Top 10 Missing-in-Action Features From 2014 Silverado/Sierra

2014 GMC Old-New Comparo II

Nobody will argue that it's easy to bring an all-new or significantly redesigned truck to market and make it a success (certainly not Toyota, Honda or Ram). Whether it's inherent in the process of designing trucks or in the DNA of product engineers, there always seems to be the strong temptation to either over-reach or not go far enough. The recent introduction of the 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500s may fall more into the latter category than the former. 

After having a close-up look at both of these new trucks, we thought it would make sense to take a look at what they might be missing as well. For the sake of full disclosure, we have no information that leads us to believe GM isn't working on these exact issues as you read this or that their introductions are not part of a calculated, efficient rollout plan. Of course, we don't have any information that confirms their coming either. 

For now, all we can do is point out the holes.

10. No Raptor Fighter

With all the attention the Raptor has earned over the last several years, there wasn't one higher-up who thought it might be a good idea to beef up the Z71 Package  at least a little bit? Yes, it is a small volume player, but building your credibility is what this new Chevy and GMC should be all about. We'll assume this one is in the pipeline. 

9. No New Transmission

We're lovers of cost-savings as much as anyone, but we have to believe using the carryover transmission was purely about pushing savings to the bottom line. Clearly, with the huge EPA MPG targets looming (2016 and 2018 are the next big hurdles), the easiest way would be to provide either dual-speed axle ratios or more gears in the transmission. 

8. No Turbodiesel Announced

We've already noted we like that Chevy and GMC kept a real truck motor as the base engine and weren't seduced for "sexier" technology. However, if the EcoBoost engines have proven anything, it's that buyers like the best-of-both-worlds approach (big torque and better MPGs). There needs to be that option, and we don't care if it's a diesel or gas engine. Keep the truck motor for real dudes, but get that fourth engine option stat. 

7. No Hybrid/EcoAssist MPG King

When your competitors have dedicated high-fuel-economy packages that means you have to have something, too. And if you basically pioneered the segment with class-leading hybrid technology that means you own the category. Don't just give it away when you have all sorts of corporate access to incredible technology. For this one there is no excuse to get out there and take a leadership role. 

6. No High-Tech Suspension Option

We had a feeling Chevy would want to keep things simple, but it doesn't make sense to create a premium-grade lineup of the same truck and not take advantage of the superior high-tech stance. With the two-truck strategy, there has to be more opportunities to get something more sophisticated underneath the Sierra. Taking into account what Ram has done with its air-bag option, there is plenty of room for a soft-riding yet payload-capable up-level suspension package. 

5. No King Ranch/Platinum/Longhorn

We heard a lot of talk about the new Chevy and GMC trucks competing better with the very popular top-level trim packages from their two big competitors. Ford seems to be doing the best job giving its customers classy, unique packages. Both Chevy and GMC still have plenty of room to move upscale. Optimistically, we expect the High Country, Outlaw and several versions of the Denali packaging to be announced well before we hear about pricing. 

4. No Bed Box Storage Tech

We've noted the clever, practical changes GM made to the bed box, but these seem to be the bare minimum. We were hoping, given the push and success of the RamBox, that there would be something different GM engineers could come up with for the bed area. However, there is not a single unique or interesting piece of hidden storage or overt convenience in this new bed (with the exception of the high-mounted tiedowns). We do like bed rail caps, but we're still yawning. 

3. No Ladder of Trim Package

For all practical purposes, it looks like GM is sticking with its three-tear trim package system, completely ignoring the strategy that seems to be working well for Ford and Ram Truck; each offers 10 or more separate trim packages. We know the new GM trucks will be heading in that direction, but without a simple to-see list, from bottom to top, customers will be confused about what they can get for what price. 

2. No More Bench Seat

It seems like the term "bench seat" has changed a bit in the last few years, meaning the idea of continous seat across the width of the vehicle is a thing of the past now. We had a small hope GM might do something clever here, but it didn't happen. Instead, the existing "bench seat" is a 40/20/40 bucket-type seat setup with a mini-seat in the middle (flip-up console) with a small-person shoulder belt and underseat storage. The middle seat here is horribly stiff, narrow and (we're guessing) uncomfortable. 

