Chrysler to Make More 2013 Rams and Pentastar Engines

Ram Longhorn action II

By Dave Lee

Chrysler Group announced today that it will add a third shift at its plant in Warren, Mich., in the spring and revamp part of its Mack Engine complex to make more Pentastar V-6 engines, according to Automotive News.

The moves are aimed at boosting the supply of Chrysler's 3.6-liter V-6, which powers many vehicles in Chrysler's lineup, including the 2013 Ram. When paired with the Pentastar V-6 and the Torqueflite eight-speed transmission, the new Ram 1500 can achieve 18/25 mpg city/highway and 21 mpg combined, the best half-ton gas-mileage numbers of any full-size pickup.

Adding the third shift at the Warren plant, where the Ram is produced, has been discussed since before the truck's debut last month. Through October, Chrysler has sold 238,815 Rams this year, a 20 percent gain over last year.



Nice to see that Chrysler is being proactive in getting more product out there. I hope they have fully corrected the earlier issues with the pentastar motor.

I bet for the next gen truck (due in about 3 years to my knowledge) the 3.6 will get DI and multi-air to help boost both power and efficiency. I bet the motor is capable of 340-350 hp with torque around 300-315 lbs with both of those added on. Better torque curve too. I hope GM's new trucks will take their 3.6 and add in the D/I to at least come in at the top of their game.

Speaking of which, Mark, have you heard anything more on the base V-6 from GM? Will it be the existing motor or a new one based on the new gen 5 V-8's?

6 cyl gas ...NO WAY !!!

V-8 is the way to go,I guarantee the HEMI will be the same overall gas mileage with the 8 spd automatic.

In the Charger/300/Challenger when you have the 6cyl the HEMI actually gets the same or a bit better mpg with mixed driving.So as will these trucks,from the beginning of time people assume a 6cyl is better on gas because its a 6,not true..Same with alot of 4cyl cars when you have a V-6 option it is usually the same or very close in the mpg average combined driving real world senario and the performance of a bigger engine is better.

Look at the Eco-Boost the HEMI gets the same or if not better mpg and the RAM out performs the Ford Eco-Boost ! Plus you dont have the left wing tree hugger "ECO" badge on your truck !


Posted by: Mikes FX4 | Nov 14, 2012 5:06:19 PM

LOL, Mike, WHAT racing are you watching??????

















2013 Ram 1500: Driving Impressions

It may look the same at a passing glance, but the 2013 Ram 1500 is a totally different, more high-tech beast for the model year. A modern 3.6-liter V-6 is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission that's also available on a more traditional Hemi V-8. But does a sophisticated powertrain like this work on a pickup truck? Senior Editor Mark Williams thinks so.


Are they ramping up production to replace all of those ticking engines?
Bring on the flames........ haHa

They must expact a huge demand for them. Ford has a huge take rate on their V6 trucks.


Fords been doing good with the 3.7v6. Although it has more torque then the Pentastar. Dodge should expect good sales. Although these Rams seem to be almost useless with all the gadgets and coil springs. Id feel bad taking one off road. Or really doing some towing. I know the Ford is built tough enough.

eventually there will be pentastar, vm motori, and hemi (for now) all with eight speeds. 1 gas v6, 1 deisel v6, and 1 gas v8, what else do u need? other truck companies have the mistake of making several V8s or V6s that all have the same fuel mileage (doesn't it erk you when someone says a deisel gets good "gas" mileage?). the biggest thing that worries me is whether or not chrysler will abandon cam in block, which chevy hasn't. i am personally a fan of cam in block and if you take a hemi or small block chevy apart you will see the simplicity. IMO, the HEMI is Mopar and is the only thing that is truly chrysler, so if chrysler quits the HEMI for DOHC, then they will lose at lot of hot rodding fans. only the rich hot rod DOHC.

coil springs are better for off roading shaun. i work at a chrysler dealership, 90% of all the 2013 rams that have come in about 30 so far, are all expresses (a tradesman with a dressed up exterior), so where is the gadgetry of the dressed up $50,000 Lariat F-150?. and furthermore, 2 articles back "mulely" (or ford's "ass") was talking about taking ford on a gadget brick road.

