Ram 1500 Named 2013 Truck of the Year

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The testing crew at Motor Trend magazine just completed its 2013 Truck of the Year test, and the winner of the three-truck shootout is the new Ram 1500. 

The three qualifying competitors for this year's event were Nissan's NV (offering a new passenger van option), the Ford F-150 (offering a new trim package, exterior styling and new interior center stack and software) and the 2013 Ram 1500 (with too many new powertrain, styling and technology features to list here). 

For those who may not know, Motor Trend evaluates only all-new or significantly revised models each year for its Truck of the Year test, so sometimes it can look like an apples-to-oranges comparison test. However, we're told that's why, no matter what competitors they have in the test, the testers measure all combatants against a six-point criteria: design advancement, engineering excellence, performance of intended function, efficiency, safety and value. Last year's winner was the Ford F-150 because it qualified and won on the back of a new lineup of engines for the 2012 model year. 

While judging each of these trucks by the standardized criteria, testers also took the trucks to Chrysler's desert proving grounds in Arizona for a series of objective and subjective drive events, including runs up and down Arizona's Highway 68 Davis Dam hillclimb route with a load (trailers for Ford and Ram, and payload for Nissan). 

By the end of the weeklong flog, we're told the decision was unanimous — the new Ram 1500 was the easy winner. (They tested both the V-6 and V-8 versions with the all-new ZF eight-speed transmission.) Since this is probably the first time anyone has gotten a chance to fully test these trucks, it's interesting how close the zero-to-60 numbers fall between the two Ram engines (the V-6 with 3.21:1 gears and the V-8 with 3.92:1). Interestingly, empty quarter-mile times are almost identical as well. To download a copy of the winner's story, click here

This is likely to be the first of many accolades this new half-ton Ram will win, but we'll reserve our most critical assessment of the truck until we get a chance to compete the truck against its head-to-head, similarly equipped rivals. And that test has yet to be done. 

For the full Ram Truck press release, click here.

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The Mopar Queens are out in full force again see what crack and crystal meth does to u it turns u into a mopar queen haha

Whatever everybody say about the Ram, still love my Tundra, best truck in road.

For anyone who doesn't like Motor Trend's test, then come up with your own test! I am sick and tired of the bashing!




AND RECALLS!!!!!!!!!!


Ford seeking remedy for Escape, Fusion engine fire risk
Reuters – Mon, Dec 3, 2012 5:36 PM EST.. .

DETROIT (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co is still working on a remedy for a defect that raises the risk of an engine fire in almost 90,000 just-launched Escape and Fusion models, an executive at the second-largest U.S. automaker said on Monday.

This is the fourth recall of the 2013 Escape crossover since July. The Escape and the 2013 Fusion sedan are considered Ford's two most critical launches this year.

The problem, which affects models equipped with the turbocharged 1.6-liter engine, has triggered nine fires in vehicles owned by customers, Ford said in a document filed with U.S. safety regulators on Friday.

"We are working on the fix for the vehicles," said Ken Czubay, vice president of Ford's U.S. sales, marketing and service, told reporters and analysts on Monday.

"It's because of an overheating situation, which can result in certain circumstances in an engine fire, but we have had very few of those," he said during a call about November auto sales.

The 1.6-liter engine can overheat, leading to a fluid leak. If the fluid contacts the vehicle's hot exhaust system, this may cause a fire, Ford said in documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on November 30.

The latest recall involves 73,320 Escapes and 15,833 Fusions.

The Escape has been recalled twice before for problems with its 1.6-liter turbocharged engine. Two other recalls, both issued in early July, involved potentially defective brakes and mispositioned carpeting.

The Escape and Fusion, both completely redesigned for model year 2013, compete in segments that account for one of three auto sales to U.S. consumers, Ford has said. It is relying on the new models to build its U.S. market share this year.

Ford has not yet seen any "derogatory showroom traffic" on the vehicles as a result of the recalls, Czubay said. He said Ford is taking "all measures" to handle the recalls smoothly.