1. No Drama in Design

We suppose it's possible some people may have wanted a vanilla-looking Chevy front end, but we don't see how that helps distinguish the new Silverado from the rest of the competition or for that matter, from previous-generation Silverados. From our assessment, the headlights were a mess before the redesign, but the new setup doesn't exactly make the look any better, though they're more in front of the truck than before. We will admit that the GMC does have a better harmonized design. 


Your "we're still yawning" comment sums up the truck altogether. Nice updates for a refresh. It's a stretch to say it's all new when it looks like they changed as little as possible, but changed nevertheless.

Also, at first glance, the picture above looks like a GMC on the left and Ford on the right. They really added the Ford angular lines to the new design.

This article makes a few points but here is what is flawed. Why would you want a raptor fighter when you could do the same job aftermarket for less money? Look how much a power wagon is compared to something from rocky ridge customs. Its a gimmick to offer it, but they may still do it anyway. Besides the raptor is a racing truck far more than a truly qualified off road truck. It gets stuck a lot more than a power wagon. Then you guys day you want a diesel... WHYYYYY!? Has anyone drove buy a gas station? Here diesel is .80 to 1.00 more per gallon. What good does 15-20% mpg increase for you when your gas price is 25% more? Not to mention the price of the diesel upgrade. You want mpgs? Don't buy your new blinged up truck and get a car. Men want trucks with roaring V8s, and Chevys deliver. They Dont have an identity crisis and don't need to copy others like you guys are begging them to do. You all wanted a bed box too? Then you would say its not revolutionary and its just a rambox that's called a RadoBox or something. Ridiculous. We don't want this crap in trucks, unless your truck only carries pop to tailgate parties or you want your truck to sound like a leaf blower. Oh and far as the styling, your getting hard working retro look at Chevy, and a bold look with GMC. Pick your flavor and go. You want 50 trims to read? Fine. We'all keep it simple while you all worship your fords with their 99 super duty carryovers and 04 f-150 carryovers that have "revolutionary styling, frames, and features". Pfft talk about simply evolving from year to year. Enjoy your 2015s man. I hear they will be made out of aluminum, you know, the tin foil stuff. To the rest of the real truck owners, screw mpg, and full throttle ahead.

No Raptor fighter - that seems to be a lose/lose situation. They lose credibility if they do not bring their own to market and they lose if they do (copycat accusations).
The All Terrain with a diesel would be the best solution (for full sized). Put something smack dab in between the Raptor and the Power Wagon. That would be a stellar package.
Another option would be to build a Raptor challenger off of the Colorado. Not some warmed over truck like the Tacoma Baja but a full tilt offroader with long travel suspension. Extra width due to longer a-arms would not be a hindrance in that smaller truck.

GMC played it real conservative with these new trucks.

Give these new trucks six months to a year in the market place before we can say they are "MIA".

Outlaw? Has GM ever mentioned anything about Outlaw package?
I know about the High Country trim but I've never heard anything about Outlaw from GM.

Your right it does look like GMC used the Super Duty as there base line.

Really GM???

Zach, Good post. "you want your truck to sound like a leaf blower". Posted by: Zach | Dec 23, 2012 2:37:23 PM

That's funny right there I don't care who you are.

When I bought my truck to haul my quad I wanted GUTS so I bought the most powerful 1/2 ton on the road. 03 hemi. Who buys a truck for gas mileage. I am waiting for the Power Wagon and the rumored 6.4L Hemi. Makes 470HP 470TQ in a Challenger. Power = Fun for me. Unlike most Toyota owners I enter the freeway at 65 Mph. Not 45.

Anyway guys, I got my tickets for NAIAS yesterday. Can you say, ROAD TRIP! :)
I'm going and taking plenty of memory MBs with me.

It is a pedestrian exterior change for as long as this has been in the works. I give GM an F on that.

