The All-New 2014 GMC Sierra 1500: Revealed!

GMC 14PGSR00002_V5 II

Let's not forget that GM has two half-ton trucks in its stable, and that the 2014 GMC Sierra is every bit of a stellar change for GMC as the new Silverado is for Chevy. In fact, the new Sierra is completely redesigned inside and out, with huge engineering improvements underneath the skin. 

GMC calls its new-truck strategy "bold refinement," and it includes three all-new engines: a base 4.3-liter V-6, a midgrade 5.3-liter V-8 and the premium option 6.2-liter V-8. All three offer direct injection, continuously variable valve timing, a second-gen cyclinder deactivation system and an all-aluminum construction (block and heads).

Exact power ratings and fuel-economy numbers have not been released, but GMC representatives say these engines will be their respective segment leaders in many categories. The new engines will be paired with upgraded rear axles depending on the powertrain option, and all engines will be mated to the previous six-speed automatic transmission.  

For more details regarding the three engines and their new and unique technologies, click here for our full story. 

The exterior design of the new Sierras may not look a lot different from the current-generation trucks, but every square inch of the outer shell has been touched by wind-tunnel and aero engineers, eliminating every fraction of drag, turbulence or resistence. Gaps between panels have been narrowed or closed altogether; the unique chrome grille directs airflow only where it is needed. And the new headlamp design not only looks premium-grade, but it also produces better aero numbers. 

Other updates include a stronger frame with the use of ultra-high-strength steel in the ladder frame, as well as more high-strength steel in the cross-member; a rolled steel bed box for greater durability; a new electric power-steering unit; an upgraded DuraLife four-wheel-brake setup; and a new crew-cab wheelbase that will allow for a 6.5-foot bed, something only the Ford F-150 before and the 2013 Ram 1500 will now offer. 

However, by far the biggest improvement announced with the new GMC Sierra is the redesigned interior that includes the dash layout, center stack configuration and choice of materials and trims. Everything inside the Sierra is soft-touch and/or aluminum trim, looking more like a high-fashion magazine living room than a truck space. 

GMC Sierra SLT.3 II

"Truck owners want a well-crafted cabin, but also one that still feels like a truck," said Helen Emsley, Sierra interior design director. "They want a purposeful interior, not one that's flowing like you'd find in a car or crossover."

The new Sierra gets a new color 4.2-inch scroll-through information display between the speedometer and tachometer, along with other major infotainment upgrades. Also available is the new IntelliLink connectivity package, which uses a high-definition, fully reconfigurable 8-inch touch-screen with an intuitive layout and easy-to-read icons that control audio features, Pandora internet radio, Bluetooth phone features and available navigation with all-new map displays. Many of the system’s features can be controlled by voice command, allowing the driver to keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

Also, the Sierra will continue to offer the unique-to-GMC All Terrain trim package, which will only be offered in extended or crew-cab models with limited colors. The trim package will have several unique carbon-fiber interior accents, and the outside will offer a color-matched grille and less chrome. It's certainly not like the All Terrain HD concept, and it ain't no Raptor-fighter, but maybe it's a start. 

We're told the crew-cab Sierras won't arrive at dealer lots until next summer, so you can expect pricing to be announced just before that. For more photos, you can check out our Facebook page

For a more detailed look at the Sierra's powertrains, click here for our story. 

For the full GMC press release, click here.

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Eh, still ugly. But it is an improvement over the current generation.

Way better than that silverado, but way too boxy for me.

CREW CAB 6.5 FOOT BED! FINALLY! I love my f-150, but I'm excited for the improvements these trucks can bring.

I agree; it looks better than the Silverado.

Poor approach angle...

Rear shocks in the middle exposed...

Nothing has changed!

It looks very "Fordesque" to me, particularly the front end (Ford HD) and the dash.

It looks very "Fordesque" to me, particularly the front end (Ford HD) and the dash.

What's wrong with this site!

I think it looks good but does look a lot like the current production model. It's a lot better looking than the silverado with the double headlights that make it look like the Griswold's Wagon Queen Family Truckster.

