The All-New 2014 GMC Sierra 1500: Revealed!

GMC 14PGSR00002_V5 II

Let's not forget that GM has two half-ton trucks in its stable, and that the 2014 GMC Sierra is every bit of a stellar change for GMC as the new Silverado is for Chevy. In fact, the new Sierra is completely redesigned inside and out, with huge engineering improvements underneath the skin. 

GMC calls its new-truck strategy "bold refinement," and it includes three all-new engines: a base 4.3-liter V-6, a midgrade 5.3-liter V-8 and the premium option 6.2-liter V-8. All three offer direct injection, continuously variable valve timing, a second-gen cyclinder deactivation system and an all-aluminum construction (block and heads).

Exact power ratings and fuel-economy numbers have not been released, but GMC representatives say these engines will be their respective segment leaders in many categories. The new engines will be paired with upgraded rear axles depending on the powertrain option, and all engines will be mated to the previous six-speed automatic transmission.  

For more details regarding the three engines and their new and unique technologies, click here for our full story. 

The exterior design of the new Sierras may not look a lot different from the current-generation trucks, but every square inch of the outer shell has been touched by wind-tunnel and aero engineers, eliminating every fraction of drag, turbulence or resistence. Gaps between panels have been narrowed or closed altogether; the unique chrome grille directs airflow only where it is needed. And the new headlamp design not only looks premium-grade, but it also produces better aero numbers. 

Other updates include a stronger frame with the use of ultra-high-strength steel in the ladder frame, as well as more high-strength steel in the cross-member; a rolled steel bed box for greater durability; a new electric power-steering unit; an upgraded DuraLife four-wheel-brake setup; and a new crew-cab wheelbase that will allow for a 6.5-foot bed, something only the Ford F-150 before and the 2013 Ram 1500 will now offer. 

However, by far the biggest improvement announced with the new GMC Sierra is the redesigned interior that includes the dash layout, center stack configuration and choice of materials and trims. Everything inside the Sierra is soft-touch and/or aluminum trim, looking more like a high-fashion magazine living room than a truck space. 

GMC Sierra SLT.3 II

"Truck owners want a well-crafted cabin, but also one that still feels like a truck," said Helen Emsley, Sierra interior design director. "They want a purposeful interior, not one that's flowing like you'd find in a car or crossover."

The new Sierra gets a new color 4.2-inch scroll-through information display between the speedometer and tachometer, along with other major infotainment upgrades. Also available is the new IntelliLink connectivity package, which uses a high-definition, fully reconfigurable 8-inch touch-screen with an intuitive layout and easy-to-read icons that control audio features, Pandora internet radio, Bluetooth phone features and available navigation with all-new map displays. Many of the system’s features can be controlled by voice command, allowing the driver to keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

Also, the Sierra will continue to offer the unique-to-GMC All Terrain trim package, which will only be offered in extended or crew-cab models with limited colors. The trim package will have several unique carbon-fiber interior accents, and the outside will offer a color-matched grille and less chrome. It's certainly not like the All Terrain HD concept, and it ain't no Raptor-fighter, but maybe it's a start. 

We're told the crew-cab Sierras won't arrive at dealer lots until next summer, so you can expect pricing to be announced just before that. For more photos, you can check out our Facebook page

For a more detailed look at the Sierra's powertrains, click here for our story. 

For the full GMC press release, click here.

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FordTrucks1 / M.Kenseth48 / BrianHawn are the same people posting anti gm stuff who knows what other names the loser is useing just a head up that troll needs to go!

I'll be interested in seeing the EPA numbers on these engines with the new transmissions, as well as the towing capacities, especially with the redesign on the axle. Glad to see GM is making the locking rear differential standard. Ford is still trying to make due with a limited slip. Not sure what Dodge uses. Interesting to see that all the pictures so far are of buckets with a console, are they getting rid of the bench seat option in the front?

Glad they didn't put in a console shifter, they take up space just so they can look pretty, give me a column shifter and use the space were the console shifter was going to be for cup holders and other storage compartments.

The Sierra interior looks better than the Silverado interior. That has been a definate trend with GMC. Maybe that is where the divergence in personalities will occur?

