2013 NAIAS Video: Quick Look at Ford Atlas

Here's what we put together on the Ford Atlas concept that debuted just a few days ago at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. We had to squeeze through the crowd to get some time next to the truck, but it was worth it.

The concept highlights some interesting features for the next F-150 or Super Duty (both far off and just around the corner, we're told), but we're also guessing the seats in this concept are more styling exercise than anything else. Additionally, 22-inch wheels with motorized carbon fiber flaps seems a little far fetched. Don't you want wind to cool the brakes? 

As a bonus, you should look for our video of the Atlas moving onto the main turntable in the middle of the Detroit auto show's Ford Truck display; it will sit there for the remainder of the public show days. 



Great looking truck! Nice to see Ford going in a different direction.

Brake cooling should be done via direct venting/ducting from the inside of the wheel not from drag from outside air passing by the wheel. (ie a duct in the front of the vehcile provides a concentrated jet of air right at the calipers)

The more aerodynamic wheel probably only provides marginal improvement but I guess if one gets enough incremental changes it does eventually add up.

Overall I did like most of the Atlas concept. Ford did a nice job trying to integrate a lot of tools into the truck to make it userfiendly for those who use their trucks for actual work. I do have to agree with some commenters that the ramps intagrated in were cool but likely just add unneeded weight 90% of the time.

Ford is always one step ahead when it comes to features to help people work. Best trucks on the planet period. better build and better looking trucks than the rest. Looks like another year of GM in second place and RAM bringing up the rear.


The shutters on the wheel will mostly be used at highway speeds, most people barely use their brakes on the highway. Jeremy Clarkson once said something along the lines of refusing to use his brake pedal on the highway, because he shouldn't have to, haha.



Sorry dude there is no 'Y' in ugliest.
But thanks for letting us know your personal opinion on styling

WOW the RAM won north american truck of the year. Might as well brag some more because IT WAS THE ONLY TRUCK in the competition. So pretty much a win by default. Good job RAM you are capable of winning when you have no competition. RAM = FAIL

WHILE FORD AND G.M. FANS WAIT....AND .......WAIT...........







I like that it's more aerodynamic but it looks much like an F150 with a bunch of bells and whistles. It almost seems like an F150 caricature. Something you'd see on the Mexican streets of a border town with fluffy items hanging from the visor area and female silhouette on each wheel mud flap. They really over did it.

So remind us how many trucks RAM sell a year. RAM is like the redhead step child of trucks they try and try but nobody cares.

I love the ideas on this concept. And for those worried about the ramps adding weight, could leave them at home if you wanted to save a few pounds. They would likely be sold as an accessory so they wouldn't be figured into the EPA numbers anyway.

The truck looks gorgeous! Kind of like the F-150 meets the Super Duty in sleek futuristic form. Much better looking than the new Chevy Silverado by leaps and bounds. It's cool they keep their nameplates the same too. Chevy screwed up big time by naming their former CK series truck into what was a trim level and calling it a Silverado. Regardless of what they call it now, it doesn't look half as good as this.

After seeing this concept, it really makes the RAM truck look dated. That RAM styling is getting pretty old or stale, and has run it's course. I'm surprised they didn't improve it's looks, or update the style while they had the chance since it is all new this year. It will be a long time before they get that chance again.
The GM refresh is even more of a let down.

You're right about the GM trucks. I hope they can keep sales up through this stiff competition with their semi-retro styled trucks. The GM lots are bursting at the seams with 2012 and 2013's, and now they got their lunch handed to them when you see their 2014's.
The media is having a field day with them at this show. And remember they postponed earlier reveal so they could make a big splash at this big show. They did make a splash, but sank quickly, like a rock.

The GM trucks look hands down 10 fold better then this outdated looking 2004 Ford with 1998 Super Duty left over parts bin add ons. Ford even had to go as low as copying some little parts of GM's new truck styling.

I had to hop on here to see what all the fuss was about. The guys at poker last night couldn't stop talking about this truck. I was embarrassed that I was the only Ford guy there, and I was the only one who didn't see it yet. Looks killer. The guys sure like it and if you knew them would would understand how much that means. haha. Anyway, nice job staying ahead of the game Ford!

