More Support: Ram Has 20 Trucks and $100K

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2013 Ram 1500 white II 

Just a few days ago, we reported that GM made a big donation to the Red Cross in support of the relief programs set up to help get communities hit by Hurricane Sandy back on their feet. Now, Chrysler has announced they will also donate a herd of half-ton pickup trucks and sizable chunk of cash to help in the relief effort. Let's hope the trucks get to all the needed communities before the next storm makes a bigger mess. 

Here's How You Can Help: People can make a financial donation in support of Red Cross Disaster Relief by visiting, calling 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767), or texting the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Contributions may also be sent to your local Red Cross chapter or to the American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, DC 20013.



Auburn Hills, Mich. - Chrysler Group LLC's Ram Truck brand today donated 20 Ram 1500 Tradesman trucks and $100,000 to the American Red Cross to assist with relief efforts in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. 

“The impact of Superstorm Sandy was widespread and the road to recovery will be long for many families,” said Neal Litvack, Chief Development Officer at the American Red Cross. "Through the generosity of its partners such as Ram and Chrysler Group, the American Red Cross is responding with shelter, food and emotional support, helping families and communities with their most critical needs now, and as they begin to move toward recovery.”

The Ram Truck brand's donation will support the massive effort by the American Red Cross to help families and entire communities get back on their feet. On the ground, the Ram Tradesman trucks will help mobilize people and supplies for the Sandy relief efforts and will continue to benefit the organization as permanent members of the American Red Cross’ fleet of vehicles. Large relief operations are underway in New York and New Jersey, where residents felt Sandy’s biggest impact. Shelters and feeding sites are open and emergency vehicles are distributing food, water and relief supplies in these states.

“Our hearts go out to those impacted by Superstorm Sandy," said Fred Diaz, Ram Truck President and CEO Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler de Mexico – Chrysler Group LLC. "We are inspired by their unwavering spirit in this time of adversity, and Ram is proud to support relief and recovery efforts by providing the Red Cross with a team of Ram trucks to support this critical mission.” 


This storm did not just affect people in low lying areas. It affected everyone all over, at all different altitudes, in the mountains, etc. oxi loves to blame this on stupid people living at or below sea level but he doesn't know what he is talking about.

I checked oxi's address and he is 700+ above sea level. Both of my homes are more than double that. 1400 ft above sea level and 1700 above. We are nowhere near the sea and we have been out of power for days. The electrical companies and township totally dropped the ball.

oxi says cities are responsible for clean roads. Does the picture of the road down below look clean to you? It still looks like this days after and many roads are closed.

oxi says we shouldn't ask for food. i'm not asking for for food. How about clear roads without trees and drooping power lines in them days later? How about gas? Even a full tank of gas doesn't last forever, specially when you have to drive a long distance because of closed roads. What took me an hour to get to work, now takes me two hours, thanks to all of the detours. This wastes gas.

Clean roads oxi?

Many roads still have trees suspended over the roadway by wires, or are completely impassible . If there should be an medical emergency or fire, how can the emergency vehicles reach us. This is not a matter of comfort or inconvenience, it is a safety issue!

Schools closed for a 6th straight day as well.

This has nothing to do with people living near sea level. It is happening all over. Now there is a snow storm coming and people still don't have electricity.

oxi, I bet if you were in the situation you would complain, too!
Your bug out kit will do nothing. It is only a temporary fix. Try living out of your bug out kit for a week. oxi has all of the answers but isn't living this real life.

I feel for all of those affected by the storm, but I'm I the only one that finds it weird that some of those affected are sitting behind a computer bitching about lack of help/resorces.

I got an idea, go help with what you can instead of bitching about the government. When a local town was blasted by a tornado, I didn't have time to bitch about the lack of help, because I was too busy help others.


Another know it all who thinks he has all the answers! Being blasted by a tornado is different. This hurricane damage can easily be fixed in a day or two but it has been going on for a week!

We have some trees in the road and down power lines making roads impassible. Help what? I'm not about to go out there move live power lines and get electrocuted.

We have people who can help but the idiot power companies are turning away workers because the union thugs don't want to work with the non-union workers who will help for free! Who is in charge here????

The gas lines are still there. I could "bug out" and go elsewhere for gas but the farther you travel the more gas you use. Don't you understand this? This is a big problem!

perfect example of a person who should be out trying to fix things instead of posting on the internet. Hey, how are you posting with no power?


If you do not prepare for your home to get demolished which could wipe all of your supplies out, you are not very bright!

A smart person would have supplies stashed away in multiple locations on their way to a bug out location, etc...

STOP buying the latest stupid smart phone and think about getting some supplies stashed away for your personal safety!


That road looks just fine!

Oh wait you drive a Honda Civic, good luck trying to get through simple obstacles with your 40 mpg vehicles!

Have you bothered to see my pickup? It's built for scenario's like in that picture including flash floods, deep snow!

I am a trained weather spotter, I encounter all types of situations on the roads that your local stock pickups cannot handle nor local law enforcement and first responders!

Unlike you guys that are unprepared (even when they knew the storm was coming days before!), I will have plenty of calories and water to respond to assist while you guys wait for your government handouts!

