The 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500: Revealed!

2014 Silverado front outside II

We've waited for and speculated about this truck longer than we normally like, and now it's here. Although never officially announced as being delayed, the re-engineered replacements for the long-in-the-tooth Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra half-tons were, by some reports, pushed back several times, largely because of an untimely corporate financial restructuring process and a punishing economy. 

But now it's here, ready to compete with a much-improved Ford F-150 and newly redesigned Ram 1500. (The Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan have not been significantly upgraded for several years.) 

So what has changed? In a few words, quite a bit. Maybe not as much as some would have liked, but we would expect that. This is clearly an upgrade and continued evolution of improvement to the Chevy and GMC pickup trucks, but that's not to say there aren't any brand-new features here. In fact, there are quite a few. 

The tagline Chevy is using to debut the new truck is, "Stronger, smarter, and more capable." Clearly this is not the announcement you'd use if you were redefining a segment and revealing new technology that resets customer expectations. But before we head straight to the attack settings on your weaponry, let's take a good look at what the GM engineers did do to the new Chevy Silverado. Here are the highlights, but you can expect more detailed stories to follow. 

Chevrolet-Silverado Int II

The new truck has three brand-new EcoTec3 engines. Each of the all-aluminum engines has direct fuel injection, cylinder deactivation (what GM calls Active Fuel Management) and continously variable valve timing, making these the most most sophisticated (read: fuel efficient) and powerful (read: bigger horsepower and torque gains) truck motivators the Silverado has ever had under the hood. 

The three engines will be a 4.3-liter V-6, a 5.3-liter V-8 and a 6.2-liter V-8, all of which will remain pushrod engines and offer the ability to switch to four-cylinder mode. We're told the big V-8 should be the towing and hauling champion (when the actual numbers are released later next year). For a deeper look into the different types of engine tech, click here for our powertrain story. 

The exterior has had every square inch checked and rechecked for wind drag, shaving rough edges and panel fit to rounded and tight-seal perfection. A lot of attention was focused on the front end to make sure no gaps between body parts or plastic fascia were too large as to create turbulence. 

Other improvements include a completely redesigned interior dash and doors, gauge cluster, and center stack arrangement. And like Ford and Ram, GM has gone to a larger infotainment touch-screen on the console, with a 4.2-inch color display for the driver. We're also told there will be a new High Country option package, but nobody has seen it yet. 

We like that the truck has upgraded to new electric power steering for more precision. A set of stronger rear axles go along with the new engines, and the frame (though not technically new) is made with more ultra-high-strength and high-strength steel. The pickup bed area is made from rolled steel (instead of stamped) for increased strength and reduced mass. Finally, the coil-over front and leaf rear suspension was fine-tuned for better control and, we're told, a more comfortable ride when empty or loaded. 

2014 Silverado CornerStep II

Some other key features worth mentioning include the fact the pickup bed is more accessible with a bumper cutout (like the early Chevy Avalanches) for a foot-hold; the bed lip acts like a grab handle; the tailgate now offers an internal torsion bar to reduce the effort needed to drop or lift; the Z71 package now has hill descent control and monotube shocks all around; and the crew-cab Silverado will be available with the 6.5-foot bed. (This means a new wheelbase.) And, of course, we don't want to forget that the optional trailer-brake controller is now up high on the left side of the dash, where it is easily within the driver's line of sight. 

As you might imagine, there have been several considerations to weight savings in the form of the use of aluminum. All Silverados will have cast-aluminum upper and lower control arms, as well as an aluminum-lined hood. We've already mentioned the use of higher tensile strength steel and hydroforming to save weight, as was the decision to use three all-aluminum engines. And we assume all these fractional weight savings will add up to better fuel economy at some point, but we'll have to continue to wait for that. 

And it's not that we don't care about improved safety; it's just that it's not a very sexy topic. But we should note all Silverados come standard with StabiliTrak, trailer-sway control, hill start assist, rollover protection and full complement of head, side and front airbags. Various option packages will include lane departure warning, safety alert seats and a camera-based forward-collision warning setup as well. 

Pricing will be announced closer to the on-sale date, which we're hearing will be by the summer of 2013. 

For a deeper look into the all-new powertrain choices, click here for our story. 

