First Look: 2014 Ford Transit Connect: Two Wheelbases, Seating for Up to Seven

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For the 2014 model year, Ford will offer a diverse selection of Transit Connect models in the passenger and, likely, the commercial side as well. Joining the current mix of small-business problem-solver vehicles, the Transit Connect will also offer two different passenger wagons with enough seating to hold seven adults in the long-wheelbase form, as well as a five-passenger model on a new shorter-wheelbase platform. 

The two wheelbase lengths (right now there is only one) will continue to be offered with dual-sided sliding access doors, but they will now include two or three rows of fold-flat seating. In long-wheelbase configuration, the usable interior cargo space behind the front seats is almost as much as a full-size SUV, at 100 cubic feet.

The 2014 Transit Connect will be offered with a choice of two new engines that are more powerful and efficient. The first is a larger naturally aspirated 2.5-liter I-4; the other will be the premium and more powerful 1.6-liter EcoBoost I-4. Both are the same new engines we've seen in the new Ford Fusion and Escape.

No power ratings or fuel-economy numbers have been released for either engine (they're likely to be similar to the existing 178 and 184 horsepower ratings now), but Ford is telling us this will be the first seven-passenger vehicle that will achieve at least a 30-mpg highway rating. All Transit Connects will get a new six-speed transmission that will help give the vehicle a pretty big jump over other people-haulers in the segment. 

We assume these new engines or interior configurations, in some manner, will make it to the commercial side of the Transit Connect lineup, and the fact that these 2014 models are now offered with a dedicated tow package and trailer-sway control helps the cause. Although the towing capacity is only 2,000 pounds and maximum payload is around 1,500 pounds, we like that the little transporter is getting stronger and more capable of doing more work. 

Pricing for the new passenger models (short and long wheelbase) or a listing of options for the new commercial packages has not been released, but we do know the XL, XLT and Titanium trim packages will continue. Likewise, as we've noted in previous stories, we will continue to highlight any vehicles that are pickup trucks, as well as vehicles that can work like pickup trucks. 

For the full press release, click here

For the full spec sheet, click here

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Cool van, but what's up with that front bumper/grill/whatever it is. It looks like it's about to spit something out or give a birth to something

What's IKEA? A furniture place in Turkey?

@ TRX4 -- Actually, they'll be building this next-gen Transit Connect in Valencia, Spain. Whether or not there are many IKEA's in Spain, I'm not sure.

I can't wait to see someone figure out how to fit a brush guard to that front mug!

Actually, the more I look at it, it looks like an angry little minivan. It won't take long for someone to figure out how to put some special characters in that grill to make it look like it's cussing :-D

The 2.5 will only be around to offer some low price benchmark. I highly anticipate that virtually all consumers will choose the ecoboost. I am not so sure about commercial customers though. They tend to be more price conscious. Still nice to see some better powertrains being added to what is a pretty capable little delivery/hauler.

I expect to see more hotel shuttle services using these instead of the big econolines (obviously these are going away). I do see plenty of passenger Sprinters around but that price point entry is about double what this will be.

A little late for me. I just bought a 2013 Odyssey for the wife (and I'm the one with the older vehicle). I like the fold flat feature (like the stow and go) as a utility vehicle. I may look into this for MY next vehicle, I just need 4x4/AWD to assist in the snowy areas where I work. Plus there is still the rumor that the Transit might bring the diesel. Why ... I use it for work and I can trug along my crew and carry my brood when needed.

you can bet UPS fedex etc.. will all be buying them bec they are having the gas wars on who can get better fuel economy which means you save the most which means you boost profits.
30mpg will sell to business but will not sell well to soccer moms.

Thing thing is feminine with a capital F.
At least with the RAM brand you get 100% masculinity.

100% MANLY

*cough* nasty, and fugly! is this a pickup again? Slow news day...

Odd all new Ford's cars ,suv's and small trucks,full size vans (upcoming) are European !

Only American Ford's are the Mustang and F-Series Trucks.

GM all European cars except Corvette and its trucks so far are all American design/parts.

Thanks @Hemi, great input once again.

This thing is sexy! Sign me up for one. Good job Ford as usual!


Any news on the new American Transits? Will these also be coming to NAIS? How about that new diesel going into the transit?

So it's got more passenger room than a Suburban (in the LWB), more payload than most Ram 1500's, available barn doors so you can still load it with a forklift, available vinyl flooring so you can just hose out the kids mess, it gets 30mpg, and has room for a family of 7.

Sounds pretty darn good to me!

If they offered it with AWD I would probably buy one as the family truckster.

So now it's a plain old minivan.

@mhowarth -- We were told we'll be seeing the new Transit vans some time in January, presumably at the Detroit Show. We'll see. Not sure when the drive event will be but they should have all the engine options there for us to taste. BTY--The first Transit Connects that will go on sale near the end of next year will only have the 2.5L gas engine available, with the 1.6L EcoBoost coming online a month or two later.

