The Fastest Trailer Tow in the World

World Record Tow II

This could possibly be the coolest thing you'll see on video, at least for today. What amazes us is that the trailer is a factory stock unit and does not inlcude any internal bracing. Enjoy this latest edition of Downshift (from the team at Source Interlink) as the crew at Diesel Power Magazine attempts to set a world record beyond 140 mph.





Impressive but what happened to the rest of that trailer?

It reminds me of the many maniacs towing huge loaded down 5th wheel toy haulers across the desert at speed.

Should use an air stream to pull this one off.

Wonder what it is like riding in the trailer @ 140mph!
Can you imagine?

Previously the record was set in South Africa where a stock Mercedes Sedan towed a similarly sized Caravan(Travel Trailer) to 139mph.
"South Africa now holds a new Guinness World Record, thanks to Eugene Herbert recording the fastest towing of a standard caravan by a standard production vehicle.

Herbert, with the support of Gypsey, achieved the record late last week by clocking 223,881 km/h in a Mercedes-Benz S600, whose twin turbo 5,5-litre, V12 engine is arguably amongst the most powerful in the country."

Now let's do it with a 15,000 pound gooseneck.

I did post before and the post appears to be removed but the benchmark before was 139mph set in South Africa.

Oops!! something wrong with the site.

@robert Ryan- that gypsy camper looks a good bit more aerodynamic. With a highrise cap on the tried truck, they might have gone even faster.

@MrKnowitall .Both little Caravans weigh roughly the same. The more aerodynamic Mercedes and the Jurgens Gypsy probably made up for the 1100hp GMC. What I thought was interesting was the 55mph speed limit in California mentioned in the Video. We have to many leadfoot Grey Nomads with their Caravans. In England had some looney psiing us on the Freeway or A road there, towing his smallish Caravan behind a Transit Van at 80mph.

Odd. I made a comment a while back and it wasn't posted. All I said was Top Gear UK(UK means United Kingdom not the end of a bad word- for you censors out there) had towed a small Caravan behind a Lancer Evo. They got up to 124 mph and a window blew out of it.
This is why Ford stopped making the original F450. All of the camper trailer owners out there wanted to set land speed records with their 18K 5'ers.

It's my dream to buy one of those trailers and park it under a tree on the beach walking distance to a good bar and whore house and live out my remaining days without ever speaking another word to another single person. :)

... and when I buy it I'll get these guys to drive me there cause I got no time to waste.

Robert Ryan: and what does the Benz cost? and how much gas did it burn to do this? a lot more is the answer to both ?'s I bet, than the truck baove!

Whippe doo! I can cruise all day at 80 MPH with my stock 2008 F-150 with a 2500 LB trailer in tow!

Not that impressive with a dinky 10' trailer!

@sandman4X4 It was a stock Mercedes Benz, the cost of making a 1100hp GMC would not be cheap. The previous records were done by production cars the WRX and prior to that a Porsche. You could build a record breaker pulled by a 2,300hp PRO-MOD, but would that be in the spirit of the record?

@sandman4X4 Fuel usage would be neligible.

@ len

you obviously dont understand how much harder it is to carry that load up past the 110mph mark. The wind resistance becomes MUCH greater at those higher speeds and thats why they had to use a twin turbo conversion 1000hp duramax to get it done.

hmm hauled fuel tankers on the autobahn in germany at over 8o mph...this does not impress me.

Robert R.: I have looked up the price of the MB S 600 5.5 twin turbo sedan and the least exp. ones are around 180K and can get as high as 210K! the GMC in the story I am sure did not cost half that! and of course fuel milage would be negligible if you can pay 180K for a car!. I would bet that with an Airstream, the speeds would be higher, and you would still have $$$ left over for a nice boat, instead of buy an overpriced V 12 barge.

Lou" you do know the real reason Ford Stopped makeing the F-450 don't you?

@sandman4X4 - my understanding that due to the tires being only rated for 75 mph the truck was speed limited and people did not like that fact.
Unless you know some other reason?

They probably could of gained a few more mph by having a canopy/cap on the pickup to help funnel air up and around the front of the trailer.

@sandman4X4 Previously only stock sedans were allowed to attempt the record (that is why the Mercedes)with their caravans/travel trailers in tow. Now they are allowing modified sedans/pickups.

Lou: you nailed it! but realy all they need is a set of deaver springs in a F-250-350 and have the best! Robert Ryan: ok I admit I missed that part, but I wonder what Chevy could do if they built a truck for that price point!

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