For a look at the full press release, click here.

Chevy Silverado with trailer II



Ugh! Those headlights are horrendous. The GMC is a much better looking truck.

The nose is a little too flat for my taste, but at least they got rid of the three-piece front bumper. The color is great.

agree, the silverado is very ugly looking, that one needs scrapped and go back to the drawing board.
The GMC however, is very nice looking in my opinion, nice job on that

I think the GMC was given the more refined, towing-toys kind of upscale look. the Chevy was given the in-your-face, big mouth grill workhorse kind of look. But who am I kidding, they are still nearly twins, just more fraternal than identical now.

These are far from new engines! The 4.3 V6 has been around like forever! I don't care what they did to it, its still a 4.3 V6!

@Len so if they dropped a supercharger on it, made like 500 ft-lbs, and it still got 50MPG, you still don't care? I know thats a ridiculous statement, but DI and the other upgrades could mean big things, even for an old engine.

Wow can you say LET DOWN. So they changed the front bumper and the rest looks the same. The interior is probably worse than before. At least its better looking than the RAM.

Not bad looking, but 'safe" is the word here. A major refresh of the current truck and not much more. Is GM is afraid to change too much because they feel #2 in sales is at stake ? That's insane.
Simply regurgitating ideas pioneered by Ford aint gonna do it. I guess they're happy being #2.

I'm sorry but I'm sort of disappointed. Granted I haven't driven one yet, but it seems to me that more of a statement was needed. Where is the character? This is status quo. There just isn't anything bada$$ about it.

Poor approach angle...

Rear shocks in the middle exposed...

Nothing has changed!

I see they're sticking with the same front end as the Griswold's Wagon Queen Family Truckster.

You never know when you'll need a second pair of headlights just in case.

there will always be haters... I think it is awesome!! REGARDLESS OFF HOW "SIMILIAR" THE BODY LOOKS.... they have redone everything... the doors are inlaid now instead of cab over, the ext cab doors open from the front instead of the rear.. the interior is 100% new with no hard plastics, its all soft touch/alluminum, heated cloth seats a segment first.... neew axles, suspension.. stroger frame...its all there.. and just becaue the 4.3, 5.3 and 6.2 are the same displacement, they are all very different and significantly improved upon.. you dont just grab a 1995 4.3 and slap vvt, DI and AFM on it and bam its good to go.... so all you haters just get over it...

These trucks look sweet!! GMC has kinda a super duty and mix of turndra look to the front end. If you watch the thing off their facebook webcam and saw the Chevy driveing video it look so much like a modern day 90s chevy old school look to it. I think they done a great job. They kept it simple but still made it look different, meaner and cleaner. I can wait to find out HP TQ specs and give these trucks a test drive.

Funny,i remember when the new super duty came out, all i read about was "THE GRILLE" "ITS HUGE!!" "EWW WHAT AN UGLY GRILLE" well... i dont need to say much about this truck in regards to that, but i'm not one to just post a negative comment, i'm sure this chevy will have a way better powertrain than the always third place RAM.

WOW! It looks exactly like the POS it is replacing! Good job GM! No wonder why you are 3rd best! Getting behind Dodge is a pretty lofty goal! My tax dollars at work! I am so glad I am a Ford guy!

Seems like basically they copied Ram on almost the entire truck and if you just look at the cab, it looks like a twin to the Ram. New Quad cab instead of extended like Ram, inlaid triple sealed doors like Ram, rocker panel at the bottom instead of the door opening like Ram. Seems like a decent truck but nothing earthshattering or new here. I don't think there is anything on this truck that at least one or two competitiors haven't already had for years with the exception of the front park assist and lane departure warning. Will be interesting to see what they post for fuel economy and power numbers. The fenders on this truck are even more obnoxious than the current truck.

Oh yeah, here we go...let the bashing begin!!

Len, Just because the displacement is the same doesn't mean its the same engine. Comparing the external pictures of the old 4.3 to this new 4.3 they are in fact different from the exterior (location of components, intake, ignition components.

Not a fan of the front end, I think its squarer then a box.