Paul810 - You must have trouble counting because a Suburban can carry 9 passengers.
The Transit is Ford's answer to the Chevy Orlando (both of which only seat 7.

Still getting whipped by the Caravan....

Maybe they will actually get near the city rating in MPG. The Motor Trend test of a smaller Fusion (They got real ugly) got 24.9 mpg, with the Ecoboost 1.6. With a manual trans. This thing will be slightly heavier, push more air. So it sure won't get 30 mpg too often if it somehow gets rated at that.

@Paul810: I bet my 4x4 Ram will actually handle the weight better then this thing does. Gotta remember who's making this, the leader in pencil whipping ratings!


I said passenger room, not passenger seats. The transit connect has 160cu ft. A Suburban, 137cu ft.


Actually, having driven the current transit connect and current ram, the connect handles better; both loaded and unloaded. It doesn't have the power of the ram, but it feels a lot more sure footed.

Unloaded it's amazingly nimble, which I'm sure is due to it weighing a lot less than a full size truck or even a typical mini-van. That's one of the things that make it great in the city.

It handles better, or handles better with a load? There's a differance.

How's it stop with that weight in it? Hh, you haven't driven it loaded, right? Thgen again, that's the little model that's out now. Should hope it feels better empty!

@Mechanic virtually ALL of the European GM Products are Opel derived or are built by GM Daewoo. A Lot of the US GM sedans are also Opel derivatives as well. Yes Corvette is from the US.

@ Paul810 That is what makes these Minivans good in a Urban environment is they are very nimble. We do not have Minivan shuttles here, just use the little vans as local delivery vehicles.

The transit better handle better under load, the center of gravity must be a whole foot lower, 30 cm for those outside the US ;) Stopping my be another issue but the fully loaded transit connect is right at a GVWR of 5000 lbs and the Ram 1500 is 5300-5500 lbs before anything is loaded.

I'd argue that given the two choices (money and fuel economy not a factor) then most would choose the Ram simply because a bed typically is more useable than an enclosed cargo area but if you need a delivery type vehicle you'd be hard pressed to find something as cost effective as the Transit.

I am sure the Fiat equivalents will also be decent choices once released.

Made in evil Turkey, no way anybody should buy this human rights violating vehicle!

I can't believe how easy it seems to turn this Long Wheel Base into "Ranchero" or "Ranchito" pick up. With the diesel..?? Come on!

Segment buster!! even if they sold in Subaru Brat quantities, they would be unequal in the field, at 40,000 a year... a Grand Slam!

I dunno, I kind of like it. I don’t see this van ever beating the Sienna or Odyssey out of leading the minivan segment but this little Ford isn’t too bad. The only thing I can find wrong with it is the fact it is a Ford. Sure beats the heck out of the Windstar!

@mechanic -
Pot calling the kettle black?
Who owns Chrysler? and where are a large portion of their trucks made? How many Chrysler/Jeep products are built upon Mercedes platforms?
Rumour has it that Fiat will not expand production capacity in USA but will use Fiat factories in Italy to build NA vehicles.

@oxi -
Evil Turkey?
All of the threads I've read from you lately seem to indicate that the USA is the evil empire. You hate your country's government, big business, wars, support of questionable countries etc?
I'm surprised you never mentioned Guantanamo bay and all of those individuals imprisoned without a trial.
BTW, Toyota has a factory in Turkey.

Looks like Ford is going to return to the minivan market.
It seems to be a slowly imploding market.
I guess it will give them a chance to sell what they have been shredding.

Good news for Oxi, they aren't made in Turkey anymore. Now they're made in Spain.

I hate to say this but the more I look at this thing the more I tend to like it. As far as who would go for it, I think the business side will be a home run. In this economy every business is watching the bottom line and every company is now focused on being more green just so they have something to crow about. You can bet companies are already lining up at Fords door ready to take one when they can. UPS, FedEX, most parts supply stores, flower shops, and box stores that offer delivery will be all in just because of the cheap cost and the mpg. Lets face it, theres not much on the market that can compete with it on cost and capabilities.

Here is a link to one of our websites on Ford Transits.

Uhhh Lou,

If you violate the Constitution like the current regime in power is doing that is both demoCRIPS and reBLOODicans, it's called treason!

Treason is a very formidable offense against the state!

The Constitution was created to protect the average citizen from the federal government in modern terms and a king in earlier terms!

Why on earth would any U.S. citizen allow this to carry on or look the other way!

Maybe the REAL traitors are the ones that do not even know their Contitution is under attack by the loser two party system of government...


I agree, the more I look and learn, the more I like this truck-let. I wish it towed more than 2000 lbs, though. Most well-equipped pop-ups campers can top 2k.

