Video First Look: 2013 Ram HD 2500/3500

2013 Ram HD Longhorn II

You've read the full story on the new Ram HD 2500/3500 pickups, as well as the new chassis cab models, so here's our video of  the new trucks with a closer look at what they have to offer. 



So when will the Hemi be offerd again with a manual? Why not? Since they offer it with the 6.7, why not the 5.7?

I wonder how long it takes Ford to up their numbers? Magicaly!

An when the other numbers are released, Ford will play their game that they do year after year.





@ Ram HQ I heard your ass was the stunt double in Broke Back Mountain. Mmmmmmm.

I think your name should be Rammed HQ.
Dam pole smoker.

@Ram HQ
Why do you remind me of bruce?

@ Truckerman Somebody is a grumpy old man today being in the closet to much for you? Come out to show your colours event at your local Ram dealer and they will give you a extra 1000 off for just saying you are going to reach for the rainbow yay!!! Dont forget to bring your high heels out and your wig Mmmmmmmmmmm

This Ram HQ dude is funny as hell LOL!!!!! I think he got the Ram fans heads just a spinning. LOL!!!

@Ram HQ, Stop the hate and taste the rainbow!

850 ft lbs of toruqe bes tin class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Ram HQ a.k.a johnny doe ,

RAM with Cummins has 385 h.p and 850 torque ! For 2013 !

Cummins/RAM are together for a long time yet,they signed a multi-year long contract recently !

@ johnny doe,

NO , the so-called RAM HQ doesnt have us RAM fans spinning,as we know what is really going on in the world, not like the other brand drones !!

Fiat Diesels -VM Motori-Was owned by Detroit Diesel,then Daimler-Chrysler !! So Fiat diesels have Detroit Diesel dna and were a part of Chrysler before Fiat ! Now VM Motori is owned by Chrysler-Fiat and GM (GM got Penkies stake of VM in 2007)

Fiat Diesels are VM Motori and Chrysler had a deal with VM Motori in the 1990's and earlier to build diesels for their diesel powered Caravans,(Voyager) Cherokee ect.. in Europe.

Furthermore,Chrysler owned VM Motori before Fiat did...Detroit Diesel actually bought VM Motori in the early 1990's,and when Daimler-Chrysler bought Detroit Diesel in 2000,it was a part of CHRYSLER !!

By the way, your ignorant pizza comment is very juvenile !

GM,Ford,Toyota all use a CHRYSLER HEMI in Top fuel racing,I can see why non Mopar fans are jealous,your vehicles are weak !!

LMFAO--so the most powerful engine (which will be used for all of the advertised specs) needs a Toyota transmission since the Fiat one is too weak!

@ Dav,

I never had trouble with my Dodge transmission..Like most of the people that do have issues with them,heavy duty tow ussage,or abused,brake stands ect..Actually the toughest,strongest transmission in history is the Dodge 727 !!

Toyota transmissions fail,as do their engines Tundra 5.7 was recalled for blowing up camshafts (obviously you dont remember)Not to mention cracking tail gates and rusting frames..

Toyota/Ford/GM use a Chrysler HEMI in Racing...Toyota a clue !!

And the h.p is actually what they have,not like Toyota that were caught a few years back over rating their power...Obviously you dont know what you are talking about !

385hp/850tq and an Aisin 6-speed automatic.

Aisin parent company: Toyota Group


@Mark Williams, Any news on the Power Wagon with off road tires and Mopar 4"lift? Any photos? Thank you.

Hey xs29L, if Toyota transmssion are so prone to fail, why is Fiat using them in there top of the line, most powerful, most heavy-duty pickup? I think we know who doesn't know what they are talking about.

@ THQ,
Aisin transmissions dont have Toyota parts...
Toyota does not have 100% ownership of Aisin.Not even 50% for any control in it.
Your theory of Rams having a Toyota transmission is false.
Funny,how you never brought this up with GM truck owners !

@Ram HQ This the new Ram theme song? LOL!

This is nothing new. Ram has been using Toyota transmissions in their chasis cabs from 2007 to present...

@Dav, If Ram has so many problems with their trannies, blame Toyota. Ram has been using Toyota trannies since 2007 for their chasis cabs.

Since when did I say that Toyota has problems with their transmissions?

I didn't a Fiat fanboy did.

