Ram 1500 Named 2013 Truck of the Year

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The testing crew at Motor Trend magazine just completed its 2013 Truck of the Year test, and the winner of the three-truck shootout is the new Ram 1500. 

The three qualifying competitors for this year's event were Nissan's NV (offering a new passenger van option), the Ford F-150 (offering a new trim package, exterior styling and new interior center stack and software) and the 2013 Ram 1500 (with too many new powertrain, styling and technology features to list here). 

For those who may not know, Motor Trend evaluates only all-new or significantly revised models each year for its Truck of the Year test, so sometimes it can look like an apples-to-oranges comparison test. However, we're told that's why, no matter what competitors they have in the test, the testers measure all combatants against a six-point criteria: design advancement, engineering excellence, performance of intended function, efficiency, safety and value. Last year's winner was the Ford F-150 because it qualified and won on the back of a new lineup of engines for the 2012 model year. 

While judging each of these trucks by the standardized criteria, testers also took the trucks to Chrysler's desert proving grounds in Arizona for a series of objective and subjective drive events, including runs up and down Arizona's Highway 68 Davis Dam hillclimb route with a load (trailers for Ford and Ram, and payload for Nissan). 

By the end of the weeklong flog, we're told the decision was unanimous — the new Ram 1500 was the easy winner. (They tested both the V-6 and V-8 versions with the all-new ZF eight-speed transmission.) Since this is probably the first time anyone has gotten a chance to fully test these trucks, it's interesting how close the zero-to-60 numbers fall between the two Ram engines (the V-6 with 3.21:1 gears and the V-8 with 3.92:1). Interestingly, empty quarter-mile times are almost identical as well. To download a copy of the winner's story, click here

This is likely to be the first of many accolades this new half-ton Ram will win, but we'll reserve our most critical assessment of the truck until we get a chance to compete the truck against its head-to-head, similarly equipped rivals. And that test has yet to be done. 

For the full Ram Truck press release, click here.

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V6 Ram figures are suspect. And how could MT test these trucks and still only post EPA fuel figures, which are almost always bogus. V6 half ton trucks are for the guys from the Water dept., to drive. Half ton owners I know want v8 engines. The Ram is a nice truck, either way and I will sure check one out next time. The Ford should have been tested with the 6.2 motor. Ditto GMC Sierra Denali. If you pull a trailer or drive a lot in the Burbs you will like the v8 torque.

And I know what truck will be the 2014 truck of the year.

Check the chart again. It clearly says 8 speed.

Of course I am sore loser. If you're a good loser, you'll always be a loser.

What's so good about this ram? Air bags? They don't even increase fuel economy at any measureable amount and they don't increase payload.

1) Performance loses to the EB.

2) Fuel Econ: Not even rated or tested

3) Interior: not truck-like, smaller crewcab, see other problems with the electronics and gear shifter.

4) Ride: less controlled, steering off-center, slow

5) Hauling/Towing: significantly less.

It loses in all areas. The 2013 Ram is much a doo about nothing. I'll be more interested in what GM brings to the table.

Of course this was an easy win.

The F-150 shouldn't have even been in this test as it won last year.

MT had to scramble to put something else in against the Ram.

The NV loses because it is an ugly van.

Therefore, Ram wins by default. Congratulations, Ram, you won against yourself!

That's another thing. If it was a 6-spd truck they tested, why no fuel economy numbers? The fuel economy numbers for the 6-spd truck have already been released. (13city/19highway)

Something is definitely off here. In one chart they say 6-spd, in the other they say 8-spd. But yet they don't post fuel economy numbers on the chart that says 6-spd and they show pictures of three different trucks (one of which is definitely an 8-spd 5.7L).

I think they need to really clarify what they actually tested here.

I'll bet the Ram Truck forums are lighting up about this all new Ram that was supposed to be the EcoBoost killer, and now they see it still loses to a V6. And on top of that it has the lowest payload and tow ratings in the class. HEMI = All bark and no bite.

I still want to why M/T put a heavier trailer on the F-150?

I am persuaded that it is the only way the Ram can win.

Thanks Ram, err Spam.

