Ford Ranger Named Pickup of the Year by U.K.'s 4x4 Magazine


And the winner is ... the Ford Ranger, according to Britain's 4x4 Magazine. It has accorded Pick-Up of the Year 2013 accolades to the not-quite-full-size Ford that we don't get on this side of the pond.

"Ford's new Ranger has significantly raised the bar in the pick-up market," said Nigel Fryatt, 4x4 Magazine editor. "Our extensive test showed the variety of products that are now on the U.K. market, and the Ranger topped them all with better overall ability, superb ride quality and an interior that makes it hard to believe this is a commercial vehicle. Indeed, no other pick-up came close in terms of interior comfort and specification."

Big deal? Or not big deal? After all, what do the British really know about pickup trucks?

Well, it seems they're learning, and quickly.

The U.K.'s pickup truck segment now includes eight vehicles — hey, that's nearly as many as we still have in our market. Pickup (or pick-up as the Brits put it) sales volume in the U.K. has increased by 25 percent in the last three years.


2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Named "4x4 of the Year"

"The 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is the most competent 4x4 ever produced," said Rick Pewe, editor-in-chief of Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road. "The Rubicon gives you complete confidence in its terrain tackling abilities. It allows you to take the trail less traveled without worrying about the journey. And it does so while leaving a smile on your face. This is one fun ride."

Who is driving the truck? Poor photoshop since England is RHD. There may be terrain like that is Australia but they are RHD too.
Considering the fact that the Ranger is not available in NA, is this a rub salt in open wounds news story?
There is a rumour that the Amarok may come to Canada.
Here is some gasoline for that small truck fire:
"Canadians like Volkswagens, diesels and small vehicles. Should be a no-brainer, right? Not quite. The big dogs of the Canadian pickup market are the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet/GMC Twins and the RAM line. Together they accounted for nearly 84 percent of the market in 2011. The top selling compact, the Ford Ranger, got a mere 5.5 percent of the market. The Toyota Tacoma got just 2.6 percent market share."
The Ranger had 5.5% of the Canadian truck market - double that of the Tacoma and Ford killed it.
I think that the door is partially open for a diesel pickup. VW has a poor record of reliability with gassers, but that problem does not seem to be an issue with their diesels.

@Larry Edsel Pickups are not huge in Northern Europe they tend to be a southern European thing. Vans and cutaway versions are vastly more popular and yes there are privately owned versions as well.

The Ford Ranger now has had a towing upgrade to 8000lb.

Sure would be neat if US consumers could buy one of the finest compact pickups in the world.

I can't tell you how many times people ask me if the Ranger is coming's the most popular truck question I hear lately.

Dear FORD,

It's time to reconsider the "an F150 for all" strategy.

Your pal,


I am not sure where this photo was taken, but this truck in this photo is LHD! if this was a reflection, the words WildTrax would be backwards, but as you can all see they are in the correct direction, and that means this truck would be welcomed with open arms in America! I can only imagine what this truck would run like with the EB in it, yes even after my EB blowing a head gasket, I would like to see one of these "over here".

It's a nice looking truck. It would be a nice choice for customer here in the States but Ford loves it's F-150. They make more money of it. And that's what they're focused on right now.
I saw one in person last year and it made a nice impression on me.

But like Lou said, it's just "a rub salt in open wounds news story"

@ sandman4X4 They are made in RHD and LHD from the factories in Thailand unlike US Pickups , Corvette or Viper.

Do they have the Chevy Colorado over there or not?

