November 2012 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

Pair of Fords II

The big winners were car-makers Subaru, Honda, and VW, with significant jumps in sales when compared to the same time last year. Certain truck makers continue to do well with their full-size and midsize selections, with Ram Truck and Toyota making a strong push with 20- and 30-percent growth over November of last year. Some are saying that a slight boost in sales numbers this month was due in large part to Hurricane Sandy and the push by some to get a few big purchases done before we find out what Congress might (or might not) do before the end of the year. These totals put the auto industry on track to sell over 15 million total units by year's end; making it, potentially, one of the best sales years in quite a while. 

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2011
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. month 2011
1 Ford F-Series +11.6% November 2012 56,299 +17.9%
576,529 November 2011 47,740

2 Chevrolet Silverado +0.1% November 2012 30,674 -10.4%
367,613 November 2011 34,251

3 Ram Trucks +20.3% November 2012 24,337 +23.3%
263,152 November 2011 19,739

4 GMC Sierra +4.4% November 2012 11,726 -2.0%
138,475 November 2011 11,971

5 Toyota Tacoma
+29.2% November 2012 12,272 +26.0%
127,335 November 2011 9,739

6 Toyota Tundra +23.7% November 2012 8,309 +31.6%
91,367 November 2011 6,313

7 Nissan Frontier +12.3% November 2012 3,882 -10.2%
51,747 November 2011 4,234

8 Chevrolet Colorado +26.7% November 2012 1,327 -32.9%
35,547 November 2011 1,978

9 Chevrolet Avalanche +21.2% November 2012 1,778 -4.3
21,258 November 2011


10 Nissan Titan +0.7% November 2012 1,750 -18.5%
19,738 November 2011


11 Ford Ranger * -70.0% November 2012 28 -99.6%
19,248 November 2011 7,056

12 Honda Ridgeline +50.9% November 2012 1,290 +38.0%
12,515 November 2011


13 GMC Canyon -5.1% November 2012 330 -28.6%
8,420 November 2011


14 Suzuki Equator -11% November 2012 211 +31.0%
1,772 November 2011


15 Cadillac Escalade EXT -5.4% November 2012 156 -20.4%
1,678 November 2011


* No longer in production but still being sold.


Those 2013 GM twins better be ground breaking or they are going to see more red ink in the new year.

Number 1 again lets go Ford !!!!!!

Amazing how Ford can keep its trucks priced so low,no wonder they are the best sellers.Lowest priced trucks around.I even bought one again.I shopped around and really wanted a Dodge Ram 1500 (my brother always buys them and loves them,I love the looks of them) but they were over $7000 more for a base model sxt 4.7 V-8 4x4,so I bought a new Ford F-150 with a 5.0 V-8,xlt extra cab.I only buy new ,and only V-8's no 6's for me ! I bought a used Ford 150 crew cab 7 years ago low mile under 7k because I wanted a nicer trim level ect.. but the truck was a lemon and never buy used again.I am sort of tired of the looks of the Ford,but you cant beat the low purchase price.Trust me I looked around every dealer 100 mile radius,2 month search for the right truck !

And even more amazing how the H.D Fords are the same from 1997 and the F-150's are the exact same looking since 2004 ! That is amazing to me.But its low purchase price keeps me with Ford,I tried to get a Dodge but just couldnt with my budget (cash only no loans for me)My wife needs the extra cash for her shoes,so no loan for me lol.

The company i work for just bought over 100 F-150's & F-350's no wonder they have high sales numbers.Low pricing for the average Joe and cheap fleet sales for businesses keeps Ford rollin'

Good grief! What is happening to the Nissan Titan? Almost got outsold by the leftover Ford Rangers.

28 Rangers FTW best Trucks, Ford's so dumb for discontinuing them.

Where's those cheap Fords at? Where do you live? They're the most expensive here in Ohio! Hell, this site did the under $30,000 comparison and every maker but Ford had an extended cab!

