Chrysler's Newest Brand: Ram Commercial

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Ram Commercial lineup II

With housing starts at a four-year high, the construction industry poised to replace aging fleets and diesel and gasoline prices on the decline, Ram Truck is ready to introduce its newest vehicle division: Ram Commercial.

Recently announced at the 2012 L.A. Auto Show, the new division will offer the Ram Cargo Van, new ProMaster full-size van, Ram 1500, Ram HDs and Ram HD chassis cabs, the latter with gas, turbo-diesel, and compressed-natural-gas powertrains. 

Ram Commercial will offer a full line of industrial-strength trucks and vans built for workers and businesses to provide maximum capability and productivity while striving for a low total cost-of-ownership experience, the division says. Ram Commercial also incorporates a full support team that includes sales, marketing, product development and customer service. Finally, Ram Commercial offers exclusive pre-sale and post-sale solutions with BusinessLink and On-the-Job customer programs.

The Ram Commercial division hopes to further integrate a growing network of Ram BusinessLink dealers focused on commercial customers' needs. The division also will help businesses offset the cost of doing business with its On-the-Job incentive program, specifically designed to lower the expense of commercial upfits. Both programs are designed to address the needs of the professional, no matter what the job.

Not coincendentally, timing of the Ram Commercial launch aligns with the upcoming launch of the all-new Ram ProMaster and growing commercial demand for certain construction sectors of the economy. With the entire auto industry growing by 2 million units year-over-year in 2012, and further growth expected in 2013, commercial business will be key, as it represents about one-quarter of the total volume.

Ford and GM have commercial truck divisions that are quite successful. Ford offers the most diverse and capable variety of vehicles, everything from a small four-cylinder cargo van (the Transit Connect) to a medium-duty F-750 cab and chassis. GM does a much better job of offering a lot of its existing small, medium and large pickup trucks (Colorado, Avalanche, Silverado 1500 and Silverado HD) with special Fleet & Commercial packages. 

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Still no Ram HD 2013 spec yet?

Johnny Doe, go to YouTube and search 2013 Ram Heavy Duties. Wierd how or any other web site never picked up on this. Check out the PW. The truck looks dope. Though its not stock.

Commercial Grade Garbage should be their new slogan. Good job in not designing any aspect of your new commercial grade garbage vans. Awesome when you need a foreign company to come along and spoon feed you. Maybe one day Ram/Chrysler/Dodge will make it on their own. Unit then



Looks like a good idea.

That 2013 Ram HD looks nice. I like the idea of a frame/bed ready 5th wheel/gooseneck hitch connection. Gotta wonder why no one offered that before.

We have several "commercial grade" RAM 2500 and 3500s where I work. They suck except for the Cummins engines. We cannot keep front ends in these trucks to save our lives and the cheap thin sheet metal on the pickup beds flat out sucks. We have also had a lot of electrical related failures. These trucks are 06 and 07 models. Our '10 and '11 Super Dutys are much better trucks.

Ford already offers an 18k 5th wheel hitch kit - $1295 option. Or a 5th wheel / gooseneck trailer tow prep package for $370.

They'll never touch Ford but they just may dethrone Chevy from #2. Dodge is serious about trucks now. You can tell it with their SFA 2500's, their RamRunner, their high grade interiors now and just their overall design. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd prefer the Dodge over the Chevy but it's here.

The Ram 4500 and 5500 outsell the Ford F-450, 550, 650 and 750 combined. It's just a matter of time, folks.

This is just a logical progression of Sterling trucks. Seperating commercial from private use will provide better service to the commercial sector. To them "Time is money".

The F150, F250, F350, F450, F550, F650 & F750 out sell the RAM 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500 & 5500. They have a lot of catching up to do if you think its just a matter of time

Lets try to keep things from becoming another brand bashfest.

I like the fact that housing starts are up (more wood for us to sell to the USA) and I like the fact that fuel prices have dropped (good for the consumer but not Exxon).

I do like hearing that there is a pent up demand for trucks.

All are early signs of recovery.

Good for everyone regardless of brand.

