L.A. Auto Show: Photo Gallery Wrap-Up

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A Ram Commercial

It didn't take us long to see all the pickup trucks on display during the media preview of the 2012 L.A. Auto Show. As you might imagine, relatively speaking, there weren't that many trucks to be found. Ford had the most on the floor with 10, while Ram came in a close second, displaying some Ram Commercial options mixed into a highlighted 2013 Ram 1500 Laramie. 

Chevy had two Silverados (one half-ton, one Silverado HD), and as if to keep the siblings from bickering, GMC showed one half-ton and one Sierra HD in their display as well. 

Toyota had a few stock Tundras in its display area, with a custom desert runner built as a special project by drag racer Alexis DeJoria. And never one to miss an opportunity to promote itself, Toyota showed off the Tundra CrewMax that towed the space shuttle Endeavour through Los Angeles to its current resting place at the California Science Center. 

A Tundra Endeavour

Nissan's display did include a 2012 Frontier PRO-4X (a manual, even) and an NV2500, but no Titan. 

In the basement of the convention center, in Kentia Hall, the show highlights any aftermarket companies that want to show off their unique vehicles. Players like Dub Magazine, Al & Ed's Sound Systems and the guys at Galpin Motors all showed off their most exotic and wild vehicles, many of which are privately owned by local celebrities and VIPs. 

Probably our favorite vehicles on display were the Jeep 10th Anniversary Rubicon Wrangler (still with all the right hard-parts and trail-climbing gear), Mercedes-Benz G-Force concept vehicle (the possible next-gen replacement for the classic Gelandewagen) and the quirky-yet-practical Ford Transit Connect Wagon (pricing will decide everything). All three have an aggressive, function-and-capability-first feel and look, but it's a shame none of them had a pickup truck version of each on display as well. Maybe that's something we can encourage them to do for next year's SEMA Show?

To see more photos from our coverage of the 2012 L.A. Auto Show, we'll have them up very soon on our PickupTrucks.com Facebook page. And just in case you're interested, our friends at KickingTires shared their opinions on the various winners and losers of this year's show. Next stop: Detroit auto show. 

A GAS Crime Fighter

A Jeep Rubicon 10th

A Ford Display


I would like more info/pictures on the Mopar Ram,that looks great..The Bat Dropping Ford not so much !

Thanks for the update Mark...
The North American International Auto Show is January 14 & 15 (press days) Public days are the 19th - 27th.
Hope all the Pickuptruck.com readers in the area stop in to see the best auto show in the world. (and the 2014 GM truck)

I gotta get me one of those Ford Bat Trucks, thas seet.

The Mercedes G-Force was the most interesting unit at the show other than the flexible violinist.
Were trucks conspicuous by their absence?


Where are the Tacomas?

Right here, Tim:


That's 2011. Where did all of the 2012 Tacomas go?

G-Force does not look bad for a Concept.

The G-Force does not look bad as a concept

Ford F-Series outsold the Silverado, Sierra, Tundra, Titan and Colorado, Canyon, Ridgeline combined in November...and had 893 units left over.

Ford F-Series outsold the Silverado, Sierra, Tundra, Titan and Colorado, Canyon, Ridgeline combined in November...and had 893 units left over.

@Mike, Yep. Outside of the current Dodge Ram and the Tacoma, everyone else is just a joke.

OK Robin take the Bat Truck and get all the Bat Dung out of the cave!

Dodge people are having a heyday on this site now they have a decent truck, but as an owner of a newer Ram I can say I feel it was a mistake. It's funny two years ago when I got my Ram I kept wondering why they didn't sell more because it seemed like such a great truck. Now that I have 75,000 miles on my truck I'm having all kinds of problems. I have totally changed my mind. I think my Ram was a great truck built to last about 100,000 miles before everything wears out. It's totally ridiculous.

@ HEMI NUMERO UNO, your guts and glory still catches fire.


Why is it so desirable to have those huge rims wrapped with such thin tires? ESPECIALLY on a truck?

To me that looks simply retarded beyond belief!

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