2014 Toyota Tundra to Debut in Chicago

2014 Tundra_Double_Cab II

Toyota has announced (in one of the shortest press releases in history) that the 2014 Tundra will debut at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. The media will get its first look at the Tundra at 9 a.m. CST on Feb. 7; the public show is open from Feb. 9 to 18. Toyota will also broadcast the reveal via the internet with a live web-feed. To read the press release, click here

Although Toyota does use the word "new" within the press release, it also identifies the 2014 Tundra as a "redesigned" model as well, which makes us curious about how significant the changes will be. Of course it's all semantics, but it has happened in the past that manufacturers use words like "redesigned" when they really mean updated or simply refreshed.    

We suspect it's possible Toyota will release more information as we get closer to the reveal date. We'll have more information to come regarding the new Tundra reveal, as well. Stay tuned. 



My bad, just looked it up, the 09 Ram had a drag coefficient .42, but that that time it was Class leading, so the Tundra sure as hell doesn't have areo of .37

wow! another one?? why don'f they just give up! they don't have what it takes to make a real truck.

Turdr...what a joke.


Poor seats

guage cluster blocked by steering

Hideius mirrors

Weak frames..

@ tundra lol

the 2007-2012 Tundra DOES have a coefficient of drag of .37.


@ Big Al from Oz,

The LC200 and Tundra are actually very similar--here is even an Aussie source on the subject:


There are folk here in the states that have ordered parts, compared part numbers, etc, and even installed them on their Tundra.

Just like there are many variations of the different LandCruisers, arguably, the Tundra is a (cheaper) variant of the LC200.

I've been really happy with my 2010 Tundra, but as my family and toys grow, I'd like to see an integrated trailer brake and a higher payload.

Toyota should give up on trucks.

@ darnefnet,
sounds like ur need a car, not a truck

Even if Toyota comes out with a great looking truck, beautiful interior, great V8 power, all the haters and jelous types will post how ugly, incapable bad interior ect. Mark my words on that. Happens everytime a new or refreshed model truck comes out, of any brand.
I am looking forward to seeing the Tundra with a different grill/ nose, it currently looks like a Ram from the front, be nice to see a more square , tough look to the front.

@ HEMI LOL "Toyota has a facility big enough not to have to run mules all over the place thats why you havent seen them........"
In your big enough facility, how do they test climing a huge mountain with over 10k trailer on a hot day? I dont want my truck to be test only on some treadmills, I want my truck to be tested in real world conditions. Yes Tundra has great brakes, great power but weak frame, I dont care what the drag numbers are but it has poor MPG, flimsy mental, weak tailgates,interior sucks, and not to mention early engine shaft and transmission problems. Besides, I dont want to send my money to Japan (tundra's profit), I dont care where its made or engineered, I support American companies.

@Fred - anyone who owns stock in a company shares in the profits. Companies are allowed to make a profit. Profits leaving the country are a very poor excuse for not buying a Tundra. It is overly simplistic to use that arguement.

What about R&D?
- GMC used Engineers from Brazil to design the Colorado and it is currently being built in Thailand.
- Most of Ford's cars were engineered and built in Europe.
Where does R&D money come from?
USA money went to Europe, Brazil, and Thailand.
- Fiat now owns Chrysler........... how do you explain that one?

The fuel you burn in your car/truck stands a very good chance of coming from a foreign country.
How much of the price of a gallon of gas/diesel stays in the USA?

How many people on this site are in a position to understand trade deficits, devaluation of currency, GDP, interest, debt loads, and profits?
China and Japan own something like 40% of the USA governments debt. What is more significant? Toyota, a company like Fiat earning a buck, or China and Japan making billions on USA debt?

Ever hear of the term "fiscal cliff"?

You might sound convincing, and legit, but thats not how it goes down. I'm not gonna go through your whole statement and will just pick on one and others will relate.

you said "GMC used Engineers from Brazil to design the Colorado and it is currently being built in Thailand."
Altough that is true and US will get those trucks here, but they are being somewhat re-engineered for NA and also will be build in USA.
Now who will benifit from these trucks? Brazil and Thailand? they got paid for their work, but that money comes from all those other countries where it is sold, and on top of that, a huge chunk comes back to US. And those investers? they get fraction of that profit.

The problem hasn’t been free trade, it has been unfair trade where our markets were open and our trading partners kept our products out.

