Ford Hoping to Steal Thunder With 2015 Ford F-150

2013 Ford F-150_KR II

With much of the attention on GM and the debut of its important half-ton pickup trucks, Automotive News cites an unnamed source inside Ford that is saying when the 2015 Ford F-150 comes around, there will be some game-changing technology under the hood that could offer as much as 15 to 20 percent more fuel economy. 

The story says Ford will be looking at every aspect of the truck to shave off as much weight as possible, which means components like the brakes, frame, axles and other heavier chassis components are likely to go on a diet. Whether they can squeeze as much as 750 or 900 pounds from a full-size pickup is likely to have some truck experts quite skeptical. We'll see. 

Additiionally, there are reports coming out of Detroit, reported by Automotive News, that Ford may show its 2015 F-150 at the North American International Auto Show in January in an attempt to steal a little bit of GM's thunder with the recently debuted pickup truck sibliings and the coming new Corvette. It probably cannot be overstated how competitive Ford and GM can be, especially when they're trying to break through the clutter of the sights and sounds of the most important domestic auto show.  

It should be noted that little has been heard about the Ford and Toyota partnership for full-size pickup hybrid technology that was struck two years ago. No doubt more will be heard as the both companies get closer to the stair-stepped EPA regulartion that will require better city, highway and combined fuel-economy numbers from full-size pickups. 

In the meantime, it looks like Ford has a strong-looking baby Power Stroke (sitting inside the coming Transit commercial van and derived from the global Ranger powerplant) that could work quite well. Some early reports have the unofficial horsepower/torque numbers in the 200/400 range. 

2014 Transit 3.2L PSD II



@Lou: You said the mid sizers have differant emmisions spec requirements? So, would the thing to do be to build a truck that barely meets that requirement? Say if the rules change at 4600 pounds for instance, build a truck that is the lightest in that class?

The full size V-6 Rams and Fords are killing these midsize Tacoma, Frontier, and Ridgeline on gas mileage. It's always good for a laugh.

But I do think there is always room for shorter front ends, so we can keep the bigger beds and cabs, and don't end up down sizing there. The v-8 will probably be gone in a 1500 in not too long, so front ends and packaging is easier.

I do like the shorter hood the F-150 has.

So, will the 2015 model be really all new or still be based on the current 2004 model?

I'm not concerned at all. I like what I've seen so far and we haven't seen it all yet. There is still plenty more to come. We know nothing about engines other than their displacements. Towing/payload numbers. We haven't seen High Country trim yet. And plenty little things here and there. The list is long.

I'm not saying what Ford is doing is wrong or stupid. I welcome competition. It brings the best out of everybody. I want big 3 to come out with innovative stuff because it means others will follow. And at the end we the customers benefit from it.
I understand what Ford is doing. I know they pay pretty close attention to what's going on around them, and if the above story is true, I think it's the direct result of their awareness. Dodge and GM have new product on the table and Fords answer is 2 years away. It's their duty to protect whatever they've accomplished over the years.
All I'm saying is that I think that Ford shares my opinion about new GM trucks otherwise they wouldn't risk it showing their truck so soon.

@TRX4 Tom
If you change your EPA, CAFE and safety/vehicle design regulations to what the majority of the world's vehicle manufacturer's are currently using you would become more competitive. This would allow the US to design/manufacture more vehicles for export.

The figure you quoted of 4 600lbs would give mid sizer an advantage over NA full size pickups. I could imagine a 50/50 split in pickup sales. SUV sales would drop also as many move to dual cab mid sizers as family trucksters.

I think you would have an increase in total pickup sales as a diesel midsizer would give the economy of a gasoline Ford Focus.

The US pickup market is very protected, that's why the Big 3 don't want the trade barriers to be lifted.

If the new 2014 GM full-size pickup trucks don't perform better in the IIHS crash tests than the 2013 models, Ford won't have to worry about the new Silverado and Sierra stealing its thunder - GM will give it away (again). I'm hoping GM management had the foresight to let their engineers design new trucks that will earn an IIHS Top Safety Pick! I've got my eye on you GM (and you too Chrysler - your crash test ratings are an embarrassment too).

I wouldn't mind the diesel, Big Al. I don't know what all the cold does to the diesel in my neck of the woods (Arkansas, it's not real cold) but does it not have an effect as far as what you put in the tank so it doesn't gel up?

It kind of is a battle of "this ones cleaner" vs. "this one uses less fuel".