Escape sales dropped 4 percent in November, while total Ford vehicle sales rose 6.5 percent.

"Obviously, any recall doesn't help," TrueCar.com analyst Jesse Toprak said. "The way a manufacturer handles the recall makes a big difference and Ford has learned a lot of lessons, so have other automakers, to be extremely proactive on all issues."

Most of the recalled models are in the United States, Ford said. There have been no injuries stemming from the defect and Ford is loaning owners a car for free while it looks for a fix.

In July, Ford told owners to stop driving the 2013 Escape, citing a manufacturing problem that damaged the fuel lines. Ford recalled the model again in September because of an improperly installed engine cup plug.

The Escape models affected by last week's recall were built at the Louisville Assembly Plant from October 2011 to November 2012. The Fusion sedans were built this year at Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly Plant in Mexico from February through November.

According to the documents, Ford got word that a 2013 Escape caught fire in Florida in early September. Ford found that the engine was being operated without an engine oil dipstick, causing engine oil to spill over and touch the exhaust system.

From late September until late November, Ford received eight reports of vehicle fires, including one of a fire in a Fusion sedan. But Ford could not assess the cause of the fire.

Additionally, Ford also reported two previously undisclosed fire reports in vehicles that were not yet sold to customers.


Loyalty is a wonderful thing folks, and it's great that we all love our trucks. For 2013, you cannot argue the data. Best fuel economy, Truck of Texas and now Motor Trend Truck of the Year goes to the Ram 1500. Say what you like but Ram has the best truck for 2013. Next year will prove to be interesting and the domestics keep raising the bar to give us all a better truck, no matter what badge you like. Congrats to the Ram.

Lol @ Lol Hemi for saying the Hemi 8 speed is slower then a Tundra! After looking at the numbers of 15.7 quarter mile and 7.2 0-60 for the TWO WHEEL DRIVE Tundra DOUBLE cab (read, about 250 pounds less) in the 30 K shootout, compared to the heavier 4x4 CREW cab here, it appears he just says crap with nothing to back it! Lol, the jokes on you!

The Ram woulda beat it more, but it suffered more from the Tundra's familiar problem: wheelspin. The Tundra has it, and with these lower gears, the Ram has more of it. This Ram woulda probably ran just as quick with 3.55s.

The boys are still getting it wrong and crying about the Tundras 4.3, while now the Ram has the deepest (numerically highest) starting ratio. I myself would take 3.55 or maybe 3.21s in a 4x4 since they will have them, now that the trans has better starting gears. But I would do it with 17" wheels, not 20s. Play sorta the same small tire game Ford and GM play. Well, smaller. No thanks to the little Hancook Dynopros Ford offers! What a joke! Get's their mileage numbers though!

Funny how the Ford boys don't get it the Hemi smokes the tires as the video somebody here posted, while the Ecoboost waits for it to spool up. Let's see how many issues Ford will have with their turbos? Wow, we are all so worried about two tenthes. Wheelspin does that!

Then somebody says the Ford bed is bigger, yeah, 2 inchs if you compare to a non Rambox, but the Ford is narrower. Gee Wally! Ford still builds the Supercab with the doors that open wrong, and it's a smaller cab then a quad cab. Ram played the big cab game a few years back with the Mega, which Ford never matched, but Ram didn't have the right combo then.

Of course the way Motor Trend does the trailer tow testing, they have done the 70% testing for atleast 4 years. So did the Silverado that won 2 years ago pull more or less then the Ford did? I don't remember.

@ Run heavy, I totally agree with you. I drive an F150 and have for the last 15 yrs. I like it and won't buy anything else but its good to see Ram get this. The underdog wins for a change. Good stuff!!!

2013 RAM 1500 deserved to win. No any other truck.

To everyone here.

