SEMA 2012: Day 4 Truck of the Day

Survivor Truck 2 II
(photo by Evan Sears)

By Larry Edsall

You may know the word “survivor” as an older pickup truck that has not been restored, but rather preserved in as much of its original condition as the wear and tear of years on the road has permitted.

This story isn’t about one of those.

This story is about the Survivor Truck, but that’s survivor as in surviving nuclear, biological, chemical or any other sort of warfare, or even famine and pestilence, for that matter.

Jim DeLozier, who says he’s a “security consultant,” built and brought this truck to the SEMA Show. It's a truck meant to be as secure as anything anyone likely has ever built.

Beneath the 360-degree protective cage, armored sniper platform, command and communications center with full Faraday cage, and assorted storage compartments is a Chevrolet C-70, but one with an engine modified to run on a variety of fuels.

DeLozier says the truck carries enough freeze-dried food and has its own water purification, generation and desalination systems to enable his family to live for as long as two years well off the grid, producing the electricity it needs via solar and mobile generators. 

Survivor Truck 1 II(photo by Evan Sears)

Or, he says, the truck can become a barracks for a 12-person team.

For camping, the unit has air conditioning, heater, toilet, shower and 4,135-watt solar panel. There also is a fold-out tent, 360-degree thermal-regulated camouflage net system and a medical kit. The truck even carries an electric-powered ATV.

Air inside the vehicle is filtered against various contaminants, but the truck also has gas masks, chemical suits, night-vision cameras, self-contained breathing apparatus and other survival necessities. The truck, even its lights, is bulletproofed.

DeLozier said it took six months to built this prototype, but he expects to be able to produce customized duplicates in about 60 days. Pricing will range from $100,000 to $600,000, depending on the gear you need and whether you already have a donor truck for the base.

Survivor Truck 3 II



now thats a TRUCK!

Mmmmmmmm me and my BF TRX4 tom will love this all the Mopar boys will be heading our way. Our little yorkie dog Richard looking out the window awww so cute Mmmmmmmm .I want to marry you Tom i am so excited

Any second now oxi will tell us all how much better his Tacoma is than this C-70.

Have it run on used motor oil that you can salvage along the way...need one in my pole barn, very nice.

Those old Chevy's like that were awesome. It's cool to see a sfa under the bowtie like that again.

They should have based this truck off of a Power Wagon if they wanted a real truck!


The dude went over crazy with all his gear on it lol

Needs a lower Zombiecatcher out front.

We had a C-70 4X4 at work. It was a beast!

I would like to see ramp degree numbers, etc... because it looks tipsy...

Breakover angle is lagging with that large tank in the middle and proper bumpers are needed...

A U.S. Marine MTVR with Cat C-12 and fully independent suspension would be ideal, 7.5 tons off-road payload!

Otherwise a fine vehicle from a fine man that is thinking unlike the 99% of society that is sleeping!

Keep waiting for your government handouts when the shtf, you will be dead in no time!

They should have based this truck off of a Power Wagon if they wanted a real truck!


Posted by: HEMI_4U | Nov 2, 2012 10:01:42 AM
What in the world is it with all the Ram advertising? You've got to be kidding me that you actually believe a Power Wagon could compete with a C70.

My RAM is so much more better then this truck, cause i got a 390 hemi that get 100mpg and 5 gears.

I can haul more race cars, and race car parts in my RAM then this truck. I can even sleep in the back seat of my RAM with my boy friend HEMIV8, and have more room then this trucks camper because my truck is a RAM! My RAM probably has a better crawl ratio too. I could stop 60-0 in 5 feet with my RAM, this truck won't stop in a 1,000 feet. I COULD TAKE MY RAM PUT THE HEMI ENIGNE IN BACKWARDS AND WOULD OUT RUN ANY OTHER TRUCK ON THE ROAD IN REVERSE BE CAUSE IT'S A RAM! P.S I LOVE MY RAM TAIL PIPES WHEN ITS WARM!!