Ok folks! after a little looking on the net, all I could find out, (because I am also wondering what others were in the test) from what I could tell in the one picture they had, there was a Nissan, just like the Nissan in the US, what I believe to be a toyota Hi-Lux? and Isuzu that looks like the new Colorado, and in the limited text available, it was said there were trucks from China, Korea and Japan also in the test, so I guess any newer type of truck available in the UK, and it goes without saying there are no full size there, so there was no mnetion of mid-size, as this is all I imagine the fine folk, or is it blokes in the UK have to choose from! so I guess when our new mid-sizers come out here next yr or so, it will be between the new Colorado, Tacoma, Nissan and ???? maybe the new Ranger, come on Ford get with the program! sure it might take away sales from the F-150, but then again you just might make up for that in sales of folks who would not buy a truck anyway, never mind a full size truck, I am interested in maybe getting a replacement for my Dakota in a yr or so, and this new Ranger seams very nice indeed, and being that I will only buy American, please give me a choice! 2014 Ranger with an Ecco-Boost V-6 or a high torque diesel, would be just fine, just as long as I could get either without having to buy an option loaded model!!! BUILD IT AND WE WILL BE THERE!!!!

Yes they do

The Nissan is the Navara with a Spanish name as it is built there and it does differ significantly from the Frontier in the US. Think of the difference between a F150 v F250.

Warning about use of Pickups in Europe especially Northern Europe. It is not he same as in the US, notice the award was given by a 4 X4 Off Road Magazine. You do not see many at all on farms or used by businesses, they are more a recreational vehicle.

Ford Ranger Equa's ugly, keep it over sea's I don't want to look at the ugly thing!!

The new EcoBoost in 2.6 or 2.9L would be great in a truck this size.

I never did see a new Ranger in my month in Panama but every 4th vehicle was a Hilux. I really wanted to take a test drive in a few of these non-US trucks but I never found the time. Too bad, might have been my only chance for many years to come. :(

I sure hope GM steps up with the Colorado and puts a diesel in it for the US. They have the 2.0L coming for the Cruze. That is too small for US tastes but the 2.8 tuned up would be tremendous. Maybe Ford can borrow from Mazda for a change and toss the 2.2L into some truck version of the Transit Connect. That would probably make too much sense though.

Nice truck but doubt we in NA will ever see this because it would compete against F-150. In the near future all full size will be the global size. Lou summed it up "like rubbing salt in the wound.

That photograph is clearly California/AZ/Nevada desert. As an archaeologist I know the plants and rocks well.

Most likely the Owens Valley. Looking east towards the Inyo Mountains.

Here you go, Alabama Hills in California's Owens Valley, Inyo mountains in the background. Someone mentioned Australia but Aus has no mountains like these. The darker areas are 7,000 ft to 9,000 elevation carpeted by Pinon Pines.

@Manual Trans etc
Snowy Mtns, NSW, a couple of hours from where I used to live.

Isn't this just an Explorer Sport Trac. Unless it has at least a 6 foot bed available it's useless in any form as a traditional pickup. Is a regular cab 6 foot + bed available? The Transit Connect has taken over the Rangers duties in the Chicago region. They are everywhere.

There is a significant difference between the 2 vehicles. I would have to say that the T6 Ranger is probably much more capable on and off road and can carry and tow a considerable amount more weight. It is also a larger vehicle.

Here is an article on a 4x2 Super Cab with a 6 1/2' back.


"Is a regular cab 6 foot + bed available? "

Well you can have a 7 and 1/2 ft Pickup Box. Also an Aluminium Ute Tray as an alternative.
Pick-up Box Dimensions (mm)
4x2 XL Single CC 2.5 Petrol 4x2 XL Single CC 2.2 Diesel 4x2 XL Single CC HR 2.2 Diesel 4x2 XL Single Pick-Up 2.2 Diesel
Length - at floor - - - 2317
Length - top of box - - - 2253
Width - pick-up box - - - 1560
Width - between wheelhouses - - - 1139
Height - at centreline of axle - - - 511
Width of rear opening - - - 1330
Height - floor height to ground

(Referring to the t6 ranger article above me) So that 4x2 extended cab weighs in at 3200kg!!!??? 3200 x 2.2 =7040lbs. !!!! Am I reading this correctly? That is extreme for any truck especially one that is not even a full size.

I would say that is its loaded weight, with a trailer (max allowable weight) it would be around 14 500lbs.

