December 2012 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

Fords Pair 2013 II
The year finished with strong sales numbers, with Ram and Toyota showing the largest gains year over year. Predictably, the Honda Ridgeline made a strong comeback from 2011's natural-disaster-related blow. Other notable issues include the Chevy and GMC midsize twins that took a hard hit due in large part to all the attention focused on the coming 2014 full-size trucks and the resulting incentives piled up on the hoods of the current-gen Silverado and Sierra.

2012 looks like it will go down as one of the strongest for auto sales in more than five or six years, with some making predictions about strong sales for 2013 for both full-size pickups and midsize cars — long-seen as good indicators of a growing (or soon-to-be-growing) economy. We'll have more analysis of the 2012 sales numbers and exactly how the big competitors matched up against each other in the coming days and weeks. For now, 2012 is a wrap. 

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2011
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. month 2011
1 Ford F-Series +10.3% December 2012 68,787 +0.7%
645,316 December 2011 68,278

2 Chevrolet Silverado +0.8% December 2012 50,699 +6.1%
418,312 December 2011 47,787

3 Ram Trucks +19.9% December 2012 30,211 +16.1%
293,363 December 2011 26,013

4 GMC Sierra +5.4% December 2012 18,710 +13.4%
157,185 December 2011 16,495

5 Toyota Tacoma
+27.7% December 2012 14,030 +15.6%
141,365 December 2011 12,140

6 Toyota Tundra +22.6% December 2012 10,254 +13.4%
101,621 December 2011 9,042

7 Nissan Frontier +7.2% December 2012 3,688 -34.4%
55,435 December 2011 5,626

8 Chevrolet Colorado * +18.7% December 2012 1,293 -56.5%
36,840 December 2011 2,970

9 Chevrolet Avalanche +19.4% December 2012 2,737 +7.5
23,995 December 2011


10 Nissan Titan -1.9% December 2012 1,838 -23.0%
21,576 December 2011


11 Ford Ranger * -72.7% December 2012 118 -98.2%
19,366 December 2011 6,718

12 Honda Ridgeline +44.2% December 2012 1,553 +5.8%
14,068 December 2011


13 GMC Canyon * -8.9% December 2012 315 -56.0%
8,735 December 2011


14 Cadillac Escalade EXT -5.0%

December 2012

256 -2.3%
1,934 December 2011


15 Suzuki Equator -7.6% December 2012 194 +18.3%
1,966 December 2011



* No longer in production but still being sold.



y like to no the market about the half ton pickup do you thing gm sold more half ton/????

wow, just between GM and Ford 140K trucks found new owners last month. Not including compact, Avalanches and such. Nice to see.
I hope 2013 will be even better. Although, many predict it won't be.

not sold but gm gave awe a lot of half ton cuz de sold dem 4 less dan dealr paid fo dem

You ram boys still think you can take ford? HA!

Tacoma was biggest winner from Ford's decision to kill the Ranger.

@Miath - GM has always had a huge lead in light duty 1/2 ton segment while Ford has always had a huge lead in the work-oriented Heavy Duty segment. Ram may actually have higher HD sales than the GM twins though it's hard to say for sure.

before some one say look out ford ram is on your tail lets get one thing straight ford sell more then twice the amount of truck then ram if ram increases 19.9% this year and ford only increase 10.3% which one grow faster. Ford did if you don't believe me then do the math. math is a bitch. math cant lie only people can or make mistakes. ram needs to increase at 30% in order some time in the next century to pass ford 10% growth. because ford is sell twice the number.
Ford 645,000 X 10.3 =66,435 keep growing at same rate
RAM 293,000 X 19.9=58,307 keep growing at same rate
FORD is still wining
RAMS monthly look good but only time will tell if they can substance it.
if you are looking for a two door, low rider, 2wd, that only has a 6'4" bed, that does manage 25mpg and cost a arm and a leg $29,000 dollars. i do have to admit its a great entry price for a low rider

I really surprised to see Tacoma only gained 30k for the year after having all the other mid sized trucks wilt this year. I wonder where all those sales went? Maybe Ford is right by saying that market is too small.

@Ford850 - the 30k Tacoma gained is almost exactly the 30k Ranger lost

Wow Ford really put a beating on the competition this year with just their F150 and SuperDuty. GM has 6 lines of trucks and still don't beat Ford and Ram sells less that half. With this trend Ford will be King again in 2013.

