





@The Ram Fans
If Ram is getting a 20% fuel improvement over the previous model and is only 2mpg in front of the F-150. Then;

1. How efficient was the previous Ram?

2. How good is the Pentastar?

3. How good are the "aerodynamic" measures taken?

4. How good is the 8 speed gearbox?

You would think with the aerodynamics and new engine with an 8 speed the difference would be much better, not just a 2 measly mpgs. That's a lot of investment for such little gain.

You would save $60-70 per 10 000 miles. You would have to drive over 200 000 miles before you break even not counting inflation. 10-15 years!

How many Rams will make it that far?

So what is better value? the F-150 with what appears a quite efficient setup for the price.

@R/T - would your name also be Canadian Ram Owner?

You actually think that you can make some claims and no one would confirm what you are posting?
Here is some year to date data from Canada by nameplate.
#1 Ford.........Sept. - 7.4% YTD + 0.5%
#2 Toyota.....Sept. + 21.8% YTD + 25.8%
#3 Chevrolet..Sept. + 12.7% YTD - 7.6%
#4 Honda.......Sept. + 21.0% YTD + 26.1%
#5 Hyundai.....Sept. + 2.6% YTD + 3.4%
#6 Dodge.......Sept. + 10.7% YTD - 7.2%
#7 Kia...........Sept. + 10.1% YTD + 19.4%
#8 Mazda.......Sept. + 15.2% YTD + 7.5%
#9 Ram..........Sept. - 7.1% YTD + 10.4%
#10 GMC........Sept + 9.6% YTD + 3.5%

YTD Sept.
#1 Ford basically stayed the same.
#2 Toyota made large gains.
#3 Chevrolet took a big drop.
#4 Honda made huge gains.
#5 Hyundai made a modest gain.
#6 Dodge took a big drop.
#7 Kia made large gains.
#8 Mazda made moderate gains.
#9 Ram made good gains.
#10 GMC made modest gains.
Here is a link to market share in Canada.

Trucks only:
Rank Truck Sept. 2012 % Change YTD Sales YTD % Change
#1 Ford F-Series ..9712 - 3.3% .......84,074 + 12.7%
#2 Dodge Ram......5722 - 7.2% .......53,237 + 9.9%
#3 GMC Sierra......3312 - 2.7%.........33,412 - 1.9%
#4 Chev Silverado.3181 + 5.8%.........28,147 - 4.4%
#5 Toyota Tacoma 940 + 67.9%........8593 + 46.0%

Year to Date Ram is not gaining on F Series. Ram had a much larger decline in Sept. sales than Ford. GMC and Chev both lost ground. Tacoma made huge gains. Pundits feel that rising fuel prices may be softening full sized truck sales in September.

If you want to look at top 10 Cars in Canada here is how they rank:
#1 Honda Civic
#2 Hyundai Elantra
#3 Mazda 3
#4 Toyota Corolla
#5 Chevrolet Cruze
#6 Volkswagen Jetta
#7 Ford Focus
#8 Hyundai Accent
#9 Toyota Camry
#10 BMW 3-Series

Not a single Dodge/Chrysler/Fiat product in the Car top 10.




For all u ram fans when you're sorry ass ram wins 1 year just 1 year number 1 sales then talk smack till then stay quite and talking like man you're always gonna be 3 place Lmao built ford tough

I think that Ram is the class leader pointing the direction all of the automakers will head towards.

Posted by: Lou | Apr 13, 2012 3:14:19 PM

stacks are awesome even if it is a Ford if I had a cummins instead of a hemi I would def have stacks no doubt. Go to youre local track on truck night you will see plenty of 4x4 cummins and powerstrokes w/ stacks running 12s easy dont be so quick to label something redneck and dumb when alotta of those trucks w/ stacks that you see will blow your doors off easy I have alotta friends w/ sub 13 second diesels makes my hemi and other guys ecoboosts and 5.3s (lol 5.3) look like the old 4.6s and 4.7s

Ram gears up for Super Bowl


Guts Glory Ram will be all over the big game in February!

Rambo Motard Goat Herder's Association minion aka HEMI 4 EVRY1.
I take back my statement that is cut and pasted out of context.
"I think that Ram is the class leader pointing the direction all of the automakers will head towards."

As Big Al From Oz pointed out-
New aerodynamics
8 speed
Air ride
Grill shutters
Pentatic engine

All that for 2 mpg?

It looks like Ram is pointing in the wrong direction.

GMC is the dark horse that we know little about.

5 new ads and the Super Bowl is only the beginning. The Guts Glory Ram campaign is going to get intense.

Guts Glory Ram will be everywhere, on every website, on tv, on your truck radio, in your toilet. Everywhere you look.

You won't be able to go anywhere without seeing more GUTS GLORY RAM. It's taking over the nation by storm.


Hurly F150

My I bought my 08 Ram in September 2008 for a few dollars more then 25K. According to KBB.com it is now worth a shade over 23K. 4 years and only a 2K drop in value.

