Ford Atlas Concept Wins AW Design Award

 020b Ford Atlas II

Each year, the editors at Autoweek Magazine walk every inch of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. They scrutinize every new and futuristic car and truck on the floor in order to present four special awards; those awards are Best in Show, Best Concept, Most Significant and Most Fun.

Although some may argue that the Ford Atlas concept could have (maybe should have) won each of the four awards at the 2013 NAIAS, Autoweek gave the Atlas the Most Significant prize for both its design and technological advancements. 

“The Atlas Concept is clearly Most Significant winner for the things you don’t see, like hidden aerodynamic improvements and weight savings from high-strength steel and interior parts, like thinner seats,” said Bob Gritzinger, Autoweek executive editor. “Those things add up to significant fuel savings for pickup trucks down the road. A next-generation EcoBoost with Auto Start-Stop technology also signals why Atlas is a real game changer.”

Other distant competitors for this honor were the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel and Lincoln MKC concept. This is the sixth year in a row that Ford has won at least one of the four titles, with the F-150 also winning Most Significant in 2008 and 2009. For a list of the other winners and to read the full press release, click here



They should call this Atlas instead of F-150, at least that way they could report sales on the actuall truck not all F- Series trucks togeather.

What is so revolutionary about this? To me it resembles the current truck freshened just a bit with bigger and fatter fenders. The grill looks kind of like their heavy duty trucks do. I just don't see what all the fuss is about....

The Atlas is winning all sorts of design awards from car and truck groups. Ford must be proud that they are leading the pack with design and innovation. This will be a replacement for all the Raptor pictures that were pinned to dart boards in GM and Ram offices.
I'm sure the motivation for this was Ram and GM's trucks coming out this year, nipping at Ford's heels. You've got to love what competition does for us consumers.

SO whats your point?
F-series truck sales reported on this site are as follows
RAM truck sales as reported on this site are as follows
GM/chevy sales as reported on this site are as follows

So FORD and RAM have a full line of trucks that are reported in monthly sales. GM does not which is their own fault.

So why is it that everyone gets their panties in a knot about f-series sales and complaining about grouping all their trucks together in sales.
NEWS FLASH, they all do it. Except everyone complains because GM/chevy by their own choice only has 3 trucks to group in their sales (remember they had 4500/550 which they canceled)

The RAM girly men must get tired of looking at a real truck and not there girly truck.
Remember the RAM logo looks like the female reproductive system. A coincidence? I think not

This paid off big time for Ford. This was supposed to be GM's time to shine, and they didn't end up anywhere near the front page. They played it safe, they took every square inch of their truck and made it better. But better isn't good enough, people wan't to feel like they are in something new, even if it's the same old truck re-skinned. H2 and H3 Hummers sold well even though they were nothing more than a Tahoe and a lousy Colorado underneath.

On the flip side, GM deserves the credit for the new Corvette. It will take a while to get used to the styling, but that release was the text book definition of a splash that makes waves!

Looks like Ford was paying attention to the RAM's exhaust thru the bumper design.
I wonder how much more RAM is in this new Ford.

It does look like a combination of the present F-150 & F-250/350. I wonder if Ford is going to have just one body style in the future for the whole F-series line-up?

Exhaust tips through the bumper is probably the only good feature on a girly RAM truck.

Nobody ever said it was supposed to be GMs time to shine when it comes to the trucks. GM wanted to separate the launch of the trucks and the Vette, that's why they showed the trucks off to the world in December first and launched the Vette at NAIAS. It was supposed to be GMs time to shine on those two separate days, and they did.

Who was first with dual exhausts through the rear bumpers? See the 2001 Ford F-150 Lightning Rod Concept for that innovation.

If the Chevy fanboys are going to trivialize the innovation in design of the Atlas, then the 2014 Silverado looks like it is just a 2007 model with a slightly modified 1997 front on it.

I love Ford, Chevy and RAM pickups, but after the 1995 Dodge RAM all the Trucks (exept silverado) look more and more the same, now also the future f150, sad.

Nevertheless this is a nice truck. Is the 2015 F150 going to look like this? If it is, then it won't be much of a revolution, more of a evolution.
Ford said it themselves that F150 won't change much in the future. There is just so much you can do to a pickup truck. And I agree with them.

Im sick of people referencing girly brands of trucks. There all trucks. It's no different then different brands of beer. Some you like some you don't but there all still beer.