I do find it odd that the brake controller is upper left. It is better than the old location. Most trailer haulers a just too accustomed to the right side location. Most people are right handed so that may translate to less control with a left hand control.

The looks of this truck are slowly growing on me. My first look was: " retro F250".

This must be GM's strategy.
The Silverado is bold and in your face, and work oriented. Kinda like a chiseled construction worker with a plaid shirt with the sleeves torn off.
The Sierra is the business executive who spends his spare time in the gym. The muscles are there but constrained by a 3 piece suit.

"The exterior design of the new Sierras may not look a lot different from the current-generation trucks, but ..."


Whoever that guy was who said this GMC was going to blow away other trucks including its own Chevy, must have been high. It's nice but not that nice.

The ugly plain looking dash you saw in the spy pics is the same one here.

Eat your hearts out you Ford and Dodge owners that spend more on your problem ridden trucks then any Chevy and GM owner. The bar has been raised with three new engines and not just a V6. In five years you will not be able to buy a V8 in a Ford and they will probally look like their new ugly vans coming to the market. Another 300,000 miles on my 06 and I will be ready for one of these new trucks.

Solid truck, good redesign, with the exception of the headlight design. I must say I enjoy vehicle design. Looking at the reveal I am a bit disappointed by the headlights. What happened to the beautiful ambient blue laser headlights than were on the Gmc sierra HD concept. Not only were they unique it would have advanced the trucks design much further than what I am seeing. Some advice to gmc about the use of led lighting, use as a compliment, not as a surround. It makes it look, how shall I say, a bit gaudy. The rest of the design looks pretty good though. Design score from me, 7 out of ten. 2 points off for the poor lighting design...

"The bar has been raised with three new engines and not just a V6. "

GM raised it's own Bar, the competition is way up there, GM falls flat on it's face.


Definitely taken on to much of that box type image. Appears GM is moving in the direction of the Ford Styling. Don't particularly like the step cut in the rear bumper and the aluminum moulding around the dash. Think I'd rather stick with my 2010 Sierra Crew Cab SLT. I would have to say that I'm not at all impressed with the look of this new design.

The chevy is the same ole bland design and the gmc is a ford clone of the previous super duty.

The interior looks like its out of a 85 s 10 with the boxy design.

The trucks are new but they already look older then the ford and dodge.

Regarding the ext cab doors, couple yrs ago Ford patent was floating around. Had a new type of door that swung out and back so worked much better in tight parking situations. Bonus is it kept open door area w no fixed B pillar.

GM stock down 2% today. Numbers that really matter.

It's a truck. You would think trucks would be going for an aero not brick look considering fuel prices. Even if just to look like they are trying to improve fuel mileage.

Wake me up when somebody has a honest 25mpg diesel 1/2 ton with around 400 foot pounds of torque.

The brand loyal "tools" are by far the best part of this site!

I'm sad to say that the new designs still look to much like a **** Tonka Truck and it looks like crap (to phrase it nicely). I have to stick with my "04" and put money into mine when needed as I will not buy these new trucks as they look ... ...

Much better than the Chevy!

Dave, Who you calling a fraud, fraud? Bvonscott said from day one, DAY ONE, that the info he received was what he was told and that WAS A YEAR AGO and things could change!

We all have seen this one before!!! Looks like 2007 all over again, but this time they aren't saying " All new from the ground up". It was a lie last time, I wonder why they forgot it this time? Too much flack from real people that can see their BS. I can't stand GM's crap. The last good redesign was for the 1988 trucks and they didn't change them much thought the late 90's. in 1999 they stretched the extended cab out 3 inches and made the trucks less boxy. For 2007 all they did was improve chassis and reduce the angle of the windshield 3*, add 3 inches of body width so they could have that 79.9" body width like the real full size pickups. Same narrow interior like the last two Garbage Man pickups all I am seeing here is styling rip from dodge(cab styling). I agree with the other people here! " if the crew cab isn't any larger" its the same old truck! Gm did it twice before with these trucks now were in for number three. I can't wait to see the "new" owner rating and trailer and payload ratings. 4.3 probably sub 250hp at 5600-6000rpm and 250-280ftlb at some windy 4000+rpm useless junk. I'm not even going to start on about the 6.2 or the 5.3 cars are where they belong like the HEMI!!!! Where did all the high torque low rpm REAL gas engines go? If you want to pull anything heavy with these(or any gas engine) you will pay out the ass in gas because the real engine strength is at 4000 rpm. I feel sorry for the people that buy any half ton and use it like a three quarter ton. You can't expect 5800lbs of truck to control 11500 lbs to trailer confidently. Even the one ton truck having a bumper pull rating of 17-18000 lbs on the bumper is way out there. The components of any of these trucks aren't big enough for the job and they are putting huge torque through them(diesel). I seem to have lost faith in the "new" trucks the next generation trucks will be pushing 450-500 hp at 7000+rpm( Mustang, Corvette, jap crap) I'm going to stop now because I could go on forever about "new"