Ask anyone who works in sales and promotion for any auto manufactuer and they will tell you Motor Trend awards this the C or TOTY based on advertising dollars spent that year.

Ram bought this award from the NV. Ford has bought this award in the past, too.

This is not like pickuptrucks.com shootouts which are 100% legit and not advertising influenced.

By the way, they did test the Ram V8 EIGHT SPEED...

Direct quote: Truck hasn't announced official tow ratings for the V-8 Ram with the eight-speed automatic, but gave us an estimate of 10,000 pounds, so that trailer weighed 7500.

Read more: http://www.motortrend.com/oftheyear/truck/1302_2013_truck_the_of_the_year_contenders/viewall.html#ixzz2ELOX7gP5

I haven't had a chance to read the test closely. I have waded through the comments section and as Sandman4x4 put it "wow when did this place become the Gerry Springer pickup trucks .com?"
Bang on commentary.
Kudos on that one.

Poor winners and poor losers.

In relation to that comment - do any of you have any skin in the game?
Were any of you designers, engineers, planners, testers etc of any Truck made in NA?
@Dave - sore loser?
Was it your own personal truck that lost?
@HemiV8 and a few other Rambo motard goat herders, was it your own personal truck that won?

I have to comment on a few more things but more specific to the test.
The 75% of max tow test is an interesting strategy by MotorTrend.
It does serve the purpose of penalizing a manufacturer that over rates their tow ratings. That is one thing that Ford has been accused of doing with its 11,300 tow rating.

On the flip side, what is stopping a company from sending a limited edition truck like the Harley F150 with a 7,500 lb tow rating?
A 6.2 with 3.73 gears pulling a 5,625 lb trailer would most likely kick some serious ass.

Interesting to see the 3.6 have similar 1/4 mile times to the 5.7.
Wheel spin is as pointed out the culprit, but anyone see a problem with excessive wheel spin in a pickup truck?
Too much power?
Too much power in a poor chassis?
Sounds like a bucket of fun on an icy road or a muddy trail.

Do we really need that kind of HP in a pickup to get the job done?

I was very impressed with all of the changes that were coming to Ram. The Rambo goat herders love to misquote my "compass" comment.
This is the correct post:
"... I think that the 2013 Ram is the new benchmark and compass pointing the direction all of the automakers will head towards."

I'm now asking the question that was levied a long time ago by a little old lady in a Wendy's commercial, "Where's The Beef?"

If Ram is the benchmark and the compass I suspect that GMC will carve a new notch in that workbench, and might throw a magnet at Ram's directional prowess.

2013 is going to be a very interesting year.

Why are you defending MT? It was MT who lost by putting 1000 lbs more on Ford's trailers and not testing fuel economy. Ask Mike Levine or anyone off-the record. They will say this test is bogus. Mark Williams even hated it..."we'll reserve our most critical assessment of the truck until we get a chance to compete the truck against its head-to-head, similarly equipped rivals. And that test has yet to be done."

Not surprised the Ram won. It should have. The new trim level from Ford shouldn't have been included in the test anyway, because I don't think it was significantly different. I was very surprised to see it included.

Tim is also correct about the ad dollars. These so called awards by Motor Trend are rigged with the help of advertising money. If you wonder why Ford has a 1000 lbs more on its trailer, follow the money.

To my knowledge the F150 doesn't have LED taillights, and it definitly doesn't have LED headlights, but it does have projector beam/high intensity discharge headlights available on the FX2/FX4, Lariat, King Ranch, and Raptor. They're standard equipment on the Platinum, and Limited models.

@Dave & Lou

Those in the know know this award is crap and so is the deciding process on what vehicle wins it. Ad dollars...

The point is, never take the word of an Automobile Journalist like Motor Trend on anything. They are influenced by ad dollars, and outright on the take. When they do have an original opinion about anything, it is likely to be misinformed. These guys are not engineers, or even truck drivers. What the car magazines gush about this week ends up being found in the latest press release. And often, they gush about outright garbage, if because nothing else, they have nothing else to write about, and a deadline to meet.

