New IIHS Ratings For Full-Size Pickups

2013 Ford F-150 Red II
The first round of half-ton crash testing for 2013 pickups by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is done, and there are some interesting results. 

Each of the four test categories — front with a moderate overlap, side, rollover and rear — are each tested and valued in one of four ways: Good, Acceptable, Marginal and Poor. The results are below:

IIHS chart 2 II

* denotes IIHS 2012 Top Safety Pick



Ridgeline is a full size truck.

Built ford tough that's why is number one pickup in the earth

Ram Guts & Glory cause if your in a serious accident in one your Dead!

Lariat 9907 says: "Built ford tough that's why is number one pickup in the earth" how far in the earth is that buried?

This isn't our new Ram is it? Theirs no way we are rated at the bottom of all tested for rollover crashes. The strength rating is only 63% of what Ford is rated at. There's no freaking way I waited all this time for a new truck and it is designed this weak. I am fuming mad right now.

I had a head on collision with a little old lady who turned in front of me in my 2004 F150. Totaled her car but I drove my truck home. I did have some damage and had to pry the bumper off of the driver side front wheel but the truck ran fine. The ambulance crew who came to pick up the old lady (who thankfully was fine just shook up and in shock) told me that if I had been in a Silverado I probably would have had to take a ride in the ambulance. Don't know it thats true but these guys see this all day long.

This is for 2013.

Fred Diaz the RAM CEO was full of baloney when he said virtually NOTHING was left unchanged. I guess he forgot the roof which Ford updated way back in calendar year 08.

Gregory, the Ridgeline is full-size to some people. You have to consider very vertically-challenged people, such as dwarfs.

The Motard GoatHerder's were right all alone with their advertising slogan.

Guts - alll over the place in a crash

Glory - be to the Lord (on your way to heaven)

Ram - into anything and the first 2 will occur.

Brace yourself for 20 pages of Ford fires.

SO... A three-way tie between Ford, Toyota, and Honda = A picture of the Ford and a headline about..the Ford.

Biased much?

@Jason H. - good catch..... Mike Levine still has some pull around here?

Dodge has the most homoerotic names for their trucks...Big Horn, Long Horn, Long Hauler, even the brand name: RAM...

...not that there's anything wrong with that.

Posted by: Jason H. | Sep 25, 2012 8:58:39 AM

SO... A three-way tie between Ford, Toyota, and Honda = A picture of the Ford and a headline about..the Ford.

Biased much?

-Ford is America's Truck that's why. The only truck from an American company that's actually built in America as well. I'm glad it's front and center. When an American manufacturer that's builds their trucks here is in a 3 way tie with two Japanese manufacturer's, I'd support America first and put it up top too.

Wow - the Ram is dead last?! That's so weird!

At least they're not dead last in resale value, ownership cost, Consumer Reports rankings, and JD Power.

...oh wait. Never mind. The Ram IS last in all categories.

That sucks.

Uh-oh, HEMI V8 is in the first stage of grief:


"This can't possibly be the NEW Ram?!"


What the heck are you talking about ? Just because you think that way doesnt mean everybody else does..You know nobody else thought of what you think of,so you are a real sicko ,pervert and discusting.


Ram 1500 is built in America...Sure the H.D are built in Mexico same as Ford's Diesels,GM trucks,Toyota cars,Ford cars (Fiesta,Focus ect..) Honda,VW,Mazda all have models built in Mexico !

Like most people on this site ,you are clueless...Funny Ford Diesels built in Mexico,Ford cars are all European except the Mustang,even the new vans are European Transit is from Turkey and Econoline is going to be replaced by another euro van...

RC Rams are not built in America. All Ford diesel trucks are made in America.

Like most people on this site ,you are clueless.

Ford diesels are made in Mexico!

Oh well, if I was to get in head on with what ever, atleast my truck would come out winning, while you Tundra people get a steering wheel that comes back about 4 cm, and comes quite a bit down. (The opposite of what should happen) Feel like getting pinned in your Tundra? The Tundra folks think their trucks are so tough. Maybe for once, they will test a crew max while the others test crews, instead of a double cab which is a structural advantage. At least in the roof testing they made sure they all tested crews.

The Ford is weaker in a head on then it was in 04-08 (Shawn has a tough front end on his truck). That's something to get excited about! Have to wonder how the Supercab and Extended cab Chevy do in side impact or roof testing?

Honda? Good side strength, rather weak in a head on. Look up the numbers, not just the ratings.

Chevy? Flimsy on a side impact, weak on front impact. Fold like a tin can. Only reason they did better then Ram in the past is they added the seat side air bag. For a good laugh, look at how much the doors cave in on the Chevy. (well, unless you drive one)

Ram added the seat side airbag for this year. Yeah, they need to work on the roof.

