SEMA 2012: Day 3 Truck of the Day

Power Wagon 3 II

By Larry Edsall

Three-and-a-half years ago, Winslow Bent was laid off his job at a restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyo., and was, as he puts it, “devastated.”

He was at home in his garage restoring a Dodge Power Wagon, lamenting to his wife this sudden change in his work life. 

“What am I going to do now?” he asked her.

“You’re already doing it,” Andrea replied. “Just get an ‘open’ sign.”

More dumbfounded than anything, Winslow did get a sign and parked one of his Power Wagon projects out front. It wasn’t long before someone stopped by and wanted to buy it.

Soon, “I had to get a shop and hire an employee, and then two and three and a bookkeeper,” said Bent, who now employs 14 people at Legacy Classic Trucks, which specializes in Power Wagon restorations and conversions.

Bent grew up in the Chicago area, where his father collected classic cars. Winslow raced and restored cars, earned a degree in business and communications from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colo., and at some point he became a fan of Dodge’s classic work and military trucks. He searches throughout Wyoming, Montana and Idaho for donor bodies, and he has a knack for finding trucks that were used by potato farmers, telephone companies, even fire departments, and pulling them out of fields and back to his garage.

There, the bodies are restored and mounted over new running gear and modern components.

Clients can select a regular or extended-cab configuration or even a four-door architecture, pick a gasoline or diesel engine, manual or automatic transmission, and various other components.

Power Wagon 1 II

“A lot of our clients aren’t car people,” Bent said as he stood next to the four-door Power Wagon he has on display at the SEMA Show this week in Las Vegas. “Primarily, they are second-home owners who want something to complement their ranch.”

But, he adds, even though clients want the look of the old Power Wagon, they also want a vehicle than can cruise comfortably and quietly down the interstate.

He said the example he brought to SEMA gets 23 mpg from its 3.9-liter Cummins turbo-diesel powertrain and can cruise along at  75 mph, but it also has a 100:1 reduction gear, a 16,000-pound winch mounted up front and a 12,000-pound winch at the rear, should an owner ever want to venture far away from pavement.

Features incorporated into the Legacy restorations include four-wheel-disc brakes, air conditioning, power steering and leather interiors.

Bent already has sold completed Power Wagons to people who live in the U.S., Canada and New Zealand, and he just started working on his 25th Power Wagon restoration.

He’s had such unexpected success with Power Wagons that he’s also starting to take on clients who want other classic trucks, including a Willys and an old Chevy Suburban.

Power Wagon prices start at $120,000. The truck on display at SEMA is a $185,000 unit.

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Power Wagon 2 II



Awesome truck and worth every dime. Thanks for the article. My next truck is going to be a power wagon.

No more than $50K

Now THAT'S a truck. Great story.

man that thing is sharp, if I had 120K that I had no other use for, this would be tempting.

I would buy it, I have seen these things plow fields and dig ditches you can do all kinds things with these trucks


I'd love to see that in a commercial like the old Ford comm. they could have one of their PW climbling a hill carrying a tacoma, and pulling a tundra!

GREAT...great success story!

Now...I am a FORD guy...but these old PW are totally wicked cool. I'd buy one in a minute...if I could.

Congrats Winslow and Andrea Bent! You both deserve it.


So, what if Jeep was to sorta copy the body style, make it a bit more tame, lower it some, and work some on aero, like a Challenger looks alot like a 1970, but the aero is a hellalot better, People would buy it!

I would conside buying one with a penstar with a 6 speed manual 4 door call it a jeep if you have too through front and rea lockers some 33" tires call it good.

Now thats a truck!!!!!!

You would have to be out of your mind to pay $185,000 for this truck. But most Dodge owners are out of their mind for buying a Dodge in the first place. I remember back in the 1970's when my brother hooked up his 1972 Cheyenne Super half ton pickup butt to butt with a Dodge Power Wagon like this and pulled the Power Wagon backwards for about 30 yards. The owner of the Power Wagon did not know what to say. Horsepower over weight ruled out that day.

OH WOW GREGGY!! How IMPRESSIVE! What was the Gear ratio??? A POS Chevy CANNOT do that in 2012! A POS Chevy can't even go offroad!! LOLOL!! Nice torsion bars and Low Slung Frame dork. Nice wheel well openings on that new heap of crap too!! LOL!