There is definitely some of the RAM influence here but that's OK because each pickup manufacturer brings something a little different to the table in addition, to being influenced by some of their contemporaries...Of course, this is a concept design so we all can agree this wouldn't be the finished redesign but, gives an idea of where they likely are to go from here! GM better have hot cards in their deck for their refresh because, if not Ford & RAM are about to determine their fate in this epic battle of the pickup truck segment..whether GM loyalists like it or not RAM can always take their place at this rate of below par engineering..let's face it there is no advantage of owning a GM product anymore it use to be that GM had all the hp & muscle in the their cars & trucks now there aging dinosaurs about to become extinct...

Man I am so tired of reading commenters on here say the same thing over and over again any time a new year design comes out. That “it’s the same truck”, that “it resembles current truck and needs more”, that they “need to catch up.” Get a grip people. I think every truck maker out there uses the same design every year with just a few updated areas. The Ram for example, has used a similar grill and fender since the late 90s. It’s been tweaked every year, but if you took today’s model and compared it to one 3 yrs ago, you’d have to look hard to spot any differences. The Silverado, the Sierra, the Titan, the Tacoma, same thing... If you want to see real differences you usually have to wait a 10-12 yr span. Manufacturers don’t always change up everything right away because it hurts sales when people see something that is “too different.” This is what happen with the Dakota in their 3rd generation. The Atlas is a great looking truck. I don’t care if it looks like a previous F150. As soon as you drive it off the lot it’s already lost several thousand dollars in value.

I think this award shows the lack of good concepts at the show more then the "innovation" of the atlas.

This truck is beautiful. Chevrolet will be in trouble with their design going up against this. They dropped the ball with their square wheelwell mega-bulge sides and massive front. Not good at all.

Really isn't an all new design, the body is the same as the current F-150 with some new character lines and fender flare pushed out a bit more, and font end blened from a 250.s The interior is new which I actually like, don't know what kind of motor is has.

I like the suitcase handle sticking up from the tailgate, I guess that so you can pull it around when it brakes down.

ToddMikkelson is just another one of those FordTrucks1/AmericanChevrolet trolls. YAWN.

@ Marty You got that right the writers got it wrong. Its not a ladder rack, its a handle to drag it back home when the ego turd motor and tq junk 6 speed falls apart.

Congrats Ford Atlas!

Hi Frank. I see you are here throwing in your two cents. Have you been trolling the forum lately?

The "It is the same old truck" comments show a complete lack of understanding in relation to products and how their design ties into brand identity.
The "evolution versus revolution" mantra seems to be completely lost on those same people.
Radical design changes can result in a loss of brand identity. When it comes to pickup buyers, this group is a very conservative demographic. Even smaller changes can result in stress in that conservative group. In some respects Ford's "new grill of the year" strategy is a good idea as it accustoms their conservative fan base to change. Incrimental change with a tie in to past products maintains solidarity in their products.
If anyone remembers when Dodge (it was still Dodge back then) introduced the "big rig" look, many hated it. Part of the reason that it actually worked was the previous generation of truck was extremely archaic. Buyers eventually grew to embrace that design . Dodge, now Ram has carefully crafted that look in a succession of refinements.
BRAND IDENTITY. That truck is THEIR look. Notice that Dodge has successfully used that grill in their cars . Again brand identity.
Chevy's 2014 look has polarized some, but it is a tie in to past generations and an attempt to distance themselves from the GMT900. There are those who liked the GMT900 so it was a tough job for GMC to move from that design for those of who liked it, and tie into the older design for those who hated it.
GMC's design team would of had a much easier time of it if they had a successful lineage like Ford and Ram.

It is completely deliberate that designs flow into each other and have a continuity of appearance.
One can slag Ford all they want, but they do outsell the competition and at the end of the day - sales and profit are what matter to them.

January 17, 2013, 3:58 pmComment
16.2 Million Vehicles Recalled in 2012, Safety Agency Says
A total of 16.2 million vehicles were recalled last year, with slightly more than half made by Toyota and Honda, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on Thursday.

Toyota had 12 recalls covering 5.3 million vehicles, more than the three domestic automakers combined. The recalls included the automaker’s Scion and Lexus operations.

Honda and its Acura luxury brand had 16 recalls affecting almost 3.4 million vehicles.

