October 2012 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

Pair of Fords II
Gains were modest everywhere, with exception of Ram Trucks and Toyota. A lot of that, as you might expect, is likely to be blamed on worry and attention given to Hurricane Sandy as it approached the eastern seaboard, and the resulting destruction for the last several days. No doubt, the impact will be felt for months to come but we're already hearing different solutions from various auto makers, planning to offer different types of incentives to new truck buyers. It's not likely to push the industry over the 15 million unit mark by the end of the year but it will offer total sales somewhere around 14.7 million, with just less than half of those sales being pickups, vans, SUVs, and crossovers. Beyond that, the Big 5 are unchanged but it is mathematically possible that the Tacoma could overtake the GMC Sierra. The next two months will decide.  

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2011
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. October 2011
1 Ford F-Series +10.9% October 2012 56,497 +7.6%
520,230 October 2011 52,511

2 Chevrolet Silverado +1.2% October 2012 38,739 +5.7%
336,939 October 2011 36,656

3 Ram Trucks +20.0% October 2012 25,222 +19.9%
238,815 October 2011 21,037

4 GMC Sierra +5.0% October 2012 14,568 +9.0%
126,749 October 2011 13,362

5 Toyota Tacoma
+29.5% October 2012 12,191 +19.8%
115,063 October 2011 10,172

6 Toyota Tundra +23.0% October 2012 8,086 +24.5%
83,058 October 2011 6,496

7 Nissan Frontier +14.6% October 2012 3,051 -29.1%
47,865 October 2011 4,305

8 Chevrolet Colorado +31.2% October 2012 1,612 -23.0%
34,220 October 2011 2,093

9 Chevrolet Avalanche +24.2% October 2012 2,331 +37.4%
19,480 October 2011


10 Ford Ranger * -66.3% October 2012 74 -99.0%
19,220 October 2011 7,270

11 Nissan Titan +3.0% October 2012 1,582 -25.2%
17,988 October 2011


12 Honda Ridgeline +52.6% October 2012 996 +13.2%
11,225 October 2011


13 GMC Canyon -3.8% October 2012 472 -39.3%
8,090 October 2011


14 Suzuki Equator -15.4% October 2012 135 -33.5%
1,561 October 2011


15 Cadillac Escalade EXT -3.5 October 2012 174 +6.7%
1,522 October 2011


* No longer in production but still being sold.


Another month of more Rams selling then Tundras AND TACOMAS! Plus, neither Tacoma or Tundra have anything new just same old, so you see the Tundras downward tumble! The Tacoma has been improving sales, well, there's alot less midsize competition out there!

That's while Ram barely has any 2013s out so far, no eight speed and no air ride.

Lots of folks waiting for them, but then I am sure somebody here will say that's b.s.! LOL! Whatever!

Still number 1 that tells you something Ford is just the best!!!!

@TRX4 Tom
How is a 29.5% increase year-over-year and 24.5% increase month-to-month equate to a "downward tumble" for the Tundra?

The Ranger will not die!

I think your right by time they bring back the ranger the old ones will still be saling,

Ranger <3 forever.

Nothing new here people.
FORD = #1 truck again and again and again

with all RAMS guts and glory they can't and probably never will match the F-series sales

Ford is the #1 truck just like McDonalds the #1 Hamburger; in sales only.

@ Luke in CO: Let's see; you (this chart) are comparing Tundra to last year, which was a very off year. The earthquake hurt them bad, so any numbers will look better then last years. They pushed 8,086 this last month, and the month before that, 9,338 and before that in August 11,347. 11, 9, 8 thousand, looks like a decline to me? Should I go back to July and see?

Ram on the other hand, 25,222 which is less then last months 25,973 but about the same as Augusts 25,215. That's with people knowing a newer improved model is comming out with an 8 speed and a modern day V-6, a couple of things they have been lacking. Oh, not to mention a new dash, a new center stack, and more safety and a lighter frame that's just as strong. Or the availability of a 6'4" bed with a crew, and a optional air ride that is a first in the segment. Or a major change to the HD's in the powertrain, comming in Feb or so.

As for the Tacoma, it keeps trucking at about the same pace, but there's nothing new there, and now full size buyers will have yet another choice of a full size truck that beats a midsizes mileage, and capacity (and looks too!)

What part of Colorado? I've lived in Colorado Springs, it was pretty good.