Global corporations wanting to expand their markets in Asia sell out American technology by convincing our elected officials in both Parties to sell out the USA. I call them Trojan Horses because their interests may be in total conflict with US sovereignty and security. There is a good article in WSJ or Forbes about Boeing cutting its throat by outsourcing major sub assemblies of the 787.

We’ve been led down a rosey path that corporate multi nationalism and one way trade is good for the USA when by most measures it has not been good.

A lot of the Colorado will come from Thailand, although it will be partially made and assembled in the US.

@hemi lol

You talk about the brake system on the Tundra, being market exclusive... here's a direct copy and paste from a TopSpeed auto revue, dated 8/16/2007:

GM’s sophisticated StabiliTrak electronic stability control system is standard on crew cab models and available on extended cab models – (standard on all models in 2009) and is a segment exclusive. Partnered with new brake system and four-channel, four-sensor electronic brake controls, the system provides more precise, controlled ABS stops, as well as enhanced traction/yaw stability.

I don't think the Tundra is the "only" manufacturer with a 4 wheel independently controlled ABS. and yes, it includes has brake assist...I'm pretty sure Ford and Dodge have it as well.

@Fred - enlighten me in "how it really goes down"?
Did they get paid for their work?
But would it of been much better for the USA to spend a billion dollars in R&D in the USA?
How much money was spent on that factory in Thailand?
200 million.....
Would that money done more good if it stayed in the USA?

Look up the definition of GDP. Anything engineered, built using domestic parts, and built on domestic soil contributes to the economy.
Can you show me how much profit GMC will make off of that plant in Thailand and will it eventually offset all of that offshored R&D, all of that offshored infrastructure, and al of those offshored jobs?
GMC defaulted on 100 billion dollars. Who had to suck up that shortfall?
Who benefits from big business profits?
Not you!
The Koch brothers for sure.

@Tom - USA corporations embraced China to exploit their lack of any moral or ethical care for their people and environment. Big Business and Big Government greed payed for what China now has. China has in turn exploited our greed by letting foreign investors and business into thier country only if they partner with Chinese companies. China has used its new found financial wealth to purchace billions in foreign currency to keep the Renminbi or Yuan's value low. Under normal circumstances a trade imballance causes the value of the money of the country that exports more than imports to grow. The increased value of that currency makes those products more expensive to buy and therefore softens exports. China also uses its police and military to suppress any labour movements that will improve work conditions and wages. They also do not care about the environment so that also keeps costs down.
Big business and big government were well aware of all of this.

The USA unfortuanately got beat at its own game.

Free trade with the USA is "free" only if it benefits USA industry. The USA auto industry is protected directly and indirectly by trade barriers and other regulations.
The EPA keeps foreign vehicles out of the USA. There is a global standard for emissions mbut the USA choses to go it alone even though most of the worlds standards are similar or better than that of the USA.
Full sized pickups, big SUV's, larger cars, and most V8's would be dead if not for the EPA.
NHSTA rules are also another trade barrier. One cannot import any vehicle into the USA if it does not meet USA rules. There are global standards that in most cases are superior to those of the USA. The USA choses to go it alone.
The Chicken Tax - a stiff tarrif is applied to any imported truck.
NAFTA allows Canadian and Mexican pickups into the USA without tarrifs.
The Prime Minister of Canada had said in a speech that the USA uses National Defence as a trade barrier. That comment really surprised me. Not so much that it was true, but because a close USA ally had said it.
Even between the USA and Canada there are trade barriers put up by the USA. Lumber is a prime example.

The USA does need to figure out how to regain in=ts manufacturing edge and to control its debt. It is too easy to blame foreign comanies and governments for the USA's problems.

6 years in and still no trailer brake controller. I really hope Toyota gets their features ane engineering right on the next Tundra. Mike Levine and I will be the first to stand up and applaud.

Well that will make all the sissies happy who are the only ones that buy the Turdra. Fitting it will be shown at the stock yards, junkiest piece of crap since to T100, of which zero are still on the road.

Toyota does make a quality product, I know a lot of people are repeat buyers with Toyota trucks. Its not the stoutest truck out thier in some ways, but you want find things going out on it like pumps, head gaskets, starters, breaks like on some other trucks.

One thing for sure we all know,this truck will be the king of recalls and unrealiability,as all Toyota's are...