It's GCM is 6 000kg which is about 13 200lbs. It's GVM is 3 200kg.

I'm with macav; a bed that dinky is useless to me.

And the larger beds are not available in a cab configuration to actually haul adults in the back seat.


""The 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is the most competent 4x4 ever produced,"

Uhhh, NO!

I'll take a Toyota Land Cruiser any day over a Jeep!

Plus with a standard cab Tacoma 4x4, you can do more than a Jeep that cannot carry much cargo on or off-road!

The UK should not even rate pickups!

This article is such a joke!

@ Robert Ryan,

Are joking or serious about the Frontier/Navara thing?

They are very similar (other than engine choices by region).

An F250 is vastly different than an F150.

Other than both offering a 6.2L I don't know if there are practically any parts that are the same between the two.

A Navara and Frontier probably share 98% of the same components.


What does a SUV have to do with a pick up truck article? Oh wait, I get it. You are such a fan boy of Chrysler that you can't stand another brand (especially Ford) get the spotlight so you have to do what ever it takes (even sell your soul) to cover it up . Dude, seriously...grow up and don't be a blind fan boy all your life. I may drive a Ford but that does not mean I will trash talk a Ram when it gets it's props like 2013 MT truck of the year. I will give Ram props on some of the amenities in their latest model. Will I buy one? No, but I won't hate on it. Btw, Ford F-series is #1 in sales........AGAIN!

Sandman4X4 - That's a brochure picture, likely used in every country the Ranger is sold. It's photo shopped to an extent anyways. The wheels are spinning at high speed, but the truck is freeze frame or at a dead stop.

Big Al from Oz - That's barely a 6' bed Super Cab Ranger and 5 passengers is kind of laughable. My F-150 Super Cab seats 3 in the back seat, but it's a snug fit for full-size adults and OK for short trips only.

So much better looking than the Chevy Colorado that's coming to the States. Ford is making a huge mistake by not smashing Chevy in the head with this thing. GM would be done for. After seeing the new Malibu (nasty), Upcoming Corvette (ultra nasty), Upcoming Silverado (decent effort and better than the current one but that's not saying much), I'm beginning to think Chevrolet is in serious trouble. And seeing the Colorado they have coming is laughable both outside and in. What an ugly pile. Ford could take down GM in 1 vehicle cycle. They've already swung a big blow to Chevy trucks with this last Silverado failure. Might as well finish em off.

No they are fairly different under the skin, The Frontier has a maximum payload of 1500lbs., the Navara a max of 2,500lb, 1000lb more. What US Pickup has a payload of 2500lbs?a F150HD or a F250 not a Frontier.

"An F250 is vastly different than an F150." to a lot of Australians they look similar too. That is the point I am making under the skin they are different. That differences increases when you go to a 1 ton F350..

"A Navara and Frontier probably share 98% of the same components." No built for a different market and differ considerably.

"That's barely a 6' bed Super Cab Ranger and 5 passengers is kind of laughable. My F-150 Super Cab seats 3 in the back seat, but it's a snug fit for full-size adults and OK for short trips only."

Sounds like your F150 is pretty uncomfortable going by that. I cannot work out how they fit 5 into a F150 and walk out not bow legged..

"That is extreme for any truck especially one that is not even a full size."

The Global Pickups are getting larger. Who knows what the next ones will be like.

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It's the US I can see the Road Runner peaking out of the rocks. Beep, Beep......

@Robert Ryan - My F-150 Super Cab isn't truly designed for hauling 5 or 6 full-size adults in comfort or long trips, but to call a Ranger Super Cab a "5 passenger truck" is a joke.

Range Rover and Land Rover build some of the most competent 4x4s in the world.

@Hemi V8
The Jeep is a relatively good 4x4, but it isn't the best. Yes, it's cheap, but so is its quality and a pig to drive around.

That picture was used during the launch of the vehicle by the Sydney Morning Herald (I think). Also, I didn't read where it stated that the SuperCab can carry 5 passengers. It can carry 2 sideways behind the front seat. A third person would make it very uncomfortable.