Nice! Should put it to work in NY or NJ maybe. They really need the help out east.

Vulcan machine gun needed, more than one if possible.

If the world is in such a state where would you get fuel to power this thing. A huge camper on the back with solar panels would have worked.

@Big Al from Oz--Hopefully this is just for SEMA, this would not be good for our energy usage. It is neat to look at but I like the Power Wagon in the other article better. Those old Power Wagons are neat.

2013 FORD The fire took place during a pre-delivery drive. Ford said a dealer employee was taking the vehicle on a test drive before it was to be delivered to a customer and noticed steam. He quickly returned to the dealership, and that's when the vehicle caught fire. The fire was extinguished at the dealership and no one was injured.

Ford learned of the fire on Aug. 8 and decided to recall the vehicles after a 19-day investigation.

From The Detroit News:

f you own a Ford vehicle, made within the past 15 years or so, please read:

About 30 minutes ago I noticed smoke coming out of a Ford truck in the parking lot where I work. At first I thought it was somebody smoking a cigarette, but the smoke was constant and getting thicker.

That's when I noticed the flames under the driver's side wheel well. I yelled for another employee to call 911. Then I grabbed the fire extinguisher and ran out to the truck.

I sprayed the fire from the wheel well area. Then I noticed that the windows were down on the truck. I reached in, popped the hood latch, and sprayed the engine compartment. I put the fire out.

Read more:

AUSTIN (KXAN) - An accidental house fire -- sparked by an electrical malfunction in a truck nearby -- killed two brothers, ages 5 and 7, Tuesday morning in Southeast Austin.

Authorities said the fire, which started in the 2001 Ford F150 truck parked outside, spread to the home.

"Just to be safe, you may want to park your new Ford outside rather than in the garage until you find out for sure if it’s affected by the recall." Boy that's an understatement. Might want to skip the fires and buy another brand.

Ford Recall: Faulty Fuel Tank Straps Force Recall of 1.1 Million Pick-Up Trucks that has caused fires.

Ford Recalls 3.8 Million Trucks and SUVs to Fix Cruise Control Switch that has caused Fires.

Consumer Reports on Monday released its latest reliability survey, and among brands with pickup trucks in their stables, Ford fell the farthest, placing 27th among 28 brands.

Posted by: FORD TRUCKS #1 | Nov 2, 2012 3:15:50 AM

Man, I think you really need some kind of medical intervention. Sickness not only afflicts to body and organs, it can also occur in the mind.

I do think other on this site are becoming bored with your crap, grow up.

Correct me if you can, but what relavance is your post. This isn't about vehicle fires its about a survival vehicle.

@Jeff S
I really think the old Power Wagons are cool. Maybe Fiat can do a limited "retro" run with a modern diesel.

@Big Al from oz, I could careless what you think or what your bored of. Why don't you crawl back in your kangaroo hole with you 1.3L diesel and don't worry about what i post. I post the truth about ford. You don't like it go to a ford blog and stay off this one.

Ford Fires!!!!! won't take responsibility for the death

Looks like this guy has oxi beat. If one wants to survive and be self sufficient one needs a vehicle that can carry the weight and pack the fuel. Oxi's overloaded little Taco will run out of fuel after a few hundred miles. 21 gallons US in an overloaded 4 banger?
Spare fuel to get back to civilization?
The world thanks you for planning a one way trip.

@Big Al from Oz - I agree that he could care less. If he did he wouldn't keep sounding like a stark raving lunatic making Americans and Dodge fans look like idiots.

@Big Al and of course Lou,


oxi has room on the roof basket for gas cans doubling his capacity!

Stop being jealous...

@Rambo - that may be your lifestyle choice (having another man kiss your ass) but it isn't mine.
There is nothing wrong with that, but those Republicans might deside to pass laws against your lifestyle.

@jj - you are telling me that I am jealous of this guy?


chest hurts........................................................................

can't breath.......................................................................


