No More Equator: Suzuki Declares Bankruptcy

Suzuki Equator

After close to 30 years of sustained automotive sales in the continental U.S., American Suzuki Motor Corp. has declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy and will stop marketing and selling cars in the U.S. In an announcement Monday, Suzuki stated "all warranties will continue to be fully honored, and automobile parts and service will be provided to consumers without interruption through ASMC’s parts and service dealer network."

Of course, this means the end for the modest-selling Suzuki Equator, the midsize pickup truck clone to Nissan's Frontier built in Smyrna, Tenn. On average, the Equator had been selling less than 150 units per month this year.

ASMC will continue to sell and support Suzuki's ATV, motorcycle and marine products in the U.S., but according to Automotive News, the company will be working with the remaining U.S. dealerships (about 220 of them) to help wind down new-vehicle sales dealerships and transition them to a parts-and-service-only operation.

Suzuki's idea of offering a pickup truck for its own motorcycle enthusiasts made sense to many when the Equator debuted at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show, but the pickup never quite established its own identity. We last tested the Equator in our 2012 Midsize Shootout, finishing just behind, by one point, the Honda Ridgeline for a midpack finish.

At a time when many other automakers are seeing strong signs of recovery after the significant sales slump of the last several years, Suzuki has considerably lagged, selling just under 27,000 units in this last year. You can bet other struggling Japanese automakers like Mitsubishi and Mazda (neither of which offer a pickup truck anymore) will need to be careful about their next moves in the U.S. market.

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This is good news for the Tacoma - first the Ranger's gone, now the Equator, Ram has nothing, and the Colorado is a year away.

Any more news about a diesel Colorado? We've got a great source on this story but you guys must have heard something by now to confirm...

Any benefit to the Tacoma will be a blip on the radar, the Equator never sold in sizeable enough numbers to be relevant.

This is good news for the F-150.

Suzuki still sells cars here? I havn't scene a Suzuki car or truck in years.

We need a new Ram Dakota, come on Chrysler.

I think the Suzuki looks better then the Nissan.

This what should have heppend to GM and Chrysler, Let em Fail

Wow, how much destruction the Tacoma has caused in this industry...

"This is good news for the Tacoma - first the Ranger's gone, now the Equator, Ram has nothing, and the Colorado is a year away."

Maybe Ram doesn't have a midsize (they need one) The Dakota was fixable. But they do have a full size truck that will get alot better mileage on the highway, and decent in town. That, plus it can actually have space in the bed for something.

I feel a "reliability" paragraph comming! But I don't know if my friend that had rear axle issues with a Tacoma at 90,000 miles was able to be in theose JD powers surveys. Just they same, Tacomas do have issues. For the person that's gonna snap back that the Tacoma has people waiting for them used; that's why my local dealership has two crew cabs and 4 access cabs, atleast. Yup, there is a line to get a used one!

This is good news for the BOWTIE too!

If they had a little truck that move, haul and tow just enough.. like 200hp / 3000lb towing and do a real world 25mpg city then they would not be able to make enough of them and US would be a paradise of a Market. But Today's trucks don't really do that much better in fuel economy so why bother.

I agree! This is great news for F-150! Another mid-size bites the dust. The mid-size market is declining and gets smaller and smaller.

This is great news for the Ram as well!

Great news for Coloroado!

This is great news for the Nissan Frontier!

Great news Mahinda!

Interesting you will be getting a probably a diesel Colorado. Suzuki still sells small cars here, but their main thing is Bikes.

This is good news for the BOWTIE too!

-Not really. Not unless they do a severe redesign for the NA market both inside and out. It is good news for Toyota though. The Colorado as is just won't cut it here I'm afraid. I owned 4 S-10's. 2 square bodies and 2 round bodies. One of them being a ZR2. When it became the Isuzu (aka Colorado) I thought the truck was the ugliest thing out there and didn't buy one. I bought the Ranger instead. Since it's gone and I heard a new Colorado was coming, I checked it out online. I can honestly say I like the current one far better and I don't like it much at all. This global Colorado looks to be the butt of jokes as far as design is concerned.

