Video: 2012 SEMA Show Custom Trucks

Since's fearless editor cannot make it to the 2012 SEMA show (he's on jury duty the next few weeks), editor Joe Bruzek pitched in to help him cover it. In the video above, Joe shows you the Zibar off-road vehicles, a limo-style F-350 Super Duty and a seriously tall F-350 Harley-Davidson model.

In addition, we'll have a few more videos and a couple stories of the some of the coolest trucks we found at the show, as well the best new products for 2012. More to come. 


Lou, please do not respond!

You hate mods and everything at SEMA is illegal and subjct to roadside scales and inspectins...

So do us all a favor and step away from this thread!

Us folks that can mod our pickupsto make them better and stronger live for SEMA every year unlike you!

About the whole truck pulling a trailer at 140 mph some redneck in his truck with triple turbos and chiped can do that everyday, I know plenty of people that have trucks with 1200hp+ and close or over 2000 torque, all dyno tested my friend has a Dodge with 1,235hp and 1,980torque, it's mean smokes like crazy smokes in ideol.

@Oxi - did you look at the video? The F350 was street legal in Florida. The other armored F350 was also street legal. The 2 Zibar trucks would be imported street legal. These trucks are not 1/2 assed back yard mechanic specials. Each costs in excess off 120,000 dollars.
I like seeing personal build trucks if they are done well with good craftmanship and attention to detail. I've seen a large number of mickey mouse mod jobs on trucks and are driven by owners who claim to be experts.
Case in point: YOU!
If you want to carry more - make your truck lighter not heavier.
That strategy works well in the commercial trucking industry.


That monster wanna-be pickup is NOT street legal!

Headlights and bumpers too far up in the air, drivers position to see properly is compromised!

You know nothing buddy of what is street legal, your from Canada, what else should we expect from a jealous foreigner!

@oxi-moron. Wanna-be truck......what ever dude. Don't be jealous just because Ford took both Truck and Car of this years show. When I see a nice looking or well built truck, I can appreciate it no matter the brand it is, un like you.

Florida is very light on laws for trucks, My truck is street legal now and will still be once the project is done in the next few weeks. Currently has 40" tires and can haul equipment in the bed, tow a boat, and go to the mall. Can't fit in for Fast food but that's probably for the best.

Dropping a 12Valve Cummins in the old Ford and pretty much replacing everything but the frame/cab but it will still be street legal as long as I stay in Florida and make the proper modifications for headlight height.

@oxi - that truck was street leagal in Florida. That is what the story said.
It would not be legal where I live. Your stupid little truck would not be legal either.
Jealous of what?
That is you in the pic?


chest hurts........................................................................

can't breath.......................................................................


Jealous of you...................?

Dream on little man.


You just proved you are twelve!

Do you have junior hockey practice to get to or do you need a ride in mommy's Sienna to get there?

Again IGNORNAT fool, where is the front and rear bumpers on that monster truck? Too high to be street legal...

What about the headlights and rear tailights? Again too high to be street legal...

Tires are sticking too far out without fender's or mud flaps thus this vehicle is dangerous to other drivers due to the kicking up of debris and water spray, again not street legal...

If that is the way Florida allows it, than what a moron type of state!

oxi is a super hero. he can pick up live wires with his bare hands. Why? Because he is a trained weather spotter. Don't you know? What does a Toyota Tacoma or Honda Civic have to do with getting power crews out here and getting power restored? Nothing. Just more grandstanding from oxi.

We don't need blankets, dried food, ice, water, charging or warming stations. Just power.

@jamie - Oxi is a super villian of epic proportions. He hates the USA, hates its people, he thinks children are a cancer, he hates anything that does not have a Toyota badge on it. He is BOTT Man and his Taco is the BOTT Mobile and like the real Bat Man - both live in a fantacy world of make believe.

Picture of Oxi's completed BOTT Terror Truck:

@Lou: I thought that was the car in the Animal House movie? LOL! "RAMMING SPEEEEEEED!"

@TRX4 Tom - we all get our inspiration somewhere ;)

F-350 is exempt in FL because it is over 5000 lbs. Look it up.

@Dave - In Florida a heavily modified full sized pickup is fine but a modified Tacoma is not.............................. they must know Oxi ;)

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