@Big Al from Oz--It would be cool if Ram introduced that retro mini Power Wagon that was shgwn on this website a couple of months ago. Put a 4 cylinder in it with a 5 speed and release it as a regular and extended cab, but make the price affordable. That would be a neat truck. I might even bite and buy one.


Are you twelve or something?

You do not know me nor my pickup but yet you comment like you do...

Their is a phcycological disorder for that and you have it, too many meds are you on?

For the last time, my pickup is safe and works fine! Stop beinga hater!

My BOTT has already been on dry runs and fully loaded runs both on and off-road so I already have field testing for SHTF scenarios...

So I know my capabilities and what to pack, how much and when unlike you zombies that will wait around for government handouts like in Sandy areas!

This guy chose a much larger truck that costs up to $500,000 where mine is much more affordable and will get me to my many bug out locations while you guys sit and wait for handouts and end up dieing in the chaos and riots for the last Twinkies!

Good luck zombies!

@oxi - run little man, run.
""Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once."
Lets leave the geopolitics, and psychoanalysis out of this and look at your zombie apocalypse escape plan.
1. WTF are you going to do if it all goes South in the winter? Good luck driving your 9,000 lb Taco off road to avoid those road blocks.
2. You have your hiding places to go to as you have elluded to. Quote " I know how to hide and not disturb the water if you know what I mean..."
Again - kind of hard to hide your tracks in 4 feet of snow!
All those zombies might just take that same path you cleared for them.
3. You ain't going to get too far offroad in a 9,000 lb Taco in the winter (let alone any wet times of the year)..
4. I don't think those farmers protecting their own families are going to be too receptive to armoured Taco's with "Oxi" plates on them driving onto their properties.
5. To get away from those zombies, another 250 - 500 miles of driving are in order. (Assuming no side trips to avoid those pesky roadblocks). So, you need at least 100 gallons to get you into a nice cozy cold frozen zombie free hideaway.
6. Lets assume the zombie apocalypse comes in the spring or fall. Your 9,000 lb Taco ain't going to fare too well on that soft muddy ground. I recall a rant you had about tire size to weight. Your truck is going to exert a ton (literally) of pressure on the ground. Your truck's tires aren't big enough. Again, thanks for providing all of us sheeple zoombies with all of that personal information. Makes it much easier for us blind sheeple to make those kinds of observations.
7. Fall season - I wonder how many of those panicing sheeple zombies will be out in the back woods with their hunting rifles?
8. Hmmmmm, are you hoping all of this happens in the summer time?
9. I wonder, are you planning on a one way trip (only) into the boondocks? (That would be a big help to us survivors wanting to start over with a sound gene pool.)
10. Where are you going to hide?
Wisconsin is only 1,500,000 acres.
11.Generally speaking only 1% of the population ventures off-road. With a population of 5,711,767 that would be 57,117 likeminded people looking for a rock to crawl under.
12.I am not paranoid, but I can have my gear loaded, and boat loaded in an hour. My playground is 233,472,000 acres. There may be 4.1 million to worry about, but most of them are 500 miles away.
13. Those sombies could be smart enoughto be waiting. A zombie could get your name from the phone book or google (if it still works) and since you plan on leaving that new house of yours, they could safely set up shop in your home while you are gone.
Hey, zombies, lets all thank Peter Papageorge of Oshkosh, WI for providing his home to live in when disaster strikes, and we zombies thank you for arrogantly posting all that information for the world to see about you, your plans, and what your truck looks like.
All you struggling survivors out their - just look for a overloaded Taco with oxi plates on it. He will have plenty of food and water for you.
Isn't being inconspicuous a hallmark of surviving the zombie apocalypse?

Good luck.

As far as I can tell, you are probably a bigger danger to yourself.

14. I guess you could go hide in the bushes at the end of the street where you live. No one would think of that, now would they?

Lou, you are a zombie!

Zombies are not some Hollywood created monsters that cannot walk straight, zombies are mainstreamers!

Mainstreamers are folks that have a smart phone glued to their head, do not understand how their government works except what the corporate media tells them, they conduct soft talk about reality tele or what some rich or celebrity did last week insteade of talking about REAL issues out there!