Here we go again. 25 mpg is only in a two wheel drive Ram and only 23 mpg in 4 wheel drive models. And you only get a stinken V6 to obtain that gas milage. Way to false advertise ram.

all of you guys must be rednecks, because you all say you have the best truck on the road. here are the facts: the next chevy might not look the best, but as long as they get rid of the 4.3 and 4 speeds they will be alright. ford's ecoboost crap isn't finished fazing in yet, so ford people all of the cards are not on the table yet. see ford will eventually limit themselves if every motor is di turbo small displacement maxed out because they will have to make a new motor when they want more power. and futhermore, do you really want a plug in hybrid ecoboost I4 10 auto awd mustang (with paddle shifters :))? ford thinks like obama, like we are all little school kids and we don't need options, just take what is forced upon us. chrysler is an under dog that just got back on its feet and is doing damn good job considering where they were in 2009. and eventually everything will be FWD/AWD 9 speed fire, tigershark, or pentastar and RWD/AWD/4WD 8 speed pentastar, VM Motori, Hemi, Cummins, LA V10. so you can get any motor you want without being limited to just one small turbo di engine.

YO....I have been reading for a few years.

But recently the Brand-bashing has gotten out of hand!
I read comments looking for simple, humble opinions, but instead I get comments written by KIDS with names such as "Lou..Bob...HEMI V8..."
You guys are always trying to get the last word, the last acronym in.
Seriously guys, ENOUGH already!
I'm tired of reading endless childish arguing.

Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne said today that his long-term goal is for Fiat to acquire all of Chrysler in order to better manage the two companies as a single automaker.

“I am running …one car company,” Marchionne said today at a Chrysler engine plant in Detroit.

Goodbye Chrysler. It was nice knowing you!

What exactly is multi air?

To those that say a v-6 will not get mileage then a v-8, I have two words: City mileage. No matter how good a v-8 is, atleast at 345 cubic inches, it will still eat alot of gas idling and warming up, and at low speeds.

Sure, I wouldn't buy a v-6, as the tow rate at near max is what I tow alot. If a v-6 doesn't work for you, then fine, buy what you need. Lots of people need a full size truck and don't tow a bunch.


According to your logic, a V8 should get the same fuel economy as a i4 ??

Chrysler is growing again: the company today announced it plans to invest nearly $240 million and add as many as 1,250 new jobs at the Mack I Engine Plant, Trenton North Engine Plant and Warren Truck Assembly Plant.

Mack will get $198 million to add the production of the Pentastar V6 beginning in 2014. Up to 250 new jobs will be added, based on market conditions. When the 4.7-liter engine the plant currently builds is phased out in the first quarter of 2013, Mack I will begin producing crankshafts for the Trenton Engine Plant, followed by production of cylinder heads and cylinder blocks.

Trenton North will see an investment of $40 million to add a flexible production line that can run both Pentastar and Tigershark engines. This investment is in addition to the $114 million announced in June to repurpose about one-fifth, or nearly 400,000 square-feet, of Trenton North for production of core components for the Pentastar engines produced at Trenton South.

Warren Truck will get a third shift beginning in March 2013, adding 1,000 new jobs to produce the 2013 Ram 1500 pickup. Chrysler’s Mike Driehorst, writing in the Chrysler blog, notes that Warren Truck will be the third Chrysler plant to add a third shift in a year. Belvidere Assembly and Jefferson North Assembly are also now running three shifts.

Chrysler Group Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed the plans, saying, “Today is another important milestone in living up to the commitment we made more than three and a half years ago to our employees, this city, this region and our country to transform this company. All of these investments are the direct result of a lot of people who have battled courageously to bring Chrysler back to a state of growth. It is our contribution toward helping southeastern Michigan get back on its feet.”

