Video Interview: Jeff Luke, GM Executive Chief Engineer Full-Size Truck, Parts 3 & 4

2014-GMC-Sierra-front II

When you're in charge of the GM's entire lineup of full-size trucks, you can take as long as you want to brag about your products. Jeff Luke, GM's executive chief engineer of full-size trucks, discusses the lineup. We thought it would make more sense to break the full interview into four parts; here are the last two pieces. Enjoy.

Part 3

Part 4


Mark Williams corners him at the 2:15 mark. No Raptor fighter, no high fuel economy, no big towing number, nothing. This is a violently competitive segment.

Great interview. Would love to see more of these type of articles with engineers or designers from other manufacturers.

I Want a DIESEL in it

Am I the only one that misses Mark Levine???

"Pay attention to the torque numbers and towing ratings and how it relates vs to competitors base V-6." The huge new V-6 is meant to only compete with others' base V-6? Ouch.

"As far as the models you mention, I will say just stay tuned, in the next few years....."

Chevy fans have to wait just a few more years....




Look, in the last clip Mark W. mentions Dave and Frank. Congratulations guys! :D

Chevy guys don't have to wait for anything, they just got their Christmas present.

On the other hand 2015 is long ways away.

What were you thinking this engine was going to compete against? It's a base engine in a Chevy.

That last video was the most eye opening for me. Sounds like GM was conservative in these changes so don't expect to be blown away. Bummer.

I think they're holding up some more surprises for the Auto Show. Every time they're asked a question to spit up more info you can see a smirk on their face before they tell us to just sit back and strap it down.

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Cant see parts 3&4. Watched 1&2, doesnt seem too innovative to me.

All I know is that I like the looks of this truck mostly but if they didn't address some issues then all they have is perfume on a pig!
Only some seat time will tell!

For those that say these trucks aren't innovative, or a significant improvement over the previous models, your just brand lovers who are to blind to see it.

There's a lot I love in these new pickups. The reason they aren't releasing all the numbers is because they are indeed 6+ months out from being sold and they don't want to give that much time for a competitor to 1 up them before their product even touches the show room floor. Hopefully GM really knocks it out of the park, but we have to wait and see. Nobody knows for sure, even with the limited info we have now.

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Posted by: Gregory J. | Dec 18, 2012 1:36:35 PM

:) Thanks, whoever you are.

@Mark Williams, Good job grilling Jeff Luke. You were like the local county D.A. I could almost see the sweat dripping from jeff's armpit lol.

Chevy fans won't have to wait a few years. It will be a few days! The Auto Show is next month. As you Greg correctly stated, GM is holding onto a ton of surprises for the auto show to keep everyone in the dark and to steal Ford's thunder!

The interior of GM trucks has always been a sensitive issue, and reaction to the 2014 interior has seen no less drama. GM says that during owner clinics it became obvious to them that truck buyers don’t want a luxury car like interior, which is counter-intuitive to what the competition from Ford and Ram appear to be learning. In an era where F-150 Platinum and Ram Laramie sell in relatively high volumes (exact figures not available), it would seem having a luxury interior is a requirement in the segment. - GM Inside News


What the hec is with GM? Chevy buyers don't want luxury interiors? GM focus grouped itself into a non-luxury less competitive truck. Where the hec is GM taking this truck?

What the hec is with GM? Chevy buyers don't want luxury interiors? GM focus grouped itself into a non-luxury less competitive truck. Where the hec is GM taking this truck?

@Ken, exactly. GM is so out of touch it isn't even funny. I'm so sick of these guys excuses about Chevrolet. Year after year I wait. And now here we are with the all new truck and nothing. Ford and Dodge both offer luxury interiors. GM sits and makes absolute BS excuses. I am sick of this company.

Would be nice to know when we can expect to see the 2500/3500 HDs body changes? Good job on the videos!

Oooh, inlayed doors. Give me a damn break. You just copied Dodge and even Ford. What a pathetic loser. Come up with something original why don't you. I just love how this fluke says "The customer wanted". Please.