F-series beats the snot outta Chevy AND GMC combined -- AGAIN!!!! Ouch, that's gotta sting real bad...

My condolences to your dual-brand strategy, GM.

623,660 GM trucks sold this year. Not bad for haveing the oldest line up of trucks.

@ dsklfjja
"Ford 645,000 X 10.3 =66,435 keep growing at same rate
RAM 293,000 X 19.9=58,307 keep growing at same rate
FORD is still wining "

Finally a smart post on this website with simple math is all it took and great point!

Ranger lost 50k.

A good portion of Tacoma's gain was from was the result of the recovery from natural disasters...

“Certainly some of the gains were a result of the recovery from the tsunami and the earthquake which impacted our 2011 sales,” said Jim Lentz, president and CEO of Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., in a conference call

Ford alone sold 2.5 Million Vehicles. Kudos!

Actually GM outsold Ford for the month of Dec. 69409 for GM compared to 68787 for Ford.

I think Dodge would have to grow more then 100% to beat Ford. Dodge sold 293,000 x 2 still equals less then Ford. So why do people think Dodge would catch Ford. And GM is not that far behind Ford.

I just think these huge sales numbers is good news for future used pickup parts.

Ranger sales have been consistently around 55k. They jumped in 2011 when they announced they were cutting the model, so that 70k number skews the dropped % this year. Realistically they dropped about 35k from an average year, and next year there will be 55k buyers looking for something to replace it. Looks like Colorado and Frontier picked up some, and Tacoma increased the most. But overall the sales of the smaller trucks dropped about 10k for the year while the large truck sales increased quite a bit.

I do hope that the political fiscal cliff budgetary discussions and decisions (or lack thereof) do not spill over and kill any modest gains seen in the USA economy.
@Toycrusher - if you search back through PUTC, they have had RL Polk and IIRC JD Power data breaking down HD versus LD sales by company. Ford does clearly dominate the HD market. Trolls can debate as to whether or not that is due to fleet sales. Both Ford and GMC have similar fleet sale rates. Ram does sell more HD's than Chevy or GM as separate brands.
GMC has always dominated the LD market but in the last few years that market has eroded to the point where Ford sells more 1/2 tons than Chevy.
Interesting to see Tacoma nipping at Sierra's heels. A few years ago it was very close between Toyota truck sales and Ram truck sales. This year, there is no contest.
I'm not surprised by increased Toyota sales.
I am surprised by the huge September drop for the Frontier since they have #2 spot handed to them due to loss of competition.

F-Series Trucks that are built in Oakville, Ontario; Dearborn, Michigan; Claycomo, Missouri; Louisville, Kentucky; St. Paul, Minnesota; Edison, New Jersey; and in Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, Argentina and England? Or does it just count UNITED STATES sales?

Read more: Where Are Ford Trucks Made? |

How come there are no stars next to Colorado and Canyon, they are not in production for almost half a year now.

Chrysler is the smallest of the "Big Three" U.S. automakers (Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors). Chrysler is the world's 13th largest vehicle manufacturer as ranked by OICA in 2010

"Chrysler Group ended 2012 on a strong note with December sales up 10 percent and our best December sales since 2007," said Reid Bigland, President and CEO – Dodge Brand and Head of U.S. Sales. "Looking back on 2012, we were again one of the fastest growing automakers in the country with total sales up 21 percent. We also recorded 33-consecutive months of year-over-year sales growth and our strongest annual sales in five years. Finally, seven of our vehicles recorded their best ever annual sales in 2012 demonstrating how the quality, design and fuel efficiency of our product line up continues to resonate with consumers."
PR Newswire (

I know I am going to get flamed for this but the Camry nearly knocked off the Silverado for the number 2 spot. With new trucks I suspect GM will gain a lot of ground but that has to be scary for GM to see.

Conversely if Toyota would do away with the Tundra and split the budget between the Camry, Corolla and Tacoma they'd likely gain more than the tundra sold since the products would be better (albeit at lower margins).

I bet Ram and GM's trucks eat away at Fords lead for 2013. Hopefully the size of the whole pie grows too.

"I bet Ram and GM's trucks eat away at Fords lead for 2013. Hopefully the size of the whole pie grows too."

I highly doubt it. They are not bringing anything earth-breaking.