Marchionne was joined by Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, UAW Vice President General Holiefield and Warren Truck General Manager Bob Hollingsworth for the announcement.

“I want to thank Mayor Bing and all the other state and local officials who worked with us to make these investments possible,” Marchionne said. “Together, and with the support of our UAW partners, we are committed to building something that will have a long lasting, direct impact on this community.”

With the latest actions, Chrysler has now invested $4.75 billion in its U.S. facilities and added 6,000 new jobs since June 2009. Group’s investments in its U.S. facilities increase to nearly $4.75 billion since June 2009.

“These new investments and new jobs are a testament to the determination we all had – management, labor and our workforce – to making the best of the second chance we were given in 2009,” said General Holiefield, Vice President and Director of the UAW Chrysler Department. “In partnership with the UAW, Chrysler Group is helping grow good paying manufacturing jobs and securing the future manufacturing base in this country.”

@Shaun: Maybe you have no idea how a coil spring truck tows, maybe you are the kind that doesn't use a weight distributing hitch. Like lots of people I see that don't even use them cause they have a 2500, or in your case, maybe an F-250, and they put all the weight on the wrong hitch, and it bends.

Anyway, I towed a good deal of stuff back from Colorado, about 7,000 pounds. It towed just fine at 65-70 mph. That was with a bed full of parts, less then $100 into an air bag set up, and a weight distibuting hitch. Most 1/2 tons hitchs are only rated to handle 650 pounds or so without weight distributing.

But today I moved 8 pair of Dodge small block heads, roughly 800 pounds there, 2 aluminum heads, and six axles, some control arms, a bunch of pistons and pulleys, alternators, a trunk lid. You get the idea, alot of parts. I didn't think my coil springs were useless. Wasn't bottomed out either, had atleast 1.25" left.

As for the Pentastar, it might not peak as early as Fords 3.7, but it's a much broader torque band, hooked to a trans with more gears, which only helps a small engine. That's the only reason 5.0 Fords have been able to beat Hemis drag racing, a lower starting ratio.

@trx4 tom

funny you should mention the factory hitches........ The heaviest hitch you can get from Dodge, Ford, and GM is a class 4. so NONE of them can tow over 10k because thats the max a class 4 is built for. The Tundra on the other hand is a class 5 hitch and IS made to tow more than the truck is built for. over engineered like everything else on the truck.


Well that's good hemi lol, now if they can just make it stop better with only 1,000 pounds in the Tundra bed, then maybe I would buy some of the stuff your selling. Since it's the big bad Tundra, it can carry more, right? But it just can't handle added weight. 30k shootout, the Tundra gained the 2nd most ground with 1,000 pounds and two people in it, when comparing empty to loaded. The Ram gained THE LEAST. The Ram also did better with a load in it on the autocross, while the Tundra, well you get the idea, they didn't do as well. Hype, hype, hype!

Why don't they engineer the ride some? That bed bounce looks so over engineered!

Multi-Air is a turbo engine not much dissimilar to Ford's EcoBoost setup. From what I've read the Multi-Air is a little more efficient, but the engine design has to match the turbo setup.

The Pentastar engine has been primarily designed to use Multi-Air technology. Also it appear the Pentastar has a single exhaust port on each head in which to fit a single or twin turbo.

I think the Pentastar head ticking has something to do with all of the exhaust heat coming out of the single port causing a hot spot. That's my take anyway.

Also I think Fiat is "trialling" the Pentastar engine prior to fitting the turbos on to iron out any bugs, like the ticking and to make subtle engineering changes where needed.

Fiat dropped a 4.0 litre version of the Pentastar and introduce a 2.7 litre version.

The Pentastar also has the same design attributes like the Eco-Boost by providing peak torque at lower rpm's. Once the engine is turbo'd it will be very torquey low. This will enable a higher final drive ratio to be used, saving some fuel.

But like any gasoline engine that is turbo'd as you try to use power the fuel economy decreases rapidly.

