Mopar Debuts 2013 Ram 1500 Parts

Mopar bedliner II

For those looking to make their 2013 Ram 1500 fit their personal lifestyle and work needs, the new Mopar catalog of parts is here to help make the job as easy as clicking a mouse. With hundreds of newly designed parts and performance products, the Mopar accessories range in price from $12 to $3,300 and will be sold directly online or can be ordered at your local dealer. 

“Ram owners love to accessorize and personalize their trucks,” said Pietro Gorlier, president and CEO of Mopar, Chrysler Group's service, parts and customer-care brand. “In fact, Ram truck owners typically spend more than $500 on Mopar performance parts and accessories. For our new Ram 1500, we will offer a full catalog of more than 300 quality-tested items from which to choose.”

Products include side steps, bed protection, toolboxes, RamBox accessories, towing products and lift kits, all in a range ofprices.

Mopar just celebrated its 75th anniversary and is likely to expand its product lineup with more new models released across the globe in the coming years. Get more info on Mopar's deep history in racing, the worldwide car culture and a look at over half a million aftermarket products and accessories at

For more details, download the Mopar press release here.  

Mopar exhaust II

Mopar tools II



They should make an accessory trailer to be put on for when it breaks down and has to be towed by a Ford F-150.

What happens when the Ford overheats? I guess you will need a Tundra to pull both of them?

ramboxes are sweet.



They will get the most reliable trucks on the road to do that, GM... By that time you will need a heavy duty truck to pull a broken dodge with a trailer and a broken F150, Tundra can't do that.

@Mike, you must live in 3rd dimension version of our world to think that a Tundra can pull that off.

@Tyler, thanks I was thinking about making a comment about a real truck. One that has out done their competition year after year, in the real world.

Yes that a Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra

Cool toolbox! I'ma gonna get me one of those!


Rumor has it that you my friend have been seen driving around in a 2500HD Duramax Diesel 4X4.

And no where close is the Dodge Ram the best looking. I can though say is does look better than the Nissan Titan and Toyota Tundra but no where close to Ford or GM.

It's where it belongs in 4th Place behind Ford, Chevrolet and GMC!!!

But the Tundra can pull 300,000 lbs.! Ford, Chevy, and Ram didn't do it. Tundra beat them to it. Saw the commercial a week ago.

Umm, okay.

How is the ford better looking??? If it looks like a box on wheels lol!!!
RAM!!! The best!

I agree, Ford Looks like a box, and the Chevy is just awkward looking. Best Looks would go to # 1 Ram, # Nissan, # 3 Ford, # 4 Toyota, # 5 GM.

@ram cummins

And how exactly is the Ram better looking if it has always been Outsold!!!. Even Chrysler for crying out loud had to let Ram go, last time I checked they aren't even invited for comparision test. Wow, what a morning. The Ram boys think they got a better truck and by the way I'm just looking at the numbers and numbers don't lie.

So much for Glory!!! Made in Mexico
So much for Guts!!! European Owned
What's the other word, Ram!!! Let go from Chrysler

What's next!!!

Dual Exhaust Mode on Intake on behalf of the Ram Boys, lol.

@all American
Just cuz its the best it doesn't mean it sells the most, like everyone says look at McDonald's Lol and the Gm twins I don't want to start but what a joke, they can't build real trucks no more ha!

What makes you come to that conclusion they can't built real trucks, if General Motors out does Dodge Ram in every comparision.

No Guts - Out Done by Ford and GM
No Glory - Numbers Prove It
Ram!!! Sucks!!!

To say a Tundra cant pull a F150 that is towing a Ram 1500 isnt entirely true as with the space shuttle gimmick it would depend how its being done. If we are talking both trucks on a 5th wheel trailer than I say HELL NO. Although it would probably make more sense to go get a 3500 or 350 and be done with than to try and figure out how to set it up perfectly where the Tundra's chassis doesnt support way to much tounge weight. I know that in Tundra Deconstructed the guy said they towed 12-1,200lb calves which comes to 14,400lbs but I wouldnt do it and I have the TRD Supercharger, TBC and Air Lift Wireless Air Springs in the rear.

Well its already been talked about so no need to post the list again and just look at the 30k shootout that tells u a lot!
Oh and by the way I was talking about looks not numbers.

Judging by the recent stories in "News" things have been slow huh Mark?

How does the price of all these parts compare to the aftermarket? Someone had pointed out that one could buy all of the Ram Runner parts from Kore a lot cheeper than from Ram. That is the case for almost every brand. OEM or OEM badged accessories are usually more expensive.