Toyota to Pay Record $17.35 Million Fine for Delaying Recall

Kimimasa Mayama/European Pressphoto Agency
For the fourth time in two years, Toyota has agreed to pay fines related to allegations of delaying safety recalls.
For the fourth time, Toyota has agreed to pay a fine to settle allegations by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that the automaker delayed a safety recall.

In a news release Tuesday morning, the safety agency said Toyota would pay $17.35 million, the maximum allowed by law.

Toyota did not admit any wrongdoing and said it was paying the fine to avoid a continued dispute with the safety agency. The automaker said the same thing when agreeing to pay the three previous fines, which totaled $48.8 million.

The recall the safety agency says was delayed occurred last June and covered 154,036 sport utility vehicles — the 2010 Lexus RX 350 and RX 450h — to fix a problem that might allow the floor mat to become snagged on the gas pedal.

The safety agency contends that those vehicles should have been included in an October 2009 recall of 3.8 million vehicles for the same issue.

But the agency says it wasn’t until early this year — after it contacted Toyota about consumer complaints of floor-mat problems on the two 2010 Lexus models — that the automaker agreed the recall should be expanded.

In a statement Toyota said it was “dedicated to the safety of our customers and we continue to strengthen our data collection and evaluation process to ensure we are prepared to take swift action to meet customers’ needs.”

The safety agency described the $17.35 million fine as a record. That is the maximum currently allowed by law; the amount is periodically increased to reflect inflation.

Some consumer safety advocates, like Clarence Ditlow, the executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, have long argued that such amounts are no more than a “rounding error” for automakers and that to make companies take their responsibility more seriously, auto executives should face criminal penalties.

The previous fines occurred in April 2010 and twice in December 2010.

Toyota routinely describes its recalls as “voluntary,” but under federal regulations once a manufacturer is aware of a safety problem it has five business days to inform the agency of its plan for a recall.

LOL@ JeffLuke. Why doesn't GM get a real truck guy to promote their trucks? You really think this clown even drives a truck or knows a damn thing about trucks? Give me a break. Typical suit garbage talk. Where's the real truck guys? Howie Long and this jerkoff? Just pathetic.

Mark Williams forgot to drill him on the lack of a SFA. All new truck? Um no, no it's not. The entire base is the same damn cheap ass wax coated truck. It's only new metal and an interior. This guy representing Chevy is a moron. The things Mark did grill him on he had no answer for. Good job Mark! Poor job Chevy. What a joke that company became. So much for Mark Reuss and his 'war room'. Pftt. Good thing Chevy isn't in charge of our military if this is how they declare war. No thanks to Reuss. Much thanks to Williams.

Why GM Isn't Putting All Its Eggs In The Bed Of A Pickup Anymore?

All I know is that I like the looks of this truck mostly but if they didn't address some issues then all they have is perfume on a pig!
Only some seat time will tell!

@OldGMGuy, I agree fully. I love the new Silverado when it comes to looks but if they won't deliver on all fronts, I'd rather just be done with them and move on. Chevrolet is so outclassed right now it's not even funny. It looks like this new SIlverado is worlds better than the old one but it's still not on par with Ford and Dodge. That's a pretty sad fact given all the money we gave them. I hate to give credit to the Dodge naysayers here but GM should have just built one single line of trucks and gone all out. They keep blowing money on 2 truck lines and fall up short every time. Very sad day indeed.

Why GM Isn't Putting All Its Eggs In The Bed Of A Pickup Anymore?

@Jeff, it looks like Dan Ackerson is to blame for the fall of Chevrolet trucks. That damn idiot. Might as well join Ford or Dodge anymore. I'm so sick of corporate GM and GMC. I'm about to the point to tell them to shove it for all of their vehicles. If they don't want to take this American seriously, I don't want to take them seriously either.


I thought for sure GM has was going to produce a crewcab that was going to exceed the Ford, or at least match it. But no. The bigger rear doors we saw in the spy photos was due to making the front doors smaller. I bet Bob was part of the focus group. He hate luxury interiors.