Mainstreamers only here about 2 political parties and to chose only among two not realizing when they go into the voting booth their will be like 6 or 7 choices!

Mainstreamers always apologize for the politician they back while seeking to not defend the Constitution!

Mainstreamers are a joke and the true zombies!

Lou, please STOP with your hatred, your not winning folks to your foreign viewpoint from a nation that may throw you in prison for wearing a mask at a protest for 10 years!

Lou, I know how to defeat zombies in winter time and know how to properly cover tracks, do you?

I prepare for these scenarios while you wait for your next government handout because you are LAZY!

After reading some of your threads I think your mind is worse than Hemi V8s. At least his only real downfalls are his Fiat facination and his obsession with Fords that catch fire.

You know the technologies that our ancestors used thousands of years ago to survive we have lost. I don't think many on the planet now have that capability.

Just to produce simple tools for survival requires more than reading books or even manufacturing several crude versions of their tools. Your pickup will hinder your capacity for survival.

Humankind has gotten to this point of progress through building partnerships, even with the enemy. Our society is reliant on each other and as a society we are obligated to assist each other, particularly the meek and helpless. All of these people contribute to everyones survival.

Your comments on the victims of Hurricane Sandy are very narrow and selfish. There are probably people who could have been better prepared.

My mother lives in Cape May NJ and I do know the average income isn't very good. Some people don't have adequate resources to have some form of preparation in place. These people require assistance and I'm glad the US has companies and businesses that are willing to assist. I don't care what country these businesses are based in.

The US is very unequal when it comes to your societal values. You either have it or you don't. Sort of like a developing nation.

You appear to be a very selfish and narrow minded person with an inferiority complex.

@oxi - there is a big difference between being prepared and being a paranoid nut job.


I see pics of a middle aged mainstream guy, working at a middle class mainstream job( Oshkosh Military products), see pics of his brand new mainstream house in Oshkosh,WI, having a typical mainstream mid-life crisis, driving a mainstream Toyota product.

Other than the paranoia, and delusions of grandeur, you are as main stream as they get.


I feel sorry for your wife.

It could be worse for her, you could be driving a new Corvette and be tring to f--k your 20 yr old secretary.

@Big Al from Oz,

Read this about human nature:

When the guy down the street has 3 hungry kids starving with no food in sight, you think he will go around looking for compromise?

No he will grab his weapons and hunt for food in every home he encounters!

You said it yourself that modern society has lost its abilities to do things on their own which when you take things like electricity off the table, how soon before this modern society falls into chaos?

You see, I am a strategic thinker and see that modern society is barely one step from utter failure and chaos.

Take electricity away and that fancy JIT system of supplies to an average city, how long before the folks start to kill one another for the last Twinkies?

Already folks are pulling out guns in those fuel lines in the east and that is just one Sandy storm, what would happen if 20 other areas the size of Sandy went under with no sight in relief supplies, etc... across the nation?

FEMA ran out of water over the weekend, where are the fuel supplies and why so many without power still? This is just one small geographical area, imagine 20-30 similar areas of disasto and how long before things go bad among desperate folks?

You need to wake up and stop thinking like a mainstreamer that screams at the federal government to wipe their a$$ for them everytime something small hits them like this!

It's not the governments responsibility to feed you during a crisis, they have other duties they bare responsibility for...

Your choice for wanting to sit in lines all day insteade of recovery and clean up and helping others!

I am prepared and will be in a position to assist while you and Lou willbe screaming at City Hall for handouts not coming fast enough!

Everybody had ample warning to prepare for this small storm YET nobody really did!


I am prepared, STOP being jealous with your hate!

If a small storm like Sandy hit here, I will be in a position to assist with recovery and rescue operations while you will be sitting in long lines looking for your next government handout!

It's folks like you that us prepared folks have to risk our lives to rescue from the bottom!

And please STOP with your insults to my fine pickup, you sound like you are twelve!

