Banning Pickups In Coral Gables, FL Ended

Coral Gables II

The ban on parking pickup trucks on public streets overnight in the exclusive community of Coral Gables, Fla., has ended. After a decades-long fight with city planners who wanted to keep the smaller and narrower neighborhood streets from being cluttered with construction trucks, pickup truck owners now can park their Toyota Tacomas and Ford F-150s wherever they want.

Since the 1960s, the city has banned people from parking pickups in their driveways or on city streets from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. According to the Miami Herald, a referendum challenging the ordinance was put on the ballot this past election day, and it was put to rest.

The most recent clash of wills came eight years ago, when Lowell Kuvin, the owner of a 1993 F-150, sued the city over the ordinance. As had happened on previous attempts, a higher court (in this case, the Florida Supreme Court) ruled in favor of the city's right to control its aesthetics.

And that was just about the time Lowell moved out of Coral Gables, though he continued to fight to change the city ordinance, giving local voters a chance to offer their opinion. And now that ordinance modification has passed.

There's no word if Kuvin will move back to Coral Gables or how the city proposes to make up for revenue losses, as parking violations in the area, we're told, can range from $50 to $500, depending on the street location and the severity of the parking infraction. 

As you might expect, not everyone in Coral Gables supports the idea of pickup trucks being allowed to park on public streets overnight, suggesting there is nothing wrong with requiring people to park their work trucks in the garage. 



What a stupid law.

It was a ridiculous law, you can't park your 50K ram out in the driveway, but a 1992 escort would be more esthetic? And its not like a Ford Ranger would take up any more room on the street then a Lincoln Town Car.

Here's an interesting parking article on parking a bulldozer:)

I suppose some bosses shouldn't make an employee angry.

the is what is called... "regulating urself out of freedom"

gotta agree with everyone here... this is a stupid law from the start.

Is THIS the new Silverado....

@Greg B i hope so that truck looks freaking awesome!!!

Looks better, but I still thing the front end looks like a box, I mean the hood is higher then the side glass.

I hope that isn't the new Silverado, it looks like the same old Silverado.

That was just ridiculous, especially in America - pickup truck roots-land, or imagine when You own a Caddy Escalade EXT in Coral Gabes!!!

It is and those wheel wells need to go.

wheel-arch flares are heavily squared off...

From the comments section...

While this is arguably GM's best truck design in many, many years, it still falls short of Ford's design and will appeal mostly to current GM owners, and likely wont win many Ford converts. The problem is that GM designers are obviously still strapped with rules about not making changes too radical. Take, for example, the designers continued insistence on that awkward square fender surrounding a round wheel. That is not design language, that is bad design.

Looks like this went from a thread about Coral Gables to a thread about the new GM pickups.

Sweet looking I like it!

@Ken You still look, and smell the same too bad!!

Same old truck with a new grille.
Come on GM, break some new ground.

@Todd "Looks like this went from a thread about Coral Gables to a thread about the new GM pickups."

Yes, the featured article is pretty lame at best, so I figured I'd throw something out there a little more relavent to In the past, this news story about the '14 Silverado would have been posted online HERE first. Not so much anymore.

It's a huge improvement in the looks department. The front bumper alone sets it worlds apart from the outgoing model.

Looks like a Ford with Square wells and BowTie

Looks fantastic! Somebody did a very good job drawing it. If you put all the spy shots together this is pretty close to what it should look like.
But I still think it will have rounded wheel wells. Not that I have anything against squared off ones (because in that picture they look fantastic) but other than the grill, they are the second biggest thing on a truck that will distinguish this it from Sierra. Just look at Traverse vs. Acadia, Equinox vs. Terrain.

Odd to note that with the Equinox vs. Terrain, it's the GMC that has the squared off fenders.

You're right Greg. That's why I think Silverado will have rounded and Sierra squared off fenders.

Squared wheel wels looks more man like. I guess that why all the girls drive fords, and rams with rounded shapes. If you really looked at the wheel wells ,they are more trapezoid shaped not squared. The ford/ram people are not all there, so I guess if they can not tell their shapes i can not blame them, after all they on some good kool-aid!!

The GM TROLLS have taken this article ransom. Damn GM TROLLS!

Your TROLL LORD Bob will be in shortly to address the TROLL NATION!!!

round wheel wells for round wheels

The GM TROLLS have taken this article ransom. Damn GM TROLLS!

Your TROLL LORD Bob will be in shortly to address the TROLL NATION!!!