@HEMIs suck: Nothing but the new Rams are not out yet, and people are learning the truth about the Ecoboost. How they are gonna / are having more issues then Ford knows what to do with. Plus, Ford doesn't have much new for this year, just a few more pencil whipped ratings! And afancy trim package or two, which they already had plenty fancy packages.

I really should change my name to 6.2 Ford Sucks, or "the 5.0 is over rated in a truck, because of it's transmission gearing"

So what if the Rams don't out sell the Fords right away; atleast buyers have another choice, and a truck that actually will get better mileage.

I told you Ram wouldn't take out anyone. Fiat-Ram are still solidly in 3rd with only 2 months to go.

Considering that:

1) Ram sells an awful lot of fleet units (about 40% fleet, according to Automotive News)

2) Ram and GMC both sell at least as many HD trucks as the do half tons

The Tacoma's sales figures are pretty incredible. It's a safe bet that more real individual consumers buy Tacomas than Ram 1500s or GMC 1500s.

Every time these reports come out only ONE TRUCK COMPANY leads the rest! Guess who FORD! Time & time again! The others are just envious! Ford trucks sell the most because they are the best period!

I guess we know where all those Ranger buyers went when Ford killed it off , way to go Toyota and Nissan .

Hey Jon, just watch the sales in about three months. When Ram has there goods out in the 1500. Or in 6 months after the HDs are out with better engines.

I see these $8000 off GMC 1500 commercials, lol, then they say you get a full year of XM, lol you get a full year of Sirius with a Ram anyway.

Ram is hanging on ok, knowing the better settups re right around the corner.

GM darn near gives the trucks away like candy at a parade, they are so busy moving NEW 2012 trucks that are overproduced.

YOUR on crack TOM . our replacement vehicle for work is a fiat hemi screw 3.92 gets 14.3 avg wheres the 20 avg ? put anyweight in it or behind it . get the picture ?

this is what's in the shop for the 6th time since we got it this JULY


Always 3rd place lol

Inventories of Canyons, Colorados, and Rangers are almost completely depleted so their numbers will continue to go down and as a result year to date sales will decrease. Most of the other truck sales look good and hopefully this is a positive indicator that the economy is continuing to recover.

To the Ram fans. The 2013 web site is up and running but is somewhat incomplete without mileage #s for the hemi or the 8 speed availability.

@TRX4 Tom

I dont get why you are bashing Toyota? They didnt make the Tundra to compete with the big 3. They made it as another option, just like Nissan with the Titan. With the Full-size market the way it is, they would be dumb not to make a full-size. And the Tundra and Titan arent their respective bread-and-butter sellers, they are still bringing in money for the brands.

@TRX4 Tom
I agree the recovery from the earthquake has probably helped sales, but I think you should have qualified your earlier statement with that opinion. As for the numbers themselves, seasonal fluctuations (that can vary between manufacturers) mean comparing Oct sales to Sept sales are meaningless. You have to compare each month with the same month the prior year. Tundra sales were up in October, September, August, and July month-to-month.

I'm on the northwest side of Denver, but have spent a fair amount of time in the Springs and always enjoyed my time down there.

I agree there is no substantive reason to rag on the Tundra, but to say Toyota wasn't aiming squarely at Ford, Chevy, and Dodge is naive. Did you watch any of their ads when the Tundra debuted in 2007?

@Luke in CO

Of course I watched their commercials. What do you expect them to say? If you are not going to tout your product, why sell it? I'm sure they wanted sell better than they did. But to think that they would unseat Ford or GM would be pure arrogance on their part.

Cory, sounds like you are on crack. Lets see, you post a recall about a Jeep that was out half a year ago. Should I go HEMI V-8 on you and post the link to Fords third recall of the 2013 Escape, and it's not even close too 2013 yet? Nah. That's not me. But if you want to go there....

I have a Ram myself. Since you work the railroad it sounds like you been hanging out with Casey (Cory Jones??) Jones too much (Driving that train, high on cocaine, Casey Jones you'd better, watch your speed!) Sounds like you folks probably ledfoot it. I don't know how you drive it. Are you driving it 65-70 on a flat ighway, without flooring it, or on the gas, off the gas, idling excessively? I don't know Cory. I know I can get 18.5 plus miles per gallon in hilly area at 65 mph with some tools in the back, driving smooth. That's a 4x4 quad cab with Good Year AT/S tires, the kind that have one more ply on the sidewall then an FX4 can have, and not some damn Hancook Dynopro or Good Year SSA tire that has a very highway oriented tread. Yeah, city mileage sucks, I have seen the 12s in city and very cold weather. Hard to really say what I can get city on a good day, as my so called city driving or around town is in a very hilly area. But most V-8s generally suck at actual around town driving. Maybe I can drive around Springfield Missouri for you to get an idea on city mileage. Since it is flat there in town.

