EPA Says Don't Touch the Particulate Filter


In a court settlement with the EPA, Edge Products, a manufacturer of electronic power modules for diesel engines, has agreed to pay a $500,000 fine for manufacturing and selling electronic devices that allowed owners of Chevy, GMC, Ford and Dodge/Ram diesel pickup trucks (2007 and later) to remove the programming for diesel particulate filters from their vehicles.

The Ogden, Utah, company is reported to have sold more than 9,000 units from January 2009 through April 2011. This is said to have resulted in an estimated 158 tons of excess particulate matter emissions — the equivalent of 422 new long-haul semitrailers operating for 29 years, according to the EPA.

The civil penalty of $500,000 is based on the United States’ determination that Edge Products has a limited ability to pay a penalty in this matter.

In addition to the fine, Edge Products is required to offer to buy back the devices. To sell the device back to the company, the truck from which the device came must be returned to its original factory programming. Edge Products is also required to spend at least $157,600 to implement an emission mitigation project to offset the excess particulate matter emissions it caused. Edge Products will use the additional funds to offer rebates to individuals who own old wood-burning stoves and wish to replace them with cleaner burning appliances such as new pellet stoves or EPA-certified wood stoves.

Shortly after the U.S. introduction of diesel particulate filters in the in 2007, a number of suppliers started offering DPF removal kits (also known as “DPF delete” kits). These kits allow for the removal of the DPF without triggering any engine trouble codes, with potential side benefits being improved vehicle mileage and performance. The kits were also popular with diesel truck racers who wanted to run their daily driver at the track.

Most of the kits targeted three-quarter- and one-ton turbodiesel engines (mostly Duramax and Powerstroke). The case against Edge Products appears to be the first instance of an enforcement action by the U.S. against the sales and installation of DPF delete kits.

To our knowledge, there are no companies selling these types of kits at this date. For more EPA information on the case and settlement, click here



WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good, they are there for a reason, leave them on. I know the Ram has nothing but issues with it on, they will need to redesign a better system.

Maybe the EPA should fine the makers of those fart cans on the ricer cars. They make to much noise pollution

Removing those DPFs probably saved millions of barrels of oil in the efficiency gains, a fact that Obama and the EPA would like everyone to ignore. I'm sick of these liberal idiots killing the economy.

I'm not a big fan of the EPA or an envirnmentalist but that is a lot of extra pollution going into the atmosphere for no real reason, I say leave them on.

@snowman, your an idot you dumba** twat GOD FOR BIT America still does something freemarket & a smaller company at that!!!! It's communists like yourself that have no real roots in this country who just go along with any new trendy GOV take over I hope EPA gets slashed from their throne!!! since when do Americans give a sh** what some useless stalinist from the EPA says is ok CAFE standards lol thats so lame!!! I'm so sick of the GOV giving taxpayer subsidies to these big corps & then play this media game like ppl actually care about the enviroment like ALGORE cares lol United Nations lol they just kill ppl & call it peace....whateva this country's gone...@snownman, bend over for the EPA like their buddies TSA I'm sure you'll enjoy soviet hospitality!

I say good as well. Nothing worse for diesel enthusiasts than to see these clowns blowing big black clouds in traffic.

It's gonna leave a mark on Edge. Gotta wonder if the govt will come after anyone that doesn't sell they programmers back to Edge.

@Joseph Lowe - wow, you call someone an "idot", but can't spell or use proper grammar.
Do some research, EPA and NHTSA actually protects the USA auto industry.
Emissions and safety rules are unique to the USA. Those rules keep more efficient and safer vehicles out of the USA. EPA rules favour larger vehicles like pickups and SUV's.
If it was not for the EPA, big pickups and V8's would be a dying breed.
Isn't protectionism and the exclusion of external markets the very hallmark of communism?

It was bound to happen that the EPA would step in.
The guys I see with diesel pickups and delete kits are no different than the "kids" in their tuner cars. They drive around neighbourhoods revving engines and squeeling tires at 3:00 AM.

