2014 Toyota Tundra to Debut in Chicago

2014 Tundra_Double_Cab II

Toyota has announced (in one of the shortest press releases in history) that the 2014 Tundra will debut at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. The media will get its first look at the Tundra at 9 a.m. CST on Feb. 7; the public show is open from Feb. 9 to 18. Toyota will also broadcast the reveal via the internet with a live web-feed. To read the press release, click here

Although Toyota does use the word "new" within the press release, it also identifies the 2014 Tundra as a "redesigned" model as well, which makes us curious about how significant the changes will be. Of course it's all semantics, but it has happened in the past that manufacturers use words like "redesigned" when they really mean updated or simply refreshed.    

We suspect it's possible Toyota will release more information as we get closer to the reveal date. We'll have more information to come regarding the new Tundra reveal, as well. Stay tuned. 



i can't wait until the reveal. with all this competition between makers, it just benefits us, the consumers. i love competition.....BRING IT..!!! lol. maybe someone out there (auto company) will finally give us EXACTLY what we have been asking for for years. God bless the USA....

I hope they have drivetrain options this time. Specifically, more efficient drivetrain options.

Shame. Wish they had brought it out at the Philly auto show. Oh well. To be fair (at least to me) trucks gain the least from auto show appearances. Many (though not all) cars in the same class can drive fairly similarly, though trucks can vary quite a bit more from model to model. Auto shows are good for evaluating interiors and new options like the Rambox (which I still think is great and wish other manufacturers would implement).

Update the center stack, get rid of some of the roundness, but don't go square like Chevy, maybe a bit more Edgy and I would be happy with it.

Toyota really should put the 4.5L V8 twin turbo diesel as an option on the Tundra. Around 350 HP/620 lb-ft would be good. It should also be the global replacement for the soon-to-be-discontinued Landcruiser 70 Series utes.

I would GUESS the differences will be:
1. New exterior
2. New interior
3. Some Change from the current Tripletech frame and suspension
4. Some kind of weight reduction
5. The option for a larger gas tank
6. New V6 that will be shared with the Tacoma
7. Changes to the trim packages

All I want is:
The crewmax rear window optionable for the DC
New tow mirrors (something simular to Ford)
New bed extender (something simular to Ford)

I'm positive they will introduce a more efficient engine, not sure if it'll be a V6 or small V8.....

There were rumours in the past that Toyota would change the Tundra making it more "traditional". I think that would be a bad move. Traditional truck buyers are not the usual buyers of the Tundra. I do not mind the looks of the current truck. I find that the box style looks odd in anything other than a shortbox. That could be tidied up, refine the snout, add a 6.5 box to the crewcab, intergrated trailer brake system, update and refine the interior, a diesel would be an interesting idea too. The frame will need changing if for no other reason than to follow current pickup truck orthodoxy and to quell the "weak frame" misbelief. Toyota needs to remember that totally changing the truck to attract new customers will not work because there are those that will refuse to buy it regardless of how it looks or how good it is.


Needs a little better ride and full y boxed frame as well.

@ Al, Nice constructive comment Bozo.

I also hope they come out with the first diesel in a half ton, better economy and a new look. Toyota have a great reputation for reliability.

Toyota has basically given the finger to all its long time loyal buyers.
I'm sure, just like the detroit brands, it'll be even bigger.

Toyota had better bring Valvematic over.
They are capable of delivering
3.5 V6 300hp 260ft-lbs & 5.0 V8 400hp 375ft-lbs [both on regular fuel], both connected to an 8 speed auto.

Direct Injection Engines?

I didn't see any spy pics of them testing, so they are either refreshed or not properly engineered. We saw GM test mules for a while, there was definitely enough engineering hours put in there, unlike Toyota.

Things that need to happen to make this truck more competitive:

1) Fully Boxed Frame
2) More efficient engines
3) Beef-up and use the in house 8 speed (Even though it isn't as good as the ZF 8 speed)
4) Interior desperately needs to be upgraded
5) Exterior desperately needs to be upgraded
6) Suspension desperately needs to be upgraded

All this is going to cost some major cash, something they will never get back out of it. IMO if makes better business sense if yota would just abandon the full-size market, the US will never buy any truck that isn't D3.