This is the October Australian monthly statistics for car sales. Triton is just below Ranger. Colorado was tied to the Ranger last month, but has fallen since. Ford Falcon and Territory falling, Hilux has been top selling vehicle swapping with Holden Commodore for the last couple of years.
Top 10 Best-selling Vehicles – October 2012

Toyota HiLux – 3403
Toyota Camry – 3379
Mazda3 – 3342
Toyota Corolla – 2977
Hyundai i30 – 2898
Holden Commodore – 2449
Volkswagen Golf – 2436
Holden Cruze – 2251
Ford Ranger – 2126
Nissan Navara – 2124

The timing of this announcement is ironic for me, since I saw my first ever Suzuki Equator parked at my polling place when I went to vote today. Looked just like a Frontier. Unless they changed something big I'm surprised it didn't sell better. The Frontier seems to be doing pretty well in the sales department right now.

You gotta love how all the people cheer on their brand and say this is great, 1561 customers in 10 months to be split by whatever....not much differance.

As I said before, kinda stupid they where making the same truck as a Frontier, might as well buy a Frontier, unless Nissan rubs you wrong, which I doubt they did to 1561 people.

Like VW's van. It's a Dodge. Might as well buy the original. But I guess if people want to say Chrysler Dodge are so bad with customers, it gives them an option to buy the same with another brand, and see if they get taken care of any better. I would say not, judging by their low sales.

Unfortunately, they will still be selling here in Canada

us like better to drive a cheap hyundai or KIA..

All the different HQ are making me laugh.

They didn't have bad products but styling was hit or miss with their car and trucks.
You go down south and Suzuki outboards dominate.
I've had three Suzuki motorcycles and had nothing but praise for them.
They was the pioneers in the making of 4 wheel ATV's and make a great one at that.

The sales of the Equators are so small that the boast to any other brand will be small. Great Wall of China is the one to watch, in the next couple of years when they introduce their compact trucks even non truck buyers will buy them. I prefer the grill of the Equator to the Frontier but now they are history. Buyers that want full size will buy full size and buyers that want compact or midsize will buy that. There will be a few buyers that trade up in size but those are buyers were going to do that anyway. For now Tacoma and Frontier have the compact and midsize market to themselves but in a few years Great Wall of China and the GM twins will share the market. Tacoma will still be number 1 but the market will be shared by more competition.

It's not the Taco causing the destruction. It's how your pickup market is regulated.

It's your government, unions and corporations/businesses that have destroyed the mid size pickup market.

We have a huge selection of pickups in Australia that a lot of you guys would love to get your hands on.

And a 1 800lb load, That's only 2/3 - 3/4 of a load.

At work we have 2.7 litre Hiluxes and their torque doesn't lend them good for heavy work. They are okay in an urban evironment. I wouldn't use one to tow or carry heavy loads continually.

@Big Al from Oz --I agree especially after the Australian shootout article that was posted on this site a couple of months ago. The fanboys will disagree, but I agree with you NA has an insulated and protected market. I also don't see that changing. Even our smaller trucks would not measure up to your trucks in Australia. Tacoma is a good truck but it would not measure up to any of the midsize trucks in Australia.

Looks like Oxi Bin Laden's delusions of grandeur were not contained to one thread.
The small truck market is being killed off by CAFE rules that favour bigger vehicles.
A full sized truck with the same square foot footprint than a small truck has to meet less rigid mpg and emission requirements.
That means that for companies with profitable full sized truck lines, it makes NO sense to invest in a compact truck. I find GMC bringing the gloabal Colorado to NA an enigma. The message I take from that is the new GMC trucks will have class leading power but with poor mpg (relative to the competition).

Oxi needs to thank the government he hates for the fact that the Tacoma is the last man standing.

@Jeff S
After reading some of oxi's posts, I don't think he has a good handle on things.

Especially in a survival situation off road with a heavily loaded ute.