This is called protecting the environment. Edge made a mistake and they should pay for it. If we did not have the EPA looking over our shoulder, we would be like China is today. Just take a look at their pollution problems they are having because of no regulations.

So the EPA says that 9,000 units is like 422 new semitrailers operating for 29yrs.? lets look at these #'s shall we, the over the road trucks I have driven run about 500-600miles a day X 350 days that is 192,000miles on average EACH truck for 29 yrs! as opposed to 9,000 units geting about 3 time the mpg, and running about 1/3 the miles, I don't know, I am just a truck driver, with no college edumacation, but these numbers just don't add up? where in the world do these over paid idiots in the EPA come from? I know I have seen these diesel p/u's driving around without any devices on, that should be on them, and with silly looking stacks that belch out black smoke and all, and we all honestly know these trucks have got to go, but come on! there must be a middle ground here, what of the fact that some of these kits get better mpg, with out all the smoke? I know they are out there, a friend has done some things to his Duramax to get more power and mpg, with NO smoke! what is wrong with that? and how can something get better mpg and have MORE emissions? that does not compute, maybe there are paricals we can not see with the naked eye, but how about some types that would get better mpg, and have the same exhuast? surely there is something that can be done? maybe not from the factory because of cost, but some folks would be happy to spend the $, isn't that what the after market is all about?

Anyone wonder why the old 7.3L Powerstroke could get 20+mpg and the pos 6.4L Powerstroke could only manage 10-12mpg? The DPF is largely responsible. The motivation to have these products pulled was probably more from the oil companies than the environmentalists.

Edge products didn't FORCE anyone to buy their products. If I own something I should be allowed to do what I want with it.

The EPA can kiss my lilly white A$$.

"Off-Road" setups are not protected by the EPA. All Edge needs to do is mark this as "For Off-Road use ONLY" and they will beable to continue selling it.

I will not be putting on my DPF my Daily Driver, my state doesn't check, thank God. By taking it off it has netted 15% better FE, and while I havn't had the truck Dyno'd the truck I would assume I have gained about 15% in power numbers as well.

Rollin' Coal MutherFu@kers!!!!!

The EPA can kiss my A-S-S

In related news, the EPA says you should always brush your teeth, wear clean underwear, and start every day with a nutritious breakfast.

But seriously, once these trucks leave the dealership parking lot, all bets are off...some lawyer somewhere will figure out a way to sell this stuff without actually *selling* this stuff in order to skirt the law.

A better solution? Either force manufacturers to build engines that don't rely upon these filters in the first place or change the emissions laws to something a little less zealous.

I know there are a lot of knee-jerk reactions goign on here but also a lot of just "jerk" reactions. No one likes a pissy troll. If Edge was promoting removal of federally mandated emmissions controls then Edge was lucky to get off so easily. It sounds like they are pretty close to broke and can't really pay much of a fine anyway.

I know Gale Banks and a few other shops went through similar issues abotu 5-7 years ago but they adapted by using strong engineering skills to come up with 50 state compliant upgrades that provide the power and economy with no hit to the emmissions.

This is really no different than the mid 70's when the first catalytic converters came out. They sapped the power substantially but within about a decade or 15 years the power figures were coming back up and look where they are today. With today's computer capabilities and material engineering this time frame is already being cut down. Look at the Ford 6.4 to new 6.7 as an example. Within 5 years Ford now has a much more powerful motor WHILE being much more efficient.

If you think about it in other terms we have motors that get roughly the same mpg's but more than double the HP and torque. That sounds like great engineering improvement if you ask me.

I'm not a big fan of the Govt. but I do like clean air. There does need to me some middle ground here. I've been to China and let me tell you, the air quality about makes you sick. Literally. My eyes burned and I was coughing every day just from going downtown for a few hours outside our hotel. It felt so nice to come back home where my lungs could repair and heal. I can't stand those guys with big stacks coming out of their beds bellowing black soot into the air. My SD is stock and it's clean. It will also stay that way.

