Top 10 Best Features From 2014 Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra

2014-Chevrolet-Silverado Interior II

2014-GMC-Sierra interior II

Now that we've had a little time to allow all the hoopla and hype to settle down, we can take a step back and look at the new 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra with a clear vision. From all the changes to the two new pickup trucks, we wanted to focus on those pieces of technology and features that impressed us.

No matter what you think of the redesign, you have to be impressed with attempt GM has made, introducing two new pickups (and we would argue hugely important pickups for the continued viability of the company) with vastly improved and upgraded details inside and out. No, this wasn't a "clean sheet of paper" exercise or a revolutionary redefinition of the pickup truck, but both the Chevy and GMC models are impressive nonetheless. 

Top 10 Best Features in the 2014 Silverado and Sierra 

10. Better Design Separation

Say what you will about either front ends, the fact remains the Chevy and GMC grilles are much further apart from where they were. We think that's good, especially if they want GMC to further the "premium grade" mantra. We're not sold on the headlight setup on the Chevy, but we're guessing there are several more grade levels we still haven't seen.  

9. Invisible Frame Strength

Knowing GM did most of the heavy-lifting work with the last-generation frame by moving to hydroforming technology, the only place to go was the added use of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels to save weight. We like that GM spent the time and money on a place no one will typically see. We also hope that will translate into bigger towing and payload numbers and not just be used for the purpose of weight savings and MPG gains. 

8. Transmission Column Shifter

Though a console-mounted shifter might be sportier, we like GM's old-school column shifter; it has a heft and weightiness to it. Sure, GM saved some money with this setup, but it can always do something later. 

7. Fine-Tuned Suspension

Admittedly, this one we'll have to wait and see exactly how well GM has done and whether or competes well with Ford's dialed-in F-150 models or the new air suspension offered on the new Ram. Both offer soft and controlled rides. Our guess, especially after what those same chassis engineers did with the Silverado HD and Sierra HD rides on the 2010 redesign, is that it will be quite good. 

6. New Crew Cab 6.5-Foot Bed

We've been seeing the crew cab with the longer 6.5-foot bed for quite a while in spy photography, but it will be good to see it in person. The extra room and length should help a lot of buyers and the amount of crew cab reconfiguring its done is impressive. Because the front doors are shorter and the rear door is longer, it feels like there's a ton more room for rear passengers without compromising any front passenger legroom. That's a good trick. 

5. Gauges and Center Stack

The new gauge layout, which accommodates the 4.2-inch information screen between the tach and speedometer, and center stack design has a much cleaner  look, and we appreciate that the full-size pickups will get their own unique look (separated from the Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, and Yukon XL full-size SUVs). The big nav screen, dual glove boxes, and toggle switches are all well done. 

4. Trailer Brake Controller Positioned Up High

Finally, a brake-controller location that makes sense. No doubt some will prefer the Ford and Ram locations, but to our mind this keeps the important info in a much easier line-of-vision and makes for a quick grab if needed. 

3. Extended Cab Conventional Hinge

Gone is the rear-hinged rear doors that swing open 170 degrees. Yes, they were quite handy when we were in need of a wide-mouth opening for a big-screen TV, but the move to a conventional B-pillar makes for a stronger, safer cab for passengers. Those overly complicated hinges and doors were quite expensive to replace when damaged, as well. 

2. Two New V-8-Dedicated Axles

The redesigned axles paired with the two new V-8 engines have been computer designed and reinforced to be stronger and lighter (pound for pound) than the axles they replace. We assume the extra strength means we'll be seeing GVWs and payload numbers climbing to Ford heights and beyond. 

1. Corvette Influences 

Sure, we like that a lot of the technology found in all three new engines comes straight from the Corvette engineers (direct injection, AFM, continuously variable valve timing), but what we're most happy about is that GM didn't try to stuff a performance car motor into a base-level pickup. Keeping a V-6 truck motor available for the work trucks will pay huge long-term dividends for truck customers.


@"oh god": me, get nervous? LMAO! That's what I am doing here, laughing my ass off at GM!

The 5.3 will blow the Hemi out of the water? The Hemi is not in the water, and lets see, they already have the variable valve timming, and active fuel management. Now they are adding direct injection and what,11:1 compression? Bring it on! That little mouse will be lucky to make 375 or 380 ft pounds torque, thats a ways away from 407 @ 3950 rpm!

