GM and Ford Mark Engine Milestones

6.6L Duramax II

GM announced last Friday that its Moraine, Ohio, engine plant — a joint venture between Isuzu and GM — has produced 1.5 million 6.6-liter Duramax turbo-diesels. 

The joint venture was established in 1998, and the plant started making engines in 2001, with most of the diesel power plants installed in the Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD. 

The engine makes 397 horsepower at 3,000 rpm and 765 pounds-feet of torque at 1,600 rpm. It is also available in a down-rated configuration in the full-size Chevy Express and GMC Savanna vans.

The Duramax 6.6-liter V-8 is a four-valve, high-pressure common-rail direct-injection diesel, currently equipped with a particulate filter to meet current emissions requirements. The Duramax engine was a big reason why the 2012 GMC Sierra 3500 won's Heavy-Duty Hurt Locker comparison test. 

“Our Duramax diesel is one of the best in the industry,” DMAX Chief Financial Officer Betty Wessel, said. “Duramax has become a great success story and is a world-class engine with superior quality, industry-leading horsepower and competitive fuel economy.” 

On May 9, 2007, the plant had produced 1 million Duramax diesels. Around that time, there were many reports that GM was getting ready to release a 4.5-liter "baby Duramax," but later reports noted the project was killed. Whether the small-diesel project is ready for a resurrection with the coming of the all-new GM half-ton platforms remains to be seen.

The Ohio plant continues to produce more than 100,000 big DMAX engines per year in the 584,000-square-foot facility with more than 500 employees. For the full press release, click here.

Other engine success stories include Ford's EcoBoost engines, which will reach well over 500,000 sales from its introduction just a few short years ago. The strategy of making a direct-injection twin-turbo V-6 gas engine that produces horsepower and torque numbers like a much bigger V-8 has been a winner for the Ford F-150, selling more than 200,000 half-tons with the motor underhood since February 2011. And now Ford is making even more EcoBoost engines available for its full lineup of cars and crossovers. And as more people experience the downsized engines, we're guessing the motors will get even more popular. 

Ford projects that 90 percent of its vehicle lineup across North America will be offered with one of the four EcoBoost versions (1.0-liter I-3, 1.6-liter I-4, 2.0-liter I-4 and 3.5-liter V-6). For more info, read the press release here

EcoBoost_500K II



Congrats to both, both are awesome engines!

Congrats to Japan and Isuzu!

Good job Toyota! Toyota owns part of Isuzu.

Congrats to Obama! The government owns 26% of GM.

Wow,People think the Ford Eco-Boost F-150 is good on gas !lol,14.3 average mpg.Poor saps get stuck with a 4 cyl sounding ride,they just sound hideous.Like a 1977 Pinto (no lie)and worse gas mileage then V-8's

RAM HEMI gets 15.7,and it out runs the Eco-Turd ! Wait until the turbo's start to act up,slower performance and worse gas mileage.

As a mechanic I can tell you Turbo's are troublesome ,even diesel trucks,cars by any manufacturer always have problems,as with superchargers have issues.Best is just a bigger engine with more h.p as proven with the Dodge,Ford not so much ! Ford fans better buy the 5.0,more durable and less maint my Ford buddy who still works for Ford as a tech even says so.

Ford Eco-Boost owners dont add custom exhaust to your truck,it sounds like a turd.

Put the Duramax in a Super Duty and you'd have the perfect truck.

I just cant drive a truck that has "Eco" all over it.This far left B.S must stop,no man made Global Warming,real science even proves it.The storms we have today are not worse than anything we had decades before.In the 1930's there was a very bad drought all over North America (dirty thirties)So manufacturers better get off this b.s climate change b.s,oh wait,you voted in Obama so now your cars/trucks will shrink and get slow and you will have expensive gas and electricity,good on you for voting in a commie so you could get a free Obama Phone,shame on you America,shame on you !
Now what is going to happen in America is high tax on the rich,so the rich get poorer but the final joke is on you saps..You get poorer too,as the rich get poorer the middle class gets poorer and the poor get poorer,the days of poor people driving and using the internet and cell phones are going to be over,as is your 400 hp trucks ! The U.S is going to go into another recession soon as Europe is already in one ! LOLLOLOL !!! Enjoy your freedom,Land of the Weak and Home of the Communist USA,USA !!! Your done !Yes,your fine cool guy you voted for said he wants to sky rocket electricity so you will freeze in the winter and melt in the summer,forget about plugging in your electric car it aint gonna happen..oh for $1000 to charge it sure..Amazing how dull people are.