They are trolls! When the next shootout happens and the Fords are the most expensive these same people will be complaining how Fords prices are too high. Then when the sales come out they will say how Fords prices are too low. You can bet on it. A bunch of trolls!

Ford = #1 as always. Chevy's done for and have been for a long time. About 2 decades in the HD arena (No SFA + Low slung frame) and a solid 1 decade in the 1/2 ton arena all around with their cheap build quality and ugly ass designs. Dodge is getting ready to take over #2. It's clear as day. I'd rather have a Dodge too if Ford wasn't around. They look better and are better built than the Chevy's. Not to mention the high dollar interiors. Plus the HD's have a tucked up frame and SFA.

The GovtMoCo Sierra truck benefit as does the Avalanche from a piss poor Chevrolet Silverado. Poor Chevy dealers must be on suicide alert.

Going to be sad watch Chevy go........ Back in the 90's you tell someone that Chevy will be in debt and might go out of business they would laugh at you.....but look at it now its kinda sad.....I am a full out Dodge guy but I like my Chevys and fords also it will be sad to see them go, it will be sader to see the government take over G.M......idk if 2014 redesigning all there truck will be fast enough they may go under be4 then.......hope not good luck Chevy you shoulda left G.M a long time ago......

Those 2013 GM twins better be ground breaking or they are going to see more red ink in the new year.

-LOLOL!!! Get READY for RED! REAL trucks DON'T Have Twins!!!
I want my TaxMoney BACK! Who gave Govt Motors the Green Light to build TWO DAMN TRUCK LINES with MY Money? Stupid GovtMoCo ObamaMobile Sierra. And Chevrolet might as well PACK IT IN. Dodge IS Taking Over!

@Ed - pricing can be regional and/or seasonal. What part of North America are you from?
I've seen discounts from 8,000 - 12,000 and higher depending on model on almost every brand except Toyota. (North/Central BC).
I got 12k off a new 2010 F150 in the fall of 2010 when all of the new engines came out.
I've seen similar prices at different times on Ford, Chev, and Ram. Ram offers "free diesels" in Canada. That has occured seasonally over the last few years.

@Ken/F150/6.2 - there is absolutely zero correlation between personal sales prices and large fleet sales.
My brother's company went with Chevy because stats said they were more reliable and they got a better price. Some insiders feel that the main reason they went with Chevy is because the biggest shareholder owns a chain of GM franchises. They buy a lot more than 100 trucks at a time. The reliability has been on par with other trucks. Some years I see more Chevy, others Ford, and other times more Ram. Fleets in my area seem to be mostly Ford or GMC.

Nov 2012 sales numbers show Toyota Tacoma outsold the GM Sierra. Ouch!

FORD the best there was the best there is the best there ever will be

Going to be sad watch Chevy go........ Back in the 90's you tell someone that Chevy will be in debt and might go out of business they would laugh at you

-That's because Chevy 1500 Trucks in the 1990's were still GOOD! Chevy's are PURE HIDEOUS LOOKING LOW QUALITY JUNK Now. And their 2500's have SUCKED since 1987 was over! No Beam Axles! GOODBYE CHEVY.

Look at those two gorgeous trucks up top. That's how it's done! That's called Winning.

As for the new Silverado, it won't do much. No SFA for the HD's still for one so those sales are gone, it still has those Nasty Square Wheelwells for two (idiots, Big Mistake there) and I highly doubt the interiors packages will touch Ford.

Poor Chevy dealers must be on suicide alert.

