Ford Is the First Truck Maker With Two Diesels

Transit Power Stroke 3.2L I-5 II

While many auto writers focused on recent comments made by GM's Mark Reuss about the possibility of a small turbo-diesel making its way into an upcoming GM pickup truck (we guessed the new Colorado or Canyon), it seems like the automaker's archrivals have some turbo-diesel news of their own. 

Ford has finally announced which turbo-diesel engine will be an option (previously announced) in the all-new-coming-next-year 2014 Ford Transit, ready to debut at the North American International Auto Show next month in Detroit.

The all-new (for North American markets) 3.2-liter inline-five turbo-diesel engine is already being used in the T6 Ford Ranger sold in other European markets. Although no EPA fuel economy or SAE-rated horsepower and torque numbers are available yet, we do know the Ranger is rated at 197 horsepower and 347 pounds-feet of torque (with 90 percent of its available torque between 1,700 and 3,000 rpm) in Europe; additionally, we have heard some chatter on a Power Stroke forum that the engine/van combination could get as much as 23 mpg in one-ton form. 

The new Power Stroke uses an extremely rigid sand-cast gray iron block, an aluminum cylinder head, dual-overhead cams with four valves per cylinder, piezoelectric fuel injectors and a variable nozzle, electronically actuated turbocharger. And to keep it all clean, Ford will use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and a particulate filter, similar in theory to what is used on the Super Duty's 6.7-liter Power Stroke. 

No announcements have been made about using this engine in any other models or whether or not there will be a "light-pickup" version of the Transit platform (with either the Power Stroke or EcoBoost), but we'll be asking.  

This makes Ford the first truck maker to offer more than one turbo-diesel option to its customers. But if Reuss has his way, it sounds like GM might become the first to offer two different diesel engine choices for their large and small pickups. Of course, you'll remember that there were also rumors that the Ram 1500 could also get a turbo-diesel choice in the near future as well, but we've heard nothing definitive as to that engine would the VM Motori or baby Cummins. We've been hearing about the possibility of a "baby Power Stroke" from Truck Trend Magazine and for some time but it looks like they were both a little off the mark.  

The new Power Stroke diesel engine will be paired with the 3.2-liter EcoBoost V-6 as Transit powertrain choices, and both will use the 6R80 six-speed automatic transmission. The engine itself will be made in South Africa and shipped to the Ford commercial van plant (currently being updated with a $1.1 billion investment) to produce the new Transit. 

To read the Ford press release, click here

Transit Power Stroke II


oh great another engine from ford not from the usa or supporting any american jobs. to all you people who dont believe your in a global economy and constantly run your yap about american this and american that you best not by a transit van lol. to everyone else now you have an alternative in a ford van for a diesel (if your a ford fan) if your a gm fan you have had a duramax for years now.

MORE FLAMES FIRES AND FORD RECALLS!!! Engine Fires Ignite Ford Escape, Fusion Recalls
It's the fourth recall for the brand-new Escape. Ford is offering loaner cars to buyers until they can fix the problem.
By Candace Jarrett Email the author December 6, 2012

The 2013 Ford Escape is undergoing its fourth recall since its introduction this spring.

Ford Motor Co. is recalling more than 89,000 new Escape SUVs and Fusion sedans because the engines can overheat and cause fires.

The Escape is a top seller for Ford. The 2013 version went on sale in the spring, and it already has had problems with coolant leaks, cracked fuel lines and carpet padding.

Both the Fusion and Escape are among Ford's top-selling vehicles selling a combined 427,000 already this year, according to Autodata Corp. Note this figure include those from the previous model year.

Ford said it is working on a repair plan and trying to find out what causes the overheating problem, where the engines can overheat and leak fluids onto hot parts, causing fires.

What Should Owners Do?

The company is asking owners to contact dealers, who will arrange for loaner cars at no charge until the repairs are made.

"It is important that affected customers not ignore this recall and contact their dealer as soon as possible," Steve Kenner, director of Ford's Automotive Safety Office, said in the statement.

The recall affects vehicles from the 2013 model year with 1.6-liter turbocharged engines that were sold in the U.S. and Canada, the company said in a statement.

The cars can still be driven, but owners whose dashboard warning lights illuminate should pull off the road, turn off the engine and leave the vehicle, the company said.

Escape and Fusion owners can find out more about the recall by going to Ford's website. If you are unsure if this affects you, enter your Vehicle Identification Number here to find out. You can also call Ford at 866-436-7332 in the U.S. or 888-222-7814 in Canada, Ford said in a statement.

