Snowplow Comparo Charts: Best We've Seen

Snowplow Truck Lineart II

With snowplow season just around the corner, we thought we'd pass along some of the best snowplow comparison charts we've seen to date.

The folks at Snowdogg Snowplows in Mentor, Ohio, have collected just about every spec and piece of data you can gather on their own snowplows and the other big players like Meyer, Boss, Fisher and Western

Whether you have a small SUV or medium-duty work truck, you can compare the exact plow size and configuration you'll need to get the job done. Naturally, the people at Snowdogg would like to sell you a plow, but there's no reason you can't use the internet or your own local plow dealer to shop for the best deals. 

The key here is to make sure you don't have the wrong snowplow mated to your truck. Do your research. Make sure your truck's front end is equipped with the proper heavy-duty plow, spring, and/or cooling packages to minimize any potential safety issues. Every setup needs to be within the proper specs to keep your truck and plow parts safe. Although we believe in having a touch more capability than you probably need, make sure to get the opinion of a certified snowplow expert when you're shopping around. 

For more tips on how to plow for fun or profit, each of the big snowplow manufacturers has its own tips and advice section online, and in some cases a pamphlet you can get by mail. We'd also suggest doing a little research on snow tires, winter driving and tire chains.  

Snowplow chart


Fun thing is it snowed here last night lol

We haven't seen any snow plows on sale in Southern California yet, but we'll stay on the lookout.

Would be nice if you could actually read the's way to small! What a website this is....smfh

ctrl+ works magic

You're supposed to go to the link for the charts. They are just passing along info.

I'm guessing these are for heavy duty trucks. Can a half-ton truck support 700+ pounds of weight over its front suspension?

Michael: Yes, you can plow with a 1/2 ton truck, at present Chevy has a 1/2t plow option! no one else does though, all you need to do is get a 4.8-5.3 V-8 with the plow package, it comes with a lower bumper opening, and provisions for rotating cab light, HD cooling, skid plates and locking rear end. For other manu. you can plow, but it will not be good for your warrantee, Ford and Ram says you have to have a HD to plow, also with the Chevy, you can not plow with a 8' plow, and you have to chose a plow that weighs less than 600lbs, plus there are some manu. that make smaller "homeowner" plows for the front of just about any SUV, the video I saw had a Honda Pilot, Chevy Colorado and Dodge Dakota plowing out a drivway with 12" of snow! the plow themselves are made out of an "unbreakable" acrilic that is clear, or a more HD stainless steal! It all depends on how much you need to plow.

Wrong. Ford offers a plow package on the 2013 F150 with the 6.2. It is offered in both supercab and supercrew.

It's beyond me how the rest of the net can figure out how to have pictures that you can enlarge, but somehow the folks at PuTc can't figure it out. That chart is useless being that small.

Snoway, Hiniker, Blizzard, Curtis, and many more options exist. and are much better sources for information than Buyers (SnowDogg) being used to compare itself to others.

Snoway is the Cadillac of the industry, but not always the most value based option.

Weight and durability are 2 most important things after dealer support for a plow person. You'd be surprised what a hydraulic down force option could do as well as less weight on the front end of your truck.

@ sandman4x4

Its funny you should mention the GM is the only one that offers a plow package option and that they are the "only one". You failed to mention that as a STANDARD feature EVERY Tundra with the 4.6 or 5.7 with tow package is set up for a plow AND has a coil spring front end which is oh say 1000 times BETTER than torsion bar suspension.

Sandman is correct when he says to can get a plow for all sorts of vehicles. I see mostly ATV's with plows and some light duty plows on pickups for home use. I don't see too many pickups with plows for commercial use. Old loaders that are too worn out for construction or logging are the most commonly used plow machine that I see. I see quite a few old 3-5 ton single axle plow/sander trucks used by parking lot maintenance companies that have been auctioned off by municipal or highway maintenance fleets.
It probably is cheeper to buy an old loader or old 3 ton than a new p/u and set it up for plow duty.


amen to that it costs a small fortune to outfit a new truck no matter the size

@ hemi lol. What makes coils better than torsion Bars for plowing? I would have thought that's the one job where torsional would be better since you can crank them up to maintain ground clearance with a load. I don't plow so I have no idea

Here is an Australian snowplow:)

Why are you pointing out that that coil springs are better than torsion bars?
As you already know since you know everything about all pickup trucks there are currently no half tons being built with torsion bars. That is like stating direct injection is better than tbi.