It's funny though, most people don't realize the Ram would clean your clock in a head on.

@ TundraHQ,

Really ? Odd...Try finding a Dodge RAM that is priced lower than a Ford ,GM or Toyota..It's impossible..go out and look at them in person.

JD, Consumers Reports dont take in account the trim level of truck or mileage when they tell you that,you have to find a used low mile same level of trim ..not a base high miler 6 banger RAM vs a low mile Ford Harley model as they do to get accurate price values.

Did you know different parts of the country different trucks are more or less,meaning a Ram costs more in some places than any other truck,and some areas not..Where I am Toyota's dont sell and therefore the cheapest to buy used !! No resale value at all for a Toyota here !

And again odd you say RAM has the lowest resale value,try finding a RAM SRT-10 they are priced higher than any other brand of truck from the same year including low mi diesels...

Again RAM in Canada is the longest lasting truck around and the best selling Diesel around..Even Ford is scared as they now compare the Ford against the RAM in adds ! Toyota not so much,a mere afterthought as they keep breaking down waterpumps as the latest massive recall,as again Toyota pays off consumers reports and other's to give good reviews of their products and its proven as Toyota has 0 reliability.Waterpumps,random excelleration,bad transmissions,bad engines 6 cyl blow up as does Tundra 5.7 Cams ect....Nobody else has major mechanical problems the closest is Honda ! I had an article saying Toyota/Honda pay off journelists/report magazines to say good things about their products,and after working for toyota and even honda dealerships as a mechanic I can assure you they are not reliable,most major problems I have ever seen with a new vehicle were the Japanese ones.

Only the engine is, not the trucks either way the engine is built in house by Ford and the trucks are made in Kentucky.

FLASHBACK: Plant Tour Special: Ford's Kentucky Truck Plant

"But to many conservatives, "Government Motors" is an egregious symbol of an expansionist federal government that wastes taxpayer dollars. GM CEO Dan Akerson has pleaded with politicians and pundits not to use the automaker as a "political football." But that's a tough sell given that GM still owes the government about $26 billion, and it's not clear that taxpayers will ever get all their money back."

@JC - the mechanic - Canadian Ram owner? or Canadian Hemi? Not sure what part of Canada you are from, if you are the current alias for the other 2 names, that would be BC lower Mainland.
I'd have to disagree - Tundra has an excellent resale.
SRT10 - they hold their value because some consider them a collectible.
Quote" RAM in Canada is the longest lasting truck"
DUDE - read the fine print.Same old scam that GMC uses in the USA.
They extrapolate reliability/longest lasting based on registration data. A rusty POS sitting in the back of a farmer's field with plates on it counts as "long lasting" because it is registered. It doesn't mention repairs etc.
"Longest lasting" - since GMC staked out that claim in the USA, Ram staked out that claim in Canada. Ram copying GMC - LOL.
"Best selling diesel" - another year of free diesels. I've seen those adds every year for the last few years. They even advertise no DEF. Do they mention that they burn more fuel than Ford or GMC?
As far as Japanese vehicles go, we all know your opinion of orientals. You must be a blast to be with when shopping in Richmond.

I'll also add if the Ram diesels are free in Canada, are they realy best selling? To be a true sale, money has to be exchanged.

Blah Blah Blah! My truck is better than yours! I can prove it! Read this B.S. I found to prove mine is better than yours! Grow up people! I wish they read your comments before they are allowed to be posted. Most are a bunch of b.s.!!! This site really sucks once you read the brainless comments on here.
Trolls go back to hiding under your rock! If you have something valid to say I say it should be posted. That being said congrats to the Ford for scoring well in the damn test. I drive a Ram and Love it. But I will give credit where credit is do. All the companies have good and bad about them. So grow up people and quit acting like a kid in the school yard!

Good? is that the the top rating? Could mean anything. Acceptable and Marginal sound a bit dicey.

@Robert Ryan
It must be based on the same model that school kids are graded in Australia.

No one is allowed to called a failure.

Information is lacking. Why didn't Titan and Ram do side tests? Maybe they didn't provide enough pickups? Why did Honda and Nissan provide MY 2012s'?


Not really a valid test without actually testing all that there are.

BTW..the Rideline is not a is a CUV at best.

I am very dissapointed in Ram's roof and side ratings. Not testested? What the hec??

love the comment about ford being built in America, you need to goto to Mexico where they build the chevy and Ford frames for all trucks, pretty cool plant to tour

U mad?

If we are going by part content, Ford has the highest American made part content. If we are going by where it is assembled, Ford assembly is all in the US.