Who wants a Raptor . The ones i see never leave the pavement. Gm already has the Ultimate package to appeal to the want to be cowboys that like the King Ranch, and the Longhorn , wich should be left to the HD trucks anyways . Gm did put tohether a nice package with the 2014. It will sell great. Although all 1/2 tons are too weak for the jobs my company needs in a truck, the 1/2 ton GMC is definatly the choice i would make for the wife or for a second car for zipping into town for grub or a movie.

Well i am starting to really like what GM has done this time around. Looks like a TRUCK, i am glad they didn't round the front end or body panels like the Ram. The Ram looks like thier car line up too much. I will definatly consider a GM when i am actually in the market for a real truck. For now i will have to get by with what i have.

Like to see the wt model available with 6.2,hd manual tranny, proper rear axle with at least 3.73 gears. That would be a true 1/2 ton work truck.oh yeah, the good ol' one piece bench seat as well.

YES. Did i read all this right, GM has a 6.5 foot box in a 1/2 ton crew model ??? That in itself is going to get a lot of customers that want more room for tool boxes, ect. Now i can get a GM and be able to close the tailgate with my quad in the box. Way to go GM. This will force Ram and Ford to do the same, and get these 1/2 tons back into the real truck market, instead of a car with a small box. Thanks GM , you have figured out what real truck owners want, space and capability.

@ Hemi V8, did you get the 8 ft box on your Ram? Just wondering, becouse you say you haul a quad, and you can't close the tailgate with a Ram shortbox. You don't want that thing falling out while you drive your truck like a racecar LOL. Like you said " who cares about fuel mileage in a truck", yet you go on to say you drive it like a Muscle car ,, i find it odd when guys think trucks are fast, far from it.

SG mechanical service, Ford's had 6 1/2' beds available on super crew models for years. I think GM is the last to join the party. But I agree that is the most useful combo for me too.

2013 looks better ... definitively going backwards here.

This is an oldie but a goodie.

Prayer For The Dying Silverados

Fearless unions,
Careless management.
Bailouts taken,
And lives are broken.

Crossing that bridge,
With lessons GM hasn't learned.
Playing with fire,
And still getting burned!
I may not know what Government Motors is going through.
But another bankruptcy is the space,
Between Ford and you.
Life carries on... it goes on.
Just say die,
And that would be pessimistic.
In your mind,
GM can walk across water.
Please don't cry,
It's just a prayer for the dying GM trucks.
I just don't know what's got into me.
Been crossin' that bridge,
With lessons GM management hasn't learned.
It's just a prayer for the dying.
For the dying GM trucks.

I like the crew 1/2-ton with a short bed as well. I'm not a big fan of the Fords but I was close to getting a Ford F150 this summer as it has that option, however went with a RAM 2500 instead to save a little money and get a bench seat in the front (40/20/40). A lot easier to find in a Chrysler than in a Ford, GM or Toyota. And the GMs and Toyotas forced you in to the really tiny beds. Strange that in a Toyota you can get a crew Tacoma with a six foot bed but not a 1/2-ton crew. On the GM side, no bench could be found in my area unless you went with an extended cab. I'm not brand loyal so it's all about what I need and what best fills that need.

Totally disagree with Zach. Sounds like he's a little bitter about all of the recent GM failures. He clearly doesn't understand successful business. There's a reason why ford is dominating market share right now. It's because they have better trucks with better options. Why would someone buy a raptor? Most people don't know how to turn a stock truck into a raptor and they would rather pay extra and have it come that way without having to do any extra work and come with a warranty. Besides, most people just buy it because it looks cool. The fact that it has pretty awesome off-road capability is just for bragging rights for most buyers. It never hurts to give the customer more options. I like having a truck that is unique.

GM failures? Huh?
Last year there were 1,782,349 trucks sold in the US.
GM sold 626,040 for 35.12% market share
Ford sold 632,353 for 35.48% market share.