@All American: Geneal Motors out does Chrysler in every comparison? You must be smoking something. Or just not reading much.

Sure, GM has a racey Duramax, if you like to make a diesel scream. Kinda like the instructions for driving a Detriot Diesel; Shut the door with your hand in it, it will get you pissed off enough to drive it. Oh, and the Allison trans does break. My friend has one.

No, your GM 2500s are downright ugly, in my oppinion, and alot others as well. The 1500s take the cake for ugly, I looked up ugly and there was a picture of a Chevy.

The Ram has new powertrains comming in 1500 and HDs as well. The GM? Keep waiting, you are sure to get an engine that gets 25 mpg and shifts at every incline, and pings.

Let's see, they build Chevys in Mexico, as Ford builds their share of cars there, and Toyota builds some Tacomas there, as well as other cars. So whats the BFD?

Atleast Ram has the guts to do airbags, which Ford messed up years ago on the Lincolns, and GM has yet to try.

We see how great a truck you get from GM in the 30K shootout, that Chevy was pathetic. Even the the heavier Ram Hemi beat it in gas mileage, and it wasn't using 6 gears to do it, and had numerically higher gear.

The Impala sales are dropping, as people are buying more 8 speed Chargers and Chryslers.

Yeah, Dodge might be behind in sales. They are also changing the most. They have been changing the most too.

The number one reason GM sells alot is because they are cheap. They will take the most off MSRP. Ford and Toyota however get the most. You see the price they were asking in that 30 K shootout? They couldn't even provide a proper window sticker!

I owned a 2006 Chevy, it was always at the dealers. The clunk in the driveline when shifting to 2nd at light throttle was one key thing that made me want to get rid of it. Sat unlevel after putting 400 pounds in it, broke a frame to cab mount on a highway trip.....GOOD TRUCKS, YEAH BOYS!

@5.3 lol: now why would the owner of a "big tough Tundra(?)" need airbags??

@Lou: you ain't kidding, I wouldn't be buying accessories from my dealer, their prices are unreal. If they want to sell more, they need to lower the prices alot. I have bought some Mopar things, paid the shipping and been way better off then my dealer. Some discounts would go along ways. Plus the fact the shop rate is so high, I don't hardly expect to go there unless it's warranty work, or something they have to do.

Internet sales are alot more affordable for parts. But it doesn't have to be that way.

@TRX4 Tom
Amen to that!
That how ignorant people act when something is better than theirs

@TRX4 Tom
That is a very good question and the answer is as tough and fast as the Tundra is stock I overbuilt it. LOL
The Tundra comes with the largest in class brakes stock but do I want to settle for that or do I want the TRD Big Brake Kit brakes so big they won't fit anything smaller than a 20" wheel.

Based on looks the RAM win...Ford and Chevy are fugly.

@Lou & TRX4 Tom
The dealer accessories can be rolled into the total cost of the truck and financed. That way an unsavvy (read: stupid) buyer can think, "yeah I want those $500 side steps, the salesman said they would only cost me an extra $10 per month!"

Without commenting on which is "best" or "strongest" or "fastest" or whatever, I'm simply going to say that the nose of the Ford looks worse than the tails of any other truck. Ford has put more nose than bed on their trucks and I, personally, consider these F-series trucks to be the ugliest on the road specifically because of that Big-Rig-Wannabe grill. And even if you do like the aesthetics of it, that huge nose is totally counter-productive towards offering better aerodynamics; it's a huge parachute designed to do just one thing, catch air and don't let it back out.

The RAM's nose is just as bad, but at least it's shaped a little differently and looks more elegant while it appears GM has learned their lesson and quit even trying to fake that Big-Rig look.

Here we go,an article about a Dodge RAM and the ignorant Ford-Toyota-GM fan boi's come out bashing the RAM !

Grow up people !

@ DWFields,

I think the RAM has the nicest nose,since 1994 !The new ones again are just awesome ! Overall the best looking/driving/performing/gas mileage truck around !

GM/Ford look like basic family cars.Dodge always looked the best.

That being said GM,Ford still look better than Toyota or Nissan those trucks are odd,weird a-pillar and short front clip,just odd.

By the way the GM trucks still trying to copy the RAM by its front clip,though toned down alot.

I agree Ram has the best looks I rank the the Ram HD's first and the Ram 1500 second and the 2011+ Silverado HD third but that is just my list though.

@Luke in CO - true. That is the most often used sales ploy. They do that every time. I've gotten pissed off at salesmen for that "it will only cost you X more per month" crap. They try to upsell trucks that way. "Why buy the plain jane truck when the "Hairyette ShlongHorn LTZits" is only bla bla bla more per month for a 1,000 months........