WOW! Epic fail GM! Exterior looks even uglier, interior looks odd and still cheap, engines are the same with added technology that won't add up to much of a difference. Ram blew them away with a mid cycle refresh lol. GM has literally sealed its fate. Ram will own the #2 spot by 2014. You Chevy boys will be lucky to hold off Toyota haha. How pathetic!

The steering wheel isn't even centered with the front seat it sets to the right of middle.

@ Jason Ram has made heated cloth seats an option in the 2013 Rams. A high trim level is no longer required to get the heated steering wheel either.

I'm truly disappointed by the overall look of the new silverado. I realize that the technical improvements under the skin are vast and this will most likely be a solid vehicle, but the bulbous fenders & the overweight front grill and bumper are not good looking and the interior cockpit still looks like the usual fisher price stuff. For the amount of money spent to supposedly get it right - it just seems like a wasted effort in the styling department.

I wonder if the manufactures are not spending money on a totally new body style for trucks because Obama put in strict regulations and trucks wont be available to the general public in a few years ?

Only smart car style vehicles with the Democrats strict mpg regulations you people voted for when you elected Obama.

Ford same body style since 2004 the H.D are from the late 90's..Old Tundra,old Titan..The only newer body are the RAM trucks.I bet I am right,as it costs money to restyle the body and with these crazy epa requirements,its not worth it to go in a hole restyling the truck.

GM tried to copy the Dodge RAM dash...and failed !

RAM is the best looking truck by far,hands down !! All the rest look like ancient turds..Especially the Ford (2004 body style)GM twins and Asian turds are all hideous !

As an owner of a newer ram I can say I really REALLY don't think ram will be passing GM anytime soon. Ram doesn't have the quality it needs. Initial quality seems great, but I can tell you my 09 ram has already been my most problematic truck. 75,000 miles I just picked it up yesterday for new cv joints, interior is falling apart (the seats are ripping apart just from normal use, the all-plastic ignition switch wore out a long time ago and had to be replaced, electrical problems(windows), and really thin metal inside the bed it's dented to crap. That said I haven't personally owned a chevy in years.

BUt back on topic. Not impressed with the silverado. Looks like they went with the interior everyone was hoping they wouldn't go for. Certainly doesn't sound like an interior to compete with ford (ram interior just sucks for quality). I hope they went with thicker sheet metal as that seemed to be a problem but it doesn't sound like it. Still no tailgate step (that seemed to be a huge boost for ford). Still no turbos (another huge boost for ford sales) and the exterior looks are largely the same. I think the new ram has some great new technology to compete with ford, but I highly question the quality. There is only so much technology to put in a pickup. You pretty much have to copy other automakers to be successful and maybe have a few hits of your own (all i can think that GM could have done as a new big hit is offer a diesel engine). Chevy doesn't have it with this truck. There just doesn't seem to be a lot of "new" stuff or even copies/improvements of the ford and ram technology.

Man how is it people just love to bash, bash, bash. Like I said before, we the fans of GM do not care what you people think.

Love the red color, and yes would have hoped for a bigger change. But GM pickups have always been the king of the road for ride and handling and now even better.

@16 year old-Canadian-Truck-Guru,

Could be right,sure kind of seems that way with trucks not really changing.And the war on the car/truck is strong with the left.

Odd,just odd looks like they did try to copy the Ram.

The dash reminds me of an early-2000's pontiac....

Guess GM wasn't paying attention after all. That dash still looks like it's GIVING BIRTH to the center stack! Can you say gross???


Keep your biased unfactual lies to yourself. I have an 08 Ram and have had no issues at all. The truck is a beast and owns the road. They will pass Chevy this years and that's a guarantee. You wanna talk about issues. Why don't you talk about the countless and endless fire recalls on the Eco boost joke of an engine. Face the facts people, Ram is head and shoulders above Ford and this joke of a new Silverado. There is no way you unbiasedly test drive these trucks and come away thinking anything other than the Ram is the better looking, has the better interior, and the most powerful and fuel efficient combination of engines. Own up to it people. No one has MORE GUTS, and MORE GLORY than RAM!!!