@howam00 - agree. Diesels are going through their own version of the "70's. The difference is that we've seen the negative effects of emissons mitigated in 5 years instead of 15. The only hit diesel trucks took was mpg. In the '70's hp and mpg was ruined.
The USA does need to homogenize standards with those of the rest of the world. That would drive down costs and open our products to the world and open us to the world's products.
My wife wants a truck and a stick shift, I'd love to hand her the keys to an Amarok diesel crewcab with manual transmission that gets 35-40 mpg.

I have to agree with Lou, the US has imposed trade barriers to protect Detroit from competition. The trade barriers are wide and comprehensive, little and not so little changes here and there. I've been saying competition is good at generating the best and cheapest.

Sandman - The introduction of particulates and carbon from these conversions has been done over a short period of time.

The guys who are removing these systems are doing more so for power gains rather than improving fuel economy, just like chippinng your gas or diesel. So the remarks about fuel economy are crap, maybe a few are removing for economy.

Howam00 - Has raised an interesting point on the improvement of diesel technology. There are diesels currently in use that would power an HD and give much better fuel economy. But these diesels are found in prestige cars at the moment. The Porche Cayenne V8 diesel is developing power and torque equivalent to your HD diesels and the vehicle is obtaining over 30mpg average, it is getting similar or better economy as our mid sizers.

Everyone whined and cried about the introduction of unleaded. I remember all sorts of stories from burnt out valves to huge losses of power. But, what happened? Bosch designed the electronic fuel injection system and the rest is history. These systems were originally used in the more prestigous marques. The Big 3 kept on using carburettors and throttle bodies.

The times have changes and look at the power and economy that even a small four can develop.

After 100 years of taxing everything else, the gov't has finally figured out how to tax the air.

I think its flawed. It requires a regen cycle which is done by running fire through it to burn out the particulate matter and thats done by having the engine fire the injectors on the exhaust stroke sending fire through the turbos, catalytic converters and o2 sensors. So much for HC and particulate emissions and fuel efficiency. Also knocks down reliability.
And still it clogs up overtime requiring an expensive replacement or expensive clean up.
Don't forget the highly acidic urea you need.

Yeah kinda makes more sense to remove it.

Before some pin head gets to far into the BS they should remember these regulations were done in 2004 that was a Republican House Senate and President
Be sure you remember that!

This is just like the "to-jailbreak/not-to-jailbreak" crap that Apple was trying to sue for. I'll say now like I said then: if I want to spend my hard-earned money to buy an iPhone/iPad/MacBookPro/fill-in-the-blank and want to put it under the back tire of my truck and run over it 14 times, that's none of ANYONE'S business. Same thing applies here. I am a service writer and I have seen the negative effects that these supposed filters have had on the diesel trucks and, if I had a diesel, you can bet that I would have the delete kit. It's MY money, it's MY choice, and, at least for the time being, this is a free country and I'll do whatever I d***-well please with it.

the pollution 1 ship makes bringing the prius here and the pollution it causes mining for the raw material to make the batteries for it is worse then 10.000 diesel truck and trailer running for a yr 24 straight.

Now bring on the little flowered commercials of the prius being green.Its the most polluted thing ever in car production!!!!!!!!.

This is a case where SEMA needs to step in and countersue.
the programmer is not the problem. Operating a vehicle on the road, with emissions controls removed IS. If selling these programmers is somehow a civil offense, then so is selling hack-saw blades, which can be used to cut down the offending hardware.
Edge does not have the resources to fight the EPA themselves. Then again, their product likely states that such modifications are for off-road use only.
Oh- those must be some dirty " long-haul semitrailers " BTW, that they emit diesel PM at all- usually Diesel PM comes from thre Class 8 Truck up front. Or at least it used to.

wo motorcycle pollute 3 time more compare to a car....

the miath dont add up either, how can an engine with 1/2 the size, that burns 1/2 the fuel create more emisions? that and a lot of the newer bikes have cats on them to begin with depending on state or country.