If you want a true assesment you have to do what pickuptrucks.com does and do head-to-head testing. Not base it off of 1) ad dollars and 2) which has the most new stuff from the year before.

If one truck had a bunch of stuff revised over 4 years but one had its stuff revised all in one, which one is better?

These awards by MT are a disservice to the public.

"The V-8 Sport also was the subjective choice for towing. With 75 percent of its total towing capacity, both the V-6 and V-8 Ram still proved decent performers. They felt more confident than the F-150, and ride quality even improved slightly with the V-8. It took a couple tries to get the trailer brake calibrated to our liking, but familiarity with the truck would likely have sped up that process considerably. Although we're still fans of the low-end torque generated by the EcoBoost, the Ram was more confidence-inspiring as a whole."

Felt more confident? Did all the Ford guys crying in their beer taking the negative out on the Ram and posting it here see that?

Didn't I see the Ram pulled more G on the skidpad, and out braked the Ford?

That 3.6 Pentastar (smaller then a 3.7 Ford) did alot better then the Fords 3.7 numbers. I guess you don't want to talk about that? I am sure when the Work Truck Shootout came out, ya'll said nothing but great happy horse$#*$ things about Ford 3.7.

@Lou: nothing says you must order the 3.92 gears in the Ram. With the lower gears in the trans, I see no need to go 3.92. The 3.55s provide alot more lower starting ratio then the Ford with 3.73s. The available 3.21 the Ram will have when used with the 8 speed and 4.7 first gear is less then the Fords, but it is much closer then the Ford is to the Ram with 3.55s. A 3.21 geared 8 speed has more gear the a Tundra and alot more gear the the 1500s in the last few years have used.

But also looking back at the 2008 Light Duty Shootout, the Ford traction control/rear diff got better traction going uphill. Maybe that's part of it? If it helps it in drag racing?Don't know, but I would be fine with 3.21s and 17 wheels.

@Dave; Dude, you need some tissue paper?

Tim, I would say Ford did alot of revising last year. Ram revised the Hemi in 2009 when Ford was only adding a valve to a 4.6. I guess by your way of figuring, the Ford powertrain must have been behind pretty bad, because they had to get rid of all engines and start fresh. Talk about revising. Hah! Now they have one low speed engine, and the others need to be worked to get some power.

Hey, I know! What's new on the Super Duty? Oh wait, just another trim package.....ZZZZZZZZZZZ

I am a Chevy man 100% but I agree with Dave on using the same trailers. You got to use the same trailers in testing to give the proper info to the folks!

In other topics, as my buddy Bvonscott said recently, you other guys need to quit arguing over off road crap. It's all your own opinion. Rock crawling doesn't = the best off road. Neither does mud, sand, snow, or dirt individually. The best vehicle for off road is one that can handle all or most of everything. One that if SHTF, it will get you to safety. In that regard ALL 4x4 trucks are more than capable. However, You certainly don't want a SFA running a high speed desert escape or plowing through sand dunes, or trails. Way too harsh. Which is why in "MY" own opinion half ton trucks are better for off road. And guess what, they all have IFS.

Silverado reaveal will be in less than one week! Can you believe it?

Move over Fiat.

This will be my last comment. I don't know how anyone who advocated for having all of the trucks be the same right down to the same tires can now believe using different trailers with one being 1000 lbs heavier is legitimate. This is a scam as are the missing fuel economy figures.

Why did MT omit the actual MPG's while testing for both Dodge trucks? They list the actual MPG's for the others tested, but nothing for the Dodge. Could it be for the same reason they had to re-run the towing tests after finding the Chrylser truck came in last place? So they reloaded the trucks with a 'new and improved' criteria or 75% and then did a speed test. This was after they "verified" the tow rating for the Fiat truck by getting a verbal of "yeah around 10k pounds" from the engineers.