Well, I guess if yours in in the shop for the 6th time, one of three things is happening. 1. It's a lemon. 2. You run the hell out of it. 3. You can't maintain it for crap.
Or maybe number 4. You lie.

My 2010 had a battery just go bad, a 38 month old one. Some last 6 or 7 years as my friends 2005 Ram 3500 did, some don't last. I could be getting a battery from the same battery distributer Ford or Chevy or Toyota has?

I bitched about my tow haul staying in 1 to 1 gear (just let me know when I get too complicated with shop talk) for too long, but that's what tow haul does. I would rather just put it in 5th gear (.75 overdrive) and tow, and it does better for me, and I have no slipping, no banging into 1st gear when slowing (like another brand of trucks that has that issue) no shuddering, and certainly no stalling!

My key fob can be a pain in the ass to open the doors. The truck, or the key fob? I am getting new batteries tommorow. I'll find out.
Maybe you folks like to abuse stuff, or hot rod around. I like flooring it once in awhile, but I know I can get my kicks out of racing a 425 HP 3200 pound 1970 Dart alot easier.

Yes, I have put a load behind my truck and in it. I dragged over 7,000 pounds of racecar and parts pack from Colorado and got over 10 MPG at 70 MPH in the southwest Missouri hills and 11+65 MPH in Southest Kansas. 800 plus miles. Not bad for having A/T tires. the racecar sat a few inches nose high due to needing a new crossmember. It also had a lexan windshield, I don't know if you have ever seen a Dodge Dart, but the windshield angle wasn't made for less wind resistance in 1969. It also doesn't have some nice purty Monte Carlo or Mustang aero nosepiece, so the car caught some wind.

Actually, the whole trip was over 4,000 miles to Washington state and back. No issues.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it, CORY JONES!

@WhOUbU: just rednecking the Toyota folks! Like last month, when hemi lol came on here and said that Tundra and Tacoma are cathing Ram, I told him he can't do math too well!

But hey, everybody makes a mistake. I screwed up and thought Tundra lugnuts were tiny, Appearantly not.

But you can bet him ( or her?) will come back with something. Of course, Tundra HQ always tries to slam the Rams.

Give and take.

Exactly, they directly compared the Tundra to other full size trucks on the market, thus trying to show their trucks compete with those from the Big 3. Toyota wanted to get in on the lucerative full size market and the way to do that was take on Ford, Chevy, and Dodge, show they could build a truck just as good if not better than the Big 3, and steal some of their customers. So far results are mixed; the Tundra is certainly a capable truck but sales have not met publicly stated sales goals.

Wait tell Tundra gets a new makeover it will be gunning for the Ram . The new GMC comes out it will be gunning for the Ram and i hope it knocks it right out of 3rd place. The Ram sells half of what Ford sells and yet its better lol so funny . The mopar queens are in lalala land

Luke, you don't think they were aiming at Dodge, Ford and Chevy, with adds like "Tundra, the truck that's changing it all" Or there comparison of transmisson fluid usedin so many years or miles? I'm kinda skeptical about a truck that you can go what distance without changing trans fluid. Maybe because my brother in law has a trans shop and he preaches "change the fluid!"

If you look at the dimensions, you would seeit was aimed towards Dodge. A 5.7 engine target, a double cab with proper doors about the same size as a Dodge quad cab, a Crewmax about same as the Megacab, and Ram had a long bed available with quadcab before. Heck, the front end! can you say copy? But with more valves and better spaced transmision ratio.

Ride about like an pre 09 Ram too.





Just out of curiosity.
What do you drive more often. Harley or F150.

HEMI V8, does your mangina hurt because your RAM isn't catching an severly outdated Silverado in sales. Fords drop in CR has nothing to do with their truck line. It all boils down to the MTF and the 6 speed DCT shuddering issues and a few launch issues on the Escape. There have been no Escape fires. What does Dodge have to compete with anything Ford sells anyway................um NOTHING.