By the way ignorant one, my simple BOB (bug out bag) is designed for 5 days of survival in temps. as low as zero!

I also carry a WBOB (winter bug out bag) packed with military spec. gear for temps to as low as 30 below and if I carry my military modular sleeping bag, 40 below!

I also carry specialized tools in my BOTC (bug out tool chest) from tin snips to bolt cutters to hack saws to ax's to saw's and various other tools...

My pickup is also equipped with a large and small shovel year round, full-size ax, bridging ladders and many other specialized tools, again year round!

I have solid ground clearance backed up by steel skid plates up front and underneath, improved approach/break over/deprature angles, a snorkle that greatly improves water fording as also my highermounted rear diff. breather, and plenty of real world off-road driving experiance from Baja Mexico to my local terrain!

I am also a trained weather spotter which means I am out on patrol before the storms hit and trained in CPR and basic first aid, thus a first responder in the field, highly mobile!

Care to say I am not prepared?

I plan for shyt like this and will have the resources to be ahead of the sheeple and if need be assist. Once my winch is in place I will clear streets faster than the government can respond!

It is all about putting the cell phone down and preparing for your families safety during times of uncertainty!

I have plans in place to live a year without outside assistance i.e. grocery stores, city water pumps, handouts... do you?

By the way I am also armed and trained in shooting humans from the U.S. Marine Corps and regularly go out hunting wild animals legally!

Good luck to you!

Poor, poor, @Jay. Still believes Jeep is *moving* production to China despite the truth. Now he tries to turn a humanitarian effort to another political crying point.

How can people be such sheep?

@Dan: Your first two words says it all. "However, I Heard that the CEO of Fiat/Chrysler says Fiat is thinking of moving Chrysler and Jeep production to Italy and China exporting both into the US."

You heard. YOU HEARD. What you're saying is that you didn't bother to do any research. What you're saying is that you absolutely trust the word of somebody WHO KNOWS NO MORE ABOUT IT THAN YOU DO! You heard.

Contact Chrysler. Check out legitimate websites rather than opinion sites that have no real contact with the content getting discussed. Chrysler is NOT "moving production". Rather, they are adding new production facilities in a place where they're needed--in China for Chinese customers. China is currently GM's biggest customer--so why not build production plants there? China is just about everybody's biggest customer right now and it's a heck of a lot cheaper to build and sell IN China than building here and shipping to there. Just as it's a heck of a lot cheaper for Toyota and Volkswagen to build and sell IN the US than build elsewhere and ship it here.

Use some common sense and question statements that simply sound stupid.

Go to and do a birds eye view of mockingbird way, oshkosh.

Notice. No trees. No above ground powerlines. A nice very suburban city. Of course oxi thinks the roads are fine. He doesn't know what it is like to live in the country or in the city. He lives in a built up cookie cutter community.

I'm in PA and we were without power for 3 days. That was bad enough. I'd hate to be without it for a week.

You can be prepared but only to a point. At some point you have to come back and go to work. These roads in Jersey should have been cleared within 3 days. There is no excuse for the roads still to be closed and for them to still be without power on day 7!

In NY, Con Ed turned away a truck from Alabama with transistors because they were non-union. Just stupid!

You know, while so many of you are arguing the whys and wherefores like typical politicians, there are people out there actually doing things to help. If you're a Good Christian, you should be out there yourself, donating money or supplies, taking your so-capable trucks to help in the clean-up and distribution of those supplies. You should be helping, not arguing.

Above all else, you all are proving who the real heroes are--and they're not any of you.

How is a person with a pickup truck going to move LIVE power lines off the road and restore electricity? You sound like Obama. All talk and no walk.

What gets my goat:

A couple of dozen know-it-alls who think their little ideas (Oxi, I'm looking at you) are feasible for some 10-20 MILLION human beings. You're not looking at one little town hit by a tornado, you're looking at one of America's most populated regions--the so-called Northeast Corridor--hit by a storm that honestly makes a simple force 3 tornado look like a chicken scratch. A hurricane--this hurricane in particular--is like a thousand-mile-wide tornado. Only the people who are directly affected by the storm can really grasp the full nature of the storm; OXI, living there so protected in California, has no idea of the type of damage a hurricane does when it comes ashore.

How many of you remember that Tsunami in Japan last year? Remember all that water rolling ashore and wiping out an entire region? The wind power of Sandy did all that and more because it was water AND WIND doing the damage.

I live in a town that was dead center on the track of the eye of that storm once it came ashore. Fortunately for us, the core of the storm broke apart so rapidly once ashore that I saw little of the real wind, but the combination of the rain, what wind we did get and storm surge up the bays and rivers still brought visible damage to my town. We got lucky--our cleanup really did take only a couple days; other parts of my county were not so lucky and several families did lose their homes.

Surviving a storm like this is far more than just planning; if you ask me, what Oxi claims he has is gross overkill--yet still runs far short of what he would need if he experienced a true catastrophic event. Try imagining all of Los Angles, San Francisco and San Diego completely and utterly destroyed in a matter of one or two days. How would you, Oxi, survive that? What would you live on? How would you pay for resupply? Sure, you may be good for a week or two, but now you have no job, you have no home other than your truck and you have NO MONEY to pay for even basic health care for your family.