Not all of us buy a half ton to tow 10,000 or more pounds, and I question some that do. Why don't we see if your new Chevy can even stop first? The current one had 1,000 pounds of payload and a driver and 1 passenger and it bombed the $30,000 shootout braking test. But hey, it's rated to do much more, right? Rated is the key word. However, it couldn't handle 1,000 pounds too well. There is more to having apayload then just having a leaf spring or coil to hold it. While we are on it, that 2008 light duty shootout squat test showed the Chevy squated what one sixteenth of an inch less then the Ram! ow, there is something to write home about! The Shivy squatted over 96% as much as the Ram, lol! BFD! The Ford was a little better. Both of them put little dinky tires on them that can't handle the load as well, atleast for their gas mileage numbers. Sure you can opt for 18" or even 20" wheels. That same light duty shootout the Ford and Chevy dragged bottom on the obstacle course.

I never said the Ram with coil spring was the best at holding weight, it does a decent job, and it's not much less then your beloved bow ties!

But an air ride? That's totally differant. Sounds like your upset that this is THE BEST GM CAN COME UP WITH??!

Who is oh god anyway? Somebody too afraid to post in their real name?

The Hemi with an 8 speed will out pull whatever the 5.3 is gonna be rated at.

It wont be much off of what the 6.2 is rated at. I guess GM wants to play the numbers game with Ford now? "we can tow 10,000 with a 5.3" I can imagine them saying. yeah, if you like running 4500 rpm everywhere!

It's funny what the current 6.2 barely makes over what a Hemi does, and it needs premium gas, and if you ant agood laugh, look at what numbers K&N air filters got out of a 6.2 and a Hemi.

After seeing how behind it really is, it's about time GM finally took the time to do some work on it. The funny thing is, after this truck is out, you GM boyz are stuck with it for 4 or 5 more years, while Ram, Ford, and Tundra, and possibly even Nissan go right on by again! You just don't get it! Do you think Ram is just gonna leave the Hemi alone? We already know the 4.7 is going by the wayside, oh well atleast it makes a hell of alot more power then GMs sorry 4.8 they are finally turning into official boat anchors! Heck, the 6.4 Hemi can eat up that 6.2 that they are bragging all about in the Corvette! So much for GM technoligy!

Are you still upset "oh god" that I told the world how much a piece of crap that 2006 Chevy I had was? Get over it, sorry your feelings are hurt, no I'm not sorry! Hey, I gave Chevy a chance! Good thing it wasn't too far to the dealership! The Ram dealership is further, but I don't constantly have to take it in there like the Chevy!

Thank You! I need a good laugh!

Now which one of you jokers ows this Chevy?

@oh god" here, looks like the Shivy is in the water!

Awesome job GM. The haters are really getting thier shirts in a knot. Funny on the Ram forum the boys are complaining about the dial on the dash to select gears fot the automatic transmission, they want a good stout column shifter. The GM has a good stout column shifter and guys think it is too outdated LOL, no matter what , not everybody is happy. Love the interior, very well done GM. Wish i was in the market for a new truck, this would do me just fine ,Love the GMC. Well , can't wait to see the new Ford ,then the new Ram, the current Ram is getting old, been around too long , they need a refresh. Come on Ford let us see some hints of the new 1/2 ton, we need something more to complain about.LOL

@Sandman: To eachs own on the trailer brake. I would prefer mine on the right and it's near my shifter. I get used to where things are, I don't have to look around all the time. But if taking your eyes of the road for one second gets me well, then I guess I run out of talent.

@Sandman 4x4: and where are you getting the number 14,000 GCWR for a Ram? My 2010 is over 15,000. I think it's 15,500. 2012

MMMMM i love how my butt gets all hot and heavy over men battleing over trucks MMMMMMMM . Ram is the best and ps i do not own one just here for the boys :)

Lol at the joker posting in my name. I own a Ram, and it has been a hell of alot better truck then that car I bought in 06 that said Silverado on it, heck, GM still can't figure out that torsion bars would work better if they were actually mounted to the pivot point center, instead of a few inches up the control arm like they still do with the HDs. The way GM mounted them on my 06 was as wrong as they were in 1962. Maybe my 2006 would have road better if they had done that? But as it is, they will use real soft tires to soften up their leaf spring ride, and hike up the payload ratings they can't even handle currently!