Paul, The whole article is full of mistakes. Such a sloppy piece of work for a once a year award surprises me.
If you read some parts of the F-150 test, they reference front and rear LED lights. The Fords have neither available.
They also say that if you will be towing "where things get very severe, the 5.0 may serve you better." Nothing against the 5.0, but no other review or test has said anything close to that, especially for towing. It's laughable.
They also say "since the Ford EcoBoost is considered a V-8 alternative, it's lumped into the V-8 segment." I guess that means when a V6 starts performing like a V-8, they'll just call it a V-8. Using that logic, I guess the reverse would also hold true and they would probably lump the GM 5.3 into the V-6 segment.

y is it in every test, the tundra gets thrown in for 0-60 comparo? the tundra must be the standard to someof u guys. there has yet to be a test comparo showing any of the other halfton to beat the tundra in terms of 0-60 or 1/4 mile. the closest ever was way back in when putc did the shootout. n no, the gm twins dont count as beating when u have one thats over n one thats under which equates to just matching... that matching with a lighter truck with more hp too... sad really. pulling numbers from here n there with different times n places r pointless... bcuz anyone can pull a random fluke just by googling... as to the 4.30 gears of the tundra... please.. educate urself.. it's not all rear end ratio when the tranny is granny low.. take any gm/f150 6spd ratio n x with their lowest rear end of 3.73. i willing to bet it is near equal or lowered geared over all vs the tundra's 4.30x6spd tranny. the manufactures has thrown u a different colored bone n u bit it just like a dog with a new bone.

simply put the tundra has a absolute stout well matched drivetrain...

The best sentences of the whole article"

"At the end of our testing, the decision was unanimous. HANDS DOWN, the Ram RAN AWAY with this Truck of the Year award."

"UNTIL THE REST OF THE INDUSTRY CAN CATCH UP WITH RAM trucks in the half-ton segment, it would be a shame to pass this one up."

Read and weap fanbois.


Until the Ram can tow the same weight as the F-150, then I would believe it.

The trolls are so gullible.

Motor Trend lies.

What does Ford need to catch up with Ram on? I can't think of anything other than some crappy air bags that I don't need or want.

I can think of several things Ram needs to catch up with Ford on:

1) bigger and better crew cab
2) bigger bed
3) ride and steering
4) capability
5) performance
6) trim levels
7) factory off-road trucks
8) fuel economy - how about a rating for the 8 speed Hemi already??
9) work truck features: tailgate step and tow mirrors
10) in vehicle electronics

It's not about towing only. It's about the entire package and at this moment Ram has it.
They put heavier trailer on Ford because they went with 75% of towing rating of each truck. Ford claims they can tow more so it had to pull more. Simple, isn't it?

I like the Ram but this award does me no good at all. I want to know WHICH truck is the best truck out there right now. I'm interested in the best, not just which of those with new features is the best. Maybe a truck unchanged from last year is still better than the new ones. This award essentially tells me very little of value in a purchase situation.

Ford girly boys,
Just give it up already. Stop whining! You'll get your time in the spot light around 2015. For now just shut it! And take it like a man! or rather like a boy in your cases.
I can see a lot of wet bed sheets tomorrow morning thou.


Then it was not an apples to apples comparison. I think the F-150 was thrown into the mix just to fill the void between the Ram and NV. As I mentioned last year when the F-150 won, these award are stupid.

They should have loaded them equally, then the Ram will fall flat on it's face. Nuff said!


Quit your Troll Comments, the F150 couldn't win anyway. It won last, there are only minor changes.

Damn f'ken TROLL!

Frank is so awesome. He tells it like it is!

So why are you still whining!?
Why you want the Ram to fall flat on its face so bad? Is that what excites so much?
You bring shame to your fellow Ford guys!

According to RAM's website, the 1500 has a max payload of 1909lbs when properly equipped.

I am not whining, as a matter of fact, Congrats to Ram.

On a side note, I will tell all my buddies that the a Ram towing 7500 lbs can only beat an F-150 towing 8475 lbs.

F'ken laughable at best!

And the ppl at Ram dropped a big huge suitcase full of money on motortrend desk and said wheres our trophy lol Everyone knows that this lowlife truck cant hold nothing to a Ford. What a joke motor trend took a bribe money talks i guess

Let me rephrase:

On a side note, I will tell all my buddies that that a Hemi V8 Ram 8-speedtowing 7500 lbs can only beat an F-150 V6 towing 8475 lbs.

Very nice!

Frank is NOT awesome. Frank is a troll! Nobody on this blog likes him and nobody liked him on the forum so that is why Frank left.

I will trust what Motor Trend says before I trust a couple of TROLLS! The test didn't even THE 8 SPEED yet because it is not vailable you stupid azzes!!!!!!!!

I will trust what Motor Trend says before I trust a couple of TROLLS! Motor Trend didn't even test THE 8 SPEED because it is not available yet in the Hemi you stupid azzes!!!!!!!!


I never visited the Forums in my whole life. There is more life here on the front page. Thanks!

Nice try, though!