Does anyone else wonder if the Rams were production trucks? Maybe they were tuned for power and not economy, and that is why MT did not list the actual economy numbers after the tests.
I would welcoce a clear winner from any brand if there weren't so many discrepancies in the test and data.

read the spec sheet, it says both have the 8 speed. Reading is hard these days.

Anyways, must be embarrassing when the base v6 ram is beating your hemi out of the hole; since it can't "hook up".


uhuh yes I do, and the frames on the Raptors that bent as you say, yes they bent, but IF the tundra was to try and do the same stupid things the owner of those Raptors did, well the tundra isn't even cappable of driving that fast, on that type of terrain, and stay in a straight line, withour bouncing all over the place and probable rolling over, (at least they do have a strong roof), what is it about some of you toy fanbois out there that can not accept the truth? do you think it was trick photog? when the tunra was bouncing and the frame was tristing enough to hit the back of the cab in the youtube vidio? and the Ford Ramk and Chevy did not? and at least even the Chevy was able to stay in a straight line! you can believe all you want from toy about there frames, but what will you say when they go to fully boxed frames as they will in the near future?

In other topics, as my buddy Bvonscott said recently, you other guys need to quit arguing over off road crap. It's all your own opinion

- And there you have it. This comment came from Bob aka the "Bob's" in all forms. Also known as Tyler who always says "My buddy Bvonscott" who is also GregoryJ and the "Gregs" and also goes by Sierra or SierraGS on GMI. He goes by a few different names which I've called him out on for the last year. This clown is none other than Bvonscott himself. A GMC clown trolling as a Chevy guy when it suits him so as to subtly bring Chevy down and pimping GMC the rest because that's his ultimate goal. Pure idiot. Can't stand the guy.

And get over your IFS crap on the HD trucks. Torsion bar suspension is not desirable in a heavy duty truck. That's why Ford and Dodge are bigger sellers in that market. You use different suspensions for different applications. It's not a one size fits all deal like GM tried to do it for years. Now they yanked the torsion bars out of the 1500's for a softer ride. I've watched you get your ass handed to you over and over on this issue.

Good job Dodge. It was well deserved.

Detroit Bob,
Can't wait!
Here is a link. If you go there on Thursday morning at 9:30ET they will provide another link where you'll be able to watch everything live.


I think I've told you that before, but I'll say it again:

I'm sorry guys but I have to remind him that from time to time.
I apologize.

The numbers are screwed up.

The 3.6L got the trailer to 60MPH 3 seconds faster than the Hemi? Um, no.

Why is it that magazines ALWAYS fudge numbers and make mistakes when compiling simple charts?


I never visited the Forums in my whole life. There is more life here on the front page. Thanks!

Nice try, though!

Posted by: Frank | Dec 6, 2012 5:09:49 PM

I call bullsh*t on that. Then who was that dumba$$ Frank F-250 that posted in there? He also owned a 99 F-250 V10 and was obnoxious as hell. Care to explain that.....TROLL!!??

If you have not driven both of these trucks, you should probably do that before commenting. The Ram has by far the better ride, suspension, braking, and steering than the Ford. The interior is also nicer on all trim levels than the Ford. The Ram I drove is a 13MY but not the 8 speed however. The Ford has massive body lean around corners and curves and the steering has lots of negative feedback and what feels like a much bigger turning radius.

I do think Motor Trend should have done a timed test up Davis Dam just like what Ford did when they had all the Ecoboost propaganga videos on their website. I don't know anybody that pulls a trailer to 60 mph or to the quarter mile mark then stops, and starts over.

If anyone recalls, the Ecoboost only beat the Ram by 2 or 3 seconds in Ford's test with all trucks towing 9K equal trailer weight up Davis Dam, and it did it all in the 0-60 time. This new 8 speed will without a doubt erase much if not all of that advantage and the Hemi will beat the Ecoboost up the hill while getting better fuel economy to boot.