@BlueOvalEmpire, You can bet on it. That's how they made their money. Oh well. Chevy trucks have been done for some time around here anyway. The reasons why have been discussed to death a trillion times here. Ugly, Cheap, No Beam up front, Poor interiors, yadayada.. You can only sell a truck for so long based on SBC engine loyalty alone. The SBC is a great motor with a hell of a legacy but their trucks are piss poor now. Gmt800's and Gmt900's were garbage. The Gmt400's were good but not the HD's with torsion bars. Too bad really, I love old Chevy's!

gm will continue to suffer until they realize that a car company only needs one low end maker and one luxury maker. i know people will come up with all kind of crap, but for the most part if gmc died at least 75% of people that bought them would go with a chevrolet, not to mention they lose money for paying for a trademark just to make the same truck. they think they would lose customers but in all reality its what customers really want. it's called stabilizing yourself in the marketplace and letting people know chevy makes gms trucks and chevy trucks are here to stay, which builds pride in product. buick will never suceed with cadillac over shadowing them either. one has to go and it should be buick. true luxury is rear wheel drive and if you want a turbo front wheel drive car just buy a malibu. this is one of many reasons i switched to chrysler/dodge/ram/jeep/srt/mopar.

As a Dodge owner I keep seeing people say Chev/GMC better build a great new truck or their in trouble.

They are the oldest build out their right now and the numbers their selling are pretty strong. what 490,000 + units and no refresh.

Dodge is below them significantly and ford is 86000 ahead.

im not a fan of the newer Chev/GMC but they have a following with total brand loyality.

I almost bought a ford in 09 but went with the dodge and have no regrets what so ever.

I have a couple co workers who bought a 2009 and 2010 GMC. They have had more minor issues and are questioning if theu ever will buy a GM product again.

I think GM really needs to address quality in their new trucks because it seems it is the minor little things failing not major problems that have their truck owners tired of running to the service department.

Ford F-Series: 56,299

GM Silverado, Sierra, Colorado, Avalanche, Canyon, Escalade EXT Combined: 45,991

A difference of 10,308 trucks.

Seems to me like GM better hurry up with their new truck line.

Looking at the figures objectively.
Ford has 576529 Pickups +19,0000 Rangers sold.Total 595,000
GM 506,000 +35,000 Colorado's +21,000 Avalanche + 8000 Canyons. Total 564,000
RAM 263,152 Sold
Toyota 218,000 combine
You really have to wonder why Nissan has the Titan and Frontier and Honda the Ridgeline , on the market ,as economically it does not make much sense..

GM is boosting their numbers counting sales to dealers as official numbers according to CNBC!

Sales should be to the final end user and not the dumping of trucks upon dealers!

GM has too many days inventory of pickups and announced a production slow down...

755,000 vehicles in inventory is not very bright by GM!

Then again the federal government will bail them out again! Pathetic!

Even if you add GMC and Chevy together, the F-series still wins the sales contest. That's a good year for Ford.

The Ridgeline is up 50% this year - how is that possible? I didn't even know Honda still made that truck...

I'm happy for Ford here. Well done as usual anymore. Dodge likewise. Those guys are catching up to Ford and fast! While I'm not a Dodge guy, kudos to them as well. The Nissan, Toyota, GM and Suzuki I don't care much for.

I will however stick up for Chevrolet just for old times sake. Yes, they've fallen big time and who even knows if they can get up anymore. I'm also in agreeance with many who have posted over the years that their first fall from grace was pulling out the SFA in the late 80's really damaging their HD's. Ford and Dodge just steamrolled them after that for HD's. And I too agree that their 1500's went downhill fast after the 400 was over with. The 800 was ok at best until that Chinese looking one came out in 03. It was plagued however with severe rust issues and a very poor quality interior. The 900 interior wasn't much better but the looks are just awful and very polarizing. Many complain about body durability with the thin metal as well. The bottom line is this, Chevrolet has one chance to redeem themselves. I wouldn't even show the Silverado until a month before launch just to get it right. You Cannot however take away from Chevrolet the trucks from 1916 or so up till 1999 or so. They had over 80 years of solid dominance. Neither Ford nor Dodge held a candle to Old Chevrolet. I never thought so back then and I still don't now. I've been with Ford trucks now for over 15 years because I watched Chevy slowly go into the toilet. I am still however rooting for a triumphant return of the Bowtie just because I'd like to see em do it one more time.

