2013 NAIAS: Finished with Day One

AA Ford Display II

The end of the first day of an auto show is always a mix blessing; you're thankful the day is over, but you still know there's plenty to do the following day. Yes, we know the end of Day was actually yesterday but we find ourselves a little behind right now. Still, we thought you'd appreciate having the order somewhat chronological so you can have an idea of what we go through to bring you as much of the information as we can gather. There is always a lot of walking, a lot of smashing other bodies (usually male) for seats and a good view, and a lot of physical pain if you happen to wear the wrong piece of clothing or pair of shoes. But all that effort and fatigue does provide for a solid eight hours of sleep at the end of the day...as long as you don't have to attend a manufacturer's dinner party or meet some friends at the hotel bar later that night. Anyway, we finished our first day with some interesting memories and a few bits of information we thought we'd pass along. 

Ford 1948 F-1 

A 48 Ford F-1

One of our favorite displays on the show floor was a mint 1948 Ford F-1 pickup truck, sitting pretty to show off the fact that Ford is celebrating their 65th F-Series anniversary--what a great way to celebrate a rich and deep history. Especially when you plan on debuting an amazing concept truck the next day that is likely to point the way toward the next-gen design and technology language for both light- and heavy-duty pickups. 

College of Creative Design

B Nissan CSD

It's always nice to take a look at what projects the local design college assigned to their students to highlight at their auto show display. There is usually something interesting on display after they select which renderings they want to create 3D models of. Thankfully, Alex Kish decided to design a modern interpretation of the Nissan Titan (we assume). We love the idea of a "plug-in" bed and more pliable suspension setup. 

VIA Acrobats

E VIA Acrobats

Creating quite a stir with one of the last press conferences of the day, VIA (pronounced Veeahh, like the Italian word for Main Roads) Motors had two high-flying acrobats putting on quite a show forty feet above the hard concrete floor (no nets). The two muscular women were very good at making all those journalists underneath them worried about their own safety. And then Bob Lutz came out to talk with celebrated inventor Thomas Edison on the big screen. Even Bob called Edison a contemporary, when intrdocing an 800 horsepower 4x4 fully electric concept truck. 

Jeff Luke

C Jeff Luke

Jeff Luke is sitting pretty right now, finished with all the heavy lifting regarding the 2014 Chevy and GMC half-ton trucks. We tried to get the horsepower and torque numbers out of him but he was quite clear about not being ready to make those announcments yet. We also reminded him that fuel economy numbers still have to be released and he told us that those numbers are likely to pretty important to them so seeing a big deal made of it could make sense, and maybe even another press conference at a future auto show.  

Ford Transit skeleton

D Transit

Ford had a new Transit skeleton on display to highlight all the incredible wieght-saving technology the various high-strength steels provide; Boron, Magnisium, and high-strength steel. We're told they are going to bring the stripped Transit to a few auto shows this year and progressively add on more and more production parts and pieces, simulating a regular build. The new fullsize Transits are a big part of Ford's future push for more commercial share with more commercial vehicles--they'll have T-150s, T-250s, T-350s, and T-350 HDs. 



Is it just me or does the front of the chevy look way out of proportion to the rest of the truck?

I think there may be some fisheye effect going on in that pic. What you're seeing is perspective.

Jeff Luke better be banking on some great fuel economy numbers because that trucks not going to sell on looks alone. Looks kind of dated in that pick already and it's not even on the lots yet. Had hoped for a bit more of a re-design than a re-fresh.

The front end of that Silverado is just freaking massive. Why did they go to making the front ends of their trucks so wide/huge? The last truck and now this one. Except this looks like an HD but in 1/2 ton form. Very odd design. Square fender bulges again too. Yuck. They need to go back to the 90's style and size. Chevrolet also needs to do like Ford did with their heritage truck. Heck, they have trucks going as far back as 1914. Long before they were even part of GM. They need to celebrate that history and put it on display like Ford. Then again GM probably wouldn't let them.

Chevy should have taken the Avalanche and made it the Silverado 1500. Then made that big blue one their 25-3500 Super Duty truck. It would have been a much better strategy. The Avalanche is a gorgeous truck and more daily driver friendly like the F-150. This blue one is big and mean like the Super Duty but it won't sell in the mass numbers needed because of it's sheer size and look. Just my opinion anyway.

Jeff Luke must have gone home in tears after Ford pulled out their new truck. The Chevrolet got stomped. These idiots can't get it together. They can't make their trucks looks good to save their life anymore. And look at their 'all new' interior. It's a joke compared to Ford's.