No fully flat load floor either. Still has the transmission hump. So dissapointing.

Stop pointing out flaws. You are just going to hate GM no matter what they do! Some companies like to go with fancy items like luxury interiors! Some companies like Chevy are different.

As stated in years past, Gary White, lead engineer at GM (since retired), told Howie Long that Chevy's philosophy on equipping trucks is a bit different. This is what we learned.

Chevy feels that if an item is isn't used A LOT, like DAILY, it does NOT BELONG ON THE TRUCK. Chevy only puts on stuff that GETS THE JOB DONE. GM's ACID TEST is a bit different than the others and is how Chevy decides what goes on a Chevy.

Let's all CHILL until people get a chance to see the production versions IN DETROIT with ALL OF THE SURPRISES that my buddy GREGORY HAS MENTIONED WILL BE REVEALED and not just wild guesses. We believe you will be impressed.

All the Ford and Ram trolls are out in full force today. They must be pretty jealous or pretty nervous to be bashing this hard on a truck with out all the spec's yet LOL!

“Our customers rely on their trucks to meet the day-to-day challenges of earning a living, running a business and taking care of their families,” said Mark Reuss, president, GM North America. “Chevrolet is committed to giving truck customers the most-refined, best-engineered pickups in the market.”

OK, so Jeff reiterates in part 4 that the engines now all have DI, Variable cam timing and Cylinder deactivation. We knew that already. Otherwise he confesses that things are a little evolutionary.
@Dave- the flat floor is a farce- the transmission/Tcase are under there regardless. UNless you put those parts lower to the ground, you're just raising the floor on either side of the woud-be hump.

For the FORD GIRLY MEN FAINBOIS out there: Chevy guys want girly man intteriors? What is your basis for this claim?? This silly blog?? Did you go out in public and poll several different truck owners to back your claim??? Doubtful on the second but most likely on the first. Ford Girly Men and their cronies are just using this as an excuse to come in here and TROLL AROUND with their typical girlie man interior and flat load BS.

More Capable
2014 Silverado!

@Dave, The official song of the 2015 F-150 will be revelead at the Detroi AutoShow. The new spokesperson of the All New Girlie Man 2015 F150 will be John Travolta!

Mike Levine and John Travolta will sing a short version of the Bee Gee's '70s disco-hit 'More Than A Woman' at the Detroit Auto Show. LMAO.

When they said the just moved the B pillar forward and made the front door smaller to make for a more comforatable back seat, I would have asked if the regular cab's have their own doors or did the already most cramped regular cab truck on the market, just get even more cramped in this next generation.

still looks smaller than the Ford Super Duty

GMC - GovtMoCo sucks. Ford rocks, Dodge rocks, Chevrolet rocks..... GMC sucks ass.

@Gregory J,

You are right, he did mention "REAL TRUCK OWNERS."

You never stop TROLLING, do you!

Boy you sure can tell the Ford and Dodge boys are jealous about the new GM trucks. Slam this and slam that just trying to get the upper hand. Keep driving those Ford and Dodge trucks that need repairs more often and do not last as long. And I will keep driving my GM trucks for over 600,000 miles before I want a new one but do not need one. I just love hearing you boys cry about what is coming from GM. Sorry but the best trucks are just getting better.

How can one be JEALOUS of mediocre products? Whatever makes you sleep better at night, I am far from jealous...more like disgusted.

I had some thoughts on GM's engine redesign today.

GM's closest engine technology competitor is Ram, meaning they both use pushrod/OHV 2v engines. Obviously, GM is going to use the HEMI as one of their benchmarks for future engine designs. Therefore, I doubt they're going to put out any new engine that has significantly less HP per liter than the HEMI in the same application. It just wouldn't make sense when they can just as easily copy the HEMI's current technology.