What was that about Dodge or Ram not having good Resale Value?

Big stacks on pickup = small "payload" on driver

Get a truck, not a toy, and so some work!


the ford super duty truck is so stale that it is starting to grow mold. i think that i am going to look at dodge and gm when it comes time to replace my current hd truck.

RAM !!!

1997 called they want their truck back !!!

Ford Super Duty same since 1997 !
Ford f-150 same since 2004 !!

And people say GM and Nissan trucks are outdated lol..Ford is ancient !! No wonder their prices are so low,no money spent r&d in new designs for their trucks.Ford lol..lol..lol..Idea from ford lets try to act tough and slap a harley bage on ot lol,looks ridiculous !

@ Andy Graves


Woo that looks great, I think i want to buy a Ford!!!


Back on topic...

Based on a recent article on another website, Ralph Gilles said the smokestack pipes are illegal coming from an OEM in response to comments regarding the reintroduction of a L’il Red Express truck from RAM. Apparently this is due to varying “state regulations on exhaust exits” and not federal regulations. My guess is that the Ford shown in the pictures will not be for sale coming from the factory for the same reason.

If the new Ram Hemi 4x4 can get 23 MPG highway at 75, and that's with a better set of gears for towing, then it's a win. Heck even 22 (AT 75+) would be a win. Like I told you before Al, now a Ram person doesn't need 3.92s in a truck to tow good. Because the 8 speeds gear ratios, they can do better with 3.21s then my current truck with 3.92s. Like withen 3% of Fords 6 speed/3.73 starting ratio, and about 3 percent more then the starting ratio of Fords 6 speed/3.55. The 3.21 geared Hemis have already got great mileage, but you can't pull much with them with current trans. The 1st gear winds up, and leaves you in second gear at such a low rpm. 5,000 pounds behind a 3.21 geared truck is alot, in these hills anyway. Add to it that most the wheel and tire combos Ram puts out are 33" tires on a 20" wheel. If they want to make it more efficient, then can downsize to more 265 70 R17s, a 31.7 tire. Or just a 30. something inch tire on two wheel drives trucks. Like a 30.5". As long as they don't use the Hankook Dyna Pro little tire that Ford used in the 30K shootout, that was great for gas mileage, pooor for handling. What to expect from a 75 series tire? It got the mileage number and won that, along with being a lighter truck with 6 gears that helped get it moving better.
Smaller tire and wheel combos works for Ford and Chevy. I would take the Michelin (65?) series tire Ford uses on 4x2s on a 4x2 Ram anyday!

City mileage is another story. An idling v-8 sucks lots of fuel. They make start and stop for that, although I am not quite sold on that, as I get the idea it will just slow traffic down waiting for it to refire.

You all played this same game before the ecoboost came out. "Only this many mpg?" Complain complain. Hopefully they do some shootouts and test mileage, and get very descriptive about the driving, such as "part two of our gas mileage test we ran 70 mph on flatland" Or hilly, or 75, whatever, just tell how you test it.

And you go on about the Pentastar. Please, you can't really compare that old 12 valve 3.7L that makes less power to a smaller more effiecient v-6, that finally has more then four speeds behind it. Atleast in the work v-6 truck shootout the Ram got alot closer to it's EPA MPG rating then the Ford 3.7 did. And when you worked that Ford v-6, it lost the most MPG. I know, you think Ram should build a 420 or 470 hp gas burner 3.0 L v-6 turbo. Lets see how the Ecoboost lasts, shall we?

I myself would take a Motori 3 L diesel, IF it is clean enough to run here in the states. All that low speed grunt, and it can be bolted to an 8 speed. That's usually the diesel issue. That and the higher price of fuel, so now you mileage is up, but cost per mile is as well. Gotta make it past the emmisions gestapo.

I would have to be HIGH and DRUNK to get me to a RAM Dealer, but I will still walk away.

Posted by: Frank | Oct 9, 2012 6:47:29 PM

Not true. You must have been HIGH AND DRUNK when you bought your Super Duty. TROLL!

@TRX4 Tom
I don't necessarily disagree with some of your comments.

But as you stated previously I do expect more from your manufacturers and government.

They have missed out on simple solutions in improving fuel economy standards even using gasoline.

You guys are being made to use inefficient technology because of big business, goverment and other interested groups.

And yet most on this site think it is "American" to have what you have, when in fact the vested groups are driving your vehicle designs.

What you guys also think is economical, is not by world standards.

A truck for work and towing works better with more gears I don't disagree. How many trucks sold fit that category.

The Pentastar isn't as fantastic and engine as you guys are being lead to believe, neither is the Eco Boost engines. All I did was point this out with the comparison to the F-150.

As I stated one of the big drivers behind the eco boost engines is production costs. The multi air from Fiat will also be slightly better than the eco boost.

The eco boost Ford Falcon we have isn't producing the necessary gains either. Gasoline engines can only be so efficient, you will need alot more energy to accelerate mass.