I think the eco of the ecoboost name is for fuel economy, not ecology/environment.

Ford loves government money just as much as GM and Chrysler. Heck Ford owes us 6 billion that they borrowed to refurb their factories and build greener cars. To date they have not paid a penny of it back. I wonder when they will start paying this money back? Perhaps when they pay off the massive bailout bucks that they received from their lenders.

It's a real shame that no one knows about the F150 EcoBoost's numerous quality problems, not the least of which is a "shudder" problem that's caused by condensation forming inside the intake tube.

Granted, this problem only effects a few thousand F150 owners, so maybe it's just not news here?

We don't talk about the numerous Tundra, GM, and Ram problems either. We could talk about problems endlessly but that's not what this website is desgined for.

Ecoboost problems? I had some with mine but the TSB Ford has out resolved all issues completely. And the 2013's already have the upgrades built in. I love this powerhouse, and it sure gets my Dodge buddies defensive. It smokes the poor high strung Hemi. I average over 17mpg, and get up to 22mpg on the highway. That beats what the EPA says and it's great for a super crew, 4x4, 3.73 axle, 6 1/2' bed, hauling machine.

It is a shame Tundra HQ can only talk about F-150's. Doesn't he have any Tundra news?

@ boosted for the win

You own an EcoBoost and your calling another engine high strung? Seriously? Take a look under your hood there guy if you want to see a high strung engine...

Google high-strung Hemi and watch what comes up.

It is a shame GM does not get more credit. Good job GM!

Good job Mahindra! Good job staying out the American truck market. Sometimes you got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em!

Don't forget about GMC. Good badge engineering job GMC!

First ford 5,0 is not the best engine to pull,second ford dont offer anymore 5,4 this wy they sold more ecoboost ,for engine life prepare to pay big repaire twin turbo have a short life take a extra garentie ..and the 6,2 like the fuel pump..people get the ecoboost because they dont have better choice but be prepare for big $$$$ to get fix...


What in the world are you talking about? So if a rich millionaire gets taxed a little more (like the same rate as the middle class people) then he will somehow end up on my $50,000-a-year level? Give me a break! You far Right guys a just insane. And before you comment, I'm not far left. I don't take any handouts and I dont need any handouts. I just dont get how it's OK for me to be taxed around 15-16% and a millionaire gets a to pay around 14%.

So far my experience with the Eco boost has been bad, well actualy with the whole truck, at least once a week wile tipping into the throttle, the truck looses all power, check engine light comes on and I'm left with a 45,000 dollar truck that can barely make it up a hill, dealership can't find what's wrong with it and says I have to wait till ford finds a solution for the problem, sometimes turning the truck off and then back on solves the problem, but then usualy the p.o.s. sync system locks up and will keep my radio and everything on 15 minutes after I'm out of the truck and inside my house.... and not to mention wile getting out of the truck, wile ahutting the front driverside door, the sheet metal flex's noticably and is embarasing. if this bull keeps up from a BRAND NEW 45,000 truck, I will be switching to gmc or Chevrolet, outdated style or not, I have heard nothing but good things from friends and family about them


The new Chevy's are coming next year if you can wait. At least that way it wont be outdated. And judging by some of the artists sketches, it looks pretty good.

Again, only a sketch but still looks good.