Good luck yota, you're going to need it.

About time. Hope it will be a proper redesign or significant update/evolution and not a new front end and interior as Tacoma got for 2012. Also hope it does not grow bigger in size. While I do like the look of the current generation, I think the body looks oversized without a small lift or at least a leveling kit. A diesel option would be nice, same with a Tacoma. Rememeber this fanboys and Toyota haters. Pick what you want and like but have some common sense. More competition only benefits you and create more jobs in your country afterall. I hope they did well.

Any news on power upgrades?

Get ready to be blown away like with the new GM twins!

Oh wait, nevermind...

This announcement has "minor-refresh" written all over it. My money is on a new grill and updates to the interior (i.e. less plastic).

The list of changes is long. The exterior changes won't be dramatic, but the nose and position of the cab relative to the nose is changed. We're also seeing a bigger gas tank, a direct injection V6 (shared with the Tacoma), trailer brake controller, and at least one surprise...not sure what it will be, but something big is what I'm hearing.

@TundraHQ - thanks for the info. The only thing(s) that would amount to a "big surprise" in my books would be a diesel, and/or a 3/4 ton model.

I'm in the boat that this will be a refresh not an all new truck but it will likely be fairly substantial. I have heard of the change to the 3.5 V6 which would be on par with Ford and Ram (GM is still an unknown at this point but will likely be in the fray with the new 4.3)

They have a decent enough truck that just needs some newer looks and a little more mpgs. they may not really increase market chare but they will keep the new GM and Ram offerings from eating away at them. At least we won't have to wait long to see.

@ fred

Toyota has a facility big enough not to have to run mules all over the place thats why you havent seen them........

Lets get one thing straight. Toyota spends OVER $1,000,000 an HOUR up to 25 MILLION a day on R&D. That number is 15 TIMES what GM spends so how exactly do you think that the GM twins were tested more???? other than what media sources you read led you to believe? in 2010 GM allocated 342,000,000 for R&D FOR THE WHOLE YEAR! Toyota spends $100,000,000 MORE A MONTH THAN GM SPENT ALL YEAR!!!!!!!

I'm not a fan of fullsize Toyota's. Tha Tacoma is where it's at for these guys. They could make a dent in the market though with the right design. Dodge did with this last truck. I'm not so sure Chevy did enough with their controversial square design to fend off the companies who'd like to take that second place spot.

Toyota has done a lot of the testing on the new powertrains with the current body I'm sure.

@TundraHQ - Let's say everything on your list is true, that is hardly anything to get excited about. And the notion of "something big" or a "surprise" is typical pre-reveal hype, probably nothing big or surprising about it. If it were truly "big", then at least some small details would have leaked already.

When ford added the ecoboost and 5.0 engines, that was a "refresh" to get excited about. When ram added the 8-speed transmission, air suspension and shutters, that was a "refresh" to get excited about. Also notice that all of the features mentioned above were known about well in advance.

So far, for the 2014 tundra, we have direct injection and a trailer brake controller. *YAWN*

Having said that though, I truly hope there is something "big" in the works.

@hemi lol - Okay we get it, Toyota spends lots of money on R&D, a whole heck of a lot apparently. Soooo my question is if Toyota spends all this money on R&D, where are the crazy futuristic game-changing results of that R&D on the Tundra?

If Toyota had been the first to market with a turbo v6, or 8 speed transmission, or air suspension, or ANYTHING that the other manufacturers didn't offer, then I would see the point of bragging about how much Toyota spends on R&D.

However they do not, so what advantage does their disproportionately large R&D get them in the full-size truck market?

A good diesel that would work in the Tundra isn't available at he moment. The Landcruiser diesel is getting old and I would say unacceptable.