When you don't have the looks anymore like Ford and Dodge, you don't have the nice interiors like Ford and Dodge, you don't have offroad Raptor or Ramrunner like Ford and Dodge, you don't have a tucked away frame SFA truck like Ford and Dodge, Chances are you're going to lose customers to Ford and Dodge. And that's exactly what's been happening for the last 10 years. Chevy's looks, quality, luxury and off road capabilities are all but dead now. And they USED to build the best looking, best built and best off road trucks in the business. For Decades on end! What the hell happened? It's like Chevrolet takes a backseat to the GM first off and GM itself doesn't care about trucks anymore anyway. Why not just give Chevrolet free reign to build a line of Ford and Dodge killer trucks? They keep screwing up and they'll be over soon. Yet they can still build killer cars like the Corvette. I don't get it.

Chevrolet better have a war room in place for the planning of the U.S. Chevy Colorado because they have all but destroyed the Silverado with their crappy body designs and everything else mentioned.

When you don't have the looks anymore like Ford and Dodge, you don't have the nice interiors like Ford and Dodge, you don't have offroad Raptor or Ramrunner like Ford and Dodge, you don't have a tucked away frame SFA truck like Ford and Dodge, Chances are you're going to lose customers to Ford and Dodge.

-Bingo. Dead on.

The GM trucks will sell well just on dependability even though their good looks and class leading new engines will eat up the competition. I cannot wait for the new HD's because I just may buy one before I put 600,000 miles on my 06 Silverado.

How about those new Ford vans. No frame, no V8 engine, and they call them commercial. They will be great for the flower shops.

If there is such thing as dependability with a GM, Greg.

In the past they sold on mileage and affordability. The MSRP might say when thing, but they get far less then Ford as far as % of MSRP, and less then Ram.

Class leading engines? Maybe for 1 year. Define it: class leading. Mileage? Power? You haven't even seen what Ram, Toyota, and if Ford will do anything different. The 5.3 has a ways to go to beat a 5.0 Ford.

While you are getting all excited over GMs behind the power curve, finally up to the power curve for up to 2014, the competition will bring out more new stuff, and once again, GM sits, behind, with their "new" truck, until long after Ford, Ram, and Tundra, and EVEN NISSAN, go right on by!

Hope they all wave at you as they go by!

Those new GMs don't even look like they had any thought whatsoever about aero.

What a brick!

who was the one who said that GM is way beyond ford after seeing that atlas concept? Whoever that was should be banned from anything involving a keyboard. That silverado is THE ugliest truck i've ever seen. 10 steps back from its predecessor IMO.

The sierra IS nice on the contrary.

It's not a bad shot or trick photography. That's how ugly the 2014 Silverado looks. It would have looked great 10 years ago in 2003. This is 2013. The people at GM should be fired every one of them after Ford did what they did.

Let me revise that. That Silverado would have looked great in 1988. It looks outdated by about 25 years compared to that new Ford. GM did a horrible job on these trucks.

The show is basically over so what happened to the High Country? Outlaw? Fall Guy edition? Chevy fans got jipped! This was supposed to be Chevy's day to shine! We got nothing!!!!

2013 NAIAS: Ford Finished off GM on Day One

Fixed it.

Chevy is finished before they even got started. So sad.

I think Chevy wanted a retro look. The anti-Ford guys have been pointing out for years that the F150 and SuperDuty are the same truck as their ancestors from a decade ago.
Who sells the most?
It obviously does not hurt Ford to keep some family heritage to their looks.
Ram has done the same since the 1994 big rig look. They've updated the style but you won't mistake it for anything other than a Dodge sorry Ram.
Most feel that the pre-GMT trucks were the best Chevy's made. I think that GMC deliberately wants a tie in with that legacy.

@Greg - my brother drives all 3 brands in the course of his employment. GMC trucks fall to pieces just as quickly as the Ford or Ram. The only difference is that you are more comfortable in the Ford or Ram and they both look better.

I wonder how munch money you have spent on that 600,000 mile Chevy?
Not that I would ever expect a straight answer.
My brother's last GMC Sierra crewcab 4x4 had 225,000 km or 140,000 miles on it (approx 3 years of driving) and it went to auction. Value = next to zero.
The company he works for still has his Dodge Ram 3/4 ton that he drove 7 years ago. The "mill rats" have it and it is abused around the log yard but still is in service. It probably would be worth next to zero at an auction too.