NorCal Greg,
Apparently you've never driven an F-150 with an EcoBoost. I rarely have mine over 2000 rpm. Even when towing or hauling max loads I can increase rpms a bit more for hard accelerations, and it's still whisper quiet. Tons of power all available under 3000 rpms.
I know the Dodge guys are really hoping the new 8 speed tranny will be able to keep up with the Ecoboost, but we'll have to wait until late next year before they finally release those with the Hemi. Don't be too surprised to see the Ecoboost increase hp and ft lbs by then since it will be in it's third year.

If I can swing it, I will take a serious look at what Chevrolet has to offer, looking back at what ford trucks I have owned over the years, I can honestly say I am not happy with ford products. Me and my brother have always bought new trucks at the same time, I guess he can't be one upped by me? Back to the point, this started happening back in 1997, I bought a 1997 ford f-150 with the 5.4 and he bought a 1997 Chevrolet silverado with I think a 5.7, the only thing he did until he traded it in 2005 was put gas in it, I on the other hand with my ford replaced just about every coil pack on my truck, it started ticking at 100,000 and the interior door locks would randomly cycle locked and open wile driving down the road, being my first brand new truck I though maybe I had just bought a "bad" one. In 2005 we both traded in our trucks about a couple months apart for 2006 models, he got another silverado with a 5.3 and me my f-150 with another 5.4 thinking that they had the bugs worked out of this engine, once again he drives his truck till 2011 with putting nothing but gas and I think he had a recall for tailgate straps in it? Me, once again with my ford product had my truck loose power once again, took it in and had to spend about 1,600 to fixed a messed up engine because one of my spark plugs blew out of the motor, shortly after my heat and a/c controls stop working and low and behold my engine starts making a ticking noise, same sound as my 1997!!!! I decided to give ford one more try for a 2012 with the Eco boost and low and behold, same poor quality items...I honestly think ford has lost a lifetime owner due too all the problems I have had over the years

Cool story bro.
Thanks for buying the 3 bad Fords built over the last several decades. I have a similar story, except my Fords have been flawless over those same years while I got to see my relatives suffer through the other brands. Now most of us all drive Fords, and love their performance.

@boosted for the win, well acording to my mechanic, everytime I took my truck in he would know exactly what was wrong as soon as I started explaining the symptoms and would say we see this a lot with ford trucks...every time I went in he would say that, so I'm guessing that the problems I had were very wide spread, and judging by the way you said "cool story bro" I'm guessing your very young, so after you have owned ford products for as long as I have, you will be in the same boat as me, regretting my choice in vehicle brand

I want to hear what the REAL Frank has to say.

No I'm no youngster. I guess when I see childish stories like yours, it brings out the kid in me.
Good luck with your Fiat or Obamanationmobile! I have better things to do than to listen to the whiners on here. Later!

I hear ya'll on the Eco Boost problems. The dealer could never fix mine. Then the stupid thing burned to the ground and that solved that problem. Got a Ram 1500 now and couldn't be happier.

@Frank - There's a brand new TSB out that includes a new CAC which will likely solve your EcoBoost problems.

Unfortunately, early reports are that this new CAC design also reduces power a little bit...

@Don - I agree that a lot of problems don't need to be news, but this one is shocking. If you have an EcoBoost F150 and live in a humid climate (basically the entire Southern USA), you're going to have mysterious engine shuddering/stalling issues just as Frank has described.

I'm not trying to bag on Ford (which makes a great product), but I don't think it's appropriate for PUTC to pump out press releases as news while simultaneously ignoring a major quality problem with Ford's most important motor.

This goes beyond the F150, after all, as the EcoBoost is in the entire line-up. Are all EcoBoost owners expected to live with quality problems?

@boosted for the win, I didn't think my story was childish, and if you have had good luck with your ford products, I'm glad. I'm just explaining my experience over the 15 years of owning ford cars and trucks and I'm not very satisfied

Google high-strung Hemi and watch what comes up.

Posted by: NorCal Bob | Nov 20, 2012 11:04:35 AM

I did, and all that came up were 426 hemis, dragsters, and '60 musclecars. How is a Hemi "high strung"?

