2013 Ram HD 2500/3500 Towing Charts

Ram HD leada II

We promised to pass along as much of the towing specifications we could get from Ram, and here it is. 

For the sake of simplicity, we've compiled as many of the configurations we could get onto a single chart file. As you might imagine, there are a lot of 2500 and 3500 configurations, so the file has 21 different charts sorted by weight class, powertrain, trim level and cab configuration, as well as (long and short) RamBox usage. 

The maximum fifth-wheel towing and gross combined weight rating numbers for the 3500 HD dually can be ordered in several trim packages, but require, as you might expect, 4.10:1 gears, the Cummins HO and an automatic transmission. It will carry a 14,000 gross vehicle weight rating. The highest payload number on one-ton models is 6,730 pounds; the lowest is 3,390. The lowest GVWR for the Ram HD 3500 is 10,000 pounds. Of special note, gearing choices for both standard 2500 and 3500 trucks include 3.42:1, 3.73:1 and 4.10:1 gearsets. The Power Wagon remains at 4.56:1. 

Three-quarter-ton models will have a good range of ratings, with their lowest GVW/payload numbers at 8,800/1,700 pounds, with the highest GVW/payload ratings listed at 10,000/3,170 pounds. We should note that the Power Wagon and 2500 CNG have slightly lower numbers because of their unique setups. 

2013 Ram HDs will continue in a variety of trim levels: ST, SLT, Tradesman, Bighorn, Lonestar, LongHorn, Outdoorsman, Laramie and Power Wagon. 

We still don't have all the specs on the larger commercial-duty 4500 and 5500 trucks or pricing; we expect that at a later date. 

For the full chart of 2013 Ram HD 2500/3500 ratings, click here

Ram HD dually II



Ummmm.....on the chart....why is cummins spelled with a g in it? Dosnt seem official when you see stuff like that.

Since this is THE official chart, apparently Ram will be using the Chinese knock off diesel engine, named Cummings.

Misspelled engine name and no J2807 compliance. Who's going to believe the ratings? Only the ram cult will. Says a lot doesn't it?

Come guys, lighten up, that is standard Chrysler quality/attention to detail.

Maybe the union guy that wrote the chart was running late for his whiskey/dope break and his spell checker did it automatically.

Four more geniuses that will look for any excuse to dump on Chrysler. When you click on the link, you get taken to a cars.com pdf file. It says in the story "For the sake of simplicity, we've compiled as many of the configurations we could get onto a single chart file". WE'VE, not Chrysler, PUTC. What was that about attention to detail? It seems that all 4 above commentors would be good candidates for employment with Chrysler by there own high standards for attention to detail.



dav Once, just once i would like to see a person like you actually say some of the things u say on here to someones face, but we all know people like you are nothing more than internet warriors that would run home and slap their mother before u would man up and say it to someone that could reach out and touch you, say whatever you want this website was built for folks like you.

Whether you like Fiat-Chrysler products or not, the fact that they rehired those workers who were caught smoking pot and drinking is unconscionable.

@ Hemi V8, its about time you got rid of your Hemi and got a real mans engine. You better hurry up and buy one, before GM an Ford up their numbers and you have to get one of them LOL.


they had too, a judge decided that. chrysler was pissed.


don't blame cars.com crap on chrysler. chrysler has changed for the better, cars.com still has a ways to go. proof? they didn't say that the power wagon has 4.56 gears. all they say is 3.42, 3.73, 4.10, leaving out 4.56.

Oh and Hemi V8, if you read the charts the crew cab 4x4 models( most common among buyers) , the towing and GVWR is max 17,260 lbs, this is still less than the GM and Ford current ratings. Other than the 4x2 option , the ratings are no better than the current GM and Ford ratings.

What does Dav know about trucks? He drives a TOYOTA.LOL
Moving forward without pressing the accelerator on fire from the window switch.

i will be glad when chrysler is complete in 2016/2017. everything will be a 1.4 fiat, 2.0/2.4 tigershark, 3.2/3.6 pentastar, 5.7/6.2 supercharged/6.4 hemi, and the 8.4 Viper all backed by a 6 speed manual, 8 speed automatic, or 9 speed automatic. diesels will be 3.0 vm motori with 8 speed or cummins with aisin.