"According to RAM's website, the 1500 has a max payload of 1909lbs when properly equipped."

Which is pretty pathetic and is in regular cab form only - useless!

If MT did indeed not test the 8 speed because it is not available, that is even more the reason not to go with the Ram.

This also means the Ford had the better fuel economy during testing.

It is pretty sloppy to say it was an 8 speed in the print mag but have it listed as a 6 speed on the website. Will MT correct this before it gets published? I wonder.

I think they said it was an 8 speed and not rated in the print edition, so Ram did not look bad. But they also said on the website the 6 speed is not yet rated. Wrong! The 6 speed is rated at 13 and 19.

MT did not want Ford to have a higher listed fuel economy. So they just said the Ram was not rated, and they just left off the fuel economy on the F-150 al together.

If MT was being honest they would have said it was a 6 speed and the fuel economy rating.



Base it on what is available at testing, not what is coming next year or lie about the 6 speed not being rated!


You should believe what M/T says. Trolls have reading deficiencies and only read what they want. HA!

"Also big news, according to Chrysler, is the eight speed's twist-dial transmission control. Some of our testers, myself included, found it untrucklike, but it is nice to have it mounted on the dash and not on the column or console"

Read more: http://www.motortrend.com/oftheyear/truck/1302_2013_truck_of_the_year_ram_1500/viewall.html#ixzz2EJhfZzqV

Who cares what speed it was. 8 speed or 6. Who cares! Who cares what dificiences it has. All trucks have deficiences.

Dave and Frank only want to point out the flaws!

Motor Trend made the right choice! Ram won fair and square. Deal with it, fanboys!

last year they have ford because they have no choice ,,year before it was gm whit the hd,,not to bad for a older model..the problem is dodge made a better truck compare to ford..the problem whit ford the towing capacity is not what is reflect wy ford dont put the towing lower so you dont look so stupid whit a trailer to heavy what the truck is capable.

Oh yea, the Ram won fair and square towing 1000 lbs less.

Way to go Ram!

Troll, Read what I wrote about the 8 speed and 6 speed screwup and "fuel economy not rated" listing. These are pretty egregious errors. Then as Frank stated the two trailer weights were not the same. These comparisons are supposed to objective but MT has lost credibility here. If you like how the comparison was done, good for you, go buy a Ram.

wow some ford ecoboost have hard time to take the true..go play in your sand box and leave the real man drive the real truck ...dodge ram..

And again one more time for TROLLS

"By the end of the weeklong flog, we're told the decision was unanimous — the new Ram 1500 was the easy winner. (They tested both the V-6 and V-8 versions with the all-new ZF eight-speed transmission.) "

Congrads to Chrysler and to Fiat. It is nice to see that the Fiat ownership has moved Chrysler in a positive direction and proving some of the skeptics, including me, wrong. Nice looking truck.

i just read the dodge info wow this truck is first for technologies,,y understand wy motor trend truck of the year ford maybe gm have a older model but you just join the club.y dont thing just your engine make a good pickup.the rest of the truck need to be up grade ...wow ford welcome to the museum..

And wait for the diesel RAM 1/2 ton which will be the next 2014 m/t truck of the year!!!

RAM could not be here today,so I gladly except this award in there behalf.

Knocking out ford in the first round

wow when did this place become the Gerry Springer pickup trucks .com? oh and I remember someone ranting about the tundra having a "stout and well designed drivetrain"? yes it does, it has a tremendous engine, and very nice tranny, but it has an awfull weak frame, and maybe even some future rust issues, and I know this is a personal thing here, but the Japanese can not seem to design anything (almost) that looks like it belongs in a cartoon! and if they did not have the reputation they seem to have, nobody would buy them on their looks alone, (again that is subjective), but seems to be the case, that might just be me, but there are a lot more American trucks sold than any toyota or nissan, even though they are suppose to be "junk", but I guess if you sell so many more, you are bound to have more lemons. I myself have tried a toyota back in the day, but like the International Scout I had, it was a rust bucket in less than 6 yrs! and the American trucks I have had other than the Scout, have had none of the rust issues that I have and many others have has with the foreign trucks, but I am sure that the toyota I had is probably still running, but is a flatbed now, and you can see the ground from the drivers seat while looking down, maybe I am wrong, and the newer foreign trucks will last longer and in one piece now, but I have seen 2006 tundras out here with rusty body and frame parts, while the American trucks that follow along or lead them on the same beaches and snow and slt covered roads are not as troubled by the tin worm, sorry bout the rant, I am starting to type better!