Just wait.....just watch. Shaking my head. These Fiat-Ram nerds , George Constanza types, have been puffing up their chests, talking down to us for years. They are still in 3rd place. Chevy is selling 100,000 more than Ram. See I told you so. Just wait....

HEMI V8 MOTARD: Funny you should say that: Ford dropped out of the Minivan competition, didn't they? There isn't much competition there. Toyota builds one, but their numbers don't stand up to well when you compare them to the Caravan, or the fact Chrysler Town and Country sells alot of minivans. Soon they will discontinue the Town and Country, and the Caravan will get much higher numbers. As it is, when you buy a VW minivan you get a Chrysler minivan, kinda like the Suzuki Frontier. Why bother? I am sure Lou might chime in cause he had a bad time with one, and now drives the Toyota. Bad vehicles can be built by any manufacturer. That was how long ago?

What was the issue, or issues, Lou?

My dad and step ma had 4 Dodge minivans, from the start in 80s witha 2.5 four banger to the last being an 03, I believe. ONE (1) problem in all those over 20 years: a bad trans in the 03 one at 75,000 or so miles.

Does Ford even have a car in the class the Chrysler 300 and Charger are in? They are picking up sales. I know Impalas are loosing sales.

The Dart is picking up speed, it's only been out about 3 months and not all models are even out, but it's off to a good start.

Chrysler is picking up. You can think what you want, numbers don't lie. So is Toyota. Ford and GM, not picking up as much, more so maintaining.

Does Ford even have a car to compare to the Fiat 500? Oh, maybe the Siesta, oops, Fiesta. Laugh if you will, people are buying gas savers. I sat in one myself but I wasn't comfortable in it, it doesn't fit me.

TRX4 Tom. Yes Ford did drop out of the minivan market where it is controlled by Dodge, Toyota and Honda. I would take a Toyota or Honda over a Dodge any day of the week. Not to say the Dodge line is not good, I just prefer the styling of the other 2 better. Ha.....Fiat 500, I could stuff one of those in the back of my F250. Dart is a nice piece, but still not up to the Japanese brand standards, and the sales will show it. Never seen one from the back. My Si is always out front. Charger is OK, but they really FU the 300 FMC. Ruined a real nice looking car.

Well, that could be you never seen a Dart cause the SRT version is not out yet. There is a turbo 1.4 liter, I believe, that is out, but that's not made to be an all out racer.

A Honda Civic? Don't ya gotta rev them to the moon to get them moving? No thanks. I remember they pitted the Civic against my brothers 2007 Golf GTI and they pretty well said the Civic cornered a bit better but couldn't get moving near as fast, and the Honda had NOTHING on the Golf when it came to interior. They pretty well said the Honda interior was not as liveable.

Japanese brand standards? I am not gonna retype what I said in the Ford Consumer Reports thread, but I will say Motor Trends December mag said the Camry was boring and a cheaply built car. There you have it, the best selling car, with a dome light comming appart, high standards! Japanese brand quality is not all it's CRACKed up to be! Pay for a Toyota van, you will pay more. we already had this discussion about Consumer Reports being ignorant.

I know, you could stuff a Fiat 500 in your truck, but you sure can do alot more driving with a 500 for about half the price. nobody expects it to pull a heavy trailer, just transportation.

My boyfriend HEMIV8 loves my TRX4. It sure does hold up good. We tested the back seat to make sure. We even got 100 mpg in it siting in a parking lot once. YAY RAM!

oh look, Tacoma sales are up almost 20%. yeah, that small-truck market sure is drying up isn't it. better get out now Toyota!LMAO!!!

The SRT4 does look interesting, but that RT with the 184 HP is a joke. My Si makes that at the wheels. Yes is revs 8250 to be exact. You have obviously never experienced Honda i-vtec before. The K20 is a fantastic engine. Isn't that Golf awd? Not a real comparison as my civic will still be running strong well after that Golf is recycled. I will agree with your opinion of the Camry. There are many better sedans out there, but I will say Dodge (insert any) is not one of them. Too many years of bad quality and boring products not counting the RAM trucks, which I do like even though HEMI V8 et all make it very hard with their usless RAM banter.

A major part of that increase is due to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Toyota's factories were hobbled by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011, leaving it short of Tacomas and Tundras in the U.S. But now it is has recovered, and is building more trucks. Thus sales go up.