I truly believe 99.5% of half ton buyers never tow more than 10K pounds, which all the half tons are capable of doing. If you seriously need to tow more than that, get a 3/4 ton. That is basically what Ford's 11,300 tow and payload package gets you is a heavier frame, 7 lug wheels, etc. Basically a 3/4 ton, so just buy a damn 3/4 ton.

Lastly, there are never any volume of Ford's with the 11,300 pacage on dealer lots because you guessed it.........those customers just get 3/4 tons. 95% of fords you are gonna find on dealer lots are going to be able to tow about 10,000 pounds and aout 1400-1500 payload. The 11,300 package rides like......you guessed it a 3/4 ton. It also appears that most of the good 0-60 times with the Ecoboost include using 2 feet and stalling the truck up to try and get boost sooner. Not exactly real world, who is going to sit there and brake boost their truck during normal everyday driving when they need to accelerate quickly from a stop?

Both are good trucks, but the Ram is the better truck after having driven both very extensively.

I'm going to point out that MT has fixed the specs on the article. It originally stated that Hemi tested had the 8 speed, it now states it had the 6 speed.

So the 2013 Ram not only outperformed the egoboost while towing, the Hemi out performed the egoboost while having a huge gear disadvantage.



sandman, i thought u were a much smarter man than that.... guess not.. carry on with ur dreams..

as my buddy Bvonscott said recently

@BOB. LOLOLOL!!!! We know what You and YOUR BUDDY BVONSCOTT are about! GMC isn't Just GovtMoCo! It's ALSO GayMansChevy. SORE LOSERS! YOU GOT CALLED OUT!!! LOLOL! And BEAM AXLE Front Ends are The ONLY way to go when OffRoading UNLESS it's BAJA. HD guys WANT to go OffRoad! That's WHY your HD SUCKS. It's not Just Ugly and Chintzy, it's ALSO WORTHLESS OFF CONCRETE. Nice LOW SLUNG FRAME! This is further Proof that Dodge is TAKING DOWN Chevrolet in 2013. C-YA CHEVY.

CHEVROLET- Ugly, Cheaply Built, No Luxury Interiors, Low Slung Frame, No Beam Axle.

DODGE - Better Looks, Better Built, Beam Axle.

First question, before I even bother to read upwards of two pages of commentary:

Why, oh WHY do they insist on pulling trailers with pickup trucks in these tests when these trucks are clearly designed to carry a load IN THE BED? Yes, I do know that trucks CAN pull trailers, but so can nearly every other vehicle tested to a greater or lesser extent; even my 2002 "space frame" Saturn Vue towed a covered trailer filled with furniture from a house closing with other bulky but lightweight gear in the back. The vast majority of pickups I see on the road are NOT pulling trailers--when they're carrying anything at all--so that trailer-towing test for the trucks as part of "truck-of-the-year" is simply redundant.

I bought a truck so that I wouldn't HAVE to pull a trailer--which would have been cheaper to buy than the truck, had I any place to store it to the satisfaction of my HOA.

@ HHAHAHA FORD, I'm not sure why you think MT updated anything. See the same specs on the MT site:
And they still have the typo stating 6 speed on the page you posted. Why is it hard to understand, based on the following, that they tested an 8 speed?
-They criticized the rotary shift knob on there 8 speed truck.
- They said Ram hadn't released tow specs for the 8 speed yet, so they had to ask and were told 10k. That is what they based the trailer weight on.
-They didn't have EPA numbers on the 8 speed v-8 yet, so they couldn't post anything there either.

But keep looking at that one typo stating 6 speed if it makes you feel better about getting beat by a V-6 empty, and only beating it by a fraction of a second when towing 1000 pounds less.