Caches? How many are you talking about? Where would you put them that they'd be safe from looting by any passer-by? Or are you talking about caching in one of those store-it-yourself warehouse places? How many people can afford to pay for multiple storage locations like that?

Hey, I have an advantage. I have family in Amish country where people live without power and technology all their lives. If anyone can and will survive a catastrophe like that, the Amish will. Would you?

oxi is a super hero. he can pick up live wires with his bare hands. Why? Because he is a trained weather spotter. Don't you know? What does a Toyota Tacoma or Honda Civic have to do with getting power crews out here and getting power restored? Nothing. Just more grandstanding from oxi.

We don't need blankets, dried food, ice, water, charging or warming stations. Just power.

I agree with oxi...

Those roads are fine! Get a stick with a rubber gip. Rubber grip = no shock! Move the lines yourself...

If you were prepared you would have a chainsaw ready so you can cut up and remove trees from roadways that are blocked!

This is common sense! Stop all of the dramma and get out there working...

oxi is trained for these situtations. It is your fault you are not trained!


If your a good Christian, you should pack up and sell your pagan possessions and move to a nation living in poverty and give your time (not money) to helping those folks out!

If your a good christian, you do not live in a nation that worships the dollar!



Have you seen most power trucks?

Most cannot even go over a fallen tree or even have a front drive...

Most power trucks rely on paved roads and graded roads...

Unlike power companies that respond, I am proactive! Everybody knew the storm was coming, no excuse to just sit there and let it kill you!

Power lines can be removed and chopped, learn how to do that insteade of waiting for handouts that is waiting for somebody else to do it...

My gosh, what are you folks going to do when no power trucks ever fix the lines, no food is trucked in and no fresh water?

Better learn how to live in the 1800's quickly or you'll be dead when the next trip to the grocry store has nothing but empty shelves!

Don't move or chop power lines yourself. oxi is insane. Move a limb enough to come into contact with the line, and electricity now has a direct path to ground through the tree, and you!

There is a difference between asking for handouts and moving power lines. Let the utility companies move THEIR own lines.

On my drive today to work I was surprised to see a lot of gas stations still closed. They have no fuel.


Do you bother to read what I post?

I prepare for 20-30 Sandy's hitting at once, also a complete power grid failure, an economic crash never seen before. It's called my strategic planning and darkest scenario's!

I do not care if the area hardest hit was the population mecca of this nation. POR PLANNING led to widespread destruction and that is both sides:

Folks knowing full well a storm of Sandy's power could gut their so close to shore and sea level homes and local emergency planners not really planning at all...

Now I hear talk of a $6 billion storm break type of system being built on the coast, why?

Why weren't shyt like this in the planning phases before? Has nobody learned from Katrina or other storms?

Why are folks allowed to live so close to sea level or under it like with New Orleans? Why is the power line system so ancient and out of date? Why are city's unable to handle a storm like this? Why so many people were UNPREPARED thus have to sit in long lines for basic necessities?

Unlike folks like you and the other 99% that always think the grocery store shelves will be fully stocked, the power will always be on, fresh water will come into the home and waste removed properly, basically taking things for granted and we always here of those folks that are in desperate need when they knew damn well this storm was approaching but did little if anything to prepare for it!

Stop SLEEPING, put the cell phone away and think about what might hit your neighborhood and prepare for those scenario's...

Always doing nothing and then screaming at the government for assistance puts you and your family in danger from virus's, hypothermia and looters to name a few!

For gosh sakes, the NWS was warning about this storm days before it hit!

Where were their plans to escape, plans for food, water, fuel, warmth an hygiene?

They chose to live so close to shoreline and so close to sea level, no sympathy for those poor choices but why should we all have to pay for their poor choices?

They knew that a storm the size and power of Sandy could come in and wipe everything out but yet they still live there carelessly without a worry for that day that just hit...

C'mon folks, WAKE UP AND STOP SLEEPING and prepare!


Learn how to remove power lines safely, do not wait for somebody else to always wipe your rear!

Be self sufficient, I would try and keep roads unblocked at all times because what if your wife or kids got into a home accident and needed an ambulance?

Sure would be nice to have had those power lines removed because they may die in a matter of minutes but guess what ambulance is miles away waiting for some union power truck to come up because the non-union guys were turned away to respond fast enough and now they are dead...

Good luck when everything crashes!

You pay the utility companies for a service. That is a straight up transaction, not a hand-out.

@Lou--Helping during a natural disaster gets down to a society's core value. In times of a disaster such as Sandy or any other what we do for others determine what type of person we really are. Fortunately most people want to help. It is true that the bad side of humans shows as well when people loot and hoard, but in order for that not to happen we need to get aide quickly to those effected by such a disaster. Yes I do agree with some that say you need to prepare, but you cannot necessarily anticipate everything that will happen. One of the links that was posted on this site has an article about trucking and how we are more vunerable than ever because all businesses and most individuals operate on just in time inventory which means you don't stock anymore than you
need at any given time. This is a valid point.