I would put my balls on the Hemi being dropped once the Multi-Air Pentastar is available.

Vive la France!

Guts - Oui!
Glory - Oui oui!
Ram - Oui oui oui!!!

hemilol: yes it is true the tundra has a very hd hitch, but that is what is holding the frame together back there! the truck is still not able to tow as much as the hitch. I wish I could post links here, but look at youtube Tundra vs F-150vsChevyvsRam and you will see how "strong" the tundra frame is. Granted the engine, brakes and tranny are up to the job, but they need a real frame under there. Oh and I know this is to each their own, but they need a better stylist, if that truck was not so ugly it would sell a lot better!

@TRX4 Tom
My 07 2500HD with the C CHANNEL FRAME shakes the same way as my 2011 Tundra when both trucks are empty. My buddies f250 does the same thing, since it uses a C CHANNEL FRAME also..... And the ram 2500's, guess what; C CHANNEL FRAME.

So since the hd GM trucks went to fully boxed frame, they must be better than the super duty and Ram hds right?

@TRX4 Tom
Actually the 10+ hd rams are fully boxed also, this means Ford is turd place right?

The bottom line - Sales Numbers. Percentage Increase.


This shouldn't be truck news--cutting edge truck news would be if Ram was having Cummins build them small turbo diesels and really taking the lead in the market. Thousands of men would love one in their Jeep too.

The V6, Hemi, and coil spring rear suspension are all soccer mom car stuff.

Wierd my 05 ram 2500 is fully boxed too. Huh guess u should do some actual research first

The truck news is that Chrysler is spinning up another shift at the plants and adding over 1,000 jobs to the Detroit workforce just to build RAM trucks and the engines to go into them.

You know, I used to believe the same way about 6-cyl engines that some of you do. However, starting with the 3.8L that was in my '96 Camaro, I discovered that the new sixes are significantly more peppy and powerful than those older ones. Considering the 100hp boost from the older 3.6 in my '08 Wrangler, I think complaining without even trying it simply shows a closed mind.

@hemi V8: Pissin' in the wind, my man. Just pissin' in the wind.
(Think about it. If you have to ask, ...)

Is the Pentastar engine the same for the cars as well as the trucks? Is it a car engine in a truck or a truck engine in a car?

Funny they always show a top long Long Horn for th picture, but you can't even get the V6 in a Longhorn, they shoold show the ST model.

I didn't say anything about whoevers truck being in third place, I just reminded hemi lol that's the way Tundras are built. That's also comparing them to half tons, that all get a better ride.

So his Tundra might be overbuilt as he wants to world to know, my 1500 does what I need it to do with a much better ride.

And if I was going to work it harder I would skip right over the Tundra. Go straight to a 2500. But I have no need, mine does what I need it too.

Thanks Big Al. That's what I haven't been able to tell. Sometimes it is described as a turbo setup and sometimes it is described as some sort of "air modulator" bit that is separate from a turbo. Either way if Ecoboost motors don't start blowing up within a few years I agree with your assessment, the motor lineup will have a NA and turbo'd V6, and with Chrysler they will probably have their V6 diesel as well, with the V8 disappearing. That could really save mega $$$ on development costs in the medium to long term. It will be sad to see V8's disappear, passing of an era and all that. But times do change.

MultiAir is an elctro-hydrolic system that can control not only the timing of the valve system, but also the lift of the valve itself. It is so precise it can control the valves on a cylinder by cylinder basis and even open and close a valve several times in one stroke of the engine.

Multi Air has nothing to do with turbo charging or DI.


Greg the pentastar is an engine. It is designed to be in both trucks and cars. Because it has VVT The pentastar has versions that have more lowend torque, and versions that like to rev more freely.

@John - and the others slagging C-channel frames. Answer these questions for me.........
What kind of frame is on the chassis cab Ram trucks?
Does GMC make a chassis cab truck?
What is common among Ford chassis cab and regular duty trucks?
I do believe that boxed frames are stronger and better but I'd hate to bend one.
Manufacturers are trying to make trucks lighter and stronger. They also want to maximize profits while doing that. Hydroforming allows for some fairly complex shapes. A boxed frame can be stronger and lighter at the same time.