Really how is anyone going to take a Motor Trend article seriously when the payload listing is incorrect and it lists the 5.7L Hemi as having 470 torque. Seriously I will just wait for pickuptrucks.com to do a test at least they get it right and proofread before it is published. I am thinking of buying a 13 Ram and the lowest payload is 1476 not 1176. Not only that the Ford towed more weight so it is obvious the Ram would win that. Wow Motortrend just wow.

According to Ramtrucks.com they have some lower 1100-1300 lb payloads. But I don't who to believe anymore because you guys are confusing the hec out of me. I will just wait til PickupTrucks.com and Mark Williams does the job right!


I think that Ram is the class leader pointing the direction all of the automakers will head towards. Posted by: Lou

2013 RAM!!!!!!

If I get a new Ram it won't have air suspension. I don't care how good they say it is. It will eventually break and it won't be cheap to fix, just ask any Lincoln owner or owner of a chevy envoy.

Good grief!!!!You guys are so negative.....enjoy the win. You guys act like we havent wontruck of the yearor car the year before. The 2013 Ram is a GREAT truck we earned this on its merits.


sandman, I think u mistake rigidity n strength. two separate things. not saying one is stronger than the other... thoughI've only heard about bent ford frames n none from the tundra... the box frame(f150) or tundra (c-channel). one thing u fail to notice, the box frame of every halfton on the market has thinner walls than the tundras c-channel. in this case, strength of the frames r not proven. the ever so popular frame flex video ford made demoatrates frame rigidness not torsional strength... dont tell me u buy into those videos like all the ford-aholics...

I was utterly shocked to read how much faster the Ecoboost is than the 5.7L, despite the RAM's huge advantage in gearing, horsepower, and curb weight.

RAM 1500 4x4 Sport (5.7L V8):
0-60: 6.9sec
1/4 mile: 15.4 @ 88.6mph
Curb Weight: 5624

Ford F150 Platinum 4x4 (3.5LTT V6):
0-60: 6.6sec
1/4 mile: 15.2 @ 91.7mph
Curb Weight: 5974

Toyota Tundra Crewmax Limited 4x4 (5.7L V8)
0-60: 6.7sec
15.2 sec @ 92.7 mph
Curb Weight: 5840 lb

The 5.7L is actually closer to the performance of the 5.0L V8 they tested last year:

Ford F150 XLT 4x4 (5.0L V8):
0-60: 7.1sec
15.5 @ 91mph
Curb Weight: 5619

I always here the Ram guys say their 5-speed Hemi is faster than a 6-speed 5.7L iforce when their 8-speed isnt faster.
Now to the important stuff I want the FE rating on this engine as it may the best V8 in terms of FE for Power. When you combine that with the best interior and exterior I thinks it's only missing a great safety rating and I will rank it ahead of the Ecoboost F150 as that is the deciding factor for me. I have to say the two put up a good fight for best 1/2 ton. We will see what GM, Toyota and Nissan offer for 2014 as all three say they will be all new for 2014.

Motor Trend Truck of the Year contenders are evaluated using six criteria, which includes Design Advancement, Engineering Excellence, Efficiency, Safety, Value and Performance of Intended Function. To be eligible, a vehicle must be all-new or have been substantially changed from the previous model.

For 2013, the new Ram 1500 offers buyers best-in-class 25 MPG fuel efficiency, new technology and new features without sacrificing capability. Ram 1500–the most recognizable pickup on the road–marks a milestone for Ram as this truck delivers a truckload of pioneering and fuel-saving systems. Equipped with a choice of engines, including the legendary 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8 engine or the award-winning Pentastar V-6, the Ram 1500 offers the best powertrains in the industry and are known for their reliability.

The 2013 Ram 1500 features first-in-segment technologies: eight-speed automatic transmission, stop-start system, thermal management system, pulse-width modulation and active aerodynamics, including grille shutters and active air suspension. The 2013 Ram 1500 is available in nine trim levels and starts at $23,585 including $995 destination charge.

Ram engineers changed every area of the truck – from a newly designed frame to new engines and transmissions to a new interior with the next-generation Uconnect® access system. With best-in-class ride and handling and best-in-class aerodynamics, the 2013 Ram 1500 delivers unmatched content, performance and capability to truck buyers.


I think ol bob finally gave up on GM and changed his name to Gregory J/ Hemi man/ truckerman/ ram cummins as a dodge lover. Seriously I think that is what happened. He's got the classic Bob-isms. He posts the same juvenile crap under different names trying to get you to believe that many people agree with him.

And is miath for real? I think miath is a ford guy in disguise trying to act like an idiot talking about chevy and dodge so you won't agree with him. Please lets get some moderation of these comments!!

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