I will tell you once again, my pickup is safe and reliable and will get the job done when it is called upon! You do not know me and do not know my pickup, so STOP with your personal insults of HATE!

You keep this up, I will make sure you get banned! Folks like you are nothing but TROLLS and offer nothing to this forum but HATRED and INSULTS!

@Big Al from Oz--Thank you for your comments, I am in total agreement. If a World disaster appeared most of us would either perish or be in a pretty dire straits. Non cooperation would make things much worse. I don't care if the help comes from FEMA, Walmart, Toyota, GM, Ford, Fiat, Venezuela, or from China. I use to work as a Revenue Agent for the Tax Exempt and Governmental Entities division of the IRS. The US government encourages individuals and corporations to help and if a tax deduction or writeoff encourages providing aide then this is providing additional help that the taxpayers would have to pay for that is provided by the Government. Walmart in particular with their warehouses and distribution has been a great example of how private enterprise can mobilize quickly and provide relief in times of a major disaster. The cooperation of business, nonprofits, and Government should be praised instead of bashed. Regardless of your political, religious beliefs, brand preferences this is a good thing. Al even Hemi V-8 praised GM for providing vehicles for Red Cross during Sandy and most of the readers on this blog, even Ford guys, would praised Fiat and Chrysler if they provided support. I don't know what issues that Oxi has but this goes beyond Toyota or the Big 3 this goes to the core of who we are as humans and as citizens of the World. If I were a Sandy victim I would not care if the truck they delivered relief in was GM, Ford, Ram, or Toyota I would be thankful for the help.

@Oxi--You need to take it down a notch. I am willing to respect your expertise on off roading and your preference for Toyotas but some of your opinions are to a very extreme level. I am not going to revert to bashing because each one of us is entitled to our opinions and we all need to respect each other. We all need to take these arguments down several notches and just talk about trucks.

@Lou-I like and respect you but don't get baited into an argument. I myself have been guilty of this as well and you and some others have brought me back to reality especially when I argued with DenverMike which in all honesty we both had valid points. I realize this is different but I think you are falling into the same trap.

Have a good day guys and enjoy you families.

@Big Al from Oz

Please do not use Oxi as a basis to take shots at US societal values.

I could easily do the same and say that, socially speaking, Australians are the most racist people I have ever met.

@Jeff S
Thanks for your views. People have to remember as bad as a situation gets we have to help each other.

@maybe TRX4 Tom is right
I not talking individual societal values. What I'm saying is the US's system of minimum income, medical etc isn't that great. If you have a reasonable job you are okay. You have working poor, who don't have a lot of resources in a situation like Sandy.

When all is said and done, I don't want a storm like Sandy to impact our country. But we have cyclones and bushfires, I think its just part of life.

As for racism in Australia, its like any other country. If something appears different it must be inferior to some. I think racism would be quite even throughout the world.

I'm in the military and have been since 1990. During one posting I was assigned as part of a counter emergency team. On the east coast Australia, particularly NSW we had horrific bushfires in 93. I have worked and contributed to counter emergency situations.

Without all of the people in the US you wouldn't have the lifestyle you currently have, by the sounds of it you find it attractive.

So why with the "damn" everyone else attitude as everyone has contributed to your lifestyle.

If you were living in a less fortunate country and put the same amount of effort into improving your life you wouldn't have the standard of living you have now. You alone didn't create the standard of living in the US.

You might be great, but not that great.

oxi in 25 years:

"I don't have any retirement savings because I spent all my money on my BOTT, wishing that society would break down and rid the world of sheeple. It didn't happen, and now I'll have to work until I'm dead. On the plus side, I have 10 years' worth of beans in a shed somewhere."

@Luke in CO - very true and very funny.

@oxi- ", I will be in a position to assist with recovery and rescue operations while you will be sitting in long lines looking for your next government handout!"


All your previous rants say that you will run for your BOTT cave and hide and huddle in the forest while everyone fends for themselves.

You help?

Every post you make you talk about running away with your tail between your legs.