I love Ram. Only casue they continue to push Ford to improve their trucks...

GM doesn't seem to care, at least on the 1500s.

All Of you are dumb as hell, every single article has posts comparing about ford gm or dodge! nobody is constructive. GM is the most luxurious and cheapest to maintain but has the shittiest interior ever, Ford has numbers and innovative features but also visits the shops a lot more, Ram has good reliability, features, but is expensive to maintain if something does go wrong. Every truck has a weak point and high point. so thanks for reminding us every single time about how your truck has guts, or out-tows or is a real mans truck but we already knew that. Gracias mi Amigos!

Wheres the bed space in that thing? A short bed is like a short... who is it gonna please?
That $1,200 Ram box is a cool feature but id go and get a cheap $300 tool box so i can take it out when in need for more space. But Ram owners can use the entirety of their bed due to coil spring squat.
Get a Ford for the real work.

@All American --I heard that Hemi4U was seen driving a 4 wheel drive Taco with Oxi.

@ 5.3 LOL

Oh my, the Tundra's brakes are so much bigger than the competition.....

Front rotor diam x thickness (in)

Recall King (Toyota)- 13.9 x N/A
Ford- 13.7 x 9.1
Fiat- 13.2 x 1.1
GM- 13.0 x 1.2

Rear rotor diam x thickness (in)

Fiat- 13.8 x 0.9
Ford- 13.7 x 9.0
Recall king (Toyota)- 13.6 x N/A
GM- drum brakes still

@ All American

"And how exactly is the Ram better looking if it has always been Outsold!!!. Even Chrysler for crying out loud had to let Ram go, last time I checked they aren't even invited for comparision test. Wow, what a morning. The Ram boys think they got a better truck and by the way I'm just looking at the numbers and numbers don't lie."

So you buy your trucks based on what others buy, huh? Does the word "sheeple" mean anything to you?

A big reason why Ford and GM sell so well is a thing called "Brand Loyalty". There are people that are absolutely BLINDED by it! I know people that would buy a piece of doo-doo as long as it had a blue oval or a bow-tie on it. True Story!

@aj - same can be said for Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan etc etc etc

@ hemisareweak

where do you think they are puting a 9 inch wide rotor? i think you mean .9" or 9 tenths of an inch.

FOR THE RECORD the Tundra front rotor is
13.9" diameter x 1.26" thick
the rear rotor is
13.6" diameter and i'll measure the thickness tomorrow. that is bigger than EVERY half ton AND it is the ONLY one that uses a 4 piston caliper on the front.

Its funny that you call Toyota the recall king. I guess you would rather a manufacturer deny deny and stand by so you have to foot the bill for their shortcoming........... lets see.... 5.4 spark plugs, the fact that ALL 5.4's when they get around 100k they sound like a diesel as they come apart inside, the trans waiting 2 seconds to shift as EVERYTHING in the truck turns to a slop box. I'm sure thats a better idea than actually taking care of a customer huh......... your lost.

2013 FORD The fire took place during a pre-delivery drive. Ford said a dealer employee was taking the vehicle on a test drive before it was to be delivered to a customer and noticed steam. He quickly returned to the dealership, and that's when the vehicle caught fire. The fire was extinguished at the dealership and no one was injured.

Ford learned of the fire on Aug. 8 and decided to recall the vehicles after a 19-day investigation.

From The Detroit News:

f you own a Ford vehicle, made within the past 15 years or so, please read:

About 30 minutes ago I noticed smoke coming out of a Ford truck in the parking lot where I work. At first I thought it was somebody smoking a cigarette, but the smoke was constant and getting thicker.

That's when I noticed the flames under the driver's side wheel well. I yelled for another employee to call 911. Then I grabbed the fire extinguisher and ran out to the truck.

I sprayed the fire from the wheel well area. Then I noticed that the windows were down on the truck. I reached in, popped the hood latch, and sprayed the engine compartment. I put the fire out.

Read more:

AUSTIN (KXAN) - An accidental house fire -- sparked by an electrical malfunction in a truck nearby -- killed two brothers, ages 5 and 7, Tuesday morning in Southeast Austin.

Authorities said the fire, which started in the 2001 Ford F150 truck parked outside, spread to the home.

"Just to be safe, you may want to park your new Ford outside rather than in the garage until you find out for sure if it’s affected by the recall." Boy that's an understatement. Might want to skip the fires and buy another brand.