Toyota has been working with BMW with diesel technology. But from what I've heard they are working on small diesels, for Toyota's cars and Hiluxes.

Historically Toyota has been a conservative manufacturer, that is designing reliable vehicles that are good but using less innovation and charging a premium for this, I don't expect the Tundra to be having any technological breakthroughs.

Looking at the CAFE/EPA the current crop of new 1/2 ton pickups will be the last as you know them. They either will get bigger to incrrease their footprints to maintain the current engine sizes or dissappear.

Toyota probably sells enough "make believe" trucks (SUVs) under CAFE to offset any penalties generated by the "current" Tundra.

Supercharged-6.2 Hemi coming soon.
The “HellCat” V8 will go up against supercharged Ford and GM powerplants. While Chrysler has made numerous turbocharged engines — mainly 2.2 or 2.5 liter four-cylinders, but also two completely different 2.4 liter four-cylinders for SRT cars — this will be both the company’s first supercharged production engine, and their first forced-induction V8. It will reportedly include the cylinder-deactivation technology which debuted in the 5.7 Hemi and is now in the SRT 6.4 Hemi.

Read more at: http://www.allpar.com


I work for a Toyota Dealer and have been exposed to a lot of insider info on this truck.

From what I know:

1) Same Physical Cabs
2) Different hood, front fenders, bed, and tailgate
3) Different face and tail
4) Same powertrain 5.7L etc... might have more power
5) Hugely upgraded and improved interior
6) Big info center between speedo and tach
7) All new nav system witn entunes
8) Upgraded towing specs
9) Large fuel tanks across the board

That is all i know for sure


Sounds about right, truck has only been out since 07, so it will just be a major update to that design which is a good thing.


its funny you should ONLY mention things you got excited about since those items were HEAVILY marketed. This tells me you must not know much about the products. since you talk about the crazy game changing results from the R&D money there is a WHOLE list of things that the Tundra was introduced in 2007 with options you CANT GET ON ANY PACKAGE on any other truck today.


In 2011 Toyota spent $9.9B, GM spent $8.1B on R&D, not exactly 15x difference.

@ stego9999

you mention the shutters and air ride of the ram as to increase fuel economy by way of lower coefficient of drag. the 2013 ram with all this crap on it has a coefficient of drag of .36 and the Tundra which has NONE of it released in 2007 has a coefficient of .37 and the next closest truck is still at .41.

If the other companies had such groundbreaking products surely they would lay the smack down on a 2007 designed Tundra right? If so dont YOU think that they would use the J2807 towing method to solidify that? they dont because they would lose plain and simple.

do you know that an 07 Tundra has a 4 piston fixed position caliper on it? do you know which trucks have it in 2013? Tundra and Tacoma, thats all.

do you know the tundra had a fluid of fluid heat exchanger on the engine oil and transmission since 2007? do you know which trucks have it in 2013? Tundra and Tacoma OH and semi's of course.

do you know that the Tundra has the most elaborate ABS braking system available on ANY car STANDARD since 2007? do you know which ones have it in 2013? Tundra and Tacoma thats all.

I can do this ALLLL day. No other pickup has these features and many more but i'll stop there for now. 4 wheel independent ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution that can tell where the weight is front to rear and left to right. NO other truck has that nor do they have Brake assist so your 80 year old granny can get the full braking potential out of a vehicle when they hit the brake in a panic. OH and the only truck that if your dumb enough to stack 6 floor mats on top of each other and get your throttle stuck wide open all you have to do is put your foot on the brake pedal for 1 half of 1 second and the engine returns to an idle.

The Tundra is staying where it is. It is no replacement for the L70 in any shape or form. Toyota Australia has been given the responsibility of developing new Landcruisers for the Global market.

GM Holden, Toyota May Seek Additional Government Aid
Jan. 24, 2013
General Motors and Toyota are preparing to ask the Australian government for funding to support their local manufacturing operations.

The Australian Financial Review newspaper reports plans for revamping their engine plants and building new local models could see the two auto makers requesting additional financial help from both the federal government and the South Australian and Victorian state governments.

