Video: 2014 Chevy Silverado Walk-Around

2014 Chevy Video Shoot II

Although it may not look like it at first glance, the new Silverado has a lot of new and improved technology and design under the hood and skin of the truck. We heard a lot of people say the Chevy exterior didn't go far enough but the GMC look, especially on the All Terrain, is a strong statement. 

We had the chance yesterday to duck out of all the "big reveal" festivities and get some time with an Extended Cab LTZ and our video crew. We tried to hit all the high points but still wish we had been able to get the truck on a lift to show you a few new interesting details. We saw the some interesting routing details while on our back, as well as a few accommodations to directing and diffusing more wind that we've never seen on a truck before. 

We'll try to get more images and angles of both trucks in front of you as soon as possible, either in upcoming photo galleries or on our Facebook page. 

For now, here a quick look at what we saw.  


As a current GM truck owner,I am not impressed with this so-called new 2014..It isnt bad but I thought a new body style was on the way.

How big is the gas tank???

Re: cylinder deactivation downsides...

In the past fuel economy and performance were nothing to write home about. A deactivated engine still swings extra rotational mass. I think I'd lean toward modern efficient engine designs and, or a turbo'd direct injection engine.

The way G.M. markets their trucks you have to buy the bling, bling 50 thousand plus truck to get the 6.2 liter. Hope that changes for 2014.

I think GM should have unveiled the Sierra and Silverado on different dates.

I hope this is not true, but I just read on a site business site called Tulsa Business World, that the 4.3 has 262 hp, the 5.3 has 325hp and the 6.2 has376hp no mention of tq, but they did say there would be substantial mileage improvment, that are going to be better than the comp. hp for hp, again I have no idea what that means, but this will not be enough for the hp junkees, it seams like GM had mpg formost on the mind than outrite performance.

Is that a 2012 or 2013 model??? :-/

Is that a 2012 or 2013 model???

I thought the dampened tailgate would be great until I watched the video and saw how long it takes to drop. I can picture a group of us with our dogs and guns walking up the the tailgate after a hunt. I flip the handle, and we all stand silent while awkwardly watching the tailgate take 8 seconds to open before the dogs can jump in.
I do like the row of power ports below the center stack though. And it does look like they tightened up tolerances and closed gaps on the body. The engines will have to be really great to push this ahead of Ram and Ford though. Decent engine specs will keep them close to the Jones' but not past them. But I am expecting really great numbers from the engines.

Great video!

I love the extra cargo tie downs and the slow release tailgate.

I'd like a tailgate that is dampened but it has to open by the remote. That way it will open as I am walking up to it and be ready to go.

The Chrysler Pentastar engine is history when the new 4.3 GM engine comes out next year. The 4.3 and the Ecoboost will put this ticking time bomb to shame.


I'd like a tailgate that is dampened but it has to open by the remote. That way it will open as I am walking up to it and be ready to go.

Posted by: Dave | Dec 14, 2012 12:39:23 PM

I heard Ford already had that in the works go go along with their Man Step aka Woman Step.

Don't tell Frank that I told you guys this, but he secretly likes the new GM trucks. Matter of fact he is going to visit one of the local dealerships when they go on sale next summer. He has grown tired of the never ending spark plug spitting problem and transmission issues. The frame on his current truck is as rigid as a wet noodle causing a lot of flex and interior rattles. Can you say poor quality?

Liked the video.

I'm very impressed with the looks of the new extended cab.

This truck is just fantastic. And that's coming from someone who hasn't bought a new Chevy in forever. Much better than these last 2 piles of sh#t they've churned out. It's as if they're picking up where they left off in 1987. Even more to the point, it's as if they're picking up where they left off in 1972 quality wise and building from there again. I'm saying right now I want one of these in blue like the cover picture. I hope they aren't building them in Mexico anymore either. My checkbook is ready.