Don't care too much for that plastic wheel-well trim...hopefully that won't be standard on all the Sierra's.

No more rear hinged suicide doors on the extended cab models.
That kinda sux.

Sierra is the best looking truck hands down!!

Looks like ford superduty fog lights with a touch for toyota tundra but all mix together, looks good but I like the Chevy front end better cause it has this modern day gm400 look about it.

Can't even come up with an original design??? Copy the bench-mark F-150 when you can't design a real truck. GM headed back for bankruptsy and when they do I am not using my tax dollars to bail them out again!

all of you that are talking s..t about this truck are just pissed that you can afford the superior GMC and are stuck driving cheap Fords and Dodges. get a life

I like it. The Sierra is better looking than the Silverado and I have no problem with it looking more Ford like. To each his own in regards to preferences.

fordtrucks77: Your going to stop paying taxes? Good plan.

GMC does'nt have the step bumper like the Chevy. I have no need for a step in the bumper.
I like the seamless grill where it meets the hood.

Another eight years stuck with a disappointing body style. I was really hoping the rope lighting wouldn't enter into the pick up truck design for the head lamps! Ugh! We continue to be Ford's 'best friend!'

I don't find this better looking that the Silverado at all. I think the current Sierra is better looking but now I like the Silverado better. I think this is kind of odd looking. I'm glad they went back to making the trucks more similar in design though. The Chevy really got the shaft on this last one. It looks like they fixed everything that was wrong with it. Never was a GMC guy anyway but I would have had to go GMC this last time. Now I'd have to go Chevy again after I compared it to the Ford and Dodge offerings next year. I don't think I like the interior's though. I suspect with even more increasing competition that the Sierra will eventually be phased out and things will be streamlined down to one really great Chevy truck.

I think it looks great. I think I'll special order one in feb 2014. Hey GMC, please don't chain me to certain packages with stuff I don't want. I want a crew cab with 6.5 bed and max trailering pac. i'll have to sell my awesome 2011 gmc, sad.

I think the changes to the looks were pretty suptle, similar to Ford's new truck in 2009. Everyone then said there were no changes but as an owner of each, there's substanial changes. Looks like the same is happening here. Personally, I prefer the looks of the GMC to the Silverado but that's just my preference. Always has been that way. Time will tell if they're any good or not. No sense whining. Let your purchase doolars speak to GM.

MIT graduate with wizardly vehicular engineering oxi bestowed his fatwa.

the inside looks like a cheap Korean car

I thought some guy was blabbing about how the GMC was going to take over Chevy and blow people away or some such nonsense? This looks like the same truck they have right now. If anything, they fixed the Chevy. Not that either are that fantastic.

The new Silverado looks good too. I have no problem with either of these twins nor with Ram and F-150. All these appear to be competitive and good choices. I am eager to see the new Colorado/Canyon.

Love the new interiors on these trucks, def class leading.

also, the 4.3 is back baby! Its going to make Ford and Dodges natrually aspirated V6's look like car engines (o wait they are!)

I don't mine the front hinged doors on extended cabs, but I think they should make it look like a two door, use the intregated rear handles like the Tundra uses and shape the rear glass better.

at least the wheels n the gmc badge looks nice

No news under the sun ! What's new ? Nothing, just an improvement , to late GM , you need to work more and more !

I'm disappointed the Sierra didn't get a more dramatic makeover more like the version shown at some of the trade shows in prior years. That was a killer looking truck.

For anyone to say this looks like an F150, is nuts. If you go back over the years, the GM's have ALWAYS had essentially the same front grille. (I have a 2002 and 2011) and if you go back thirty years, the grilles are just a new iteration of the previous years, which in my opinion is a good thing and something most people who own a GM will tell you sets it apart from EVERY other truck on the market).

The F150 on the other hand, if you go back over the years, can't figure out what the front grille should look like. A few years ago they even came out with a front grille that was a clone of the GM grille.

While everyone has their own opinion and is entitle to that opinion, I think the grille on the Super-Duty's is absolutely gross. It's almost as if Ford had a bunch of over-sized bars lying around and someone said, "hey, why don't we just stick this on the grille of the Super Duty" - godawful, in my opinion.