Stop trying to make some b.s up.My brother has a 2010 Ram 1500 and it is reliable and doesnt wear out as you say,obviously you must be very rough,just stop it already.I own a 2011 Chev 1500 and myself and my brother take pretty good care of our vehicles and his truck looks is good as mine,he also had no big problems.We work at the same company and everyday his truck is there as is mine. So just stop the juvenile b.s about making up problems some mystery truck has because it just shows that the truck you put down is better.If you are rough on a vehicle its going to get dented/ripped inside any make even the Japanese brands,stop with the b.s already.We have company trucks Dodge/GM/Ford and I cant tell you which one is more reliable because they all get driven hard by different people and all needed some repairs at some point but none were with lower miles or anything that was questionable,as they are driven hard by employees.I cant say which ones are more reliable because they are all reliable.

They fixed everything on the Silverado I didn't like before. I have to say I much prefer this to the Sierra now and that wasn't the case this last go round. They cleaned up the sides and fixed the front end here and it looks really nice. I still don't like the interiors. The Chevy is back on my list for next years purchase but I'd have to drive it back to back with the Ford and Dodge trucks.

what the hell is up with putting the trim level in the grille? that is kind of cheap and futhermore no one knows what LTZ stands for, all we know is it is the top of the line trim. did i, or did i not read in a car and driver magazine article a couple of years ago general motors said they were going to quit advertising their trims on the back bumper of the buicks because it makes them look cheap and they were going to change buick. why does this not apply to the trucks? wow, look at me everyone! i got leather seats! (smack dab in the grille, that humongous grille, is the trim level designation, like it is something you have to advertise or be extremely proud of. must be overcompensating for something :) )

I still don't like the square wheelwells but it at least looks like a Chevy again. You can tell GM listened to their dealers. Chevy got the shaft last time on their exterior design.This looks pretty damn good. Better that the Sierra IMO. It reminds me of the 70's-80's trucks.

I have been waiting for this day only to feel like I watched an epic fail. GM hater or lover, you have to admit the body looks like a mid-model refresh. Sure, you changed the doors so they don't go up on the cab, like my Tundra had in 04. I have owned numerous GM trucks, but have been let down by the quality. In 2003 I waited for the new colorado/canyon and ended up with a Tundra because the interior looked pretty much like the S-10/S-15 I had in 84 and 85. I agree with Beebe on the quality of RAM's.

My Tundra has 186k and has given me no problems, but I can't stand the look of the new Tundra. However, I did see a new Tundra with an HID kit and it looks like that was equivalent to the upgrade the Sierra body received here.

I was watching the live stream and it crashed and said the feed was no longer available. That sums up my take on this launch. So, I'm left settling for a RAM truck that looks nice but has questionable long-term capability or going Ford, and I'm not a fan of that, but GM has left me no choice but to look elsewhere.

Oxi a graduate of Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIK) with expertise in vehicular engineering bestowed his edict.

they only put 6 on the tach, my dear old dad is going to think he is blowing it up if he floors it, lol! they will at least rev to 6 grand because they already do now and the LT1 in the new Corvette is slated for 6,600 rpm. so why put 6 on the tach and it goes to 6, but put extra on the speedometer, 120 to be exact, and it will only go 107? they should only have 110. you know, an article a few back states ford will be the first truckmaker with 2 deisels, lol gm will be the last automaker to have 2 v6 engine families. and i can see ohv V8s, but what is the deal with the 4.3? as big of a V6 it is, 300hp alone would be a letdown, even 325 because the 3.6 from the camaro has that. just a guess, but i am guessing 300 hp from the 4.3, 340 from the 5.3, and 420 from the 6.2.

sorry I guess people don't like to hear the real world experience of a farmer with multiple trucks. Overall the ram is still great but I have been highly disappointed by a number of things. I didn't mention the knock my 5.7 engine is now making (sticking valves? I don't know) Yes I work my truck hard, as I work ALL of my trucks hard. We have all of the big three trucks working harder than ever on our farm and I'm just sharing my experience. We have three 2009 or later rams and all are having these similar problems. Sorry to get off topic just wanted to respond to the above posts. I thought this was a place to go to get informed about trucks and that's all i'm trying to do. My post wasn't BS and I'm not trying to bash just share my own experiences. I appreciate sandman4x4 (his ecoboost ford problems) and others sharing their negative experiences.