@Sandman 4x4: that's because you had the selector for gears checked for 3.55 gears, not 3.92. 15,500 for 3.92.

Sandman, the Firestone Air Ride add ons are not like the ones the Ram uses. It is a complete air system, so you doing it yourself will not come close to what Ram is doing. They will make it to where there is no sag, or you can lower for mileage, or for loading, which is what I coulda used unloading a washer and dryer this weekend. Or raise up for clearance, two steps. I wish they had a setting that raises the front, so at the same time the rear is lower. Would be easier for my go cart and lawn mower to get out, or my 4x7 dune buggy.

Your Firestones are just an add on to help with the weight, not even the same.

Funny thing, you say you have air bags on a Chevy, they don't frown on that, put put the same ones (differant part, same purpose) on a Ram and they just want to blast you. Heck, people even put them on Super Duty Fords. But those Chevys, they are 'sposed to be more capable, right? Right.....

Column shifer in the Top 10?
Is this David Letterman's top 10?
I'd like to see column shift as an option on all trims. Kind of like a carpet delete option. There are people who want luxury but want seating for 6. I find it very handy to be able to seat 6. It means the difference between taking my truck or taking the minivan (seats 7).
Better Design Separation? See the Letterman comment.
From the side and back they look more alike than the previous pair. Sure, the snout is different, but they were different before. The main difference on the fender flairs is that the Sierra ones are more deeply scalloped.
Interior looks about the same.
Corvette influences? Again - see the Letterman comment.
All speed and no practicality? Premium gas? Premium price? Foreign equivalents better?

I like these new trucks but come on now.

I went dodge after about 30 sivlverdo,s. I was thinking about going to try a 2014 but everything I have seen I will be staying with my much more of a truck,my 2013 DODGE and all pickups such come with a trailer brake controller.

I will honestly admit, I was excited that GM was bring back a redesign of the 4.3L V-6, but that was until I heard that it's going only in the basic (Standard) trim level. Why? Why not make it available in all trim levels. I like the looks of the new GMC (not going to lie) and it's upsetting to see (especially on the GMC website for the 2014 that the 4.3L is going to be only available on the Sierra Model. Come on GM, you are smarter then this. If you want to sell trucks, give customers options.

These trucks are not going to be good enough to compete with the 2013 offerings from Ram and Ford.

I see GM's Market Share slide continuing in 2013/14 and even see Ram outselling Chevy, at least a couple of times in month over month sales, by the end of 2014 MYs.


I think this might be the worst article I've read on here.
I hate where new trucks are going.
•Rotary shift knob
•Getting rid of console shifters
•louvers in front of the rad
•Coil springs and now air ride that adjusts for you based on your speed.
•getting rid of suicide doors
•how low they sit now

I think these motors will make impressive numbers based solely on the fact ford can get 380 ft/lbs of torque without direct injection on the 5.0. I think somewhere around 420 ft/lbs could be reasonable out of 5.3 with direct injection. Real interested to here there numbers but nothing yet interests me with these trucks.

This silly thing has nothing on the 2013 RAM. That includes the Ford too!


trx4: what I did was make it as the same as on my Chevy w/3:42grears, that is all, if I had the MAX package with 3:72 gears it would have been 16,000lbs!, all I was trying to do is what is fair, and I did say that the Firestone airbags were not automatic like in the Rams, ok?

I guess if i want a column shifter i'll buy a Ford, Dodge, Tundra, just sayin. Oh and nothing was said about the gas tank, i'm sure GM would'nt stick a 25gallon tank in the new model,considering Dodge and Ford have much larger tanks. And oh the Tundra in 2014 will have a 35 gallon tank Just sayin...

Not very impressive. Where's the floor shifter? Column shifters are outdated and only look acceptable in a city fleet truck these days. I actually like the looks of the Chevrolet better. I like the headlights but do agree they need different options for the front ends like Ford does it. Some different headlight and grille options would be good for the Silverado to let it compete with the Ford and Dodge truck. It's a solid effort but I'm not sure they went far enough. I can't fathom how an old lever shifter made a top ten best features list. That's rather sad. I still don't understand the need for 2 trucks. It seems rather wasteful.

