Possible Long-Term Info for Ram and Jeep


We may get new information regarding Chrysler's long-term plans for a possible Ram and/or Jeep pickup truck later this week during an analyst report scheduled for Wednesday. 

Chrysler-Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne told Automotive News that he is likely to update or "repitch" a new five-year plan in the full-year financial report webcast. The last time Chrysler discussed any type of long-term planning was way back in 2009 when the automotive landscape was quite different. 

At that point, references were made to a possible "lifestyle" pickup truck for Ram (at the time, we assumed to be quite similar to the Dodge Rampage), but nothing ever came to market. Ram's official response has been it is still studying the segment. 

Likewise, there was plenty of talk from Jeep's leadership, specifically CEO Mike Manley, about the possibility of a Jeep pickup truck, but nothing materialized on that front, either. 

We would assume if the the current executives were going to push harder in this direction, they would have be clear about making the two midsize/full-size pickups quite different and able to serve different customers. That may be where the holdup has been, but we'll be sure to report anything we hear on the topic later this week. 

Jeep-Gladiator_Concept II

Dodge-Rampage-Concept II

Dodge-Rampage 2 II



Jeep Pick Up=YES!!!

A well done Rampage would probably suit the needs of most light duty pickup buyers in the US. It's no secret that buyers are often oversold on their potential needs in a pickup truck. A few trips to the hardware store is the most work that pickups see.

I do however second the idea for the Jeep Pickup with two solid axles.

If done well I think that both would sell well. Rampage may steal a few traditional truck sales, but I could see it really steal a lot of SUV and possibly even some mini van sales.

Jeep pickup would probably slaughter the Tacoma and Frontier.

I bet for cost reasons both of these "trucks" would need to be on the same platform and right now there isn't one outside of a super stretched Jeep Wrangler. With the push to mpg's and the like I bet the plan is for a unibody type of vehicle which probably isn't sitting well over at Jeep and without the sales value of a combined force neither would make it to market.

I guess time will tell but maybe they are looking at more of a world market vehicle like the Frontier/Navarra and the Tacoma/Hilux. For that they'll need the toughness and durability of body on frame but it would likely be too expensive for the US market.

Can I get a Jeep chassis with the Rampage body? That would be the best combination. SFA up front and back and good looks to boot.

Bring back the Dakota, the Pentastar V6, eight speed would be perfect for it. Full sizers have gotten enormous and a midsize truck with real capability is needed.

I agree with Rich.
The Dakota, with the Pentastar and that eight speed, tuned for the same power it makes in the Ram would be perfect.
If they wanted to still compete in the fur cylinder realm, I'm sure one of the Fiat four bangers would do well mated to the same transmission.
I've been looking at a Ram since they introduced the 2013 1500, but man, I cannot get over the idea of paying close to $30k-$34k for one.
If they bring the Dakota back, they should include the RamBox as an option for it.

I like the Jeep Pickup, but I don't think it will slaughter Frontier/Tacoma sales. Wranglers in this case a Wrangler Pickup are noisy, bouncy, crude vehicles.

My wish...
A Ram Dakota and a Jeep Gladiator, on the same platform but different bodies, of course
Dakota should look like mini-Ram and Gladiator like above Jeep or updated "Wrangler"
More than likely on 4wd models, IFS for Dakota, but SFA is a MUST for Gladiator
Pentastar V6 at the least with 6-speed manual and 8-speed auto
Extended cab/six-foot bed and crew cab/five-foot (some may also want six) bed
If possible, that 3.0L turbodiesel

@Jeff it would be tough to put a rambox like feature onto a dakota sized truck, it would leave the bed too narrow. Most people want at least a 4 ft wide bed to fit sheetrock/plywood in it. Probably the best solution for extra dry storage would be to have a trunk underneath the bed like the Honda Ridgeline has. I know that most people here don't feel the same way that I do, but I think that the Ridgeline could have been and still could be a fantastic success as a mid size truck if they would just change/update a few things with it.

Jeep yes

Ramage No.

Jeep will need to have a true frame, lockers and SFA and it will sell quite well as long as it is not underpowered and has a manual with granny low and 4 lo.

Good job GM for offering people choice's in mid/Full Halfton/Full HD . and soon to be Medium duty! GM FTW!!!