@Jeff S.,

Who says the economy is recovering?

Standard of living in terms of household earnings is back to 1989 levels... you call that a recovery?

What about national debt at over $16 trillion... you call that a recovery?

If we are in a recovery why is the private Federal Reserve Bank printing $40 billion a month and sending that into the economy?

You better wake up to the reality that things are not recovering! We have been downgraded and will never get back up to that level again!

For those that keep ripping on the Toyota Tundra, the most reliable full-size on the market, here is a little 900hp version driven by champion off-road driver Johnny Greaves from Wisconsin on the Crandon, Wisconsin legendary off-road track!


Listen to that Toyota sing at full 900hp output!

@ oxi

My TRX4 Ram will smoke that 900hp Toyota Tundra race truck, and get 50 MPG doing it while hauling a race car, and all my boyfriend HEMIV8 play toys we use one eachother! We love are Ram head shaped play toy it really gets us off mmmmm!

Hemi V-8 MOTARD, no, I never rode in a Si, I do have two friends that have them, we talk smack at work.

The Golf is a FWD, 6 speed manual (my brothers is) Once in awhile we go to the VA hospital in Little Rock, he let's me drive it, takes little effort to get it going. Hardly any shifting in some steep hills. He tells me drive like I stoled it! Just look out for the po po and don't be a damn ass inconsiderate driver.

What? Boring? SRT-4 Neon? I had a 2003, lots more torque than an Si, not boring, but my Viper seats were great for a 1 hour drive, after that, forgetabout it! I know the Neon wasn't known as a good crash test car, kinda poor compared to Hondas, Focuses...

You can go out to many a SCCA autocrosses and see Neon R/Ts kick butt, that's just the 2 liter four valve twin cam earlier lighter cars. Where I autocross there is an R/T that ussually is at the top.

Further back, ever heard of a R/T Spirit? For a long time it held a record for most horsepower per inch, with a 224 HP 2.2 twin cam Lotus head. As well as Daytona R/T.

Further back? Omni Goes Like Hell! 2.2 L turbo, 146 up to 174 hp. I have the 174 horse 2.2 in my Daytona, but then that's over 400 pounds more weight. Mopar Action Magazine surprised many a foreign jobber cars in the One Lap of America with both a Omni and a Spirit R/T.

I don't know of many high mileage HIGH POWER Hondas. Most folks just strap a fart can muffler on them and go, I am sure they corner great though.

My ex and I looked at the Honda SUV, whatever it is. They wanted too much for new and way too much for used. Then when I looked to buy a new four cylinder car to drive when my truck is not needed for hauling to save some gas, the joker in Fayetteville Arkansas Honda didn't want to come down much. He also started acting like he knew what gas prices were going to do, in fact they dropped instead of going up, at the time. I told him I was shopping Camry, well, a 96 model. 33 mpg, boring.

Oh, and I had a friend in high school that had an early 80s Prelude, lots of fun one night. We had a friend that was flat drunk ridding in the back yelling out what speed to hit the next corner. He knew the road and drove Civics. The crap we did.

That's my Honda experience.

Oh well, I just need a new Garret Turbo and a few small thinks and the ol Daytona will fix that boredom! Too many irons in the fire!

I musta pissed off Cory or Harley f-150. Somebody likes posting in my name. Oh well, both of them are a couple of trolls. Neither really can talk sense. Probably one in the same. Lol.....

Cory, Harley f-150 come play with me in my junk ol Daytona. We can play hide the tubro!! That means we can burn rubbers if you know what I mean wink wink!

@Oxi; Never mind the troll posting in my name. Of course my 5500 pound 390 hp truck has nothing for old Johnie Greaves. 900 horsepower? What's the basic specs on that engine? You are kinda going where HEMI V-8 goes, always talking about the top fuel hemi. Great, I like the top fuel Hemi, but what does it have to do with what's in my truck? Next to nothing. Just like that link, that engine has next to nothing to do with a stock I-Force Tundra.

And 900? Did they make up that number or did you? It's like the commentaters on the Nascar race, seems it was only 750 hp a couple yeas ago, now all the sudden they say 800+. Whatever. I know World of Outlaw engines are well over 800, they also don't have a 358 size limitation and likely won't last 600 or 700 miles.