Posted by: Frank | Nov 9, 2012 11:24:01 AM

You are clearly the leader of the Ford Trolls and post nothing on here but a bunch of mindless drivel. The same can be said for the forum. You constantly posted crap in there too. You should be banned from this entire site just like pickups were banned in Coral Gables.


That is it then, GM is going to have a press. release and showing of their new 2014 Chevy/GM trucks in Coral Gables Fla!


Posted by: Frank | Nov 9, 2012 11:51:03 AM

Is that all you can come up with? Surely you have some brain cells that are still alive.

^^You are not worth the hassle Bob the Troll.

Bowtie should've been drawn bigger.

Frank & Dave,
If you're such Ford fanatics, why do you even care what Chevy looks like? You will never own one, drive one have anything to do with one. Why do you care so much about it!?

@ Gregory J.

Because Frank has to have something to complain about. He is worse than a bunch of ladies with PMS all in one room at the same time. He thinks his opinions and his vehicles are all superior to everyone elses. His posts are nothing but a waste of bandwidth.

@ Frank

What makes you think this is Bob?? Not everyone in here who disagrees with you is Bob.

I am not the one posting GM news on this article about FL. That's pure TROLLING.

Why don't you all just DIE! TROLLS!

Do you really care some much about Coral Gables, Fla that you can't take some GM talk?

The square openings on that Silverado look like they were grafted straight off of the GM Envoy. They look like ass on a Chevrolet product. Leave that square stuff to GM's, give Chevrolet's something more palatable. I hope that's not really what the new Silverado looks like. If it is, count me out. I can't believe I even waited around for it.

If what you drive or do for a living is a problem in the neighborhood you live in

you are a pompus ass with no life


you live next door to a pompus ass with no life.

I have friends who own personal aircraft and I have friends who ride a trash truck for a living and have never looked at what people own or don't own or do for a living to justify there friendship.Anyone who does is sure missing out on life in general.

@Greg B - I do hope that pic is in fact the new Silverado. The squared fenders are not as big, the bumper looks complete, the grill looks more like the old Sierra which is a prettier truck.

If this is the new Silverado, you can now park it out in the open in Coral Gables.
How is that for a tie in to the story ;)

If Ford's quality has tanked (according to CR), then it will be nice to have at least 2 trucks that rate average or above average to chose from.

Frank, Dave and Lou have been banned from Coral Gables, Florida and Detroit, Michigan for trolling.



Why were we banned?

They afraid our trucks will catch fire?

gm decides to add creases to the fender like the f150... i find any vehicle with indented fender crease fugly..

maybe the new ranger is coming to u.s.

@ Lou Naw yah just probably smater then most Coral Gables, Florida folks! they skeered!!!

@paul Most folk don't know who their real friends are till they need them!

@ uh huh Ford makes ugly bricks with female wheel wells. Their Shitstang after makert add on car aint no match for a ZL1 but in a strait line race!

@GregB - I found this pic of a concept Sierra.
It has similar styling to the pic you posted.
If those pics turn out to be what GM releases, they will have a hit on their hands (assuming they come up with a good looking interior).

@Johnnie Doe - are you saying that the Sierra is girlie? It has round wheel wells too.

GM already has a hit on their hands. What they will have is an even bigger hit. Silverado is GM's best seller and the number 2 best selling vehicles all of the auto makers for many years.

@GregB: Good get. I am glad you posted it here because if it was in the Rumors and Speculation Forum, I would have missed it!
It looks really close to the extended cab to me. The vertical chrome between the light cluster and grill is not like the official tease shot that shows the horozonal black line is uninterupted. The driver side looks more like it.
I agree the bowtie is too small.
Also, in the spy shots, the amber lights look to be in tandum or split in two to make four on each side.
Lastly, there is no visable seam where the hood opens at the front. Awesome!

@Lou: Me thinks thou jests. That's not even close to the new Sierra. (See latest spy photos). They even put F-150 front doors on it!

@stevedore - I found that pic on I haven't found any sketches of the Sierra. Please post any if you have them. I'd love to see them.

@Bob -
Falling to second place a sign of a hit?
Losing out to Ford for #1 in 1/2 ton sales a sign of a hit?
Everyone else has seen sales recoveries since 2008 with the exception of GMC. They are down 60,000 units.
Is that a sign of a hit?

You smoking Marijuana?
That seems to be the only hit making the rounds of your camp fire.

So when Ford puts a new grill on there trucks and calls them all new it's bad. But when GM does it it's ok? I really can't see this appealing to anyone who didn't like the last truck. It's the same but for the grill and double lights that are to small and make the truck look like its squinting.

please like me!

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