Are the guys deriding Toyota and Ford HD's going to ridicule any truck of their own brand that existed pre-boxed frames?

How did frames come up in a V6 thread?

We got to talking frames because I commented to Shaun that coil spring trucks can work, maybe not as hard as the leaf trucks, but the do a desent job. Then hemi lol had to start talking Toyota. Which according to this link, they can't tow over 9900

@Bob: you say it's false advertisement that the Ram gets 25 mpg, but the 4x4 gets 23? How is that false advertisement? Does the commercial say 25 mpg in 4x4? If you read the fine print it prob says in 4x2. But nowhere does it say 4x4.

Chevy on the other hand advertises their 5.3 to get 21 mpg with or without 4x4. Yeah, while using 3.08 gears in a flat area.

The city mileage with that 5.3 will be nothing near the v-6s either.

V-6s have a place in trucks, not for me, but some folks never tow. If Oxi wanted to move more of his stuff to his house, he woulda been done quicker then using his little truck, and he would get better mileage doing it.

LOLOL @ The GovtMoCo LOSERS! You guys badmouth Dodge frames? HA HA!!!! Good Luck with being #3 (Well Chevy anyway)! GovtMoCo trucks will be #6 AFTER Toyota AND Nissan!! Your trucks are crap inside and out. BOTH of them! Chintzy built ugly piles of Dung.

moparMADNESS: your name says it all! stop the ranting troll I think I hear your wife calling.

TRX4: my 5.3 with 3:42 4X4 does get 20-21mpg on the hyw. and I can get 17 city, it is all how you drive, the lowest I have done is 14 with a trailer 7700lbs, 65 mph , and 15 city hopping around not takin it easy.

LOLLOL Sorry guys Im just mad my Ram truck sucks so bad and Im totally jealous of GMC and Chevy trucks!!!! They are ten fold better then my cheap a$$ Mexican made Ram LOL!! Im also mad that Ram got bailed out by the goverment 2 times and GM only got bailed out once in its long awesome history LOL!! Im so retarded sorry guys and girls! My next truck will be a cool GMC I love GMC's LOLLOL!

Hey guys the HEMI engines like in my truck are so great that the front of the engines fly a part! I am so happy with my time chain slider blown up truck that you should buy one to cause they are so great! The 5.7L Hemi is such a strong engine but it still flys a apart some how. I love my failure of a motor 5.7L Hemi that I will still brag the hell out of owning such a pile of coil spring junk!

Well up until this issue started I hadn't had a single problem with my truck. I bought it brand new in May and it has been great. It is a 2012 RAM 1500 Express Quad Cab.

Last Monday my significant other and I were driving back from Tulsa to Stillwater, OK. About 10 miles from Stillwater the windshield wipers came on full speed. When it happened I thought I may have accidentally hit the switch. I tried to turn them off but they wouldn't so we pulled over. As I went to pull over I realized the turn signals weren't working. Nothing on the switch on the left side of the column was responding and my wipers were going full speed.

I'm left thinking "great, my switch has stopped working with my wipers stuck on... at least we are close to home." As I accelerate back onto the highway at about 35mph my check engine light comes on. About a second later as I am looking down at the light the transmission begins shuddering/shaking/slipping violently. I let off on the gas, roll to a stop on the side of the road, get out of my truck and look underneath. Everything looks fine with the driveshaft, there is no fluid leaking, and the fluid level is fine.

I slowly accelerate back onto the highway and the truck seems to be running and shifting fine. As I get into town (Stillwater) and come to the first stop I realize my truck has stuck itself into 4th gear. The autostick does not respond to any attempt to put it back in drive. As I take off from the stop the truck remains in 4th gear and needs a lot of gas to accelerate.

read more:

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