The New Chinese Status Symbol? Ford's SVT Raptor

2012 Raptor In the Desert II

In a country with a gigantic population, extreme arcitechural designs, and one of the most popular markets for Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and Lamborghini in the world, it's difficult to stand out in a crowd. 

According to The Detroit News, there is a growing number of wealthy Chinese buyers that see the big and wide, powerful and strong SVT Raptor as the easiest way to stand out from the very large crowds of other wealthy people driving more traditional exotic cars. Although not illegal to import models from other countries, there are many bureaucratic hoops to jump through and layer and layers of red tape to pay for. In fact, according to some auto experts in China, new Raptors are being bought for about four times what they cost here in the States, meaning $145,000. Even a used one was sold for $109,000.

We have no doubt the Ford SVT Raptor will stand out in a crowd, and we're sure that when you get into the more rural towns outside the big cities the huge rough-road capabilities will be a huge asset, but with narrower roads and tight city streets, the Raptor may not be the best choice for a daily driving. Then again, maybe that's not the point. Still, we don't care what country you live in, if you own a Raptor, you deserve all the attention your neighbors want give you. There's no denying the truck is cool. 


For a long time, Hummers were the ultimate symbol of wealth and status in China, as the H1s were the most popular, but the later H2, H2 SUTs, and H3T pickups created a small fortune for importers to high-end gray-market outlets. 

There's no word in either of these articles whether any of the local Chinese car companies are interested in partnering with Ford to produce a version of the Raptor in a life-size or 3/4-scale but it wouldn't surprise us if some photos of a proto-type Raptor-ette showed up in the near future. What's next? How about a Power Wagon Limo?

2012 Raptor In the Desert A II



I just want you to read why they are broken on the forums and 5 out of the 9 threads are from the same guy reposting about what happened with his axel. I know the guy who posted about that issue and he is still driving a Raptor!! oh also everyone of those talk about how it broke while…. power sliding in mud/sand/grass/dirt or was rip'n woops and had something fall off… seriously if you beat on something yes things will break but thats part of the game if you don't want to be a street queen… I wanna see what ever you're driving do any of that n not have an issue not gonna happen

I am pretty certain no where in any of the materials recieved with the truck does it say you are able to jump the truck stock.

PS good job on doing your research after you broke your raptor… I can search "broke" in a forum to find problems with any vehicle doesn't mean anything…

@mikefx4 AGREE!!

Two problems with the Raptor.

First: Every time I see one, the driver looks like an adult with arrested development drive around in a Hot Wheels Toy.

Second: Truck only comes with an auto-trans. I've done back country travel all over Africa, South America and the Arctic. Worst thing we could use is an auto trans. They are unreliable and can leave a vehicle stranded with zero warning. An manual trans will nearly never fail and certainly not without thousands of miles of warning. Plus, autos are for little old ladies.

Wow. Trolls are out in full force and so is the miss-information.

Ford does not make any more money than normal on the sale of these Raptors ending up in China. A Chinese importer buys them from Ford just like you or I and ships them to China.

Is a Supercar or Raptor or muscle car any less capable just because someone buys one for image?
We seem to forget that there are 2 reasons to buy a Raptor or supercar; they are bought for their performance capabilities or for their reputation for performance.
At the end of the day a sale is a sale.

China already tried to copy the f-150, Ford was ahead and had a patent issued in China. Shut em down after they had already copied the best truck. Wonder why they didn't copy no 2 and 3 full size trucks?

They already have this is a JAC.

Here is a Chinese Foton Tunland pickup released in Australia today and supposedly heading to the US in the future. It's targeted the Hilux and it's priced higher than the Great Wall pickup.

If it is bigger than the Great Wall which is based on the Izuzu body it would be in the class of the new Colorado/Global Ranger/Amarok.

Its also powered by the 2.8 Cummins.

Interesting read.

Here is more information on the Foton.

I'm surprised by the expected crash rating. As good as or better than the NA pickups.

Also, the single cab variant will have a 7.75 foot long bed in the back.


F150 is not the best resale if people are just overpaying for it. Tacomas have the highest resale value as stated by KBB!


All sales are NOT equal if people are just overpaying for something they could have gotten a little bit cheaper if they shopped around and didn't want to get ripped off!

PWJS.. Just because some men don't fill their garages with shiny things that they hope other people will see as metaphors for the size of the Johnson doesn't mean they are not successful or lack ego or pride for what do or have accomplished. Thanks for posting though and showing all of us your crippling sense of insecurity. Have a nice day.


Posted by: Mikes FX4 | Nov 14, 2012 5:06:19 PM

LOL, Mike, WHAT racing are you watching??????









@bj - I laugh every time I read one of your posts.
bj for oxi. ROTFLMFAO.

In Canada, at least the part I live in, there is no dealing with Toyota dealers. MSRP and whatever crumb the factory throws out is what you pay. I've checked around and every dealer within 500 miles of my home will not budge from MSRP.
My F150 was 2K less than the Tacoma TRD 4x4 doublecab. The F150 had more options, more power, more capacity, more comfort etc. The only negative was it got a few mpg less than the 1,500 lb smaller Tacoma.
WTF is wrong with that picture?

My F150 was 2K less than the Tacoma TRD 4x4 doublecab. The F150 had more options, more power, more capacity, more comfort etc. The only negative was it got a few mpg less than the 1,500 lb smaller Tacoma.
WTF is wrong with that picture?

Posted by: Lou | Nov 15, 2012 6:28:03 PM


@HEMI V8. Do you ever have anything intelligent to add to the topic. Let me answer for you. NO. You are driving around in your 2003 POS because you actually cannot afford a late model ANYTHING. Keep telling everyone you are waiting on that 6.4 PW which is not coming any time soon. You should do everyone a favor now and fix your self so you can never procreate.

That Chinks just need to buy the all new FORD RANGER .....

unfo not for sale in the US :-))

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