Here in Northwest Arkansas/Southwest Missouri diesel is about 60 cents more a gallon.

I myself don't want a midsize with a small bed. If it had about the same bedsize as my current Ram (that 6'4" and wider the Chevy and Ford) Now if a Dakota sized cab was out, with the same bed size I have, or ATLEAST the bedsize of the club cab Dakota, which is a 6'6" I believe. I could go for that. I will probably have to build it myself.

Although the 8 speed can be good for mileage, use numerically lower axle ratios, and tow in 7 gears and use 8th for non towing, highway cruising, I would welcome a 7 speed manual with 2 gears that are overdrive. The much lower gears in first and second, and much closer, make it much easier to run the economy gears like 3.21s instead of 3.55 or 3.92s. I can't imagine my step bro's tranny shop getting as many to pay the higher dollars the current 6 speeds, and future 8 and 10 speeds will cost. Keep oil in a manual and don't abuse it and usually it lasts. Of course a friend had a late 90s Ranger with a 5 speed, and that thing was a mess! It wasn't high mileage, and he didn't hot rod it.

My comment was more based on the fact the mid size trucks are so choked down here. The weight was only a guess, just a number to throw out there.

I can't imagine a diesel truck with 4x4 getting 37 or so MPG, thats about the highway mileage of a Focus. Maybe more like 30? And be able to tow 6500 or so pounds, COMFORTABLY, Stop it good, and not put all the payload on or behind the rear tires. I would like some INFRONT of the rear tires, ie, a long wheelbase.

It's funny that they did all the work for E-85, now look at it. Only a nickel less (in my area) for something that requires almost 30% more to get the same mileage as gas. I can't see them carrying that much longer. On top of that, it said "Minimal amount 70% ethanol." Not 85%. Thought that was the purpose of the name! Oh well, makes a great cheap racing fuel (high octane, burns cool) Hell with the price of race fuel!

@TRXTom - I read a while back that mpg and emission rules are different for small trucks and large trucks. It actually gives a larger truck an advantage. There is no benefit for car companies to shrink the big trucks because if they cross over into the smaller truck class they would be at a serious disadvantage ie. being the biggest and heaviest small truck.
It would be to their advantage as you have pointed out, to have the lightest and smallest vehicle that still fits into that mpg/emission class.
Station wagon like cars were killed off by the regs because an SUV of comparable dimensions had to meet less strict guidelines. That would be like the Dodge Magnum versus a Dodge Durango. The Durango has easier rules to meet.
@Gregory J - I hope I wasn't sounding accusatory. I agree that Ford probably is concerned or they wouldn't of gone with the release of the 2015. That may of been their plan all along, who knows?
I do like where GMC has gone with both of these trucks.

This should be interesting. The diesel, the new truck reveal. As much as I'm impressed by the new Silverado, for their sake I hope they have a few aces up their sleeve. It will still be a tough fight to get Chevrolet customers back from Ford and even Dodge now. This is the first Chevy truck in a long time that has even peaked my interest in Chevrolet again. They need to roll with the momentum. Likewise, Ford can't stop, nor can Dodge. I've also read comments on the Colorado being geared more towards the F-150 in comparison. If the global Ranger isn't coming here and I assume it's not, I'd about bet that's a pretty safe assumption. Next year should be fun for us Chevy vs. Ford vs. Dodge truck guys.

@FordTrucks1 - the biggest problem I see with these new gen GMC/Chevy trucks is the fact that they are supposed to be "all new". If they keep them around as long as the GMT 900's (2007 - 2013) we are looking at a 6 year life span. Ford is releasing a new truck for 2015. Ram will also be doing the same around that time. That means GMC trucks will once again be behind the 8 ball for 4-5 years. Even if the new 4.3/5.3/6.2 are stellar engines, it won't be too hard for the competition to surpass them.
Whom ever hits the market with something new usually becomes the benchmark. They get the crosshairs lined up at the base of the skull. (Unless they produce something weak like the GMT900's). Time will tell if Ram's new truck technology is the industry benchmark of if GMC passes them the moment they hit the streets. I suspect that GMC will surpass Ram almost immediately.
Ford had the crown for a short while with their new engines, Ram will probably be the king briefly with air ride and 8 speed. GMC's new engines, refined chassis, and new rear ends willo probably take it away from Ram.
The cycle will start all over again once the new Ford hits the streets in 2015.