@Sandman4x4 - funny. 2 stroke scooters sell in the tens of millions globally. Maybe that is what skews the miatb.

i have no problem with emissions and things that make our air cleaner to breathe, but i do have a problem when someone makes a killing off of it, Example, in '06 i drove a f-450 stroke (6.0 no DPF) for work empty we wold average 13 to 14 MPG's empty, around 10 to 11 towing, in '08 i was put in another f-450 stroke (6.4with DPF) did not matter what we did pulling or empty 8 MPGs now explain to me how this is going green burning 2 times the fuel, we finally put a DPF delete on it and we right back to the 6.0 fuel #'s, now is it to make the air cleaner or to make someone rich,

So what are all these guys that use those for truck and tractor pulling suppose to do? And that just shows how communistic our country is becoming.

I thought EPA was only there for FACTORY vehicles. You know vehicles that are new coming out of the factory. I don't know, I may be wrong but I thought what we did with our Trucks after we bought them was our choice not the Government's. If a owner wants to delete the DPF and "ruin the environment" then that should be their decision. Government needs to get their noses out of everyone else's business!!!!!!

A Diesel engine needs to breathe.
The municipality I work for has a 2007 International truck that is nothing but problems because of the particulate filter.

I wish they bought a 2006 before all this crap came out.

I won`t buy a Diesel until I find out they have them working correctly.

The truck runs clean until it clogs up and runs rough and blows all the filtered junk out then is sorta ok again for a while

Absolutely ridiculous. The numbers do not add up. I got twice to three times more mileage out of my truck, it runs better, smokes less, and smells cleaner without that stupid barrel that has ruined the diesel industry. EPA needs to give their heads a shake and get out of their donkey carts to see what a real diesel is. I guess burning twice the amount of fuel is better for the environment???????

EPA Sucks

It's amazing how messed up and backwards the leader of the free world really is (USA). Edge is selling a product that is for off road or race use only which is legal. The customers are the ones breaking the law by installing these kits on road use vehicles. Edge isn't the only company getting bullied by the gov. H & S Performance was ordered to stop selling their products for the same reason.

@ Big Al from Oz. I disagree with your opinion about these kits being used for power versus mileage. I work for a dealer that services a lot of fleets and most of these companies are removing the dpfs for mileage. With the amount the trucks are idled and driven they pay for themselves in 6-8 months. Not to mention once the emissions crap is removed these trucks never need repairs or down time for check engine lights and such.

what a joke.. just like everyone else here has said, I know of someone not mentioning any names here. " so as to protect the party involved from the EPA trolls who are undoubtlebly scrolling through this forum" who removed the DPF, replaced factory muffler and prgrammed his Duramax with only a +50hp program and is getting 2-3 mpg better around town empty (bed full of tools mind you) and about 4-5 mpg better pulling a 14-16k trailer... tell me how thats hurting the economy... the EPA is a joke, always has been and always will be a pile of propagandist liberal morons stifling businesses with thier meaningless cafe emmission regulations all in the name of the non existant "Global Warming" The EPA should be dissolved and save the tax payers billions...