I wouldn't call it a "failure" or Fords "dominance" for that matter.
This years numbers will be little more favorable towards Ford for sure but it still won't be a dominance.
GM controls half-ton segment, Ford controls heavy-duty segment. Toyota controls compact segment. Simple as that.

You can add up all of GM's trucks and come up with any number you want. But GM has lost full-size market share as rivals surpass GM on fuel economy and features. GM's North American profits still lie in full-size pickups.

Combined, the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra make up 34.7% of the full-size truck market through the first 11 months of 2012. That's down from a 40.3% share in 2008, before the company's bankruptcy reorganization.

Meanwhile, Ford's F-series has captured 39.6% of the market this year, up from 32.8% in 2008. Chrysler's Dodge Ram is at 18.1%, up from 15.6% in 2008.

Read about it in the LA Times:

There is no doubt that bankruptcy has hurt GM. Watch those numbers closely in the upcoming years. GM is really determined to win back lost customers.

#01 (most important): No Suicide Doors. Just because the B-pillar is there doesn't mean the doors can't open the way they used to.

If the High Country or Outlaw or Presidential or whatever you want to call it is anything less than a Longhorn or King Ranch, then I'm through with GM. I like simple. I like a "real truck" without gimmicks, but I LIKE LUXURY!!! The '07-'13 truck was pure crap compared to previous GM trucks and this truck was their chance to right the wrong. ANd even though it looks better it's not even close to GM of old.
The more I think about this new truck the madder I get! GM was the very compnay that created packages! Am I the only one who remembers "Custom Deluxe", "Cheyenne", "Scottsdale", "Bonanza" and even "SIlverado" was an option package! ANd now they can't see the forest for the trees. THey should have started from scratch. Went back to the old formulas, called them C/K again made unique packages with unique names and sold a ton of trucks! AT the cattle sales all you see these days are King Ranch and Longhorn. COntractors (those that are left) drive the same. But go back before '99 and all you saw around here was a K1500 SIlverado Z-71, they were status symbols as much as anything but those days are gone! I don't know who is running GM trucks but it must be somebody that has never experienced rural America. It must be someone that does not grasp what a truck means to people in the country.
In these small towns like I'm from, we pay attention to what's pulling trailers to the sales. What's pulling floats in the homecoming parade and CHristmas parade. What the boss is driving. What the banker is driving. IN a small town like mine, that kind of stuff matters and people take note and follow suite. CHevy can fill their website and brochure with pictures of trucks sitting on the farm or at the track or in the mud but in reality it is plain with the rural American that GM has no clue as to how we value a truck!
SHorter front doors so you can in the back seat better? It's a damn truck, not a mininvan!! W/T, LT, LTZ, WTF????
How about a tough as nails truck with a western theme with real leather and two tone colors and interior colors other than black or slate! Call it the CHevy Amarillo or use Bonanza or Cheyenne again! This current truck tainted the name Silverado, they should have dropped that instead of Vortec! Maybe by the time the auto shows start they will surprise us with something good. But for now, all Chevy/GMC fans can do is hope............and be thankful for Fred Diaz!
btw I go by "Old GM Guy" not because of my age but because thats the last time GM built good trucks!

You are not blown away? I certainly am. They took a truck that was already the best looking in the segment and made it bigger, tougher looking, and much better than anyone else is offering. - Bvonscott

I'm not knocking this new truck mind you, I'm willing to give it a chance but I am knocking the blockheads at GM for NOT giving us what we want!!!! Or listening to us!
Ram did a live web chat a couple years ago and asked for feedback. They took their medicine straight forward and I respected that. But GM would rather die (again) rather than listen to their customers.
Makes me mad! oh and one other thing, on the '14v extended cab, make the short door's exterior door handle body color or something so the truck will look sportier and like it has a deformity! Damn Idiot GM Designers!