This day will go down in history.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The day GM was Pearl Harbored by Ford at NAIAS!!!!!

Thanks for nothing GM.


Why all this hate? Pickuptrucks are for work, in my opinion all gm , fords and dodges looks good but all are too Big and with too big front ends, We need bigger long beds not bigger front ends

Pearl Harbor Day Attack at NAIAS

Just before 9am this morning, Jeff Fluke is suddenly startled by messagees on his iphone.

The messages read: A 2015 F-150 headed towards NAIAS. It is coming from the ceiling!!! Send back up now!

Jeff Luke dismisses these calls for help. He takes his time and calls his team. The GM team mistake the Ford debut for some crazy kind of GM stunt. They think this is the debut for the Silverado. One of his team shouts out, "This is the best damm show GM has ever put on!"

As the truck lowers to the ground, they notice the big blue oval and begin to panick. Jeff Fluke calls for back up but all he can do is stand in front of a 1980's looking Chevy (pictured above) and wait.

And now you have the rest of the story.

@Lou, I'm tired of the retro look. I'm tired of the excuses. Enough. Yes, the 1988 was one of the favorites BACK IN THE DAY, but nobody asked for it to return in 2013! That was 25 years ago. If I want to recapture a little of the glory days, I will buy a used one, and that 1980's look will get old fast.

An artilce I read yesterday has GM saying they will need to combine Silverado and Sierra somehow to take out Ford. That shows that their plan of two truck lines is not working for them. Do you know how they will do this? Get rid of GMC?

"Reuss said GM wants combined sales of the Silverado and Sierra to eventually top the F-Series, but he wouldn’t specify a date for that goal."


Those grilles are getting so big that soon enough you will be able to buy shark teeth grille inserts just like the big rigs.


Chevy needs to go back to the drawing board. That thing is just ugly. Hell, so is the current one. Is that how they plan to get sales? 2 ugly trucks in a row? And sure, it does look like a 1980's truck, From The Front. However, the 1980's trucks were Never that damn wide. It looks wide as a whale just like the current truck. And the 1980's trucks Never had those massive ugly ass fender bulges. They were nice, crisp and clean. Just like the Ford's and Dodge's are now. Chevrolet is effed with this thing.

Get rid of GMC?

-They should have dumped that stupid "brand" a Long time ago. Just offer a GMC grille at the Chevrolet dealer for those who want one. This company is lost when it comes to a good looking truck design. I'd rather keep my Tahoe and get a trailer to pull behind it. Much better looking!

Ford calls that Atlas thing a truck? I believe I have heard it all now. That thing looks more like some strange mutation to me sort of like the front clip on those Super Duty trucks. At least RAM and GM can say that their products stand for what a truck should look like, not some freak of nature like Fords do. They must have recruited Ford designers from the funny farm.
On another post recently some fan of Ford trucks posted a video of how bad other truck frames were. The host of the video criticized Toyota especially for having a truck frame with riveted crossmembers and an open c channel frame. Don't the frames on Super Duty trucks have riveted cross members and open c channels? Sounds very hypocritical to me. But then again, that's Ford's philosophy for the most part. That's why I refuse to bo business what that company. Ugly and outdated trucks and false advertising don't cut it with me.

I don't love the design of the atlas concept but concepts usually are a little out there. But there are some cool features I hope they apply to the F-150. The tailgate step that doubles as a cargo holder/ladder rack is genius. That's the kind of innovation I was hoping for from 2014 chevy. I mean at least they could have put a light strip in the bed or SOMETHING. But alas I think all of us are at least a little disappointed with the chevy. I'm sure it will be a good truck, but nothing to win over many Ford or Dodge owners and possibly not good enough to hold on to chevy guys leaning toward Ford or Dodge.

Another reason why the pickups are getting larger could be the CAFE formula for fuel economy. What is the fuel economy standards for HD's vs your current 1/2 ton pickups.

If this is the case and mid sizers are penalised against something the size of an HD, it says alot about the industry.

If you want to use less fuel build bigger vehicles.

The US is finding more and more energy, why not see if you can use it up as quickly as possible.

A lot of truck news at the show. Where is some news from Toyota....isn't the Tundra supposed to be updated this year? What's in store for the Tacoma?

This essay was written the other day and is a "technology" article and the British experience is similar to our Australian experience.

It's an interesting article about the takeup of diesels in the US.

It has been exactly what I've been saying.