How would one prepare for solar flares that could interupt the power supply and render any vehicle with an electronic ignition useless which are now the majority. We would have to find pre 1970s vehicles with points and condensors to run but after a while where would we get the fuel. I doubt Oxi has changed out his electronic ignition in his Tacoma or that he has a kit to retrofit his Tacoma with points and condensors.

The only ones that would survive possibly would be the Amish and those of us that would adapt to a simpler lifestyle and even then it would be very hard.

In the meantime we all have to live our lives to the fullest.

Where is Ford at with donations? They outta kick in some jack. Afterall, they do owe the taxpayers 6 billion dollars.

Where is Ford at with donations? They outta kick in some jack. Afterall, they do owe the taxpayers 6 billion dollars.

Posted by: ford loves government money | Nov 5, 2012 1:24:05 PM

That is so true my friend. Where are they at? They will probably show up with more money and more trucks than anyone else, just like they inflate their towing and payload #'s to look better than the competition!

@JeffS - agree,
@DwFields - agreed and kudos on your post

@Oxi - how does that swollen head of yours fit into that Tacoma cab?
Do you really know how to safely move fallen powerlines?
There are many kinds of lines and voltages, lines may look like they are not live but having a high voltage transmission line close by can induce a current in a fallen line.
Do you know how to approach or walk away from a fallen line?
As others have pointed out - how does one prepare for disaster on a massive scale?
You can fool yourself all you want (delusions of grandeur is the correct term) but I've worked with disaster planners and your posts are a joke.
I've been trained in MCI and your posts are a joke.
Ever stop to think that the back roads can be just as chewed up as the public roads?
How well will your 9,000 lb Taco get through muddy fields, deep snow, debris fields etc?
Ever work a power saw? or worked brush clearing?
I used to have a compact truck and I sold it and bought a 3/4 ton truck so I could carry 2 weeks worth of outdoor gear for myself and a friend.

I get the distinct feeling that your BOTT plan is to go drive off the end of Mockingbird lane and go hide in the bushes. Sawyer Creek Nature Preserve looks like a good hiding place.

You have egotistically posted so much personal information that one could probably find out what kind of underware you use.
Actually, you sound like such a tough rugged outdoor type that you probably go commando................


Oxi, how about shutting up for a moment and pay attention to the real world.

A. Yes, we did know the storm was coming, and some of us had more than just two or three days worth of warning. That doesn't mean all of us can just up and leave our homes at the whim of a weather reporter--we have jobs that will fire us if we leave for no "good" reason. Yes, I do agree that's stupid, but corporations on the average could care less about their employees until AFTER the catastrophe.
B. Both the states and the Federal governments broadcast warnings to all of those people at most risk and SOME chose to ignore those warnings; after all, it was ONLY a Cat 1 hurricane--"we've lived through worse." Again, a very stupid attitude that hit a relatively small minority of the people affected by this storm.
C. New York and the Jersey Shore have been hit by hurricanes many, many times over the centuries that humans have lived there and at their worst had never done the things this storm had done. As such, there was obviously some complacency that if they've weathered it before, they'll weather it again; just like you are complacent about how well you've prepared, yet will still be caught totally by surprise if an event like Yellowstone blows up in your face. You can think you're prepared, but you'll discover you forgot some one little thing that could make it all come tumbling around your ears. Take your own vaunted (but overloaded) truck, for instance: What if, for no apparent reason it simply caught fire? All that hardware; all that preparation; lost in a matter of minutes along with everything on board. How soon would you be able to completely recover from that?

You aren't here. You aren't experiencing what these people are experiencing. You won't--unless you choose to come out here and see the damage for yourself. Worse, another--albeit weaker--storm is going to hit the same area in just a couple of days, bringing with it much colder temperatures. Even if you had prepared for that one-week disaster, could you now last out another week perhaps with all access to "civilization" cut? Where are the deer you could kill for food? They're not on Long Island and they're likely hiding away from all the insanity near the coastlines. You might be reduced to eating rat, cooked over the remains of your home that only barely survived the first storm.

Your conceit is what's hurting you here. You offer no sympathy because you have no sympathy--you think you know it all and are prepared for every circumstance. Let me tell you now that you're not. You will be taken down a notch eventually--if only by a lowly heart attack or cancer.

By the way, Oxi; Even before the storm hit my wife and I offered the use of our Jeep and our Road Whale to help out people in far worse circumstances than ours--homeless people who are trying to get their lives back on track but unfortunately can't even get a job because they don't have a "permanent address". That's right, companies are often so heartless--so self-centered that they're afraid to even give a job to a person who would appreciate it far more than you appreciate yours.

Unlike you, I don't hide from my responsibilities; I make efforts to help where help is needed and where I am able to help. I have a vehicle capable of going over unimproved terrain. I have a vehicle capable of carrying bulky loads like boxes full of food, water, clothing, winter coats and other things. I'm willing to use them for those purposes. You? You hide in your little California house secure in the knowledge that nothing can ever take your little world away from you.