I think GM did listen to its customers, they have improved the vehicle interior , looks as good as anything out there now, they gave it a 6.5 ft box crew cab, even the Ram hd short box is only 6ft 4 inches. Not everybody wants a cowboy interior, the ones shown are perfectly luxurious looking. With stitching on dash panel and doors, that is cowboy enough for most. Someone posted a small drop in sales for the GM trucks, no kidding, the truck is 7 years old, this refresh will boost sales for sure. GM will always be a dominant player in the truck segment. Even with an old design and materials they outsold the new Ram trucks by large amounts.

square bulging fenders.
06 ford front end on the gmc.
frigged up looking headlights on the chevy.
same basic old looking truck.
85 s 10 looking square dash.
why did gm even waste camo on this thing or try to cover it up.
better yet I see why they did cover it up.
i'm just as ashamed of it as gm is!

When a new model already looks 10 yrs older then it's competition there is something way wrong with this picture!!!!!!

Its a shame when chevy can't take two trucks and out sell ford's one.....No wonder ford is so dominate in truck sales!

Posted on December 23rd, 2012 • by David Zatz


The National Rifle Association (NRA)’s American Hunter magazine has declared Ram Outdoorsman its vehicle of the year (thanks, Jeff Crane). The magazine reported:

Take a tough-running, off-road go-getter and add unique bins for transporting firearms and other shooting gear, and you’ve got the Outdoorsman, Ram’s blockbuster hit in the pickup market. … The revamped 1500 Outdoorsman retains everything that made it the premier huntin’/work/do-everything pickup, but will roll into market (October) with almost-starship-worthy technology that ensures this RAM [sic] is just as perfect for highway cruising as it is for beating a trail into the backcountry. And not just that: It can do so even while delivering way more horsepower and torque despite slashing fuel use by 20 percent.

Heard on the radio today that Terry Labonte chevrolet is having a 2 for 1 sale. You buy a new silverado and get a new chevy cruze. Man they are desperate. The last time I heard of a 2 for 1 sale was when they sold you 2 Yugo's. Chevy is in 2nd place so I think that fiat ram should start they're own 2 for 2 sale. Just pick you a truck and 2 other pieces of sh@#$ on the lot and hope you make it home. Fiat ram, what a joke!!

@ Paul , truck owners have been crying for a truck that looks like a truck of old, and retro is big nowadays. GM did a good job of keeping it truck like without some space age looking truck design, thank goodness for that, if it were really radical in change ,you and many others would still be slamming it. No matter what it looked like Ram and Ford owners would hate the design, and you know it. I own a Ford, good truck, but Gm isn't far away from the sales of the combined F -series. Also, if GM made only the GMC truck, the Chevy owners would buy it and vise versa. This would really upset us Ford Guys, as we all know GM has outsold F-series if you group the 2 trucks together. We don't want that now ,do we?


Most powerful truck? That would be the 6.0 Chevy motor, 345 hp 380 tq, that is more than the Hemi 345/375, nice try...


First it is called being a hypocrite when spouting off about work truck this and real truck that then complaining about wanting a luxurious car like interior. Come on man, people who use their truck for "real work" aren't wanting a car like luxurious interior. The boss/owner sure, the real worker um no.

Second, not listening to what you want? They fixed pretty much every complaint about the truck, open your eyes man. What do you want? A storage box in the bed taking up space and lessening the payload? An air suspension that is questionable and belongs on a cuv?

They fixed pretty much every nit pick had before. Recessed doors, rockers, larger CC, more power, more fuel efficient, 6spd across the board with 8 to come (why complaining that it isn't out now, no one is complaining when Dodge has to delay theirs. It is a new transmission, only a few automakers even have one and no trucks yet, let them make it right and reliable so there is no complaining when it is rushed and not working great especially when towing a 10k load up the eisenhower pass. you complain the old trucks need to be replaced now, so they do then complain they don't have the 8spd out?), four wheel discs standard, wheel liners mostly across the board, much improved interior especially quality, quieter, more options like 6'5" bed on a CC, projector head lamps (I don't like them but hey, the car guys want them), many more technologies, DIC with a ton of info, the list goes on. Some of you sound like a bunch of women stuck on car like style, it is a truck and needs to be designed as such. Oh no the wheel wells are a little square, it is a style and has been part of their style for many many years. It doesn't make the truck fugly and doesn't affect functionality (and if it does then I feel sorry for you that a tiny little detail can cause so much of an issue). If they went round you all would complain on lack of creativity and say they were copying Ford/Dodge.