Getting ahead of yourself ,as usual, The Ram HD has not won any real world tests yet, hope they don't come in last again.

Not a judge, but through the UAW. Fiat's next move will be to buy out 100% of Chrysler and take it away from these UAW lowlifes.

Owned Chevy trucks. Owned Ford trucks. Both were ok. Currently have 94k miles on my first Dodge Ram 3500 (2007), 6.7L Cummins, 6spd auto, with 42k of those miles towing a 39 foot fifthwheel. The truck has been and still is perfect and does a far better job of towing with a whole lot less fuss. If I ever wear this one out, which currently does not seem likely, it's replacement will be another Ram.

@Ken, How do you know what they were drinking? The bottles were covered up by brown paper bags. Maybe they were drinking bottles of water. I don't conde drinking on the job but you CANNOT fire someone without proof!


Wow, you guys are way too uptight.

People are simply making wisecracks about entities (not directed at any specific people) and brands--it that is getting your blood pressure up, you are very small minded to allow such remarks to get to you.

Yep, my current pickup is a Toyota--you can call my truck a POS all day long--it doesn't bother me a bit. When I was a light infantry squad leader in the Army, we used to trade barbs with guys in the Marines, Chair Force (whoops, I mean Air Force), etc., and only the insecure types would get upset... like how folks on here start getting personal.


Okay, here's a question. Does the UAW have drug tests?

UAW is against drug testing.

@Snowman: maybe not everybody that needs a 3/4 ton or bigger can't justify the higher cost of the Cummins, and they possibly just need the payload, not the 17,000 plus(or whatever it is, I just threw that number in there) towing, maybe if a person only pulls 8,000. Sure, the Cummins will handle that like no big deal, but at a cost, and with alot more weight on the front axle.

Your mileage might , I shoulda said WILL, be better with a Cummins, but cost per mile wont always be cheaper.

So you gotta have a big diesel to make you feel manly, huh?

I think alot would want a smaller diesel in both 1500 and 2500s, but that's my opinion. We don't all need 600 plus foot pounds of torque. That's great that 600, 800, and 850 foot pounds are available though.

I guess I'm lucky because I have 2 Dakota Club-Cab 4X4's. A 1995 with 3.9 V6. 294,00 miles. I replaced tranny at 160k but other than that, great truck. A 1996 V8 with 168k miles on it. Running great. Both plowed snow and towed 12' or 18' open trailer with commercial lawn equipment on it. A1999, 2001, 2003 and 2005 Cummins. 03 and 05, seats SUCK! 2005 had a rear axle seal leak and solenoids in tranny for erratic shifting under light throttle. All of these trucks plow snow, pull box trailers ranging from 16' to 28' loaded with equipment. 2003 pulls my 35' Montana 5th wheel all of the time. I have no complaints.

U mean to tell me u pathethic dumbass people have nothing better to do. U all need mental help seriously u really do



Guide to posting on pickuptrucks.com
1) Insult the ##### size of other truck owners.
2) Ridicule other trucks.
3) Repeat slogan of your favorite truck brand.

Repeat as often as necessary.


Why do you need "A CLASS LEADING, TOW KING,..." to load a couple of piece of 2X4? :))))))))))))))))))))

Jordan L ---- I am a Ram/Mopar fan to heart.... i was just pointing out that whoever made that chart dosnt know anything about trucks. I am partial to dodge ram trucks and probably will never own anything different but i do respect the others that try haha

Does CAFE and EPA standards have anything to do with GCM and GVM in HD's determingng fuel economy?