Evolutionary not Revolutionary. Disappointing. Total redesign and Ford/Dodge interiors still look better. Yikes.

lol at the people saying the Ram and Ford are still better trucks? No one has driven these trucks yet and we dont even know engine specs....Just because you think they don't LOOK better (which is subjective) doesnt mean they wont perform better or get better numbers....

few things.

- So happy the 4.3 V6 is coming back! This engine is going to be awesome! Its going to be a torque monster and if it has class leading FE, its going to sell like hot cakes. If the 4.3 V6 isnt class leading amongst the naturally aspirated V6's I will leave this website for a year. That is how confident I am in this engine! So glad GM didnt take the easy road and just slapped the 3.6 V6 in their trucks and call it a day.

-design is subjective but I love those interiors! I think they are perfect for a pick-up truck, Class leading at the moment IMO.

- cant wait to hear the power numbers on the 5.3 and the 6.2

anybody notice that the steering wheel doesn't appear to be centered to the seat? Is that just because of the camer angle or is that normal?

I really like it but why are they so big now? These 1500's are like big Super Duty's. I might be more inclined to go with the Colorado if I like it. I'm more of a round wheelwell guy and would like something a little smaller like my old 95 Silverado. Either way, this is world's better than the current truck I think.

@ josh. I think having a smaller range on the tach gives a feeling that the engine is more powerful. It does something to watch that needle move. With a smaller range the needle moves faster. I don't blame them for doing it as most people don't pay much attention to the tach anyways.

I hate the square wheel wells. Wished they gone back to being round. Doesn't matter much, back in September I bought a 2012 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Express trim with step bars. Dodge was dealing. Ford and GM were not. Listed for 35k and bought it for 22k. Plus love the larger interior which I think Ram has the biggest crew cab space in its class. Love the engine power and I never bought a truck for gas mileage.
I've always been a Chevy guy, but GM has not impressed me lately and was not doing much to keep my loyalty. I saw an interview with the CEO of Chrysler/Dodge and came away quite impressed with his attitude and outlook for the company. Right now, I am quite happy with my choice in trucks. Once I get my Lear camper shell put on it, I'll be ready for a lot of camping/hunting trips.

At first I was disappointed in that this looked like a mid life refresh of the current truck. However Ford did the same thing with the current F-150 and came out with an amazing truck. the 2004-2008 F-150 laid the groundwork for the current F-150 which is a great vehicle.

I had to step back and compare the Silverado to something like the iPhone, each new iPhone isn't groundbreaking, but just several improvements over its predecessor while keeping the overall look and feel the same.

That alone will sell a bunch of these trucks for GM.

My deeper concern is that while the trucks appear to be a big leap over the current models, they seem to have only caught up with the F-150 and still running a little behind the Dodge in advancement. There isn't one thing about the truck that is an industry first or cutting edge. Dodge has its air bags, 8 speed and grille louvers, the F-150 has the ecoboost, side steps, very roomy crew cab, and the Raptor. The GM twins seem to have nothing that is cutting edge. While I believe they will be good trucks, I think the lack of innovation will hold them back from being great trucks.

I probably won't buy one of this generation. Like the iPhone, i'll wait for the next one.

Remember Michigan Bob?,
I bet we never hear from him again I bet he committed suicide over

give it a new fr end, crease in the fender n call it new... wait.. ford already did that.

Things that make you go hmmmm....................

I see the designs as being very evolutionary in the style although I am sure they really focused on the aerodynamics. They aren't bad looking just not a big departure like the GM marketing arm has been touting. Where is the vastly different GMC style? The interior is identical other than replacing grey plastic (looks like nice plastic, I am not knocking it) with wood and aluminum? There is no styling difference inside. (even Hyundai/Kia have different interiors even if they platform share)

Also, where is the "High Country" and "Outlaw" trims? Is this just an inital round of picutures and trucks with a couple of more models yet to be revealed?

I know GM is going to introduce the 8-speed trannys as model year 2014.5 but why not just wait 3 more months or use the Aisin units that the Corvette is going to get until the inhouse GM 8-speeds are ready?

I have a feeling with the low revving torque nature of the pushrod motors the trucks will need those 8-speeds to get the highway mpg's needed to be class leading and to help out in the acceleration tests.

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