Recall Details

The recall affects Fusions and Escapes with "SE" and "SEL" packages. Models with different engines don't have the problem and are not involved in the recall. About 73,000 Escapes and 16,000 Fusions are affected, according to the compnay.

Previous Recalls

In September the company recalled 7,600 new Escapes to fix coolant leaks that can cause engines to overheat or catch fire. Plugs in the engine may not have been installed properly and can fall out while the motor is running. Coolant can leak and cause engines to overheat.

In July, the company recalled 11,500 Escapes to fix fuel lines that can crack, leak and cause fires.

In the same month Ford recalled more than 10,000 of the vehicles to fix carpet padding that can interfere with braking.

@ hemi lol

Aren't half of the Dodge Ram's that are built in Mexico not supporting American jobs too?

I believe all Hemi's are built in Chrysler's Saltillo Engine plant in Mexico as well.

Pot, meet kettle!


Since You posting recalls for our safety. Post Ram's 2009-2011 recall that caused 12 confirmed accidents for improper installation of the rear axle pinion nut. Wait let me do that for you.

Recall Date:
SEP 28, 2012
Model Affected:
2010 Dodge Ram 1500
Chrysler is recalling certain model year 2009-2010, Ram 1500 and Dodge Dakota trucks, manufactured from July 1, 2009, through November 30, 2009, because a rear axle pinion nut may loosen due to a lack of adhesive.
If the rear axle pinion nut loosens, the axle can lock up and cause a loss of vehicle control and/or a vehicle crash with little warning.
Chrysler will notify owners, and dealers will install a pinion nut retainer, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin during November 2012. Owners may contact Chrysler at 1-800-247-9753.
Potential Units Affected:

Ford Recalls 2011 F-Series After Two Fires
Continuing its proud history of vehicle fires, Ford is recalling the 2011 F-Series and the Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX crossover after two 2011 Ford F-150s caught fire at the Dearborn Assembly Plant. Built Ford flammable? [ and @DavidShepardson]

Ford Recall 2011: Company Recalls 1.1 Million Trucks Ford issued a recall on Monday for 1.1 million trucks due to fuel tank concerns.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) identifies the problem as follows:

The straps that support the fuel tank can rust and break, possibly dropping the tank and causing a fuel leak. Leaking gasoline presents a fire hazard.
A total of 243 incidents of fuel tanks dropping below the vehicle and/or dragging on the ground have been reported, as well as 95 involving fuel leakage and nine including sparks.

2012 Ford F-150 Recall List
Recall Date: MAY 03, 2012
Model Affected: F-150
Potential Units Affected: 10500 Recall Details
Recall Date: MAY 03, 2012
Model Affected: F-150
Potential Units Affected: 10500 Recall Details
Recall Date: MAY 03, 2012
Model Affected: F-150
Potential Units Affected: 101 Recall Details

Read more:

Recall Alert: 2011 Ford F-150, 2012 Ford F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550
Posted by Mark Williams | December 15, 2011

Ford is recalling more than 16,000 F-Series pickups from the 2011-12 model years because the transmission can be shifted out of Park without pressing the brake pedal, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The recall affects the 2011 Ford F-150 and 2012 models of the F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550. The vehicles were built between Sept. 9 and Sept. 22. You can check the vehicle’s build date on a sticker on the driver-side doorjamb.

A defective brake shift interlock switch may allow the driver to inadvertently shift the vehicle into gear without pressing the brake pedal, increasing the risk of a crash or injury to a nearby pedestrian.

“The new Ram 1500 makes a powerful statement about our company and the Ram Truck brand,” said Fred Diaz, President and CEO—Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler de Mexico. “Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year is an amazing honor, truly one of the most prestigious awards an automaker can achieve. It REAFFIRMS THE FACT that Ram has THE BEST truck on the road today. BAR NONE.