I'll also say your 85 Toyota was around 10 years old in the mid 90's.

Needing a new bed on that young of a truck is inexcuseable.

I don't care the year I expect my truck beds to last a lot longer than that!

I had a early 80's full-size ford and the bed was still in excellent condtion into the 2000's.

I am sorry if you had so many rust problems on your Toyotas. You should be treated better than this.

It also looks like a little rust on your left rear bumper:

The undercarriage is starting to look rusty too:

You might want to look into doing some POR 15 for your next mod!

I am serious about the POR 15. You should consider it.

If you rest the trucks weight on those t-bars, they will snap hence very low and unprotected t-bars...

They should be protected 100% by the frame like the older t-bar sprung Toyota's, if you think for once that you cannot slip on a rock and smack those t-bars and let the weight of the truck rest on them, think again...I know it is an extreme situation but extreme situations is what I seek when buying an off-road truck...

And from the factory, Toyota's are superior with off-road capability than other trucks in class...

Which truck has made it the North Pole? It wasn't a full-size!

I run a plow on my fourwheeler.

My dad has always run a plow on the front of his primary work pickup.

I probably have less money in my plow and fourwheeler combined, but then again, he is plowing commerically in leather trimmed heated seat comfort... .

As oxi wisely said in a previous comment on plows...

Tthe way those straight axles are, they are nothing more than snow plows up front. They lack ground clearance and taking hits with ice covered snow pack at speed on the roads is not good for those snow plows...

I agree with oxi!


Toyota Tacoma with 7'Western Pro Plow in action...

This Tacoma has been plowing every year since the winter of 2001/02 and never a bit of trouble!

2010 Tacoma Access Cab 4X4 2.7 Liter Manual
with a 2011 Pathfinder Stainless Steel Snowplow!

hemilol: did you know that Chevy has not had t/b on their 1/2t's for over 5yrs.? because that is what I was talking about! a new 1/2t truck! not to even mention that the tundra site, (build it yourself) there is no info on plowing, and on my cousins warrantee info it forbids plowing! and he has the 5.7 with HD towing! that is not to say you can't plow, it just means you are on your own when you do, and with a Chevy, as long as you have the plow package, you are covered when you show up for any warrantee work, and they see a plow frame either welded (the right way), or bolted on, yes I know the HD GM trucks have t/b set up, but they seam to have no problem with it, and the ride it gets is better than the others, not to mention the handling. Yes the tundra is a fine truck, but it is not a plow truck with a warrantee to do so. I still stand by my post as the Chevy/GMC trucks as th only factory approved trucks for 1/2t plowing.


It is cheaper just to use a Toyota pickup and buy a plow at Lowes...

Snowbear Snow plow unboxing for a Tyota pickup!

Part 1

Part 2

"I still stand by my post as the Chevy/GMC trucks as th only factory approved trucks for 1/2t plowing."

Then you are standing with the wrong info like most people on this site.

danny: ok then, tell us the real story, because I was going by what either a dealer has told me (Ford) that I could not plow with my 2011 F-150 reg cab Ecco-Boost HD package that can hold 2800lbs and to 11,3ooLbs! it states in the warrantee, Plowing is not covered under the warrantee, and any of the build it yourself sites but Chevy/GMC has any plowing package! and the local Ram dealer told me you have to get the HD 2500 on to plow, and in my cousins owners manual in his tundra says NO PLOWING plowing will void your warantee! so tell me danny, please I want to know, I have not been able to find any 1/2t to plow with other than a Chevy/GMC!

That was then, this is now.

The 2013 F150 has the plow prep with the 6.2. 2009-2010 F-150 with HD Payload have the plow prep.. There were only 2 years, 2011-2012 that didn't have any plow prep. 2004-2008 can plow. Previous gens, too. So lots of half tons can plow besides GM/Chevy.