Man, those “new” GM trucks look like a leftover design from the 90s when compared to the new Ford design. IMHO, all pickups are getting WAY TOO BIG… do the guys who buy these have a “size” problem?

Man, that Chevy is tough looking. I love how GM makes thier trucks look old school and capable looking. Not a fan of the rounded pointy nose on the new Ram. Ford also builds a nice square truck in the Superduty. Trucks are not suppesed to look pretty. Must be hard for designers to come out with new sheet metal designs because there isn't many ways to shape a truck without it looking car like. Too bad i just picked up a 2010 Ford F350, i like the new GMC , looks very stout. I am looking forward to 2015 when i will be in the market for another truck, by then the new Ford will be out, hope they keep it similar looking to what they have lately.

@Sean. I agree, the new Chevy looks like a truck. The GMC Sierra is really a nice looking truck, perfect look for a useful everyday work truck. Retro is really popular on lots of things now, especially motorbikes and cars( Camaro, Mustang, Charger, all look like the old cars of an era of muscle). The Ford Concept Atlas is interesting looking, i doubt the new F150 will be that radical, but it will take cues from the Atlas, like GM did with the concept ALL-Terrain. In the early 1990's Ram had the best looking truck, square and strong looking.

wow some people said the Chevy front grill is to big what about the ford super duty,,the difference the gm product are better puller//

I really don't think the Chevy looks that bad. It looks ok. The interior.. not so much. But that truck isn't going to sell well at all. They needed something epic, and once again, they just did 'good enough'. It might work for a year or two, but then it'll all go down hill again.

Finished with Day 2 and still nothing on the Silverado. This was supposed to be Chevy's time to shine!

Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.

I thought I may have missed something, but Google News search shows zero hits on the luxury interiors or High Country for Silverado.

Google News has nothing at all new in the past two days when you search for "2014 Silverado". Nothing!

This is really lame.

All I find is F-150 everything.

NAIAS was a bust for Chevy.

You Ford and Ram Guy's are a bunch of childish freakin bully's bet you beat up other kids when you were in school..BUNCH OF "MY DAD'S TRUCK CAN BEAT YOUR TRUCK TO THE ICE CREAM PARLOR"Get over the Bailout and move on.This new truck is Great looking.The Ford and Dodge has some good features but the way you guy's talk on this forum is the EXACT SAME REASON this COUNTRY is in the shape it is in NO one has ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT ANYTHING.....If everyone bought fords there would be no COMPETITION and You will pay whatever they want for them....Just like WALMART did to all the Mom And Pops ........BY THE WAY THE NEW SILVERADO IS 20x BETTER THAN ANYTHING ON THE ROAD ECOTEC .........overated P.O.S and the Ram is so DOdge it's not funny Mopar means NOPAR...FLAME AWAY ....I STAND BEHIND GM AND DEPENABILITY

NAIAS has been going on for 2 days. Here are the Google News search articles on Silverado and F-150.

Search for 2014 Silverado: 2 measly articles from nobody websites that just rehash old stuff

Search for Atlas F-150: 10 articles on the first page, and page after page on F-150 at NAIAS

GM let Chevy fans down big time.

It was like the new Silverado wasn't even at the show. Has GM just given up just because Ford decided to pearl harbor them? Dammmn!

Do a regular Google search for: NAIAS 2014 Silverado

This is the top article:
NAIAS 2013: GM Locks Us Out Of Their New Full-Size Trucks

How weird. Does GM want to show these trucks or not? When Ram debut their 2013 Ram trucks in NY they had the trucks open and even had a split view showcasing the interior.

This wouldn't look bad if it had it didn't have GMC badging, oddly shaped square wheel wells and huge bulging sides.
This should have been a Silverado.

The GM trucks will sell just fine. Look at how square the Ford HD trucks are, they sell a lot of them. When our company buys trucks we want a truck that looks like a truck, and performs its duty like a truck, the GM new GM fits that bill perfectly. I like big truckish grill and body style of the GM ,especially the GMC, and the body panels look muscular. In 9 weeks we take delivery of our 2013 Ram 3500 HD, hope it holds up, we put over 100,000 miles a year on our trucks so we will know by this time next year. Our Gm HD trucks are holding up real well, zero issues and outpulls any of the other trucks(especially the Ram , it is the weakest of the bunch). , our 2011 Superduty is doing well lately, had quite a few issues with vibrations and transmission shifting in the first year but been good this last year. The Ford gets the same mileage as the GM and pulls nearly as well.

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