General Motors was third with 17 recalls and 1.5 million vehicles; Ford was fourth with 24 recalls involving 1.4 million vehicles, and Chrysler was fifth with 13 recalls affecting 1.3 million vehicles.

For me the truck looks alright, except for the grill.

I would also like to know the dimensions of the vehicle, are half ton pickups getting larger.

If they are getting larger does this have something to do with the CAFE footprint formula for determining emission and mpg ratings.

^ Nice! Hemi V8 does not disapoint with his daily dose of spam and BS.

@ HEMI V8,

Bahahaa nice dumb post you just showed how smart you are. What was your point to post that article? Chrysler recalled the most cars percentage wise from what they sold.

Chrysler Group: Sold 1,651,787 + 1.3mill recalls = %79
Ford Mo Co: Sold 2,250,165 + 1.4mill recalls = %62
General Motors: Sold 2,595,717 + 1.5mill recalls = %58

What a nub learn some

@Mikes FX4
Don't feed the trolls they make themselves look so dumb already. That guy clearly has no clue to the real world Chrysler just had to add 300k more recalls to that 1.3mill and they would have recalled every car they sold in 2012..LMFAO

I cant wait to see this new F-150 in Raptor trim!!!!
Ford will continue to dominate like always.....

Hey HEMI V8,
You didn't quite think that post through did you? You should stop ditching class and go back to school instead of posting jibberish on this site all day that NO ONE CARES about. All three makes build solid trucks period but until 2013 Dodge didn't have anything on Ford. Dodge can make a couple claims for about a year and thats it because Ford will be out with there all new trucks stomping and taking names like they have been for years.

Back on topic has anyone herd if this will be just the F150 or will they go back to this being the F150 and Superduty as well???

Why is it necessary to have 7 topics on the Atlas? the 2014 Silverado has been released and deserves a little coverage if you ask me. This site seems to publish only about Ford and Ram. The 2014 Tundra is also scheduled to be unveiled at the Chicago Auto show yet i've seen NOTHING on this site about it????????? To head off the hater that is going to say Toyota doesnt sell enough to be important............ Toyota sold only 45k units less than Ram last year so its definitely important.

Seriously its becoming pretty old when i use this site for current events and the only stories are ford, ford, ford, ram, ford, ram, ford, ford, ram, gm, ford, ford....... yada yada.. they arent the only truck makers.

Finally this truck is a concept, period. IF they build ANYTHING like this it will look nothing of the sort for final production. Can we have some REAL news like info on the new Silverado powertrains, what Toyota may be doing with the Tundra and Tacoma, ect.


hey bro, dont you know why Toyota and Honda made up so many recalls?? BECAUSE THEY WERE VOLUNTARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You see Toyota takes the time to actually FIX things for customers instead of the Old "brush it under the rug" That Ford, Chrysler, and GM were always so well known for. Matter of fact about the ONLY time that anyone of them recall something is when THEY ARE FORCED TOO by NHTSA!

Those recall figures are quite nice, except can you provide figures as a percentage of market share.

For example if Ford sold 2.8 million vehicles then 50% of all Fords were recalled.

If Fiat/Chrysler products only sold 1.3 million then 100% of all vehicles were recalled.

I think you will find that Fiat/Chrysler has a much higher rate of recalls per vehicle manufactured going by your information.

You have to understand how to use data and statistics, if you don't use it correctly you can reproduce figures that doesn't paint an accurate picture of what you are trying to convey.

Please provide total sales by manufacturers for the year of the data you have posted and break it down into percentages.

Is this beyond you scope of abilities?

Or are you just trying to bait Lou? :)

If you are then are you a troll?

@Mikes FX4,
Not that I want to defend Hemi here, because he gets under my skin as well sometimes, but...
...these recalls weren't all on 2012 models, so your math is pointless and it's you that's actually putting up dumb posts.

@ Diesel Power
I see what you are saying but percentage wise Ford and GM sell way more vehicles and Chrysler. That was my point Chrysler still had almost as many recalls while being a way lower volume seller.

"Toyota will pay the maximum fines allowable under the law - $16.375 million in one case and $16.050 million in the other - in response to the Department's assertion that it failed to comply with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act for reporting safety defects to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)."

Yep, Toyota ALWAYS recalls in a timely manner with NO pressure from NHTSA.

Recalls affect certain models. If you sell less cars you still will have the same number of models you will still have the same amount of recalls.