HA HA HA Bitch slapping Fords and pooping Rams in the Midsize option's. Ford don't offer what people want only GM does. Midsize to HD work trucks! Work first family hauler second! Chevy Raise The Bar!

It will be interesting to see their plan. Will they start building Chrysler/Jeep products in Italy for import into the USA?

I will NEVER buy a CHEEP. (CHEEP = China made Jeep)

Jeeps are built in OHIO..... UNITED STATES.
Touring the Jeep® Wrangler Assembly Facility in Toledo, Ohio
Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 7:30 am by Jeep in Company, Jeep Wrangler

Jeep® Wranglers are exported to over 90 countries across the globe, and each vehicle starts in Ohio at the Toledo South Assembly Plant. The plant employs 2,500 workers, and produces 360 Wranglers per shift, 720 a day, 6 days a week. “We’re at maximum capacity,” said Diego, plant quality specialist. “Not many people can say, ‘hey, I’ve got a problem, I can’t build enough cars.’”

This is an interesting article. Things are really happening for Chrysler with Fiat at the helm. It would be great if they brought some of these concept trucks to market. The consummer is hungry for alternatives.

If Sergio has to make any decision on a smaller pickup he would have the global market in his sights first. The pickup would be a mid sizer and have some really tough competition.

A Jeep Wrangler pickup could sell globally, but in much smaller numbers than some of its competitiors. It wouldn't be competitive.

The Wrangler is viewed by many as a toy with poor build quality outside of the US, even though it has off road credence.

Having "cheap" niche vehicles poses a problem, that is to provide adequate service cheaply and sales will gyrate more than a "conservative" style of vehicle throughout its life cycle.

The Dodge Rampage does look as nice as the Wrangler, but it wouldn't sell many vehicles outside of the US. The VW Amarok, Colorado, Ranger/BT50 etc will have a bigger appeal in the US and can be sold globally.

Chrysler would need to partner to develop a mid size pickup as the cost and technology in this area is lacking just like Ford teamed up with Mazda and GM with Izuzu.

It would be hard to imagine who would partner with Fiat/Chrysler, maybe one of Fiats European arms. A mid sizer would need an Euro/Asian chassis design with Euro engine/drivetrain technology.

Fiat/Chrysler will not provide a non global mid sizer pickup in the US. The protectionist barriers and costs are preventing this.

And to top this all off, is Sergio would rather have it manufactured in Europe.

What I like about the Rampage concept is that its not trying to compete apples to apples with other mid-size trucks. I like that it has features that no other truck offers. The sliding back door makes for a really open cab. The ramp / tailgate is a good idea if you can load an ATV or lawn tractor directly into the bed without having to carry extra ramps. The tall tailgate should also help for carrying 4x8 sheet goods, assuming the bed is wide enough.

The Rampage is a cross between the never built Toyota Abat and the rarely built Honda Ridgeline.
Will it sell?
Not Really.
Someone needs to build a 70's early 80's style econobox pickup for a rock bottom price. People want a CHEEP little truck.

@matthew-I agree I really like that tailgate on the Rampage concept. Years of hauling riding lawnmowers, rear tine tillers, and other wheeled things I would have to carry my foldup ramps which would have to be strapped in with the equipment. I would have loved to have a built in ramp like this.

@Big Al from Oz--Chrysler and Mitsubishi have partnered in the past and they could partner again. Actually that retro Ram Powerwagon that has been featured here before in a compact to midsize package could be a possible global vehicle. I like the fact that Ram is coming up with these concepts and is at least considering a smaller truck. So far I like what I see out of the Fiat Chrysler union. I can only see Chrysler continuing to make progress. Don't get me wrong, I am not a Ram fanboy but I do like what I see.

Really hope they move forward on that Jeep truck. I could see myself taking it on hunting/fishing trips and riding with the dogs in the bed. It’s military-esque influence and design shouts adventure to me just looking at it. I like that it’s so different from everything else currently out there, but yet takes you back in time to when trucks were more boxed and built more for work than freeways. The Rampage isn’t a bad concept either but needs something... guess I’ve seen that design for years now that it’s really starting to look outdated.

Why would the Rampage work when the Avalanche and Ridgeline are dead?


What about the landcruiser pick up? Straight six diesel 5speed!