@Jason, You are not grasping the job of the DPF, it is to trap particulates(soot), harmful to our environment. Your few MPG(at most), saved running deletes and programmer is not creating less particulates, it is cuasing much more , even at 2 MPG savings. Most guys that rip off the emissions and a a tuner/programmer are hot rodding around , blowing smoke and wasting way more fuel than is saved. Ya sure the old 6.5L GM diesel and Ford 7.3 diesel got 20 mpg, and the new diesels Dmax, Ford, Cummins get 16- 17mpg, most of this is due to the fact that the old diesels pushed 180-220 hp and 400 ft/lbs torque.... the new ones push 400 hp and 800ft/lbs. Sure you will lose 1 gallon of fuel to every 600 miles for the regen process that cleans the DPF, but most of the drop in MPG is due to the outrageous power numbers of the new CR diesel engines( remember these pick ups have more power than a Semi- Truck did 10 years ago. The guys deleting and tuning are wasting more fuel "testing" the tunes and extra power , and showing everyone at every stop light with a wall of black smoke. I am a current owner of a 2011 Dmax, have owned many diesel trucks, use these trucks to haul heavy trailers all over, and have no issues with the DPF intact, and see no reason for people to remove them. If we keep going with attitudes like yours and others, removing DPF and blowing black smoke, then we will all lose when we are unable to buy such an awesome truck the new diesels have become.

FU EPA wroteThe EPA can kiss my lilly white A$$.

"Off-Road" setups are not protected by the EPA. All Edge needs to do is mark this as "For Off-Road use ONLY" and they will beable to continue selling it.

I will not be putting on my DPF my Daily Driver, my state doesn't check, thank God. By taking it off it has netted 15% better FE, and while I havn't had the truck Dyno'd the truck I would assume I have gained about 15% in power numbers as well.

Rollin' Coal MutherFu@kers!!!!!"


These rules were created in last days of the Clinton scam days. Was signed by the bitch in the EPA by the name of Carol Browner in Dec. 2000. I remember it well as it was done nearly in the dark of night. I wonder is she plugs her brown a** to prevent pollution - oh, I forgot, these elitist don't sh*t!

I love old wive's tales like more fuel miraculously results in better fuel economy. Aftermarket sales spiels and diesel tune koolaid drinkers add to the legend but most likely mpg numbers are being reported higher only because vehicle mpg calibrations are no longer valid.

The truth is manufacturers have increased diesel pickup HP and Torque for the last 15 years and fuel economy numbers have consistently dropped. The EPA should force manufacturers to list city/highway mpg numbers and end this nonsense.

Gotta vote for the - EPA is an Orwellian group of weenies that want to control something...and it might as well be the rest of us - sentiment. Critical thinking is a dying art in America. And looking to the goobermint to set all the rules because after all, they must be experts, is at best embarrassing as Americans and at worst breeds the kind of dependent, immature populace that finds itself hysterical about every hint that something is wrong and Washington must fix it. Well, it is not OK to lose our liberty so we don’t have to grow up and use our own brains and no, it is not best that people that actually work for our government should rule over so much of our lives. Remember what it is like to go to a government office to deal with a government worker? So I would also like to add...EPA, you can kiss my a$$.

One can blame the emission sytems for increased fuel consumption but processing diesel to remove sulfur also reduces the energy contained in diesel fuel. Less energy means more fuel burned to do the same amount of work. That extra processing is also responsible for the increased purchase cost of diesel fuel.

One can blame government for screwing up our lives, but as Greg and Fordtrucks1 have pointed out - go live in China for a while and see what happens when we chose to ignore our responsibility for providing sound environmental stewardship.

Smaller companies getting nailed by the EPA may be a case of petty posturing to make it look like the government is actually protecting the environment.

I even read that Jesse James and his WestCoast Choppers got fined for violating air quality laws.

Looks like there is a new Sheriff in town and he his gunning for "dirty vehicles".

I don't like to breathe diesel exhaust and get cancer, therefore I must be a COMMUNIST.

Redneck reasoning always amazes me --- brilliant!

Historically, communist nations have been the worst polluters on the planet.

The EPA did overreact and chase manufacturing out of our country.

Our country polluted a bit, but not near as badly as China.

So what we did was make our restrictions so tight that companies moved to places that do not restrict at all.

But the EPA knows that the air we breathe stays right above us, it doesn’t go all around the world. So China’s smog does not affect the USA, or the rest of the world. / Yes folks that is sarcasm.