Cracking tailgates
Rusted frames
Falling off driveshafts
Crankshafts /Camshafts blowing up
Failing transmissions
Random excelleration ,Toyota admits its a mechanical problem
False advertising,Tundra didnt tow the Shuttle..only set up for a commercial all a scam !

On Lexus and other Toyota's V-6 engines blowing up from new
Sienna vans failling transmissions,blowing up engines,cracking door welds that front doors pop open at speed and rust !
Corolla side glass shatters,covering/injuring passengers.

Toyota..Who could ask for anything else..a mechanics dream,they have alot of overtime ..Good Jobs program !

X Toyota Mechanic, we all know you weren't a Toyota Mecanic, Most everyone knows that Toyota makes some of the longest running longest lasting cars and trucks on the road. through it off a twnty story building and they still start right up.

I'd like to see what Toyota comes up with. The current gen Tundra look has grown on me some but I think they can little better.

Ok, competition for style and quality good; competition for who can make the biggest truck, not so good. I'm already calling full-sized pickup trucks "road whales", I don't need to start calling them Leviathans--that's reserved for the OTR trucks.

Can you please tell me who Mike Levine works for?

It's still just a 1/2 ton truck...No competition in the 3/4, 1 ton SRW or 1 ton Dually market and still no diesel...but, it can pull the space shuttle and get groceries.

Fuel economy too. Tundra has been worse than GM and Ford for years and now Dodge. I hope they come out with a HD truck. It's time to get in the game and stop standing on the sidelines.

i get so tired of the fuel economy argument. Toyota doesnt build a useless truck that wont pull a greasy string out of a cats rear. the build a truck thats made to work. no 3.15 or 3.08 or 3.23 rear diff. they build a 3.90,4.10, and 4.30. BTW i dont know one single person that owns a GM, Ford, or Ram that gets better fuel economy on the highway than my crew max 4x4. and i get right at 20 WITH 4.30 rear gears running 75 MPH and my truck has a towing rating of 10,100 lbs. Toyota provides the BEST of both worlds without making some stupid marketing ploy out of the truck.

@ aj

Toyota has had that equipment STANDARD since 2007. the other manufacturers DO NOT have Brake Assist NOR Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. the 4 wheel independently controlled abs works much better than the stabilitrak that you ONLY could get on the maxx package on the 09 silverado and STILL isnt standard so no your wrong.

You forgot to include overdrive ratio & tire circumference, when you talk axle ratio.

Unless they hired a new design team to restyle this truck one can expect about the same ugliness as before -- inside and out. It wouldn't have been half bad if it had looked more like the Taco, but they failed miserably.
I'd still opt for the old outdated Nissan Titan over the Tundra any day.

@Hemi LoL: Does 19.5mpg with a 1990 F-150 count? That's measured gas mileage, too.

hemilol: well I guess the fact that my 2011 Z-71 has traction control, stabilitrac and brake force distribution and emergency braking power, ( I happen to know this for sure, when some fool went to make a u-turn on the interstate, without signals, and the guy in front of me had NO brake lights on his rotted out rat trap taco who is not the one at fault here, other than no brake lights), who by the way would never had been able to stop in time, but had enough room in the right lane in front of me to go there, and when I looked an seen two cars comming up on the right of me I had no way out I just slamed on the brakes, and went into full antilock stabilitrac mode, and was able to stop faster than I ever though poss., and that is with the rear drum brakes, where is a state trooper when you realy need one? so I am not sure about the earlier yrs. but mine has everything you said is does not, and tells me so in actions and owners manual. Do your homework before you post, google is very easy to use, and you seem to have the tools to do so. Hsve a nice day and drive carefully out there.

hemilol:With my 2011 Z-71, I get 20-22 on the hyw at 65-75mph like you do, I can only tow 9800lbs, but I do tow 7500 regulary, but I would be willing to bet you do not get 17 cty, I do get 17-17.5 in the city all the time, the guys I know with the tundra, (my cousin is one reg cab 4X4 5.7 short bed) nice truck, but he is lucky to get 15 cty, and most of the time get 13-14 cty and 20 if he is lucky on hyw with his tundra,sure he had more power than me, but I have enough, with no complaints. Then there is a carpenter I know that only gets 11-12 with his tundra, and the only diff. is has a couple hundred pounds of tools and stuff in the back, he bought the tundra after he traded his titan for it, because the titan got 9-10mpg with the same stuf in it, he though he would do better than he does now, I get better with the Chevy hauling my bikes around, and they weight a lot more than his tools!