Yes again the numbers don't lie! Ford is the King of Trucks all Hail to the King!

No, ford is not a king. It's garbage. They just sold the most.

GM has always had a huge lead in light duty 1/2 ton segment while Ford has always had a huge lead in the work-oriented Heavy Duty segment. Ram may actually have higher HD sales than the GM twins though it's hard to say for sure.

Posted by: Toycrusher | Jan 4, 2013 12:52:55 PM

Not true at all. F150 has been the number 1 selling vehicle for like 30 some years.

Ford will remain the number 1 selling truck for the foreseeable future and Ram will not even come close to overtaking them. Unless Ford decides putting tires, seats and steering wheels in their trucks is a bad idea, they are going to hold on for a while.

If toyota had a HD truck they would definetly be in the top 3!

Also i know the big 3 will probably always b the big 3 but in my mind tundra is a better truck in my opinon. Over the past 4 yrs ive had all the big 3 half tons from 07 to 2011. And with just getting a tundra platinum in my mind there is no comparison again just my opinion. But i haul and tow and just drive for funny and play and toyota just has it down in my mind. Im not bad mouthing the big 3 i just think when u add everything up tundra is best

@hemi v8

Those are just u.s.sales

I found Canada's sales. But it's by brand not model. Ford has the highest sales. Trucks outsold cars and imports outsold domestic.

Anytime you can sell 650k new trucks, you're doing something right. Congrats to Ford for another excellent year. GM and Ram had decent years as well, especially considering that GM managed to show gains despite telegraphing all their customers that a new, improved model is coming out very soon.

Ram's numbers are good compared to last year, but when you consider that the 2013 Ram is a major update, and that Ram managed to only grab an extra 48,000 units (compared to Ford's extra 65k units), I'd say that Ram isn't likely to see sales gains next year. The new GM trucks, new Tundra, and the threat of a new Ford are going to conquest Ram owners or keep them out of the market.

In other words, Ram fans should celebrate a good year while they can. In 2013, Toyota and GM are going to steal sales from Ram. Then in 2014, Ford's going to do the same thing.

@dsklfjja: I am not here to say Look ot Ford, here comes Ram, but a few things you seem to have overlooked: Rams 8 speed and air ride and Pentastar trucks aren't even on the lots yet. Pretty soon they will be. Ford has nothing new. Alot of job security for mechanics is what they have.

Actually, the crew cab 4x2 gets 25 MPG as well, it is the one mile per gallon city that the non HFE trucks aren't rated at, and that might be because the HFE single cab probably has start stop mandartory, not optional.

The Fords sit pretty low. Have you ever bothered to climb under one and measure and compare? I doubt it. You would see even those 4x4 Ecoboosts sit really low, and there is a soft splash pan or whatever under it that sits very low. You didn't read the 2008 LD shootout on this sight, did you? The Ford scrapped ass trying to get through the obstacle course. Furthermore, Ford needs itty bitty tires to make their numbers, like those crappy little Hankook Dynopros, 235 or 245 75 17. Whatever it is, they showed they can't handle the weight to well on the 30K shootout.

Ram can stand to make smaller tires an option for it's two wheel drive shortbed single cab, such as the Michelins that are 65 series Ford uses. Part of the reason Ford did good on the V-6 work truck shootout autocross. It was a pretty good low rider, I have to admitt! Not really the kinda work truck I envisioned, but Ford had to do that to get a few options. Can't even get a CD as standard equipment on an XL. Cheaply sold. Then to get their max payload package, you are limited to one gear ratio, 3.73s. Kiss that good Ford gas mileage goodbye at that point, if you care, anyway. Not everybody wants a high rpm highway cruiser. It aint gonna get what it says on the window sticker.

Yeah, the Ram has a 2 inch shorter bed, had you ever noticed the other dimensions in the Ford/Ram beds? Like the fact the Ford bed is an inch narrower then the Ram at the wheelwells, and Ford doesn't even list the bedside to bedside dimension.

Ram 4x4s also make alot more ground clearance then a Ford without even having the air ride which raises it more, atleast all but Raptor. But the Ram Runner kit shows you get a better truck for more money spent, and a bit of work. The Raptor is "ok" considering it is dealer available.

Fords tend to be expensive. Did you see where they ended up after that 30K shootout? They sent a single cab, because if they sent their SCAB (Super Cab with barely any room in the back, and wrong way opening doors) it would be so stripped down it would be pathetic.