NEWSFLASH: Here's an interesting tidbit. With the NHT Max Trailering Package, you get a ....... wait for it ........ a rear axle with a 9.76" ring gear. That's Dana 60 size folks. The old 14 bolt semifloat rearend you got with the Vortec Max was only 9.5". These things have all new rear axles. That's good beef in a half ton. Of course, Toyota has a 10.5" 3rd member style rearend with the 5.7L engine. Crazy axle.

NEWSFLASH: Rear wheel liners are standard LT and up trim levels.

That Bowtie emblem when you open the hood is wicked. So is the Chevrolet name on the bed rail guards. This new SBC is going to be a machine in one hell of a truck! This thing looks awesome.

@Cameron, gret news on the bed liners and rear axle! They are readlly nailing this truck instead of mailing it in.

I spotted Michigan Bob mad at how Cheap the new Chevy's are.

He keeps saying "KILL ME."

Poor Bob!

NEWSFLASH: This is a bit frustrating. It looks like the High Country interior will be H4S Mink. Most minks I've seen are black, not brown. Cocoa Dune is available for the LTZ trim levels. You can check out the Acadia Denali to see what that looks like colorwise. That's a good color. Nothing I see in the ordering form indicates that the High Country has much to offer.

Great video Mark! Thank you. Whoever is in charge at Chevrolet now needs a raise. It's like old school Chevy is back from the dead somehow. I don't think I've felt that old sense of Chevy pride in years. These guys are flat out kicking some ass. I can't wait till these things are available. You can bet we'll be putting them on the roads. I'm feeling very nostalgic right now just looking at the Silverado. Kind of like it's 1982, Regan is in charge, Mtv is getting ready to just kill it for a good decade and Chevrolet as always is #1. And people wrote Chevy off! Please.

I like the looks of the Sierra more than the Silverado. But I gotta say this is the best looking extended cab silverado ever. It almost looks like a crew cab. I would like to see the power these engines are making. I like the fact they chose to use naturally aspirated truck engines rather than a turbocharged sedan engine like Fords F150. We'll see when they come out how well they do against the competition.

Nothing I see in the ordering form indicates that the High Country has much to offer

-Ok, that's not good. The King Ranch is one serious interior. The leather is top quality rawhide. The Silverado really needed to best the F-Series here given the Ford has had this type of interior for so long now. They'll get hammered by everyone if they don't one up Ford after all this time.

This is the kind of Silverado I've been wanting for a long long time. I'm glad Chevrolet is finally delivering the goods on their trucks. Very disapointing watching Corvette enthusiasts and Chevrolet racecar guys swear by their Ford trucks for so long. Now maybe the tide will turn and it can be Chevrolet's across the board. I know I'm in for one with the High Country. I'd prefer black though. If this is any indication of where Chevy is going I'll be thrilled with the new C7. Long live Chevrolet!

@sandmen4X4, doubt me now?
The same weak engine line up as before.

The 262, 325, and 376 are cubic inch displacement

wow the truck look better wit pickup truck review...this is a nice truck and thank you to show better video..

Are these the actual power ratings as being reported on other news sites?
"GM offers three revamped engines: a 262-horsepower, 4.3-liter V-6 that GM says can tow a substantial trailer; a 325-horsepower, 5.3-liter V-8 that will get better mileage than the 22 mpg the current model gets on highways; and a 6.2-liter V-8 with 376 horsepower."

I saw that article yesterday also. Dude that wrote that is an idiot. Did you see the video he posted? What a douche.
Joke Tundra is correct. These are cu in displacement numbers and the guy wrote that these are HP. When I first read it I was like, that cant be right! Where did he get these numbers from since nobody else has them?
4.3L = 262 cu in
5.3L = 325
6.2L = 376.
LOL, I almost fell for that one too.

Tundra, just saw your comment. Thanks.


The guy was just reporting what he read... Get over it!

"GM offers three revamped engines: a 262-horsepower, 4.3-liter V-6 that GM says can tow a substantial trailer; a 325-horsepower, 5.3-liter V-8 that will get better mileage than the 22 mpg the current model gets on highways; and a 6.2-liter V-8 with 376 horsepower. "

Read more from this Tulsa World article at

Ok guys these were my thoughts also, but I was just repeating whatI read, and was not going to make any judgement, but yes it does sound like some weenie writer.