I thought I would add that "g" in determining.

lol5.3: have you ever been to the Mack truck factory? I have and I ask them why they do not use boxed frames like on some other smaller trucks, and th answer was, "we need the chanel in the frame to route all tha airlines and electrics, and when the trucks calls for more twist resistance, they use a doulble chanel and in some real HD aplications triple chanel frames, and they would use boxed frames but it would be too expensive, and they would have a hell of a time running all the lines, THAT is why they do not use chanled frames. Same thing with all the other manufact, as far as me putting links, I have no idea how to? and I have seen all the youtube videos of all the frames and tests to get a laugh out of all the excuses all of you use to explane away the weaknesess of your trucks! like the one with the SD tailgate twisting so bad they could not open it! or the one with the tundra running over the track, the same way the Ford,Chevy,Ram and tundra did, and the tundra was all over the place, and the shot where the bumper was looking like a seesaw, it was laughable! I am no "fanboi" I own one of all 3 American named and manuf. trucks, do you? you can go ahead and buy whatever you want, just one ? what do you do for a living? and would you be happy if the Japnese, or any others came over here do take your bread and butter away? and the only reason they do make their products over here, is because the labor they get here, is less than at their own Country, and all the PR they get for doing it, but for me, I would rather own anything American than not! no mater the social or goverment problems that go along with that, even though I hate the unions, they are fellow Americans there, and it would be a shame if we lost the industry, and even more of a shame if the displaced worker had to go and work for import inc. because the American co. were driven out.


He siad real worl towing tests with Diesel pick-ups. Not Magazine awards with a Toyota for competition.

It appears that the 30K "brag" number is available with the reg cab Cummins 4x2 8 ft box DRW Tradesman.
There are some numbers pretty close to that. A while back when Ford released their tow numbers, they were jumped all over because the "max tow" numbers where from a a base truck that "no-one buys".
Most Rams I see are crewcab 1 ton 4x4 single rear wheel drive mid to high level trim.
Looks like Ram has copied Ford's PR BS.

@HemiV8 - don't you get tired of making yourself look like an ass?
You are bragging about the class leading tow king but say you want to buy a PowerWagon.
A 1/2 ton can out tow and out haul the PowerWagon.
So please stop making those stupid contradictatory statements.
If you are going to brag about buying a max tow Ram, a 4x2 is going to be useless for you in the sandbox you want to play in.


STOP being jealous with your hate!

You do not know me and do not know my pickup, so STOP with your personal insults of HATE!

You keep this up, I will make sure you get banned! Folks like you are nothing but TROLLS and offer nothing to this forum but HATRED and INSULTS!

Posted by: oxi | Nov 4, 2012 6:42:50 AM

Posted by: LOU IS A TROLL | Jan 10, 2013 11:52:04 PM

You are correct Snowman, the 2013 Ram 3500 we ordered is a crew cab 4X4 Longhorn. the Conventional towing is rated at 17,200 lbs and the GVWR is 11,600 lbs. So the Ram is 800 lbs less towing and 100 lbs more GVWR than our 2011 Dmax 3500 crew cab 4x4. At least the Ram has improved a lot over last years ratings, wich kept us from getting one due to the low ratings. Can't wait to get the new truck, i still doubt it will beat our New GM but it will be closer than the 2012 Ram. In order to get the Max tow Ram 3500 it has to be a 2wd, that won't cut it on some of the roads we have to haul on in the winter, 4x4 is a must. We also couldn't order the power folding mirrors , they are not available on the towing mirrors yet, oh well, they will be up in tow mode all the time.

@Hemi V8
I thought you are a union man, only Tea Party people use the word "hate" :)

hey HeMI v8 you look like Bob ... remember hahah !! so ridiculus real truck have Leaf spring not coil in the back ;) you put some 2x4 and squat like a champ ;)

Lou, This is nothing new. Ram has been playing the regular cab 4x2 max tow/payload PR game THEMSELVES for awhile now. For example...

"Additionally, the Ram 1500 Tradesman HD offers the most towing capacity (11,500 pounds) and most payload (3,125 pounds) of any light-duty truck (though we should note that according to the government’s category definitions, the 1500 Tradesman HD technically is not a 1500).

*It is only offered in long-bed, regular cab 4x2 configuration with an MSRP of $29,600, including destination."

There are other examples as well.

@ Judd Good to know. I'm a Ram guy as well. I've been annoyed with the comments against Ram this last week. It seems that everyone is taking a jab at Ram becuase they are building better more capable trucks with every refresh/redesign. I usually try to ignore it but I needed to vent. When you start taking jabs at Ram for something cars.com did, that just about the most petty thing a person can do.