Last time I watched that series of racing old Johnie couldn't pass the Ram with his so called Tundra, so drove right into him and jacked up his truck. Before that he had nothing for the so called Ram Red Bull #1 and the #28?

How does that relate to a 381 hp 4 valve engine?

Ram is doing a good job making gains, but I don' think they will catch Chevy anytime soon unless they come out with a new Dakota, or miniRAM, or whatever they are calling it now. A solid mid sized showing from Ram would really do a number on Taco and Frontier sales, and would add quite a few sales to Ram's total numbers. I wonder what the slack capacity is for all of Ram trucks. I am willing to bet that it is nowhere near 100K units, and they can't catch Chevy until they can at least build as many trucks as them. It will either take many more years or introducing a new mid size truck that really makes an impact on that demographic.

@Harleyf150 - Consumer Reports didn't seem to think Ford was #1. All of the sudden, that comparison to Big Mac's is close. #1 with crappy products.

One can be critical of CR, but other than JD Power - no one reports reliability. Would anyone trust the rants of fanboi's or anti-fanboi's ?

@TRXTom - IIRC, Chrysler is actually considering killing the Dodge Grand Caravan and keep the Chrysler Town and Country. The reason is the T&C sells for more money which means better margins. The public has gotten used to deep discounts with the Caravan line. That was one reason why my wife and I purchased a Grand Caravan.
As far as problems go:
the rear hatch needed a new latch every 18 months like clock work. The drivers door window motor failed twice, the passenger side failed once, the lifters needed replacing at 55,000 miles, the brakes rarely lasted more than 25 - 30K miles and the rotors needed to get replaced almost every time the brakes did. The rear drums were replaced a few times too. Some stuff, well, just wears out like tie rod ends and ball joints. Funny to hear Rambo go on about fire recalls when it was recalled for a fire risk. The heater some how would cause condensation to build in the stereo and eventually would cause it to short out. I did notice the smell of burnt solder shortly before we got our recall notice. There was a recall on the power steering hose. There were several problems with the throttle linkage. Funny to hear some guys slag Toyota for its "runaway" problem. The right tail light developed some odd shorting problem that no-one could figure out. The transmission often would shift extremely rough, again - funny to hear guys say the Ford 6 speed shift rough. It was also starting to rust pretty bad. Oh, the lug nuts were worn out and Dodge wanted an outrageous amount of money for new ones. THe A/C was also on its way out at the end. Those are the problems that come to mind, I am sure that I've missed a few other problems.
We kept it 7 years and it had 140,000 miles on it when were traded it off. We kept it that long because the warranty covered a large chunk of it and once repairs were going to cost as much as new car payments we got rid of it. We got 1,300 dollars for it. That was what I got for my 15 year old rusted to sh-t F250.
I could say that it was a lemon, but the interesting thing was that we knew 2 other people with the same model as ours and they had similar problems (except maybe the lifters).

Our 2010 Sienna had a notice out on the spare tire cable but ours was inspected and found to be one that didn't have that problem. The only time it has been inside a shop was for oil changes and flat tire repairs.
My 2010 F150 hasn't had any problems either. The only time one could say that it shifts rough is only in the winter and I don't let it warm up enough. The only place it has a rough shift when cold is when I take my kids to school. There is a long steep hill close to my home. Its fuel efficiency mapping puts it into 6th under light load at 40 mph. I hit the hill and it shifts down roughly but only that initial downshift and like I said - only when I haven't let it warm up. It will also have a +/- 100 rpm fluctuation at steady state speed when cold outside and truck not warmed up as I drive on flat ground at 40 mph in 6th. The truck doesn't do it when warmed up. When I say cold out, it has to be below freezing.

Okay tom let me hide my pole first. I wanna hear you yell ;) in my awesome taco! toyota

@TRX4 Tom
You do know that Toyota is the most conservative (boring) automaker dont you? So what does that mean to you well that means that 5.7L 32Valve DOHC V8 is very conservatively tuned (probably why toyota locked the ecu) unlike the the 5.7L Hemi which has more power in the Ram 1500 than other applications. Also remember Chrysler has made it so you can't add FI to the 5.7L Hemi since 2011 or around their probably because if you do it will throw a rod. Did you really think Toyota would warranty my 504hp/550lb ft if it was at the engines limit on stock forged internals? http://www.tundrasolutions.com/forums/tundra/193093-dyno-trd-supercharger/

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