@Oxi - ohh, nice attempt at diversion. Toyota makes vehicles in questionable countries as well as the Detroit bunch.
Instead of bitching and complainiing about your country on this site, why don't you get out their and try to institute change. Building a BOTT-moble to go hide isn't very productive for anyone.
Good luck on charging your politicians with treason. Tell me how that works out for you.


That is why you are Canadien, your stupid like the rest of your society up there, always bending over and asking for more just like the 99% of dumb-a$$es here that vote for the same morons every election, the demoCRIPS and repuBLOODicans!

Austerity is coming to the U.S., good luck when the handouts END!

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This nation is going to collapse because nobody has the guts to make the necessary changes needed to continue our empire!

Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura 2016!

That is if the U.S. can survive that long under a growing national debt problem!

You are stupid, too. You are a fanboy of a ex pro wrestler who still lies about being a SEAL, who lied his way into the governship, was a failed governor, lives in Mexico, loves Castro, and is a POS 9/11 truther. Such a great candiate. NOT!


Jesse Ventura was a great governor and tells the truth!

Stop spreading disinformation!

Jesse Ventura 2016


Why cause oxi questions the government and stands for liberty and freedom? You are exactly whats wrong with the United States of America, you a part of the mass ignorant uninformed zombies...

It's "an affordable and stylish alternative to conventional minivans," Mike Levine, Ford's truck spokesman, told MSN Autos. "Customers are looking for alternatives to conventional minivans that are too large, too expensive and consume too much fuel. Transit Connect Wagon will appeal to these customers."

Mike Levine is trying to sell it as a alternative to minavans that are too large. Yet here, they want to show it as something big. Which is it? I know it's longer wheelbase will be every bit as long as the Dodge Caravan.

Motor Trend got 24.9 MPG out of a more aero 3312 pound Fushion with the 1.6 Egoboost that requires premium gas. The city rating is 25, and 37 highway. So, add ATLEAST 800 plus pounds when putting that 1.6 into the longer wheelbase van compared to Fushion. Good luck with that 30, and if it does, it will have to constantly downshift anywhere slightly hilly.

But then, when Motor Trend compared the 3.7 Mustang to the Camaro, the Challenger, and the Genisis, the 400 pound lighter Mustang barely beat the Challenger by .2 miles per gallon. Meaning the Challenger actually got over it's city rating of 18, while the little Mustang was behind it's epa city. The Mustang had an extra gear too.

Ford somehow get's higher ratings, but not real world.

@Lou: would that rumor about Fiat not opening any old factories and instead building in Italy for NA be like the rumor about the Caravan getting killed off? When in fact the Town and Country gets the ax?

Sounds like an untrue, until it happens.

@TRX4 Tom - There was a rumour making the rounds that was showing various bits of news etc that seemed to indicate that the "Dodge" brand would eventually be killed off. There also was consideration along that line to elliminate the Grand Caravan. 1 reason was the Dodge name and the other reason cited was the profit margins were higher with the Town and Country.

Fiat is being pressured in Italy to increase jobs and productivity in their Fiat plants. Since Fiat's operations are suffering along with everyone else's Euro-operations, it has been postulated that they should build Chrysler products in their European factories. Since most of Chrysler's products have no market in Europe, where would they sell that excess capacity?

I did not say they were facts.
I said it was rumoured.
Sometimes those rumours turn out true, sometimes not.
I'd be surprised if the "Chrysler made in Italy" rumour does not become reality.

I read that the European arm of Fiat will build the smaller vehicles destined for the US market, in line with their engine production facilities.

The US is supposed to be manufacturing the 2.4 litre 4 cylinder engines and Pentastars and the smaller engines will be made in Europe.

But I also read some of Fiats brands like Maserati will be using a Pentastar in them as well.

It's only logical to move production into Europe for smaller vehicles, as they don't have to invest money into the production facilities.

The world is changing. I just hope Fiat's quality is good. In the old days Fiat didn't have a good reputation for quality, just like Chrysler.

I do know that Sergio had a long talk with the Italian government regarding the rigid workplace regulations and got some big concessions from the Italian government and unions over there.

Maybe the UAW and Obama administration don't want to work with him.

@Big Al from Oz - I get the impression that unions in Europe are even more rigid and extreme than those in North America. Fiat was also trying to export tariff concessions as well.

Not seeing a pick-up truck here. Last i heard a pick-up had a seperate body from the cargo area. Look like a small passenger van or tall station wagon to me> Thought this was a pick up truck site??? PUTC, you care to reply?

@Snowman -- Thanks for your interest. We've been pretty clear about our position here for the last few years. Yes, the name of the website is but that is likely to include a few more things than just pickups. Of course, we'll focus on any and all pickup trucks, as well as anything that does work like a pickup truck--that means we'll also do some commercial van/vehicle editorial from time to time as well. Thanks for the question.

I wonder with the 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon if it's possible to put a grill guard on it

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