I've been wondering why an active air dam has not been in use yet. It makes perfect sense and with new forward facing radar technology it can even retract in time if it's senses a tall obstacle ahead (animal/tire/etc...)

@HemiV8 - how can the 2013 Ram be the best truck on the road when it isnt on the road?

When will the 5.7 8sp air ride be sold?

Until that happens it is just a concept like the Atlas.

Don't get ahead of yourselves Ford fans. I know half of you can't read much less comprehend what you read. Let me post the most important part of the article before you Ford boy's start beating your chest on a CONCEPT vehicle. lol

Ford is adamant that this is just a concept vehicle. Some design and technology details COULD make it to a future vehicle.

RAM walked away with the NORTH AMERICAN TRUCK OF THE YEAR. Hands down over Ford lol.
Surprising a host of onlookers (including me), the 49 U.S. and Canadian journalists that sit on the North American Truck/Utility of the Year panel voted the new Ram 1500 the winner for 2013. The two other competitors included the Ford C-Max Hybrid and Mazda CX-5. According to several jurors on the panel, the Ram was the hands-down winner. Fred Diaz, president and CEO of Ram Truck, was there to accept the award and brave an ocean cameras.

This is the third time a Chrysler product has won the Truck of the Year award. The award is considered to be one of the world’s most prestigious based on its diverse mix of 49 automotive journalists from the U.S. and Canada who serve as the voting jurors.

HEMI V8, I'm not sure why you are so surprised or proud that the Ram won. It was the only pickup to vote on. Let me repeat that slower for you, t h e o n l y p i c k u p .
It reminds me of modern T-ball, where everyone is a winner. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but you sure don't brag too much about those types of awards.
Back to this story, does anyone else think that maybe GM should have done this with their trucks to gauge opinions and build a truck based on truck buyers wants and needs. I mean, here we are a few months prior to GM trucks hitting the lots, and they haven't even talked about engine specs yet. At this point in the game in 2010, Ford was giving thousands upon thousands of test drives in their trucks already. With GM it's all a secret.

Wy you lose your time the truck is not build and they never build a truck whit no aerodynamic in the front grill and stupid to add the wheel dive??

@Ford850, What, that new 2013 Ford grill didn't get the F150 in the show. LMFAO! Not RAM'S fault. What happened with the truck of the year. Wasn't the best selling truck in it? What happened with the Texas truck of the year? Wasn't the best selling truck there? What happened with the 4 wheeler off road truck of the year? Oh ford declined to participate lol. Who is the tow king 250's and up? RAM. Get over it Ford boy. All you can do is WAIT. Just like the G.M. fans. Quack!

It's going to be a long year for the jealous RAM haters. CHEERS!



Funny, I don't see Ram doing anything ground-breaking, let alone, selling.

On a side, this truck is the benchmark, RAM is getting old and stale, blah!

Yes you are right, most of those awards only consider new designs. Ram is all new this year and they others are not. It's their turn, and most are meaningless awards. Nice that Ram has a new truck and congrats to them, but really your childish rants over and over about awards designed to sell magazines is comical.
What's really nice is I DON'T have to wait, as you say. Ford improves and refreshes yearly, so I can chose to buy whenever I want. and always have the latest and greatest. I'll be buying one next month probably. When can you buy your great 8 speed and airbags? When? Late this year, maybe? Pity.

@Ford850, http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=PteQ1tnSxBg

HEMI V8 is TRX4TOM your sister or what , this is a FORD post JACKASS .. STFU with your POS RAM ......

HEMIV8 . (We had to squeeze through the crowd to get some time next to the truck, but it was worth it) <----- KINDA funny they were all over this CONCEPT .. and nothing about your all new POS ram .....

@cory, Sure thing you moron. Let me quote P.U.T.C
" Ram was the hands-down winner. Fred Diaz, president and CEO of Ram Truck, was there to accept the award and brave an ocean of cameras".