Posted by: LOU IS A TROLL | Dec 9, 2012 8:36:56 PM


You do realize that Ram, Chrysler, and Dodge have a laundry list of recalls as well like the Pentastar V6 recall that Chrylser is replacing the cylinder heads. Every manufacturer from Ford, Chevy, Ram, to even high end cars like Mercedes -Benz have a list of recalls each year. Some are forced by the NHSTA and some are voluntary. I think it just bothers you so much that the Ford F-series is #1 in sales month after month, year after year for a reason. It's okay, not everybody gets to be number one but at least Ram gets to be on the podium. You can have your guts and glory blah blah blah in this forum where it doesn't count.... I'll take being number one AGAIN!! and AGAIN!!! and AGAIN!!! and AGAIN!!! oh and yet AGAIN!!! Stay here and keep spewing your guts about how over glorified Rams are while I go tow 10,000 lbs in my F-150 and prove why they are #1.–-is-yours-on-this-list/

Lets talk about recalls:)

al koholic

The Pentastar isn't being recalled for the head issue that it USE TO HAVE! IF the issue occurs on the vehicle, it doesn't create a safety issue, so no need for a recall. Chrysler's 100,000 engine warranty will cover the engines it occurs on, which has been less then 1%

As for the topic at hand, good for Ford. The US needs more diesels. However those are weak numbers for an engine that size. I would hope for at least 425ft lbs. After all, the smaller 3.0 V6 VM Motori motor that Chrysler will be using is going to generate at least 406 ft lbs.

Also a small nit-pic about the title of the article. Way back in the day GM had 2 diesels for sale, the 6.2 and the 6.5 turbo. Hell, when Chrysler was owned by Benz they had 3 turbo diesels motor sold in the US at one time. A 2.8 for the liberty, a 3.0 for the Grand Cherokee, and a 5.9 for the Ram HDs. So technically Ford isn't the first, just the most recent.

The 6.5 L was introduced in 1992 to replace the 6.2 which was produced until 1993. Liberty and Grande Cherokee are not trucks. Basically Mark Williams is correct.

The power and torque figures are very similar to your HD engines per litre. These engines are intermediate between a commercial engine and a passenger car diesel. There is more than enough power and torque in this engine for work, I own one, even enough for a F-150.

Remember how much power and torque pickup had in the 70s and 80s and they worked.

I have researched what can be done to improve this particular engine's output, you can change the exhaust, chip it, and provide a better intercooler and get about 220kw (300+hp) and 650nm (480ftlb) of torque relatively cheaply, but why?

Just extracting power doesn't make the engine efficient, the engine is designed to perform a certain way to maximise fuel economy.

@hemi lol
Supporting American job? How much will it cost to build a new plant to build these engines? How many engines will be produced each year? It has to be viable.

As I have stated int the past the US has dropped the ball when it comes to vehicle technologies, now you are paying the price.

All the US needs to do is change EPA and CAFE and match the rest of us and you would have a great range of cheap diesels.

From what I can recall this engine in Europe could only attain Euro IV standards and isn't sold there now due to its CO2 emissions. It shows how silly EPA and CAFE is. But your emissions and safety standards are only trade barriers.

It a good and very well proven engine design, small business owner should like the economy it provides.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the engine offered in the F150 at some point in time in the future (with better FE than even the EcoBoost). One small problem; some stations in my area are charging $0.80 more than the cheapest unleaded gas. That almost wipes out the benefit of the FE savings for the diesel.

Is paying the deisel price/fuel/maintenance premium worth it for only 23mpg highway 197hp? I understand all we care about ont his forum is towing of giant double-wide trailers.

That said, Kudos to Ford. Let the games begin.


Is that correct about a 3.2 Ecoboost? Seems too close in displacement to warrant the different mechanicals.
I would expect the diesel to do better than 23mpg, but we know that the Ecoboost suffers in FE when loaded. That will be where you can see a real benefit.
That engine would be great, paired with the high GVW group in the F150. Something that could carry a 3000# service body and still get better than 20mpg. He'll, offer it in the SuperDuty for that matter. If not, hopefully we'll at least get a T350 C&C version.

"The engine itself will be made in South Africa and shipped to the Ford commercial van plant (currently being updated with a $1.1 billion investment) to produce the new Transit."

The 6.7 powerstroke is made in Mexico right?

The Mustang has trannys made in China

I'm starting to see a trend.

23mpg would be great! My '01 E350 7.3L diesel gets about 17. Another E350 I had with the 5.4L gasser got about 14.

Hopefully it can tow at least 10,000lbs.

In line 5 is garbage.
Chrysler with VM MOTORI A630 will wipe the floor with Ford.

Well the call me the fireman....that's my name...makin my rounds all over town puttin out FORD flames. I cool the FORDS down when they're smolderin hot....I'm the Fireman...that's my name....burn 'em up.

The EB is thirsty when worked and this van's large frontal area can't be friendly at freeway speeds.

Holy crap this comments section is a joke now thanks to "Hemi V8" Get a life kid. Nobody wants to hear your crap even the people that don't like Ford. Your posts have nothing to do with the news in the article.