Looks like things are pretty stagnant at GMC in anticipation of the next gen trucks. If the next gen is awesome, does that mean what is left of this gen will rot on the show room floors? I wonder if GMC is going to ramp up the discounts to sell those trucks?

Ram sales are good but look at Toyota. They are only 44,450 off of the pace of Ram. That would be Ram HD/LD versus Tundra/Tacoma.
In 2011 62% of Ram USA sales were 1/2 tons. If that ratio remains constant they sold 163,154 1/2 tons.

That means Toyota sold more LD trucks than Ram, and GMC (brand not Corp.).

Maybe Toyota should resurrect their plans of building a HD pickup?

It's not a Dodge. It's a Ram and they aren't catching up to Ford fast. Ford is still selling more than 2 X's the amount of Rams like always.

oxi is also correct that GM is counting sales of excess inventory being sold to dealers. This is called channel stuffing. GM is being sued in a class action lawsuit for this. The lamestream mdedia is finally paying attention to he business model of the GM that the president is so proud and happy to have saved from the clutches of evil bondholders.

i think its interesting that everyone says that GM being down is because it needs redone........ So why is it that with no change for the 2012 and only package changes in 13 the Tundra is up amost 24% YTD. OH thats also MORE than the completely redone ram too.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against GM For Channel Stuffing

Keep Obama in president you know. He gave us a phone...

So what percent of GM's pickup truck sales are channel stuffing?

ie, trucks that are not really sold but sold to the dealerships and counted as sales.

Looks like building the most reliable and dependable longest lasting trucks is starting to hurt General Motors. Just had my 1999 GMC Sierra in for an oil change and had the dealership do a bumper to bumper check and the only thing they found wrong was the factory (14 years old) upper tie rods are showing wear and may need to be replaced next year. The mechanic said he is on his 3rd F150 since 2002 and said if it wasn't for his dad being a ford employee he'd never in his words, "buy ford junk again". Then he wanted to buy my truck because he said it was better than his 2011 F150...HA, not a chance would I sell it. It is a good thing ford and ram make such poor quality trucks to keep the money rolling in from buyers to stupid to get a real truck.

It's great to see sales up and it really doesn't matter all of the fanboi banter.

What is good is that more vehicles sold, equals more jobs.

As expected the Tacoma is gaining much more sales from former Ranger enthusiasts.

@Lou--That is exactly what GM will do with the previous generation. They will discount the heck out of them and move them quick to make room for the new GMs. Those that want a truck and don't particularily care what brand will get some great deals. The last thing any manufacture wants is a lot of left over models on dealer lots because the dealers will not order as many new models until the old ones are cleared out. At the right price they will move.

GM does need to have more competitive trucks. I do agree with FordTrucks1 I would like to see Chevy make a come back, it is always sad to see a great product go downhill and better products make the other manufacturers get even better. Competition is good for everyone.

@Tom with a Ranger --Agree with almost no new Rangers left and a dwindling supply of the Colorado/Canyons Tacoma sales will go up and Frontier sales should go up as well even though Frontier had a dip in sales this month. Basically if you want a new midsize truck you only have two choices or you can trade up to full size. These are easy sales for Tacoma.

This is a good example of why Ford does the refresh and new minor changes each year or so. They keep the trucks fresh and their sales numbers remain strong month after month, year after year. After all, they are entering their 3rd year since their last change, which was only new engines. Then tweaks at least yearly since. Their market share grows each month.
In contrast, GM has let their truck wither on the vine with promises of an "all new" truck for years. That signals to potential buyers that their existing models are stale. So the buyers start looking at what brands offer fresh designs, and they jump ship.
GM numbers are going to really drop through the next several months when they show off the new truck next week, unless they start giving away the current models. They are using a risky business model. I'm glad they are playing with their own money and not mine. Oh, wait a minute....

i'm not a chevy fan, but i dont see chevy going away at all anytime soon, what are you guys looking at? They are still selling strong, yes they are red from last year but still putting up huge numbers, both brands, nobody is close to them really.