HEMI V8 MR SHORTBUS ..... squeeze through the crowd .... DOH!!!!

I do wonder sometimes about all of these awards. Do people actually read the judging criteria?

Did anyone read the criteria or testing done by the group that gave Ram its award?

Maybe they did the kind of testing that Top Gear did on one of their episodes. They got their elderly mothers to do the test.

That grill makes it look like a bull with a ring through its nose.

Toyota sells the most cars with that Camry. According to you Ford fan boy's it's GOTTA be the best car ever created. lol


@Lou, I guess Ford's all new 2013 front grill didn't make the cut. lol.

I looked at the North American Car of the Year Awards.

This is how they pick:
"Early in the fall, the jurors consider all the new or substantially changed vehicles and pick a dozen or so cars and trucks, from what is called the long list, that they think deserve additional consideration. This vote results in what is called the short list.
Early in December the jurors vote on those short-list vehicles, sending their ballots directly to Deloitte & Touche in Detroit.
On those ballots jurors are given 25 points to distribute among the cars and 25 points to distribute among the trucks. However, no more than 10 points may be given to a single vehicle and those maximum points may be given to only one truck and one car. Jurors must use all their points.
That vote narrows the field to three cars and three trucks. Those finalists are disclosed at a luncheon held by the Automotive Press Association in Detroit.

Then the jurors vote again on those three cars and three trucks.
In that vote jurors have 10 points for the cars and 10 points for the trucks. All 10 points may be given to a single vehicle or they may be divided up. All the points must be used. "

There is no mention of testing, driving, or even sitting inside the vehicle recieving a vote. That would be no different than 50 guys on this site voting on their favorite vehicles.

Here is the scoring:

"The jurors gave the Ram 1500 261 points, the CX-5 142 points and the C-Max 87 points.
It was the third truck win for Chrysler. The Dodge Ram 1500 won in 1994."

That would be 19 years ago.

Ram 1500, a truck that has been tested by how many people? Beat a small Mazda CUV and a Ford Wagon er CUV that got panned by Top Gear.

Congratulations Ram 1500.
The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque hands over its truck of the year crown to you.


Yup, Hemi V8 deserves to be bragging his ass off. (Sarcasm on - and watch the trolls cut and paste that comment a billion times).

YEEEEEE HAWWWWWW!!!! The Dodge Ram and yes it is still a Dodge lmfao beat the Ford cmax and the Mazda cx5 for the NATOTY title. I would be proud as well if i was a Dodge Ram lover as well. After all once a Dodge always a Dodge. Or is it a FIAT now ?????

What, that new 2013 Ford grill didn't get the F150 in the show. LMFAO! Not RAM'S fault. What happened with the truck of the year. Wasn't the best selling truck in it? What happened with the Texas truck of the year? Wasn't the best selling truck there? What happened with the 4 wheeler off road truck of the year? Oh ford declined to participate lol. Who is the tow king 250's and up? RAM.

I still think, that 7 years older Rampage looks better.

Get a grip man. You let HEMI V8 get to you. Ignore him. I hate trolls like him even though I'm a Ram fan myself. Every brand has their retards. Just like the Ford trolls that think because Ford sells the most trucks it makes them the best. Hell if things like that were true we'd all be speaking Chinese! As far as I'm concerned best is whatever you as a person decide. I personally like some qualities on the Ford better than the Ram. That being said I prefer more things on the Ram. But that's what I like or prefer. Everyone is different. It's nice when the manufacturers push each other to be better. And btw you can buy an Air ride Ram with the 8 spd. Just have to order it. Some air ride Rams are already on the road. Found that out from a dealer in Meadow Lake,SK

On behalf of the rest of the Ram owners and fans around the world, I'm asking you to please STFU. You are an embarrassment to Ram and everything it stands for. You are doing more harm than good, and are alienating future buyers from our great trucks.

@supercliffy - I do find his posts annoying because they are inconsistent in logic and quality. He, for example says he is a big fan of "Made in the USA" but wants to buy a Mexican made, Italian owned Power Wagon. Unfortunately, I've gotten in the habit of using his posts as an exercise in sarcastic wit by pointing out the absurdity of his posts.
Thanks for the comment and I'll try to behave.
I do agree with you that every truck has good points and weak points. Those points vary based upon ones preferences and usage.