For those of you complaining about how Ford lost this thing, have you ever thought that that new 'center stack' is exactly WHY they lost? Ford has had nothing but trouble with it's "Sync" and "MyFord Touch" ever since they brought that feature out--mostly because it's buggy, inconsistent and difficult to use; it was designed by engineers for engineers, not for the everyday user. Regretfully, I have to put some of the blame on Microsoft, the software company Ford chose to partner with on the Sync design. When you combine that with what is becoming Ford's notorious reliability ratings--approaching the bottom of the stack among all cars sold in the US--you can not blame me for not even considering a Ford as a new car or truck for the next few years.

as my buddy Bvonscott said recently

@BOB. LOLOLOL!!!! We know what You and YOUR BUDDY BVONSCOTT are about! GMC isn't Just GovtMoCo! It's ALSO GayMansChevy. SORE LOSERS! YOU GOT CALLED OUT!!! LOLOL! And BEAM AXLE Front Ends are The ONLY way to go when OffRoading UNLESS it's BAJA. HD guys WANT to go OffRoad! That's WHY your HD SUCKS. It's not Just Ugly and Chintzy, it's ALSO WORTHLESS OFF CONCRETE. Nice LOW SLUNG FRAME! This is further Proof that Dodge is TAKING DOWN Chevrolet in 2013. C-YA CHEVY.

CHEVROLET- Ugly, Cheaply Built, No Luxury Interiors, Low Slung Frame, No Beam Axle.

DODGE - Better Looks, Better Built, Beam Axle.

- And if you add in the micro-thin body metal they use, the wax dipped frames that start rusting out within a year or two because GM's too cheap to paint them, the el cheapo plastics they always use of their interiors that break apart, the interior door handles that fall off, the exterior door handles that not only can cut you but on the painted ones aren't even finished on the back side (yes, open a Chevy door handle on the truck and look down, it's awful what the door handle looks like), the piston slap bulletins, the tinfoil bumpers, the antique drum brakes and the offset steering wheels, you have one heaping pile of garbage. And that's just the 1500's. The 2500's have all that plus that stupid drop down frame. It llooks like one big chunk of rust hanging out from the bottom of your truck after a year or two. Your 50k dollar rig looks like it's worth 10k with that big ol chunk of rust hanging there. They have no offroad capable truck whatsoever. No Power Wagon with a SFA and no RamRunner. Maybe these morons need some more money from the feds. I got tired of GM's crappy build quality and left years ago. Never again. There's a good reason Dodge and Ford have taken away Chevy customers. All the GM guys want to do is make excuses for their pos trucks.

Congrats Chrysler !

You are on a upswing,good for you !

RAM truck is truly awesome,HEMI V-8 gets V-6 fuel economy while blowing the doors off of any truck !

Yes ,the HEMI they tested boiled (smoked,spun,loss of traction)the rear tires thus lower 0-60 -0- 1/4 mile times

I know by reading the comments left by the ignorant and irrational Ford/GM/Import fanboi's are rediculous ,and just shows their lack of knowledge and jealousy !

What's so good about this ram? Air bags? They don't even increase fuel economy at any measureable amount and they don't increase payload.

1) Performance loses to the EB.

2) Fuel Econ: Not even rated or tested

3) Interior: not truck-like, smaller crewcab, see other problems with the electronics and gear shifter.

4) Ride: less controlled, steering off-center, slow

5) Hauling/Towing: significantly less.

It loses in all areas. The 2013 Ram is much a doo about nothing. I'll be more interested in what GM brings to the table.
Posted by: Dave | Dec 6, 2012 3:08:26 PM

@Dave -

From time to time, I like to make guarantees. But the difference between, Bob, and everybody else is that when I make a GUARANTEE that guarantee becomes a REALITY!

And the reality is that is 6 days on December 13th, in Detroit, Chevy will once again become the class leader, your class leading pickup truck! You see because Chevy made a very important investment and you will indeed find out that this investment is about to pay off!