Toyota's are just a joke, period.

Still behind the times, especially the old fashion shift lever on the steering wheel, everyone else is on the console.I'll be looking for the 2014 Tundra change!

Sad a brand new design looks older then the ford or ram right out of the box.

Some people prefer column shifts. For one thing if you have a bench seat you will have more room in the middle. I think they should offer both.

These trucks would look so much better..without the fender flares!!!!

Sad a brand new design looks older then the ford or ram right out of the box.

Posted by: paul | Dec 13, 2012 11:35:36 AM

shut up paul you freaking crack head! get off the drugs these gm trucks are way better then any ford or ram!

- 6.2L
- Interior improvments
- Wood grain much less prominent (read this Ford/Ram?)
- Seems you can no longer see underside of wipers...
- Upgraded frame.
- No chrome trim around taillights. (Read this Ford/Ram?)

- Crew not larger is a huge error! With kids thats a no deal.
- Where is 8 speed?
- Why is 6.2L delayed?
- Why the heck is brake controller up high on left?? Error!
- From the rear the Sierra looks VERY dated.
- Silverado still FUGLY. Evern worse with new lights?
- Where is the console shift?
- Are those Sierra foglights right off a SuperDuty?
- Avg guy won't even know this is a new truck!
- No handle on B Pillar either?
- Will any dealer in N/A stock a 6.2L or will remain same as current (excluding Denali)

Summary: Huge disapointment. Especially the crew cab. Still smaller than a 04 F150 Crew. And this is a 2014.

I thought if they had the new engines, a 8 speed, a much larger crew than GM would have a 3 bagger if not a homerun, but this is a 1 bagger on an error!

Clearly bankruptcy $till linger$?

The dash looks similiar to what I have in my 2001 Ford Econoline work van.

@Common Man the crew cab is bigger you d bag stop trolling like a fag you hater!

I thought some guy was blabbing about how the GMC was going to take over Chevy and blow people away or some such nonsense? This looks like the same truck they have right now. If anything, they fixed the Chevy. Not that either are that fantastic.

@Walt, that would be BVonScott on GMinsideNews. Also known as Bob and the Bob's who plays himself off as the trashy Chevy guy, aka Tyler, aka Sierra and SierraGS, aka Gregory, GregoryJ and the Gregs. On and on it goes. I'm convinced he has several alternate personalities on GMInsideNews. I can't stand that California clown. He was just out to spread his GMC agenda and make Chevrolet look bad. He'd be on here talking about how "his buddy" BVonScott said this or that. What a complete idiot. The pictures and news today made him look like a total fool. I say good.

@ Ford & Ram still have a better truck guy

Do your homework before you spew hate! Go to and read up. Here is quote: "Despite the change to the rear doors, total interior space remains unchanged, meaning the front doors are smaller now,"

Hey on the bright side at least the crew remains larger than the -2003 F150. ;)

WASTE of MY Taxpayer Dollars!!! I want my MONEY BACK! NOBODY NEEDS 2 Freaking truck lines!! Damn GovtMoCo!

What's the NEXT Reveal? A BlingityBlingBling OBAMA DENALI? GovtMoCo Ghetto Trash.

The release of these 2014 models shows that GM is out of the loop in the truck market. These 2014 models will sell no better than the current generation and here's why. The interior looks like it came from a minivan. Those vertical fan vents are hideous. The front end of the truck is ugly. There relying on the same old outdated product. Don't buy into their marketing progaganda, force GM to make reputable products again and don't buy this "truck".
Ford, Doge and Toyota are on another level when it comes to full size pickups.

Im sure they spent a great deal of aerodynamic testing, but I wonder what the noise will be like with wind hitting that grill. My 2008 Silverado produced a good deal of wind noise at highway speeds near the drivers window. Im sure it's not a huge deal, but I don't see much of an aerodynamic shift. I just hope interior quality is better. My wiper switch broke twice and I had cracked radio buttons. My steering wheel had some good wear, and this was only after 3 years 50000. My current F150 shows no discernable wear such as this.