Just look at the post from Tim. He told you the real story days ago.

The 2013 MY and later F-150 Super Cab and Super Crew pick up, with 6.2L engine and XLT, FX, Lariat and Platinum trim levels are snow plow capable.

Source: Ford

@oxi The undercarriage is starting to look rusty too:

You must be a retard, if you weld a steel tube to you're axle tube to the diff cover. Wait it must be a dumb WI state thing LMAO!!

Hate to post something that is unrelated but I was on my way to Wal-Mart this morning and 2 firetrucks past me and turned into Wal-Mart. When I turned in I saw a Dodge Ram with a 5th Wheel camper burning to the ground. You could tell the fire started in the engine compartment and had worked its way through the cab and had the camper on fire as well. This was a 4dr Dually with cummings markings. Sad to see this guy lose it all. Glad I didn't park next to a Ram because you never know when they will burn to the ground. This truck was practically new.

Look, hemi lol had to go talking about coils vs torsion bars. Always trying to get in a "My Tundra is better then" comment.

So are torsion bars all so terrible? Just curious on your opinion. They work fine on the race cars. Only negative is header clearance in the models I use.

Some of the Rams about 10 years ago had them, they also had more ground clearance then my 2010 and your Tundra.

Do Tacomas use torsion bars? I never paid that much attention, the back half can't do any work. Funny thing, Oxi goes and welds the hell out of that rear end, maybe if they made a tough rear axle he wouldn't need to!

Maybe he is hoping Toyota will buy his back?

I hate torsion bars. They offer very poor ride quality. It's exactly Why Chevy doesn't have them on their 1500's anymore. And in a HD application, they're a poor substitute for a proper swing arm/coil set up. You have to drop the frame too low to the ground to tie them in and then you have to deal with the poor ride. Torsion bars have no progressive rate of twist as opposed to the progressive collapse rate that can be engineered into coils with swing arms. It's a double negative. Add in the tire size limitations and you have a triple negative. It's the #1 reason Chevy HD sales fall short of that of Dodge and Ford. GM was so stupid to do what they did to their 25/3500's back in 1988. They gave the market away.

@ ronj

Torsion bars are bad about not having a progressive spring rate BUT they do offer a much BETTER ride quality. where you get this poor ride quality from i dont understand.

@ sandman4x4 AND Trx4tom

so on that day i was venting and completely forgot that the newer style 1/2 ton was changed from torsion bars. i was venting because a plow that i have i was going to put on our old truck which is an 02 LB7 duramax ext. cab long bed. problem is with the diesel the plow is too heavy for the truck do to the suspension. Not having a progressive rate spring or being able to change it all together without spending a fortune to take on heavy plows irritated me lol. I was venting without thinking and i was speaking before thinking. i'm just as human as the rest of us so sorry i made a mistake. I do however believe a coil spring is better than a torsion bar for a truck.

@K, How funny. You must have missed the Ford parked next to that Dodge that started the whole
Fords are famous for faulty switch fires.
Total of 16 Million Ford Vehicles Recalled Due to Defective cruise control Switch Fire Hazard
Ford recalls 8.7 million vehicles Ignition switches linked to hundreds of steering wheel fires
Ford recalls 1.1 million pickups over fuel tank strap issue fire risk
2010 Ford Ranger Recalled for Potential Fire Hazard!!!!!
2012 Ford Edge Eco Boost recalled over engine fire risk
2013 Ford Escape recalled for third time, again for fire risk
Recall Alert: 2011 Ford F-Series Trucks

In the affected vehicles, an electrical short may develop in the body control module and cause a fire. The modules manage vehicle systems from vehicle stability to air conditioning. In this case, a common module is shared between the crossovers and trucks.

Ford says the faulty BCM was manufactured by Lear Corporation in Mexico. The problem was discovered after two F-150 pickups caught fire during manufacturing at Ford's Dearborn Assembly Plant in Michigan.