Go have your car like interior and "oh so important console shifter", you can't put a laptop or map or something large there because of that stupid car like shifter taking up space. So you put it on the arm rest and have to move it anytime you want to get in the console, yeah great idea, but atleast I got my shifter that reminds me of my Ford Fusion that I will use twice, once when I get in and shift into drive and then when I stop and put it in park! yup, so important I have to put it in a place to waste space since I use it "all the time"...

@ Hemi V8... surprised the redneck boys chose this vehicle. As you will notice the rednecks at Duck Dynasty all drive GM trucks, and the rednecks on Shipping Wars,all drive the new Duramax trucks, even the young couple that had the 2011 Lifted Ram 3500, traded for the Duramax, for heavy hauling. I think the only truck in the competition was the 2013 Ram, it had the latest refresh. Ford still blows the 2013 Ram away with features hands down

Skaha Ford has that same sale on over in Penticton. Buy a F150 and get a Fiesta at no charge. Only problem is you pay full MSRP for the truck to get the car. All dealers have their incentives, it is a part of business. But since my wife needs a new car and i need a new truck, i will see if GM has that deal anywhere close to where i live, i will be on it like syrup on hotcakes if they do. My wife prefers the Cruze over the Fiesta and the GM trucks are as capable as Ford and i like the look of the GMC over the Ford. Thanks for the info, this will help me get my wife her new wheels, and me a new Truck.

How come everytime I see the 2014 GMC Sierra a song, Walking Around In Woemen's Underwear, starts playing in my head?

@Tyler, Chevy didn't put the 6.0 in their 1/2 ton till 06. Three years after the Hemi.5.3 L Vortec 5300 V8 270 hp (201 kW) 315 lb·ft (427 N·m)
2000–2003 285 hp (213 kW) 325 lb·ft (441 N·m

Nice try though.

Ford 4 me, Ford still blows the 2013 Ram away with features hands down Posted by: Ford 4 me | Dec 23, 2012 11:18:12 PM

What features are those?

Sean, No I bought a quad cab with a 6.4 ' bed. I can haul two 450's one standing up and one normal. I tow a toy hauler now with three 450 quads. Love the hose power and torque to tow up hills and merge onto the freeway. Ford and chevy didn't offer this bed size in 1500 with 4 doors. in 03. So I bought the Dodge. It has been a great truck.

It was not 4 full-size doors though. It's 1 full door up front and one half door in the rear. Ram didn't make a true crew cab back then like Ford and Chevy.

Here is a discussion with guys complaining about it back in 2003...

"I did not know Dodge just took the quad cab and turned the doors around. I thought the new QC was a sad attempt at making a full sized CC".


It's happening to me too!

Later if you wanna, we can dress like Madonna.