Kudos to Ford, Ram and Toyota

Half or more of Tacoma/Tundra/Ridgeline increases are due to the Tusnami and earthquake in Japan last year. Do you really think Ridgeline is up 50% on its own? Please. They are increasing to pre-earthquake and tsunami levels plus any increase they would have naturally.


As a japan mfg'er, based on a volcanic island chain, Toyota should have had a plan in place for such an event. They didn't. Or if they did, they didn't execute it properly. Either way, that's poor planning and/or execution!

Thus the increases this year to make up for the lack of gains last year.


Tacoma only up 4 percent at the end of 2011 while Ranger was up 28%, Colorado up 25%!

Tundra DOWN 11% in December 2011 while all other full-sizes were up!

Of course Toyota is going to have increases this year. Some people like oxi are so stupid!

Ranger forever!

As long as sales are up that is good, Ford offers the most combinations and configurations of anyone so its easy to see why they sell the most, doesn't necessarily mean they have the best truck, just one good enought that people will buy it.
watch the video for FACTS.
Ford to increase production by 11% for next quarter. GM consider cutting as inventory truck keeps climbing to 139 days.

@ Jason,

I think you are stupid!

Tacoma/Tundra are not made in Japan moron!

Poor planning was GM, they went bankrupt and begged obama for a welfare check for the easy way out!

I do not see Toyota bankrupt m'f-er!

Ford counts all there trucks from the F150-f750, Chevy only counts the not bad for Chevy really

Toyota is boosting their numbers pos-Tusami earthquake.

If Toyota was prepared they wouldn't be having their operations below sea level on an island with volvanoes and no planning!

The problem with Toyota is they didn't have any plan even though they were so close to sea level fully knowing a massive tsunami or earthquake could hit and destroy everything!!!

Toyota should move out of the island and away from the shores and volvanoes and earthquakes and Tusamis!

Instead of spending money on Tacoma Baja editions they should have spent money on building barriers to prevent massive floodings. Then they should move the hec of of Japan to prevent the earthquakes from destroying everything!

But hey, when you morons support INCOMPETANT companies that cannot prepare for massive natural earthquakes and tsunamis like this fully knowing a good chunk of their plants are below sea level, don't come yelling at me for not having a heart!

They chose to build their plants there, they bear the responsibility for their decisions!

Toyota chose to spend tax money on fluff insteade of preparing barriers, etc..., again they are responsible for their decisions!

Get off the sob stories and stick to the facts and ask questions of why didn't Toyota prepare? Where is Toyota still in Japan and why aren't there any barriers? I mean start asking questions because this disastor will happen again to Toyota and then all you yocals will start in with the look at the increases meanwhile you forget about the huge decreases!

Holy crap, GM has 139 day truck supply. With as slow as these old models are selling for them, they could stop producing them completely and have enough to sell until the new models come out next year. It looks like it will be a buyers market if someone is looking for a GM truck in the next year. As Ram And Ford has been holding more steady on incentives due to their increasing sales, it will be interesting if they will be forced to lower prices to compete with the fire sales GM will be doing soon.

Is it more important for an automaker to sell 600,000 big pickups or 300,000 big pickups and 300,000 smaller pickups.

I have no clue but it's probably not a bad thing and the auto industry shouldn't be based on short term thinking like found in these comment sections. When it is they fail misserably.

In the future, there's no way it won't beneficial to have a wider variety of more fuel efficient vehicles, not necessarily today but 5, 10 or more years from now.

I disslike the current GM models but I have to acknowledge that may be on to something that could be successful for their future.