@K -
Ram HD's with Cummins did get recalled for engine compartment fires:
"Dodge Fire Recall Alert: 2007-2008 Dodge Ram 2500 and Dodge Ram 3500 with Cummins Diesel Engines Following 14 reports of engine-bay fires, Chrysler is recalling 108,429 2007-2008 Dodge Ram 2500 and Dodge Ram 3500 pickup trucks equipped with the 6.7L Cummins diesel engine."

@FlamboV8 - google Chrysler fires. There are multiple recalls involving Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge products. Most of those fire recalls are for 2007 and newer products.
Here are some examples:
One expert is referring to the Grand Cherokee and its rear collision gas tank fires as the "MODERN PINTO".
"As many as 5.1 million sport-utility vehicles made by Chrysler Group LLC, the carmaker run by Fiat SpA (F), will get closer scrutiny from U.S. regulators looking into about two dozen reports of fires after rear-impact crashes."
5,100,000 VEHICLES??????????????????????????????

@FlamboV8 - here is an odd one.
"Chrysler agreed to replace the cruiser, however the Sheriff’s department had to agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement(NDA). An NDA, also known as a secrecy agreement, is a legal contract, signed between the two parties that restricts access to third parties, which means the general public may never know what set the car ablaze.
Hiding something??????????????????????????????????????????
"A faulty end on a power steering hose can come apart, leading to power steering fluid spraying on a hot engine, which can lead to an engine fire."
"U.S. safety regulators have opened defect investigations into Chrysler Group LLC's 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2009-2010 Dodge Ram 1500 -- the automaker's two best-selling vehicles in the United States."
"The rear wheels can lock up in Rams from the 2009 and 2010 model years, potentially causing crashes, while power steering fluid hoses can leak in 2012 Grand Cherokees"

@FlamboV8 - more Chrysler fire recalls:
"Safety regulators have opened two investigations into vehicles made by General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC due to reports of engine fires that in many cases engulfed the vehicles in flames."

@FlamboV8 -
This one was covered by PUTC.
"Battery Fires Halt Chrysler's Plug-in Hybrid Test Fleet"

@FlamboV8 - here is one where Chrysler is basically being accused of covering up or failing to find the real problem for these fires (sounds like the same tactic used by the Japanese company you love in relation to floor mats and gas pedals).
"In an odd twist to the ongoing saga that started with a full-blown NHTSA investigation earlier this year, Chrysler is now recalling 67,000 Jeep Wranglers of 2010 model year. The interesting twist is that Chrysler is blaming a condition which allows debris to become trapped in the skid plate for the fires. Others in the industry have speculated that the problem goes much deeper, but time will tell. Notably, there has also been at least one report of vehicle fire involving a 2012 Grand Cherokee, which model is not part of the recall. Hopefully Chrysler will fully address the problem and not just stick a proverbial band-aid on it."

My apologies for the multiple posts. PUTC anti-spam software would not allow me to include it all in one more compact post.

@FlamboV8 - I smell burnt goat.








Back on topic. I have read on this site that the new pickups with electric power steering cannot handle a snowpolow. The 6.2 liter Ford F150 has hydraulic power steering as does all the HD trucks. They still need a plow prep package though. The new CHEV/GMC will most likly have electric power steering and therefore not plow compatable. Correct me if I'm wrong.

As for the torsion bars, if you look at the way GM currently (and alot others have in the past) mounts them, the torsion bar is not mounted at the pivot point, but yet a couple inchs further up the control arm, (about 2 7/8 almost) so now the torsion bar bends and twists insread of just twisting as intended. Atleast that's how the K2500 in my yard is.

Atleast when Rams last used one about 10 years ago, they were pivot point center mounted and had plenty of ground clearance. No, no progressive rate there.

In the old A B and E body Chryslers they are actually a good suspension to start with. The stock rates are low, as are the sway bar rates too.

hemilol: the easyest way to plow with your 07 with T/B's is to put set of Firestone Ride Rite air shocks, yes they do make them for the front! and the best part is they are built around a Bilstien shock! that is the only way you can plow with a older diesel in a Chevy/GMC, they have since come out with a HD enough package to plow with the duramax, before you had to buy the gas truck to plow, but you do have the Ride-Rite shocks to consider.

Here is an article especially for you:)

This fits in with your pyromaniac tendencies.

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