@ Lou The "brag number" should always be from the base model dually. A chassis is engineered to carry/tow a given maximum weight. Everything that adds weight will lower a trucks capacity. Electric motors for power windows, seats, and sunroofs, computers to run creature features such as heated/cooled seats and steering wheels all add weight and therefore reduce capacity. Features such as aluminum wheels will work to increase capacity because they reduce weight. I had read that with Fords lastest SD, the 4x4 system does not lower the gvw compared to the 2wd truck. That makes no sense. That tells me that Ford artificaily reduced the gvw on the 2wd trucks.

Hey HEMI V8 Its about time that Ram's win something cause i remember few years ago ram was always in 3rd position HA! uhm lets see 2001 to 2011 ram was LAST!!! in the competition !!
10 dam years that ram was LAST !

Ram is probably the worst offender of the regular game 4x2 marketing game.

2011 Ram Tradesman HD 1500 (fake Ram 2500 with 1500 body - discontinued due to poor sales)
2013 Ram HFE (high fuel economy but RC 4x2 only)
2013 Ram HD 30k Tow Champ (uselss RC 4x2 - probably won't sell well but if it gets the magic 30k number that is all they care about)
and on and on

Jordan L, Lou understands that the brag number should be the base model. But when you put the brag number in all of the headlines, and then picture only upper trim crewcabs, that is misleading information given by the media and borderline false advertising from the manufacturer but the manufactuers will have enough small print to cover themselves. In the end, the buyers are the losers because they are not getting what is advertised.

I have no life and can't find a job, so i decided to use this site to show why i am unemployed and that Ram is the only truck anyone should ever buy. I am getting paid $1 for every post that i say Ram is best, will be a millionare soon.

Posted by: Hemi V8 | Jan 12, 2013 3:01:40 PM

these ratings are worthless to me because I would never buy a money sucking Dodge truck. My son owned two of them and they are money sucking vehicles.

Even though I have no use for a 30K# puller I looked at the chart for myself to see why grown men are complaining that the 30K pound rating is for a base truck which would imply that the most common models would rated much lower.

A 3500 Crew Cab 4x4 longbox Longhorn Dooly is rated at just a hair under 29K.

This isn't smoke and mirrors or a conspiracy.

This doesn't just leap frog the other two it eclipses them. It is what it is, get over it.

Eventhough the tow rating is just shy of 30k lbs on a Long Horn CrewCab, the payload is only 6000 lbs.

Ram says tongue weight will be 10 to 25%. If I have a 30,000 lb 5th-wheel trailer, that means the pin weight should be 25% of that, or 7500 lbs.

Ram says trailer tongue weight must be accounted for in total payload. Therefore you are 1500 lbs or more (if you add cargo) over the limit in this LongHorn CrewCab configuration.

I'm not an expert in this so please correct me if I'm wrong.

Did Ram take a 4500/5500 tow truck, slap a Long Horn cab, 3500 badge and box on it and not give it the payload it needs to tow the full amount?

HERE WE GO AGAIN. Dave is trying to discredit another Ram product. Same old. Same old jealous and hate!

@Jordan L - nice to here from you. Yes, it makes sense that the more stuff you add to a vehicle the less cargo capacity it has. Oxi has never been able to figure that one out. I was pointing out that Ford got hammered for playing the same game. They all do it, advertise "brag" numbers but make it sound like all of the models can haul that much. They all do the same with MPG ratings.
IIRC, GMC does the same as Ford, they post a rating for the Luxury (heaviest) truck and run that rating accross the board. When I've looked at Ford's 1/2 ton ratings, the only things that affect cargo or towing are 4x4, length of box, cab configuration, rear end ratio, and max tow/haul packages.
@Jason - it does make it more confusing for the consumer. Salesmen are just that - salesmen. Most like to call themselves product advisors but the majority of them don't know much about what they sell. They are great about pointing out the benefits of the leather heated seats because that increases their commission on the sale.

Having 22 pages of HD tow/haul ratings is a bit much.

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