Am I a "Good Christian"? Most churches would say, "absolutely not!" But what I am is one who tries to live as Christ taught--not as a blowhard in-your-face Evangelical but rather as a simple, honest and helpful person. Don't think that makes me soft, either. I'm almost willing to bet that if we sat side by side at a shooting range, I could match you shot for shot on the exact same weapons and I believe I have experience on some weapons you've never touched. Just because you were taught by the Marines doesn't mean you know everything; it only means you know how to fight.

"The bottom line is Fiat/Jeep/Chrysler/Ram is an Italian company now and they are gradually moving business outside of the United States to Italy and China. Sucks for those who want to buy Ameircan but these are facts" - Adam

@Adam: Did you not notice the new Dodge Dart is made in Illinois? If they were to introduce a new car and they were moving their plants, they would have just made the car elsewhere, don't you think? Actually the Dart is based on a built in Italy car, with a differant body and differant line of engines. But they choose to start building in the middle of the states. So much for your idea.

If you actually took the time and walked a Dodge/Ram lot, you would see the 2500 and up are made HDs are made in Mexico as well as single cab 1500s. The Dodge Journey is made in Mexico. The rest are in the states, and they have put money into redoing older plants in the states to use. The rest of the Dodges are made in the states. The quad cabs that were built in Mexico in the 90s and as late as 2001, are now built in the states.

So much for you trying run everybody away from Chrysler with your opinion, or just your made up crap.

By the way, Chrysler is getting back on it's feet. Sales are high. Getting higher. The only ones really down are Durango and a few discontinued models like Nitro, and Jeep compass. Why have two vehicles using the same exact platform, but ones a Jeep, the other a Dodge? Durango was totally redone, and is classy, but just isn't selling. But then, Motor Trend also said it was needing a new trans, as 5 speeds wasn't enough. So they worked on it, but they still choose the high dollar Mercadees. Whatever.

You want to talk smack, there is a Japanese company that has about their second best selling car her, 100% made in Japan. It's called a Prius. That fugly FJ Cruiser is about the same way.

@DWFields--Thank you for expressing how most of us feel. I would call you a Christian based on the teaching of Christ. Many of these evangelic and holier than thou Christians need to ask themselves "What would Christ do?" Christ would not be criticising the victims and the relief effort, Christ would pitch in and help these victims. Good for you DW for helping out those who need help.

@Adam: I meant to say that besides the Rams and Dodge Journey made in Mexico, the rest are made in the states and/or Canada. Alot differant then China and Italy.

hea DWFields: nice way to put it! but I am wondering about something, the picture of oxi's invincible toyota in the driveway, is not the same place as the map of mockingbird ln! oh and isnt that the address of the Munsters? but realy all kidding aside, at the end of the street, has anyone seen tha catch basin? that is only about 4-8' lower than the house, and the house looks like it is built on a slab, what I am getting at is there is a low water table there, and the river is not that far away, all it would take is a realy bad rainstorm and high winds, and ol oxi would do well with a boat! in his BOB!, and all that steel added to the taco would just make him sink into any mud that would no doubt cover the roads. Good luck oxi! don't come looking here for help, we already have our hand full! I live on an island that the storm past right over! I have over 5 trees down, I had to move 2 just for my tennants to get out from the guest house, and I have more loads of branches and crap to bring to the dump;( I'll be busy all week

Wouldn't that F-150 come in handy now, Sandman?

yea, but as the Dakotas is loaded, I am on my way to emty the CHevy! oh by the way, I am in the middle of the last appeal of the dealers and Fords answer>


Don't ever judge me you piece of ....

I have told you and the other IGNORANT folks on here because I prepare for storms and other disastors, I am in a position for search and rescue and assistance while folks like you will be waiting for the government to wipe your rears!

I am also not stupid enough to live on a coast or near a river let alone near sea level!

These folks need to understand the choice of their living is all but their choice and when you live in an area where a simple storm like Sandy can take everything away, the question is why on earth would you live there?


The death and destruction, most of it could have been avoided if folks left the shorelines for their homes and the government built a huge surge barrier, etc...

But then again folks are too busy buying $300-$400 smart phones insteade of buying supplies and having plans in place!

Ignorance is bliss!


I am tired of talking to a twelve year old!

Go away, you offer nothing but BS!

Anything I say, you jump right it and critisize, you are not a very nice person and I am wondering if all foreigners from Canada are like you, a complete ignorant full of hate child!

@Jeff S.,

What would Jesus do?

First he would not reside in the U.S.

The U.S. seperate's church and state and worships the dollar!

Jesus is a socialist!

By the way it was God that sent the storm after these folks, so maybe a message to all of the rich folks that lost their shoreline summer property's?


Stop judging me, you do nt know me, stop being like hateful Lou and others on here!

Stop being part of the ignorant society!

The nearest river is 10 miles away, so again you know nothing and refrain from publishing personal information, this is your last warning, I will prosecute you guys!

Folks, unlike you sheeple I ask questions!

Hard questions like why on earth are folks allowed to live so close to the shore and sea level then screa they need assistance?

Why on earth was not a massive barrier built to prevent this much water from entering the area? What are we spending taxdollars on? Is ot the safety of folks improtant?

Why is the power grid so ancient?

Why are folks so stupid that sat there when they knew a massive storm was coming?