The long high nose is also bad when offroading, you can't see for eight feet in front of the truck, plus bad approch angles.

Both of these trucks are pretty good. Here are my thoughts:
Exterior: As noted by many, the GMC is very handsome: Bold fenders, great front clip, projector lamps. It is really well-executed. The Chevy is good, but not earth-shattering. I really think the squared-off look and traditional grill bring shades of the Third Generation and GMT-400 platforms. That’s a plus. I would have liked to see in-bed storage solutions, à la Ram Box, for both of these trucks. We’ll see if the GM comes up with some nifty storage solutions.
Interior: Obviously, GM decided that the customer wants a truck interior to look like a truck interior. The illusion of the dash is that soft touch materials are covering a billet aluminum structure that is bursting through the seams. The overall form of the dash works. The gauge cluster works. What doesn’t work is the dash controls to the left of the steering wheel and the screen execution. Fill up the freaking space with the screen. The expansive plastic screen frame is awful. The little control panel to the left of steering wheel (can’t tell: lights, 4WD and brake controller?) looks like an afterthought. Other than those minor elements, again, this dash works. I hear the haters, but it is absolutely on par with Dodge and Ford. This dash is just more truck-like. Which they admit is intentional. If the electronics are on par and if the rumored ‘High Country’ package gives you the saddle-like leathers offered by the competitors, this truck should be able to regain market share.
Engine: Too bad an 8-speed isn’t ready. Better to have it right when it goes in though. Something tells me that these motors are the main course with this truck. The existing motors already had very good gas mileage. In fact, they were very much the leader in fuel economy until the past two years. I’m betting that the 4.3 is gonna be around 24mpg (highway) with 300hp, the 5.3 around 22-23mpg and 380hp and the 6.2 could be approaching 19-20mpg with 440hp.

Wow! Looks a lot better than that ugly dogde/ford/tundra. The best truck just got better!

All of the bad criticism on the new trucks are bogus, there has been no competition set up as of yet between the 2013 RAM, 2013 F-150 and the new 2014 GM trucks in order to state that they were a waste of an effort to be built, the truth as to how these trucks measure up on the competitive side won't be known for the next month or two; especially by Consumer Reports, so lower your blood pressure already, and stop hating over the fact that these trucks aren't disappearing no time soon!

Though Tundra is a nice truck their numbers in overall sales have been crapy in the past 2 years, and the Fuel Economy hasn't improved either.

Not that impressed. The SIlverado is better looking but not by much. I never liked the GMC anyway save for the current model but this looks the same as the current model anyway. Neither interior is worth a darn. Front clip is just massive on both trucks. I'd probably buy the Chevy first but in all reality I'd probably just go to the Ford or Dodge dealership.

@Cameron, all of those capability tests are bogus. They are all on the same level capability wise within reason outside of the Chevy HD with no beam axle. So why not buy something that looks good and has a killer interior? GM isn't giving people much incentive for people to buy their trucks.

Be interesting to see how the GM buyers take to the new extended cab doors being forward now. I suspect Ford will go that way with their next design as well. Extended cab clam shell doors will soon be history I reckon.

I'll keep my 2010. This looks like the same truck I have in my garage minus a few very slight details. It's nice but not worth trading in my old one on. I also like my current interior dashboard better. I think out of the 2 new GM's I like the Chevrolet the best. Not so with the current models. We'll see. I'll give the Silverado a spin next year. Maybe GM will still get my money if the High Country interior is all it's cracked up top be. If not, I'd probably do Dodge next time.

I like the F-150 looks, but I'm not seeing the similarities here. I agree the GMC is better looking than the Chevy, but I think both of them are generally nice looking. I would rank 1. f-150 2. gmc 3. super duy 4. chevrolet 5. ram for looks. But like they say it's all subjective and overall I think they all look good. I drive a ram and it's nice but too carlike for me in its design inside and out. Interior just seems too plain to me. I recently rode in a new f-150 and was just shocked by how nice the interior was even on a mid-level trim. And I'm surprised by the people that like suicide doors. as annoying as heck when you've got passengers in the back.

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