@Greg, Check out these numbers. 426 Legacy Magnum V8, MPI, 425 HP
3.9 Liter Cummins Turbo-Diesel, 480ft/lbs Torque
Engine Specifications, Dodge Power Wagon (1946 model — 230 cubic inches) 6 cylinder
Bore x stroke: 3.25 x 4.625
Compression ratio: 6.7:1
Horsepower @ rpm: 94 @ 3,200
Torque @ rpm: 185-lbs.ft. @ 1,200

A Tug of war proves nothing, I have seen Rangers pull HD Trucks. It's a drivers race!

@ Carilloskis: You do know the Wrangler already does that--rides 32"ers stock and drives remarkably well. I don't have the Pentastar and can easily average 21-22mpg on the freeway. The ride is good, the soft-top remarkably quiet (compared to TJ and older models) and it hasn't been stopped by any weather or terrain I've dared to face so far. (Rousch Creek, Pennsylvania.)

Finally some offroad trucks!

my taco pulled out a dodge power wagon like this one see!

Neat truck and great story. It is great to take a hobby and make it in to a successful business and bring these great old trucks back to life. Thanks Larry for a great story.

Surprised no ones jumping on the 3.9 Cummins as a possibility for the 1/2 tonne segment. Would love to see it. Maybe one day.

about the only Dodge I would drive... Awesome truck!

Nice truck but 185,000?? There is a company featured a while back that does the same thing with old Toyota Land Cruisers. I watched a Jay Leno's Garage episode with an old school Bronco. Those trucks were as pricy as this.
One could buy a Raptor, PowerWagon, and Tacoma Baja plus have change for quads, dirtbikes, streetbikes, and sleds or buy the 3 trucks and give the left over cash to the wife so she doesn't spend all her time complaining about the three trucks you just bought. LOL

@Lou: The company you are talking about is ICON Trucks. ICON vehicles start around $120,000, and go all the way to $220,000 depending on what you want. Like this truck, most of the truck is all new, just the VINs and such are kept.

Also, most people with $180000 for a truck have millions to keep the wife happy anyway. The second home was probably the wifes gift in the first place. IF not, still millions.

@Marcus - true and a gardener to keep the wife happy in that second home.

As one of the classic truck contributors on, I can tell you that this truck is worth every penny of its $185K price. How do I know this you ask? I drove the truck tonight after a photo shoot tonight just after the SEMA Show closed Friday night.

Having driven all sorts of automotive exotica over the last 15 years, I can honestly say that nothing I've ever driven, with the exception of a Ford GT at Le Mans, has induced such a grin as pulling out of the Hard Rock Cafe tonight behind the wheel of this unbelievable truck.

Talking with Winslow Bent we drove down Paradise Road, I turned to him and said, "Let's find an eighties Toyota Corolla to run over." He simply smiled.

For a preview photo of my upcoming PUTC feature on my all-too-short drive of the Legacy Power Wagon, take a look at the teaser image at:

At 7,000 pounds, with a top speed of 85 mph, and able to return 23 mpg at normal highway speeds, the Legacy Power Wagon represents a new alternative in owning a hand-built, bespoke vehicle. The workmanship of the crew cab body was flawless with levels of fit and finish that would rival an imported sports sedan. I hated to hand back the keys to Winslow but I had to start to drive home.

I'm looking at taking Winslow up on his offer to visit Legacy Power Wagons at their home in Jackson Hole, WY. What a great way to combine work with a ski vacation this winter.

@Rich Truesdell - I will never get to play in that millionaire ballpark. It is a nice truck but it is only worth 185,000 if you are willing to pay that much money for it.

@lou I don't think it's a matter of playing in any ballpark. The truck I drove belonged to an owner who allowed Legacy to display it in their SEMA Show booth.

While most of us will never own a $185K vehicle, be it a Ferrari or a Legacy Power Wagon, there are people of means who can. And this unbelievable truck gives these people just another choice of what they can buy.

This is a totally coachbuilt truck, much like any exotic vehicle. Just think about all the work that went into building the cab and the fabricating the pickup bed? And at the show, as Mark asked me to get undercarriage shots, I rolled under the truck (it's so high up that it was easy given the 42-inch wheels) and saw up close, all the work that went into the truck, especially the drivetrain.

You'll see all this in a few days when I get the feature pulled together for

@Rich Truesdell - I appreciate quality workmanship. It is easy to spot. I have no doubt that the quality in this truck is superb. I'm a pragmatic - unless you are wealthy, it isn't financially feasible and therefore not worth it to me.
I enjoy your stories and keep them coming.
No disrespect meant.

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