This is a good time for RAM to go after this market.
Ford ignored alot of upset customers from past Super Duty failures.
GM doesn't seem to have much to offer.
My company has pending lawsuites against Ford over warranty issues.
We have replacing our company wide fleet with RAM's since 2009.
Our maintenance cost has been greatly reduced.
I just sold an 2006 F550 service truck for $25000.00 that we had $70000.00 in it, most of it in repairs!
I have noticed alot more RAM's in my area, & alot less Fords being used for commercial use.
We also now have a fleet RAM dealer as well.
Not much GM trucks being used in commercial, unless its a 1/2 ton pick-up.
The biggest provider of Ambulance service in our area has switched from Ford to RAM.
Way to go RAM! Good job.

Ram has been doing excessively well as of late... to say they are going to surpass GM, let alone Ford in the near future, however, is crazy talk.

Ram makes good trucks, but just because they put out a good product for a couple years, doesn't mean everyone and their brother is switching to them. The majority of class 4 and 5 trucks around here are still GM products, which have been discontinued for 4 years.

I'd love to see Toyota come out with a commercial lineup like this.

All you need are some melted down paper clips, a go-kart gas engine and a whole lotta plastic and you can make some serious buckaroos selling commercial trucks like ram and f.o.r.d.

Still do not understand the logic of the RAM brand, yet alone another brand called RAM Commercial. What was wrong with Dodge? Even FIAT sells all their vehicles under one brand name, from econo cars to sports cars to full-size vans.

@ RAM not so commercial grade... LOL our company just got bought out, we ONLY had GMC's, great trucks even inthe Oil Field. I had 216K on my 3/4 ton and never replaced a front end compnent... with that being said.. the company that bought us primarily had Dodges... 2010+ with Hemi's... they are complete junk... they said that it was the biggest mistake they ever made going with dodges... they too cannot keep front ends under them.. Dodge says its becuse of the wieght in the bed... Well why did my GMC not fail me wieghing in at 10K+... with its far insuperior IFS (yeah right)... Dodge is a Joke.. the only thing they have ever had is the availablity of the Cummins.. which will run for a long time yeah.. but will leave a gallon of oil where ever you park it... Dodge is a joke....

When you look at the reliability factor, GM wins hands down again. GM's 4500 and 5500 are just around the corner and with their class leading one tons, Ford and Dodge better start building trucks that last longer. And Ford also offers the worst warranty and has a reputation of high and often repair cost. Some of you guys do not have a clue on what a truck should do to justify the high cost of buying them. You Ford and Dodge owners are getting ripped off big time.

@Jason - one will see regional variations as to what the truck mix is. I used to see mostly GM and Ford. Probably 40% each with Ram 20%. That has reversed to where I see 40% each of Ram and Ford with GM at 20%. That would be single purchases by small contractors and by forestry workers.
Big companies around my part of the world usually go on cheepest fleet bid. The company my brother works for did go to Chevy based on studies showing they were more reliable but in reality that hasn't panned out. They die just as quick as other brands. They don't buy diesel trucks as they feel there is no return on investment. They also went to 1/2 ton trucks for most of their field operations and that has been a disaster.
I have heard a ton of negative stories in relation to Ram front ends. My brother had minimal problems with the Dodge's he had (still called Dodge when he had them last).
Most of the class 4 - 5 service trucks I see are Ford, International, and Freightliner and as Durastrokinns has pointed out, there are alot of Kodiak/Topkicks still in service.
I don't see many Ram chassis cab trucks.
That may change.
Who knows.
One must remember that the new GMC trucks will be unveiled soon. There are rumours that GMC will re-enter the MDT market.
They could end up reclaiming 1st place in sales and kill all of Ram's momentum.
We know what Ford and Ram has to offer.
GMC could kick some ass.

@JohnnieDoe - I looked at the website and they have specs for 2013 1/2 tons but not HD's. There was a 1/2 ton HFE model V6 8 speed rated at 36 mpg highway (Canadian) or 30 mpg USA.

Looks to me like Ram will be the one 'Owning Work' here pretty quick. I suspect if they make good on the rumors that Ram will be bringing over a bunch of Iveco big commercial trucks, Ford will really be left in the dust. Judging by the age of the current Super Duty platform (and no word on a replacement) it seems that Ford doesn't really care anyway.

GMC? Lots of rumors at this point. We'll have to see on that one.