Its exactly the truck I'd want. Not like these froufrou trucks that seem to cater to those who can't scratch there nails without crying.

@Jeff S
I think the Rampage if it was a cab chassis has the looks to be sold globally.

They just need to tidy up the rear door where it meets the bed or tray.

For us the thing is, will the Chrysler/Ram/Jeep name be good enough to sell or would it scare customers away.

We don't need either of these.

Someone build another rugged Chevy S10 compact pickup with an affordable starting price around $11,995.

That keeps up with inflation on the 1993 S10 and it is around $5,000 less than the 2012 Colorado and $2000 less than the old 2011 Ranger.


They don't manufacture them anymore. Now the 76 Series Landcruisers come with a 4.5 V8 diesel.

The Landcruiser and Jeep couldn't be compared to each other. The Jeep would be long broken and the Landcruiser till slogging along.

Trust me, I'm not a Toyota fan.

@Jeff S
Lately its quite hard to know who is partnering with who. I do know that Mitsubishi and Nissan were going to design/develop a global pickup, but that has stopped.

Mitsubishi is working with Puegot in platform sharing. But GM is also working with Puegot, but they are finding it awkward.

Nissan Titan was looking at using a Ram for its pickup, so I thought Fiat could use Iveco's expertise.

Trying to google who is doing what and getting information isn't that easy.

I want the Rampage. Ridgeline doesn't sell because it's ugly, Avalanche is big and expensive, the Rampage would have a market. A good looking lifestyle truck would be a homerun for families and dad's that still want a truck.

Just make one or both of them already.
All of us in the compact/midsize pickup market are dying for something new.
I'd go for either of these. Toss the Dodge M80 and you have another winner.

I think a Dakota sized pickup with the 3.0 V6 diesel that is now available in the Grand Cherokee would be incredible. Even offering the 3.0 V6 diesel in the Durango.

To add to what rampage! said. The rampage concept as it was initially presented would be markedly different to anything out. I believe it had an AWD system with a hydraulic drive on the back axles, so no rear prop shaft. It had total fold flat seating/midgate removal for moving big awkward things while keeping the truck small. It had the ramp in the back for easy on/off loading. Sliding side doors for easier loading with everything down, and a dedicated 4ft wide compartment underneath that could hold 10 or 20 sheets of plywood.

It could have (theoretically) have had great poor weather performance, great home depot utility, great kids sports utility, fine for hunting, fine for family of four hauling. In my opinion the rampage concept (as it was) would have had the same utility as an SUV combined with a utility trailer. That is attractive to me, and I think it would be attractive to others as well. Unfortunately chrysler disagrees with me (for now anyway). Oh well.

the rampage is out of the question, because the minivan based pickup is out of the question, because the minivan plant(s) are running at full capacity, and there is no room for it. furthermore THINK! small/midsize truck can be GLOBAL, the very thing chrysler needs and fiat needs to improve. jeep will be chrysler's global grand as well as fiat's. plus, people want a real truck that is small, not a large car. the jeep wrangler based pickup truck is simply a no brainer. sergio even said he would not make the wrangler "cheap" and the pickup would only expand the line includes the wrangler and wrangler unlimited. pentastar, vm motori, 8 speed with push button 4wd, 6 speed manual with manual 4wd. off road, it would kick the tacoma/hulix, global ranger, global colorado/canyon, and frontier in the ass!

The Jeep Gladiator concept would stand a better chance globally than the Rampage. I doubt they would make a small truck from a Jeep platform. It would be a global offering and as Big Al from Oz has pointed out, they just do no have a solid reputation.
Which Fiat platform would they use?
The Panda? There is the Strada. Iveco would be out of the question as they are meant to be 1 ton and up trucks.
I'd guess the Strada. How would they get around the Chicken tax? They could make them in Mexico with the Ram HD's.

The front doors forward the truck is quite attractive and would sell if it was a cab. It isn't to radical to be used over here as a design.

As a mid size to compete against the VW Amarok, Ranger/BT50, Colorado etc a decent and strong chassis/suspension is needed. This is where Iveco has the ability to design a commercial chassis.

Fiat has a good range of engines to choose from like the VM V6 diesel.