Now the current 5.7L Hemi has 68.4 HP per liter. If GM's 5.3L has at least 69 hp per liter, we're looking at 365hp. The new EcoTech3 engines are supposed to be direct injected (unlike the 5.3L vortec or current 5.7L Hemi), which adds a 10% increase in HP on average. So if my math is right, in all likelihood we could see 400hp from GM's 5.3L, though I doubt they'll take it that far on a new release engine.

Considering they're saying the 6.2L is making well over 450hp in Corvette form, I would say that's at least 425hp in truck form based on previous engines (vortec vs LS3). Surprisingly, that's right on que for 69hp a liter, which again would be 365hp from the 5.3L at a minimum.

Using the same reasoning, I can't see the 4.3L V6 putting out less than 295hp either. More than likely, with direct injection, 320hp is easily obtainable.

So what would I expect from GM's new truck engines?

At absolute worst:
4.3L V6: 295hp
5.3L V8: 365hp
6.2L V8: 425hp

More likely range for the trucks:
4.3L V6: 295-320hp max
5.3L V8: 365-400hp max
6.2L V8: 425hp-450hp max

I can't speak on fuel economy, but I just can't see GM decreasing the fuel economy of their 5.3L at all. So I'm expecting at least 15 city/21 highway for a normal (non-xfe) 2wd Silverado with 365+hp.

If they can bump that up by just 1 city and 1 highway they'll easily have a HP/fuel economy match for the current ecoboost with their naturally aspirated 5.3L V8. Which, I'm sure will appeal to a lot of people who consider the ecoboost to be an expensive and overcomplicated option.

My bubby Bvonscott is still hearing different numbers for the engines.
The latest is
315hp 4.3V6 25mpg
365hp 5.3v8 23mpg
425 hp V8 no mpg info

My buddy Bvonscott also asks al of the fainbois here: You are not blown away? I certainly am.

They took a truck that was already the best looking in the segment and made it bigger, tougher looking, and much better than anyone else is offering. But I must remember, looks are subjective. I was told I would be blown away. I was. Not everyone will be though.

Bvonscott also has a warning for the TROLLS on GMI and this applies to the trolls here as well:

Yes. I do want you banned. You are a troll. You cause arguments in every thread you post in. You are ignorant. You do not tell the truth. You are stuck in the past. Quite frankly you are basically an ornery grumpy old man. I hate to be so harsh but that is what I and most people think of you. It's not our fault, it is yours, because of what you write on this website.

And you have no right to call me a fraud. My sources do indeed work for General Motors. I have and always will withhold and/or modify the information given to me, without making it wrong, in order to protect their identity. I do not want to risk someones job by spilling the beans.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it! Trolls. You know who you are!

No that's not what I meant. You don't even own a truck so that statement wouldn't concern you and neither Dave.
What video 4 again. Mark starts talking about you both at about 2:20.

Ken D./RonM (likely the same person) but I'll still address you both. There will be a luxury interior on Silverado. It will be called High Country.

The back seat looks like it belongs in a 80's Suburban still. Did I hear it right?, the back seat back is more upright. The wheel wells are just as small as the old ones. None of their 15 mil customers had a problem with these areas?

It would appear the US Automobile Industry is extremely fragile indeed:
'He projects the trucks, along with SUV versions to follow later, will account for 66 percent of GM’s GLOBAL profit. (Ford, he says, derives about 90 percent of its GLOBAL profit from its F-series pickup.)
"Chief Executive Daniel F. Akerson is said to believe that GM needs another, equally rich source of profits — namely, a strong global luxury brand — to balance the strength of its truck line and sustain the company in the future. That is why GM is pushing aggressively to expand Cadillac worldwide, particularly in places like China, Russia and South America.
“Successful global automotive companies must have a major global luxury brand that competes around the world and wins around the world and in China,”

A Bit of History Cadillac sold 600 vehicles in Europe three years ago. China has been its main market outside NA for sales, but those sales have been declining. Most Luxury sales in China are to European manufacturers. To really make Cadillac at least a Global player it has to win its home market first.

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