Yawn! 2014 F150 will be as capable as the 1995 Chevy Silveraldo, ford, always second best to Chevy. Found On Road Dead, Fix Overhaul Repair Ditch, Full Of Rusty Dents, Full Of Redneck Drivers, Fill Oil Reservoir Daily.

woopud: the next F-150 will likely be all-new because of the new fuel-ecomony requirements. The entire truck will have to be re-thought and re-designed to meet those requirements

@tj Did you sit up all night coming up with those? Because there are just as many acronyms for my tax dollar government owned GM! Get over it. GM is decades behind Ford in terms of design, quality, fit and finish, cutting edge technology, and owner loyalty. Yeah I will tell you GM nailed it with the 2014. Same junk every year with a new grille and double stacked headlights! Were they going for the family truckster look? Maybe GM design department is stuck in 1984?

GMT900 was kept around for couple years too long I agree, but lets not forget why. GM has lost or fell behind probably 2-3 years because of the bankruptcy. Today's truck was developed just before the turmoil and then everything took a skydive.
Here is why I think lots of thing will be different at GM from now on. Of course we can't trust in everything they say but it's better if they say anything rather than nothing.

Please read the article below. Reuss talks about product cycle, updates and such.
One thing that had me thinking a bit is when he says about truck's engines. Diesel?

@Gregory J. - Thanks for the llink. Nice to see GMC is getting back into the game.

Please GM, drop the 4.5 duramax with 500+ torque

You already have the engine, do it!


GM will not wait another 6 years with their trucks untouched, they have cash to spend now unlike the last 5 years.

Greg J

Saw your post right after mine, and you did a lot better ogre a job then me eexplaining it.

Thanks Junner

It's cool that they are trying to make this truck as light as possible, but I think that some parts they shouldn't skimp on just to make it lighter. People are more interested in quality not weight.

Why do some of you guys get so worked up about truck news? So what if brand x is trying to steel brand y's thunder. Has been this way since the invention of the automobile. Why wouldn't the competition try to make a better truck than the other guy?? Would be senceless to build a truck that has the same capabilities as what is already offered( except for Ram who seems to update their trucks to what is current instead of going beyond the competition). . If you buy a 2014 truck, why would you worry ,or care about what the next guy is bringing to the table, untill you are in the market for a new truck, there is no need to worry.

#1 reason owners trade trucks is MPG
#2 70 cents more for diesel is why I unloaded mine long ago. Can't make the numbers work at that price/mile and it isnt going to get better since the addition of sulfer removal in the refinement process.

Take your Ram and try to trade it and believe me it boggles the mind how a Ford or the GM twins resale and trade-in are so much higher, but i will admit since GM now owns them they are prettier and built better.

I don't know how Ford is going to steal any thunder from its competitors WITH A NEW GRILLE AND A NEW DASH. I will believe in a full redesign when i see it from these YAHOOOS. To them an all-new truck is a new grille and dash every couple of years with an outdated body wrapped around it. LMAO.

Govn't Motors Bob - Who who you rather be? A company who updates their trucks every 7 years and let's them wither on the vine in between updates? Or a company who has constant and never-ending updates between updates? The 14' Chevy was promised to be all new, but it is exactly like the 09 F150 refresh.

A baby powerstroke is the ticket to boost Ford sales. If they were to produce another 2.3L diesel with a really high performance turbo and increase fuel economy in a lighter F-150 would open a whole new door for innovation in the bio-diesel industry. Ford would probably market it inside their cars as well. Its new and who wouldn't want to buy a Fusion or hell a Focus with a twin-turbo powerstroke diesel engine????? That would be so awesome. Another cool way Ford could market the smaller F-150 is to put the Ranger bade on it considering Ford lacks in the midsize field of sales due to the death of the Ranger. They did the F-150 with the Ranger badge in the 70's that's how the mid-size ranger got started. History repeats itself lol

Cant see ford putting a baby ps in a half ton cause of the ecoboost economy.....the cost is too much for the number they will sell

With Dodge offering a diesel Ram-1500 for MY-2014, I think it's a given that Ford and GM will have diesel offerings in their half-ton pickups for MY-2015. They are, as the article says, extraordinarily competitive. Whether it will be a baby Powerstroke from Navistar or one of the Lion units from their partnership with Peugot seems to be the only question. If I had to bet, I'd bet on a Lion since it's already extant.

where is fords cng pick-up naturalgas about $2/gallon home compressor fueling as low as 80cents/gallon. you lose some space on bed on retrofits. maybe factory would put gastank underbed.

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