I suppose it's best to see these now, 8 months before they hit the lots. I really hoped GM would come through for me, but I am sad to see these. I held out hope as long as I could, and defended my beloved brand up until today. It's time to eat some crow and start shopping the other brands and take advantage of year end deals.
I do think GM tried, and seem to have addressed the terrible bed weakness, brakes, and plastic interiors. But the interior design overall looks like it tried to copy the others and is a glob of succotash. There is all sorts of blank empty space in the dash, like they tried to fit components into a pre-designed dash rather than design it all so it fits together. I thought for sure they were dropping the god awful fender bubbles, but see they carried those over too. Square wheel wells with plastic trim to draw even more attention just makes you puke. These are pure Griswold.

I don't care for most of the details on these. I'm disappointed to see the spy shots hid all the special features that I hoped would sell me on these. Instead, all the hidden features in the spy shots are the things I like the least. A swing and a miss. x2.

"Truck owners want a well-crafted cabin, but also one that still feels like a truck," said Helen Emsley, Sierra interior design director. "They want a purposeful interior, not one that's flowing like you'd find in a car or crossover."

Who is she talking to?

Great looking truck. I'm a Ram guy but this Sierra looks tough.

Class, this is what happens when you put a woman in charge of your truck design. You end up adding makeup to try to cover imperfections. This looks like someone slapped a bunch of crap on it from the closeout isle of AutoZone.

wow people have no clue the difference of the new truck..dont compare the old truck or the ford truck the only thing is new from ford is the engine the rest is history,,

gm should just stop making trucks they all look the same they never change. ford changes there design all the time

Where can I get square tires and wheels to fit those wheelwells?

Too big for a half ton truck.
These new trucks look like Hummers.
Ford and Dodge can sleep well tonight

GM did an excellent job here. It is surprising to me how fast the interior is growing on me because I did not like it until I saw video of it and was blown away.I am glad to see the engines are true truck engines and the focus is more on power. After owning many trucks I must say this looks like a clear winner. I would much rather spend $10 more on a fill up if the engine makes me happy. I hope the tuning of these engines is for driving and not fuel milage. A beefed up axle is a good sign. Thank you GM for building a real truck and not following the competition. I believe this truck will be the next benchmark for all manufacturers.

I think gm bought a bunch of those headlights off ebay in bulk for the sierra..

Govt motors has always been a slow follower. New dash looks just like the F150. Finally 6.5 box, wow that only took 7 years. Oh elec pwr steering, F150 standard in 2011. GM finally going back to 4 wheel disc in 2014. They also copied how the F150 doors meet the cab to reduce road noise and made the cab bigger so an adult can sit in the back seat. Don't really care because the company will go bankrupt again and will not be bailed out. They still owe us taxpayers over $20 billion from 2009. You have to be a complete idiot to support them!

Squared off fender wells again! 95 % of trucks on the road have afrter market parts which includes wheels and tires. Ford and Dodge can run 35" tires without a lift GMC will be lucky if 33" will fit without a lift. My 2006 HD runs a 6" ProComp lift and I still have wheel rub.
Nice job NOT listening again GM. Keep doing what your doing and you' ll keep getting what you've been getting. Interior looks cartoonish and the stainless steel accents will no doubt punish the passengers on bright sunny days with reflecetions.
Round the wheel wells already and come out with an interior equivilant to a King Ranch or a Dodge Premium package. This interior looks generic, sad, and Old already. BORING BORING BORING

I like the Sierra better than the Silverado, but I'll wait to see the full specs of both when they come out before I pass judgment.