I was simply stating that if Toyota stuff is so bad, why is it used in Fiat's primo, top-of-the-line, most heavy-duty applications?

Cause its the best.

xs29L, Toyota is the parent company.

I'll bring up GM. Chevy Colorado used Aisin trannies, but the Colorado went out of production. It's no longer made!!

Why would I bring up this in a HD thread?

Myabe The Toyota tranny is the best. Maybe it is isn't.

What I think is going is Fiat-Ram uses everyone else's trannies because Fiat-Ram is too lazy or not capable or don't have the capital to design their own. In the half tons they don't design the new trannies either.

Good point. They don't even make their own top-of-the-line engines--they need someone else to make those too.

@ Rammed HQ are you asking me out?

ford uses cummins in the F-650/F-750 with aisin, allison, or spicer. so get over it, when it comes to heavy duty trucks nothing is sacred except how long the companies that make the stuff have been around. heavy duty trucks routinely share motors, transmissions, rear ends, and chasis. sterling silver bullit to ram chasis cab. ford 750 with cummins and allison or aisin. chryslers with danas. it goes on and on.


Well I guess I messed up then,I didnt think they controlled it I know they supplied alot of Toyota parts for vehicles.Its been years since I even dealt with them back in the early 80's.

30% shares in the company by Toyota,the majority I guess they have a quite a few of different partners..

@ Tundra,they only use it on the RAM 3500 with 850 torque..
By the way Aisin supplies alot of companies with transmissions as does ZF ! You can still get the Chrysler trans in other models.. You can say then Toyota never made their own transmission as they farmed out Aisin until they bought the majority of them..Heck the new Toyota/Scion FRS is a Subaru ! All done by Subaru,style,mechanics no Toyota parts but flogged as a Toyota product,same as Aisin now.

Toyota has a large stake in Fuji Heavy Industries/Subaru and footed the bill for developement--and the transmission if from the Lexus IS--cause Toyota/Aisin knows how to build them.

Some of the Aisin Toyota trannies might not be the best. Look at the Colorado. 2 stars for powertrain design. 2 stars for poertrain mechanical. JD Powers.

Ram estimates the big oil-burner’s 850 lb-ft will give it more grunt than Ford, Chevy, or GMC and best-in-class towing bragging rights.

The exact numbers won’t be released until the Detroit auto show in January, but Ram president Fred Diaz confidently states that his truck will BLOW AWAY the competition.

Rumor has it the max conventional towing number could be in excess of 20,000 pounds, which definitely throws down the gauntlet in the towing war.


Why is Mopar leaving NASCAR? Because they cannot compete anymore against the best.

Well, unless Fiat adopts J2807, their towing specs don't mean squat except BLOWING AWAY the marketing department.

Then again, since they are using a Toyota transmission and a Cummins engine they might be pretty good.

Too bad the rest of the truck is Fiat.


Toyota only has a 16% share in Fuji Heavy Industries and Fuji owns Subaru ..until 2007 GM owned 20% and we dont say all the Subaru's were made by GM it was Subaru,just like the new sports car its a Subaru with a Toyota badge !

I know my sister got a free company car, a Toyota Matrix for about 1 year it had a Yamaha engine in it,not sure if Toyota makes anything on there own..its all farmed out ! Sports cars by Subaru ,Engines by Yamaha and transmissions by Aisin ! Also the Celica had a Yamaha engine as well.

Not sure about the Aisin,alot of transmission problems reported on Toyota vehicles..Like I said years ago I dealt with Aisin,too bad they sold out,30% ownership by Toyota.

I am not a Diesel guy anyways,HEMI is the best..So good Toyota,Ford,GM use a old Chrysler HEMI engine in Drag Racing !

Also Nissan is owned 43.4 % by Renault and its funny you never hear anyone saying the Titan is a Renault !

GM actually did rebadge some Subaru cars as another make--the 9-2X, but why are you talking about cars and lame ass NHRA.

I thought this was PUTC?

And the all new whoop-di-doo Fiat has to rely on Toyota for their top-of-the-line most heavy duty transmission! LMFAO!

Amazing - The Rambo Motard Goat Herder's Association has all the bases covered. Top Fuel, muscle cars, trucks, alternative lifestyles, SUV's, Super Cars, pizza, pepperoni, pasta.