Two things I wish would get tested:
1. Aftermarket bumpers hitting factory bumpers or side impact. IE. F150 with a fabfours bumper hitting a 100% OEM F150.
2. Crash tests with trailers hooked up, or the bed full of payload.

@Hemi - Why do front crash tests matter most? And Ram doesn't score any better than the Ridgeline, what do you say to that?

I wonder if this test will be redone soon with Next gen GM trucks, or was this test done with the next gen trucks?

"But to many conservatives, "Government Motors" is an egregious symbol of an expansionist federal government that wastes taxpayer dollars. GM CEO Dan Akerson has pleaded with politicians and pundits not to use the automaker as a "political football." But that's a tough sell given that GM still owes the government about $26 billion, and it's not clear that taxpayers will ever get all their money back."

@Jim, GMC = GovtMoCo. It always will now to most. We sold my wifes Envoy just because of it. Even as a slightly left of center leaning union guy, I just couldn't look at those initials anymore. It doesn't really matter if the money gets paid back or not. And it most likely won't. The damage has been done. We did get her a new Traverse LTZ last week. I hated the old one but this new one is one of the nicest vehicles out there. So it's not that I harbor any resentment towards the company, I just would rather my vehicle's name not be associated with the Government.

Hemi, Matters most? Every accident I have been in is where someone hit me from the side or the rear.

Ford loves government money just as much as GM and Chrysler. Heck Ford owes us 6 billion that they borrowed to refurb their factories and build greener cars. To date they have not paid a penny of it back. I wonder when they will start paying this money back? Perhaps when they pay off the massive bailout bucks that they received from their lenders.

Yeah. Ford loves money, not bailout money.

@Tim: the not tested on the Ram could be because they have added the airbag in the seats, the same one that held them back in the past, the torso.

If you look at the ratings in side impact, the Ram has a pretty good structure, it was only the torso bag holding it back. Compare to Chevy, I believe it gets an acceptable in side impact. Too bad the door caves in to about 5 cm from the center of driver. The Ram is close to the Ford in side structure.

They both have the torso problem but Ram gets a marginal side impact compared to Chevy's acceptable. On side impact, Ram also has an issue with rear head protection.

@ Brian L. : Yeah, Ford just builds a bunch of cars in Mexico, and some Lincolns. They are so AMERICAN as try to make them look. Even a Transit Connect in Turkey, and they will start building in Spain.

Of course, the same salesperson who sells you that F whatever truck will sell Fiesta's, Fushions, (ugliest new car?) and Lincolns. Probably a few more I missed.

Oh, don't fall for that window sticker saying Ford is Most AMERICAN parts content. At 75%, where's the other 25% from?

Atleast the Ram is more NORTH AMERICAN, 67% US/Canadian, and about 22% Mexico.

I can go on about the cars, but I guess you get the idea?

Anybody that thinks the Honda is equal to a Ram in frontal offset is just seeing the overall grade, maybe if they would look here

they could see things like the brake pedal in the Ridgeline comes back about five (5) times as much as the Rams, oh well, atleast the Ridgeline steering wheel goes UP and back, as opposed to the Tundra, down 10 CM and back 4 CM, complete with an A pillar that moves back.

Keep typing, Tom. You are doing a lousy job at defending Ram. Ford, Honda, GM and Toyota appreciate it.


Close is Chevrolet.


So where is the picture of the Tundra?

This once again proves this site is biased towards Ford...

The more advertising dollars from Ford the better and more frequent Ford coverage...

Why is a pickup built in the US better than one built in Mexico?

Believe it or not the automotive manufacturing sector isn't high tech. Most of you are still living with a pre and post WWII era mentality. If the US (and even Australia) had more realistic productivity levels this could improve our competitiveness.

Whe have (or had) the money to improve automation and reduce the number of people to manufacture.

The reality is (historically) the US has on average produced poor quality automotive vehicles. And as I have stated in the past your protective barriers, regulations and UAW induced work practices have aided in the continuation of poor quality products.

Most everyday items we use can be manufactured with the same degree of quality in most any nation on earth. Even tools can be made in most any country with a high degree of quality.

US manufacturing output is improving, but not by productivity as much as your weaker dollar. Is this really an improvement.

Some of you guys have to sit back and reflect on where your country is at the moment. The current generation of people will be the first generation in the US to have a reduced standard of living in comparison to your parents.

Yes, the quality of your locally produce vehicles is improving, but countries like Korea and Thailand produce a better quality product, let alone considering the quality of German or Japanese vehicles.

And most of what you call a foreign or imported vehicle is actually American made, not imported.

So what is wrong with a pickup manufactured in Mexico.

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