I think I finally GM's angle. They want to be a real truck by being conservative and traditional. Ford and Ram have each unique features that make them stand out. GM's may be by introducing nothing to stand out but use as many technologies available to make fuel economy better. And that's their angle just try to be thr regular truck out of the bunch. Im not brand loyal but I really don't like GM vehicles much. I put close to 4000 km on a sierra 1500 with 5.3 this fall for work. It was a brand new rental 2013 model. Going from my 2012 fx4 to the Sierra was quite a change. Immediately I noticed i had no power, not fun to drive, sounds terrible at full throttle how is that possible and unpleasant interior design. Towing a really light boat trailer converted to stack a few canoes we almost ran out of gas from Edmonton to Calgary. We had five trucks all together and everybody hated them. My friend drives a 2010 sierra 3500 crew cab dually 8' box with airbags and a fifth wheel and exhaust brake and bumper winch and somehow hates it and is jealous of my Ford half ton. I have 6.5' box crew cab. So when we park next to each other my truck is almost bigger than his. My hood and box is higher. The whole front looks bigger, im higher off the ground and im almost as long. His truck vibrates everything at full throttle and makes the strangest noice from under the hood sounds terrible like the 1500. The backs seats when are up are impractical with no flat floor. It sucks in hunting trails (its all sand out here for trails) im always pulling him out, sucks in the snow. Whenever I watch him try to get out his front tires seems to have little power. Low range seems to do very little helping him out. When he drives my truck hes blown away by the power and sound of the 5.0 loves the flat floor in back. Says it feels like a hotrod compared to his and steers like a dream. Stunned at the speed it will corner. Overall im not impressed with their take on trucks, canyon was the worst experience ive had so far. Everytime I get in a ram 1500 though i feel like that is a hotrod compared to my f150 and the layout inside is nice and appealing doesn't remind me of a minivan like like the gm's. Power, sound, comfortable. Just like my ford. Gm's have been weak, quiet, minivan like interior. I hope they have some good engines in the new ones cuz thats there only sdving grace i would think because the interior still looks strange snd uncomfortable layout.

Much is made about gas mileage, but apples/apples is another story. The 5.0 F150 and the EcoBoost (can't they find a better name?) get almost the same mileage, but the V6 has more torque. In normal driving, the difference is hardly noticeable.

My 2009 Silverado is the smoothest and most enjoyable half ton I have ever owned. Totally trouble free too. The current generation of Ram trucks is pretty tempting, but the Fords are just too expensive. You should hear what Ford dealers say about that in private! GMC will probably get my money next time just because it's the best looking truck out there.

better get that chevy now, g.m. will not be around in 5 yrs. is the manual in the fiat (dodgey) still in german, or italian?

sissy mirrors and the headlight design is terrible. TBC is still in the wrong location, better but wrong. Should be on the right side.

the recepticle for the towing plug is in the wrong location still. Needs to be down by the reciever.

@JK Hotshotter, how would you know if the Raptors you see never leave the pavement if you never leave the pavement? I assume that when you see a Raptor, you don't follow it around everywhere or put a tracking device on it?



Hemi- Those Rams definitely have lots of HOSE POWER. HAH!
Funny that the 1/2 ton Crew with the biggest bed is the Nissan.
GM could reach back into the parts bin and use suspension hardware developed for the H2 to build an HD offroader.
The new transmission is coming- but t will still take area more years. I'd rather have older, proven tech in my truck than the latest and greatest, if it means dodgey reliability. GM's direct injection improves part load efficiency, so it should really return performance/efficiency very close to what the MDS Hemi/8HP70 can return.
Crying about the lack of a proper bench seat is about 8 model years too late- the last bench seats you could get IIRC, was in the 06 Tundra regular cab.
No premium trim? Is there any indication that the Sierra Denali will not continue?

I don't understand why people want suicide doors. It's a pain in the butt when you have anyone riding in the back seat and they can't get out til you open the door and you can't shut your door until they do.

I really think it would be better if GM would do away with GMC trucks and just offer a better range of packages. That's what is great about ford. If you want a luxury truck with all the bells and whistles they have it. If you want Leather seats but without too many options you can get it (IMO that's best for a work truck easy to clean and maintain not many breakable features yet nice). If you want a base model with rubber floors you can literally hose down you got it. If you want a specialty truck with awesome off road capability you got it. If you are in bad physical shape and you need the tailgate step you got it. If you want to make your truck unique to you with colors, trim features, a different grill, etc. ford gives you the best option. I like driving my ford cause it's unique. Everybody knows it's my truck even though it is almost completely stock. I have four friends with chevy trucks that are all pretty much identical.

@Mr Knowitall , Rams definitely have lots of HOSE POWER. HAH!
if it means dodgey reliability. HAH!
Posted by: Mr Knowitall | Dec 24, 2012 10:40:59 AM
DODGY=dodg·y [doj-ee] Show IPA
adjective, dodg·i·er, dodg·i·est.
inclined to dodge.
evasively tricky: a dodgy manner of dealing with people.

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