I can't wait to see how those new Cummins and trannies (transmissions not transvestites) compare to the competition.

Why is Mopar leaving NASCAR? Because they cannot compete anymore against the best.

Posted by: Greg | Oct 1, 2012 9:25:23 PM

Dodge is leading the points right now with 5 wins for the Miller Light Dodge.

Penski left Dodge out to dry. They had no top team to go to in time to be competitive. They will be back buddy.

NHRA Dodge Avenger is leading the points in pro stock with that big bad Hemi.

NHRA Dodge Charger won last years title in funny car and are leading the points right now in the MOPAR Hemi powered Funny cars.

Ram is dominating T.O.R.C series off road racing beating up those Ford and Toyota's with that Mopar Power.






"Rumor has it the max conventional towing number could be in excess of 20,000 pounds, which definitely throws down the gauntlet in the towing war."


Towing 20,000 lbs or more is illegal in most states if it's not a 5th wheel. This is definitely the case in California.


Looks like the Rambo Motard Goat Herder's Association is trying to rationalize a transmission that is 30% owned by Toyota, fronted by an engine that is 100% Cummins, in a truck that is 58.5% Italian owned and 100% made in Mexico.

Talk about an identity crisis.

Where is Dr. Phil when you need him.


I've always liked the Ram HD Cummins. Good looking truck with a great engine. If I ever needed a HD, this would be my first choice.
Unless I wanted just a road queen. If that were the case, I'd go with a Sierra 3500 Denali.

When all the new Ram numbers come out the wood work, this is what we will hear LOL!

Ford skips the 8 speed tranny and is working on a 10 speed tranny for rear drive products namely trucks and performance vehicles.. RAM beware, goodbye GM.

@Greg: Yeah, that's right! Dodge can't compete in Nascar! That's why there are 2 factory cars and one is leading points! And has as many or more wins then the other brands! With only two cars to get feedback on what works and doesn't! The #22 car? Well, thanks to last years driver not being able to control himself and threaten the media,and this years driver (that started the year in the car) busted for drugs.

You are right Greg, they can't compete with the big money teams, (Toyota an Ford and Hendricks ) but the points lead and wins belong to Dodge.

Oh, that #29 truck did pretty good for a team Dodge left the series as factory backing, don't you think? Won the race with a 18 or 19 y/o!

So all I read from most the comments is 1. there are alot of trolls comming out now that Ram is making major improvements. Lots of junk to keep scrolling down through.

2. Toyota has a transmission but can't build the rest of the truck to be heavy duty?

3. 727 transmissions kick butt! Well, I drove one home in my rv the other night. Not too bad for someting moving 8,000 plus pounds getting 150K and speedo/odometer not working any more.

It's nice it has more torque. Now if the mileage is the same or better then the other hd's, it's a win win. Goodto see the updates like the seat airbag and improvements!

FIAT may own Navistar( VW, Scania and MAN are looking for more rapid growth elsewhere) Now that could completely confuse the DNA. As well as VM Motori you will get IVECO and HD engines being worked on by CNH.

@Frank: Will the new For 10 speed have a rude 'slam you into first gear while slowing" like alot of 6 sped owners are getting? Hey, I know! Can't straighten out the current one, just move on?!


This blog post is about heavy duty trucks. F-650 is a medium duty and Ford doesn't use the Aisin Toyota tranny in the F-650.

Ram is definitely the one to use the Toyota tranny in their HD trucks. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

The 2013 Ram is a real dandy for fancy boys!

The 2013 Ram is European!!!

What the hell is wrong with everybody? Lou what got knickers in a twist? You were one of the more level headed ones? Seriously folks get a grip. And those that are making remarks against homosexual people, how is that different then making remarks against black folks?

Mark Williams you need to get control of your web site.

Ram estimates the big oil-burner’s 850 lb-ft will give it more grunt than Ford, Chevy, or GMC and best-in-class towing bragging rights.

The exact numbers won’t be released until the Detroit auto show in January, but Ram president Fred Diaz confidently states that his truck will BLOW AWAY the competition.

Rumor has it the max conventional towing number could be in excess of 20,000 pounds, which definitely throws down the gauntlet in the towing war.


Posted by: HEMI MAN | Oct 1, 2012 9:21:53 PM

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