The truth is that by over restricting the pollution in the United States we simply are making matters worse for the world, by letting countries like China pollute much worse than we ever did.

We all breathe the same air, we all share in the pollution of the world when over restrict in this country we merely make matters worse.

@Don - interesting logic but not really.
China did not have the expertise, technology, or even the money initially to build the industry it now has.
Who set up shop in China? and why?
Western companies from Western countries.
American and European countries went their in the name of profit.

Greed is the ultimate motivator.

Companies went to China to avoid their moral and ethical responsibility to provide decent paying jobs, with safe working conditions, and provide sound environmental stewardship.

All of that stuff costs money and it cuts into profits.

Big business and big government sold out the middle class and it has little to do with the cat or DEF can on your truck.

Indirectly, we ARE to blame for the environmental mess in China, but to use your logic - we should of allowed that mess to happen here.

Another reason is that most people do not want to pay more money for the products we own. Rampant consumerism is also to blame. The middle class is dying because we/you/me did not want to pay more money for the products we own.

Who cares?

There are a billion Chinese - so what if they die young from pulmonary disease, or get killed in a factory accident, or earn 10 dollars a day.

Who cares?

You are more worried about a DEF delete kit...........

and why not allow that pollution here - global warming is just a left wing conspiracy............ just like the Newtown School Massacre.

It's not greed. The fedgov over regulates and taxes American companies that shift their production and pollution to China who ship the final product to American retailers. The fedgov gives the collected taxes to people who don’t have jobs. These people then spend that money at the retailers, thus completing the spiral.

@Don - 20% of the USA population does not have health care coverage all year round so how does the USA government give all of its money to those who do not have jobs?
If anything the USA government gives its taxes to big business. Bank bailouts, auto industry bailouts and national defence suck up a huge chunk of money.

It is big business and big government greed.


Do you know how much money was spent on the USA election by the Repubs and Dems?

6 billion.

6 billion.

Many billionaires and big businesses donated to both parties.


You spend that kind of money on getting elected, someone is going to want a return on their investment.

The elites run the USA.

Look at the personal tax levels of those elites.

It's not greed. You have no idea what it costs to produce a product and stay in business. You are anti-business.

It is sad that many employees like you are anti-business. Simply SHOUTING greed at everything is not true at all. Maybe if you actually ran a business you would what it is like when the shoe is on the other foot. Try to be fair and balanced in your arguments.

As for the BS claim that so many are not covered by health care, Lou has repeated this before and it has gone unchallenged. It is around 47 million not covered by health care. Of the 47 million, 20 million can afford to buy it. Most of the other 27 million are single and under 35 ie young and healty and choose not to buy it even though they can afford it, and many are third world illegal aliens.

When it's all whittled down, as few as 12 million are unable to buy insurance — less than 4% of a population of 305+ million. For this we need to nationalize 17% of our nation's $14 trillion economy and change the current care that 89% like?

I don't think so!

Several have already touched on this and I would have to say I agree that they are spot on. Diesel tuners are no different than rice tuners, and I've got a news flash everyone thinks you (collective) are just as much of a tool whether you are buzzing around in your moms old corolla or your dads old super duty acting like you are Michael Schumacher. An even bigger news flash that Prius you just "owned" by blowing smoke all in their window proving a point, probably rights a letter to his or her congressman every day, so thank you mister double stack with semi wheels and truck nuts, this is your fault. Everytime I hear people like some of the specimens in this forum I think of the recent BMW commercial with that nasty old trucker driver around with his cackly evil laugh and smoke billowing out of his mouth everytime he laughs. I mean seriously we have amenities industry that takes what are some of the nicest vehicles on the road today and says "hmmmm let's make it sound and drive like an old petebilt gravel truck from the 80's oh yeah it's for the economy mmmhhmmmm". Back when diesel wasn't popular that's the excuse every redkneck and high school parking lot champ used when he or she put straight pipes in their bone stock pickup truck.

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