Best New Products From SEMA 2012

SEMA Floor 2 II

By Tom Morr, photos by the manufacturers

The automotive aftermarket unveils its new products annually at the SEMA trade show in Las Vegas. Of the hundreds of innovations on display, we picked a dozen that stood out this year. These parts are engineered to improve towing, ergonomics, safety and the overall pickup-owning experience. As a bonus, we added award winners in applicable categories.


Super Duty Air Bags

SEMAprods_Hellwig II
Hellwig's Big Wig heavy-duty tow/haul line now includes an application for 1999-2010 Ford Super Dutys. Large diameter bags require less pressure for bed-leveling, which translates to a smoother ride. The bags extend to 14 inches.


In-Mirror Backup Camera

SEMAprods_Mito II
Mito's new Gentex Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror is also a backup camera display. When the vehicle is in reverse, the left side of the mirror shows images from the backup camera. Available OEM-quality cameras integrate into license plate frames, tailgate handles or even trim badges. Other available mirror features include compass, thermometer and HomeLink.


LED Grilles

SEMAprods_Rigid II
Rigid's Black Diamond line embeds LED lights into aftermarket grille applications for popular late-model trucks. The grilles are made from 304 stainless steel that's powdercoated black.


Hitch Storage System

AMI unveiled the Hang-A-Hitch. This bracket secures a hitch-ball mount to the stake-bed pocket or a trailer rail.


Keyed Security For Toyota, Nissan

SEMAprods_Bolt II
Bolt-brand locks are now available in applications for Toyota and Nissan. They can be actuated by the OE car keys, eliminating the need for individual keys for each accessory lock.


Air Bag Cradle

SEMAprods_Daystar II
Daystar's new Air Bag Cradle is a polyurethane mount that permits more suspension travel and decreases the possibility of bag damage. It replaces the system's lower bag mount.


Super Duty Projectors

SEMAprods_Spyder II
LED technology was ubiquitous at the SEMA Show. Spyder Auto has new 2011-12 Super Duty replacement headlights that have halo-style CCFL LEDs.


Tonneau/Topper Remote Entry

SEMAprods_Pop II
Pop & Lock has a kit that allows locking/unlocking hard tonneaus or camper shells (with 1-1/8-inch center hole) using the truck's OE key fob. Installation is clip-on.


Dual-Receiver Hitch

SEMAprods_Torklift II
The Torklift SuperHitch Magnum includes dual receivers: 2.5 and 2 inches. Max tow rating is 20,000 pounds, and installation is designed to use existing frame holes.


LED Accents

SEMAprods_Putco II
Putco's G3 LED DayLiners are CNC-manufactured aluminum trim pieces with embedded LEDs. An application is available for Super Duty headlights.


Bed Liner Mat

SEMAprod_MacNeil II

MacNeil adapts its WeatherTech floormats to truck beds. The TechLiner for F-150s offers bed protection with an easy-install flexible liner made from UV-resistant thermoplastic elastomer. Information:


Remote Power Tonneau

SEMAprod_Retrax II
The PowertraxPro is an electric retractable cover. It rides in aluminum tracks on sealed ball bearings. A remote key fob actuates the tonneau, which parks securely with an electromagnetic brake. The cover also has an LED.



5th Wheel Tailgate With Backup Camera Mount

SEMAprods_Husky II
Husky won Best Exterior Accessory honors. The company's existing anodized aluminum 5th Wheel tailgate now includes a weather-resistant backup-camera mount and housing to improve safety and convenience. Carryover features address corrosion-resistance and maximize aerodynamic efficiency.


Easy Hitch Wiring

SEMAprods_Curt II
Curt Manufacturing won Best Van/Pickup/Sport-Utility Product with its Easy Mount Electrical Bracket. Made from steel, this bracket contains pin and plug wiring connectors. It clamps around the existing receiver hitch with no drilling required.


Tailgate LEDs

SEMAprods_Anzo II
This Anzo replacement tailgate spoiler for 2007-current GM-built pickups has five-function LEDs: left and right blinkers, Reverse, brake and running lights. It was a runner-up in the Van/Pickup/Sport-Utility category.


Swivel Hitch Step

SEMAprods_Elephant II
Elephant Stand combines a ball mount and swiveling step. The step stores under the truck during towing and normal driving. For easier bed access, the step swivels out aft of the ball. The hitch ball has a 6,000-pound capacity, and the step is rated at 600. The Elephant Stand was another runner-up in the Van/Pickup/Sport-Utility category.


