GM and Isuzu to Work Together Again

GM Isuzu Medium Duty

As final preparations are being made to introduce the new Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon in the U.S. next year — vehicles originally designed through a joint-partnership between Isuzu Motors Limited and GM — both Isuzu and GM have now entered into another "memorandum of understanding" to discuss another pickup truck product. 

According to Automotive News and a brief statement released by Isuzu, both automakers have decided to work together again to develop and produce another hard-working pickup product. Exact details about what type of vehicle or what markets the eventual product would be sold in have yet to be determined and announced. All we know at this point is that they've agreed to start discussing the possibility. 

What type of vehicle is anyone's guess, but with Isuzu's success with larger cab-forward commercial vehicles and the hole GM has in the growing Class 4 and 5 commercial-duty segments since they walked away from medium-dutys several years ago (the Chevy Kodiak with a Monroe conversion is pictured above).

Both Ford and Ram Truck are filling that segment nicely and we'd guess there's a good shot that the new GM/Isuzu pickup could fill that void for GM and provide a good entry point for Isuzu to further expand in the commercial-truck arena. Partnering in the emerging medium-duty truck segment could be a smart way of defraying some of the risk and cost for both manufacturers. 

The relationship between the two companies goes all the way back to 1971, with several successes like the Duramax turbodiesel engines under their belts; however, both parties decided to dissolve their financial ties in 2006. Beyond this co-development project, there is no word on whether either is interested in further corporate investments. 



Wayne, I just read your comment. You do know that Navistar and International are one in the same right? Also I would not call the 7.3 crap as you put all of Ford's diesels in the same basket. I also wouldn't call the new 6.7L crap since its been holding up just fine. And no International had nothing to do with that motor... which is probably the reason.

Hemi V8 ,Alias,Jeff S, HEMI Club, Hemi 4U ect. How many names are you going to post under today???

@Snowman--I am Jeff S, not Hemi V8. I said something positive about Chrysler and I will say something positive about GM and Ford. I own a Ford and a Chevy and have owned a Chrysler. I am not a fanboy. Are you a fanboy?

the truck looks the same as the old one nothing new here ugly ass looking truck from gm the company that never changes there design

thanks Shawn, was wondering if someone would say something about Wayne's post, talk about opening your mouth and putting your entire 2 feet in !!


You are a complete idiot. Chrysler is by far the least American manufacturer.

They are under complete ownership by European Fiat, and have a European CEO

All of there vehicles that matter use European engines and chassis.

3.6l, 5.7l, 6.1 liter (the two latter aren't actually "hemis")
are all dressed up Mercedes engines. With Mercedes VVT, and Fuel-Saver technology.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango sit on Mercedes-developed chassis. (They use the Mercedes ML-GL chassis)

The Dodge Dart uses an Alfa (European) chassis and the high-mileage versions use Fiat engine. The non-Fiat engine achieve a measly 35 mpg, instead of 41.

The new Viper uses Ferrari (European) handling dynamics. And the Viper engine uses Fiat cylinder management.

The only good engine that Chrysler uses that's American is Cummins which is it's own company, and it's engines are used under contract with Chrysler.


Chyslers marketing campaign is run by a man in from France
Frenchman Oliver Francois.

He is very largely responsible for Chrysler's sales increase.

The commercials that feature wide-angle shots of the cars/trucks moving slowly in the dirt, and a few seconds later a slow talking VoiceOver begins talking are his work.

The "Imported from Detoit" slogan and commercials, the slow-moving Jeep commercials, Ram commercials , Dodge commercials and advertisements are all his work. The hiring of Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Lopez and Sam Elliot was all done by this Frenchman.
Frenchman Francoise came up with the slogan " Guts Glory Ram".

GM getting out of the Medium Duty game was stupid. Ford and Dodge are taking over that big void GM gave up a few years ago. Really GM's Biggest Competition was International Harvesters 4900 Trucks. The C60's, Topkicks, Brigadiers, and the Real 3500HDs from the 90's were good tough trucks and many small Contractors used them. Hell Back in the day you could go to a GMC dealer and get you a 6 Wheeler, a few 10 Wheelers, a Tractor Trailer, a few pickups all in 1 place! Looking at GMC now, its a joke compared to what it once was. No sense in keeping it around. Unless GM were to go back to the way it was in the Old days

The Ford Focus, Escape, and Fusion are all European designed. The engines are also borrowed from Europe. Ford the most american lol. Ford WAS selling American designed and built cars and they sucked.

To all you Ford boys ,Ford received 5.9 million from the government. So yes Ford took a handout from the government. O, by the way GM paid the government back,still waiting on Ford to do the same.

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