It's not a major problem - it gets blown out of proportion on this other website. On F150online we haven't had any problems except for the 1 or 2 people who post at F150forum, one of which is another Tundra guy like yourself. The EB have been virtually problem free.

@don, I can assure you that this Eco boost stalling is a major problem, the dealership that I bought my truck into has a backlog of f-150 owners that have had the same problems as me, was talking to the tech that worked on my truck and they have had multiple people from ford into there dealership to try and figure this problem out

They already figured it out and it wasn't as big a deal as folks thought.

@don, I disagree with you, anytime a vehicle looses power on the road where my truck could have gotten my family killed is a big deal. My truck that I spend my hard earned money on is still not fixed, so yes it is a big deal

Damn, someone woke up in a trolling mood.

I will bet "Frank" is HEMI V8.

The Real Frank!

Frank: sorry to hear your problem with the EB, I have also tried a new 2011 F-150 EB reg cab 4X4, I loved it for a while, but then the head gasket blew while hauling firewood, about 1600lbs, so it was not overloaded, and just because I had put a CAI on it, the dealer gave me all kinds of greef over it, and denied my warratee claim, well 4 calls to cust/serv. and having it inspected by a fac/rep, the truck was finaly fixed! I have had Chevy's mostly and a couple Dodge trucks most of my life, and it seams that will ot be changing.

@ frank I don't mean to be in a trolling mood, just an upset ford owner who thinks this problem should be taken more seriously considering its there best selling vehicle, and just to clear things up ill post as frank k. To avoid confusion

@ boosted for the win

Take of the blinders! Not ONE SINGLE TEST shows the max torque on the ecoboost anywhere near under 3000 rpm. and IF you are towing with max capacity and your rpm's never go above 3000 in that truck then about 10 cars behind you are F bombing you because it would take you over a minute to get to 60 mph that way. and YOUR ecoboost is the highstrung engine, not a Hemi! Sure the Hemi has to wind up quite a bit for max torque but so does your ecoboost thats sweatin its butt off everytime you dig into the throttle.

either way the 5.7 in my Tundra blows its doors off anyway plain and simple. And this is why you dont see anyone do an apples to apples towing test between the ecoboost and the i-force 5.7! the ecoboost "supposedly" makes 19lb.ft. more torque at 1100rpm lower than the Tundra, the ecoboost has a 4.19 first gear and a 3.73 axle which gives a torque mutiplication of 15.62. compare that to Tundra's 3.33 first gear and 4.30 axle which gives a torque multiplication of 14.32 and i have to ask the question??????????? how is this possible? the ford on paper would make you think that it would win but wait!!!! The Tundra spanks it so how is this possible?? Could it be that ford stretches the truth a bit (lies) or is Toyota really that conservative with their ratings? I PROMISE you the ecoboost enginve will NEVER live as long as an i-force 5.7 no matter what you do with it! and if you REALLY want to have fun boost the i-force 5.7 with a TRD Supercharger and at only 8psi the engine is at 504HP and 550 lb.ft. and will send my 2010 crew max down the quarter in 13.2........ all 5900lbs of it!

PS YOU SAID YOUR FORDS HAVE BEEN FLAWLESS, its funny to ME that you ALSO just said you had to have TSB's performed to correct issues......................... that sir is not flawless!

Well In 2010 ram was at 1.8 million cummins engines in dodge trucks pulse however many they have sold last 2 years

take OFF the blinders...... sorry for the typo

@Frank K,

That is find and all, however, did you just discover this site?

Also, it's just that I hear a lot hearsay regarding the EB. A lot of people just like to troll.

Furthermore, your post are all TROLLING!!!!!

If you had one sense of intellect, you wouldn't be posting as you are with such jibberish. Stop the f'ken trolling.

The Real Frank says, he's a TROLL!

Have good day everyone!!!

The word "EcoBoost" brings out dramatic responses from both sides.
To those with problems, you should see your dealer. There's a bulletin to fix your problems. Those that have had it done have reported successful results.
Intercoolers can cause this issue on any engine. It's well documented from many brands, foreign and domestic. The real story here is the volume of engines Ford is selling.