Why did folks not prepare nor have emergency supplies at the ready?

Why do folks spend over $400 for a smart phone yet do not have an emergency supply stash for the safety of their families?

Why do folks spend so much socializing on fcebook, etc... but yet cannot come up with plans of evacuation or have plans of supplies at the ready?

Why are folks so dependent on the government to wipe their rears?

Kennedy aid it best: "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."

Stop waiting around for the governmnt to make decisions for you and feed you, etc... get off your lazy rears and plan ahead!

When you do this than more folks will be a part of the search and rescue and clean up insteade of sitting around for the next handouts!

Why cannot folks live off the power grid? Why do I read reports of folks are going to freeze, do they not have wintr clothes? Yet they have that fancy $300 smart phone!

Ignorance is bliss!

@oxi - you don't understand much about anything other than your Tacoma and your twisted view of reality.
God interviened over 2,000 years ago and we nailed his offer of help to the cross.
Whether or not storms are sent by Him is a matter of debate but I don't believe that for a second. Our response to those in need is what is judged.

Why do people live next to rivers and oceans?
Primarily because that is where most cities were first built.
When our forefathers came to the "America's" they did not have overloaded 4 banger Tacomas. The most expedient way to travel was by boat. They came to the "America's" by boat. Rivers were the freeways of the time.

You cannot prosecute anyone that finds information that is out in the public domain.
YOU posted pics of your truck.
You have a vanity plate with the word "oxi".
YOU posted pics of your house.
YOU posted a pic of your MLS sign.
YOU told us where you work.
YOU told us where you live.
YOU bragged about racing.
YOUR results are a matter of public access.
YOUR name is in the phone book.

YOU cannot prosecute anyone since you put it all out there.

Looks like the zombies know almost everything about you.
YOUR choice.
Just like chosing to live next to an ocean.
Jusy like those storm victims..............





If you do not believe in God


Hey Lou, 9,000 lbs.?

So when did you weigh my pickup? I want to know when you did it?

I also want to know how do you know my pickup so well when you have not driven it once, went off-roading with it once nor seen it fully loaded?

So again where are you getting this information?

Ignorance is bliss and your credibility is lacking!

Are all Canadiens that stupid and ignorant?

Hint: I weighed my pickup and it came in around 5,200 lbs. fully loaded with proper bumpers and skid plates! And yes my payload is 2,200 lbs. whether you like it or not!

I would refrain from personal vehicle attacks when you have not driven mine period! That shows lack of crdibility on your part!

Until you drive my pickup: shut the %^&*up!

Let's ask questions mainstreamers do not because their smart phone is glued to their ear!

These pickups donated by the government and Dodge, you think they will just show up the next day and start work?

Uhhh, no!

You have to process papaerwork on ownership, get a title, get insurance, and plates, that takes time!

And to take away precious resources so somebody can sit in a line getting the title and plates and calling for insurance let alone the lawyers needed to complete the donation transaction is not wise at all!

What was the government and GM doing before the storm?

Wouldn't it be wise to donate during the year so they would have these trucks at the ready to respond with title's, plates and insurance?

This a joke by these companies, looking ofr marketing gains and poaching during a time of crisis!

They have to face God someday!

Again, a lot of people suffering from the storm are not near the ocean or any rivers, and not near sea level. In fact, they are more than double the elevation oxi is at. The damage in my area and surrounding areas was from the wind, not water. Power may not be coming back on until Wedenesday or Thursday night at 11pm. That will be 11 days at that point. That is an OUTRAGEOUS amount of time to be without power - I don't care what happened!

I also don't want to hear it is because we live on the east coast. Storms also happen in Wisconin. Here is just one of many:

Residents in Minnesota and Wisconsin cleaned up Saturday from a fierce storm whose powerful winds toppled trees that killed an 11-year-old girl and injured more than three dozen people.

The storm Friday tore roofs off buildings, blew in garages and left thousands without power. Roads in western Wisconsin were blocked Saturday by fallen trees and debris.

Read more:

Don't you get it?

Pete knows more about geopolitics and economics than any of us. He is a better engineer than anyone at Toyota, and is the best on road/off road/all weather driver on the planet. He can comfortably live through any concevable and inconcevable natural disaster with ease (including floods, fires, eruptions, earthquakes, tornadoes, electricution, and the envelopment of the Earth by the sun), and will be the sole survivor of the zombie apacalypse. He can get by with absolutely zero assistence from anyone else, which means he won't even notice the economic collapse that will doom us all. Also, he can predict the future.

oxi: da Vinci, Shakespere, Nostradamus, Rambo, Caesar, Genghis Khan, Aron Ralston, and Adam Smith rolled into one. Oh, and just a touch of Napoleon (he had an oxi complex)


We do not whine like northeasterners or Chicago folks, we clean up and move on...

By the way if the national media were HQ in Wiscosnin, every storm would be front page news!

Because New York has the national media HQ's near, ofcourse they hype everything up!

Yes, the biggest destroyer in Wisconsin is straight line winds and we get hurricane force winds every year here but guess what, we do not get the problems like in the northeast because we know they hit, and know how to deal with winds like adults!