Now to my post. If you're an idiot like Hemi V8 who just wants to bash the best brand please don't respond. Is there any chance this engine will make it to the f-150? I didn't read that. This is so the writer must think there is a possibility right?

Well if I had money
Tell you what I'd do
I'd go downtown and buy a Ford F150 or two
Crazy bout a Bout Eco Turd F150
Lord I'm crazy bout a Junk Ford
I'm gonna buy me a 2012 Ford F150
And watch it get towed up and down the road every time I leave home YEEEHAWW!

Those new Ford diesels are HOT!

Hell the new F150's are HOT!

It looks like BEEBE is going down the same path as all of the other FORD TROLLS are. That is a shame.

I am completely disgusted at what these comments sections have become. I am wavering in my support for this site if these childish discussions continue. This website is awesome for truck fans, and we should all be able to discuss the technology and contents of the article in a responsible and intelligent fashion. I like to have a logical debates regarding a specific topics rather than immaturely argue over the same thing.

A V6 Lion would be better in the F-150. This engine would be nice if the NA market recieved the global Ranger.

The 3.0 litre VM V6 diesel is a nice engine with 170kw and 550nm or torque.

But the Ford diesel engine to compare to it is the 3.0 litre V6 Lion.

The Ford V6 Lion is 180kw and 600nm which has a greater power and torque output.

Both the VM and Lion are used in indentical applications SUVs whereas the 3.2 Duratorque (Powerstroke) is only used in commercial applications. Horses for courses.

Sounds like Hemi's truck wouldn't start this morning lol

Hope its not like the 6.0 and 6.4 Powerstrokes

@ Mark Williams
Can you please ban this Hemi V8, these daily immature flooding comments are out of hand. This kid clearly has no life but to bash automakers with no relevance to the article.

This is good news. Most of the world outside of NA has had diesels in just about every vehicle and brand. I hope its used in other applications here in the US. So Ford and Chrysler have seen the light when will GM?

Ford currently makes the 4.4 Land Rover Diesel. It's based off of the 3.0 Lion. Why isn't this a bigger deal? Its made in Mexico and already has a proven track record. Why don't they do a test run. I know they said that people dont want an 8000 premium over a gasser, but why not create a few Platinum or Lariat models with it as a limited edition. Just get it out there and see. Why push the EcoBoost over something that has already been here? I guess I'd like to see production cost analyses on both. I'm sure the Ecoboost is cheaper.

Read the first few comments thinking I might want to have a conversation about the article. Looks like that's just not gonna happen. I'll be honest, I didn't get past the first few. But having read so many of the comments on other articles, I think I know where it went.

This place does have forums. Why doesn't anyone use the forum page to discuss the articles? It's a better format, and there is at least some accountability. I invite the non trolls to bring the discussion to the forums.

On that note, I also invite the trolls to the forums, where they can be torn apart without doing a disservice to the news section of the site. If the trolls are brave enough. I won't post names, they know who they are.

So what does everyone say to it?

HEMI V8 is just an i d i o t! Why does anyone play or feed into this fan boy? Dodge is junk always has been! GM comes in as a close second. Chrysler/Dodge/Fiat or whatever they call themselves has had a very long list of recalls/fires/TSB's! Youtube chrysler fires and see what comes up!

Well this isn't exactly earth shattering news but nice to see Ford is finally committing a diesel to the new Transits. I'll agree with a few of the comments above that the engine isn't really tuned up very high, especially considering the loads that the 3/4 and 1 ton variants will have to shoulder but then again the Sprinter has similar power and seems to manage (albeit slowly).

the 4.4 would have been nice to see as I'd imagine that motor would quickly spread into the F-series line and likely a couple of others but this 3.2 could as well but it will need to have some extra power to satisfy the US market. If it can be wicked up to 255 hp and 400+ lbs of torque it would be a viable option in the F-150 and base diesel in the F-250 along with maybe the Explorer and Expedition. At least that would be about a 700,000 vehicle base to spread the costs across.

I suspect GM and Fiat/Chrysler to do the same with their upcoming diesels.

Dodge ram truck sizzling

If Ford is so against bringing the new Ranger here, because of loosing F-150 sales, they need to put this 3.2 diesel in a F-150 reg cab S/B, and sell that for the mpg crowd, if they were to have it with 4wd I might and said might be tempted to trade the E/B for one!

Wait for 2015. The 2015 F-150 will shed 700 lbs and have all new engines.