Fuel Transfer System

SEMAprods_Fuel II
The Fuel-Tool PT500 is an alternative to gas cans and siphoning. It installs in the truck's bed and pumps filtered gas from the vehicle's tank to fuel up equipment, power sports toys or fill storage containers. It was a best-product runner-up in the Off-Road/4-Wheel Drive category.


3D Floormats

SEMAprods_UAce II
"3D" Maxdura Floor Liners are touted as having a six-layer design and six features: scratch-resistant surface, lightweight, noise and sound absorbing, grippy backing and stain-resistant fabric offering a high level of carpet protection. The mat was a runner-up in the Interior Products category.


Off-Road Jack Base

SEMAprods_HiLift II
Hi-Lift has a new base for its famous utility jack. Serrated teeth along one side allow the user to scrape the ground level for firmer footing during jacking. The Off-Road Base was recognized as a runner-up in the Off-Road/4-Wheel Drive Product category.


Jackass Air Horns

SEMAprods_Horn II
HornBlasters' 228VX kit delivers higher pressure to the company's air horns for even louder honks. The system includes a 2-gallon air tank. The Jackass upgrade was recognized as an Exterior Accessory runner-up (Shocker 240 train-horn system shown).


Universal Truck Tie-Down

SEMAprods_Smitty II
Smittybilt's M1 system includes seven-way anchors that mount to the bedsides at the corners. This creates multiple attachment points for securing items of various sizes in a variety of combinations. Each kit contains a pair of anchors and ratchet straps. Popular Mechanics magazine awarded the system a Product Innovation Award.



This is probably the most infomative SEMA related topic on this site--the overall SEMA coverage has been completely lacking in comparison to other sources.

Really wanna c Rams max towing soon I know this is off subject but really wanna see the Cummins with new Hp rattings and torque rattings, how it does against the competition. Hope to see it soon

I know who could use a set of those jackass horns.

Quite a few crappy items loaded up with LEDs in this list.

I like the Universal Truck Tie-Downs and the locks that are keyed to the truck's door keys.

Lou already has jackass horns.

lmao! stop talking bout yourself Team Oxi honk!!

Anyway like the Hilift Jack Base, and the Universal Truck Tie-Down.

@Team Oxi - having jackass horns is better than being one!

Well,you Americans voted for Obama you now just ended production of full size trucks as per Obama's new epa rules !

The trucks will be like in Japan small trucks with a 660 cc engine and 40 mpg this is what we will have now.

Truth is it is now proven,Americans are stupid !

Furthermore,I forgot to add in my last post...sure Obama's new epa mpg rules your truck will get 40 or so mpg,but be small and gas will cost $30 a gallon...Enjoy ~

wow the site is still up.

@TFSSRT: I couldn't care less about your politics, guy, but if you ask me a lot of people WANT smaller trucks than what are currently on the market. In my opinion, the vast majority of today's Road Whales need to require a CDL license simply because they're so big. But that's just me.

Bring back the original Ford Ranger/Mazda 5000.
Bring back the Chevy Luv/Isuzu P'up.
Bring back the Ram D-50/Mitsubishi Mighty Max.

I owned or drove every one of these and like them far more than these huge things on the roads today.

@Team Oxi - having jackass horns is better than being one!

Posted by: Lou | Nov 7, 2012 12:38:49 AM

In-Mirror Backup Camera

That is one slick feature! It comes standard on an SR5 Tacoma and X-Runner!

Folks are always amazed when they see the backup dimming camera in the rear view mirror...

lots of pretty decent upgrades/accessories that really shouldn't break the bank. No 30 inch rims that cost $5k each!

Anything performance wise that is new at SEMA this year? Anything that will allow all of the new urea based systems to run B100 or anything?

@oxi - In-Mirror Backup Camera's comes on a large number of trucks. It will be the law in a few years anyway.
You friends must be easy to amaze or should I say that it is amazing to believe that you have friends.
Do you take turns practicing your zombie apocalypse escapes?
I can picture it now:
My turn, my turn........... to be the zombie.

@Lou - quit being a hater, withouth Oxi we would have never known that Toyota was the first truck to come standard with 4 wheels!

Steve G - I've also learned from oxi that Tacoma's are very weak structurally. One needs to weld 2,000 lb of metal on them so that they can survive offroad.

Lou loves to stick it in a Jacks ASS

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