This has been stated on previous threads, but recalls are going up for everyone as platform and component sharing increases, and manufacturers look to issue recalls early and often to avoid potentially massive recalls later on. Of course, the fanbois won't let a common sense explanation get in the way of mindless, over-the-top trolling and bashing.

@hemiLOL - you raise a valid question - why has their been news about Ford and Ram compared to GMC and their 2014 models?
One can float the balloon of "favouritism" or "bias" but what about the efficiency or effectiveness of one's PR department.

Ford obviously has a definite gameplan with PR. They always provide a slow steady flow of news. They also seem to be good at countering every positive news story posted from the competition with one of their own.

Is that why?

Chrysler has their own strategy as well. They released a large amount of data all at once with the new Rams but have also held back data.
It is because of one of two possibilities - they don't have the final numbers or are holding an ace up their sleeve?

GMC on the other hand gives me the impression that they don't have a long term marketing plan or it may not be as extensive a plan as Ford or Chrysler's.

I like the new GMC twins, I'd like to know more.
Most people with the exception of gearheads, have very short attention spans.
GMC isn't playing the game well.

It isn't just this site. Search the internet. Ford and Ram news are all over the place. GMC - not so much.

The excuse used is that GMC did not want their trucks to pull the spotlight off of the Corvette.
I like the Corvette but at the end of the day, its just a car.

@ lou

thats a fair assesment i think. never thought about it being PR's fault but thats a definite possibility. Maybe also should add that this site is DIRECTLY connected to Ford's PR dept. via Mike Levine. They have always done a fine job at marketing.

still doesnt change the fact that the Atlas concept is already old to look at.......... its like kicking a dead horse with 5-7 articles within 3 days..... just sayin.

Lollll what you have nothing to show more this is wy you upset by ford concept wow they add another step on the tailgate big improvement the front grill is the same gm all terrain wow big step from ford

Wow ford build a pickup only for the women now.....they have a makeup kit whit this truck..loll

Congrats to Ford. The truck looks awesome. I find it funny GM provides us with factory bulged fenders so we don't have to add those big bulgy fender flares, and Ford decided it to be a good idea and people praise it. Why do so many RAM guys fuss over the muscular factory fender bulges on the GM , then run out and buy big,bulgy bushwacker fender add ons( a very popular mod these days). Anyway , the Ford Atlas with its bulges in fenders looks awesome, i hope the F150 looks similar to this design soon. I love big ,square grills on a truck, provides better cooling for all the coolers and rads new trucks need to keep cool while towing. Go Ford go.

@hemilol - Is the lack of post moderation spilling over to the news?
It does make me wonder and has a direct bearing on the quality and credibility of this Site.

Ford wins another design award on a beautiful truck .Chevy won a award it was the .....well homely looking award.

This is close to the new ford design.This truck has new front fenders and grill added to the older truck and some new tail lights.Pretty simple to bring out quickly and the bigger grill looks like more cooling for a ford small diesel. See ford can take a truck change it around some and it looks great and chevy had 8 yrs to come up with basically the same tired design and no new innovation.

Back to the drawing board goverment motors.

The reason no one talks about the tundra is because of its bull dog looks and very weak back half that shakes wildly on rough rds.Toyota has done nothing new to garnish any coverage.

Nice concept truck. I would consider to buy it for my wife. My gay chiropractor likes it as well.

Odd. Most of the anti-Ford guys seem to be hung up on making "girlie men", gays, and vehicles for women comments. They always bring it up.
Freud had something to say about that. Repressing the Id, or one's true inner self.

"Repression, a fundamental, usually unconscious function of the ego, maintains equilibrium in the individual by repressing inappropriate, unfeasible, or guilt-causing urges, memories and wishes (all usually of the id) to the level of the unconscious, where they will be out of sight, if not out of mind."

"A repressed urge of the id, though it may be in the unconscious, still affects the actions and thoughts of the individual."

"But as the urges boil up, the individual eventually will find release, through some external displacement, displaced emotion, or other mechanism."

I see inspiration from the current F-150, Super Duty, GMC Terrain concept, Ram and the new Silverado/ Sierra. Stacked square headlights separated by a bar through the middle is clearly a Chevy design element. As is the dual domed hood. The black plastic bulge in the upper center portion of the hood is current GMC Sierra. The grill is current Super Duty mixed with the shape and continuation into the bumper like the GMC Terrain concept. The rear bumper says Ram and the rest is current F-150 with bigger flares and a bit harder lines.

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