Being a "boy racer" like he claims will not give him the skills to navigate arduous terrain in a loaded ute. The driving skills and techniques required are completely different to racing.

It's like saying a quad rider is a successful off roader. Only on a quad are they good, not driving a truck loaded off road.

Also to everyone else, NEVER MESS around with fallen power lines. That $hit will kill. Contact your emergency services and power company and report it. It amazes me some of the advice posted recently, by numpties.

@Big Al from Oz - better watch it, oxi will start calling you names too.
I can see his answer now:

I raced Baja blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla
I was a road racing blablablablablablablablablablablabla
I road raced blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla
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I an better than blablablablablablablablablablablabla
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Toyota is the blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla
You haven't raced blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla
I can survive the zombie apocalypse blablablablablabla
My underwear is on too tight blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla
I lost my medications

@Lou He raced in Baja alright, with a tonka truck in his sand box 30-20 years ago LOL!

@johnny doe - hey, so did I.

@Lou Me too, but I still don't brag about it like it yesterday lol!

This makes me sad Suzuki has been a part of my whole dirt bike riding experiences since i was 4 years old so 20 years I really hope they can manage to build themselves back to the top to provide good service

Great news for all fullsize trucks

The first auto maker to sell a midsize, 4-door, diesel powered pickup truck in the U.S. will win, and win BIG. Everybody knows it. But who's got the guts to actually do it and rake in the cash?


Sad news, as they had some interesting vehicles.

I blame this squarely on Suzuki management—both here and in Japan. I've never seen a more inept group. There was no marketing. The US dealer network was almost nonexistent, and the few dealers out there were reptilian.

At least this won't affect the motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, watercraft and outboards, which is good news.

...and those who say this is great for the F-150 or (pick a truck name), you don't know what you're talking about. Ford sold more F-150s in one hour than Suzuki sold Equators in one month. This will have zero affect on the truck market here in the USA.

I was about to buy equator for a real good deal ,but i have my doubts about getting the truck now that they are closing up shop ,is all dealers going to honor ant repairs , good looking truck ,i own a 2002 ranger i wish they where still making

I have bought Suzuki . It has won many honors. I am proud to be having one. Suzuki has good combination for space and power. It has high quality driving, good mileage, interior and exterior looks good. We really enjoyed driving this car .

Not sure how this is "GOOD NEWS" for any brand. Accrding to the article, Suzuki only sold an average of 1,800 truck units annually. That won't put a blip on the radar for GM, Ford, Dodge, Nissan or Toyota.

Personally, I like my Suzuki Equator. It is nothing more than a rebranded Nissan Frontier. Mine is a 2010 and never had a wrench on it. Awesome little ride. Then again, I am a fan with a 2009 Suzuki Boulevard Crusier and a 2002 Suzuki Vinson. These machines are bullet proof!

Wish I could say the same for my Avelanch. It is 90K mile 2002 bucket of Rust. Still runs, but he body should have lasted a lot longer. I can put my finger through the fenders and can see through the rocker panels. Will never buy a chevy or Dodge again. My Durango rusted to pieces after only 8 years. I like a ride with a body that looks good long past 75K miles. Body should last as long as the engine! Zukes do!

Great post. I have a question,what should be better,to buy a truck like in post or to buy a truck like this '' mmovers. ca/sites/all/themes/mmovers/img/gallery/truck/truck4. png'' for a moving company, any opinions? thnks a lot

I just inherited my brothers Suzuki Grand Vitara with a little over 100K miles on it. It looks like new and here in the rustbelt of the northeast, that's no small feat. He discovered a crack in the engine block at ~90K miles but Suzuki covered the entire engine replacement under warranty. THAT is what a good car company does. I can;t even begin to talk about all the creature comforts I found in this SUV - the rear seats actually recline - no other SUV has this going for it - not Toyota Rav4, not even my wife's Ford Escape, which I picked out. Too bad Suzuki is no longer in business - I would have bought my next car from them - damn fine automobile IMO

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