But to sell globally the quality has to improve considerably over the Chrysler/Jeep cars we are getting now, or they will have to sell them like they at current discounted "Korean car" prices and loaded to the hilt with goodies.

I would like to see a Rampage mid size with a full chassis.

The Ram would look much nicer if it used the same design ques from the Rampage for its cab as well. It would be the best looking half ton pickup in NA.

So did Sergio update or "repitch" a new five-year plan in the full-year financial report webcast? Did I mention I want the Rampage?

"I will NEVER buy a CHEEP. (CHEEP = China made Jeep)"

Josh, who said China will build Jeeps for US sales? Or are you still drunk from the Romney/Ryan misinformation juice?

Go away, troll.

Personally, I'd prefer something along the lines of the Jeep Gladiator concept--though I'd consider the J-12. On the other hand, a smaller version of an Avalanche-type vehicle such as the pictured Rampage above could be a viable alternative--I very nearly purchased a Subaru Baja, but Subie dropped the model the year before I purchased my Wrangler.

While I did purchase a full-sized 1990 Ford pickup in a must-have-something circumstance last year and while it does at least help me to understand why the full sized V8 road whale is popular, it's still far too big for my taste; I'd much rather have my old Mitsubishi, though I had to modify the seat due to no lumbar support for long drives. (Having open access to the springs allowed me to add a roll of foam in the lumbar region of the driver's seat.)

A Wrangler based truck or a more compact-sized Jeep (smaller than the Canyon/Colorado twins) would definitely have my attention.

The Romney ad may have hurt yours and Obama's feelings but was factually correct.

Jeep was sold to the Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China. 100% correct and has been since 2010.


@Cheap Jeeps: 100% wrong! The Romney ad originally stated and later still implied that Jeep was "moving production to China." Nobody else even made that implication as Marchione clearly stated Jeep was ADDING production in China--expressly for their Chinese customers--nobody else. US Jeep production remains where it has been these last many years and production has been increased to current maximum levels to keep up with demand.

Chrysler has also presented its road map for the next five years which includes a Compass replacement (which may gain the Wagoneer marque) in about 2 years and a high likelihood of a Jeep-branded pickup (ref: '05 Gladiator?) and a hard-top Wrangler (not removable). Apparently the demand for a full-bodied Wrangler as a standard model is high.

They need to build the Rampage. It looks great and has innovative features. A midsize unibody with a small diesel (Fiat can do this) should get fairly decent MPG. Remember, this vehicle is targeted toward an alternative crowd (i.e. not contractors). So for young guys who would otherwise buy a zippy car, suburban weekend warriors (like me), or those that simply don't want large trucks - this is what we've been waiting for. Also, the Ridgeline doesn't sell because it's ugly (as others have noted), and because of poor decisions concerning tradeoffs (MPG, cost, etc). In the end, all manufacturers need to make intelligent decisions concerning the inevitable tradeoffs that must always be made. So far, I love the Rampage package and would buy one today.

BTW, has anyone heard of an update from the Chrysler-Fiat chief? I haven't seen anything posted, so I'll assume (for now) that's there was no big announcement on future development.

Ok, here's a Car and Driver article with the new 5-year product plan:


Sadly, it seems that the Durango replacement, which was rumored might include the Rampage, doesn't appear on the plan.

I'm surprised PUTC hasn't posted any news on the Chrysler plan.
Quote" Ram: While Chrysler’s truck and commercial vehicle brand will not experience as widespread of a change as it’s sister divisions that does not mean that no new models are in the pipeline. A new model with Fiat underpinnings will arrive sometime next year with a subtle refresh of the Ram 1500 shortly afterward in 2015. Rounding out things is the introduction of two additional models for the 2016 model year."


"A new model with Fiat underpinnings will arrive sometime next year with a subtle refresh of the Ram 1500 shortly afterward in 2015."

A new model with Fiat underpinings??????????
Ram makes trucks.......
Are they talking about the Strada?
or maybe a van since vans will also be under the Ram name.

sorry, here is the link


Just build the Gladiator already! We have been waiting 8 years for it.
Jeep already has the platform + the 3.0L diesel, I would gladly trade my Tacoma for one.

I love the Dodge Rampage look as long as its a full size. I have been waiting 3 years for it to come out so I can buy one.

They build it to look like this, with all these features and I'd buy it

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