It looks really better than the dogde and ford...

I was a Chevy man until 2007, which became a very fugly truck with it's plastic fake looking front bumper. Chevrolet for 2014 is a better looking truck, but i think i'll stick with GMC. A little disappointed that they didn't redesign it better, they should've kept the dual headlamp system. It just looks better. I like the chrome look. GMC and Ford are looking a little alike. I have thought about going to Ford, but nothing they have done has swayed me enough.

About time they come with the 6.5 ft bed on the crew cab. Oh how i remember the 8 ft. bed on any model. Oh well, those days are gone, but sure were nice. As far as the corner step bumper. they need to dump it, it weakens the thin metal they're made from, (it's sad that I can bend that bumper with my hands). Not like the bumpers of the '60's and '70's. If you can't step up a couple of more inches or move to the center, you're sad.

Someone made a comment about the doors on the extended cab, but haven't seen them. I like the way they are now.

Overall, I give the GMC a thumbs up.

I think this is a great looking truck. I am a Ford guy, but I dislike the direction Ford is taking with their new Vehicles. I want an American vehicle that looks it as well. When I see the new Chevy and GMC products, there is no doubt in my mind that they are American vehicles. Beautiful American vehicles. We have great design history from this country, and I think it should be celebrated. I applaud them and this new truck.

Perty sweet truck, the GMC and the Silverado. Chevy always yet had the most reliable and snappy engines. Not dead as a an '09 5.4 my boss has

But will it pull the space shuttle because that's something we all need to do from time to time.

I am surprisse how many idiots are writting something bad about GMC. All of them have F-150, Ram and Tundra. But they would love their trucks would do what GMC sierrra does. Lossers!!!!!!!!! get a life.

Who cares what GMC has done to enhance the features when there are so many mechanical and electrical issues with the overall product....don't forget that their customer service is horrible. How much do you want to pay and how much time do you want to spend in the shop while being treated poorly after spending a small fortune. You can put a tuxedo on a pig its still a pig. No more GMC for me...

I think GM has almost nailed all the improvements on the new Sierra and Silverado, I drive for a living and the half ton 2wd pickup is what we use, the F150, and Ram even today dont have the longevity the 5.3 GM trucks have.. I took my 2001 Sierra 476,000 miles on the original motor and the only reason I dont have it now us because it was totaled in an accident.. But up until the day it was in the accident it ran awesome!!!... I decided to go with a new F150 in 2011.. An ecoboost and what a mistake, the transmission is crap, un 69,000 miles its been through 3 front pumps and 2 valve body's....Other work partners of mine bought ecoboosts as well and out of everyone that bought them, knowone has been issue free.. One truck is having electrical isues since the day it was new, and another guys motor blew up when one of the cam keepers came of.. From all the experince we have with Ford F150 has been cheapened up to help Fords profit margin..We were all excited about our ecoboost when we got them but now we will never own another one again... The new Sierra and Silverado half ton and new heavy half with the 5.3 may be a little late to come but will have the lowest cost of ownership... There is one thing I wish GM had done in the new 2014 models and thats locating the rear shocks to the outside of the frame rail like the F150, if GM did that they would own the market.

Just wait till you see one of these bad boys decked out in a Rocky Ridge conversion package. Can't wait.

What is the pulling torch, how much horse power and what is the gas mileage for the 2014 GMC Sierra with the 6.4 engine

I personaly thought these were nice untill i walked up on one .looks flat out like a box what were they thinking! looks nothing like a ford and really the new ram looks better in every way

Best truck i owned in a long time, ford can keep its ecoboost and dodge its god damn 4,7 engine, best looking, best motor bar none. And oh yeah best interior too!

My company gets me a new truck every 18 months. I received the GMC about 4 months ago and had a ford previously. All I can say is.......GIVE ME BACK MY FORD! Ford makes a FAR better truck than GM. I Work in the Oil and Gas industry so I see all kinds of terrain. There is NO doubt ford wins over GM hands down. If it’s a coin toss for you on which to buy, go for the Ford. And what else can you say....Ford didn’t have their hands out when tough times hit!

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