Thank you and Ram can eat my rubber, Chevy is going to burn some dust!

on the painted ones aren't even finished on the back side (yes, open a Chevy door handle on the truck and look down, it's awful what the door handle looks like),

@Tim, made in China, guaranteed. Just like their rims. I often wonder how much Chinese s#*t is in the so called America's Truck. You look at the American parts content on the sticker and it's the lowest of any truck out there. Pretty sad if you ask me. I'm glad we have other companies like Ford, Dodge and Toyota to choose from that's for damn sure. I'd about buy a Hyundai truck if they made one before I'd buy a Chevy anymore. You'd most likely get better quality. How hard the mighty fell. There was once a time you couldn't buy a better truck than a Chevrolet.

you didn't even click the link that I posted did you? The PDF you posted has the misprint, as I stated, MT also first posted the misprint on there site, but then fixed the misprint. Kind of hard to fix misprints on PDF already on the internet. Hell even in the comments section on MT own website a moderator mentioned that the 8 speed behind the HEMI is a misprint, and that the HEMI tested had the 6 speed.

Also anybody that is smart enough to read knows that the 8 speed is only offered with ONLY 3.21 and 3.55 ratios, as stated on MT and the PDF you reposted the HEMI truck had a 3.92 ratio, which is an option for the 6 speed.

The V6 had the 8 speed with the dial, so they were able to test the feel of it, on that model. So you can call it "criticize" if you want, but the article states that many of the testers like the knob.

When you keep posting the Hemi had the 8 speed when it is clearly wrong, makes you look like a idiot.

If it makes you feel better that a twin turbo, 24 valve, tivct, direct injected, v6 with a huge gearing advantage; barely beat an old school v8 with a performance robbing trans to sixty, and lost while towing, more power to you.


Once again I will post the link so you can rear it, if you can read.

Ok. Let's say it is the 6 speed. Then why has Motor Trend not updated the fuel economy? Why do they not mention it? It still says not yet rated. This is a coverup. The fuel economy is 13 and 19. More BS from MT!

And the reality is that is 6 days on December 13th, in Detroit, Chevy will once again become the class leader,

@Bob, I saw the spyshots and I'm not impressed. It looks like the same truck minus the flared bed and fenders with a complete bumper across the front. That's what the current truck should have looked like in the first place instead of having to look at these ugly ones for 6 years. Sure, this new one will look better but it still won't look great. Those wheel cut outs look really bad. The interior spyshots looked abysmal. These guys dropped the design ball both inside and out yet again I'm afraid.

DODGE - Better Looks, Better Built, Beam Axle.

@tim, yep. thad stump was right. even he knew his team was building a second rate hd suspension years back. typical bean counting gm.

@Kent -

I know how you feel. I felt the same way until I thought it over with some of the guys.

What you need to realize is the new Chevy will have everything the Ram has and more!

First off, the Chevy will have the longer bed and the bigger cab - that right there makes it a better truck!

The interior wasn't shown. It was under a tarp. The luxury interiors were not shown either.

The other big thing is it is also supposed to have better mileage than the Ram.

It will have better payload and towing. We could stop right there but there is more.

Lastly, because it is a new truck from the ground up, the Chevy will have better crash test ratings than ever before.

The bottom line is the new Chevy will be more closely matched to the F150 but the Chevy will have better mileage according to reports.

Ram will be in third place again, not only in sales but in features, I guarantee it.

There is more. A year after the debut the new Chevy will have the 10 speed tranny that GM and Ford are working on.

@Dave -

From time to time, I like to make guarantees. But the difference between, Bob, and everybody else is that when I make a GUARANTEE that guarantee becomes a REALITY!

And the reality is that is 6 days on December 13th, in Detroit, Chevy will once again become the class leader, your class leading pickup truck! You see because Chevy made a very important investment and you will indeed find out that this investment is about to pay off!

Thank you and Ram can eat my rubber, Chevy is going to burn some dust!

Sorry bob. If it took Chrysler almost 3 years to just update its factories to build the 8 speeds, it going to take longer then 1 year for GM and Ford to design, test, and build a whole new 10 speed trans.

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