Zach: GM HDs are "far superior"? In what way?
Check out the standings for Payload capacity in this article:
The whole point in purchasing a heavy duty truck is that you are paying for ability, not car-like interiors or ride quality.

@Sandman: But I don't believe those gear ratios will be used like that on the 8 speeds.

It really seems crazy to use the 3.92 gears when the 1st gear ratio is so numerically high on the 8 speed, so i believe you will see some higher numbers out of the 3.55 geared trucks, and maybe the tow rating of the 3.21 geared 8 speeds will match the 15,000 you have now. It has a better starting ratio in 1st then the 3.42s in 1st. Actually, a better starting ratio with the 3.21s then a GM with 3.73s, and a bit better gear ratio for highway cruising.

I see the Pentastar doesn't come with 3.92 gears, thet aren't needed with the eight speed, and the longbed Pentastar 4x2 are over 1900 pounds payload.

looks like a cheap korean car

is the interior and specifically the back seat floor space? is as bog of bigger inside than the Ford Crew?

trx4: I was looking at what you could buy now, today, not next summer! and even then the newer GM's will have even greater #'s than now, and more power also, when you compare apples to apples you can haul and tow more with the Chevy/GMC even Ram has said in previous story's that their customers said to make the 1500 more comfy, and if they needed more cappacity they would go to the HD's, and in doing so Ram has decided to make the Ram more comfy with their air ride systems, not to haul or tow more, but to have a decent cap. and be smooth riding. redbloodedxy: yes the only time the Ford SD out hauls or out tows the 3500 Chevy/GMC is when you compare the F-450, to the 3500's! of cause they will! they should! but when you compare the F-350 with the 3500's it is much closer, with the higher #'s going to the Chevy/GMC, it was right there is the link you provided, and need we remind you of the rumble in the Rockies? I guess we will have to wait now till next yr for a new comparison, when there will actualy be a Ram that will be able to attend.

@Sandman 4x4: The Hemi eight speed should be around by Feb. Not next summer, or whenever the Chevy will be here. That's funny that they rate a 5.3 at 16,000 am I right? It's just a numbers game, and GM will play numbers with the best of them, but that 5.3 will not have the torque to pull more then a Hemi with the 8 speed and better gear ratios. And more gears so it's a smoother shift. Not as much change in rpm. The 6.2 is currently one of the biggest jokes out there, it's about time they change it.

I would think payload capacity will go up for air bags, but not all of those numbers numbers are out. They should make a 1500 heavy tow/payload, and not being a Tradesman HD, which is basically a 2500 with 1500 body.

little boy TRX4 Tom will be crying this summer as the 5.3 with a six speed will blow away a hemi with a 8 speed. he will be back to blameing the gears then when he loses that he will whine and talk about air bags and coil car springs. this tom cat is funny we should all chip in give him some tissue paper and cheese for his whine

What exactly is wrong with a column shifter? It's just as easy to shift there or in the console, and I would rather have the sixth seat that a console.

Snack cake break-up: Hostess likely to separate Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos from bread brands in sale

Hostess Brands Inc. said in bankruptcy court Friday that it's narrowing down the bids it received for its brands and expects to sell off its snack cakes and bread brands to separate buyers.

Should GM do the same with it's two truck lines, Chevy and GMC? Be like Hostess and sell of GMC and make one great truck line. The two truck lines are not working for me.

The company's demise came after years of management turmoil and turnover, with workers saying the company failed to invest in updating its snack cakes and breads. Hostess filed for its second Chapter 11 bankruptcy in less than a decade early this year, citing steep costs associated with its unionized workforce.

This sounds a lot like GM! LOL.

Instead of better design separation. GM should be focused on better design of one truck. Get rid of the two truck lines.

I really hope GM goes bankrupt again and sells off GMC to the chinese. GM needs to make one really great Silverado! Not two half-azzed separated truck lines. Let it be written!