CNG is another one, is it really viable? Or are the auto manufacturers using the CNG vehicles to bolster their inefficient range of pickups, like the PT Cruisers which were regarded as "trucks" to improve overall average fuel mileage.

Hybrids are another "furphy" design, the range of internal combustion (read diesel) vehicles is getting larger and larger that out perform hybrids. Hybrids are held back by weight and the design of the accumulators required to store engergy. And interesting article in BBC News on the pollution created by EVs and Hybrids was interesting. The pollution caused production and use of these type of vehicles is higher than gas or diesel. So much for the "greenset". Will this be amplified by the news around the world.

The other significant issue driving CAFE is you reliance on imported fuel. How seriously is your country trying to reduce the amount of fuel it uses when you have ridiculous regulations that can be "worked around". Your country is broke and yet alot on this site think they should use fuel guzzling vehicles and claim they are American. How silly, they are increasing your debt to the oil nations because its their right. Simplistic.

One of the biggest problems I see on this site is the ignorance on the amount of power required to use for work. You don't need vehicles as large as you have with the acceleration, even for towing.

Go back 20-30 years and look at the power and torque figure that was in your pickups.

My overall view is the US auto industry doesn't have the technology to reach the required goals to meet future CAFE and EPA guidelines. The sooner your manufacturers and government realise this the better you all will be.

I noticed in California they were paying nearly what we pay for fuel this week. I also read today that they expect NY to be in the same position.

I believe in consumerism, but it has to be responsible and balanced. You guys have to wake up to yourselves on what is sustainable and viable, not just consumer driven.

I view alot on this site as selfish, self centred simple people with no realisation on their future or the future of what was once the greatest nation on earth, ever.

I'm not Anit American, but I can see and watch with amazement at why your country is where it is right now.

Frank you are high and drunk on that kool aid. Ford Blows!!



& Fords

This comment thread is the worst I've seen here in a while... Go test drive whatever you want. Buy whatever truck you want and shut up! If you can't shut up, at least try to be a little objective...

@TRX4 Tom
I should also point out that I'm not directing my comments at you or how you use your truck..

You are one of the few who do use your truck for more than a "muscle car", but I do disagree with a lot of the regulations controlling the production of vehicles in NA.

My views aren't directed towards any particular brand either. The reality is I couldn't care less where a pickup is manufactured.

But if I feel something is misrepresented or over valued I will point out my view and my views are generally looking at the bigger picture. I don't concentrate on smaller issues, because all the pickups are competitive.

Don't worry, I would bet you guys will get small diesels in your pickups soon. Costs of CAFE/EPA compliance for your pickups will ensure this will happen.

That's my view.

i think the stacks are compensating for something, lol. bein a GM guy workin for ford (keep ur friends close, keep your enemies closer) all i can say that the RAM diesel trucks sound the best. cant beat that big rig sound from the cummings. And to the 6.0L & 6.4L guys how that egr & egr cooler treatin ya? lol. and how many injectors would you like with your coffee? the 7.3L was a great engine too bad ford couldnt make it run clean enough to keep it. :( . Oh and by the way the reason ford has the best selling truck is because you gotta keep replacin them, look around when your driving how many 1990's f-series do you see on the road? by comparison for every 30 silverados i see 1 f-series from the 90's,i see more old Dodge trucks on the the road than old Ford's. Chevy has and always will have the longest lasting, most dependable trucks, on the road. my 1994 Z71 has 365,000 miles on it, still tow and plow for my town with it every year. best part is when i drag much newer trucks that break down back to the dpw to be fixed. lol! i dont care which truck you buy as long as you buy an american truck and be proud of it! GO U.S.A.!!!

A Ford or Chevy always welcome in my driveway, but anything made by Fiat (YUGO) I will sell for Junk. And that the way this redneck feels.

@TRYAGN My 6.0 treats me just fine... but I know how to go out and do proper maintenance. I don't care what you drive, if you abuse it or don't keep up on the fluids then its going to leave you walking. The biggest problem with the 6.0 was everyone treated it like the 7.3 which as we all know can take a ton of abuse and still keep kicking. These newer motors will not do that, and yes that goes for Duramax and Cummins as well. When the 6.0 came out no one knew they had to keep on top of the maintenance and thats what lead to a ton of problems. Yes it does have a few problem areas, but I can point out the many problem areas of the Duramax and Cummins to if you wish. I get so damn tired of everyone wanting to bash the 6.0 for no good reason. Its a damn good motor as long as you know its weak points and stay on top of them or fix them with aftermarket parts.

As far as old trucks go it must be where you live. Old Fords outnumber everything where I am at. Hell I know a few 90's OBS style trucks and 99+ SD that have well over 600k miles now with no major breakdowns. You can't say that with a RAM. You'd be lucky to make it to 100k before the tranny or rear went out with those. I do agree though, no matter what you drive keep it American.

looks to me like a cobbled job. pipes arent straight nor at the right height. most likely done for testing purpose on durability. manufacturers want to know what happens when people mod their trucks for warranty purposes.

in my mind ram kicks ford but both roll over gm

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