The front end looks pretty bad from that angle. Remember this is only a concept so why all the excitement. And to boot, it is only another Ford that will need repaired way too often.

@Lou: arguing that somebody that likes "Made in USA" but supposedly buys Mexican and Canadian is just as illogical as the person you're panning. Chrysler is still considered American, even if it is owned by Italian Fiat. Chevys have been built in Canadaian as well as US plants and some Fords are now built in Europe and Asia--that doesn't make the brand or the models any less American since most of their cars are specifically designed for the US market. European cars designed for European customers are quite different on average and those that do make it to US shores are more often considered either exotic (BMW) or econobox (Fiat) with very little compromise. Even Volkswagen carries a more 'econobox' reputation than it does a mainstream car despite its massive growth in the US market.
The same holds true for Asian cars--seen more as economy-based than mainstream or luxury--with exceptions that are still clearly Asian. Ford, Chevrolet/GMC and Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/RAM are still considered American no matter where their final assembly takes place. Any other brand today is "Foreign" despite their final assembly taking place in the US. While you may be literally correct, that doesn't change the traditional mind-set of the average American.

@DWFields - I am well aware of the multidimensional and multinational aspects of motor vehicles. The problem is that people focus only on the badge to lable a product German or American, or Italian etcetera. They then attack "non-American" brands or people who buy those brands. I've even seen the same ideology in Canada which is even more absurd. The prime example is in relation to Harley Davidson. Bikers will use the "unpatriotic" argument for owners of "Jap scrap" but when one points out that HD is just as foreign as Yamaha, they are at a loss for words. (unless you count f--k off/f--k you as words). That is no different than a guy saying all Fords are POS because they love GMC.
The point is that if a person goes on and on like HemiV8 about "buy American", then one needs to practice what they preach. Flag of badge is different than flag over factory.
It may not change the traditional mind set of Americans but does that mean one should give up?
You do not like "road whale" pickup trucks and the "traditional" mindset is small trucks are useless and inferior. I don't see you backing off from that argument if as you say "that doesn't change the traditional mind-set of the average American".
I like a good debate, so if one puts something out there that I disagree with, I will debate it. (Unless blatant trolling). People will not grow if not exposed to a different view point. There are those that I disagree with and respect their opinions and those that I disagree with and do NOT respect their opinions. (There are even those that have made points that I agree with but still do not respect their opinions).
Big difference, and respect needs to be the set point for all of our discussions.

Ford is raising the bar on this one. Love the Atlas body and aerodynamics. But I could care less about the high tech features like the parallel park or tow park assist. Call me old fashioned but I never trust electronics to do the job I should learn to do on my own. Even the temperature readings on dashboards are never correct (and that technology has been in cars over 20 yrs.) I think if you're driving a truck and can't park a trailer then you have no business towing it.

@Lou and DW Fields
What Lou has stated is correct. I also look at the auto industry from a global perspective. I do understand the problem US manufacturers encounter, but they brought it on themselves, along with other interested sectors, UAW, energy, manufacturers, government etc.

HEMI V8 appears to be a kid in junior high who's adopted his daddy's profile and views on life. Hence, his immature and overly passionate contributions.

His heritage is from eastern Europe and the US has helped his family significantly. As a child he is aware of this. But when he matures he will realise there are other countries that can offer the same or better opportunities as the US, like Canada, New Zealand or even Australia.

HEMI V8's father would have told stories about Lada's, Trabants etc and made comparison to US vehicles. HEMI V8 has placed all of the European vehicles in the same basket.

I suppose the closest vehicle that reminds HEMI V8s father of eastern block vehicles are Chrysler products and what daddy likes HEMI V8 follows suit. Now the Fiat-Chrysler connection re-enforces this affliction :)

should read "re-inforce" not "re-enforce".

Is it 4 wheel drive

Is it 4 wheel drive

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