Gotta love how they pencil whip tow ratings, too!

"@dsklfjja: I am not here to say Look ot Ford, here comes Ram, but a few things you seem to have overlooked: Rams 8 speed and air ride and Pentastar trucks aren't even on the lots yet. Pretty soon they will be. Ford has nothing new. Alot of job security for mechanics is what they have."

Stop Trolling Tom!

Ram Trucks - 293,363
Toyota Trucks - 242,986
GMC Sierra - 165,920

Toyota is taking out Ram in 2013.


GMC trucks*

I love the way the trolls say Ford is junk. If that were true then they would have not been #1 for over 30 yrs and counting. Thats longer than most of you trolls have been alive!!

If toyota had a HD truck they would definetly be in the top 3!

Posted by: Brian | Jan 4, 2013 3:42:46 PM

Toyota DOES have a HD truck and they are NOT in the top 3.

What world do u live in? where does toyota have a HD truck! They only have half tons

congrats ford way to stay on top again you guys make the vehicles. cant beat a ford they are great vehicles number one seller again wooohoooo.

TRX4 tom i got this info from the manufactures web sites
2013 f150 4x4 supper crew 5'6'' box

Angle of approach (degrees) 25.7
Angle of departure (degrees) 25.1
Ramp breakover angle (degrees) 16.3
Minimum running ground clearance (in.) 9.1

Ram 1500 crew 5'7'' Outdoorsman
Ground Clearance - at curb weight -
Approach Angle 17.8 deg.
Breakover Angle 20.5 deg.
Departure Angle 24.7 deg.
Running Ground Clearance 8.6"

With 20in rims the ram fairs better in two areas

Ram 1500 crew 5'7'' Sport
Ground Clearance - at curb weight -
Approach Angle 23.9 deg.
Breakover Angle 18.8 deg.
Departure Angle 22.1 deg.
Running Ground Clearance 9.2"

As you can see the Ford does better in every area than the ram exept the ram with bigger wheels has .1" more running ground clearnce not to sound like oxi here but it apears that the bigger isue is the approach angle on the trucks that 17 .8 degree angle in an off road pakage doesnt boad well for the ram in an off road envirnment. the ground clearnce on all half tons is about the same what sets the trucks apart these days is the approach angle which can be very bad having ripped the bumper off an 09 crew 4x4 chevy that was rented on the same road i took to go camping with my 05 chevy illistrated that pretty well. As far as payload goes, at least ford gives you choices in axel ratios across their lines unlike dodge, who doesn't offer a locker on its trucks like Ford, GM, and nissan do. there are other things that factor into minimum runing ground clearnce than just bumpers and rear diff, the front independent suspension travel on the new trucks also gets taken into account i hit a bump on a rutted road in the raptor and the front compressed pretty low and my skidplate got some road rash and i learned that on the raptor even though the rear diff is 12 in off the ground the miimum front ground clearnce is lower rating because of susspesion travel.
On the ram runner, this site compared a ram runner that cost 68k to a raptor that cost 50k there are alot of companies out there that make after market raptor parts and shocks that would cost less than 18k to upgrade. king and fox make 3.0 serise shocks, there are deaver spring packs, hydrolic jounce bumpers for use with deaver springs, (raptors bent their frames where using aftermarket springs that deleted their jounce bumpers) aftermarket bumpers, and fenders to acomidate bigger tires, diffrent tie rods, and control arms are also being used by the crazys who like to race, for the rest of us 40-50k gets us a well equiped luxurious truck that can go place no other current stock full size can , or across the desert really fast. motorttrend liked the raptor better than the ram runner both on and off road, how ever they tested a diffrent cab length. befor you go into cost stop comparing marked up turbocharge raptors that dealers are asking 68k for, mine stickered for 42k and i got it for 37.5k with heated leather 10 pwr seats dual zone climate control, sony audio system, moon roof and Trailer break controller(WTF is that on a truck that can only tow 6000lbs?) id have to get a laramie to get the same level of luxuary as my raptor than still strap a ram runner kit on no thanks. the raptor is very livable day to day, i dont see how the ram runner is street leagle when the raptor is required to have marker lights but not the ram, traction control calibrations transmission remapping abs override, e real elocker than can stay engaged the raptor is not an race only truck but a very well rounded off roader unlike the RAMs that are not but are set to specif ic tasks that they can do better than the raptor in but not everyone can afford a 51k laramie powerwagon or a i guess it would be another 10k over the slt ram runner so 78k laramie for a wopping total of 129k compared to a 46-54k Raptor crewcab, btw 2 grand on the topend raptors are stickers, 1k for moon roof, 500 for front cam , tailgate steps etc