The Navara does have difference in comparison to a Frontier. The chassis strength and suspension is different for starters and dare I say the drivetrain on the Navara would be stronger.

Also, a vehicle the size of the Ranger would suit a considerable number of US pickup owners. Most pickups owners only use their pickups as daily drivers. I'm not saying that they shouldn't be able to buy a full size as I like them as well.

You guys have to remember that your mid-sizers are "dumbed" down as not to compete with your full size trucks. We don't have that, our pickups have to meet what your trucks do up to some of the work an HD can do.

@Big Al from Oz: In most things I will agree with you, even in most of what you say in your most recent statement; however, I will strongly disagree with you about the Jeep as a 4 x 4. I've been driving a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (the 4-door version) for over 5 years now and while I will admit it's no high-performance sports car, it is remarkably effective at what it does. Maybe it's just me, but I would be willing to drive my Wrangler through places I would fear to take any other vehicle through short of a full military rig on tracks. (or a HMMMV). As a 4 x 4 I consider the Wrangler practically unmatched though I will acknowledge that its carrying capacity won't come up to any rig with a dedicated load bed. Still, that's what trailers are for and there's a good supply of off-road capable utility trailers--especially in OZ.

@DenverMike: You're both right--and wrong about that photo. It's very definitely photoshopped, but the truck probably isn't even in the landscape; it's been Photoshopped in as a studio image.

We can simply start with the fact that there's no visible driver.
Follow that up with the fact that while the lighting on the truck is a very close match to the shadows on the landscape, the reflections on the body side are non-existant; there simply are no reflections, only "glow" trying to represent a reflection of the light off the dirt. Other factors are, at best, questionable.

As a photographer who prefers to do all his art "through the lens", the Photoshopping of this image is obvious. Simply put, too many details are missing in the effort to make this picture look clean.

The Wrangler is a very competent 4x4. On road is it downfall. The Wrangler has limiting factors ie, endurance, traction aids and comfort.

The Wrangler is good for a day off roading and going camping/picnic, but an extended off road journey is restricted by its range and load capactiy and comfort.

For its price its okay, but its built to a price. In Australia its sold mainly to image concious urban dwellers, just like a Harley Davidson.

Oxi a graduate of Tokyo Institute of Technology - his extensive knowledge of pick trucks is limited to those produced by Kimigayo lovers.

Oxi favors sushi over pick up trucks which have history coupled with proven record in their service of 'Long Range Desert Group' nothing new from sake lovers while moonshine is better.

That's not a Ranger, that's an Explorer Sport Trac. Everyone saying that we should get them here, why? Dakotas stopped selling because they were too close in size and capability to the Ram 1500, why would the "Global Ranger" be any different?

@Big Al from Oz - Yeah, I went back and reread the article/review you posted and you're right, it doesn't say '5 passenger', but it does say "Body: 5 seats". Is that the same as 'Seats 5'? I guess anything qualifies as a 'seat'.

@sandman 4x4
Weren't you the one with an ecoboost that had all kinds of problems? And yet you want a ranger with ecoboost option? I thought I remember you being really disappointed with the ecoboost. Or was that resolved/not as bad as you thought? I think somebody mentioned how a small diesel would lower profit margins for any manufacturer and that is a big part of why they don't want to bring them here. I think the same applies to these smaller trucks. They make a lot more money off a HD truck than they do off a ranger, so they don't want them. I predict that they will only bring this ranger here if they feel like the colorado/tacoma/ etc. are taking too many sales from the f150.

Build it in North America---US and Canada buyers want this truck!

The Ranger could be sold here as the F100. Trying to make the F150 smaller or lighter as Ford plans to do by 2015 will end its bestselling streak right there.

The Grand Cherokee based on a Mercedes "Architecture" has improved in leaps and bounds in dynamics , fit and finish. The Wrangler is pretty much how Big Al from Oz described it.

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