@trx4 Tom
That toyota commercial is not very original. There was a ford commercial long time ago that showed the same exact thing. A ford pulling a chevy with a boat out of the water. Somebody says "that sank fast." Somebody else says "yeah it sank like a rock."

trz4: once again you are jumping the gun here, the reason I said next summer is because PUT.Com will not have another comparison test until all the player are out there and ready to play, ok? yes your precious hemi8spd will be out sooner, and the sooner the better, just like the GM twins the sooner the better, and Ford might have something up their sleave also, remember it is the Ford by which all trucks are measured, not that I or you like it, but that is the facts, no-one come close to them in payload and towing, no-one! while I have owned my Ecco-Boost you would be suprized to see how efective that engine is against any Ram hemi I have come across, expecialy when towing, the GM twins and the Ford haul more and tow more period, the F-150 HD payload and towing package, in all cabs will handle from 2340 SC EB 4X4, to 3,120 reg cab 4X2 5.0! that is MORE than the Ram 2500 4X4!! reg cab! which by the way is 2,618 reg cab hemi 24500 4X4 you have to get 4X2 to get to 3,079lbs! and that is still less than the Ford. The GM twins on the other hand will haul 1,937 in the crew cab 4X2 Max as the high, and as low as 1,515 ext cab V-6! that is the lowest, and that is almost more than any 1500 ram!! 1,633 is the most any Ram 1500 can haul 2012 M Yr!! and Ram has said nothing about raising it next yr just having the air suspension to level the trucks! So what have we learned today? that Ford 1/2 tons haul more than any other 1/2 tons, and Chevy/GMC comes in second, and Ram is well, comfy and fast, powerful and gets decent gas mileage, even though as of right now Chevy has the best V-8 mpg, 15/21 and Ford has the best V-6mpg, 17/23 Ford also has the highest hp and tq of all the 1/2 tons, Rams best is 14/20 hemi, and 14/19 4.7, and I guess you could say that Ram has the nicest interior, so far but that is up to each and everyones own opinion.

I think it's funny Chevy promotes its "ice blue" ambient lighting. Ford's have had ambient lighting for the last 10 years, and you can actually CHANGE the color if you don't like it!

@ toycrusher

i assume your talking about that POS mycolor option in the mustang ONLY. FYI that dash cluster goes out very regularly.... so bad so that there should be a recall but ford brushes it under the rug. yeah great idea lol

@Lou-Maybe I am one of the few but I would rather have the column shifter. I prefer the extra room. Actually I think GM should offer both a column shifter and a console shifter. I agree I don't think a column shifter is a top 10 innovation but those of us that prefer one should be able to get one. I think both the Sierra and Silverado appear to be a vast improvement over the present ones and for one upmanship I really don't care who has the bragging rights.

The new Silverado might be more aerodynamic than it looks.

The new Ram, and the Tundra both have a better drag coefficients than the new T6 Ranger.

The Tundra also has the same approach angle and a better departure angle than the Ranger.

The Tacoma's drag coefficient is about the same, but the Tacoma too has better approach/departure angles.

@Jeff S - perhaps I should of worded my comments differently.

I prefer a column shifter.

The problem is that in most brands, anything other than a base truck has a console shifter. That is why I think it should be an option on any trim level.

My critique of this Top 10 list is that none of the features are earth shattering or segment significant.

I have to give some kudos to Ram for the air ride, grill shutters, and 8 speed. Those are segment significant.

I DO LIKE the new Chevy and Sierra. I really like the looks of the Silverado and I like the fact that they have addressed all of the body design features I did not like.

@Lou-I agree at least make the console shifter an option on the top trim levels of Sierra and Silverado, that is not a lot to ask. I also agree that nothing is earth shattering on these twins and that GM is playing it safe, I like both of these trucks. The center of the dash leads a lot to be desired but that would not be a deal breaker. I think GM is far from going out of business but I agree with others that all of us were expecting more. These twins are worthy of consideration and should sell well but we all have are preferences and all are good. As for GMC as long as GMC is selling 100k units a year there is no reason to discontinue GMC and it is not much more to have two product line of trucks if both are basically the same. The initial cost of design, tooling, and development is not much more for two similiar trucks just different grills and trim.

I heard on the news that GM plans to pay the rest of their loans back and buy some of their stock back to shed the Gov. Motors image. I hope for all of our sake that they do this and become a viable self sustaining business again and that they have learned some lessons along the way.

I too am a fan of column shifters in pickups.

It just frees up so much useable seating/space that is wasted by a console shifter.

The fact that my Tundra seats six allowed me to convince my wife that she needed a sports sedan (G8 GT) instead of a minivan or 3-row SUV... .