Ford Recall: Faulty Fuel Tank Straps Force Recall of 1.1 Million Pick-Up Trucks that has caused fires.

Ford Recalls 3.8 Million Trucks and SUVs to Fix Cruise Control Switch that has caused Fires.

Consumer Reports on Monday released its latest reliability survey, and among brands with pickup trucks in their stables, Ford fell the farthest, placing 27th among 28 brands.

@HemiV8 - more regurgitation. Did the Ram trucks improve in those CR standings or did Ford just fall to their level?
Sure, it sucks for Ford to fall to Ram's level, but is sucks much worse to be stuck in the basement year after year after year after year.
If I relied only on CR and needed to replace my truck right now, the only 2 choices would be a woefully average GMC product, or an old but above average Tundra.
I wouldn't waste my money on a below average Ram or a below average Ford. Since you keep bringing up those fires, that just leaves an old but above average Tundra.
Please tell me how CR rated those HD Dodge trucks? You know, like those Power Wagons?
looks like those Mexicans are only good at picking fruit and vegetables.
Building complex machines aren't their strong suit.
We could unionize them so that they can go get drunk and smoke pot on their lunch breaks.


All I have to say is that the numbers are there to prove it, and the Ram Boys are just giving there own opinions.

That's what makes our country great, Freedom of speech. Let's be gentlemen and stop with the non-sense. At the end of the day we all pay a pretty penny for a Bad Ass Truck for play or for work.

Definition of Bad Ass Truck: General Motors, Ford or Dodge!!!

Who cares how big the Tundra brakes are stock? They got the second most distance added on after adding 1,000 pounds in the bed in the 30K shootout. The most distance added on in the comparison of empty and loaded goes to the Chevy 1500, so that's where the Tundra hangs out, with the Chevy. Tundras are wearing out rotors too, look it up yourself!

@TRX4 Tom
Who cares how big brakes are? You care.

I don't know how many posts you have make alluding to brakes size and the importance of brake size.

Especially our tiny twin pot discs on the front of our utes.

The interpretation from your posts would lead someone to believe that your view is, if its different is substandard, if its not Fiat its substandard.

Or if something is better than a Ram you don't place the same degree of significance on it, the Ram is somewhat better even though might not be.

If you want to project the unbias attitude, you must be unbias.

Yes, I think you do tow weight around with your pickup, but like I've stated in the past you represent a small proportion of average American pickup owners.

@Robert Ryan
If statistics show that there is an increase in heavy towing accidents in Australia you will have to be licenced to tow over say, 750kg or something. I have heard mention of that somewhere but I can't remember.

But most of the Grey Nomads up here seem to tow quite well. Maybe it's the occasional East Coast tower that is the problem.

I would support such a move as licencing to tow heavy weights, as many people can't physically assess what the effect of incorrectly loading a trailer is. Or what the tongue weight should be etc.

Better still an awareness course on towing might help and completion of the course could be annotated on your licence.

Hi yall Im Tom! I touch myself at night over 5.7 Hemi engines. I brag up Dodge, and Ram so much they should pay me! Im always hauling dodge dart, and daytona part. My dodge products are always failing me! I will still brag the hell out of them even if I do more laying on the ground under them then driveing them!

Mr. sandman4X4 in my 2010 Ram I get 5,000 miles per gallon, and yes I did say 5,000 mpg's while hauling my failed dodge parts across country to have them fixed. My awesome coil spring rear end squats down so far the rear bumper drags on the highway! I think thats why my Ram get the 5,000 mpg's, cause the headlights are looking at the moon while the rear bumper draging just gives you awesome mileage man! Oh yeah my awesome out of date 5 speed tranny mission gear ratio's help tons too!

While Im out yall I need got lay under my Ram touch myself, and figure out how to fix this leaking roof on my pile! buhbye now yall wink wink!!

TRX4 , still flapping your uneducated gums eh, get a life.

OK folks, lets just step back and see what I found in the dictionary: subjective - my truck is the best looking, and yours is ugly! subjunctive that Chevy is ugly, so I bought my Ford!
OK? it is as simple as that, to each his own, just because I like the looks of the Ford F-150, Chevy 1500-3500, and 1500Ram, is just that I am subjective in my opinion.
Then I went out and bought a Chevy and f-150, and might but a Ram in the future, just means I am being subjuctive, in my actions! see as simple as that!
But I would not be caught drunk in any toyota car or truck, the only clasic car toyota has ever made is the 2000 in late 60's, nissan anything, although the Mid size NISMO 4X4 is nice! looking, in my opinion. That is all in my opinion.

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