Here's the best interior shot I've found. It shows all the storage elements:

Cameron Carlile,
That's one fantastic interior. GM nailed it! This is awesome.

The ’13 Ram, with its sparkling Pentastar mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission, is the first fullsize pickup truck engine to be evaluated and make the Ward’s 10 Best Engines list since 2009, when the 5.7L Hemi V-8 in the Ram pickup won its sixth award in seven years.

I saw that one as well. There is more of them out there now, they're coping one each other.
The one I saw yesterday also had a video of some reporter filming himself in front of the truck. He was actually there.
How you like the new Silverado, Frank?

@Greg J,

It is a vast improvement. I like the Sierra much better.

I'm quite happy to see it's not Microsoft in that infotainment stack. Looks like it is much easier to use than either US competitor which may be a trademark of who helped GM design the system.

I have historically liked the Chevrolet better. It always went with my cars as well kind of like Ford trucks and Ford cars. This last truck I wasn't that into the Chevy and liked the GM better. Now it's kind of a toss up but I'm probably in the Chevrolet camp again. Both trucks turned out very well. The Chevrolet is stunning. Particularly compared to this last one. I can't wait till they get here. I'm really liking what is going on lately. The Silverado, the ATS and the Impala are all 9's or even 10's on a 1-10 scale. The next Corvette, Camaro and SS will really set the stage. I'm a pretty loyal Chevrolet & Cadillac man. Several Corvettes in the garage and a CTS at the moment. Also a 2007 Silverado for my truck. That will be replaced instantly with a new one after seeing these. Good job Chevrolet.

Those storage compartments look really nice!

I was looking at the Chevy website and there's another nice shot of the interior in a brown color. These are great interiors. I'm curious to see the High Country. Hopefully they'll have one not too cowboy for guys like myself. I know tons of Chevy guys are farmers and ranchers too but I'm a little more luxury, less cowboy. Again, one hell of a nice job Chevy. You've earned a Silverado sale with this guy.

In other news autoblog is reporting that ford will increase mpg by 3 for the new f150.

You can tell the steel and paint are far higher quality than the current model. Look at the bumpers, you can tell by the chrome plating it's of higher quality and thicker steel that the current flimsy model. Ever notice how the current thin chrome metal is dull and literally Looks weak? Same with the rolled steel on the beds. You can tell it's lightyears better in quality and Durability/Strength than the current flimsy model as well. I had a 2009 Silverado for a total of 1 year and sold it because it felt so cheap and flimsy. I bought a 3 year older 2006 F-150 instead and it was a far better built, higher quality and sturdier truck. This new Silverado however reminds me of my F-150 in quality and strength. I really like the looks too. I never was much in love with the last/current Silverado. It was kind of a dud. I will check this out no doubt. Chevy's biggest problem will be getting people to forgive them for this last model or even two. Truck guys are a tough crowd. Piss them off and you might as well kiss em goodbye in most cases.

Most of you should already know that I have been very vocal about not liking these Road Whales; I'm not a fan of these grossly-oversized "cars." Honestly, I still feel that way about them; they're much too big for what they're designed to do. Even my 1990 Ford F-150 is visibly smaller than any of these newer models and the thing simply feels huge on the road.

However, I am driving a Road Whale now and I test drove another brand's higher-level 4WD model earlier this week (admittedly, I haven't posted my review yet and for those who have been waiting for it, my apologies.) I have to admit the more I'm around these new trucks, the more they interest me despite their size. But there's more.

I am highly unlikely to consider a new Ford because I simply do not like the way their infotainment system works; it's complicated, confusing and distracting. I'm sure you can get used to it soon enough, but I'm betting some users will never use all of that system's capabilities. Having Microsoft as a design partner for the software exacerbates the issue for me.