Big trucks are selling now because of big discounts and friendly finace terms. When this goes away and people have to face their own economic reality they`ll buy what they can afford or simply keep what they have which would devastate the new truck market. We are slow to learn from our economic recessions.

It will be more important for GM or any NA automaker to focus on vehicle lines that have smaller, fuel effiecient options and GM looks to be at the start of that transition with their truck line.

This isn't to say big trucks aren't important money makers right now and won't be relevant in the future but the North American market is an anomoly that won't last forever.

oxi! there you go again! toyota DID get millions from their home country! and as far as supercrew, do you realy believe anything NBC News says! but I do wish everyone a nice day, and be safe out there!

Toyota is just another corporate welfare recipient. Toyota is no different than the zombies with their EBT cards and Obama phones!

Toyota couldn't build anymore plants in their Japan below seavel so they begged the United States of America tax payers to build a plant for them!

The government gave Toyota $227 million to build their truck assembly plant in Texas.

The deal also included free land - 226 acres!

The deal waived the fees for the extension of water, sewer, electricity, and natural gas services to the plant; and agreed to sell electricity to the corporation for one-third of the price paid by residential customers!

The city also agreed to establish a 3-mile buffer zone around the plant and "to exercise its best efforts" to annex the zone in order to protect the interests of TMMTX. The municipality also contributed several million dollars to construct a training center for TMMTX workers!

* The Southwest School District granted the Toyota truck plant in Texas TMMTX a $45 million school tax abatement.

* Bexar County granted TMMTX a renewable, 10-year tax abatement worth $22 million and approved similar tax abatements to 15 TMMTX suppliers that totaled an additional $6.5 million.

* The state of Texas provided tens of millions of dollars of funding for road and rail infrastructure development to serve the plant, and millions of dollars to TMC and Alamo Community College to train workers for TMMTX.

* The Federal Government provided grants to the City of San Antonio, Alamo Community College, Bexar County, and the state of Texas to train TMMTX workers and provide transportation to and from work for them.

Why couldn't Toyota build their own plant, pay their own taxes, buy their own land and pay for their own training and electricity? Why?

Because Toyota is a welfare recipient! Toyota cannot build in Japan so they beg for free stuff from the United States of America.

Crony Capitalism at its finest!

Why should we care about a welfare recipient who can't even build their own factories and buy their own land pay for own electricity to build trucks in Texas?

Toyota Tundra and Tacoma = Government Motors

Can you Tacoma fans make up your minds?

Government motors aka Toyota Trucks USA should have stayed in Mexico or went bankrupt. They were losing sales but we are not supposed to be a communist/socialist nation where we build and bail out private industry and give them welfare checks for their managment making bad decisions!

It was Toyota's fault they didn't understand the full-size truck market, not the taxpayers so why the heck should we foot the bill for their plant, land, electricity, training, roads and transportation to and from work?

Go Jesse Ventura 2016!

It was Toyota's fault their early Tacomas and Tundras rusted and fell apart, not the taxpayers!

So why the heck should we foot the bill for their plant, land, electricity, training, roads and transportation to and from work?

Toyota trucks USA should have been foreced to go bankrupt over that rust fiasco.

We didn't need to build their factory and give them land because they messed up on every Toyota and Tundra that rusted fell apart and would have ruined them if they had to build their own factory out of pocket!

Jesse Ventura! Stay above the sea level! No more bailouts for Toyota!

@Magnum --Agree the bigger trucks are moving because they are discounting them more and the attractive financing, but over the long run this cannot be sustained. A mix of more fuel efficient trucks in the long run will be better. Also there is a lot of pent up demand to replace trucks that are 11 years old and older and some of the economic sectors like construction have improved. Things can change quickly especially if the budget is not passed and the tax issues are not settled. Vehicle sales could dry up very rapidly and consumers could stop buying regardless of the discounts if they lose confidence. Hopefully this will not happen. In the meantime these sales numbers are good and keeping people employed is always a positive.

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