You have ilistrated by your posts that your are just a Ram fan boy who doesnt look up the specs or prices before he goes running his mouth

Also you talk alot about tires which normaly get replaced with other than the ones that came on it from the factory people pick their tries for a wide arry of reasons i have never seen someone woorked up so much over what tires came on their truck, i switch mine to good year wrangler duratracks on both my chevy and raptor, those are my favorite for doing what i do , other people have different needs.

@Brian - Durastrokinns is partially correct. Hino is Toyota's commercial truck division. They make trucks comparable to 4500 and larger trucks that Ford and Ram sell. They just aren't pickups. Under the Toyota banner, the Tacoma and Tundra are all that is sold.

@Durastrokinns - you are incorrect that ford F150 has been the #1 seller for 30 odd years. The controversy is always around Ford saying the "F" series is the number 1 seller. Ford includes up to 4500 in those "F" series sales. Chrysler does the same thing. Ram counts up to 4500 in their tally. GMC fans always like to tally Sierra and Silverado together which adds to the controversy.

@Anthony_D85 - look at They are an excellent source of Canadian sales data. They also provide USA sales data.
Canadian data puts F series #1, Ram #2, Sierra #3, and Silverado #4.
Many say that the USA and Canada should be considered the same market but there are major differences once weighted on a per capita basis.
Canadians own more pickups per capita and seem to like high mpg subcompacts more than their USA brethren. I read somewhere that Vancouver BC also had an extremely high proportion of convertibles.


Those results seem accurate. Fords trucks are everywhere and rams are becoming like that aswell slowly atleast in Alberta. In southern Ontario i see small cars everywhere as if it were a trend.


Perhaps you can post a link of that page you found that data on. All I could find there was this again another breakdown of brands not models

Much appreciated if possible. Thanks in advance

Congats to all truck manufacturers. With fuel prices and economy its a wonder so many big vehicles are sold.
I find it funny how the GM haters say the two GM trucks are not the same when it comes to sales , but in all other conversation they are the exact same truck. I own a GMC truck at present, but if GMC was dropped it would be the Chevy i would have bought, wich goes for anyone who bought a GMC, there 2nd option would definatly be a Chevy . A lot of trolls want GM to drop their 2 nametag trucks and just have 1 truck, GM would still have the same sales just under one nameplate, and be #1 in sales for December and quite a few other months in sales . Not a fanboy of any brand, i just purchase what i think is the best for my truck chores and go from there. If Toyota built an HD truck, i would consider one for sure on my next HD truck purchase.


I think that was a good point. Minus the Toyota part. I just dont like there look. I believe the majority of people pick the truck that best fits there chores/tasks as I call it followed by utility and comfort for the price they can afford. I dont think the average research what the best truck is because there is no such thing. If thats true Fords seem to fit peoples agenda better than others that's all. It doesn't mean their the best. I bought a ford in June because it had a 6.5" bed on crew cab with a flat load floor for less than I could get a Ram or Toyota. I didn't look at gm because I drove a crew cab 5.3 sierra for over 2000kms for work and just didn't like it.

To whom ever was asking about 1/2 Light Duty Sales Breakdown.


GMC Sierra, if discontinued shows a lot of buyer will not go to Chevy. Checking for the source now.

@Lou, can you help?


I thank you but that is the american data from a year ago. Lou was saying the figures from Canadian data. I was hoping he could post that link.

@Frank - here is the link you were refering to.
This is close to a 3 year old study and I do suspect that things might play out differently with the newer Rams, Ford's new engines, and GMC/Chev's new trucks looming in the not to distant future.

@Anthony_D85 - goodcarbadcar seems to lag a bit with their truck specific sales numbers.
The most recent data they have posted for pickups is November 2012.
November Top 5:
November Total sales:
Their table is oddly listed alphabetically not by sales rank.
Here is a graph that shows sales by ranking.

lessthancost:: you need to go back to school! you write like a 2nd grader!

One Room, Who do you think you are talking to miath's brother in that tone?

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