I will admit the RAM intrigues me due to a number of factors--I do like the looks and I like the lockable bed-side storage bins. It's nice to get some clutter out of the cab. On the other hand, on a quick once-over on the center stack let's just say there's going to be a steep learning curve before you can use it instinctively; it looks made to pull your attention off the road even to adjust the AC to clear that mist off your windshield. Not much, if any, better than Ford's.

The GM twins have done a number of things I like. First off, even though they've made the grills on both the Silverado and Sierra larger, they're not as big and prominent as either Ford or RAM--which is a huge advantage to me. Really, why have more grill than you need? I especially like the Sierra's single-beam headlights compared to the Silverado's stacked lights, but the Chevy lights and grill just seem to flow better than the GMC's. I also noted that the aerodynamics of the Chevy seemed better--far fewer and far tighter gaps than any of the others. Ford is notorious for wide gaps and loose fit and RAM hasn't gone out of its way to tighten the fit of doors and panels.

Most of all, and supported by an article read elsewhere earlier this week, the center stack seems to be far better designed than any of the others. It looks far more intuitive and appears remarkably simple to use. If that other article is correct, Apple had some hand in the design and that seems supported by the icons visible in the video demonstrating its features. Having first-hand experience with Apple's longevity and reliability, I don't expect to see nearly the level of problems Ford has been experiencing with MFT and Sync.

Conclusion: The GM twins definitely have caught my interest--and I never expected to even consider buying a full-sized truck; I simply don't need it. Add to this what should be a far more reliable V6 that doesn't rely on any kind of blower to boost horsepower and I could easily see the GM twins retaining the longevity title for years to come.

Truck guys are a tough crowd. Piss them off and you might as well kiss em goodbye in most cases.

@Ryan, true. This truck however is powered by the legendary Chevrolet SmallBlock. That alone brings MUCH loyalty to the table from former Chevy guys who have defected to Ford or Dodge. I know Chevy guys who Hated and I mean HATED Chevy trucks themselves for a good 10 years now but Still bought them because it was powered by a SBC. You can never discount that engine. The 'Mighty Mouse'. If Chevy gives guys who left a reason to come back in the truck Itself, just the fact that it has a V8 Chevy will seal the deal. Noted earlier in this thread, many Chevrolet Corvette and racecar/hotrod guys still drive Chevrolets but use Ford trucks. They loved Chevrolet's but had to leave when it came to trucks due 100% to quality, luxury and design. I've seen the same thing a trillion times I swear in my day to day dealings. These Chevy guys are literally dying inside to come back fully to Chevrolet. They just needed a real reason to. After looking at this truck, it's obvious Chevy is getting that through their thick skull. Whoever was in charge of Chevy trucks back in the late 90's early 2000's that sent them on the downward spiral path of trash trucks they've been slapping out the last decade should be fired from GM and barred from the grounds. They really hurt the company.

Not to sound like oxi but the angle of approach bothers me on this truck I like me truck to be fine stock out of the box. and im worried about the large fron bupmer I know its for wind resistance but haven taken 09 sivarado aand an 09 f150 both crew 4x4 Lt and Xlt on forrest service roads in colorado i would like to go back to chevy without having to worry about damaging the front bumper. Some times you need to take people and gear down a rough road, and im worried that this bumper is too big and that this truck is becoming just a road tractor.
the truck looks great hopefully they offer pakages with les crome like ford does b/c there is too much but overall an inprovement. i wish the 4x4 was back on the right like on my GMT 400 and my Raptor, and that they put the TBC their too IDK why they left the shifter on the stalk when Ford, Dodge, toyota and nissan have offered center shift on the concle for years. And at least offer an elocker stop pussing the G80 garbage. it was great 20 yearsago but that technology is out dated.

Much better looking than the current POS. Looks better built too. I'd have to see in in person though to fully see.

and im worried that this bumper is too big and that this truck is becoming just a road tractor.

@? I know the feeling. These things do look big and the bumper sits freaking low. They have that Colorado though that everyone says in getting updated for N.A. Maybe that will be the offroader? Who the heck knows with these guys. You want to support them but then they screw something up to save a buck or leave a market they find unnecessary. Look what they did to the SFA's in the 80's. Idiots.

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