The companies have yet to reveal the amount of money they are seeking. However, GM Holden says it is considering requesting funding for its V-6 engine plant in Port Melbourne, Victoria. The auto maker last year received A$275 million ($290.3 million) in public money to continue manufacturing cars in Adelaide.

@ facts lol

yeah alot of that money on that list is used as business expenses and write offs. that list is pretty flawed. Yes Toyota spends the most on true R&D and that number isnt even that much! R&D is probably somewhere closer to $5,800,000,000 up to maybe $6,400,000,000. that list is completely bogus and futhermore the idiot that wrote it is as well. his comment in the body of the short story he tells that R&D money is spent to try to hold on to historical patterns in an effert to achieve historical successl. THIS IS LAUGHABLE at best. The money is spent "at least in Toyota's case" to innovate and have the latest technologies in place for these future ridiculous fuel economy expectations set by our tree huggin liberal government idiots! These two points ruin ANY credibility this story could possibly offer.

@ Hemi V8

you make it sound like Toyota and holden NEED government assistance. they are simply taking advantage of tax incentives that australia has alloted to auto manufacturers to i'm guessing boost the economy there.

BUT OH HEY, nice try............. LOL

Has toyota spent all that $ on just the tundra or on the trucks or on the entire line? if on just the trucks, thay have very little to show for it, and with the #'s of sales, are loosing $ on each and every truck, so it must be on the intire line of vehicle, now is that in the world or just the U.S.A.?

If I were in charge of strategic planning at Toyota I would be focused on unveiling a new Tacoma to shortstop potential sales going to the new Colorado in a limited competition segment versus jumping into an all out American dominated war in the full-size space. I be looking to introduce the best Taco ever, with increased efficiency and power and legit tow ratings.

I had a 2010 Tundra that was miserable to drive on highways with my daughter bouncing in the back seat so I got rid of it, I liked everything about the truck except the springy frame, crazy guage layout and the huge body gaps.

If they have a nice solid frame and good ride, Ill probably go back and pick up another Tundra. I never had any issue with the truck and loved the powertrain.

2014 is gonna be a heck of a year for the truck market. New GM twins, new F150, new Yota and possibly a new Nissan too.

well we HOPE it isn't any uglier.

Maybe they can help the jumping bed problem

maybe they can put a desent interior in it this time.

All I really expect is a gm style make over because toyota hasn't made a dime on the bull dog looking tundra's.

Expect the same motor with a bump it power but if you want a awesome truck wait on the atlas from ford.

lastly every tundra has looked homely and a face on mother could love.It'll proubly take 4 generations and a shot of botox to get rid of that face

Simply buy the best truck on the market for the last 32 yrs..........FORD!

That would be a very sensible strategy. It appears they are waiting for the new Global Hilux to be released before they have their Tacoma version.

@hemi lol - That's a very nice list of technologies, however, you are missing the point. If Toyota spends 15 times more on R&D (as you claim), does it make sense to you that after 7 years the highlights of their 2014 Tundra are direct injection and an integrated brake controller?

7 years of that much R&D and that's what we get? Even the biggest Toyota fan has to be shaking their head.

Also, as far as heavy marketing goes, yeah, that's what tends to happen when you create something exciting that people want, you tend to let them know it exists.

And again, i'm not discounting the possbility that something "big" truly exists and will be revealed in Chicago. No one would be happier than I to see that.

You need to look at some of your numbers and technologies again.

The 2009 Ram had a .36 drag, the 2013 has much lower.

The 2013 Ram with 8 speed also has the trans warmer.

Just to name a couple.

The Turdra will remain insignificant in the full-size market.

I have read that the new Hilux chassis and suspension design and development will be done by Toyota Australia.

I can imagine it would be used on the Tacoma after an Americanisation process, like the Colorado.

The Landcruiser chassis would be to expensive for the Tundra unless it is altered. The Landcruiser chassis is a much stronger chassis due to its primary 4x4 application.

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