Nice, you have to search and search for weather stories on Wisconsin but when a simple storm hits the northeast, we all have to hear about it!

We have 4 seasons of outdoor activities here!

Even the temps are zero degrees I will still be hunting out there! Done that before even with -10 below windchills out in the open and forests of winter!

We deal with the weather here, you guys whine everytime a big one hits...we are not even in the mountains and we get blizzards and heavy snow dumped all across the state, we survive every single time, we get hit by massive severe storms and we survive everytime, we get hit by floods from spring thaws and survive because we know how to deal with stuff like this and do not whine to the government about our next meal or look for handouts...

We clean up the mess and than evaluate for federal assistance, we do not whine the next day where is the government!

A tornado ripped through Poy Sippi last year and I was less than 2 miles from where it dropped on patrol... I was the first to enter the town after the tornado clearing debris, powerlines and going door to door...

Guess what within an hour locals were out chopping trees, farmers had their tractors out to clear roads the whole community was out with us removing debris!

We were not screaming where was the government or waiting for handouts!

I had to chop part of a tree so the Sheriff could get is low vehicle around to respond to an incident and as I was assisting, two young kids showed up and asked what they could do to help, so I gave them one of my ax's and we all chopped enough to get the Sheriff through...

Just remember Jamie, if these folks even bothered to have plans in place and supplies ready, this would not have happened!

And living without power for a week? Big deal our forefathers lived with no power!

Like I hve said before if you cannot live without power than you should be preparing to be without power by having plans and supplies or else you will be the first to die!

We can survive a brutal cold up here without power for weeks, can you?

I do not spend $300 on a smart phone, we have plenty of winter clothes, hunting clothes, fresh water and food to stay off the streets for months, do you?

@Oxi: according to, your truck has a 5350 GVWR. Looks like you have 0 payload after you get in the truck, as the payload rating is about 1275.

You might be able to hold 2200 pounds, but it's just not legal.

but then I overload my Ram from time to time, but I know it's MY ASS if I can't handle the thing and get into a wreck because of overwait, that why I make damn sure it can handle it. And it gave me no issues. Drove great being overweight with airbags.

Part of the differance is, mine has a hell of alot more brakes then that little truck. You must be the idiot slowing everybody down on the highway. Mine is underrated.

You're funny. You are gonna prosecute Lou and Sandman? Hey, prosecute me while you are at it, lol! You can't, you get it?

@TRX4 Tom,

You know nothing of my truck, so stop talking out of your rear like a few ignorant folks on here!

My summer trip I had close to 1,800 lbs. payload and drove it 10 hours one way without issues or hesitations!

I have a 5-speed manual ignorant one and I know how to control my vehicles rpm range to keep momentum, I am not twelve like Lou!

Again, I had NO ISSUES with that much payload, my Tacoma performed flawlessly and her brakes were stout in highway traffic in larger city's and NO FADING, again do you know how to drive properly?

I drove my X-Runner at speeds above 130, trust me I know what brake fade is and when to recognize braking issues, geesh are you guys that thick or twelve like Lou?

I have raced in the desert with 35 inch tires with my 86 Toyota pickup with little brake issues, I used a combination of downshifts and braking... how much do folks with hate know how to drive properly?

Do an endurance race in the desert before you speak about brakes with oversize tires on stock braking systems then come talk to me, you kno nothing about performance and when was the last time you took your pickup on a road course and ran top speeds?

Try braking at over 130 with a pickup just 3 feet behind a Vette going into Canada Corner and sticking the turn!

I am not some redneck that goes balls to the wall, I know ho to keep my pickup operating at peak performance and saving things like brakes, tranny's , etc...

My gosh, NONE of you have driven my pickup in its current condition SO STOP with comments like that, you know NOTHING until you drive it!

Oh, Oxi, maybe if the brakes on that little X runner were a bit better, you wouldn't have as hard a time slowing down.

Yes Oxi, I can drive just fine. I can drive racecars, my pickup with a load, or a class A truck. do you think you are the only person to have raced a roadcourse? If I want to really have fun, I don't do it in a pickup wanna be car. I have some Dodge Darts that would embaress your Taco on a roadcourse. you ever heard about the Mopar Action Green Brick Valiant? They pissed off many a high dollar sportscar owner in the One Lap of America. Which I believe ran in your neck of the woods. Supprised you haven't done the one lap. What's the biggest differance between their Valiant and my Dart? They have 3" less wheelbase.

I don't race my truck on a track, it's a 4x4 5500 pound tool that also happens to ride good. You talk of a summer trip, I like my stock truck that went over 2000 miles last summer, and moved a bunch of parts from the west coast to Arkansas, another 2000. The last 800 miles hauling a racecar with atleast 7,000 pounds additional weight. You talk of 10 hours, crap I hauled a 350 Chevy and 700R4 from Washington to Ogden Utah, no issues, cause, um, it's a stock truck and it shouldn't have any issues.

The cops will be the ones looking at you when that top heavy thing gets in a wreck, your fault or not. Tell the cop and the judge about your racing and 4 wheeling experience, it makes no differance to them.

You are the ignorant one. But keep thinking you know it all.