@Frank K,

Do an internet search and you will see simple reflash of the PCM is needed.

Speaking of truck problems I went picked up my new Ram the other day, a few miles down the road the trans went. So the dealer takes 5 days to change it out, then as they lower it back down to the floor the ball joint snapped. So after that got fixed I head back out, 50 some miles later the rear end locked up. Turns out some one filled the diff with weed instead of oil. I sold that truck and got my self a new Ecoboost. So far I love it!.

@ frank, that's the first thing they did, followed up by 2 coil packs and I still am having problems...I love this truck besides all the little problems :/

@ J.C-The mechanic - X -Ford-Toyota-Honda-Audi

Oh yeah turbos are a gimmick. My Dodge Cummins has one of those on it and that thing wont make it 5000 miles before giving out. All they are good for it robbing people of money. next time im getting a Ford!

Top 10 largest car recalls in American history
Oct 12, 2012 3:00 PM

This week's recall of 7.43 million Toyotas for a faulty power window switch that could catch fire has been billed as one of the largest in history. But how big is it really?

It didn't even make the top 10, ranking only 16th on a list of the 21 largest recalls in the United States, according to data tracked by the Center for Automotive Safety. This Toyota recall impacts 2.5 million vehicles, making it about about half the size of the larger of Toyota's two recalls for unintended acceleration in 2009.

Looking at their entire recall list, several facts stand out:

Recalls didn't start until 1969, with the founding of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Ford Motor Company has the three largest recalls, by far, on the list, due to electrical components - ignition switches in 1981 and cruise-control switches in 1999 - that were installed across the company's entire lineup.
The solution to the largest recall in history, for Ford transmissions that failed to engage Park, amounted to no more than dealers installing a warning sticker. Well, I feel so much safer with that sticker on board.
The industry has made an awful lot of progress since General Motors downsized its "A-body" lineup in 1978 that included the Chevrolet Monte Carlo and El Camino. The '78 A-Body amassed perhaps the three most alarming recalls, for collapsing front suspensions, jamming steering mechanisms, and wheels and axles falling off. (My father drove three and could have vouched for several of these maladies.)
The latest Toyota recall is nearly 20 percent larger than Toyota's 2009 recall for sticking accelerators; the company's parallel floor mat recall didn't make the list.
Other than the Toyota recalls, foreign companies are not well represented on the list. That's not to say they are without blemishes on their record, just that the scale didn't reach Top 10 proportions. For example, Japanese automakers had some problems with seat-belt buckles in the 1980s. And Volkswagen had one recall that mirrored Ford's problems with installing a single faulty component (windshield wipers) across its entire lineup for many years.
Largest U.S. vehicle recalls
Rank # of vehicles Model year Model Problem
1 21 million 1970-1980 Ford cars & trucks Transmissions that fail to engage Park
2 15 million 1992-2003 Ford cars & trucks Cruise control deactivation switch fires
3 7.9 million 1988-1993 Ford Taurus, Explorer, Probe & Mercury Sable Ignition switch fires
4 6.9 million 1965-1970 Chevrolet cars & trucks Unintended acceleration due to broken motor mounts
5 5.8 million 1978-1981 General Motors A-body cars Lower control arm bolt failures can lead to suspension collapse
6 5.4 million 2004-2010 Toyota, Lexus Unintended acceleration risk due to floor mat interference
7 4.1 million 1970-1971 All Fords, Lincolns, and Mercurys Shoulder belt pins
8 3.7 million 1971-1972 All full-size Buicks, Chevrolets, Oldsmobiles, and Pontiacs Rock can jam in steering coupling
9 3.7 million 1986-1991 Honda Civic, Accord, Prelude; Acura Integra, Legend, NSX Seat belt buckle jams
10 3.7 million 1949-1969 All Volkswagens Windshield wipers
—Eric Evarts

@Frank k. Them Fords are piles my 06 and 08 f150's where pure junk too.

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