Hopefully the I5 diesel will have more power and torque for USA. 240HP/400 lb-ft at minimum!

@Mark Williams, you mean 3.5L EcoBoost V6, not 3.2?!

The engine isn't designed for that kind of power or we would have it in Australia. A newer diesel will give that. As a truck engine have a look at how it delivers its torque. Also this isn't a new diesel, its been around for a while (early 2000s?).

My BT50 uses this 3.2 and it is pointless to rev above 3 000rpm and it only revs out to 4 000rpm even though the redline is 5 000rpm. Normal changes are between 2 000 and 2 500rpm.

I would also say it would be geared to run between 1 800 and 2 000rpm at 60mph. At that speed on the highway I'm getting over 32mpg in a vehicle that weighs over 4 600lbs. The van will be able to achieve 100mph.

The Ford Lion diesels are more powerful and expensive than the Duratorques.

The 3.2 Eco Boost should provide more than enough power. The engine would also be tuned to lower torque than the larger Eco Boost. Remember this is a commercial vehicle not a muscle car. Also the Eco Boost would get less than 20mpg.

There is no 3.2 (typo.) It is a 3.5 and it will get over 20mpg.

The Forum section on this site is considerably LESS controlled than the comments section and unlike the comments section does not have a wide array of people posting or posting on the current news item . The Forums have a much higher incidence of vindictive and childish statements.
That is why a LOT MORE people post here. Forums should be for technical and repair discussions only, like other Automotive sites.

@sandman4 X4 You will get other diesels but they have to had to amortize the costs first. That is why they will be other European diesels eventually

"F-series line and likely a couple of others but this 3.2 could as well but it will need to have some extra power to satisfy the US market. If it can be wicked up to 255 hp and 400+ lbs of torque it would be a viable option in the F-150 and base diesel in the F-250"

The newer European Diesels (Not Ford Diesels) are getting those outputs and better. Reducing the costs is another issue before you can start selling them in the US.

I guess those recalls are all just a matter of scale, no? Of course, recalls--no matter the brand involved--have no reason to be in this discussion. I hereby ask that the administrators remove every posting that raises the "My truck is better than your truck" recall statistics. If you could find it in your hearts to ban the users who are flooding these forums with such unnecessary data I believe the rest of us would appreciate actually talking about the subjects at hand--namely the new diesel engine in this case.

Now, with that said I'd like to note that I appreciate a new, smaller diesel coming into the States--we seem to be the only country in the world that is going out of its way to make diesel harder to get, not easier. The fact that Ford is introducing in inline-5 with a cast-iron block in this day of aluminum 4s, 6s and 8s is also a bit of a surprise, though the cast iron is likely far more durable in the long run making it likely the Ford engine itself will be more durable. It's not too often that you find an iron engine seized because of a little rust where with just a single blown head gasket an aluminum block will seize within a year (I had it happen.)

Maybe you people out in California should protest the rules that are making it so hard for us to get more diesels. The rest of the country tends to follow California's pollution laws.

@Robert Ryan: You know, as little as 20 years ago most pickup owners were quite happy tooling around with 200hp in their "big V8s". Now it seems if it has less than 350horses and 450 torques it's worthless. Worse, the dealerships really want to cater to this type because when I went to a local dealer just today and asked to test drive "a basic extended-cab pickup" they put me in their top-of-the-line, "this is better than all the others" luxury 4wd model. The good news? It drove just like a car. The bad news? It drove just like a car. These things aren't trucks any more, they're cars with a too-small bed on the back instead of a trunk. No, I'm not going to say what brand. You'll have to check my own website to find out--once I finish writing my personal review of it.

"when I went to a local dealer just today and asked to test drive "a basic extended-cab pickup" they put me in their top-of-the-line, "this is better than all the others" luxury 4wd model. The good news? It drove just like a car. The bad news? It DROVE JUST LIKE A CAR"

People wonder why Pickup sales are starting to flag. You can get the same or better experience with a SUV or if you are just going shopping using a car. Why use something that in the dim dark past was designed as a light commercial vehicle?

@DWFields Hey what's the link to you're website?

HEMI V8 won troll of the day my goodness.

Since this diesel doesn't trump the Ecoboost v6 in power I could see Ford at least trying it in a mule. Im sure they wouldn't want the competition to have an advantage by having diesels in their fullsizes. It would also give them more bragging rights for having the most engine options. v6, v8, i5 tb, v6 tt and finally the bigger v8.

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