@ Lou Just been waiting to see what they offer for payload and max towing figures for the 2013 HD's. I guess they are holding them numbers near and dear still. The US Ram site says best in class 25 mpg hwy with the Pentastar V6. I am guessing thats with the HFE model, But I don't know for sure the site is kind of hard to navigate.

I work the service department for a gravel mine. My company has switched to Rams because we couldn't keep engines in the Fords they were buying.

The GMs we tried out had good powertrains but the front diffs and cv joints kept breaking.

Since we have switched to Rams the inservice time of the vehicles has gone up, and needless to say repairs have gone down.

I wasn't so sure about the switch at first, but Ram has won me over, I will be buying a Cummins Ram for my next truck.

@Jerry How were they breaking front diffs and CV joints? Only time I've ever seen that happen was with "TUG OF WAR" as they call it on dry pavement or some pretty mod up Duramax's running stock half shafts. If I remeber right they make beefier after maket ones, what model years were these trucks?

Oh yeah and what was they mileage mark they were breaking at?

@Johnie Doe - I found the US HFE and as you said, it was 18/25. I do believe that Canada uses the older US testing standard that wasn't as realistic as the current one.
One could hit the 30 mpg numbers if the truck is driven carefully. I can hit the Canadian ratings for my truck but only with some hypermiling techniques.

Common frick'n sense. Why Chrysler abandoned the medium duty market, I've never understood. Chrysler/Dodge dominated the commercial market up till they decided their FWD crap boxes would rule the world. Commercial trucks were the only thing they ever got right.

They came dangerously close to getting out of the full-size pickup market by 1988 with dwindling sales of an early '70s designed pickup. The entire Dodge truck line were still rock'n carburetors and 3-speed automatics back then. Clearly, the new Cummins Diesel option resurrected Dodge pickups. There was no other reason to buy a Dodge truck at the time.

@Ram not so commercial grade: You sound like somebody that maybe has something to do with a motor pool, but doesn't want their name on here? Yeah, comparing 06 07 Rams to 2010 and 2011 Fords, yeah, them Fords are LIKE NEW! They should be good!

Next you will tell us about crew cab 4x4 long bed 6.2s getting 16 mpg, right? At highway speeds, not 45 mph? LOL! Laugh till it hurts!

@Mike: You sound like somebody who doesn't know close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenadges.


I agree with TRX4 Tom!

@BigBob - I believe that you are correct. Fiat will use Ram truck brand and now Ram Commercial to bring in rebadged Iveco trucks for the NA market.
The question is: does the chicken tax apply only to pickups and not MDT - HDT trucks?
The Iveco 4x4 van would probably find a decent commercial market, problem is that it would cut into pickup sales.

Congrats to Ram. I love all HD trucks, they all are so beefy and get the jobs done.

@Ram not so commercial: maybe you should compare here?

You can look and see the Rams issues there as well, such as bad fuel injectors. Or the Duramax trans cooler issues. Nothing as bad as the Fords.

But after looking at at the 2007 Fords, you should be glad you didn't have Fords problems. It doesn't show newer then 2007. But I guess if you are just plugging for Ford because you bought one recently and want to keep the local dealership happy, keep plugging.

The Fords and Chevys are not without issues!

johnny doe

They stopped buying the Fords in 08, the last GM they bought was a 2010.

Driving around a gravel mine is similar to hill climes in loose soil, lots of axel hop, the GM IFS couldn't handle all the abuse.

@Jerry - gravel mine? Euphemism for a gravel pit. Why would one be climbing loose gavel banks in a pickup? Your boss doesn't supervise what you guys do on your lunch breaks?
Must be one big mother gravel pit if you need a fleet of pickups.

Here is the reliability of a 2006 Chevy 2500, I was wrong, 2006 is the newest they show.

That's actually better then they were in 2003, so they improved some. The 2003 2500 HD had an issue in almost every column.

Those "good" old Chevy trucks!

Id take a 5cyl cummins in a 3500 60"ca reg cab. I dont care about power. I want 30 mpg and durability if they built a 7 speed manual id also be happy.

No mention of available CNG models. That is what I want. Lower fuel costs without paying exorbitant price for it.

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