It would have been awesome if Mark Williams did a Letterman style top 10 List video for the 2014 Silvy.

Mark Williams: Best New Feature 6.5' bed...only 8 years after Ford (laugh track plays)

Mark Williams: And now, drum Roll Please.... (drum roll sound effect here)

And the Best Feature on the 2014 Silverado is....

A column shifter!

(Insert Laugh Track here.)

Mark Williams should have his own internet late night talk show online. It should be all about pickup trucks

@Dav, Have you got the specifications for these and coefficients?

"The new Silverado might be more aerodynamic than it looks.

The new Ram, and the Tundra both have a better drag coefficients than the new T6 Ranger.

The Tundra also has the same approach angle and a better departure angle than the Ranger. "


Instead of better design separation. GM should be focused on better design of one truck. Get rid of the two truck lines.

I really hope GM goes bankrupt again and sells off GMC to the chinese. GM needs to make one really great Silverado! Not two half-azzed separated truck lines. Let it be written!

-Amen to that. Dump GovtMoCo and Buick in a Chinese landfill.

I heard on the news that GM plans to pay the rest of their loans back and buy some of their stock back to shed the Gov. Motors image

-Too little too late. The damage is done. The Govt bailed them out to the tune of over 50 billion and there's no two ways around that. They are also buying back shares at a loss rate for the treasury.. IE: The US taxpayer. GM should have gone under. Chevrolet should have gone on as it's own without taxpayer cash. Everyone knows the cash was to prop up Chinese and European operations for the most part. They burn through billions to keep Opel alive and then sell them here as Buick's just to pump more cash into Opel. And then there's the Buick Chinese connection. Yet American's don't give a rat's ass about a Buick. So why are they here? Why is GMC here? To prop up Buick dealers that's why. They are both very damaging to Chevrolet which was the only thing worth saving. If that becomes damaged beyond repair we are out big time.

@Lou, I agree. I too like the Silverado. They fixed all the things I hated about the last one too. I also agree a console shifter should be option or even standard on a higher trim. Column shifters without a console option just make the truck seem dated out of the gate. Everyone has a floor shifter now. Why not at least offer one? Pretty stupid. It just makes it look like Chevrolet is trying to save a buck, yet again. Instead of going all out, they go cheap. Yet Again.

I have always thought about the column shifter has been to always replace the "three on the tree" with a floor shift, but as far as an automatic goes, unless you are drag racing, and have the need for a faster acting floor shift, why take up valuable seat and floor space with something that does the job on the column? and then you have the +&-- buttons right at your hand, it is just so convenent to have the shift right there by the streering wheel, but a floor shift does lend some "sportyness" to the style.

It would have been awesome if Mark Williams did a Letterman style top 10 List video for the 2014 Silvy.

Mark Williams: Best New Feature 6.5' bed...only 8 years after Ford (laugh track plays)

Mark Williams: And now, drum Roll Please.... (drum roll sound effect here)

And the Best Feature on the 2014 Silverado is....

A column shifter!

(Insert Laugh Track here.)

Mark Williams should have his own internet late night talk show online. It should be all about pickup trucks

@Donnie, well said!! What's on the next top 10 list, Disc brakes standard now on all 4 corners??? LOL. Give me a break. Welcome Chevy/GM to the modern age of trucks. I see you still haven't quite got the hang of it yet but maybe someday you'll get there. In the meantime, Ford and Dodge will be leading the way into the future. PS, nice column shifter and wax dipped frame. Still running those torsion bars and low slung frame on your HD's too? Cheap and Cheaper as always.

I think it's funny Chevy promotes its "ice blue" ambient lighting. Ford's have had ambient lighting for the last 10 years, and you can actually CHANGE the color if you don't like it!

@Toycrusher, no kidding. What if I wanted green? Or purple? Or orange? Hell, I love the ice blue and I'm digging the new Silverado but damn. How many more pennies would it cost them to do it like Ford? What happened to the days when Chevy was Ford's leader?

Why does the center screen on the Silverado interior look slanted to the right and off center? What the hell is that about? Same with those 3 buttons on the bottom of the stack. Slanted off to the right. Why can't these guys design something that looks proper? Those things alone would make me close the door and leave the Chevy dealership in search of a new Ram or F-150.

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