FYI, the Corolla Furia Concept will also be on display, which previews the next Corolla!!!

Did you know that oxi's daily driver is a Corolla and because of that he doesn't need to use his truck in the winter?

Go Toyota!!!

oxi's 2010 Tacoma was made in Fremont, CA. with UAW labor too!

Data plate reads: Made In U.S.A.

oxi's last 4 vehicles from Toyota were all made in the United States: 96 Corolla, 97 Tacoma and 05 Tacoma...

On oxi's 86 Toyota pickup the only thing that had a problem was the rusty box that was made at TABC in Long Beach, CA!

I'm with sand man on this one while stabiltrak was optional on my 05 mine didnt have it, on my raptor i have advanced track fords selective breaking system. it even auto breaks and cuts engine power, how do i know this you might ask? i was doing about 80 on an old elivated rail bed in northern Utah when i hit quite a large pothole it knocked the truck sideways the truck inidiatly cut the throtle, and used only the used certain breaks untill the truck was straightened out. it adimaticaly lowered my speed to 45 mph and corected its tragectory. driving around in snow and ice i dont even use 4x4 like i did with my chevy you can feel the breaks being aplied to one corner of the truck limiting wheel spin in low traction envirnments. my 4x4 failed as a result of my accident (front hub wasn't replaced when i thought it should insurance said no, ford replaced under warrenty) and i still made it to powder mountain in a blizzard, anyone whos been there knows its a steep and treachourous the road is. We had an ice storm here and the tahoe for work has stabiltrack that works well and its an 05 im really not imporessed with the tundra, and dont know any owners that are happy with them.

My 2010 selectively applies brakes based on traction, oversteer, understeer and wheel spin. The odd time it is annoying. Sometimes it is smoother to apply some gentle trottle and drift out of a slide than having the onboard nannie cut throttle and hit an inside brake. It is a great system but I do pride myself in the fact that the system rarely intervenes.


I never knew you owned a Corolla for winter driving. Do you have any insight on how to drive a Corolla in the snow?

Does oxi use winter tires?

My friend is a service manager for an HVAC CO. they tried the tundra. Plenty of power. Brakes and transmission don't hold up to the abuse. Rides ruff.

I personally I do not care for the looks of the tundra. Looks like a Brahma bull. When I bought my Dodge Ram in 03 the tundra could not tow my 7,400 lbs toy hauler.


oxi with snowtires can go places that some people can't even go with 4wd!!!

@Bob - Jay is just a troll who pretends to be an Oxpee groupie just to piss people off. But then again he could be serious.

Needs 35s and lockers front and rear

Lou is a girly man who can't even lace oxi's boots driving during winter storms.


A troll?

No, that sounds like you with your constant hatred and jealousy...

Roads get plowed in the winter. There is no reason you need a a 4x4 truck on plowed roads.

If you can't do winter driving on plowed roads in a FWD car, you don't know how to drive!


I agree.

Road get plowed in the winter?

That depends completely on where you live.

I have lived in podunk areas that had terrific county maintenance and others (current) where only primary roads are lucky to be plowed timely.

@Bob - Odd. Most of the anti-Ford guys seem to be hung up on making "girlie men", gays, and vehicles for women comments. They always bring it up.
Freud had something to say about that. Repressing the Id, or one's true inner self.

"Repression, a fundamental, usually unconscious function of the ego, maintains equilibrium in the individual by repressing inappropriate, unfeasible, or guilt-causing urges, memories and wishes (all usually of the id) to the level of the unconscious, where they will be out of sight, if not out of mind."

"A repressed urge of the id, though it may be in the unconscious, still affects the actions and thoughts of the individual."

"But as the urges boil up, the individual eventually will find release, through some external displacement, displaced emotion, or other mechanism."

"it also identifies the 2014 Tundra as a "redesigned" model as well, which makes us curious about how significant the changes will be. Of course it's all semantics, but it has happened in the past that manufacturers use words like "redesigned" when they really mean updated or simply refreshed."

First word in the title of the press release says redesigned instead of new. This is clearly going to be a refresh. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It's a "new refresh." lol.

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