Go hide in the forest.
If you truly believe the crap you post then why did you buy a new house?

As Jeff and Big Al from Oz have pointed out, our society was built on cooperation. The standard of living that you and I enjoy was not built by you but by the community.
Everytime I see a disaster like "Sandy" or "Katrina" or 9-11, I've seen images of cowards and scum loot and take advantage of situations but mostly I've seen people come together to help each other.

Will I be huddled in line waiting for a handout?


Unlike you, I am a trained to help those who cannot help themselves. Even if I wasn't on the job when a disaster hits, I will load my truck with my first-aid gear (about 5,000 dollars worth last time I priced it out), load my emergency blankets, tarps etc. and I will go volunteer. I've done that before and I will do it again.

@Jeff S - thanks but no. If Oxi wants to be ridiculed into exile once again, that is his choice.
He is a pathetic human being. I was willing to give him one more chance but he blew it.

I don't believe in rescue operations. I don't believe in giving anything away!

I believe in buying and selling! It's the oxi way...

Lou is bought and paid for. He belongs to socialist government handouts. Lou had his price and the government paid him!

Now oxi is here to collect on an overdue bill! hahahahahahaha

Lou, why should anybody listen to you?

You are twelve and no nothing about the U.S. Constitution!

To other HATERS:

Sandy is but one storm! I refer to that as a tactical situation meaning life in other parts of the nation are going about the same as before!

In that tactical situation I am in a position to assist with search and rescue and then delivering aide, need I remind you closed minded folks I am a trained weather spotter! I would have forwardly deployed long before Sandy would reach shore reporting real time data to the NWS!

And unlike your stockish vehices, mine can handle quite a few situations I would encounter in the field!

The dark scenario's I am refering too are strategic, that is like 30 Sandy's hitting all over the nation at the same time. Or an electrical grid Sandy shutting all of the nation's power down, an economic Sandy hitting all of the financial networks at the same time...

You think you guys are going to be sitting around waiting for handouts that will never come and be safe?

This is a good read by an expert:

Our society is great and all when it is functioning on all cylinders but realize how close we are all to utter collapse!

We are not that far from becoming the animals that we were once before in ancient history!

If you do not prepare or even bother to think about these dark scenario's, you will be the first ones to die if something like this were to happen!

Some of us are getting prepared to lead when their is no leadership anymore...

As Liberty's are being eroded and the Constitution ignored, how much longer do we have?

This truck would look great in front of Doomsday Dwellings.

I'm pretty sure no one in this forum would make solid decisions come the zombie doomsday. You'd have guys scrambling to save their family, but rather than take some other brand of pickup, full of fuel, running with keys inside, they'd hike the 2 miles to their local dealer, putting their family in harms way, just to drive a "Real Man's Truck" lol.

13. Those sombies could be smart enoughto be waiting. A zombie could get your name from the phone book or google (if it still works) and since you plan on leaving that new house of yours, they could safely set up shop in your home while you are gone. - Lou

Exactly. oxi claims you can just get up and leave for a week. Even if they could that is not the best thing to do. A lot of people will not leave eventhough they have no electricity or water because they are afraid of getting robbed.

Oxi Bin Laden and the Terror Taco can do anything and survive anything because the lame duck took a night course in weather spotting.
Lesson One - step outside, if you don't get wet, it isn't raining.
Lesson Two - make sure your lawn sprinkler is off when you step outside.

@Big Al from Oz: apparently somebody likes posting crap in my name. I can think of a couple people I pissed off, both don't have much between their ears, just crap. Like the first two posts.

We may not agree on trucks, but I never said a thing about Austailians being racist.

That being said, on the lighter side, Tie Me Kangeroo Down, Sport!

Hey Lou, since you are IGNORANT:

The U.S. created the taliban back in the 1980's and gave them Stingers none the less and yes al qeada is a CIA created monster!

The U.S. is currently giving Libyan weapons to Syrian jihadists which some of them are al qeada!

Are you Canadiens that ignorant to what goes on in this world?

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