P.S., now that the Bears got their momentum and the fake refs are gone, I am waiting for your Packers to play my Bears! In Chicago. Da Bears... silly cheeseheads

Oxi Bin laden is the only person on the face of the earth that can drive fast or drive an over loaded Tacoma.
That midlife crisis is sure tough on Oxi.
I thought only women had those bad perimenopausal mood and temperment swings.
Oxi has PMS, that explains it all.

Why would any sane person want to drive your Tacoma? unless we are driving it towards a cliff and jumping out at the last second.

I've gone a lot longer than 1,800 miles on vacation.
A buddy and I used to go 500+ miles one way on a hunting trip every year. We'd spend 10 days hunting and fishing and then come back.
That is why I owned a 3/4 ton truck.
I went to Alaska on back roads then came back on the Alaska Highway. I had racked up over 4,000 miles on that trip with a small camperette on the truck pulling my enclosed utility trailer. That was in October. I don`t like bugs and fair-weather tourists.
That is why I owned a 3/4 ton truck.

That is why I currently own a 1/2 ton truck.

You think none of us have any offroad experience, driving experience, or survival skills.......

You seem to be lacking in the most important skill of all - interpersonal or life skills.

You HAVE to be self sufficient when the Zombi Apocalypse comes, if you are like this in the real world, no one would come to your aid.

Wow Lou bpost of the year lol.
@Oxi if your still reading these in Utah the Mormons have a religion wide food stocking and disaster prepardness plans for thems selves. thier religion requires 2 years of stored food. the LDS church even has masive grain silos up and down i-15 with their name on them and churchowned farms . but guess what Salt lake City , Ogden and Provo all sit on a massive fualt that crated the wasach front, they sitin silt from the bed of lake boniville what do you think will happen when an earth quake hits all of their disaster prepardness will be out the window, the federal govenemnet will have to rescue the people of this state. you ask why did Satl Lake get settled, the reason there are several rivers that drain into the great salt lake and the aluvial fan and silt from the recided lake bed made for good farming and the soil was easy to build cannels in. What other posters where trrying to say was that what if you lost your supplies what if while you where at work with your car a tornaddo hit your house and BOTT? and any addtional storage locations you had and you had nothing. you need to be nicer and less bitter if you want help. and your also telling a Canadian i.e. Lou about a bad winter. I have gone skiing in British Columbia, the province where Lou lives and its the only place in the world i have seen a ski area shut down because it was to cold and got too much snow -40 plus wind chill 8 ft of fresh powder. yah Lou doesnt know how harsh a winter is. if i recall he lives in an remote area that doesnt have many paved roads. so he must be self reliant. your pretty ignorant oxi if i where to guess based on what people post on here Lou is proabably much better prepared to survive in the wild than you. get a gas powerd chainsaw and not worry about trees lol than you could drive a road whale in compfort. I have an Iphone 5 that is 64 GB yah its expensive but i have months worth of water and food i have my raptor and an older suburban i have my guns and ammo. all of that stuff is expensive critisizing somebody for getting a $400 dollar phone when compared to alot of survival equipment is pretty cheap. heck most ski jakets run that price range i also have my military winter gear as well. there are natural disasters everywhere in the country from forest fires in the mountain states flooding near the Mississippi, mud slides in california no where is safe and in some case disater can have little to now waring, do you have a plan if you loose everything Oxi, will you ever accept government help if you needed it?

@Carilloskis - I used to spend a lot of time in very remote areas as a kid. My dad worked in some pretty remote areas. I always like the more remote areas too. As I've gotten older I have gotten less adventuristic. I don't currently live in a real remote area even though I am over 500 miles away from a freeway. I guess it is all a matter of perspective.
I always went on the premise that you need to be prepared to do one or a combination of three things: 1. Be prepared to fix what you have if it breaks and/or 2. Be prepared to be stuck in the middle of no-where and/or 3. Be prepared to walk out.
I bet Oxi has never been more than 3-4 hours drive from civilization. All of the 4x4 pics he has posted have been in recreational areas. He's full of sh-t. I've always found that the guys who can actually "walk the walk" don't need to "talk the talk". I bet he will answer with some Baja stories. Big deal - track marshals and safety people run sweeps of the course.
Surprisingly enough, I know a lot of people who don't have firearms. I will bring a rifle if its hunting season but usually I don't. I had an awesome black lab. She was very smart and kept me out of trouble. I have to be much more careful since I had to put her down at 12 years old. My chocolate lab isn't as good at warning me of animals. 3 years ago I was out hiking with the two of them and my black lab was acting nervous, my chocolate never noticed. I spotted a cougar running through the bush. My black lab did settle down so I knew that the big cat wasn't on my ass.
My brother had a cougar track him all day long once, not much you can do when you are a few hours walk away from your pickup. He's been treed by a bear and a moose. I've been luckier. I've seen both and they've gone the other way.
My one buddy is a pilot. He used to carry a desert eagle with him because he had grizzlies get a little too interested in him and his helicopter. After a while he started learning their behavior and got pretty comfortable with seeing them. He often doesn't even bother to bring it along. He loves guns but he hates to hunt.

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